pabelangerskaet, thanks for triaging the FFe01:09
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stgraberskaet: oh, slideshow discussion on -release ;)03:33
pittijibel: I guess I'll respin the server images, they fell prey to the broken python-defaults this morning apparently?09:54
jibelpitti, thank you09:55
Riddellshould release team meeting team updates go the day before or on the day?09:58
pittiRiddell: somewhere between Thursday evening and Friday morning10:04
Riddelloh that means I have a good 10 hours yet, it's still Friday morning in the US for that long :)10:06
ogra_stgraber, i dont think it does, feel free to close (or i will just do it myself)10:25
pittijibel: ok, ubuntu-server tests are happy again10:48
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stgraberogra_: ok, thanks, closed.13:27
skaetDaviey,  not spotting an Server update in the mail list,  since arosales is on vacation today - are you handling?13:46
Davieyskaet: Hmm, yes, yes i am13:50
skaetDaviey, ta.13:50
Davieyskaet: I thought i had sent it, still a draft. soory.13:50
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pittiskaet: good morning14:00
skaetgood morning pitti14:01
pittiskaet: my calendar currently gives two times for the release meeting, probably due to DST skew14:01
pittiskaet: is it in one or two hours?14:01
pittii. e. is it tied to UTC, US DST, or EU DST?14:01
skaetit was supposed to be tied to UTC14:01
* skaet sighs14:01
pittior should we compromise and start at :3014:01
ScottKGMT would be more fun.14:01
pittior a weighed average by number of community people on each side of the pond? :-)14:02
skaetpitti,  I like that compromise14:02
skaetI'll send out email.14:02
pittiskaet: so, from my POV I'm just fine with "in an hour"14:02
pittiskaet: mail> thanks14:03
skaetpitti,  yes,  was thinking for European folk it might be better to move it an hour earlier for the DST period.14:03
pittiyes, absolutely14:03
skaetit was a question I wanted to ask.14:03
pittiit's late enough as it is14:03
* skaet nods14:03
pittiand in two weeks it'll be at the same time as usual14:03
pittiI just wondered what happens today and next week14:04
pitti6-7 pm seriously cuts into pub time :)14:04
* skaet really doesn't like DST time skew.... :P14:04
skaetpitti,  agreed.14:04
* pitti takes a huuge big hammer and makes the world flat again, as it used to be14:04
pittiproblem solved14:04
* skaet needs to take lessons in solving problems from pitti. :)14:05
ScottKMake it later now and earlier in the winter to maximize the inconvenience.14:05
pittiskaet: wasn't me, was Terry Pratchett :)14:05
* ScottK - being fortunately situation somewhat in the middle - isn't much affected.14:05
pittiScottK: east coast?14:06
stgraberwell, with the DST change it was now moved to my usual lunch time, but I can live with waiting an extra hour for food ;)14:06
ScottKSo anything that's remotely OK for Europe or the west coast US, WFM.14:06
Davieyskaet: can we just do the meeting twice?14:07
ScottKstgraber: Are you the platform person for today's meeting?14:07
pittioh yes, more meetings!14:07
Davieypitti: wait, we can just decide something like this.. lets schedule a call to discuss what structure to have a meeting to decide how to do it.14:08
* pitti imagines Daviey with pointy hair14:08
ScottKWell, you don't want to just jump into the pre-meeting without planning it.14:08
ScottK(that last, ironically enoug, was a Dilbert quote)14:08
Davieygood point, ScottK - can you form a working group to compose an agenda?14:09
skaetDaviey - hmm,   one special one for those who want to ask questions about the missing server report  - is that what you want? ;)   j/k14:09
Davieyskaet: suuuuure14:09
pitti. o O { TGIF! }14:09
skaetpitti,  +1 ;)14:09
pittiskaet: server report just hit the mail archive14:09
skaetDaviey,  pitti - thanks.14:09
DavieyFriday makes me sad.. it's a firm reminder yet another week has passed, with more yet to do. :(14:10
tumbleweedtying it to UTC would suit me :) (but then friday evening is non-ideal for me anyway)14:10
RiddellDaviey: I think that's a feature of the Julean calendar rather than skaet's meeting schedule :)14:10
pittiDaviey: we have a saying in Germany -- "our errors of today are our bread of tomorrow" :)14:11
ScottKstgraber: Assuming you are, I think we ought to discuss where to go re bug 934593 at the meeting.14:11
ubot2`Launchpad bug 934593 in python3-defaults "python-all-dev, python-dev must be Arch: any for multiarch" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93459314:11
DavieyGreat.. bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the weekend :(14:11
* Riddell tried to apply pitti's saying to the Euro14:11
pittiRiddell: hm, it's really an engineer's motto; doesn't work so well for financial markets, I think14:11
Riddellah :)14:12
pittifor those it's probably more like "our errors from today I care a rat's ass about" or so14:12
ogra_as long as my money piles up right now :)14:13
stgraberScottK: cjwatson is doing foundations again now that he's back14:13
pittioh, I thought cjwatson said he's off today14:13
ScottKOK.  Thanks.14:13
ScottKHe did.14:13
stgraberah, ok:)14:13
stgraberthen maybe I'm supposed to do foundations and nobody told me ;)14:13
ScottKHe said to reply to he mail with questions, but this is about something that came up sense, so not sure.14:14
* pitti goes back to untangling pygobject14:14
ScottKI guess as long as slangasek is there, we can resolve it.14:14
pittis/sense/since then/ ?14:14
apwpitti, what time is the release meeting today, i was expecting it to be 16:00 GMT but its in my cal an hour early14:14
pittiapw: snap!14:14
pittiapw: I was just pointing this out, skaet said she'll mail about that14:15
skaetapw,  DST skew time... :P   I've just sent out notes.14:15
Riddellapw: see scrollback :)14:15
skaetwe'll have it at 1500 UTC today,  and lets discuss in meeting if we want to keep it there through the summer or not.14:15
pittiso, 1500 it is14:15
RiddellI just worked out what DST stands for, not a british english term that14:15
pittiRiddell: oh, what do you say?14:16
* skaet curious too...14:16
Riddell"summer time" and specifically "british summer time" is what we call our shift14:16
pittiwe just call it (literally) "summer time"14:16
DavieyRiddell: With devolution, you don't call it Scottish Summer Time?14:16
pittiwhich kind of makes sense, given that it doesn't actually save daylight :)14:16
RiddellDaviey: not yet but I expect when England finally gets independence from us they'll take the opportunity to stay on BST all year round14:17
DavieyRiddell: did you hear Scotland was thinking of dropping BST?14:17
RiddellDaviey: that crops up every year, some bored English politician says "we should use BST all year" and some bored Scottish politician says "err it's not healthy for it to be dark until 09:00 each morning"14:18
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skaetbrendand, will you or ara be representing cert at the meeting today?   (time will be at 1500, btw)14:44
brendandskaet, me from now on14:44
apwskaet, is this meeting still a Q&A only ?14:45
skaetapw,  yes,  meeting is Q&A style again,  it seemed to work fairly well last week, so the experiment will continue.14:46
skaetbrendand,  coolio.   thanks (and noting)14:46
skaetapw,  could you take a look at Cert's blocker bugs before the meeting - would like to know how many of them are going to get fixed before Beta 2,  and if there are some that just flat out aren't going to make the release.14:48
brendandapw -https://chinstrap.canonical.com/~hwcert/blockers-precise.html14:48
* apw suspects that is a tall ask in 15m14:49
apwthough actually only one is marked for precise ?14:50
brendandapw - they only show up on the report if they have 'precise' and 'blocks-hwcert' tags14:50
apwstupid report saying those other releases14:51
brendandapw - ah, you mean the series column14:51
brendandapw - i have no idea where it fishes that from14:52
brendandapw - it's based off the kernel reports so...14:52
apwa cirtain orifice by the looks of it14:52
* brendand whispers 'blame launchpad'14:54
brendandapw - be assured they are all precise blockers though14:55
slangasekScottK, stgraber: ah, I'm covering foundations today; cjwatson is off, yes15:00
ScottKslangasek: He is, so see you in #ubuntu-meeting ...15:00
LaneyWhat do you think to me manually syncing a package I just uploaded to Debian to avoid having to wait for LP to notice it? It's NEW in Ubuntu.22:31
DavieyLaney: is it accepted into Debian?22:40
Laneyyes :-)22:41
LaneyI would quite like to upload this and then give-back the rdep before EOD22:42
infinityLaney: If it's NEW in Ubuntu it's going to need some manual intervention anyway.22:43
infinityLaney: Or do you just mean binary NEW?22:43
LaneyNo, I mean "Source NEW and copious hassle" :P22:45
ScottKLaney: Is it in incoming?22:46
LaneyI would expect so22:46
ScottKGet infinity to sync it from incoming the old fashioned way.22:46
ScottKWe really should minimize the touching of stuff that's supposed to be a sync.22:46
infinityLaney: If it's source NEW anyway, just wait and sync it normally.22:47
infinityLaney: And poke me later/tomorrow and I'll review it.22:47
GrueMasterinfinity: Can you publish the armadaxp image?23:18
GrueMasterIt is waiting approval.23:19
infinityGrueMaster: Done.23:26
GrueMasterthx.  can I also beg for a netboot reroll before the weekend???  Pretty please?23:26
* GrueMaster flitters eyelids.23:27
infinityGrueMaster: There's an ABI bump in the pipe for linux and linux-ti-omap4 as well, so no point doing multiple d-i uploads.23:27
infinityGrueMaster: Once all those metas are revved and such, we can bump them all in d-i.23:27
GrueMasterWorks for me.23:28
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