popeyAlanBell: tempted00:12
popeyi think I am out for the day on saturday so getting up for a 9am tour is going to be fun00:14
AlanBellyeah, I will be flying in on the saturday so basically crashing as soon as I get to the hotel I booked in SF chinatown00:19
AlanBellthen up really early due to timezones so doing some touristy stuff, then relocating to Oakland with Pendulum00:22
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ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] First Additional Accomplishments Set - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/03/16/first-additional-accomplishments-set/07:31
astromechGooof moownin07:39
TheOpenSourcererMorning all.08:22
TheOpenSourcererYet more total awesomeness from #Graphene… High-performance, small & flexible capacitors [batteries]: http://is.gd/Tgka7i via08:23
TheOpenSourcererI see Ubuntu has a new, and probably unwelcome, offspring: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-1738121408:29
AlanBellgord: did you see HUD accessibility is being written off for precise?08:32
hooverbood morning folks08:34
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:11
bigcalmI'm on holiday today, so I've no idea why I'm in my office09:11
DJonesbigcalm: To play Minecraft on the "work" computer09:19
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christelgood morning lovelies09:26
feisargood morning09:27
feisarI have a good day at work ahead of me today, Ubuntu server 12.04 set up and ready to begin developing a site using Opencart09:28
bigcalmGood morning darling christel :)09:33
christelhelllooo bigcalm :D09:35
christelwhatcha up to?09:35
bigcalmchristel: bugger all :D09:35
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Friday! :D09:36
bigcalmchristel: I have no idea what to do with my day09:36
bigcalmGood morning JamesTait and thank you09:36
christelcome to farnham and have lunch with me and AlanBell!09:36
AlanBellah yes, lunch :)09:37
popeyAlanBell: where'd you see that? (HUD a11y)09:37
bigcalmchristel: so very tempting, bit of a drive sadly09:37
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: up for a pub lunch in Farnham?09:37
JamesTaitbigcalm: Me too!09:38
christelbigcalm: pffft! we're so worth it!09:38
AlanBellpopey: luke posted it to the accessibility list, I replied and copied in unity-design09:38
feisaranyone know the best way to get MariaDB on 12.04?09:38
* bigcalm tickles christel 09:38
TheOpenSourcererProbly not AlanBell, as much as I would like to... Have a lot to do today.09:38
popeyah, got it09:38
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:42
AlanBellchristel: I have a parcel arriving between 12:56 - 13:56 which is a bit of a pain09:49
AlanBelland a customer call at 14:3009:50
christelmmm -- we could do next week sometime if that's easier? maybe lord can tag along one day next week?09:50
christel(or we could do an evening next week and popey could come play?)09:50
bigcalmOh, my parents are coming to visit for a few hours. That'll be nice09:51
* bigcalm panics and hunts for the hoover09:52
popeyi have parcels arriving today too09:53
oimonanyone know a fix for the bug in software centre in lucid where clicking install doesn't do anything?10:04
oimonah it appears that running gksu software-center is a workaround10:06
davmor2Morning all11:01
s-foxHello davmor211:03
s-foxHow are you?11:04
davmor2s-fox: tired, happy it's Friday, and overwhelming happy that it's prod czajkowski time of day :)  And you?11:05
czajkowskidavmor2: gooooooooooooooooooooood morning11:07
s-foxdavmor2,  Slowly getting better thank you :-)11:10
s-foxHello christel & czajkowski  :)11:10
davmor2czajkowski: you forgot the Vietnam off the end of that I think you'll find ;)  shortly followed up by It's "o" 600  and what the "o" stand for OMG it's early :)11:10
christelheya s-fox :)11:10
s-foxHow are you christel ?11:11
christeli am well! thyself? :)11:12
christelwell, i am procrastinating which is not so good!11:12
czajkowskidavmor2: watched that only 2 weeks ago11:15
czajkowskiit was great!11:15
davmor2christel: you're actively attached shells to yourself......oh wait that would be pro-crustation11:15
davmor2czajkowski: it is a good film for quotes11:16
s-fox christel I am stomping on spambots on the ubuntu forums. They go crunch ;)11:25
* nothingspecial is too11:28
s-foxAnyone know any accounts worth following on twitter11:28
s-foxIt's friday11:28
oimons-fox, devops_borat?11:29
nothingspecialI like this one https://twitter.com/#!/_Silver_Fox_11:29
mattti usually get annoyed by people/companies i follow on twitter11:37
s-foxoimon,  I didn't like the film , chances of me liking that ?11:37
mattts-fox: slim11:37
s-foxmatt I tend to unfollow anyone that annoys me pretty quickly11:38
matttdevops borat is mildly funny11:38
matttbut after like months and months, it's kinda ... :-/11:38
oimoni'm moving off twitter onto g+ where i can. i only check twitter 1x per day11:38
oimontwitter and g+ are just RSS feeds for me11:38
mattti check twitter on my phone when i'm in the toilet11:38
s-foxThank you for sharing11:39
* mattt retracts11:39
* oimon notices some interesting news on bbc website11:46
hamitronmattt, lets hope you don't feel the need to post what you are doing on twitter when you check it then ;)11:59
davmor2czajkowski: danang me, danang me, take a rope and hang me :)12:05
sagacihigh from the highest treeeeee12:07
oimonhamitron, plop plop ahhhh wipe12:11
mattthamitron: there's already enough drivel on twitter12:37
matttno need for such updates from me12:37
andylockranso, I'm considering a tablet12:54
andylockranwill andrubuntu be running on one soon do you reckon?12:55
ali1234you could try kubuntu plasma active though12:57
popeywhats andrubuntu?12:58
ali1234it's like a cross between cute ponies and magical goblins12:59
AlanBellUbuntu for Android will only run on the Motorola Atrix, and it isn't available12:59
andylockranpopey: android phone, when plugged in becomes an ubuntu thingy12:59
andylockranyeah, Ubuntu for Android12:59
andylockranI'm just calling it andrubuntu because I'm lazy13:00
popeymaybe later in the year13:00
ali1234should call it uburoid13:00
ali1234because it sounds like a nasty medical condition13:00
AlanBelltechnically it is more of a parasite13:01
ali1234anyway like i said before, ubuntu for atrix has been available for 9 months13:01
ali1234closer to 12 months now13:01
ali1234but it's not a tablet13:01
andylockranI just think the ubundroid solution or whatever would be really useful for me, and I'm holding off buying a new work machine until it's available.  It would be a great solution for my work needs.13:03
* AlanBell wonders if Ubuntu or Linaro will run on the Snapdragon Krait13:03
andylockranali1234: ?13:03
ali1234i hope your work needs consist of listening to music, watching films, and going on facebook and checking email13:03
ali1234because that's all arm machines are good for13:04
gordis it just me, or are lion bars completely different from when i was a kid, huge disappointment13:04
ali1234they are painfully slow as soon as you do anything that isn't hardware accelerated13:04
AlanBellgord: I have not had one of those for years, might try and find one later to answer that13:04
ali1234i'm sure lion bar used to have nuts in it13:05
ali1234now it's just some horrible wafer thing13:05
AlanBellI don't recall nuts, just rice crispies and toffee and chocolate and stuff13:05
gordyeah i don't remember a wafer in it, but this has a wafer13:06
gordnot what i wanted at all13:06
ali1234maybe it used to have rice crispies13:06
AlanBellI think there may have been some wafer element to it, to give some structure to the toffee13:07
gordi also remember it growling when you break it apart, mine isn't doing that at all!13:08
andylockranali1234: pretty much yes13:09
andylockrantwitter, facebook, email13:09
andylockran& a couple of android apps13:09
popeylion bar ad13:10
ali1234old tv is so calm and sedate13:11
ali1234that advert would have dubstep and skateboarding teenagers all over it these days13:11
AlanBellgord: /join #linaro13:12
gordbut i don't want to :(13:12
ali1234well i was close. "heavy" metal and parkour13:12
AlanBellgord: I can't even remember what I was going to say to you13:12
AlanBellooh, 6 bottles of wine just arrived13:13
gordwas it that you wanted me to come over and drink your six bottles of wine?13:14
andylockranI like the teasers on the website http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/tv <- but where can I get the latest developments on these teasers.13:16
AlanBellandylockran: http://pad.ubuntu.com/PhoneTabletTVFAQ13:16
andylockranAlanBell: thanks13:17
AlanBelland a new phone just arrived13:19
AlanBellsamsung galaxy ace purple13:20
AlanBellbecause if you install pandas vs ninja on a blackberry torch it bricks the phone (two returns done, no more blackberries)13:20
popey"Tickets for ORGCon selling fast!"13:20
popeybet they aren't.13:20
AlanBellpopey: that isn't what you are calling it is it?13:21
AlanBelloh, this http://www.openrightsgroup.org/blog/2010/book-now-first-ever-orgcon-24-july13:22
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TheOpenSourcererBad - wrong window.15:16
AlanBellsilly silly sourcerer15:16
* DJones wonders how many people have clicked on that link just to be nosey15:33
dwatkinsprobably needs a login or session ID15:42
* dwatkins notes that the server is running Apache and has the infamous "It works!" page at the top level ;)15:43
davmor2Kid:Dude you just killed a helicopter with a car   McClain: I ran out of bullets (sniggery laugh)  it's fun friday random quotes day15:45
czajkowskihttps://www.facebook.com/questions/326779177369296/  what would you like to hear more of from launchpad :)15:45
daubersdwatkins: Someone should change that in the package one day to say "It doesn't work"15:46
dwatkinsdaubers: that would be mean ;)15:47
dwatkinsI'd prefer "You have a boring default page!"15:47
daubersdwatkins: And amusingly confusing15:47
daubersdwatkins: We could just change the default page to the fail whale?15:48
dwatkinsdaubers: good call, here's one I just converted: http://rowla.dyndns.org/whale.txt ;)15:49
daubersheh :)15:49
* MartijnVdS plays with EagleCad15:49
dwatkinsdaubers: here's a better one: http://rowla.dyndns.org/failwhale.html - thanks to http://picascii.com/15:52
andylockranare be internet likely to go ipv615:52
daubersdwatkins: That one is quite cool :)15:53
dwatkinsdaubers: yeah, I might use it as my 40415:53
MartijnVdSandylockran: of course!16:00
andylockranMartijnVdS: yeah?16:00
MartijnVdSandylockran: Expect to see major announements on/before 8-6: http://www.worldipv6day.org/16:01
andylockranah, kewl16:01
MartijnVdSandylockran: (last year, they tried it for a day, now they're leaving IPv6 on afterwards)16:03
oimonyay https://plus.google.com/103345707817934461425/posts/6xHVneF1wYn16:13
oimonhad been finding gmail annoying cos of this16:13
zleapIfi ed it /etc/hosts do i need to reboot my system or can i type something to get it to re-read the file ?16:22
directhex"it depends"16:27
directhexfor services which directly do a hostname lookup every time from nss, "no". if there's any per-app caching (e.g. chromium) or systemwide caching (e.g. nscd) you may need to restart the app/daemon16:27
marxjohnsonafternoon all16:38
AlanBellmarxjohnson: o/16:39
marxjohnsoni'm currently mooching around London Waterloo for an hour. party on.16:40
AlanBellwhat fun16:41
marxjohnsoni might play 'make eye contact with a londoner'16:42
daubersmarxjohnson: A dangerous game. Are you wearing a stab vest?16:42
AlanBellyou won't win that game16:42
marxjohnsoni'm not trying to win, i'm trying to waste time ;)16:44
marxjohnsonhence also, irc on my phone16:44
daubersmarxjohnson: No kindle?16:49
* daubers wonders if his mathematica licence is still valid16:50
marxjohnsondaubers: no, but i do have some ebooks on my phone, thanks for remindinq me!16:51
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davmor2hey gord you around still?18:46
AlanBellmy package in a PPA works \o/19:13
AlanBellI think. Anyone running Unity want to test it?19:13
AlanBellsudo apt-add-repository ppa:alanbell/unity19:13
AlanBellsudo apt-get update19:13
AlanBellsudo apt-get install unity-window-quicklists19:13
AlanBellthen log out and back in again, you should have quicklists on launcher icons showing what windows there are for that application and you can select and raise *one* of them at a time19:14
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DJonesczajkowski: I wonder whether I should point out a spelling mistake on the 1st line of the 2nd paragraph "emai"19:54
DJonesNot sure who would responsible for correcting that19:54
DJonesPresumably Dan19:55
AlanBelland I think a bazaar is supposed to be bizare in there somewhere20:01
AlanBell"Bazaar and PPAs both of which are bazaar to me at present"20:01
AlanBellin there20:01
czajkowskipun intended :)20:01
* AlanBell goes back to packaging things20:03
czajkowskiAlanBell: off anywhere nice?20:08
AlanBellpackaging stuff to put in PPAs :)20:09
AlanBellit is massively hard to do a simple package, packaging complicated things is fairly straightforward, but the simple case is a nightmare20:16
ubuntuuk-planet[Alan Bell] Unity Window Quicklists - http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2012/03/16/unity-window-quicklists/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=unity-window-quicklists20:31
ali1234http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17396170 - see box "how many 50% tax payers are there"20:47
ali1234if you take those figures and use the minimum values then the total extra revenue from 50% rate is 3.75 billion20:47
ali1234oh wait, it's 2.25 billion actually...20:48
ali1234that's a very conservative estimate though20:48
ali1234i don't understand how people are avoiding this tax20:49
AlanBellby living on the Isle of Man :)20:50
ali1234then presumably they are not paying tax at all20:52
ali1234which means they aren't included in the numbers20:53
ali1234250000 people is the top 0.8% of incomes btw20:56
ali1234(for income tax payers only)20:57
ali1234AlanBell: the trouble with quick lists is it doesn't help if allthe windows have the same title, as the often do21:09
ali1234i prefer to identify windows by their position on screen21:09
ali1234do the quicklists stay in the same order?21:10
AlanBellthey should stay in the same order21:12
AlanBellthey certainly don't move about on a window title change21:12
AlanBellnew ones get added to the bottom of the quicklist21:13
popeywhy not put the three windows you're working on into one workspace?21:14
popeythen just press the launcher button or alt-tab to switch between those 3?21:14
ali1234three windows is a minimal case21:15
ali1234usually it's three terminals, a browser, an editor, plus the UI of the program you're working on21:15
ali1234and you can put them all on their own workspace21:16
ali1234but the problem happens when something unrelated interrupts you21:16
ali1234like an incoming message on irc21:16
ali1234so you switch to irc on another workspace21:16
ali1234then when you try to go back to what you were doing, all your carefully arranged windows are mixed in with everything else21:17
AlanBellpopey: well I could, I could also put all the terminals into tmux or something, but I don't think that "use fewer windows" is a good solution to "I want my window manager to be better"21:17
popeyI'm not suggesting fewer windows21:18
popeyI'm suggesting using the existing window management tools21:18
popeyI just said "3" as a "collection of more than one window"21:18
popey(and because you said 3 on your blog)21:18
ali1234because the number of windows used rarely will all fit on the screen at one time21:18
popeywhy do they have to "fit"?21:19
ali1234because as soon as you minimize something, you;ve lost it forever?21:19
popeywhy minimise it21:19
ali1234because the spread is so unusable21:19
popeyalt-tab or press the button on the launcher21:19
popeyI didnt suggest spread21:19
ali1234um you minimize it because you can't fit it all on screen at once21:19
ali1234either t is on the screen, visible21:19
ali1234or it isn't21:19
popeybehind stuff21:19
popeythats not minimised21:20
ali1234if it isn't, the only way to find it is using the spread21:20
ali1234if you want to get at something behind another window... you have to minimize the window in front21:20
popeyclick the launcher or alt-tab/tick21:20
ali1234"click the launcher" - that is the spread21:20
popeyi have 6 apps open all on one desktop21:20
ali1234i was at the irc class where all the terms were laid out21:20
popeyif i want to switch i press the button on the left21:20
ali1234when you click the launcher, that is the spread21:21
popeyffs no21:21
popeyi am not saying launch the spread21:21
popeyi am saying press the button for the app in the launcher21:21
ali1234well how else do you switch windows?21:21
popeyalt tab, alt-`21:21
ali1234yes, when you press the button on thelauncher for the app, and it shows the little thumbnail for all the windows21:21
popeydepends how many are open21:21
ali1234that is called the spread according to talk given by gorge castro21:21
popeyyes, i know that21:21
popeyi am not suggesting using spread21:22
AlanBellif you press the launcher button they *all* spring to the top of the zindex21:22
AlanBellwhich is possibly a bug21:22
ali1234no, in the unity checkbox tests this behaviour is part of the test so it is not a bug21:22
AlanBellok, broken by design then21:22
ali1234so you clikc the launcher, all the window spop up in front of whatever is currently running, then you click it again and the spread opens, then you pull out a magnifying glass and identify which window is the one you want and click it21:23
AlanBellanyhow, the window quicklists don't take any window management options away from you21:23
AlanBellali1234: you can use compiz enhanced zoom to see what they are when in the spread21:23
AlanBellit is quite cool, all the thumbnails are full resolution openGL textures you can zoom back in and pan around21:24
ali1234wow, so if you zoom in, you get the full resolution? that's pretty cool21:24
ali1234inredibly innefficient way to switch windows though21:24
ali1234might as well use alt-`21:27
ali1234well, except that you can't zoom in on alt-`21:27
ali1234and alt-` requires you to focus on a window of the app before you can use it21:27
ali1234so you actually might as well just click the launcher twice cos it's faster21:28
AlanBellwell it requires you to start with alt-tab to select the application then alt+` or down and alt+tab to cycle through the windows of the application21:28
ali1234key word being "cycle"21:28
ali1234as opposed to just going directly to the one you want21:29
ali1234you have to look through a huge list21:29
AlanBellyeah, no active mouse cursor when alt-tab is active21:29
AlanBellanyhow, I like my little quicklists, they work for me. If anyone else likes them then so much the better.21:30
ali1234the longer the list themore likely you are to accidentally go past the one you want and then have to either go through the whole list again, or sprain your wrist trying to press the shift-alt-`21:31
popeyI wasnt knocking the quicklist, I think they're neat, I was just trying to figure out what they solved thats all.21:31
ali1234they solve the problem of when you have more than two windows open from the same application21:31
ali1234they solve it better than any of the other solutions21:32
ali1234basically they solve the problem that the spread and alt-tab/alt-` are both horrible21:32
AlanBellpopey: this is the problem it solves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Q8Cd6piIc21:37
popeyI guess I work around that now ☹21:38
* popey ponders who it would be good to get at oggcamp21:39
popeyif we did it21:39
AlanBellas speakers?21:41
popeyyes AlanBell21:51
popeytrying to come up with people21:51
popeysuggestions welcome21:51
AlanBellooh I know, @rainycat21:52
matttevening all22:02
popeyooo ta AlanBell22:08
AlanBellpopey: Eben and Liz Upton22:14
zleapgood idea22:18
DJonespopey: How about @ruskin147 as a speaker22:22
DJonesMaybe he could combine it with his day job and get interviews for the BBC for broadcast22:30
mattti heard @andrewgodwin speaking at fosdem last year, about django/python22:30
mattthe's from london, and a really good spaeker22:30
matttpopey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KTVws3TiC022:34
popeynice vide, thanks!22:37
AzelphurHmm, my space bar seems a bit dodgy, it works, but it's really limp and has no 'click' to it, anyone got any ideas on how I might fix it?22:47
AzelphurTis my gaming keyboard, so don't really want to part with it22:47
shaunotime to start breaking in a replacement22:50
AzelphurIt's a £100+ keyboard :<22:50
dwatkinsAzelphur: can you take the space bar off and check the spring?22:52
Azelphuryea I just took it off it doesn't seem to have a spring, more of a lever type thing i'll take a photo22:54
popeyI haven't had a keyboard break for quite some time22:55
popeybut then I haven't bought a keyboard for a long time ☺22:55
popeyi just use whatever crap comes with the computer22:55
Azelphuryea, my keyboard sees real heavy usage22:56
AzelphurI seem to go through them every 3 years or so22:56
shaunothe only keyboard I have is .. ancient.  I only have it for a very obnoxious terminal that won't use a usb keyboard still22:57
AlanBellI have an expensive keyboard I was given, but I don't really use it, I kind of prefer the short travel laptop keyboard22:58
Azelphurdwatkins: ^23:02
Azelphurali1234: you should have seen it /before/ I cleaned it23:02
ali1234yeah most likely the metal bar popped out of the guide rails23:02
Azelphurnope, it's still in it's guide rails23:03
ali1234it's clearly not in that photo23:03
ali1234maybe it was just clogged with dirt, i dunno23:03
dwatkinsyeah, worth a clean with a cotton bud23:04
Azelphurok I'll clean up the bar23:04
Azelphursee the clips at the top left and right of the bar? that's where the bar should sit afaik23:04
Azelphurit's inside it's clips23:04
ali1234yeah but you have to get the other end under the guides on the main chassis23:05
ali1234other wise it just flaps around and does nothing23:05
ali1234and the spacebar gets really spongey23:05
ali1234remap space to G1223:06
Azelphurput the space bar back now :P23:07
Azelphurthe membrane under the keyboard is split23:08
ali1234the rubber stuff?23:08
Azelphurthat stuff23:08
Azelphurthe little bubble thing that's under the space bar, it's split around the edge of the bubble23:09
ali1234glue it, or cut one out from an old keyboard23:12
Azelphurhttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2012/March/DSC03539.jpg better idea of what happened23:12
Azelphurali1234: do you know what it's called? would make for easier googling, maybe I can get a replacement one from logitech.23:12
ali1234just get a whole broken keyboard23:13
ali1234it will be easier23:13
Azelphurstill would like to ask just to see if they have it as a pot shot, so any idea what it's called?23:14
Azelphurif they don't have it I'll hunt down a busted one23:14
ali1234you don't need the specific one for g1923:15
Azelphuroh, that's interesting23:15
ali1234you just get any keyboard, cut out one "bubble", and glue it in place after cutting out the old broken one23:15
ali1234its just a sheet of rubber23:15
ali1234they are all exactly the same23:15
Azelphurhaha, I don't think glue will last too long tbh23:15
Azelphurthe amount of usage this keyboard gets23:15
ali1234it doesn't matter23:16
ali1234it doesn't move side to side23:16
Azelphuroh I see what your saying23:16
MartijnVdSsugru.com! :)23:16
Azelphuryea I could do that23:16
Azelphurthat can be plan C :P23:16
DonkeyScienceFridayyyy :D23:37
Azelphurali1234: oh hey, turns out you was right about the whole G19 boot loop thing23:40
Azelphurapparently it's a known issue, the power supply overheats, doesn't supply enough power to the G19, and so it boot loops23:41
ali1234i don't remember that23:41
AzelphurIt was an issue I talked to you about a while back23:41
AzelphurOccasionally, my G19 "boot loops" the LCD just flashes on, off, on, off... and I have to pull the power out on it to get it to stop doing it23:41
ali1234i've never seen it do that23:42
Azelphuryea, you don't use it too much right?23:42
ali1234it does get warm though23:42
ali1234i started using it all the time23:42
Azelphuror did you start using it now?23:42
ali1234just cos it has usb ports23:42
Azelphurhaha, cool :D23:42
Azelphurdid you install the software?23:42
Azelphurhehe, it's good fun :)23:42
ali1234i use the libusb driver though23:42
Azelphurwhy you not using your own driver? XD23:43
ali1234cos it is buggy and has to be recompiled all the time23:43
Azelphuryou know Gnome15 has it packaged right?23:43
ali1234yeah but not for precise23:43
Azelphurpress button receive driver23:43
Azelphurah :P23:43
Azelphurali1234: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/G-Series-Gaming-Keyboards/Refusing-to-replace-G19-How-dare-you/td-p/652452 last paragraph on this rage thread23:43
AzelphurI get exactly that issue23:43
Azelphurthink getting a replacement non standard supply may fix it?23:44
ali1234i used it with wrong power supply for a while23:44
ali1234when i couldn't find the real one23:44
Azelphurcan you point me at a replacement supply I can order online for it? :D23:44
Azelphurwould be great to solve that boot loop issue, drives me insane23:45
Azelphurdoes it every day or so, and the kernel driver doesn't support replugging, so it's a reboot every time xD23:45
Azelphurhaha, that works I suppose23:45
ali1234dunno if that has the right tip23:46
ali1234i have a box full of them23:46
ali1234it probably does though23:46
Azelphurwas gonna say it might be sensible to get the right supply, don't need multi-voltage, but then again I doubt the price is gonna be much different23:46
directhexmains-powered keyboard @_@23:48
ali1234only the screen part is mains powered, keys part works without psu23:49
Azelphurnot sure which of those I'd want, and they are more expensive than the multi volthaha23:49
ali1234look on the PSU it will be labelled23:50
Azelphurali1234: doesn't say the connector size I think23:51
ali1234it won't23:51
ali1234but ... it's one of them23:51
ali1234just take PSU to maplin shop and compare it23:52
Azelphurcan I not identify it baring in mind I have it here?23:53
Azelphurnot really any maplins too close to here23:53
ali1234not really23:53
ali1234not based on mpalin website anyway23:53
Azelphurali1234: the tips are standardised right? so if it doesn't have the tip with it I can order a tip from someplace23:55
ali1234i've ever seen the tips sold separately23:56
ali1234but yeah they are standard23:56
Azelphurwould need to identify the tip on it anyway to ensure I was buying something that'll work haha23:56

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