bschaeferthumper, ping00:10
thumperbschaefer: pong00:14
bschaeferthumper, hey, so I finally started looking into this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/88530400:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 885304 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher - When Launcher already has keyboard focus, Alt-F1 doesn't exit focus" [Low,Triaged]00:14
bschaeferthumper, and I had talked with jay about using signals for shortcuts00:15
bschaeferthumper, as a way of handling it, but that would surly cause an ABI break at this point...00:15
thumperbschaefer: abi break where?00:16
bschaeferthumper, if I were to do that00:16
bschaeferthumper, none right now!00:16
thumperright, but since unity is an plugin itself, an abi break in unity is fine00:16
thumperin UnityCore is more of an issue00:16
bschaeferthumper, ooo, hmm well what im thinking it would cause an abi break in nux00:16
bschaeferthumper, but also doesn't compiz handle a lot of shortcuts?00:17
thumperbschaefer: ok, perhaps I'm not clear on your potential solution]00:17
bschaeferthumper, ok, so what Im thinking for the shortcut controller00:17
bschaeferthumper, wouldl be to have nux look for certain key combos and emit signals for these shortcuts00:18
bschaeferthumper, but at the same time I might not now what im talking about00:18
bschaeferthumper, so like a mouse_down signal you would have an alt_f1 signal, which would get emited when alt + f1 is pressed00:20
bschaeferand depending on the who has focus it would get that signal00:20
thumpernot easy00:20
thumperand probably not worth the effort IMO00:20
thumperI think it would add a lot of complexity for not a lot of gain00:21
bschaeferthumper, hmm, yeah. I was looking through unityshell didn't see to much of a shortcut handler00:21
bschaeferjust making sure the super key was binded00:22
thumperyeah... that is a bit messy00:22
bschaeferthumper, ok, ill see if I can think of another way to handle this! Off to dig through source code00:22
bschaeferthumper, overall a worse case for this will be to hardcode the checking for now00:22
thumperbschaefer: let me see if I remember the problem00:24
thumperon alt-f1 we entre keyboard nav mode00:24
thumperon certain key-combos we exit keyboard nav mode00:24
thumpercan you point me at the leave code?00:24
bschaeferyeah, right now when we hit ALT is quits key nav mode00:24
bschaeferbut then alt+f1 starts keynav mode again00:24
bschaeferover and over again, instead of toggle00:25
thumperwhere is the code to exit keynav?00:25
bschaeferopps 115900:26
bschaeferis where the call is to quit key nav00:26
bschaeferbut it gets called on an ALT press, so when you press alt it quits, then pressing F1 starts keynav mode again00:27
bschaefera really quick soultion would be to keep a bool around when alt is used to quit, then when you start keynav mode check if alt was the reason you quit00:27
bschaeferif it was then dont start key nav mode00:27
bschaeferbut that runs into other problems00:29
bschaeferthe other quick solution I had was to check for each alt shortcut combo...00:30
bschaeferif alt+f1 down, quit, alt+tab, quit...etc00:30
bschaeferthose are all bad00:30
thumperwhy does left exit keynav?00:30
bschaeferI think it was because the launcher use to hide00:31
bschaeferI didn't add that code00:31
thumperwhich is the alt key?00:31
thumperso what is the menu key?00:32
thumpernot RWIN surely00:32
bschaefernope that is the right super key00:32
bschaeferwait what is the menu key then?00:32
thumperI have one between right alt and right ctrl00:33
bschaeferother then ALT, looking at my keyboard I don't know what the Menu key would be00:33
bschaefero yeah00:33
bschaeferlooks like the Menu on is left alt00:33
thumperok, my suggest solution to this is relatively easy00:33
thumperdon't exit on alt keypress00:33
thumpercheck for Alt-F100:33
thumperand exit00:33
thumpersee how that works out00:34
bschaeferwhat about alt+tab?00:34
bschaeferI had that before00:34
bschaeferand then I asked that question00:34
bschaeferand alt+`00:34
bschaeferthere are only a finite amount of alt shortcuts though00:34
thumperhow about this then00:34
bschaeferwe could keep a list of shortcuts connected with alt, and check if alt is down + any of those00:35
* thumper thinks00:35
bschaeferso you only have to add to the list00:35
thumperthis is kinda naff00:35
bschaeferif a new alt shortcut comes in00:35
thumpercan't we just see if any keypress + the alt modifier comes in?00:36
thumperand if so, exit keynav?00:36
thumperwould that work?00:36
bschaeferhmm I dont see why not00:36
bschaeferwhich could be kept in the default00:37
thumpernot sure how it would interact with alt-tab though00:37
thumperso you'd have to try it out00:37
bschaeferalright, let me mess around with that00:37
bschaefershould have something soon :)00:38
bschaeferis the Menu key00:38
bschaeferNUX_VK_MENU is left alt00:39
bschaeferfor some reason...00:39
haz3lnutIs there a Unity expert in the house?00:41
haz3lnutParticuar issue: I can't load unity.  Gnome shell loads and functions nomrally.  I even installed KDE and it works too.00:41
haz3lnutI created a new user and started fresh with a clean home folder, but Unity nor Unity 2d will work.  Again, Gnome shell is fine.00:41
haz3lnutI'm thinking a library issue, but how do I go about fixing it?00:41
haz3lnutTried uninstall re-install, but no go.00:42
haz3lnutIt seems compiz is not decorating the windows.00:43
bschaeferthumper, that works well :), putting it in the default case for the switch statement, if none of the other keys do anything AND the alt is down, exit00:43
haz3lnutAny pointers to a unity expert channel?00:43
thumperhaz3lnut: what do you mean when you say they won't work?00:44
bschaeferthumper, now the only problem is the hud, and breaking on just a single alt tab00:44
haz3lnutNo top bar, no window decor, no desktop icons00:45
thumperhaz3lnut: sounds like it is failing to load00:45
thumperhaz3lnut: which version or ubuntu?00:45
haz3lnut<thumper> yup00:45
thumperand you are up to date with updates?00:46
haz3lnutyes, all00:46
haz3lnutthat's why I need an expert00:46
thumpergo to a terminal, and type "unity --reset"00:46
haz3lnutIf it was easy, I would have fixed it already :-)00:46
* thumper wouldn't call himself an expert00:46
haz3lnut<thumper> I'm in KDE right now.  I'll have to try the reset later.00:47
thumperthe reset may just reset settings00:47
thumpernot actually start it00:47
thumperalthough I'm not sure00:47
haz3lnutThing is, I started with a completely clean home folder, and it still wouldn't load.  Gnome shell started right up. That's why I'm thinking a lib issue.00:49
thumpercould well be00:52
thumperI'm not entirely sure how to check though00:52
haz3lnutREQUEST: if a unity guru shows up, let me know. I need help :-)  I'd like to get unity to load without a complete system re-install.00:53
bschaeferthumper, i found a solution to the hud alt problem00:55
bschaeferthumper, its in unityshell, when the hud is about to show...00:56
bschaeferexit key nav00:57
thumperhaz3lnut: I'm assuming you did a "apt-get install unity --reinstall"01:10
thumperbschaefer: that'd work01:10
bschaeferpreparing a branch righ tnow01:10
haz3lnutI did an apt-get remove --purge unity, and an apt-get remove --purge compiz, then a re-install of both.01:11
haz3lnutThere is some conflicting lib on my system...has to be.  I just don;t really know how to look for it.01:15
haz3lnutI can;t believe there are 101 channel members and only 3 actually channeling.01:18
haz3lnutIn days of old, this channel would be popping.01:19
haz3lnutI guess time has changed.  they're all on facebook.01:19
haz3lnutbut I wanna +1 my vote for google+  so far seems like facebook for grown-ups. :-)01:20
thumperperhaps some of us are on 30 odd channels :)01:21
haz3lnutlol, I guess so.  Multitasking is the wave of the future, right?01:22
thumperunfortunately I have only one core01:22
haz3lnutDude!  how do you manage?01:23
thumperoh, my laptop has more, but I have just one brain01:25
haz3lnutbut the brain is multi-threaded, and distributed, so it should be no problem.01:26
haz3lnutI'm assuming this is a channel of unity lovers? likers, maybe?01:27
haz3lnutI cannot stand gnome shell. tried and it was an epic fail01:28
haz3lnuton KDE now because at least it's working.01:28
haz3lnutnot impressed with cinnamon.01:28
haz3lnutI actually like unity.  although the side bar needs a little work.01:29
thumperhaz3lnut: I just saw something01:35
thumperhaz3lnut: do you have libxfixes3 installed?01:35
haz3lnutone moment01:36
haz3lnutyes, and the  libxfixes3-dev01:38
haz3lnut<thumper> yes01:39
bschaeferhaz3lnut, when you get a chance to run 'unity --reset' there should be some warning message/error message that could be helpful01:41
haz3lnut<bschaefer> will have to restart to try01:42
bschaeferthumper, if you want to take a quick look at the diff01:49
bschaeferthumper, and ill be making an autopilot test for this01:50
haz3lnut<bschaefer> it seemed to work for a little bit, but when I ran "unity --reset" it took away my title bar and stuff.02:11
thumperhaz3lnut: after that try just "unity"02:13
haz3lnutI appear to be somewhat working, however there must be a compiz problem or something.02:15
haz3lnutWhen I double click title bar for shade rollup effect, the window AND TITLEBAR disappear.02:17
haz3lnutnow I'm basically in unity 2d02:19
haz3lnutno effects02:19
haz3lnutIf this was a settings issue, a clean home folder should have fixed it.02:20
haz3lnutunless some settings are being stored elsewhere that I don;t know about.  Guru anyone?02:21
bschaeferhaz3lnut, hmm trying running this to see if your missing some support for unity 3d02:21
bschaefer/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p02:21
haz3lnutgot yes, yes, yes... up the wazzu :-) .... Unity 3D supported:       yes02:23
bschaeferhmm :(, not really sure02:25
haz3lnutI guess I'm ready for a complete re-install02:27
haz3lnutok, I'm back in cinnamon02:30
haz3lnutYa know, I don;t like any of these.  Unity is actually nice...when it was working :-)02:31
haz3lnutby "these", I mean KDE, Cinnamon, or Gnome Shell02:31
JackyAlcineEh, KDE holds its own.02:35
JackyAlcineDoesn't try to fit in.02:35
JackyAlcinebut Cinnamon's trying to be the 2.5 (Gnome 2 + 3 tweaks), ya dig? lol02:35
haz3lnutI dig.  Using cinnamon now. was on kde earlier.  kde not so bad, just overly complex.  I like the slimmed down interface of unity.  unity needs to add a bit more control, maybe need something between untiy/kde.02:37
bschaeferthomi, ping, should have a small autopilot test for you look at!02:53
* thomi looks02:53
bschaeferthomi, should be a simple test to show that the alt+f1 now toggles on/off02:53
thomiyou need to set a commit message, or your review won't be picked up by the merge bot :)02:54
bschaeferI thought I did02:55
bschaefer* Added autopilot test for toggling alt+f1 mode02:55
bschaefershould be the commit message...02:55
thomino, for the merge02:55
thomiyou need to click the "Set Commit Message" link on the MP page02:55
thomiPreviously the merge-bot used the MP description, but we've stopped that02:56
thomisince it leave the commit log in a mess02:56
thomibschaefer: but, try as I might, i can't find anything wrong with that autopilot test.02:56
bschaeferthomi, sweet!02:56
thomiwhich is annoying - as you know, I try my hardest to be picky :P02:56
thomiyou have defeated me!02:56
bschaeferthomi, haha yeah, but it was a very simple test :)02:56
thomiI hereby promote you to "autopilot engineer, first class"02:57
bschaeferthomi, finally, I will be able sleep at night!02:57
bschaeferthomi, sweet!02:57
bschaeferhmm I hope my commit message isn't to crazy02:57
thomibschaefer: wait, the commit message should be one line only02:58
thomisorry, i should ahve said02:58
bschaeferhaha yeah02:58
thomiit should be a single-line description of the fix02:58
thomiwhen you do a bzr log with the 'linbe' format, you only see the first line of the message, so make it count :)02:59
bschaeferyeah haha, like a normal commit02:59
thomiapproves, BTW02:59
bschaeferill put it up for review now02:59
bschaeferthumper, https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/fix.885304/+merge/9778103:00
bschaefershould be ready for a merge03:00
thomimhall119: ping!03:07
thumperbschaefer: do we have an AP tests to show that alt-tab gets us out of keynav mode?03:07
bschaeferthumper, yup, in the autopilot test it starts key nav twice03:10
bschaeferthumper, then check that key nav mode is not active03:10
thumperbschaefer: but is there one for alt-tab?03:10
thumperwe don't want to regress on that do we?03:10
bschaeferthumper, I can add some more03:11
thumperthat'd be good03:11
bschaeferalright :)03:11
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thumperthomi: I'll leave that in your hands then :)03:11
thomito review it you mean?03:13
bschaeferthomi, ill be adding test03:14
bschaeferadding more*03:14
bschaeferthomi, hey, so calling alt+tab, should I just include the switcher emulator or do this?03:39
bschaefer        self.keybinding_hold("switcher/reveal_normal")03:39
bschaefer        self.keybinding_tap("switcher/reveal_normal")03:39
bschaefer        sleep(1)03:39
bschaefer        self.keybinding_release("switcher/reveal_normal")03:39
bschaeferto emulate an alt+tab03:39
thomibschaefer: just use self.switcher03:39
bschaeferthomi, idk why I didn't think launcher had that...haha03:40
thomiall test classes that derive from AutopilotTestCase should have that03:41
bschaeferyeah, I just remembered that...I had just added the self.dash in there03:41
bschaeferthomi, ok, just pushed 2 more test03:53
bschaeferdiff needs to update...03:53
bschaeferthomi,  I hope it still meets your standards ;)03:59
bschaeferdammit I see one problem!04:00
bschaeferwas missing a new line04:00
thomibschaefer: got a MP link?04:00
thominvm, found it04:01
bschaeferthomi, sorry, I just assume everyone is always up to date with what Im doing haha04:01
bschaefer(jokingly of course)04:01
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* thomi waits for the diff04:09
bschaeferwell that last diff is just a new line after the first test04:10
=== jalcine is now known as JackyAlcine
bschaeferugg longest diff update for a single line changed, just one '\n' was added!04:14
thomibschaefer: approved04:16
* thomi -> off fishing for the weekend04:16
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angeloci'm intrested in bug 924636, can you give some hints?09:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 924636 in unity (Ubuntu) "Number shortcut overlay won't show if mouse hovers launcher bar area" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92463609:52
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mhr3kamstrup, is there some known issue with dee and the collate keys? i'm seeing very weird results if i leave LC_COLLATE to default - and looking at gwibber it's doing setlocale(LC_COLLATE, "C")... do you know why that's the case?10:39
mhr3(it works fine in gwibber, doesn't otherwise)10:39
kamstrupmhr3: the dee collation funcs use the locale specific collator...10:43
kamstrupgwibber is sorting numbers as strings right?10:43
kamstrupthat might not work depending on locale... perhaps..?10:43
kamstrupwhen locale is C the collation func should just be memcmp10:44
mhr3kamstrup, the problem i'm seeing though is that Index.lookup doesn't return any results if LC_COLLATE != "C"10:44
kamstrupis lookup() maybe doing a strcmp() or memcmp() where it should have used a collation key?10:45
mhr3ok, i see you don't know why is that, so i'm gonna dig deeper10:45
kamstrupat least the idea was that it should support different collations... there seems to be a bug there10:46
mhr3the tests pass in dee though, and it is doing prefix lookups10:46
kamstrupperhaps one needs to set more than just LC_COLLATE?10:47
kamstrupit's using g_utf8_collate_key() under the hood10:47
mhr3aaah, tests use C locale!10:49
mhr3that's why they pass10:49
* kamstrup wonders why we never got a bug report on that one10:57
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akgranerhey all do we have any official documentation yet for compiz config settings mangers in 12.0412:54
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mhall119anybody know what thomi was pinging me about last night?14:15
mhall119akgraner: have you seen the developer docs for unity?14:16
akgranermhall119, ummm no I don't think so  - but I've looked at so many docs in the last week my eyes hurt - got a link?14:17
mhall119akgraner: first go to http://developer.ubuntu.com/wp-admin/ to log in, the go to http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/unity/14:18
mhall119they haven't been published yet, waiting on some final reviews and a video14:18
mhall119but they're 99% done14:18
mhall119none, some URLs may change once we publish them14:19
akgranermhall119, awesome thanks - yep we verify all links before it goes to the printer :-)14:19
akgranermhall119,  :-(  I'm in some sort of loop...:-/14:23
mhall119ugh, one second14:25
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hallynis this the place to mention problems with the scrollbar?14:40
hallynif i do "edit->keyboard shortcuts" in a terminal, and try to scroll, the scrollbar14:42
hallynallways appears when i'm on the menu, but appears outside of it.  then disappears when i move to click to drag it.14:42
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angelocmhr3: have you a minute?14:51
mhr3angeloc, hey, sup14:53
angelocmhr3:thank you for your time, i'm solving bug 837810, it has a low importance but it's really annoying for me!14:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 837810 in Ayatana Design "Dash - The "Desktop" folder is not accessible through the dash" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83781014:54
angelocmhr3, point 2 of the desired resolution ask to add it to favorites folder is folder.vala14:56
angelocmhr3: i'll add it to foreach (var uri in favorites) if not already in .gtk-bookmarks, ok?14:57
angelocmhr3: "foreach (var uri in favorites)" is into "update" function14:59
mhr3angeloc, i dont really like that15:00
mhr3moreover i see it15:00
mhr3oh, they want it without search as well15:01
mhr3but actually i see it without search as well15:02
angelocmhr3: yes, they want it in favourites, also if user has not desktop in nautilus favourites, so in .gtk-bookmarks15:05
angelocmhr3: i think the best way is to add desktop automatically only if desktop it's not in .gtk-bookmarks15:06
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angelocmhr3: the strangeness is the search doesn't work only for desktop folder, other folders, like downloads, music, images, are shown correctly15:10
mhr3angeloc, fine, add it in there15:11
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angelocmhr3:done adding static desktop folder to favourites, do you have an idea why desktop folder doesn't show up on search like any regular folder?16:25
mhr3angeloc, take a look at the prefix_search method?16:31
angelocmhr3: i think that the problem is with internationalization, i'm italian, and desktop folder is translated to "scrivania"16:35
angelocmhr3:it works when i search for scrivania16:35
mhr3angeloc, then it works as it should16:35
angelocmhr3: i think nobody searches for their translated word for desktop...16:36
mhr3why should someone search for "desktop" if everything in the system is their own language?16:37
angelocmhr3: i think that "desktop" is universally the word for desktop, nobody in italy call their desktop "scrivania"16:38
mhr3sorry we had this discussion many times for various contexts, and the conclusion is that searches aren't supposed to special-case english variants16:38
mhr3if nobody uses scrivania, why isn't it "desktop" in italian as well?16:39
mhr3also that doesn't mean you can make the same assumption for the other ~100 languages16:40
angelocmhr3: italy is a strange country! I think that localization team did a mistake calling desktop "scrivania"16:40
mhr3angeloc, :) open a bug then16:40
angelocmhr3: you are right!16:41
angelocmhr3: so I think the bug is done, i'll merge propose it in a moment16:43
Trevinhomhr3m angeloc... Yes we're wrong in translating too many things16:47
Trevinhowe look like more Spanish or French guys (o offense, of course! :)) who translate everything16:47
Trevinho"Scrivania" is really baaaad16:47
angelocTrevinho: yes, scrivania, no worse word ...16:48
angelocnobody uses it16:48
Trevinhoangeloc: there are also other examples... I guess you should poke the translation team16:49
Trevinhothere are too many things too "italian" :)16:49
angelocTrevinho: do you think? I always thought that there is a review mechanism and using scrivania was acknowlodeged by a large number of people16:50
TrevinhoAlso the default title should be "Ubuntu Desktop" and translating it into "Scrivania di Ubuntu" is awful... This causes the Ubuntu word to be removed, and that's even worse16:50
Trevinhoangeloc: I'm not too much into that, but Imho is wrong, Who really uses the term "scrivania" here?!16:51
angelocTrevinho, nobody! To italians here, do you think we should solicit some translations review?16:52
Trevinhoangeloc: totally.16:52
Trevinhotelling them to not remove the Ubuntu word from there16:52
Trevinhoangeloc: even if... in Precise I don't have that translated... do you?16:52
angelocTrevinho, i don't know, i use precise in english but folder names are inherited by a previous oneiric installation in italian16:54
Trevinhoangeloc: ok... I've the same16:55
angelocTrevinho, i'll try to make a full installation in italian on virtual machine as soon as possible16:55
mhall119davidcalle: ping17:11
davidcallemhall119, hey, I'm in a meeting, can I ping you back in an hour?17:11
mhall119kenvandine: I'm liking the gwibber lens :)17:29
kenvandinegetting better?17:29
mhall119I've just started using it17:30
mhall119between it and notify-osd popups, I almost don't need to open gwibber at all17:31
kenvandineit still needs quite a bit, but i think with the currently available renderers it is as good as it can get17:31
kenvandinei would like to get it to the point where we didn't need the client at all17:31
kenvandinethe biggest problem now is it truncates posts17:32
kenvandinei want something more like what you get in the ubuntu tv demo, where selecting a post would show you more detail17:32
mhall119yeah, lots of people have been wanting that17:33
mhall119maybe we should look at making it part of the Lens/Scope data structure17:34
mhall119activate_uri can return a "show more details" response on click17:34
kenvandinemhall119, the beautiful part of making the lens more useful is i won't have to do UI work :)17:38
angelocmhr3: cannot understand File.get_parse_name, i have to show the basename only, why use get_parse_name? I have to use it instead of Uri.unescape_string?17:48
mhr3angeloc, no you do Path.get_basename (file.get_parse_name())17:51
angelocmhr3: understood17:52
davidcallemhall119, ping17:53
angelocmhr3: i have to change also the present code?18:00
angelocdisplay_name = Uri.unescape_string (uri);18:00
angeloc            display_name = Filename.display_basename (display_name);18:00
mhr3angeloc, no, get_parse_name doesn't work for non file uris18:01
angelocmhr3: I know, i mean making file object for uris then get uris with get_parse_name18:02
angelocmhr3 for desktop i duplicated present code, if this is not optimal for desktop folder, it's not optimal also for other folders18:04
ryehi, i am sure this was possible earlier, but how do I unzoom if i press Super+R accidentally? Earlier i could scroll, now I can't (precise)18:21
mhr3andyrock, get_parse_name doesn't return uri18:22
mhr3whoops, sorry andyrock that wasn't for you18:23
andyrockmhr3, no problem18:23
mhr3rye, put your browser or something in full screen mode and press super+r again18:32
mhr3apparently that shortcut should be disabled18:33
tbf_what's the state of unity and wayland, btw?18:56
ryemhr3: hm, thanks. either it should be disabled or it should keep showing mouse and react to scrolling :)19:00
PaoloRotoloHi all!19:12
AlanBellhttp://www.theopensourcerer.com/2012/03/16/unity-window-quicklists anyone want to test that and let me know if I made any errors in the instructions19:33
FloatingGoatis the new spread design headed for 12.04?19:50
htorquehm, why is this backtrace incomplete? http://paste.ubuntu.com/886832/ - i installed all the -dbgsym packages (at least i think i did).20:04
seb128htorque, incomplete? what is missing?20:05
htorqueseb128: it's just showing function signatures20:07
seb128htorque, what else should it be showing? it has the name, source file and lines?20:07
htorqueseb128: oh dear, i confused the outputs of valgrind and gdb. sorry. :-)20:08
seb128htorque, right, I was going to ask ;-)20:09
seb128that seems a pretty complete valgrind log20:09
seb128but you mentioned gdb ;-)20:09
seb128well backtrace, which implies gdb20:09
htorquei was using 'vgdb' :)20:09
AlanBellFloatingGoat: not all of it20:15
jazzg4any one here20:54
jazzg4i have  queston20:54
jazzg4what do you need to have  3d Unity   i have some high specs on this computer but still gos to 2d unity20:56
AlanBelljazzg4: you need the drivers for your graphics card to support openGL acceleration basically20:59
jazzg4i do   nvida21:00
jazzg4 i have   nvidea gforce 7300se/7200gs 512 ram    core duo 2   2.33 ghz21:01
jazzg43 gb of ram21:02
htorque_should i be worried about 6 million invalid writes of size 1 in one hour from compiz/unity/nux/???: http://paste.ubuntu.com/886919/21:13
ryemeh, is it known that the thumb for the scollbar now appears outside of the window and when you hover, it disappears?22:03
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