pleia2jyo: yeah :D00:03
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* greg-g is still a GNOME-DO fan01:12
locodir-userany1 there?04:17
locodir-useromg, i try 3 different loco teams irc's and no1 answers...04:18
locodir-userill just stick with windows for now04:18
iheartubuntustill there locodir04:19
iheartubuntuwhats up04:19
locodir-useroh sup!04:19
iheartubuntueveryone must be riveted to a car chase on tc04:20
locodir-userbefore i start questioning, are you a pro at ubutu04:20
iheartubuntukinda yes, kinda no04:20
iheartubuntui'll try04:20
locodir-useroh lol im from arizona but i think the team is sleeping04:20
locodir-userabout the car chase, wats going on?04:20
iheartubuntujust kidding!04:21
iheartubuntutheres not one on... (yet04:21
iheartubuntuthe night is still young04:21
locodir-userlol ok'04:21
iheartubuntuso something wrong with your system?04:21
locodir-userno actually, im a pro (in bold letters) at windows but its getting old and ive heard about ubuntu04:22
locodir-userso i did the wubi04:22
locodir-userim using it right now04:22
iheartubuntui started with wubi back in 200604:22
locodir-userbut im very dissapointed that MANY essentials dont run on ubuntu like adobe flash player04:22
locodir-userso i cant watch utube vids04:23
iheartubuntuwhat version ubuntu?04:23
iheartubuntuand you are on ubuntu right now?04:23
iheartubuntuthe easiest way.. go into the Ubuntu Software Center04:23
iheartubuntuthe orange shopping bag icon04:23
iheartubuntuand do a search for "ubuntu restriced extras"04:23
iheartubuntuubuntu restricted extras04:23
iheartubuntuand install that04:24
iheartubuntudo u have a fast internet connection?04:24
locodir-useryes almost 2.1 mb download per sec with movie streaming04:24
iheartubuntuim not sure how big that is... might be 50-200 mb depending04:24
locodir-usernow b4 we continue04:24
iheartubuntuso youre good04:24
locodir-userive been having a problem04:24
locodir-userwith all file accesing04:24
locodir-userit always asks me for a password04:25
iheartubuntuwhich files?04:25
locodir-userbut i dont have one on04:25
iheartubuntuin file manager?04:25
locodir-userthe authorization password04:25
locodir-userthe one you need to authorize when doing anything04:25
iheartubuntuyou dont have a password?04:25
iheartubuntuive never installed ubuntu without needing to enter a password the very first time04:26
iheartubuntuwhen you installed ubuntu using wubi04:26
locodir-userwell i did have one04:26
locodir-userthen i changed the settings after i finished04:26
iheartubuntuit should have asked for a username and a password in wubi launcher04:26
iheartubuntuwhich settings did u change? the password?04:26
iheartubuntuyou might need to use your original password when installing04:27
locodir-userok let me try04:27
locodir-userdidnt work04:27
iheartubuntuso it asks for a password to access a file in file manager?04:28
akkHave you tried just hitting enter when it asks for the password.04:28
iheartubuntumaybe you arent in administrator mode anymore04:28
locodir-userill check04:28
iheartubuntuyour dad put ubuntu on for a reason son04:28
locodir-userit says04:29
iheartubuntujust kidding :)04:29
locodir-userlol actually im the one who downloaded ubuntu04:29
locodir-userhe dislikes me messing with software and new stuff04:29
locodir-userit says04:29
locodir-userAccount type:04:29
locodir-userso.. im still the admin..04:29
iheartubuntucan u go to the system settings?04:30
akkCan you set a password? Just to see if it gets you past this problem?04:30
iheartubuntuthe red icon with gear04:30
iheartubuntuand then "user accounts"04:30
locodir-user@akk, no it askes for "the current password" which i dont have04:30
locodir-userand when i leave it blank04:30
locodir-userit doesnt allow me to click next04:31
iheartubuntuthe red icon with gear04:31
iheartubuntuand then "user accounts"04:31
iheartubuntuso tell me how many accounts are listed04:31
locodir-userwhich has my name on it04:32
iheartubuntuand it says administrator?04:32
iheartubuntuwhat if you click the "unlock"04:32
locodir-userit asks for a password -_-04:32
locodir-userand yes it says administrator04:32
iheartubuntutype in your password then04:32
locodir-useri tried04:32
iheartubuntuhave you ever changed the password?04:33
locodir-userno, my first password was livelong (i honestly dont care if you know)04:33
locodir-userthen i checked the option to no password04:33
iheartubuntumine is bigmonkey (old girlfriends nickname)04:34
iheartubuntunot her name, my name04:34
iheartubuntushe did walk with a limp though04:34
locodir-userrofl i thought that was her nickname04:34
iheartubuntuno password just means no password to log into ubuntu04:34
iheartubuntuso if you can figure it out you are screwed mate04:35
iheartubuntui would go back to windows, uninstall wubi and start over remembering your password04:36
locodir-userwell, if i do a clean install after i back up the files via ubuntu one. when i restore, will apply the "current" pass i have04:36
iheartubuntuclean install?04:36
iheartubuntuif you did wubi its like a virtual partition on your disc within windows04:36
iheartubuntuif you did a dual boot it actually partitions the hard drive04:37
locodir-useryes i know'04:37
locodir-userwhen i say clean install, i mean completely delete ubuntu and retry ( but if i can get the hang of ubuntu, i might just install it over windows04:38
iheartubuntui havent done wubi in year but cant imagine its changed much.04:38
iheartubuntuthats how i did it... wubi first for a few weeks, then i wiped it clean, then did a dual boot for a few months, then wiped it all and did only ubuntu04:38
iheartubuntu6 years later and not one virus04:38
locodir-userdoes ubuntu have an equvalant to windows "task manager"?04:39
iheartubuntusystem monitor04:39
locodir-userhow do i access that?04:39
iheartubuntuclick the ubuntu icon top left and type that in04:39
locodir-userim just wondering04:40
locodir-userdo u know if there are any youtube series that goes indepth about ubuntu?04:41
iheartubuntunot sure04:41
iheartubuntuyoutube wont work if you cant install flash as you need a password04:41
iheartubuntuso.... fastest way is to uninstall wubi (which removes ubuntu)04:42
iheartubuntuthen reinstall ubuntu with wubi04:42
iheartubunturemembering your password this time04:42
locodir-usersure, but what does it mean when i install the ubuntu restricted extras it says: remove libav utility and codec library04:43
iheartubuntuthats ok04:43
iheartubuntuthe restricted extras gives you stuff like flash, java, and mp3 capabilities04:44
locodir-userand what does " [sudo] password for (my name):04:44
iheartubuntuwhich cant be installed by default for licensing purposes04:44
locodir-usernot man..04:44
iheartubuntuit is asking for your password04:44
locodir-userwell B4 i took of the password04:45
locodir-userit didnt let me type anything04:45
iheartubuntuhow did you take it off?04:45
locodir-userwhen you go to password:04:45
locodir-usertheres an option that says none04:45
locodir-userback to the terminal thingy04:46
locodir-userthe flashing rectangle'04:46
locodir-userand when i press any button it stops04:46
locodir-userand when i press more nothing happens04:46
iheartubuntuare u in a terminal window?04:46
locodir-userit only starts to reflash when i click on the stop where it was04:47
iheartubuntusince you are new i recommend installing the restricted extras via software center04:47
locodir-useryes i know thats an option for the flash player04:48
locodir-userbut there are many other things that need me to go through the terminal04:48
locodir-userand i always get stuck at the password thing04:48
locodir-usermost of the things on that page require me to use the terminal04:49
iheartubuntuyou dont need any of that04:50
iheartubuntuit can all be done in software center usually04:50
locodir-userok well time for me to read a lot more. re-install wubi and oh shit04:51
locodir-userjust remember04:51
locodir-useronly free till next, next monday04:51
locodir-userwell nvm that04:51
locodir-userthx for the support04:51
locodir-userone last question04:57
locodir-userwhenever people say to go the system04:57
locodir-userwhere would that be?04:57
iheartubuntunot sure what you mean by that04:59
iheartubuntusystem settings?04:59
iheartubuntusystem monitor?04:59
locodir-userwell this is wat it says04:59
locodir-user(System ⟶ Administration ⟶ Software Sources)05:00
locodir-userand many other things like this:05:00
locodir-user(System ⟶ Administration ⟶ Update Manager)05:01
locodir-user(System ⟶ Administration ⟶ Synaptic Package Manager)05:01
iheartubuntuubuntu recently redesigned itself. those are old commands for ubuntu 10.10 or older05:02
iheartubuntu11.04 and 11.10 use a new desktop interface called Unity05:02
iheartubuntuin unity you would just click the ubuntu logo at the top left and then type in "software sources"05:02
iheartubuntuor "update manager"05:02
iheartubuntuor "synaptic package manager"05:03
iheartubuntusynaptic isnt installed by default anymore since most of what you need to do is through software center05:03
iheartubuntuyou can however install synaptic, but.... you need your password05:03
locodir-userlol dont worry ill get the pass problem fixed05:04
locodir-userso it says to go to synaptic package manager so i can change the repositoriesw05:04
iheartubuntuyou can also do that in the ubuntu software center too05:04
iheartubuntujust open it up and look through the menu options05:05
iheartubuntugood luck!05:06
locodir-userkk thx05:06
locodir-useranyone here?07:16
locodir-userjust need to ask a simple question07:16
locodir-userecho to bravo07:16
locodir-userdo you read me?07:16
jyopleia2: "we'll be closing the tab often." lol17:25
pleia2heh :) I'm sure people don't mean it (probably forgot), but there have been a few instances of folks walking out without paying and my bill (or Jono's) ends up bigger than it should be17:26
pleia2much better if we close the tab often, and let people know we're doing it17:27
jyoHooray someone inadvertently buying me a drink last time17:34
iheartubuntuhi all. i had upgraded an older computer to 11.10 and the HDD light is always on now. any way to check or fix this?17:38
iheartubuntuthe computer is 2.4ghtz, P4, 1GB mem, 128mb nvidia video card17:38
iheartubuntuthis comp had 10.10 on it and the HDD light was hardly ever on unless i was opening BIG pdf files or something17:39
iheartubuntuseems like 11.10 is maxxing something out17:39
iheartubuntubtw i think that kid last night was trying to get into his dads ubuntu system or something :)17:40
pleia2iheartubuntu: is it just the light, or can you hear the drive all the time?17:50
iheartubuntui dont really hear the hard drive doing anything17:57
iheartubuntuand i installed a lil program called SYSPEEK17:57
iheartubuntuwhich shows me the system monitor17:58
iheartubuntuand thats about 10-30%17:58
iheartubuntumost of the time17:58
iheartubuntuthe light doesnt really blink either as if its accessing anything. its just solid ON17:59
Faqtotumhow ok is it to install precise as production at this point?18:23
pleia2"never install betas in production"18:23
iheartubuntuagreed on that18:23
iheartubuntui put precise on my laptop and every time i turn it on there are a ton of updates18:23
pleia2as an LTS the betas have been smoother than normal, but I wouldn't say it's ok for production18:23
Faqtotumi did that with breezy and hardy without too much trouble18:24
iheartubuntuin older editions of ubuntu betas i had crashes and other problems. not at all these days on beta releases18:24
Faqtotumi need to get the machine into a production state with LTS ASAP and it's too new for 10.0418:25
pleia2Faqtotum: for what it's worth, I installed the daily build from the 13th and ran updates today, the update manager has now crashed and I'll probably have to reinstall19:12
pleia2if I did updates every day it might have been better, but I don't know19:13
Faqtotumnot a good sign19:13
pleia2(trying to fix it with plain apt now, I don't usually use the gui update manager but I was trying to use the system like a normal person)19:14
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pleia2saved \o/19:17
pleia2looks like it was just the graphical update manager that went south on me19:17
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philipballewbkerensa, now that omg is down, I need to find a new place to troll...21:39
bkerensaphilipballew: Reddit is the usual suspect21:39
philipballewreddit is my favorite21:39
philipballew  /r/ubuntu is okay21:40
bkerensaI like /r/portland and /r/politics21:41
philipballew /r/plnu is for my school.21:47
philipballewwelcome to the sheltered bubble of a Christian school21:49
philipballewwhere the students are liberal and the administration is scarred about it21:50
philipballewthey gave me a scholarship, I shouldn't complain about the head people probably21:53
akkuh-oh, they kicked him off the network for complaining22:15
bkerensamy new shoes are here! So glad I get to wear shoes that nobody else can even buy yet :D22:23
pleia2I'm not sure I'd want to be a beta tester for shoes22:24
bkerensapleia2: Not even these? http://i.imgur.com/XPk0V.jpg22:26
pleia2they aren't pink22:26
bkerensapleia2: I think they are going to offer a Pink version sometime not sure22:26

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