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dorganok so all of a sudden our outgoing bandwidth on our server has climbed significantly like serving 215GB a month to serving 7,688.81 GB since March 1117:14
dorgani've run a chkrootkit and that dint turn up any results17:14
dorganso does anyone know if there is a way i can start tracking this down?17:15
dorganok is there any way to tell what type of outgoing traffic is happening on your servers?18:17
danstonerdorgan: netstat wouldn't be the worst place to start19:39
danstonerapache logs?  what other services are you running?19:41
danstonerThis command will tell you who is connected currently and what port they connected on:19:46
danstonernetstat -n | grep ESTABLISHED19:46
danstonerWhere "who" equals the IP address.19:47

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