haz3lnutwhy is this channel still so small?01:30
haz3lnutUbuntu should be taking over the world by now.01:31
haz3lnutanyone here?02:34
haz3lnutOk Rob, I'll stay for a bit. But I might be sleeping by the time someone else comes on :-)02:39
Robdgreatthis channel used to be quite a bit more active than it has been in recent (quite a few) months04:31
haz3lnutlazy suthinahs :-)04:32
haz3lnutWe live in the wrong state04:40
haz3lnutHeaded to bed, will check back in the AM.04:43
Robdgreatyo yo yo yo19:20
r2d2rogershaz3lnut: you about?19:20
Robdgreatholy crap it's a Rogers19:22
r2d2rogersI think I'm gearing up for a baord game night instead of a minecraft one.19:23
Robdgreatwell phooey on you then19:24
RobdgreatI'm not home tonight, anyway, and likely won't be on, but who knows19:24
RobdgreatI might pop on from the laptop from my friend's place (though probably not - I think he's itching to finish the printer) and lay down some stone19:24
r2d2rogerscool, I'll see if I'm right on the less computer time for my boys19:25
haz3lnutI'm about now :-)20:41
haz3lnutHad to pick up daughter from school.20:41
haz3lnutNow I gotta go make her some soup.20:44
Robdgreatdarn, missed another 2.3 second window20:45
haz3lnutback :-)20:46
haz3lnutHow is everyone?20:46

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