brouschwow, crazy stuff http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/local/tornado-destroys-homes-in-dexter-michigan-other-areas-hit-by-severe-weather-20120315-DK00:04
jrwrenbrousch: it was very close00:17
jrwrensnap-l: the N = None; del N # confused me coming from a java/.net background00:18
jrwreni just wait for patent expiration... just a few more years for the mp3 patents.00:18
brouschi'm sure they will be extended like copyrights00:19
jrwrenpatents don't have that history.00:28
jrwreni had a celebration when teh RSA patent expired.00:28
jcastroJAY WREN00:33
jrwrenhi jcastro00:48
jrwrenhow are you?00:48
jrwreni miss you, when are you moving back to MI?00:48
jrwrenhey, #ubuntu-us-mi am I the only one who doesn't care at all about ubuntu achievements?00:48
jcastrojrwren, I'm visiting on memorial day00:59
snap-ljrwren: I think achievements are pretty stupid01:43
snap-lwhich is why I'm not on 4square01:43
snap-lbut, I acknowledge that some people need that pavlovian dog acknowledgement in order to excel01:44
snap-land yes, I'm happy that Patents expire, unlike copyrights which retire like Bret Farve or Ozzy Osbourne.01:46
snap-lFrankly, I don't mind initial publish date + X years (where X < 50)01:47
snap-lwith additional (c) extension for 10 years if you publish a new edition of the work01:48
snap-lat least it would keep the things that still have legs (like the Beatles and Steam Boat Willie) going, and give added incentive to keep shit in print01:48
jrwrenwhere X < 701:48
jrwrenfuk beatles and steam boat willy, they should be public01:49
snap-land let things that may not have monetary value go PD gracefully.01:49
jrwrenits not about monetary value, its about freedom01:49
snap-ljrwren: I know01:50
jrwrenor rather, the problem is that it IS about monetary value instead of freedom01:50
snap-lwhich is why I get extremely irritated when the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate starts sabre-ratling whenever someone publishes something against John Carter of Mars01:50
snap-lIt's PD. Get over it.01:50
snap-lor the Howard estate re: Conan01:51
rick_hsnap-l: no calling 6am02:47
rick_hgoing to be a rough night of transition me thinks02:48
rick_hwoot, new keyboard...let the awkward adjustment phase begin02:53
mydogsnameisrudyrick_h:  wrong side of the bed , go back to bed and getup on the other side11:08
snap-lrick_h: Good morning11:16
snap-land good morning, everyone else.11:16
rick_hman, it's going to be a long day12:25
snap-lrick_h: I can imagine12:25
brouschrick_h: you back in the M I?12:29
rick_hgot in last night so starting to catch u\12:29
rick_hlosing three hours coming back sucks12:29
brouschmaybe 4 hours12:32
brouschdo they do daylight savings in CA?12:32
snap-lOnly AZ and Hawaii neglect to celebrate DST12:32
brouschsome parts of IN12:35
brouschthey go county-by-county there12:35
snap-lIt's all restupid12:35
rick_hbrousch: yea, lost my hour there as well12:36
brouschhey apple-lovers http://aroberge.blogspot.com/2012/03/python-for-ios-first-look.html12:37
rick_hI've seen  enough apple to last me a while12:38
rick_hforgive my typing as I get keyboard adjusted12:38
snap-lrick_h: but for $3 you can play with a limited Python on an iOS device?12:39
snap-lisn't that worth it for you? :)12:39
brouschwell it's better than having no python ;)12:39
snap-lTendulkar reaches cricket milestone12:42
snap-lIndian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar becomes first man to score 100 international centuries.12:42
snap-lI will never, ever understand Cricket.12:42
brouschhm, time to dive into throwing exceptions. i don't know if i've ever done that before12:50
rick_hfrom python?12:50
rick_hraise Exception('message')12:50
rick_hor subclass Exception12:50
brouschshouldn't there be a different exception for different errors?12:50
rick_hor the another Exception like ValueError, etc12:50
rick_hright, so you can create subclasses to throw for the 'type' of error12:51
rick_hwith a message specific to the exception12:51
brouschlast time i did this was in java12:51
brouschi am kind of excited because i think if i change this program to use exceptions i can also make it testable12:52
brouschor more easily testable12:52
brouschright now it prints errors and exits, but those should really be logs and exceptions12:53
brouschso i've got that going and read python on android. fun days ahead12:55
rick_hpython to rule them all12:56
brouschyou're not all pyed out yet?12:56
rick_hno, I'm invigorated to start a python group out here12:57
rick_hI need to find some place to host meetings12:57
snap-lho boy.13:02
brouschsnap-l's house!13:03
rick_hmy goal is to get a PSF sponsored sprint before the year is out13:06
brouschbookie sprint?13:11
rick_hno, needs to be more base python. Thinking a sprint to practice porting some lib to py313:11
rick_hmaybe something bookie uses :)13:11
brouschthat would be cool13:12
jrwrenbrousch: IN no longer goes county by county. the state as a whole joined EST/EDT like the rest of us, a few yrs ago.13:45
jrwrenoh shit... i'm wrong on that.13:47
jrwrenmy family in IN lied to me!13:47
jrwrenah, 2006, entire state began observing DST13:47
jrwrenbut zone is still county by county.13:47
greg-ggive me more movies like: Independence Day, Transformers, Battleship15:08
greg-gie: aliens coming to destroy humans but thank the effing lord we spend more money on the US Military than we should because it actually came in use for once15:09
rick_hoh interesting15:09
rick_hI'm coming up empty, but I'm not good at these kinds of problems15:14
greg-gyeah, me neither :)15:15
greg-gI just saw the trailer for Battleship and... wow15:16
rick_hheh, haven't seen it yet15:16
rick_hbrousch: opencv love http://pyvideo.org/video/674/militarizing-your-backyard-with-python-computer17:18
brouschi will set it up to squirt those damn kids on my lawn17:21
brouschmake george wear a red hat so he is exempt17:21
snap-lgreg-g: Alien military movies?17:24
snap-lWhat about Starship Troopers?17:24
snap-l(note: have not seen Starship Troopers)17:24
snap-lMOst of the recent alien movies have been more of the "our military is useless against these things"17:27
brouschthe only good thing in starship troopers is denise richards17:27
snap-lgreg-g: Work in a Mars Attacks reference. :)17:29
snap-lFuck, they're planning a Cloverfield 2 and District 1017:31
rick_hI actually liked district 917:31
rick_hand yea, it was setup for a follow up17:31
snap-lI want to seeit but haven't convinced JoDee17:31
rick_hcloverfield I can do without17:31
snap-lrick_h: Seriously? Hmm.17:32
snap-lThought once the hook was known it didn't need a follow-up17:32
rick_hsnap-l: yea, it's very different. I went and saw it by myself17:32
snap-lLike Blair Witch Project.17:33
snap-lShould never have been given a sequel. Ever.17:33
rick_hI never saw that, but that seemed stupid. This was done kind of cool like discovery channel like17:33
snap-lrick_h: Didn't see the first one, but seriously, it's like a haunted house17:34
rick_hyea, not interested17:34
snap-lonce you know the hook of the haunted house, it's not scary anymore.17:34
snap-lreally wish Hollywood would leave well enough alone.17:35
rick_hhah, this squirrel cannon is arduino powered17:35
snap-lLIke Tron Legacy17:35
rick_hI got the soundtrack out of it, so happy me17:35
snap-lYeah, the soundtrack was the best part.17:36
brouschi must be the only person who doesn't care for it17:37
rick_hthe tron soundtrack?!17:37
snap-lWHich I was surprised since Wendy Carlos' Tron Soundtrack is one of my favorites.17:37
brouschboring and kind of annoying17:37
snap-lbrousch: What's your general feeling on electronic music?17:37
brouschi like some of it17:38
snap-lAlso, the CD sounds a LOT better than the MP3s17:38
brouschit looks i kept 2 tracks in my playlist: adiago for tron and end of line17:39
rick_hsoundtracks are meant to be listened to in whole17:39
* rick_h has a ton of those in his queue...best coding music17:39
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, I initially thought it was pretty boring as well17:40
brouschi did listen to it in whole, and picked out those 2 as not annoying :P17:40
snap-lbut near the end is when it won me over.17:40
rick_hugh, brousch is broken. Send him in for repair17:40
snap-lMeh, different strokes.17:40
brouschTools still sucks17:40
rick_h*sigh* /me thinks he's hopelessly broken17:41
snap-lbrousch: Redeem yourself: http://magnatune.com/artists/albums/saros-labyrinth/17:41
brouschif i remember right, the tron soundtrack had too much high pitch sound for me17:42
snap-lAre you referring to Daft Punk's, or Wendy Carlos' soundtrack?17:43
brouschdaft punk17:43
rick_hyea, we're talking tron 2 right?17:43
snap-lI didn't get high pitched at all17:43
brouschi don't think i've heard the tron 117:43
rick_hyea, I mean I'd not classify it as high pitched17:44
brouschi may be remembering wrong17:45
brouschmaybe it was just boring17:46
snap-lYeah, which makes it pretty good background music.17:47
rick_hthat, star trek, and inception are my big rotation these days17:47
snap-lThat Saros album is pretty awesome, IMHO17:47
snap-lIf anyone wants a copy, LMK17:48
rick_hhttp://blog.mitechie.com/2012/03/16/pycon-2012-what-a-ride/ pycon retro20:31
snap-l"Last year I hardly new anyone." <- knew. :)20:33
snap-lrick_h: ^^20:33
rick_hty much20:34
rick_hand bookie stuff http://blog.mitechie.com/2012/03/16/bookie-pycon-2012-sprint-report/21:03
rick_hoops, guess that should be in #bookie21:03

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