Unit193Oh crap!00:09
Unit193Sorry, skellat, really wanted to be there. :/00:09
jrgiffordUnit193: skellat isn't up yet.00:10
Unit193Yeah, forgot what times everything was going on. :P00:11
Unit193(Though, I won't count for much as I'm no member.)00:11
paultagI'm super angry I didn't get to advocate SMK13:50
paultagI'm also super angry that I didn't know13:50
canthus13He posted on the loco mailing list.13:51
thafreakMorning Ohio13:52
thafreakI'm super angry too...13:52
thafreaknot sure what about though13:53
canthus13thafreak: It's not saturday.  that's what.13:53
thafreaknah, saturday I've got to start on my basement13:53
thafreaknot exactly looking forward to it13:54
thafreakin-laws are coming to help put up studs...and my basement is still full of crap :/13:54
thafreakoh, I'm mangry about not knowing what I want to do for a job...13:55
canthus13I'd rather do that than sit here tethered to a phone, listening to cemetery escapees blather about how their remote never had that button before.13:55
thafreakawe poor grandpa13:55
canthus13SCrew grandpa. He's fine.. he can't remember 3 seconds ago. I'm the one who's suffering. :P13:55
thafreakYou guys see the stanford online crypto class is finally open for registration?13:56
canthus13I'm in it.13:56
thafreakI guess they had some legal hoops to jump through13:56
canthus13It's already started.13:56
thafreakoh yeah13:56
thafreakthey keep emailing me, but I have no time lately :(13:56
* canthus13 is gonna watch the rest of the videos tonight while wife and gf are watching firefly.13:57
thafreakLet me know how it goes. maybe I can take it next time13:57
* canthus13 nods.13:57
canthus13discrete probability is making my brain hurt. :(13:57
thafreakyeah, i'll probably need to brush up on maths first13:58
thafreaki bought a bunch of books when borders was going out...like calculus refresher for science and engineers...14:00
Cheri703canthus13: I feel your pain :/17:37
Cheri703within the next week or so, going to be applying for support jobs at trustwave and rapid717:43
Cheri703applied at microsoft monday for a skype support job, (not terribly hopeful, but who knows)17:43
Cheri703I know, the big bad ms, but...skype!17:44
paultagCheri703: dude, you're so smart and hard working, any company would be lucky to have you17:44
Cheri703well, I'm hoping17:44
paultagyou should look outside ohio17:44
Cheri703I definitely am17:44
Cheri703rapid7 is Los angeles, trustwave colorado, skype palo alto17:44
paultagCheri703: are you hoping to get a technical job (e.g. coding)17:45
paultagah, gotcha17:45
Cheri703not at this point17:45
Cheri703looking for more "support engineer" "support analyst" stuff17:45
paultagi'll keep my eyes peeled17:45
Cheri703hoping for an infosec company of some sort, as that is the direction I wan to learn/go17:45
paultagCheri703: I got a lead if you want17:45
paultagCheri703: this dude owes me favors, I can get you in the door17:45
Cheri703heh, pm?17:46

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