goddardanyone using terminator?01:42
goddardEveryone should read this http://news.cnet.com/8301-31001_3-57397452-261/riaa-chief-isps-to-start-policing-copyright-by-july-12/02:22
goddardI thought phone tapping required a warrent.  So internet tapping requires nothing.02:23
goddardI don't pirate anything, but this still seems wrong.02:24
cy1goddard: Gosh I think you might be onto something there.02:28
goddardit was pretty apparent people didn't want the internet messed with yet some how the white house just doesn't care02:30
cy1It's almost as if we aren't members of a democratic government anymore.02:31
goddarddemocracy i think not my friend02:36
goddardif that was the case I could actually vote on things not just people that lie to me02:37
cy1You can still put the mark on the paper, and the paper in the box. That's a democracy, right?02:39
cy1The box has "democracy" written on it you see.02:39
cy1Pay no attention to the millions of people forcibly kept ignorant who also get to put their papers in the box. Your vote still counts, honest.02:40
cy1It's not like advertising actually works or anything. People vote for what is good for them, not in a gigantic frothing mass for whoever has the shiniest tie.02:41
goddardhaha in Ancient Greece where Democracy was invented they voted on things not people02:42
cy1If advertising worked, people would spend a lot of effort on it, but since they don't clearly we have nothing to fear.02:42
goddardwell they voted on people to :D02:42
goddardthink they even voted on killing people... haha02:43
goddardthats not so good02:44
goddardman oh man02:45
goddardand that is why people think RMS is crazy02:45
cy1Oh, and if you get a paper receipt, you can be sure your vote wasn't rigged02:45
cy1because clearly there have been so many times when people were allowed to recount their votes by the receipts they had.02:46
cy1What was printed on that paper is totally your vote, and nothing secretly being changed electronically, after printing it out.02:47
cy1"The ISPs are essentially forcing fans to hide their love of their favorite artists." <302:54
cy1The song I'm playing right now is STATEMENT REDACTED DUE TO A CLAIM FROM VIACOM INC02:54
goddardi guess they have never heard of encryption02:56
cy1Encryption is a way of hiding my love of my favorite artists. :/03:01
cy1I like to think it can hide other things though, which will remove the power of those who do harm.03:03
bkerensawendar: congrats14:33
wendarbkerensa: thanks :)16:25
goddarddoes anyone else have problems following these instructions? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop/Procedures18:57
goddardI can't ever update my profile.18:57
goddardits asking for some api key18:57
bkerensagoddard: You can go to http://laptop.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/profile and set a custom API key I believe20:29
bkerensaI think also they may have recently launched a newer UI20:31
goddardi hope so because this one is confusing20:40
goddardyeah i went to that page but where do i get the key for that page?20:40
bkerensahi nathwill20:42
bkerensagoddard: You would need to set a custom key20:43
bkerensagoddard: Someone in #ubuntu-testing might be able to help better since I am not familiar with the UI20:44
nathwillhi bkerensa20:53
bkerensanathwill: https://code.launchpad.net/~bkerensa/charms/oneiric/subway/trunk20:54
bkerensafun toy20:54
nathwillhow the hell you make the checkmark character?21:03
bkerensanathwill: uhh21:03
bkerensanathwill:  like this √ √ √21:04
bkerensayou just √21:04
bkerensanathwill: I went to some ASCII site and grabbed it21:04
bkerensaI dislike juju21:04
nathwillyeah, i got that feeling when i reviewed them before global jam21:05
bkerensawhen the Canonical Community Specialist for Cloud cannot tell me how to properly deploy a charm that says a lot :P21:05
bkerensaI'm going to have to go get me some hummus soon :D21:05
bkerensanathwill: good thing you skipped that party... the music was horribly loud and got a epic migraine21:06
nathwillthat's too bad21:07
bkerensabut alas I was able to speak with Dreamhost VP of Marketing, VP of Partnerships and a Co-founder... Ubuntu Oregon is golden for sponsorship into the future21:07
bkerensaand some FreeGeek folk were there which was cool21:10
nathwillwell at least you re-upped consciousness about us21:27
nathwillso that they remember what's up, and later no-one's like "what's this account doing here? blam!"21:27
bkerensanathwill: :P you do a lot of "what's this account doing here blamming"21:40
nathwilli do indeed21:45
nathwillit adds to my running tally of "what i saved" vs. "what you payed me"21:46
nathwillannual reviews are coming up after all.21:46
cy1Aw, I found a bug in Linux :(22:04
cy1well, libc more likely22:04
cy1There's openat, statat, symlinkat, fstatat, mkfifoat, but no execveat :(22:05
cy1I can still go /proc/self/fd/<num>/<name> for the equivalent, but talk about a hack!22:06
nathwillbkerensa, i might have to make a stab at creating a charm though, just for saying i did.22:08
bkerensanathwill: with a yahoo product ofc22:09
nathwillbundle up ycombinator22:09
nathwillyuicompressor is what i actually was referring to22:10
nathwillycombinator i don't believe is a yahoo product, though the people involved are closely associated22:10

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