InHisNameHi there EvilResistance, I see sadin left already.    I have seen references to a real bargin 19" rack from IKEA.  I think it was like $20.   I don't have link handy or I'd have pasted it here...03:22
InHisNameGood Morning05:37
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!10:05
beta0x64I might as well tell you guys: I needed a webcam security system, so I used motion. I wanted it to automatically turn on when locking the screen, and I wanted it to send me emails with frame by frame photos10:12
beta0x64so, that's what I made using a motion config file, a program that loops from startup and detects the screensaver process, and a send email script. I basically copy and pasted most of it and edited a few lines (The Unix Way?)10:13
beta0x64I would really like to make an installation script for this, but I'm really really really lazy. If anyone's interested, I can show them the stuff.10:14
SamuraiAlbaNot sure how to do that10:24
beta0x64how to do what?10:25
SamuraiAlbainstall that10:25
SamuraiAlbaand get the script running10:25
beta0x64it's pretty easy10:26
beta0x64basically just copy and paste the scripts10:27
beta0x64install motion10:27
beta0x64line up a couple paths10:27
SamuraiAlbaHmmm.  Must look into it10:27
beta0x64add the trigger script to startup applications10:27
SamuraiAlbaanyway, off to uni10:27
rmg51hi JonathanD11:20
rmg51time for work11:20
* adom waves to everyone.14:07
adomgot 3 student and 1 professor laptop in front of me. going to be a long, slow day.14:08
adomnot to mention the professors is his wifes laptop and its a compaq presario from 1875.14:09
adomtrying to find video drives for it...14:09
ChinnoDogIt must be made of wood and has a crank to start it14:21
adomyeah. steam-powered.14:50
adomhad to download the drivers with a vaccum tube.14:50
adomthe power source is a tesla coil14:50
adomneed nerd answers: if you had to pick one website as a staple of end-user (easy to read/understand for non-nerds) information about cyber/internet security information, what would it be?17:21
pleia2don't bother17:23
ChinnoDogYou want someone nontechnical to understand internet security?17:59
ChinnoDogYou could tell them what to do to stay safe but good luck making them understand why they have to do it.18:00
jedijfadom: lifehacker - should sprinkle in end user type security stuff with other stuff to keep them interested19:13
jedijfyou may have to read it to them19:15
ChinnoDogIt'll be the most boring story time ever20:07
jedijfhey, they had a great cake in a minute in a microwave story like a week ago20:09
ChinnoDogWho did? Sounds like that story had a happy ending.20:12
jedijfmake in a cup20:18
jedijfcup o' cake20:18
adomwell im off to buy some guiness. top o the weekend to ya laddies!20:26
pleia2tsk, no greeting for me, I won't share my green beer20:28
pleia2(cup o' cake)++20:28
jedijfand i thought he was calling us /ladies/20:34
jedijfladdie neutral beats lassie ruf ruf20:35
jedijfit's sooo complicated20:35
jedijfpleia2: are the countdown thingys coming soon?20:35
pleia2yes, soon20:36
jedijfrecommend 42 as the start in the future, magic number20:37
ssweenywhen will then be now?20:37
jedijfor yesterday in some parts20:38

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