Amozcjohnston, how's everything going?14:41
cjohnstonwaiting to see.what imbrandon  has for us.. hopefully he is about done14:42
Amozcjohnston, isn't there anything else to be done meanwhile?14:45
Amozi want to hack some django ^^14:46
cjohnstonAmoz: there is plenty of stuff14:52
Amozcjohnston, there is a webteam one can join, yes?14:53
cjohnstonAmoz: no.. the team gets commit rights, so you need to work with us for a while to get them14:53
AmozI see14:54
Amozyou don't want someone new to mess up the repos :P14:54
cjohnstonwe can fix it, but yes14:54
cjohnstonimbrandon: your comitting settings.py to the wrong branch15:24
cjohnstonimbrandon: or something your doing isnt working right15:26
cjohnstonimbrandon: you about yet?16:55
stascjohnston, hey17:33
stasso we wait for upstream "guideline" regarding what jcastro started on mailing list?17:33
cjohnstonstas: i have the css, I just need to mail it to you17:54
cjohnstonstas:  what yaili  mentioned we have to wait on..17:54
stasaha, ok17:55
cjohnstonme personally, I'm not interested in bootstrap17:55
cjohnstonill wait and see what comes out of Canonicals version17:55
cjohnstonstas:  whats your email17:57
stascjohnston, stas@ubuntu.ro (should still work)17:59
stascjohnston, bootstrap is great bc of conventions17:59
stascjohnston, thanks got it.18:06
staswonder what was their reason not to fork bootstrap :)18:07
cjohnstonstas: no idea18:18

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