cr3hi folks, the mouse is excruciatingly slow after starting ubuntu but seems to behave a few minutes later. does this sound like a problem with X?13:37
mona-xSarvatt: i have a reproducible way of crashing X (xserver-xorg 1:7.6+7ubuntu7.1 from xorg-edgers). I need yet to narrow it down (it happens when I start firefox which has a lot of open tabs from last session, but it seems like restoring/reloading one specific tab triggers it). what's the best way to report this? I assume I cannot use apport/reportbug since this is not an official package?14:44
mona-xoops, actually this is an official package14:56
mona-xwell, i got to go, sorry...15:30
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brycehcr3, there's been some changes in the input later the last couple months but I'd probably suspect the kernel first for something like that.  If you remember when you first started noticing it, boot a kernel from prior to that and see if it goes away.17:31
cr3bryceh: I've only been running Precise for a couple weeks, is that prior to the changes?18:14
Sarvattsounds like the external outputs are being polled like a madman at startup like that bug from oneiric18:16
brycehcr3, no there haven't really been many serious changes to the X stack the last couple weeks18:16
brycehSarvatt, could be18:17
cr3Sarvatt: is there a workaround I need to apply or should I expect this to be fixed shortly?18:17
cr3the problem is not so crippling, just not something I'd like to see endusers confronted with18:17
Sarvattcan you file a bug first? we can't tell without one :)18:17
cr3Sarvatt: ubuntu-bug kernel?18:18
Sarvattubuntu-bug xorg18:18
cr3Sarvatt: will do18:18
brycehcr3, it's not likely to be a widespread bug18:18
bryceh(else we'd have gotten more bug reports lately)18:18
brycehSarvatt, wasn't that a displayport-related bug?  My memory's getting a bit vague on that18:19
cr3bryceh: this is a fresh install on a ThinkPad X200, so no display port in this case18:20
brycehSarvatt, will those probe pollings show up in Xorg.0.log or does he need to flip on drm.debug?18:20
Sarvattphantom hdmi on some lenovo laptop i think, it was worked around in g-s-d in oneiric though and the bad interactivity at startup should be gone18:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 855124 in Linux "XRANDR operations very slow unless (phantom) HDMI1 disabled" [High,In progress]18:21
Sarvattit was g-s-d probing it like crazy at startup and every probe killed desktop interactivity i believe18:22
* cr3 reported bug #95729818:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 957298 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Mouse is very slow after starting a session on Precise" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95729818:22
brycehcr3, had you had an older ubuntu on the system previously?18:23
brycehhah you do have displayport18:24
brycehmm, gpu lockups18:24
brycehactually, not a lockup.  EQ overflowing is probably a symptom of the lagging18:26
cr3bryceh: the laptop was running lucid before, I was only running oneiric in a vm, so I couldn't tell you whether this is a regression (even though I checked the regression checkbox)18:26
brycehSarvatt, not spotting evidence of excessive output polling in the Xorg.0.log18:28
brycehand xrandr.txt not showing any phantom outputs left connected18:29
brycehcr3, but one thing you could try is to set up an xorg.conf with snippets like this:18:29
brycehSection "Monitor"18:29
bryceh        Identifier "HDMI1"18:29
bryceh        Option "Ignore" "True"18:29
brycehdo that for each port in your 'xrandr' output that you're not using18:30
brycehif Sarvatt's right, then that should make it stop.18:30
cr3bryceh: how can I create the base xorg.conf?18:30
brycehSee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config for an example18:31
brycehcr3, you can omit the Driver line18:31
cr3bryceh: sudo Xorg -configure returns a fatal error, am I supposed to run that from the console before logging in?18:33
cr3bryceh: or did you mean I should just put those monitor sections under /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d/?18:34
brycehcr3, no, scroll down to the Quick xorg.conf section, cut and paste that and delete the Driver line18:35
cr3bryceh: ah, my bad, didn't realize it was that simple :)18:36
Sarvattactually you may want to go /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/xrandr in dconf-editor and try unchecking it and restarting18:37
Sarvattbryceh: he's on the kernel with the phantom output probing time fix :(18:38
brycehSarvatt, yeah didn't spot evidence of that type of bug from the logs18:41
cr3bryceh: works! I updated the bug with the workaround you provided18:41
Sarvattoh fun18:41
brycehcr3, alrighty, well we definitely know how to fix this type of bug18:41
cr3bryceh: sweet, as long as your definition of fix is not creating an xorg.conf file :)18:42
brycehcr3, hey one more favor - can you take another look at the wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config page and see if the layout is clearer now?18:42
brycehcr3, nope, it needs a quirk to the kernel18:42
cr3bryceh: definately clearer, the sudo Xorg -configure command might detract people when it would fail18:47
brycehyeah, that's totally borked.  Was playing with it yesterday.18:48
brycehfor some reason Xorg -configure generates an xorg.conf that assumes there's a monitor on every probable output and configures them all.18:48
cr3bryceh: heh, that's likely to happen :)18:48
cr3bryceh: feel free to ping me again when the quick in the kernel is fixed, I could remove my xorg.conf file and provide feedback18:49
brycehcr3, I posted a few more questions to the bug, that need answered first18:51
brycehcr3, namely, try individually enabling each output and see which one(s) must be disabled to make the issue go away18:51
brycehalso, test a docking station if you have it18:51
cr3bryceh: yeah, just answered, you'll have to wait until I finish some work to test rebooting a few times :)18:52
brycehno prob18:52
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bdmurraybryceh: could you look at http://ubuntuone.com/2BsjpXA9nDVB1ZGd8FK646?21:55
bdmurraythe is some "corruption" in the audacious window and right above the terminal21:57
brycehwow, 3D text console21:57
bdmurrayI think its out of focuse ;-)21:58
brycehmade a nice raised text effect ;-)21:59
bdmurrayright below "Ever Neve" you can see what I'm talking about21:59
brycehbdmurray, so, looks like no content retrieved for that particular attachment?21:59
bdmurrayI'm concerned about the visual corruption of my windows21:59
brycehanything unusual about the bug in question?  private or deleted attachment or something?21:59
bdmurraythis is the X channel right?22:00
brycehoh, the white bar on the bottom?22:00
bdmurraythe green line with dots around it22:00
brycehaha, helps to zoom out22:00
bdmurrayoh heh22:00
brycehbdmurray, so looks like a fairly standard graphics corruption issue22:02
brycehcould likely be a driver bug.  Else might be compiz or even the app.22:02
bdmurrayit happens with lots of apps22:03
brycehok, then that rules out app issue22:03
brycehI've seen plenty of corruption issues like this before, but I don't think I've seen one reported recently22:03
brycehif it can be repro'd in gnome shell or classic gnome (no effects), then that would absolve compiz22:04
brycehbdmurray, when did it start doing this?22:04
brycehbdmurray, and does it always happen or is there some steps to make it reproduce?22:04
bdmurrayI don't have good steps to recreate it, it may have started last week22:05
brycehbooting a kernel from prior to last week might be useful then22:05
brycehthere haven't been any major changes to mesa lately, just a couple probably unrelated things, however mesa is sometimes to blame for these kinds of problems.  Last major update was 8.0.1 on Feb 23rd22:07
bdmurrayokay, thanks for looking22:11
brycehbdmurray, which driver is this?  -intel?22:14
bdmurraybryceh: radeon22:16
brycehbdmurray, I'm not seeing it on my radeon, but I've not updated in a bit.  I should do so...22:24

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