gdea73I'm suddenly having major problems with my 10.10 installation00:00
ubottuurman: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:00
X-warriorJordan_U, yes, but, if I have a ext filesystem and try to format using mkt.ntfs it is supposed to give me an error, am I wrong?00:00
gdea73I was uninstalling FGLRX drivers, when I accidentally hit the standby button my new laptop, after which it wouldn't wake up.00:00
xaviers3468Ampix0:  I went away for a couple of minutes, did you find out how to set up your ssh server?00:00
haz3lnut<X-warrior> everyfile will be larger by 0 to 3584 bytes00:00
lagittajaHey guys. I'm in the process of dual booting win7 & ubuntu for F@H and I'm pretty much clear on the process except one thing, I'm gonna dedicate 20gb of space for ubuntu and I'm wondering about what type and size of partitions I need. I heard ext3 is recommend for folding?00:00
Jordan_UX-warrior: No. mkfs assumes that the user knows what they're doing and clobbers whatever happens to be there.00:00
gdea73I had to power it down manually, during which it made one loud click, and then when I restarted I was told there were errors on the filesystem. Then after that, /tmp wouoldn't mount on boot.00:01
urmanis that we enter into all and I was told that I have here one week and I could install ubuntu: (00:01
X-warriorJordan_U, so probably I forget to change it to ntfs00:01
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X-warriorJordan_U, thanks :D00:01
haz3lnut<X-warrior> also may be some overhead differences in the filesystems, you sure there were no other files on the backup drive before you transferred?00:01
X-warriorhaz3lnut, i'm sure, a brand new hard disk00:02
anonymous_can someone tell me how to launch the software application manually?00:02
Shojohi, what sodtware app?00:02
MrBusinessMy 11.10 system does not seem to have an /etc/inittab file. Is there another file I should edit instead if I want to change my default run level at boot?00:03
X-warriorhaz3lnut, any way, I'm doing a checksum sync right now just to check if something went wrong, thanks for your help men :D00:04
X-warriorJordan_U, thanks for your help too! :D00:04
haz3lnut<X-warrior> can you do a "du -sh" on each files system and see what the diff is?00:04
haz3lnut<X-warrior> np00:04
itaylor57!runlevel | MrBusiness00:04
ubottuMrBusiness: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.00:04
Jordan_UX-warrior: I think you're still somewhat confused. Msdos partition tables have partition "types". But the "type" of a partition according to the partition table doesn't actually reliably tell you what filesystem that partition contains.00:05
urmanthat it gives me black screen when installing ubuntu?00:05
MrBusinessWell, there we go00:05
X-warriorhaz3lnut,  801gb to backup disk and 792gb  to normal one00:05
K350is there anyone here that uses fetchmail, procmail and mutt?00:06
ubottuurman: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:07
lagittajaHey guys. I'm in the process of dual booting win7 & ubuntu for F@H and I'm pretty much clear on the process except one thing, I'm gonna dedicate 20gb of space for ubuntu and I'm wondering about what type and size of partitions I need. I heard ext3 is recommend for folding?00:07
Jordan_UX-warrior: Among other things, there is only room for 255 different "types", yet there are more types of paritions than that possible and many types have collissions. For instance id 7 can mean HPFS/NTFS/exFAT, and id 82 can be Linux swap / Solaris.00:07
Ampix0xaviers3468 hey sorry. Ya i didnt do anything but install it im sure it's insecure as hell. Its working on the lan so far. how do i ftp though? dont see the option in putty.00:08
X-warriorJordan_U, but cfdisk should show me the correct one, right?00:08
niwixwhats da gnome ubuntu distro?00:08
Nullifi3dniwix: ubuntu?00:09
Nullifi3dno thats it... ubuntu is the gnome distro00:09
Jordan_UX-warrior: cfdisk only knows about the partition id, it knows nothing about filesystems.00:09
niwixubuntu comes by default with unity00:10
niwixand unity has aids00:10
niwixI want pure gnome00:10
Jordan_UX-warrior: "sudo parted -l" will report the correct filesystem because it's actually aware of filesystems. It checks what the blocks in the partition actually contain rather than just looking at the partition table.00:10
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niwixany one? please? only need a name00:10
Nullifi3dniwix: switch to classic mode at login, or install an earlier version (like 10.10 or 10.04)00:10
Jordan_Uniwix: Please keep your comments resonable and respectful.00:10
wirkolaqsCan I get help here?00:10
arandwirkolaqs: Yes, just ask00:11
Jordan_U!notunity | niwix00:11
ubottuniwix: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:11
niwixyes but, can It run gnome apps?00:11
haz3lnut<wirkolaqs> just ask00:11
niwixcan it run gnome applications?00:11
ubuntufor some reason my laptop (this one) won't load into my ubuntu installation  I'm using a live cd right now...00:11
Jordan_Uniwix: Any Desktop Environment can run any application.00:11
haz3lnut<niwix> YES00:11
wirkolaqshow to make partition with win7 active one?00:11
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niwixyes, but can it run gnome designed apps?00:11
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niwixthanks haz3lnut00:12
mylisto3I'm trying to find out why the heck I can00:12
mylisto3I'm trying to find out why the heck I can't log into my ubuntu installation00:12
wirkolaqsI've tried to install Ubuntu00:12
mylisto3Now I can't access the grub boot menu when I hold shift down when I boot up the laptop00:13
xaviers3468Ampix0: to use SFTP you'll first need a SFTP client. You mentioned you had filezilla earlier, I'm not sure if that supports SFTP but popular as it is it should.00:13
X-warriorJordan_U, so if parted -l says both of it are : Partition table: msdos and Filesystem: ntfs, both of it are really ntfs and my problem with the difference between the two hard disk is the Sector size.00:13
Ampix0oh fantastic. same port? 22?00:13
xaviers3468Ampix0: Otherwise, just google "sftp client [insert operating system here]00:14
Jordan_UX-warrior: If parted says they're both ntfs then they're both ntfs. I won't speculate on the difference you're seeing in space used.00:14
Ampix0xaviers3468. Thanks a lot man. im gunna go test this from home. need a dynamic DNS service for my buddy here but we'll be good00:14
X-warriorJordan_U, ok! :D00:14
xaviers3468Ampix0: No problem. I'm off I have to fix windows :P.00:15
testing321gdea73, I think you physically messed up the harddrive or file system, I just did this recently on my ntfs file system, restarted in the middle of a read/write operation00:15
X-warriorJordan_U, really appreciate your help, thanks! :D00:16
Masterman467why does ubuntu fuck up linux so much? cant you make it work before adding dumb shit?00:16
Masterman4673rd time i instaled it and locked up the computer00:16
Masterman467*so mad*00:16
Jordan_UX-warrior: You're welcome.00:16
natethegreat1419I was wondering if anybody could help me?00:17
icedteaMasterman467: are you by chance running the open source nvidia driver?00:17
natethegreat1419I am looking for something that would automatically take screenshots and save them to a certain folder?00:18
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Masterman467im back on win xp now.00:18
mydogsnameisrudynatethegreat1419:  look up motion00:18
natethegreat1419Thank you I will be right back mydogsnameisrudy00:18
Masterman467mydogsnameisrudy? tell rudy he is a good bow00:18
mydogsnameisrudyhmmm that might be only web cam not sure00:19
natethegreat1419yea I just looked at it it is for webcam00:19
zykotick9mydogsnameisrudy: only a guess/hint - perhaps scrot and some scripting could work?00:19
natethegreat1419yea I am not that good at the whole scripting think00:20
zykotick9!info scrot00:20
ubottuscrot (source: scrot): command line screen capture utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-13 (oneiric), package size 15 kB, installed size 72 kB00:20
ElfeAnyone tried Darktable? Why is the lowpass plugin missing?00:21
mint_natethegreat1419: you can try to write a scrot line into a crontab -e00:21
zykotick9mint_: i'm worried crontab might cause issues for grabbing the xorg screen?  perhaps not.00:21
AliNarcissalam kasi az iran hast ?00:22
mint_dont worry about that00:22
velko!fa | AliNarcis00:25
kunji1If you have 2 php files for an HTML page, how do you make their echoed statements append instead of overwriting each other?00:26
kelzyeah I'm new to ubuntu (11/10) and am trying to get my webcam working in skype.  It works in Cheese and in Googletalk, but not in skype.  I've tried the v4lcompat.so workaround, and gstreamer-properties, where I got an error about an unloaded module.  04f2:b091 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd Webcam is the 'lsusb' output for my webcam.  I believe this problem is somehow related to Xv not loading, but am not sure how to get it to load, as g00:27
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AxsuulWhat's the best way to get a service to start at boot?00:32
yetaHi everyone00:33
trelaneAxsuul: man update-rc.d :)00:33
centHOGGhi yeta00:33
trelaneAxsuul: there's some syntax to it, but if it's got an init script (in /etc/iinit.d) update-rc.d is the ticket00:34
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yetaim y3t4 & im looking for someone to help me to make a social network00:34
yetanot like facebook something more like diaspora00:34
trelaneyeta: probably better to ask in a more apropos channel, IE a web development platform channel (have your credit card ready! :) )00:34
Axsuultrelane: thanks, what about chkconfig, can I also achieve it with that?00:34
yetayeah sure00:34
kunji1Hmm, could someone help me join the ##php channel, I'm not very familiar with irc and am getting a message that "Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services"00:35
yetai got the ideas and the most part of the code00:35
trelanekunji1: /join ##php00:35
zykotick9!register | kunji100:35
ubottukunji1: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:35
yetabut i still needing someone else help00:35
trelaneAxsuul: chkconfig IIRC is redhat-like, this is the debian/ubuntu version.  you can also (if ubuntu supports it) apt-get install rcconf which has a simple ui00:36
kunji1Thanks!  I really appreciate the help.00:37
n00bprogrammeris there any visual basic/vb.net channel that is not dead like #vb.net?00:37
n00bprogrammersorry to ask in here but since this is the most populated channel  am in...00:37
n00bprogrammerI am in*00:37
pangolinn00bprogrammer, ##windows may have more useful suggestions00:38
n00bprogrammerok, I will try there, thank you00:38
trelanen00bprogrammer: ask in #freenode perhaps?00:38
pangolinalthough probably not the best place to ask either00:38
trelanen00bprogrammer: ##windows is a good idea too :)00:38
kelzyeah I'm new to ubuntu (11/10) and am trying to get my webcam working in skype.  It works in Cheese and in Googletalk, but not in skype.  I've tried the v4lcompat.so workaround, and gstreamer-properties, where I got an error about an unloaded module.  04f2:b091 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd Webcam is the 'lsusb' output for my webcam.  I believe this problem is somehow related to Xv not loading, but am not sure how to get it to load, as g00:40
awxiguys, ubuntu 10.10 comes with unity?00:43
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
zykotick9awxi: no, but it's support will end soonish, 10.04 has more support left00:44
dlentzawxi, not by default, there were ppa's iirc00:44
awxiwhat does support mean anyway?00:44
zykotick9awxi: updates="security updates"00:44
awxiso how do i get rid of unity?00:45
awxiI want my old gnome2 bac00:45
Jordan_U!notunity | awxi00:45
ubottuawxi: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:45
zykotick9awxi: consider gnome2 dead, xfce is popular alternative.  if you really want gnome2 lucid 10.04 is your best bet.00:46
awxiubuntu amd64 can run i586 or not? does it have to have the i586 libs?00:46
awxizykotick9, gnome2 is the winning mate.00:46
mkultra_id upgrade your i58600:46
awxiI don't have i586, I just want to know if it can run i586 code00:47
mkultra_or just use it for a server install and have it serve00:47
centHOGGathlon xp00:47
mkultra_oh yeah xp proc can run 586 68600:48
dlentzYou can usually run 32-bit programs on 64-bit with no issue00:48
awxidoes it need additional libs though?00:48
* trelane steals mkultra_'s mind00:49
* trelane puts things in mkultra_'s water00:49
mkultra_the synaptic's file:38600:49
mkultra_thanks trelane it means alot to me00:49
trelanemkultra_: good choice for a nick :)00:50
mkultra_you can steal my mind there00:50
awxishould i get amd64 or ix86 ? pentium dual core00:50
Daekdroomawxi, how much RAM?00:50
awxi2gb we're talkin here00:51
Daekdroomawxi, and are you going to work frequently with enconding/decoding, file compression etc?00:51
zykotick9awxi: with less then 4GB i'd suggest 32bit00:51
mkultra_id get 64 4 dual core00:51
awxiyes daekdroom00:51
Daekdroomawxi, 64-bits has a performance boost for some tasks, but the RAM usage is higher also..00:51
awxiso 32..00:52
Daekdroommkultra_, 64-bits has nothing to do with dual core performance.00:52
mkultra_my dual 1.6 ghz works fine with 6400:52
mkultra_i dont run much 3200:52
centHOGGxp 3200:52
kunji1Hmm, why does "/msg nickserv info nickname" not seem to return anything?00:53
zykotick9kunji1: #freenode for registration assistance00:53
kunji1Thank zykotick9, will do00:54
awxithank vm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3EN3K7laqo00:54
liam__Daekdroom: actully your wrong00:57
liam__it does have somthing to do with performance00:57
go8765hello again i have some problems with hibernate, can i found help here?00:58
Daekdroomliam__, Yes. It does, but not because of dual core.00:58
centHOGGnm just testing00:58
liam__Daekdroom: no your correct my apolgise00:58
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waxstone!language | awai01:01
ubottuawai: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:01
waxstoneawai that video is offensive01:01
go8765hibernate pb01:02
ozzloywaxstone, i think you mean awxi01:02
awxiwho's away? and what video? this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQyHtUeJYPE01:02
krycekpoor dog :(01:03
waxstoneAre there no admins in the channel?01:03
dlentzyou can magically summon op with !op01:05
pangolinawxi, Please don't post links to offensive content.01:06
krycekyes, there are kids here01:07
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awxipangolin, how is that offensive?01:08
awxiIt's only a cute song01:08
CFHowlettawxi   you already got booted from windows for porn...clean up your act.01:08
pangolinawxi, has nothing to do with Ubuntu for one, there is cursing which we do not allow and 3 it is gross.01:09
awxihow is it cursing wanting to fuck a dog?01:09
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!01:09
awxisociety is fucked up01:09
FloodBot1awxi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:09
kryceklmfao kids..01:09
LoneClockWhat would be the best way to go about learning linux/ubuntu? dual booting it or just using it from a virtual machine?01:11
=== anonymous is now known as Guest14722
CFHowlettLoneClock   learning or using?01:12
stephan_i hv linux mint01:12
Guest14722Dual booting.01:12
CFHowlettLoneClock dual boot is the fastest performing option.01:13
aaron_hi, i just installed ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop, but my sound continues to come out my speakers even with my headphones plugged in.  anyone know what my problem might be? lspci says i have "Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc Device 1714"01:15
stephan_reinstall linux01:15
LoneClockCFHowlett for learning purposes01:16
aaron_stephan_: was that directed at me?01:16
Dulakaaron_: linux is not windows, I don't think your minor issue is worth a full reinstall so I hope he was talking to someone else01:17
CFHowlettLoneClock   read first.  In order of difficulty, easiest is to boot from CDROM/usb.  Next up is wubi (NOT a long-term solution).  After that is dualbooting.  Read these for general education:  http://fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads/01:17
miyukiwhen I move window to right side. window shown orange box, then gets half size of screen, the window01:17
miyukiwhy this happens?01:18
miyukii have ubuntu 11.10 i think01:19
miyukioneiric is the name01:19
WilsonBradleyCan someone help me remove Speech_dispatcher ? It broke my audio and gives errors at boot.. :-(01:22
escottaaron_, not uncommon with intel hda audio01:26
escottaaron_, http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Help_To_Debug_Intel_HDA01:27
curiousxsalut a tout le monde01:27
escottmiyuki, its window sticking. its intended feature you can probably disable it in ccsm01:27
miyukiescott, thenk you your kindness. how to disable?01:28
curiousxi need help =P01:28
escottmiyuki, you would have to install ccsm. and be warned messing with the wrong settings in ccsm can break unity01:28
escott!ccsm | miyuki01:28
ubottumiyuki: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz01:28
curiousxhow can i set gnome desktop by default instead of kde in command line ?01:29
=== kunji1 is now known as kunji
curiousxone time i solve it, but this time i cant find the command =( i remember the command begins with "set"01:30
curiousxi mean, when i bootup my pc try to run kde, configure it to go into the desktop without writing password in the gdm =P01:32
mylisto23I'm trying to find out why my 10.04 installation isn't loading01:32
curiousxso goes directly to kde but kde give me a segmentation fault =P01:33
mylisto23yesterday someone had mentioned holding down the shift key when booting the laptop...that worked and I was able to see the grub menu...01:33
mylisto23now when I hold the shift key down nothing happens01:33
curiousxso, i want to define that gnome begins instead of kde and trouble will be solved =)01:33
miyukiescott: i have compizconfig tool, but why does i click on drag window to right side then it becomes orange and half the window?01:33
escottmiyuki, because thats what that feature does. the intended use is to quickly and easily arrange two windows side by side. you just drag them a little past the edge and they fill half the screen. you will have to find it in the settings and disable it. it will be called edge something01:35
haz3lnut<miyuki> it's a feature. when you drag all the way to edge, it does that to make room for another window on the other side.01:35
WilsonBradleyCan someone help me remove Speech_dispatcher ? It broke my audio and gives errors at boot.. :-(01:36
curiousxplease :'(01:36
sauresmylisto23: you ever run the update-grub in ubuntu?01:36
mylisto23not sure saures:01:36
mylisto23saures: how can I do that with a livecd?01:37
sauresmylisto23: why?01:37
escott!patience curiousx01:37
miyukiescott: haz3lnut what is plugin name?? which plugin?01:37
mylisto23I can't access my installation...how else am I going to update it?01:37
escottmiyuki, i dont use unity/i dont know01:37
saures!details | mylisto2301:38
ubottumylisto23: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:38
escott!patience | curiousx01:38
ubottucuriousx: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:38
sauresmylisto23: download supergrub and use it to get in and run a sudo update-grub from the installed ubuntu.01:38
curiousxok, escott thx01:39
[deXter]Any recommendations for a Visio alternative?01:39
[deXter]I want something to make process/flow charts.01:39
sauresmylisto23: down load this and burn to disc is is really small and for booting. http://www.supergrubdisk.org/super-grub2-disk/01:40
mylisto23saures: should I get rescataux?01:40
dj_segfaultdeXter: I really like Dia for that sort of thing.01:40
mylisto23it seems like it has super grub2 + other features01:40
sauresmylisto23: you can but the grub2 is all that is needed to get in.01:41
escott[deXter], the most recent version of libreoffice can read visio apparently?01:41
d21anthonyHello Everyone, I am a recent convert from windows and a web designer - I use the CS4 Creative sweet (mainly photoshop, illustrator, indesign) I've tried Gimp and Im to set in my ways. Now , in my research I've found theres two methods, Virtual Box, Wine, or dual boot. Whats best and Why?01:41
dj_segfaultI like Dia because it stores the files as XML you can tweak, and has plugins for special applications.  It's also cross-platform01:41
escott[deXter], at least thats my vague memory from a few weeks ago01:41
waxstone[deXter], look into "Dia Diagram Editor" http://projects.gnome.org/dia/01:42
escott!best | d21anthony01:42
ubottud21anthony: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:42
d21anthonyThis wasn't really a poll question - it's more of a your experiences question01:43
d21anthonyI researched this extensively and your my last resort01:44
d21anthonyTheres alot of schools of thought out there.01:44
stephan_Hallo hat zu hitler der Sohn ab Gott dem Gott ab Krieg Ihre Seele wird getrunken vom Teufel gelassen und lässt den Ablauf ab Leben ist ewig01:45
escottd21anthony, they have tradeoffs what are your needs/budget/tolerance for imperfection/hardware etc01:45
americai just had to do a hard reset cause ubuntu froze on me, and now the icon's in the file browser don't show up01:46
americai did a fsck after it rebooted and it fixed a couple things and then booted up nicely01:46
americabut now, something isn't right01:47
americano icons for anything01:47
escottamerica, nautilus didnt start or crashed right after it started. it happens from time to time just start it manually. if it is happening regularly thats different01:47
=== tiago_ is now known as Linux7
americai rebooted several again twice after, and it still didn't start01:48
escottamerica, and if you start nautilus manually does it draw the desktop01:48
Onixswhich folder  is more appropriate to install a zip file , /usr/home or /root ?01:49
escottOnixs, neither01:49
americaescott: i did nautilus -q and it worked01:49
mimoidCan someone tell me what Ubuntu packages along with GNOME for a hard disk utility? I need to check the smart values of a harddisk and also possibly adjust how often it parks.01:49
americathank you01:49
dj_segfaultOnixs: That depends what's in it.01:49
ubottuStephan: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!01:50
d21anthonyPreferably, I would like to be able to use CS4  use/ save files that can be accessed by ubuntu and CS4 . I have a 320gb hdd and 4gb ram01:50
escottOnixs, system wide binaries not managed through apt should either be in /usr/local/bin or /opt01:50
Mongoose_My monitor is on the brinks  and looks like I need another. Running Natty here and was thinking of another Samsung. What should I watch out for when purchasing a monitor so it is compatible with Natty?01:50
Onixsescott , its more of a python script01:51
escottd21anthony, so virtualization is nice because you can use ubuntu and cs4 at the same time, but (a) you have to have another license for windows and maybe cs4 (b) you have to divide your ram which might be a problem if you are working with large images01:52
Onixserrr, pyload .sorry01:52
dj_segfaultOnixs: If it's just one script, you can put it in /usr/local/bin.  If it's a bunch of files that make up an application, I like creating a directory under /opt01:52
escottd21anthony, wine costs no additional windows license but i don't know how the support is (check winehq's app compatibility list)01:52
escottd21anthony, and dual boot is dual boot01:52
escottd21anthony, and yet another option is virtualizing ubuntu as a guest under windows01:53
saintbasilQuestion: I'm installing lucid lynx alternate cd on an old computer w/ a new HDD. It doesn't recognize my HDD and offers some drivers to use. However none of the drivers seem to follow a make/model pattern...so how do I know which driver to pick for my seagate barracuda hdd?01:53
Loshkid21anthony: that probably rules out wine right there, since according to http://appdb.winehq.org, photoshop under cs4 doesn't run under wine....01:53
d21anthonyright, I saw that01:53
d21anthonyIm at a point where as much as I dont want to - I may have to do a dual boot01:54
dj_segfaultsaintbasil: The hard drive is not recognized?  What kind of hard drive is it?  That's unusual01:54
escottd21anthony, if you decide to virtualize it may be worth spending $50 to double your ram01:54
sauresMongoose_: I think you would have a hard time finding one that didn't work, you might to know that natty is end of life in april.01:54
d21anthonyIs there a way I can share a folder on both sides or something - kinda like a tunnell01:55
d21anthonyI think my ram is maxed out it's a notebook01:55
Loshkid21anthony: as for dual-boot vs. virtualbox, it comes down to whether you need to run linux and windows simultaneously or not/01:55
dj_segfaultd21anthony: Yes, that's easy, since Linux can read and write NTFS.01:55
escottd21anthony, ubuntu can read/write ntfs. virtualbox has its guest additions01:55
saintbasildj_segfault: it's a brand new seagate barracuda 500 gb 7200. It is not recognized because the firmware can't recognize HDDs that big (my guess), so I'd like to make a small aprtition. But I need to pick a driver first to do that01:55
motherbraindoes anybody know what arch then ZTE cricket phone is using is it ARM11 or something else the OS on it is 2.3 gingerbread01:55
dj_segfaultd21anthony: Just put the files on the Windows side and you'll be able to get it from both OSes01:55
hopstafarianhi all...trying to reset my forgotten mysql root password...am have done the skip-grant-tables command and logged in as root...anyone know what comes next?01:56
dj_segfaultsaintbasil: If the BIOS can't deal with a hard drive that big then no drivers are going to help you.01:56
d21anthonyThank you all, your input has been really helpful01:56
sauresMongoose_: doh sorry natty has another year past april my bad.01:56
dj_segfaultsaintbasil: One possibility is that it's not the absolute size, but number of cylinders.  Since it's all logical these days maybe you can calculate a different geometry with fewer cylinders that comes out to the same size.01:57
Mongoose_Saures , thanks for the info01:57
saintbasildj_segfault: well I'd like to try, I just need to know how to interpret  the esoteric driver names in terms of easily understood HDD names like western digital or seagate01:57
psusisaintbasil, shouldn't need any special driver... is this ide or sata?01:58
dj_segfaultLike I said, drivers are not going to help you.01:58
saintbasilpsusi: sata01:58
Loshkisaintbasil: I'd be worried your disk is DOA, depending on what you mean by 'not recognised'...01:58
psusisaintbasil, virtually all sata controller chips are AHCI compliant so the normal AHCI driver should just work01:58
Onixsits a buch of scrip. so /opt then. thanks dj_segfault01:58
saintbasilLoshki: I hope not01:58
Mongoose_Running Natty 11.04 here. What is the next upgrade and are all the "kinks" been worked out?01:58
Onixsbunch of script*01:59
saintbasilpsusi: i don't see anything labeled "ahci" on the driver list. I'm seeing things like "3w-9xxx"..."friq"...etc01:59
psusiMongoose_, 11.10 comes next01:59
saintbasilI'm going down the list it gives but it';s a long one01:59
KBentley57hey guys, I'm having some weird network problems.  I can ping a pc (windows) on my network, remote desktop to it, use the "connect to server" to connect to it, but when I click on "Browse the network" in nautilus, It says Opening "WORKGROUP" for a while, then spits an error "Unable to mount location"02:00
dj_segfaultOnixs: If there's one script that starts the program, you can create a directory under /opt then make a symbolic link to that script in your path, like "ln -s /opt/foo/foo.py /usr/local/bin/foo"02:00
KI7MTsaintbasil, Another thing to consider, the drive itself does not ahve a "driver per say", the drive controller does, be it sata scsi or hda. if the drive it not being seen, its more than likely the drive controller driver, not the drive itself.02:00
sauresMongoose_: oneiric and has been out for about 5 months02:00
psusisaintbasil, the regular ahci driver is loaded by default... try the livecd02:00
fbdystangHi, I just swapped out my comcast modem and my new one has a build in router. I can't access my ubuntu server now. Is it possible to access it by just plugging an ethernet cable between the new modem/router and my old router? Thanks02:00
Mongoose_If I install 11.10 and don't care for it is it easy to go back to 11.04 without disturbing anything? I never upgraded and this Natty is my first time with ubuntu02:01
saintbasilpsusi: the live cd install routine didn't recognize it either. tried PP as well as LL02:01
KBentley57Mongoose_, generally, you can't go backwards02:01
dj_segfaultsaintbasil: What, what make and model is the hard drive?02:01
KI7MTsaintbasil, is it being displayed in your BIOS?02:01
Mongoose_ok thanks02:01
saintbasildj_segfault: seagate, barracuda, ST3500641AS-RK. 7200 rpm02:01
psusifbdystang, what do you mean?  you mean you can't access your computer from elsewhere?  or that you have multiple computers locally and they can't see each other?02:01
KBentley57Mongoose_, Might I suggest, if you're comfortable with it, to install virtualbox?  and try 11.10 in a "sandboxed" enviorment?02:02
psusisaintbasil, boot the livecd and open the disk utility and see if it at least sees the controller02:02
fbdystangpsusi: I can't access it from elsewhere02:02
Mongoose_ok , will give that some thought KBentley5702:02
sauresMongoose_: you could clone the Natty then upgrade, see clonezilla.org02:02
saintbasilKI7MT: I don't know as the bios is apple firmware, as it is an imac g5 which is proven to work with LL. The HDD is another story I suppose02:02
dj_segfaultsaintbasil: I ask because I've read that certain external Seagate drives don't implement the real SCSI/ATAPI/etc interface, and actually do need drivers, so they don't work under Linux.02:02
psusifbdystang, then you need to configure the router to forward the appropriate ports, same as the old one02:02
americanautilus won't start after boot02:03
KBentley57Mongoose_, have you every used any type of virtualization?02:03
fbdystangpsusi: ahhh, I think you are right. I will try and get back02:03
saintbasildj_segfault: that would suck. i cringe at the thought of having to pay special attention to what hardware I can buy. It's happened before with printers...02:03
Loshkifbdystang: does comcast give you the password to your router/modem?02:03
dj_segfaultsaintbasil: This is internal, right?02:03
KBentley57Mongoose_, open the software center, and install VirtualBox02:03
fbdystangLoshki: I had it for the old one, so I sure hope so02:03
dj_segfaultThen it's not a problem.  These were USB external hard drives.02:04
KBentley57after it's installed, you can play around / read up with it02:04
L3topKBentley57: if he wants to check out performance, etc, vbox is not really an ideal test platform... esp with 3d accel etc. I think Mongoose_ is much better off with the clonezilla idea02:04
dj_segfaultsaintbasil:  Do you have another computer you can hook it up to as a test?02:04
americaim having to issue "nautilus -q" after boot02:04
saintbasildj_segfault: no. I have a laptop but no enclosure02:04
KBentley57L3top, first time linux user, never used virtualization, how scary does cloning your hd sound?  Thats a disaster waiting to happen02:05
Mongoose_virtualbox ose?02:05
saintbasildj_segfault: and I got it at a best buy, so if I take it in and say "it doesnt work with linux" everyone's heads are gonna explode02:05
curiousxsolved =P02:05
KBentley57Mongoose_, no offense, I just know how confusing it can at first02:05
KBentley57Mongoose_, yes, ose02:05
fbdystangpsusi: Let me see if this works: my new router can port forward to the old router, and my old router can assign itself a fixed ip?02:05
psusisaintbasil, also check that you have the drive connected properly and you might see if it has a jumper to force SATA I mode... some controllers are buggy and fail to negotiate with SATA II drives02:06
L3topit is incredibly easy, and fairly foolproof. whereas dealing with guest addons etc for subpar performance on vesa drivers... it sounds like a brilliant idea.02:06
Mongoose_well not sure to go with virtual or clonezilla02:06
Loshkifbdystang: I would be surprised if comcast allows customers to configure comcast equipment. Sounds like a support nightmare...02:06
psusifbdystang, just leave out the old router02:06
KBentley57Mongoose_, the issue is having a real experience, vs testing the os02:06
L3topjust my opinion.02:06
Mongoose_got it02:06
saintbasilpsusi: oh you're right, the jumper may be defaulted to the wrong pins...though defaulting a HDD to slave seems like a bonehead move02:07
Mongoose_I can understand that! Better safe than sorry02:07
KBentley57Mongoose_, with virtualbox, you don't risk the threat of trashing your current system02:07
psusisaintbasil, there is no such thing as master/slave with sata02:07
L3topplus... at the end of the day, you end up with a clone you can always revert to if you encounter other problems02:07
psusisaintbasil, the cable can only be connected to a single drive02:07
Mongoose_and i can try or use it for a week and then just unistall it is that correct?02:07
KBentley57Mongoose_, with a clone backup, you can try 11.10 for real, and go back to 11.04 later02:07
fbdystangLoshki, it is a modem/router. I assume they have to give me access to configure the router part of it02:07
KBentley57Mongoose_, yes02:07
justa partition in my ubuntu can't run  copy and paste02:08
Mongoose_ok, thanks for the info. Getting tired here and going to hit the sack. Thanks for your help02:08
saintbasilpsusi: I did remember seeing a jumper with pins, that's all. I can check it against the old one, since they're identical except capacity02:08
KBentley57Mongoose_, np02:08
dj_segfaultsaintbasil: Google says that drive has no jumpers.  As I would expect from a SATA drive.  There is no master/slave02:08
hyliani want to know how to install kde as minimally as possible. I don't want kubuntu, I want kde minimal install02:08
Mongoose_Good Night02:08
saintbasildj_segfault: then i've been looking at HDDs for too long :(02:08
hylianMongoose_, goodnight!02:08
KBentley57hylian, have you ever tried the ubuntu minimal install?02:08
L3topYou dont need to uninstall, if you clone, you will just overwrite the new install with the clone, whereas part of your hard drive will be eaten up in a vdi on virtual, which is not intuitive to get rid of. It doesnt simply go away if you uninstall vbox02:08
hylianKBentley57, not what I asked for, thanks.02:09
saureshylian: there is a minimal cd a net install you choose what you want.02:09
dj_segfaulthylian: I think you install kde-base and it brings in what it needs from there.02:09
I440rwhy does ubuntu not follow the FSH?02:09
ubottusaure: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:09
hyliansaures, again not what I asked for, but thanks.02:09
KBentley57hylian, I know, but it has the option of installing a minimal system, from which you can grab the kde bits you want02:09
psusisaintbasil, check the manual for the new drive... usually there is a jumper you can set to force SATA I ( 1.5 Gpbs ) mode.. it usually isn't needed, but some controllers are buggy... and also boot the livecd, open the disk utility and see if it at least sees the SATA Host Adapter... if it sees that, but not the drive, then it's either connected wrong, needs that fall back jumper, or is doa02:09
hyliandj_segfault, thanks, that's what Iwanted... :)02:09
sauresCFHowlett: send that to hylian02:09
justa partiton in ubuntu can't run copy and paste02:09
dj_segfaulthylian: Yes, I know how to read02:10
ubottuhylian: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:10
mimoidCan someone tell me what Ubuntu packages along with GNOME for a hard disk utility?02:10
psusiI440r, you mean FHS?  it does02:10
CFHowlettsaures   sorry, I read your message as "Is there" not "There is"02:10
I440rerm thats what i meant. i cant type02:10
americacan anyone tell me why im having to issue "nautilus -q" after i login?02:10
I440rand no it doesnt02:10
KI7MTsaintbasil, so just to be clear on the actual problem, you put a new drive in a mac laptop then tried to install Ubuntu via LiveCD or Alt CD and it failed to pickup the new hdd?02:10
Loshkifbdystang: the average comcast customer wouldn't know a modem/router if they sat on it. Even fewer would know how to configure one. Fewer still would know how to troubleshoot the result. Nothing personal, I just don't see what's in it for comcast. They'd rather lock the boxes...02:10
I440rat least not with terminfo02:10
dj_segfaultsaintbasil: Actually, is it possible the new drive is 6GB/s and your motherboard can't support that02:10
hylianKBentley57, i don't want to reinstall ubuntu, i simply wanted to just install kde, with existing dektop environments. thanks for the quick response though, you too saures02:10
psusimimico, the GNOME disk utility, and gparted02:10
I440rterminfo does not belong in /lib/terminfo it should be in /usr/share/terminfo02:10
mimoidpsusi: what is the gnome disk utility called exactly? If I google for it I just get gparted.02:11
KBentley57hylian, Oops, sorry.  I thought you had meant you wanted a clean install "Bare system"02:11
mimoidpsusi: seems so02:11
iandanHi, I know we're on #ubuntu, but I'm curious, what is the main reason you stick to using Ubuntu and not changing to MacOS (let's say Windows is not an alternative)?02:11
saintbasildj_segfault: im looking at the manual now and indeed there is a jumper to limit it to 1.5 gb/s, just dont know if it's set by default. continuing to read before i take it apart again02:11
KBentley57gnome-disk-utility indeed02:12
saintbasilKI7MT: correct02:12
CFHowlettlandan please take this convo to #ubuntu-offtopic02:12
psusiiandan, because MacOS is proprietary and comes on overpriced hardware02:12
KBentley57+1.  I would snatch a macbook in a heartbeat, if they werent so overpriced.02:12
psusisaintbasil, it's not set by default02:12
I440rpsusi, so why is terminfo not where the fhs says it should be ?02:13
hylianKBentley57, no, i'll save that for when 12.04 comes out... LOL02:13
psusiI440r, good question... that's odd02:13
dj_segfaultmimoid: There's a command line program smartctl that can get SMART reports and trigger tests02:13
saintbasilpsusi: ya that makes sense. guess i'm off to get the screwdrivers *exasperated*02:13
I440ris that a debianism?02:13
L3topOpen Source.02:13
psusiI440r, probably02:13
iandanCFHowlett, no problem, I'll go there02:13
I440rok i shud go bish at them tho (nicely :))02:13
CFHowlettiandan   thanks for understanding...02:14
KBentley57hylian, I love the bare install.  It's especially handy when you're between updates.  It grabs the newest packages, whereas installing say 11.10 now would install, then have to grab mounds of updates02:14
KI7MTsaintbasil, well one way to test it is putting the original drive back in, and getting to the point of install where it does the hard drive detect. If it picks up you older drive, then you know the issue is with the new drive somehow.02:14
saintbasildj_segfault, psusi, KI7MT: thank you for the help, I think I've discovered my problem and I'll try the fix now02:14
hyliandj_segfault, thanks again. I see a base apps package, is that what you meant?02:14
saintbasilKI7MT: I'll try that as well02:15
dlentzsaintbasil, imac5 should read sata2 drives fine02:15
saintbasildlentz: oh02:15
=== zero is now known as Guest98041
hylianKBentley57, I would too, if I didn't have slow net, along with a cap on how much I can download. suffice it to say, i love the local library for nice broadband.02:15
dlentzolder intel sb's (ich4/5) had the "need to force sata 1.5gb/s" issue02:15
dlentzimac5 appears to use ich7 southbridge02:16
aaron_hi, i just installed ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop, but my sound continues to come out my speakers even with my headphones plugged in.  anyone know what my problem might be? lspci says i have "Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc Device 1714"02:16
dj_segfaulthylian:  It looks like that will do what you want.02:16
psusidlentz, and that's a regular AHCI controller right?  so should just work out of the box...02:16
dlentzpsusi, ideally..02:16
=== DijkstraGroupie is now known as DG|dinner
dj_segfaultBut there is a package kdebase, which is what i was thinking of.  At least in my 10.04.02:17
dj_segfaultsaintbasil: So what was the problem?02:17
hyliandj_segfault, yep, thanks again. I just really don't need all the extras that comes with kde. I'd rather use my own software for that stuff. hard to beat pcmanfm or thunar for speed, leafpad for notes, all much faster than what comes with gnome 3 unity or regular kde from kubuntu.02:18
saintbasildj_segfault: I thought it needed to be speed limited, but dlentz said it can take sata 2 just fine02:18
hylianthanks dj_segfault, KBentley57 and saures!02:18
dlentzaaron_, see if you can get more detailed info https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/AlsaInfo02:19
KBentley57hylian, welcome02:19
kevoWho here is a Gnomie or watches Chris Pirillo's Videos there has to be at least someone02:19
KBentley57kevo, gnomie?02:19
dj_segfaulthylian: hylian As an experiment, I would try installing "kdelibs" instead of "kdebase" then install the app you want02:20
CFHowlettkevo   perhaps in #gnome02:20
kevoYou don' know what a gnomie is02:20
KBentley57kevo, yes, I'm sorry, I like to ask rhetoric questions.02:20
hyliandj_segfault, i think i'll try that, you think it will give an even simpler install?02:20
dj_segfaultInstalling kdelibs *should* give you the ability to run KDE applications while not actually running KDE.  I think I did that on a system once02:21
kr00lQuick question. What's the best wireless chipset for Ubuntu? I need a new PCI-E WiFi card02:21
dj_segfaulthylian: Why not just install the app and let it pull in the dependencies it needs?  That's what package management is all about.02:22
hyliandj_segfault, i actually do want kde, i just want the basics though, not all the other stuff the kubuntu package installs. that's what i was trying to get too.02:23
KI7MTkr00l, My preference ins and has always been intel but here's the supported HW list: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported02:23
kr00lKI7MT thx02:23
dj_segfaulthylian:  Then I would install kdebase.02:23
=== dman is now known as dman420
stephan_uhou cant you ?'02:24
stephan_you can use an hex editor for touhou cant you ?02:24
hyliandj_segfault, i did, and thanks for that. kde base is what i was looking for. so is there a unity base, or gnome 3 base?02:25
KBentley57there is a unity hylian02:25
KBentley57if you for instance (what I do on clean installs) just do a sudo apt-get install unity, it will grab the shell that is unity02:25
KBentley57there is also a gnome-shell02:25
hylianKBentley57, a unity base package with minimum install?02:26
KBentley57hylian, yeah, all it includes is the launcher, and search box02:26
KBentley57you even have to install gnome-terminal if you want it, that's how bare it is..lol02:27
hylianKBentley57, i was asking if there where also base packages for those desktops. in other words minimum installs. I don't need all the stuff the full unity, gnome 3 and kubuntu version of kde have you install.02:27
hylianKBentley57, that's beautiful!02:27
KBentley57hylian, there is a bare install of basically anything.  Remember, they all *use* ubuntu02:28
* hylian is happy to know minimal installs are available :)02:28
KBentley57hylian, what you use on top of ubuntu is the desktop enviornment02:28
KBentley57hylian, the best part is, the minimal install iso is only 26 mb02:29
hylianKBentley57, yeah, I know. but i thought all de's where packaed with stuff and that was your only option. I'm an openbox man myself.02:29
curiousxcya all02:30
KBentley57hylian, absolutely not!  That's the beauty.  Speaking of openbox, I tried that myself the other day02:30
hylianwell i gotta go, gotta log out :)02:30
curious_hello! does anyone know when you create a bootable USB stick for ubuntu what happens to any files/ saves?02:34
=== DG|dinner is now known as DijkstraGroupie
dktHello. ould someone please tell me what this means or how to fix it? Thank you.02:35
aaron_hi, i just installed ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop, but my sound continues to come out my speakers even with my headphones plugged in.  anyone know what my problem might be? here's the also info for my machine: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=0499bcd79408be5fb0453b2c08078e1fef09d77a02:35
KBentley57curious_, it gets saved on the usb drive itself in persistent storage02:35
curious_thank you02:35
dkt:Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services02:35
dlentzaaron_, see if you can get more detailed info https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/AlsaInfo02:35
KBentley57aaron_, can you click on the speaker and select sound setting?02:36
xangua!register | dkt02:36
ubottudkt: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:36
dktok how ?02:36
dktoh ok thank you02:36
aaron_dlentz: i appended the info to my msg above02:36
dlentzoh, i see02:36
aaron_KBentley57: i can open up sound settings, but i don't see anything that might suggest turning the speakers off with headphones in02:36
KBentley57aaron_, do you have th hardware, input, output, and applications tabs?02:37
aaron_KBentley57: ya, i do02:37
xpr3sshow to learn code in ubuntu??02:37
KBentley57aaron_, what do you see in the hardware tab02:37
xpr3sswhere to start?? (programming)02:37
KBentley57xpr3ss, what language would you like to learn?02:38
CFHowlettxpr3ss   read up http://fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads/02:38
aaron_KBentley57: two devices: "Internal Audio/Analog Stereo Duplex" and "Internal Audio/Digitao Stereo (HDMI) Output"02:38
xpr3ssthank you CFHowlett, @KBentley57 any preferably beginning with most simple or basic and then working my way up to more difficult programming02:38
KBentley57aaron_, about the output tab02:39
KBentley57xpr3ss, many people say python is easier to learn than c or c++.02:39
aaron_KBentley57: in the output tab, two devices: "Internal Audio Digital Stereo (HDMI) and Internal Audio Anaalog Stereo"02:40
xpr3ssKBentley57 man, im in school right now and i honestly hate c++02:40
KBentley57aaron_, select internal audio analog stereo, and for the connector, what options are available02:40
xpr3ssi figure it'd be easier to learn myself than keep dishing out a couple grand each semester02:40
KBentley57xpr3ss, i agree, ive taught myself almost all the coding i know02:41
KI7MTxpr3ss, I'd start with python as it's use extensively in Ubuntu or C/C++ they can and are used everywhere Linux.02:41
KBentley57xpr3ss, have you tried the Sams books?02:41
aaron_KBentley57: after selecting internal audio analog stereo in the output tab, the only settings i see are "Balance: left to right"02:41
dlentzaaron_, you might need something like this in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf:  options snd-hda-intel model=ideapad02:42
h4ckm3c++ is awesome dude02:42
h4ckm3so many powers02:42
KBentley57xpr3ss, ISBN 0-672-32711-2, i just recommended that book to one of my students, they're great intro books02:42
xpr3ssKBentley57 have not tried sams books02:42
KBentley57aaron_, you don't have a connector pull down menu?02:42
xpr3ssokay great thanks02:42
KBentley57xpr3ss, its c++ of course, but there are many in that series02:43
hylianKBentley57, sorry I cut you off mid sentence02:43
KBentley57hylian, its cool, i know we all have to leave at some point02:43
aaron_KBentley57: i don't believe i do unless i need to move to a different tab.  Under "settings for the selected device" the only setting is for balance02:43
aaron_KBentley57: should i have my headphones plugged in already?02:43
xpr3ssokay, appreciate it, how bout programs to run code in??02:44
hylianKBentley57, yeah, had to log out.02:44
aaron_dlentz: so i tried that, but do i need to reboot before any changes take effect?02:44
GrymmoireI try to use wubi to get my computer to be able to boot Ubuntu from the CD (since it will not do it already like most computers) and I get this02:44
GrymmoireAttributeError: 'WindowsBackend' object has no attribute 'cd_path'02:44
dlentzyou need to reload alsa: sudo alsa force-reload02:44
KBentley57xpr3ss, all you *require* is already installed - gcc.  If you want an IDE, I like netbeans02:44
KBentley57you can code in notepad if you want02:44
KBentley57aaron_, i don't think it should matter02:45
hylianKBentley57, if your not too busy, this is what my desktop looks like: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YDn4455GJBU/T2DdIMhW-dI/AAAAAAAAASg/8gAWNqfeRjI/s320/obmenu.png02:45
KBentley57aaron_, have you ever used pastebin?02:45
GrymmoireAnyone know how I can get Ubuntu to load off the CD?02:45
apporcHello everyone. I got one problem\02:45
xpr3ssoh okay, im still adjusting to ubuntu, so used window and visual basic.02:45
xpr3ssGrymmoire Boot option02:45
aaron_KBentley57: ya, is there something else i can give you to help me?02:45
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xpr3ssusually f12 on most laptops n desktops02:46
Grymmoirexpr3ss: I already tried the boot menu earlier, I don't have the option to boot from CD at all02:46
hylianKBentley57, sent you the wrong one, that was the thumb nail... http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YDn4455GJBU/T2DdIMhW-dI/AAAAAAAAASg/8gAWNqfeRjI/s1600/obmenu.png02:46
xpr3ssnext best option is booting from USB02:46
GrymmoireI do have a USB option but I don't have any free USB sticks lying around, just my luck02:46
KBentley57xpr3ss, if you open synaptic, search for netbeans, you can select to install it.  give it a try02:46
KBentley57hylian, i thought it was tiny..lol02:46
xpr3ssokay thanks KBentley5702:46
gdea73I need help configuring X for my hybrid graphics laptop, A8-3420M with Radeon HD 6550M...02:47
KBentley57aaron_, can you pastebin the output of "sudo lshw"?02:47
GrymmoireGuess I'll put off installing ubuntu till I can get my hands on a USB stick then02:47
gdea73I tried the standard "amdconfig --initial," but I boot to tty1 and get no DE02:47
KBentley57aaron_, you may have to install lshw first - it lists all hardware in your system02:47
apporcHello everyone. I got one problem. with vmstat i saw that the cpu is busy "cs" ,and there are many "running procs" than the number of cpu core. so maybe the cpu is busying swiching between process and just do nothing. Now everything is two slow.02:47
gdea73i.e. tty7 just shows system messages in low res.02:47
apporcanyone can help?02:47
KBentley57aaron_, while your at it, can you post the output of lsmod?02:47
gdea73I tried amdconfig --adapter 0,1 --initial but I get the same result02:47
gdea73* but thec omputer boots ITSELF to tty102:47
KBentley57hylian, that's a nice looking desktop02:48
gdea73so has anyone successfully set up FGLRX on an APU with hybrid graphics??02:48
KBentley57hylian, what dock are you using02:48
hylianKBentley57, tint202:49
aaron_KBentley57: ok here it is: lshw - http://pastebin.com/sZSFJL39 ; lsmod - http://pastebin.com/a45TZ3Gx02:49
KBentley57gdea73, does that command do the same thing as aticonfig --adapter=all --initial?02:49
gdea73I'm not sure, I will try that next02:49
xpr3ssKBentley 57, how about learning commands and stuff for the terminal?02:49
KBentley57gdea73, i use the amd drivers all the time, i'm not sure about the comma02:49
gdea73thanks, rebooting it now02:50
aaron_KBentley57: if it means anything, when i plug my headphones in, the speakers do get a little softer, and the music comes out my headphones, but the speakers still emit sound02:50
KBentley57but im sure its fine it if takes the comman02:50
gdea73well it was the only result I found for amdconfig APU02:50
KBentley57xpr3ss, there is an ebook i had for that, that was nice.  let me see if i can find it again. one sec02:50
hylianxpr3ss, just out of curiosity, what commands do you need or want to know?02:50
gdea73except remember this isn't a black screen error, the laptop just doesn't use any graphics acceleration at all. The desktop doesn't show up. It boots to TTY1.02:50
dlentzaaron_, any luck after reloading alsa?02:51
KBentley57aaron_, im wondering if you have line-in or something like that on02:51
aaron_dlentz: no luck :X02:51
gdea73alright KBentley57, I'm rebooting it now, let's see if the login screen shows up this time02:51
KBentley57gdea73, did you install the catalyst drives from the software center?02:51
KBentley57gdea73, hold up02:51
KBentley57gdea73, or did you get them from the website?02:51
gdea73KBentley57, I installed them manually via the guide at wiki.cchtml.com for Maverick.02:52
gdea73and BTW it booted to tty1 again, no desktop.02:52
KBentley57gdea73, you know you have to recompile/install them after every kernel update right?02:52
hylianKBentley57, aaron_'s problem sounds like the auto mute isn't functioning...02:52
aaron_KBentley57: i googled line-in but didn't understand what that is.  i don't believe i've installed any pacakges that were intended to mess with the soundcard02:52
KBentley57gdea73, unless, that is, you set up dkms02:52
KBentley57aaron_, line-in is sort of like a pass through, meaning you could for instance have a mic in, and pass that sound out of the speakers, if that makes sense02:53
gdea73Well, every real kernel update, right?02:53
gdea73And I didn't think Maverick was going anywhere after 2.6.35-xx02:53
dlentzaaron_, the term you're looking for is "jack sensing" and it's usually fixes by adding a  model=<something? or upgrading alsa02:53
mylisto23has anyone ever had a problem with supergrub not booting?02:53
KBentley57gdea73, true, but i always uninstall the old drivers first02:53
gdea73I've got 2.6.35-32 right now, and my manually-installed WiFi (RT3090) module carried over from -22, so I hope FGLRX would.02:53
KBentley57try to uninstall the old drivers, boot to tty, install the new drivers and what not02:54
xpr3sshylian i would like to learn as much as possible, nothing specific02:54
gdea73well that sounds like kind of a pain. It's worked on my desktop across multiple kernel upgrades, I just haven't updated Catalyst itself, but 3D accel etc still work alright02:54
aaron_dlentz: ah, that did bring many threads up.  i'm looking through them now02:54
gdea73so anyway amdconfig --adapter=all --initial didn't work. What else should I try? In this case I have a quad-core APU coupled with a Radeon HD 6650M, so I'd hope to be able to use switchable/hybrid graphics.02:55
KBentley57aaron_, i don't see anything that stands out in the pastebin stuff,02:55
gdea73I have the laptop connected to AC power at the moment.02:55
xpr3sshylian, i would like to learn as much as possible, not looking for specifics02:55
KBentley57gdea73, can you grab the amd drivers from the website? the 12.2 ones that were just released a few days ago?02:55
aaron_dlentz: KBentley57 oo ok, so i found a thread on google that said i should try installing inux-backports-modules-alsa-lucid-generic package and reboot my computer.02:55
gdea73... I suppose I could, if there's nothing else to do as far as AMDCONFIG is concerned.02:56
aaron_dlentz: KBentley57 i will try this and come back.  thanks a bunch for your help!02:56
gdea73It just took me... a while ... to get fglrx installed right manually. And I thought AMD's website always offered Catalyst 8, or something in compatible02:56
dlentzaaron_, yes that sounds reasonable (and easily undoable)02:56
gdea73(just like their Win98 drivers for the Rage 128 Pro which don't actually work XD)02:56
gdea73(but that's unrelated., that was a different PC altogether)02:56
Quantum_Iongdea73, Did you install it on a laptop or desktop with ubuntu linux02:56
xpr3ssKBentley57 any luck??02:57
gdea73Quantum_Ion, I'm running it on a laptop, a Lenovo IdeaPad Z575, with an AMD A6-3420M APU and AMD Radeon HD 6650M discrete graphics.02:57
gdea73And 6GB of DDR3 :D02:57
Quantum_Iongdea73, Have you noticed if Ubuntu runs hot on your laptop ?02:57
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hylianxpr3ss, i like this website, because it is a nice paced linux console commands walkthrough... http://linuxcommand.org/02:58
KBentley57xpr3ss, still looking02:58
KBentley57actually that may have been what hylian posted02:58
xpr3ssokay great thanks02:58
KBentley57gdea73 are you running 64 or 32 bit02:59
gdea73Quantum_Ion, I haven't noticed excessive heat, but I've noticed comparably terrible battery performance. It's "estimated" at 2:20 after a full charge and that's about accurate, though it's supposed to last 4.5. It's 64 bit 10.10.02:59
gdea73KBentley57, it's 64 bit.02:59
Quantum_Iongdea73, Install xsensors and tell me what your temperatures are sudo apt-get install xsensors03:00
gdea73I had xsensors installed already before I lost access to the DE.03:00
hyliangdea73, so i am assuming you used ubuntu's hardware driver utility, and it had nothing for you there, or ???03:00
gdea73now when I boot I get kicked to tty1 right away; tty7 shows the status menus03:00
Dulakgdea73: My battery capacity went up when I moved from lucid to precise,  They have apparently fixed whatever regression in the kernel was causing the power issues.03:00
gdea73hylian, I ran the Additional Drivers utility, and it did show FGLRX, and it probably would've worked, but I wanted to run Catalysts 12.2 because I figured it'd have better support for the APU.03:01
KBentley57gdea73 http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx03:01
gdea73Dulak, thanks, though I'm running Maverick on Kernel 2.6.35-32-generic, and I already tried the acpi=force option for extended battery life mentioned across the web.03:01
gdea73KBentley57, alright opening link, just a second :P03:01
Quantum_IonDulak, That's what I heard that next LTS version of Ubuntu will have more power saving mode for laptops03:01
gdea73ah, so should I really use AMD's regular installer from the site?03:01
KBentley57dgea73 that will take a second to dl, lets get the old drivers out while we're waiting03:01
hyliangdea73, ahh, I see. are you sure the fglrx installed properly? it's been quite a while since i used ati hardware on a linux box.03:01
KBentley57gdea73, yes03:02
Quantum_IonI had to purge fglrx completely from my system03:02
gdea73hylian, well it took me a couple hours of trial and error, but I thought so. It compiled correctly and I finally got amdconfig recognized as a command. I could successfully run amdconfig --initial, but it wouldn't load Gnome after that.03:02
KBentley57gdea73, let me rephrase that - I have used amd's drivers on my system for years and they work fine03:02
Dulakgdea73: There is a regression somewhere in 2.6.x that causes it to eat more power than it should, the acpi=force thing doesn't fix that, it fixes another issue with acpi not working correctly so none of the power saving works.03:02
KBentley57gdea73, do you have access to the box now?03:03
Quantum_IonRight now I am running Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS with powersaver and a script to keep my laptop cool03:03
gdea73KBentley57, alright I guess I will. I just have had problems in the past using their auto-installer, wiki.cchtml.com's Maverick guide was far more successful for my desktop. But this is my laptop, and there's nothing else I can do, so I will try those drivers in just a minute.03:03
hyliangdea73, what happens when you initiate startx yourself?03:03
DulakQuantum_Ion: I went from 4 hours to almost 5.5 hours just upgrading from 10.04 to 12.0403:03
gdea73I do have access to the laptop. I'm just simultaneously doing work on my old laptop. And typing on my desktop ;)03:03
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zod21whats up fellas03:03
gdea73hylian, I don't know. I'll run the command.03:03
KBentley57gdea73, ha, ive been there many a time03:03
Quantum_IonDulak, With powersaver mode and lowpowerscript my laptop temps are like 71/64 and I have a dual core AMD processor03:04
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CFHowlettzod21   greetings03:04
gdea73KBentley57, haha yeah well... at least getting closer to the weekend.03:04
ubottuzod21: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:04
gdea73hylian, I tried the command and I got a bunch of errors, followed by error 11 - segfault.03:04
Quantum_IonBefore my laptop was running hot and the fans were on full blast03:04
gdea73"Signal 11 (segmentation fault)"03:05
DulakQuantum_Ion: That is hot!  You can't call that a laptop, it'll burn you if you put it in your lap.03:05
gdea73* "caught" signal 1103:05
zod21so whats goin on everyone, im so pumped to have this running on my system again, i am so sick of windows03:05
KBentley57gdea73 navigate to /usr/share/ati and tell me if you see fglrx-uninstall.sh03:05
gdea73Quantum_Ion: I'll get you info on the temps when I get X working again.03:05
hyliangdea73, hmm, is there any way you could dump that to a pastebin? it might be nothing, but maybe we could see somethging there..??03:05
Quantum_IonDulak, I know it did start to burn my leg03:05
gdea73KBentley57, you got it, just a minute03:05
gdea73*walks over to corner of room, with new laptop charging*03:05
zod21and has anyone seen windows 8, its the windows phone + xbox360 os its f$($ing retarded03:06
Quantum_IonMy laptop shuts down when it hits 100 degrees03:06
gdea73hylian I can manually copy it onto my old laptop or something but that would be a bit of a pain.03:06
KBentley57zod21, not the place03:06
gdea73zod21, yup, it is dumb, but apparently okay for tablets.03:06
CFHowlettzod21   this is #ubuntu support.  For general chitchat, please go to #ubuntu-offtopic03:06
Quantum_Ionzod21, Windows is dead here03:06
gdea73but yes neither place nor time03:06
zod21no joke03:06
gdea73okay umm... /usr/share/ati, just a second03:06
Dulakzod21: Yeah, it's good though, it means linux has a chance at the desktop finally, because windows 8 sucks on a desktop03:06
gdea73KBentley57, shoot, all I see is one file, amdcccle.03:06
hyliangdea73, i would think you it would be easier to run something like links, and then perhaps go to google from there. i'm gonna try it, i live in the cli anyways.03:07
Quantum_IonNo need to really run Windows anymore I have been using Ubuntu for a while now03:07
KBentley57gdea73, ok try to run "locate fglrx" and tell me what you see03:07
gdea73hylian, I would, except the wireless driver doesn't appear to be working when I'm in TTY1. Which is strange. And a pain. it took me all day to get WiFi working :03:08
gdea73KBentley57, I'll try.03:08
zod21dulak yeah thats the most awesome thing about it, i wasnt bitching i think that rules. linux is about to be a big hit. and technichal question @cfhowlett does anyone know if they are going to keep the Gnome3 interface even after what torvalds had to say about it on the next distro because i hate it. i went back to 10.04 because i thought it was better03:08
Quantum_IonI think April 12th 2012 is when Ubuntu LTS comes out03:09
gdea73a lot of lines came up, including stuff in /usr/share, and something with "modaliases" in it. Can't copy all of it ATM though.03:09
hyliangdea73, aww, dang. did you install wicd by any chance?03:09
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:09
gdea73wicd? Don't remember doing so.03:09
Radiobuzzhello guys03:09
zod21what up buzz03:09
RadiobuzzI'm having a problem with grub and I was hoping someone could help me :)03:09
gdea73Yeah the ralink rt3090 was a PAIN to get working. I had to, among other things, compile it with like 8 special parameters, blacklist every other module known to man, and run some other commands ... >_<03:09
R3db3ard!offtopic zod03:09
Radiobuzzhey zod03:09
Dulakzod21: gnome 3 is here to stay, it just needs to mature,  with the new plugins many things are coming back to gnome 3 from gnome 203:10
suhey does anyone know how to change the address bar in thunar to an actual path? is there something like gconf-editor for it?03:10
gdea73Well I'm thinking what I should do now is apt-get remove --purge fglrx, and rm -rf /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and sudo apt-get install (vesa drivers?)03:10
DJsu you need to install gnome-tweak-tools03:10
KBentley57gdea73 bingo03:10
gdea73Dulak: Do you know if AllTray was ever updated to work with anything other than </= 10.10?03:10
DJso you can tweak your Bar and Much more in Gnome su03:11
Dulakgdea73: I don't know what AllTray is so no03:11
RadiobuzzI'm trying to boot from an ISO file, which is located on (hd0,7), however grub2 can't find the file and when I look at other grub entries I see that instead of using hd0,x, it uses (for every entry, OpenSuSE and Windows) hd0,msdosX03:11
suDJ: isn't thunar xfce though? I just installed the xfce desktop and am in it03:11
kalimojogdea73 i had the same problem with ralink03:11
gdea73KBentley57, alright I guess I'll do that, and then just use ATI's downloadable drivers. However, what was the package I was to install, for the vesa drivers. I removed them before. That's why I'm stuck at a terminal.03:11
RadiobuzzI tried replacing hd0,7 with hd0,msdos7 with no luck03:11
gdea73kalimojo, yeah I tried to write a quick and dirty tutorial on my thread, see Lenovo IdeaPad Z575 WiFI ;)03:11
KBentley57gdea73, did you download the drivers at the link i gave?03:11
gdea73Dulak, it was a utility that allowd you to pin stuff to the system tray03:11
zod21@Dulak yeah i hope, i just like the old school stuff, my favorite distro is still 7.10 it ran on my system like a charm03:12
KBentley57gdea73, you don't need to be in x to install the drivers03:12
gdea73I don't?03:12
KBentley57gdea73 not at all03:12
zod21whats the command in here for @ someone, i forgot because i am a retard03:12
gdea73Well I need WiFi to download them, and I'd rather not do the USB stick deal right now...03:12
KatsumeBliskTab zod2103:12
KBentley57gdea73, when you get them downloaded, all you need to do is cd to Downloads03:12
KatsumeBliskzod21: Just start typing their name and hit Tab03:12
Quantum_Iongdea73, Next laptop I purchase will be a Lenovo or a Toshiba right now I am using a Gateway/Acer laptop they kind of suck03:12
gdea73KatsumeBlisk: oh my god that's how you do that?!?! I always wondered how to do that in IRC!!03:12
KBentley57gdea73 then run "sudo ./amd-blah-blah.run03:12
Radiobuzzso to make the question simpler: why does my grub entries use hd0,msdosX instead of hd0,X?03:13
gdea73Quantum_Ion: haha yeah, I've heard, bad things about Gateway laptops.03:13
gdea73The school where I live purchased a couple billion dollar deal with gateway right before they filed bankruptcy... lol03:13
KBentley57gde33, lol, it took me a long time to figure the tab thing out too03:13
Quantum_Iongdea73, yeah never buy one because Gateway is Acer now03:13
Dulakzod21: another 6 months to a year and most everything you had on gnome 2 should be working under gnome 3 with the plugin system,  though I'm sure there will be plenty of programs that don't get ported, functionality has a habit of getting reimplemented in this type of situation.  It just takes time.03:13
KatsumeBliskzod21: Maybe I didn't understand your question. :P03:13
gdea73Quantum_Ion: I kind of forgot that, yeah thanks. I always had more respect for Acer as a brand, lol. Though I loved old Gateway desktops. I have what I call the "SuperGateway," a blend of P3 and P2 era computing, all Gateway branded components & peripherals, including a Gaetway CRT! :D03:14
DulakQuantum_Ion: that's funny because I only buy acer laptops, and have always had a good experience with them.03:14
hyliangdea73, another option would be to use the live cd. you use backspace as it is loading until you get a cli menu. then you can choose safe menu. you should then be able to find a menu option for booting with the default (but crappy) gui driver. this would atleast get you back out of cli land... but then you would have to remove that driver, and either try to re-install it or choose one from the ubuntu driver repositories...03:14
zod21@dulak freakin awesome. i love ubuntu, i can do anything, and i just put backtrack on a flash drive and i now can really do whatever lol, it is awesome03:14
miguel_if i want to use wget to get all files from a website that start with the name miguel how can i do it???03:14
Quantum_Iongdea73, I installed Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS on a friends old Toshiba laptop made in 2005 and his laptop runs 10 times faster then it ran with Windows pretty strange huh03:14
gdea73Quantum_Ion: well, if I get fglrx to work sometime I'll let you know, you should consider the Z575 for an upgrade; it seems to be a really nice laptop. Just it came with Win7 which is... just not acceptable for me ;P03:15
zod21@dulak, how many distros have you been through03:15
Quantum_IonDulak, People always tell me the best laptops for Linux are Lenovo03:15
gdea73Quantum_Ion: Not strange at all, Ubuntu is so far better optimized, at least on the right hardwrae :)03:15
DulakQuantum_Ion: not to be a jerk but 10.04 was released in 201003:15
KatsumeBliskDulak: He probably means that the laptop is 7 years old, not the distro03:15
Quantum_IonDulak, I know I only due the LTS releases03:15
stephan_can anyone tell me about linux from scratch ?03:15
gdea73hylian: that seems like it would work except I'd prefer to use the wireless. Which I can't unelss I'm in X on my native install. I think. Though I don't see why the module rt3090sta wouldn't load in tty1. Maybe I'll try again.03:15
Dulakzod21: I started using linux it 1995, and have worked with just about every distro that has any sort of popularity, because I was a syseng at a server hosting company.03:16
zod21@dulak and do you ever mess with kde, i ran it a while back and i despised it. it was annoying and slower03:16
gdea73So can anyone confirm (or just say they would for my sanity's sake) that the A8 + 6650M will work alright with fglrx, and some 3D acceleration? :S03:16
KatsumeBliskzod21: I'm using KDE right now.03:16
gdea73(and then I'll go reinstall the vesa graphics and install from ATI's site the autoinstaller)03:16
hyliangdea73, that's iffy. My wireless works right off the live cd, but this is a pretty simple little netbook I have here.03:16
Quantum_IonDulak, laptop was made in 2005 it had Windows XP on it and when I installed Ubuntu Linux 10.04 the laptop was very fast03:16
KatsumeBliskzod21: Getting used to it. Decided to try it out03:16
Dulakzod21: I never really cared for kde,  I have messed with it but not that much, I always end up back on gnome or xfce03:16
Quantum_IonDulak, KDE is the darkhorse for some reason03:17
Radiobuzzso, noone can help me? :303:17
gdea73hylian: well that's ... lucky. as I explained, it took me a long time to get the RT3090 working. A loong time. And now I have to do the work I put off! :P03:17
DulakQuantum_Ion: Yeah I just misunderstood what you said, thought you were saying you installed 10.04 in 2005.03:17
zod21@dulak much respect bro that rules, ive only used mint, dsl and ubuntu03:17
Quantum_IonDulak, np03:17
gdea73I'll be on... tomorrow afternoon I suppose, and I can finish this battle with fglrx03:17
KBentley57Radiobuzz, what is your question03:17
hyliangdea73, sorry... that sucks. using ndis wrapper?03:17
Redjack1964someone can tell me how can i add a include search path in environment variables?03:17
gdea73I really hope I can run Minecraft on this thing, reasonably well. As that and YouTube-ing are the only things I miss with my current laptop.03:18
miguel_if i want to use wget to get all files from a website that start with the name miguel how can i do it???03:18
Quantum_IonI don't have time to mess around with every new release of Ubuntu that's why I just upgrade when the LTS releases come out03:18
DulakRedjack1964: you want to add a path that is searched when you try to execute commands?03:18
KBentley57miguel_, man wget03:18
zod21@katsumeblisk yeah, i had it for a few months, liked it at first kindof mainly because of the change but i got annoyed by it after a while and whent back to gnome. i just like the interface a ton more03:18
miguel_KBentley57: i can't find it there03:18
KatsumeBliskQuantum_Ion: I thought about that, but I really like the latest software.03:18
Redjack1964Dulak: not a command, but a include/ repertory.03:18
RadiobuzzKBentley57: trying to make grub2 boot from an iso file which is located in hd0,7 but grub can't find it; when I read the grub config file I realise every entry uses hd0,msdosX instead of hd0,X03:18
hyliangdea73, minecraft runs beautiful, just do not use icedtea6 plugin or open jdk. make sure it is from sun/oracle or it won't work at all.03:18
gdea73hylian: I don't remember. Probably. I had to compile the module and blacklist a bunch for it to work. I was real excited when it did though.03:19
DulakQuantum_Ion: I do exactly the same thing, I just upgraded from 10.04 to 12.04 to beat the server issues that happen whenever an LTS is released.03:19
KatsumeBliskzod21: I'm deciding between KDE, Cinnamon, and Xfce. Just installed this, so I'm going to wait. Can't pass judgment on a DE in only a few days.03:19
Quantum_IonJust like I upgrade Oracle Java when full versions come out like Java 7 I will wait for Java 8 and so on03:19
gdea73sorry that was from earlier. Well I meant I'd hope Minecraft would run well on my A8 + 6550M, not just Ubuntu in general. I've used Ubuntu before with Minecraft and it's great, both on my server and workstation :)03:19
KBentley57Radiobuzz, i just tried to do that a few days ago actually.  how risky are you feeling?03:19
gdea73(but those have discrete graphics only, no hybrid/APU chipset deal)03:19
Radiobuzzvery :)03:19
KBentley57miguel_, give me a moment and ill try to look something up03:19
DulakRedjack1964: I am not sure what you need there, what exactly are you wanting to do?03:19
gdea73alright I have some time for troubleshooting now, but not much. I've got to get up early to finish what I was working on, besides the laptop :(03:19
KBentley57Radiobuzz, can you make a new blank partition?03:20
Radiobuzzwait, I'll PM you03:20
Quantum_IonIn my younger days I had a lot of time to install new versions of Ubuntu when a new version came out but not anymore sometimes installing software and tweaking it can take up too much of my time03:20
* hylian loves openbox with tint2, faster than greased ligntinin'03:20
gdea73earlier today I was considering a reformat, but now that WiFi works, that's beyond my reach and willpower :D03:20
gdea73Quantum_Ion: I know how you feel, I'm running out of time to do anything these days :P03:20
gdea73I keep wanting to get around to installing Arch on my Asus Terminator C3, but I never have the time...03:21
KBentley57Quantum_Ion, tell me about it, reinstalling up to 10 programs i use and have configured could take a full day03:21
gdea73and plus since it doesn't have the (cx8 cmov) instruction, things are difficult when an i686 is required :D03:21
KBentley57Quantum_Ion, if there were no hiccups03:21
gdea73alright I'm going to remove fglrx or the remainder of it, and install the opensource radeon drivers.03:21
hyliangdea73, my suggestion would be to remove the driver you where using altogether. once you have done that, we should hopefully be able to walk you through the cli to get a known functioning driver installed.03:22
Quantum_Iongdea73, goodluck03:22
KBentley57gdea73, i would go with the closed source drivers, if it were me03:22
KBentley57gdea73, gl though@03:22
gdea73@all three of you: thanks for the good luck wishes ;) . And I am ultimately going to use the closed source drivers, I'm just reinstalling vesa to get to my desktop, to get to the AMD website :D03:23
gdea73though I know I have like 5 other PCs I could use, I'm too... well it's a weird type of laziness. I don't mind the software work, I just don't want to have to find my USB drive or replug the network cable from the C3 into the laptop and rewire stuff :P03:23
Dulakgdea73: They offer ubuntu debs on that site?03:23
Quantum_IonSarah, Hi03:24
R3db3ardgdea73, you only have to do it once.03:24
miguel_KBentley57: anything?03:24
xpr3ssKBentley57, any luck??03:24
KBentley57xpr3ss, start here http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/cli.html03:27
KBentley57xpr3ss, i haven' found the book yet, I'm not sure i saved it03:27
gdea73Dulak: on the AMD site? Apparently... (?)03:27
gdea73oh crap, abort!03:27
gdea73"cannot stat '/etc/X11/xorg.conf': No such file or directory'03:27
gdea73well ... okay then03:28
gdea73I'll just reboot.03:28
KBentley57miguel_, im not sure if this is what you need, http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/downloading-entire-web-site-wget03:28
xpr3ssokay well thanks anyway for what you have provide03:28
L3topI can help with video driver/issues03:28
KBentley57you're welcome.  If i see you back in a while maybe ill have found it03:28
gdea73L3top: that'd be great, well I'm working on them atm but if I need further help it'd be greatly appreciated.03:28
gdea73woo, back to the desktop! ... with the crappy open source drivers :P03:29
gdea73alright so, KBentley57: now I go to AMD's site?03:29
L3topYou will have to completely purge the fglrx drivers in order to use the radeon03:29
L3topcan you give me the output of lspci | grep "VGA"03:29
gdea73L3top:  I have done so. (If you're talking to me.) I'm going to reinstall them now, using the link that KBentley57 provided :)03:29
gdea73... though, I can.03:29
KBentley57gdea73 yes, grab those drivers03:29
gdea73there are two listings:03:30
gdea73(1) 00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 964703:30
L3topI just wanted to make sure your chipset is supported first... I am just catching up gdea7303:30
gdea73and (2) 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 674103:30
L3topcan you give me the output of lspci -v | grep "VGA"03:30
gdea73L3top: well that's the thing, it's the new A8 APU so I really hope it's supported.03:30
KBentley57gdea73 i know, those are the ones you need03:30
gdea73L3top: with quotes? Alright, I will.03:30
L3topthats correct then03:30
gdea73exact same output.03:31
L3topKBentley57 is correct03:31
gdea73alright, 'ill go back and find that link03:31
L3top-v was the addition03:31
L3topbut I dont need it03:31
gdea73L3top: okay thanks, off to install fgrlx.03:31
KBentley57L3top, i always f'd that up too..lol03:32
L3topI used to03:32
KBentley57hey endra, whats up?03:32
gdea73ah, this file looks almost identical to the one I compiled before (?)03:32
gdea73KBentley57: do I just "run" the .run file? And it installs for me?03:32
endraKBentley57: hey how's it going? Everything is okay here :-)03:32
L3top!pm > Guest273203:32
ubottuGuest2732, please see my private message03:32
endraMy ubuntu server went down sometime in the past hour and I only have access via SSH. I got it rebooted but I would like to see the reason it went down. How can I do that?03:32
KBentley57gdea73, yes, run with sudo03:33
KBentley57sudo ./amd------.run03:33
gdea73KBentley57: you got it... running now.03:33
KBentley57select (1)03:33
xpr3sshave a goodnight everyone, thanks for the help03:33
KBentley57don't just hit enter03:33
gdea73darn, command not found, should I "sh" it? (haha)03:33
KBentley57later xpr3ss03:33
dj_segfaultendra: Did you look in /var/log/messages?03:33
KBentley57sudo sh ./amd---.run03:33
* L3top just finished writing autodetection for every card on the planet for project... so is just fresh in it03:34
gdea73okay it's uncompressing "Catalyst 8.95"03:34
gdea73(sadface at Catalyst 8)03:34
KBentley57yeah, ...... everywhere..lol03:34
gdea73(for hybrid GPU)03:34
endradj_segfault: any specific file?03:34
KBentley57oh, it said no?03:34
gdea73ooh a graphical installer, that's slightly different :D03:34
dj_segfaultendra: uhh... /var/log/messages?03:34
endradj_segfault: that does not exist for me03:34
KBentley57define graphical?  a blue background text installer?..haha03:34
gdea73should I:03:35
gdea73[1] Install Driver 8.95 on X.Org 6.9 or later 64-bit, or03:35
KBentley57select 1, don't do the debs03:35
gdea73[2] Generate Distribution-Specific DriverPackage?03:35
gdea73alright, I will, thanks.03:35
gdea73auto, or custom?03:35
dj_segfaultHow can /var/log/messages not exist?  Did they change the name of the logfiles?03:35
gdea73I suppose Auto couldn't hurt, but do you have an opinion? alright thanks.03:35
KBentley57auto has always worked better for me03:35
Dulakdj_segfault: they got rid of /var/log/messages in maverick I think,  it's not there in precise for sure03:36
KBentley57dj_segfault, ls a dir at a time03:36
Linux7where to find all sites that logs typed password?03:36
endradj_segfault: it appears that I can look at /var/log/syslog now03:36
dj_segfaultendra: Sorry for leading you astray.  I'm still running 10.04LTS.03:37
Dulakdj_segfault: except it is there in precise, hmmmm03:37
gdea73woot! It worked, so far.03:37
Dulakendra: what distro are you running?03:37
gdea73wait, before I reboot, do I run amdconfig manually? or just reboot?03:37
endraDulak: latest ubuntu-server03:37
endradj_segfault: not a problem, I really appreciate your help :-)03:37
gdea73okay i'll just let it reboot03:38
KBentley57gdea73, sudo aticonfig --adapter=all --initial03:38
KBentley57before or after, doesn't really matter03:38
Dulakendra: /var/log/kern is also good, if it was a kernel issue you should get some info there03:38
dr-willisits now called amdconfig isent it?03:38
KBentley57it's still aticonfig in the latest driver03:38
researcher123I have an aptonCD.iso of my  earlier installed applications.Now I want to restore but cant load the image.Any help?03:39
dr-willisthey renamed some of their other tools. i noticed the other day. i rarely use ati03:39
=== webnet is now known as orionsonofneptun
gdea73KBentley57:  well I rebooted and it appears to work, which is sweet, full 1366x768, but I'll run the command now.03:39
dr-willisresearcher123:  mount the iso perhaps03:40
=== orionsonofneptun is now known as webnet
gdea73alright I did, and I"m rebooting :)03:40
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:40
DulakWhat aspect is 1366x768, 16:9?03:40
gdea73Dulak: correct.03:40
Dulakgdea73: you lucky bastid03:40
endraThis seems to be why it went offline: http://pastebin.com/XqSQGqS903:40
gdea73BTW, sometimes when I close the lid (suspend), the laptop never wakes up. It does on a hardware level but the screen stays off. I have to take out the battery (!!) to get it to POST again. Hardware or software problem? I see nothing about resuming in any system log.03:41
gdea73Dulak: lol03:41
gdea73KBentley57: oh noes! I'm stuck at "checking batttery state," i.e. TTY7 has no interface now.03:41
gdea73stuck at the ugly splash, as it were03:41
KBentley57gdea73 do the config and reboot03:42
gdea73okay now my backspace key is doing nothing, and my right arrow is acting like a spacebar03:42
Dulakgdea73: suspend has always been a bit buggy, I stopped trying and moved to hibernate instead.  It's a bit slower, but not as buggy.03:42
K350is there ayone who knows how to setup mutt with mixmaster?03:42
KBentley57gdea, oh wait, it was fine, you configged, and now its broke?03:42
gdea73KBentley57: good call on hibernate. but also, this is AFTER configuring it like that. I'm going to try just --initial.03:42
gdea73yeah it worked before :S03:42
K350There's NOT a single line on google on how to setup mutt wiht mixmastr. Not a line , nothing03:42
Dulakendra: well that looks like either an attempt to exploit your server, or bad ram.03:43
KBentley57gdea73 delete the xorg.config and reboot - its in /etc/x1103:43
gdea73oh, okay.03:43
Dulakendra: you might want to run memtest86+ on that box and see if it shows any errors03:43
gdea73Doing so now.03:43
gdea73I'm afraid it will default to VESA since I didn't --purge it this time :X03:43
Dulakendra: it's an actual machine or a vps?03:43
Linux7to view all the logs on the Internet navigation?03:44
endraDulak: actual machine.03:44
gdea73yup, back and running, but in crap-resolution, 1024x768, on a 16:9 TFT :(03:44
gdea73Now Catalyst won't launch, clearly fglrx is no longer running. Should I run the amdconfig --initial command?03:44
hyliangdea73, i wish I had that resolution. I am forever stuck in 1024x600, (netbook).03:44
Dulakendra: yeah run memtest86+ on it and see if it gives errors.  If you get errors you can take the addresses from the error and pass them to the kernel at boot to avoid any bad spots.03:45
gdea73hylian: haha, bummer. I liked the old 4:3 resolutions like 1024x768, etc, as long as the screen fits it.03:45
gdea73ah, "uninitialised file found, configuring." Gotcha.03:45
st1is there a way to make TOP show memory usage minus cache/buffer?03:46
gdea73So on a side note, why does my battery life just... suck?03:46
hylianwell thats all for me everyone. I am very tired, goodnight03:46
KBentley57later hylian03:46
Dulakgdea73: I am very jealous of your 16:9 laptop screen.03:46
gdea73it lasts 2:30, tops. The laptop as rated for 4:30. It's brand new with its OEM battery.03:46
KBentley57gdea73, open catalyst control center03:46
gdea73Dulak: haha it's rather nice... when the drivers work >_>03:46
gdea73oh wait they do!03:46
=== franz__ is now known as franz_
Dulakgdea73: what version of ubuntu?03:46
gdea73res is back to 1366 :)03:46
st1or other real time ram usage command03:46
gdea73Dulak: 10.10 x86_64.03:46
endraDulak: I'll try that. Thanks for the help :)03:46
KBentley57i prefer 16:10 over 16:903:46
gdea73KBentley57: is that like, HDTV res? My desktop and server run 1080p.03:47
KBentley57gdea73 what did you do to fix it?03:47
gdea73ah sweet, catalyst is running. I installed the drivers you provided and ran amdconfig --initial :)03:47
gdea73the --adapter=all screwed it up03:47
Linux7to view all the logs on the Internet navigation?03:47
gdea73it's not a true crossfire setup, it's "hybrid" 1, vs. the other.03:47
Dulakendra: It also has the same charecteristic of someone trying to exploit the kernel, so if you get no errors, best start looking very hard at your system.03:47
gdea73so here's the deal now, it's running on the discrete card, which is nice but I'd like that to be toggle-able.03:47
gdea73oh sick "Switchable Graphics" tab! XD03:48
KBentley57gdea73, it came out before the flat panel craze.  it's just a little bit taller with the same width03:48
gdea73KBentley57: that sounds awesome.03:48
KBentley57gde33, does it switch? Fingers crossed03:48
gdea73Gosh darn it AMD! "You must reboot to apply the changes"03:48
gdea73so I have to reboot to play a game that runs natively on Linux? haha what a joke.03:48
KBentley57reboot and see if it at least works03:48
Linux7to view all the logs on the Internet navigation?03:48
KBentley57and what is this game that runs natively on linux you speak of?03:49
gdea73I might as well have an XP partiton. Though I'm kidding. Going with the "bold strategy" of Ubuntu alone on a brand new laptop. And using 10.10, and *not* upgrading :D03:49
gdea73KBentley57:  It's rebooting and I think it's workign.03:49
Dulakgdea73: That is a gamer laptop, you will never get good battery out of it, because it's aimed at performance, not power saving.03:49
dr-willisif your switchable works.. id say count your blessings. :)03:49
gdea73Dulak: but it doesn't *look* as lame as a "gaming laptop"! haha. It's a Lenovo.03:49
triscuitI'd like to delete my windows partition, but gw203:49
KatsumeBliskgdea73: That distro will last you all of a month. It's not getting security updates after next month.03:49
KBentley57you might like the mate desktop03:50
gdea73KatsumeBlisk: ah god03:50
gdea73it took me about that long to CONFIGURE everything lol03:50
Dulakgdea73: Yes but the cpu and graphics are typical gamer laptop parts, so your battery will never be good.03:50
gdea73oh man, purpoe screen... (?)03:50
KBentley57give it a sec03:50
Braden`I installed the postfix package, and I have "inet_interfaces = all" in my /etc/postfix/main.cf file; however, netstat -anp shows "tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      18428/sendmail: MTA".  How do I make it listen to
KatsumeBliskgdea73: 10.10 will be depracated next month since it'll have been 18 months after release, the lifetime of a non-LTS release.03:50
gdea73Dulak: meh, okay. I don't emphasize portability a lot. I just expected its rating of 4.5 hours to be semi-true, which it is. 2.75?03:50
Fyodorovnatriscuit, you have another os like ubuntu installed from windows there as well?03:50
gdea73KatsumeBlisk: oh, that's... too bad. It's my favorite release.03:50
Dulakgdea73: Be lucky, I bought an amd gamer laptop that was super cheap for my dad for xmas, and his battery lasts 1 hr 15 minutes.03:51
gdea73KBentley57: darn, I'm frozen on boot. No tty1 either. Just a purple screen, that's blank.03:51
gdea73I'll try a hard reboot.03:51
KBentley57gdea73 - hard reboot and let it go and see03:51
gdea73alright I'm doing so03:51
KatsumeBliskgdea73: I agree. It's mine as well. You'll either have to downgrade to 10.04 (for a year) or change DEs if you don't want Unity.03:51
gdea73though Dulak, i think it's just b/c it's running on the discrete card, draining the power.03:51
gdea73KatsumeBlisk: ah, well, I might just keep it unsupported even though people will laugh at me. And hate me. haha.03:52
KBentley57you know, i love unity - let me just throw that out there.  for me, its much better productivity wise03:52
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KBentley57*hides behind wall03:52
gdea73I don't like gnome fallback, things are occasionally broken and it's not as cool03:52
=== orion is now known as webnet
Dulakgdea73: If the cpu supports frequency scaling you can get a lot of mileage from using the ondemand govenor and not using the discrete graphics.03:52
geek_hello is xubuntu good for newbie @ linux?03:52
=== webnet is now known as orionofneptune
=== orionofneptune is now known as webnet
KatsumeBliskKBentley57: It's not my favorite, but it's not bad. I don't like it enough to use it though. You can have your own opinion. :)03:52
KatsumeBliskgeek_:  I think it's fine.03:52
KBentley57geek_, most of the ubuntu's are fairly similar03:53
KBentley57geek_, if you want something that is more windows like, try kubuntu03:53
geek_k thanks wasn't sure03:53
Braden`I installed the postfix package, and I have "inet_interfaces = all" in my /etc/postfix/main.cf file; however, netstat -anp shows "tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      18428/sendmail: MTA".  How do I make it listen to
gdea73KBentley57: I can see how people might like it. On a laptop perhaps. I just like DEs to be both "classic" looking and very customizable. I still use Windows 98 - just throwing that out there. *ducks*03:53
researcher123is it possible to identify duplicate files on system? Any search tool?03:53
DulakUnity just needs to mature, same as gnome 3.03:53
KatsumeBliskgdea73: You should check out Cinnamon. Not completely polished right now because it's new, but it's really good.03:53
gdea73KBentley57: crap still have the purple screen on the "onboard" graphics.03:53
KBentley57KatsumeBlisk, i usually install from the ground up, and only install the least of what i need03:53
gdea73KatsumeBlisk: heard of it, supposed to be cool. I'll try it sometime perhaps.03:53
KatsumeBliskDulak: Exactly. KDE4 had the same problems Unity and GNOME have03:53
KBentley57KatsumeBlisk, by the time im done i feel as if ive spun my own distro03:53
gdea73KBentley57: I'll finish troubleshooting tomorrow. Too tired now. Thanks all for the help03:53
gdea73good night ;)03:53
KBentley57night man03:54
zykotick9researcher123: fslint is a gui tool with duplicate search03:54
DulakKatsumeBlisk: I like it on my netbook, but not my desktop.  I am still on gnome2 on my desktop, waiting for the maturity.03:54
KatsumeBliskKBentley57: It depends on what distro I'm using on how much work it takes. If it's prebuilt like Ubuntu, I'll use it. If it's like Arch, I'll set it up myself.03:55
KatsumeBliskDulak: What's this "it"? Cinnamon?03:55
DulakKatsumeBlisk: unity03:55
KatsumeBliskDulak: What distro you running on the desktop?03:55
brightsparkKatsumeBlisk: is that panel-looking item in cinnamon customisable in the way it is in gnome2?03:55
DulakKatsumeBlisk: debian stable03:55
KatsumeBliskDulak: Oh yeah. Sorry. Three conversations. :P03:55
DulakKatsumeBlisk: np03:55
KatsumeBliskbrightspark: Too a point. I'm not sure how many applets are available, but they're working on it.03:56
brightsparkKatsumeBlisk: thank you.  The lack of customisability is why I've been avoiding upgrading from Meerkat03:56
KatsumeBliskDulak: I like up-to-date software too much to run Debian stable or Ubuntu 10.04. :-/ I had to make a choice, GNOME 2 or the other software.03:56
KatsumeBliskbrightspark: Cinnamon is relatively young, so it may not be what you want out of it, but give it time. The Linux Mint guys want a GNOME 2-like DEe as well.03:57
DulakKatsumeBlisk: It just sucks so many things all decided to change at the same time, so the last 10 years of work making everything rock solid went out the window across the board.03:59
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=== orionsonofneptun is now known as webnet
r00t_anyone there04:00
KatsumeBliskDulak: It wouldn't have been such a big deal if only one had changed, preferably Ubuntu with Unity since we'd have GNOME Shell if Canonical didn't make Unity.04:00
KatsumeBliskDulak: GNOME Shell on Ubuntu I mean04:01
r00t_say something04:01
fre3birdi was wondering if i could get some assistance getting my soundcard working04:02
fre3birdusing 11.1004:02
webnetKatsumeBlisk, it kind of makes sense tho. lol. Unity starts with a U shouldnt it be called gubuntu if it had gnome the whole time? like kubuntu or fluxbuntu xubuntu. etc lol04:02
KatsumeBliskwebnet: No. Ubuntu has always had GNOME until Unity, which is still GNOME-based.04:03
Dulakwebnet: gnome was the default, you only needed the other names to differentiate between the default or not.04:03
webneti know. it was a joke. lol04:03
hex20decAnyone speak Spanish fluently?04:03
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:04
webnetKatsumeBlisk,  i know. it was a joke about the first letter04:04
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
hex20decAny native Spanish speakers can tell me if I have any mistakes here: http://pastebin.com/ey39ZnJp    Thanks.04:09
=== hemanth_ is now known as init0
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:10
KatsumeBliskhex20dec: There's a channel for Spanish speakers.04:10
webnetKatsumeBlisk, he speaks english i think he is looking for someone to proofread the messages in his code because he dont speak spanish04:11
m4vhex20dec: our channels are for Ubuntu support, not for help you with your spanish04:11
webnetwould that be correct hex20dec ?04:11
KatsumeBliskwebnet: I'm just trying to help. :P04:11
hex20decwebnet: Yes.04:11
webnetKatsumeBlisk, i know. lol. its all good04:11
webnethex20dec, after looking at your pastebin doc what does that have to do with ubuntu?04:12
hex20decwebnet: It's just the biggest channel, and other channels don't tend to respond.04:12
xpr3ssNeed help with netbeans, i manually installed it through Synaptic but it isnt showing up anywhere....04:13
webnethex20dec, ok but thats not what tghis channel is for. :(04:13
webnetxpr3ss, same happened to me04:13
xpr3ssno solution??04:13
hex20decJust a bit of help from a native speaker wouldn't harm anyone.04:13
webnetin terminal its i believe netbeans04:13
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: What DE, version, etc?04:13
KatsumeBliskhex20dec: that's not the purpose of this channel though.04:13
hex20decKatsumeBlisk: Okay, thanks anyways.04:14
webnetpangolin, plz PM me when you have a few minutes04:15
xpr3ssKatsumBlisk huh??04:16
xpr3ssversion 6.904:16
testing321thanks to free or open source software, I've rediscovered the real power of irc, it's instant, facebook doesn't compare04:16
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: What desktop environment are you using? What version of Ubuntu?04:17
xpr3ssoh..11.10 sorry04:17
webnetgnome? kde?04:17
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: No problem. :) Are you using Unity, the stock interfface?04:17
ineedhelpHello....I need help... but not sure where to go... VLC cannot play h264 suddenly04:23
ineedhelphow do I fix04:23
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
ineedhelpit says VLC does not support the audio or video format "h264". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.04:24
ineedhelpbut before it did play them04:24
sacarlsonineedhelp: what about restricted format package?04:25
ineedhelpsorry I do not understand... what does this mean?04:25
Dmoleis there an off topic chan somewhere?04:26
ineedhelpI was using N-muench ppa04:26
sacarlsonineedhelp: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats04:26
ineedhelpand i tried to make fix a problem with DLNA but now I cannot use it any04:27
Dmoleineedhelp: what are you trying to do?04:27
ineedhelpI WAS before trying to make it play over UPNP, but now It does not play H264 and I tried to reverse to the other version but it works none04:28
wiesshundin terminal, anyone have an idea why my arrow keys want to do things like take a screen shot instead of go up or down through previous commands, or move the cursor forward and back over a typed command?04:28
ineedhelpi tried get-deb and nmuench and cannonical04:28
ineedhelpI cannot remember what happened and I am not sure where to look for fix04:29
ineedhelpplease help04:29
ineedhelpsorry for my english.  I am not using a translation, so I can type more quick04:30
fre3birdi have a z68 motherboard running ubuntu and cannot get volume control see any soundcard.04:30
sacarlsonineedhelp: sounds like a codec problem to me,  see if you have the restricted extra's installed04:30
fre3birdis there a script that will nail this sucker down for me ?04:30
webnetpangolin, never mind04:30
fre3birdunity sound mixer shows no soundcard04:30
Sixmsjanyone know where clang++ is located04:31
Sixmsjim having the problem described in the link04:31
ineedhelpsacarlson: synaptic does say I have04:31
ineedhelpi should reinstall?04:32
sacarlsonineedhelp: can't hurt to try reinstall it04:32
ineedhelpthat worked none04:34
ineedhelptht did not work04:34
sacarlsonineedhelp: maybe try totum or mplayer04:35
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: Sorry. I was AFK for a moment. I'm not sure. It's not in the menu?04:35
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: Sorry, "Dash". :P04:35
sabgentonudevmon was replaced04:36
ineedhelpsacarlson: it plays in totem... Mplayer has another problem I do not know of... Sometimes plays but others files it does not... but I am not understand04:36
kelvinellahi how do i check whether my netbook is using broadcom or not?04:36
sabgentonwhat's the new command?04:36
sabgentonit's like something mon04:36
franz_there is a lot more people on #ubuntu than #windows04:36
sabgentonit's at's called freenode :P04:36
ineedhelpbut I have problems with pulseaudio so i do not like totem04:36
xpr3ssits like it isnt installed at all.04:37
kelvinellai have a netbook that has installed ubuntu 11.10 in it but the wireless keeps disconnecting04:37
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: Is it in /usr/bin (a launcher for it)?04:37
fre3birdcan anyone help me get this soundcard working on 11.10 ?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/885896/04:37
xpr3sslemme check04:37
fre3birdi see this in dmesg in regards to my soundcard hda-intel: no codecs initialized not seen by unity04:39
ineedhelpI dont like 11.04.  i have made more problems because pulseaudio causes a big problem.  So when I try to remove it and use mplayer, it was OK but some files not played...04:39
ineedhelpmade = has04:39
Ahaiosanyone who can help me with reinstall grub after xp installation?04:40
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: It doesn't seem like it's installed then. You used Synaptic, right? Can you try using the Software Center?04:40
ineedhelpwhile pulseautio is used, I get to hear tick tick tick tick tick04:40
fre3birdi'll volunteer 30 minutes of help if someone helps me get my soundcard working afterwards.  i'm out of practice though :)04:41
sabgentonxpr3ss: how do I get a monitor in the shell to show advents as I plug usb sticks in04:41
ineedhelpthen my sound plays... and also my CPU with pulse audio was sometimes 100% and it when removed it, the sound stopped and the cpu was lower than 10004:42
vnhi, I tried Jaunty, karmic, Lucid, Maverick, Natty, Oneiric and Precise, they all can boot on liveCD, they install fine from Natty, but with ALL of them, I cannot boot into after the install, I'm stuck with a blinking cursor, no sign of GRUB...its 2 fresh systems with at least a EFI BIOS, with i7-2600K and i7-3960X CPUs, any tips/help is/are welcome04:42
ineedhelpbut then totem does not work and because vlc has a problem i cannot understand, it makes me frustrated!!!  I added pulseaudio back but it still makes a noise and delay04:43
KatsumeBliskAhaios: Try this: http://kasunweranga.blogspot.com/2011/07/reinstall-grub2-after-installing.html It should work. It involves the Ubuntu live cd.04:43
ineedhelpso, if I can not have pulse audio and I can have vlc work,  I would be a very happy man04:43
xpr3ssubuntu software center-no go as well04:44
KatsumeBliskineedhelp: Those paying attention don't know the answer, so be patient. :)04:44
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: I'm not sure what to tell you then. Sorry. I'm not a user of netbeans, so I was just trying to solve for any package. You may want to try Google/the forums for an answer if it's netbeans specific.04:45
ineedhelpKatsumeBlisk: THANKS!  i know, already that you told me04:45
KatsumeBliskineedhelp: I haven't said anything to you before that. I was just pointing out that stating your problem every minute won't solve it. I was trying to do it nicely too.04:46
xpr3sswhat do you use??04:46
phpdrupalguyHow do i upgrade my php5.2 to 5.3 with 9.10? my repos are outdated and teh archives arnet working.04:46
xpr3sssabgenton, what are you trying to do..04:46
AhaiosKatsumeBlisk i have this problem "usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a partitionless disk or to a partition.  This is a BAD idea..04:46
Ahaios/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists.  However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and their use is discouraged..04:46
Ahaios/usr/sbin/grub-setup: error: will not proceed with blocklists.04:46
ineedhelpKatsumeBlisk: I understood you.  I am sorry for not saying more clear04:47
KatsumeBliskAhaios: Did you try to install it to a partition, like /dev/sda1 or the disk itself like /dev/sda?04:47
KatsumeBliskineedhelp: No worries. :)04:47
xpr3sscomplete install to HD04:48
xpr3sssmartest idea, and if you need to run other OS use virtualbox04:48
ineedhelpKatsumeBlisk: takk for help04:48
xpr3ssor possible reformat of partition later on(advanced, risky)04:49
vnis a default ubuntu install setting up a MBR or a GPT?04:49
bc81question: i'm unable to format usb HDD to hfs, xfs, reiser etc..only options are ext*, fat*, linux-swap and ntfs.  any idea why?04:50
phpdrupalguyHow do i upgrade my php5.2 to 5.3 with 9.10? my repos are outdated and teh archives arnet working.04:50
sabgentonxpr3ss: udevmonitor was replaced logg ago04:51
Fyodorovnavn, that link is for a mbr set up not gpt. Post a thread at the Ubuntu forums for best help on this maybe.04:51
sabgentonwith udevadm monitor04:51
sabgenton(I found it)04:51
sabgentonok acutally udevmonitor was just a symlink that the removed04:51
sabgentonjust to anoy me04:51
vnFyodorovna: ehhh...what link?04:51
KatsumeBliskAhaio: Bot may help.04:52
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:52
jri need some help04:52
xpr3ssKatsumeBlisk, what IDe do you use??04:53
KatsumeBliskAhaios: See above^^ Sorry. Misspelled your name.04:53
Fyodorovnavn, the one your using that gets the errors from KatsumeBlisk I assume.04:53
jranyone knows what this means for chkrootkit log?04:53
jrSearching for suspicious files and dirs, it may take a while... The following suspicious files and directories were found:04:53
jr/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/.path /usr/lib/xulrunner- /usr/lib/thunderbird-3.1.19/.autoreg04:53
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: I just use gedit/Kate (depending on DE) and compile via the command line for C++. I use Eclipse for Java.04:53
vnFyodorovna: nah, no such problem here, not even an error..04:53
xpr3sswhat about python and perl??04:54
jrthat's what i get from scanning with chkrootkit04:54
Fyodorovnavn, ah you were asking a question of the efi booter, my bad.04:55
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: I don't know them yet. They're on my todolist for languages. I'm still a student.04:55
vnFyodorovna: yep04:55
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: Based on my limited knowledge, Python would be the same as I do with C++ since it's not even compiled.04:55
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AhaiosKatsumeBlisk what i have to do with that error?  r/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a partitionless disk or to a partition.  This is a BAD idea04:57
FyodorovnaAhaios, that link is for a mbr set up not gpt. Post a thread at the Ubuntu forums for best help on this maybe.04:58
KatsumeBliskAhaios: I'm not sure. I've only had to do what you're attempting once. You are trying to install it to the right drive right?04:58
KatsumeBliskAhaios: Also, Fyodorovna made a point. This is MBR?04:58
trial_and_errorAHH! I downloaded ubuntu for my usb but clicked "open" instead of "save" now i cant find the file anywhare! any suggestions?04:59
KatsumeBlisktrial_and_error: You can either find it in the /tmp directory (I believe, not sure) or you can just redownload it.05:00
trial_and_errorthank you, ill look05:00
Ahaiosi tried all the ways and is not effect05:00
KatsumeBliskActually, tmp may not exist05:00
Ahaiosis always errors05:00
KatsumeBliskI'm not using Ubuntu, so I'm not sure.05:00
Ahaiosand the MBR is messed up...i tried with Boot-repair and is no effect05:01
KatsumeBlisktrial_and_error: I would just redownload it. Wherever it was will be a place where it'll be deleted once space is needed.05:01
Aesthenauti cant paste in putty05:01
Aesthenautany recommended ssh clients i could paste in?05:01
trial_and_errori will just have to redownload it , thanks05:01
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
AhaiosKatsumeBlisk http://paste.ubuntu.com/885839/05:02
xpr3ssbest programming language to learn first...INPUT??05:02
Ahaiosthats what boot-repair gave me...can you understand anything?05:02
webnetxpr3ss, depends on what you want to build05:02
=== AcidRain2012 is now known as AcidRain
xpr3ssi dont know, i love ubuntu and security05:03
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: What?05:03
KatsumeBliskAhaios: No. I'm just verifying, you attempted to install to the drive and not a partition right, /dev/sda instead of /dev/sda5?05:04
trial_and_errordoes anyone know a good place to start to learn python?05:04
webnetxpr3ss, well if you want something that runs 100% guarunteed cross platform go web based05:04
Ahaiosi tried both and i have the same error05:04
xpr3ssKatsumeBlisk, want input on first programming language?05:04
KatsumeBlisktrial_and_error: Google "learn python the hard way". I've heard it's a good resource.05:04
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: My first was C++. Depends on what you want to do.05:05
webnetlike i said05:05
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: C++ is easy enough, imo, but it's powerful.05:05
KatsumeBliskwebnet: Yes. I'm just stating I agree. :P05:05
xpr3ssgosh i hate c++, but everywhere i turn around i hear it lol05:05
xpr3ssguess i might as well hit that up05:05
webnetik i was saying it to xpr3ss05:05
webnetwe r on the same page bro05:06
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: I like it. Granted, it's my main language.05:06
webneti program in  PHP/HTML505:06
xpr3ssphp or perl??05:06
webneti do PHP05:06
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: What are you trying to get out of this language?05:07
webnetwell... a combo of PHP/HTML/JS/CSS and MySQL05:07
KatsumeBliskwebnet: While it's necessary, I'm not a fan of SQL. XD It's got weird syntax because it tries to be too user-friendly.05:07
KatsumeBliskwebnet: I did just start learning SQL this year though.05:08
webnetKatsumeBlisk, yeah. and oracle now owns it.... im not an oracle fan though i love java05:08
KatsumeBliskwebnet: Same. Well, I don't *love* Java, but it's decent.05:08
webnetKatsumeBlisk, is it C or c++ you can use with... aww what the h3ll is that nokia IDE05:08
xpr3sswebnet, goodness thats dangerous lol05:08
webnetshoot. i cannot think of it05:08
KatsumeBliskwebnet: Pardon?05:08
KatsumeBliskwebnet: Qt?05:09
webnetKatsumeBlisk, THATS IT!05:09
webnetxpr3ss, what is?05:09
webnetoracle owning mysql?05:09
KatsumeBliskwebnet: C++. I'm not sure about C with it though. Qt is a great library. Never used it myself on the developer side of things05:10
KatsumeBliskwebnet: Qt is very cross platform.05:10
xpr3sswebnet a combo of PHP/HTML/JS/CSS and MySQL05:10
webneti like that abou qt05:10
KatsumeBliskwebnet: Me too. :D05:11
xpr3ssQt isnt only for c++05:11
webnetwhat is dangerous about that xpr3ss05:11
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: He's a master of the interwebs! >:D05:11
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: I didn't think so. I haven't looked at it in a while.05:11
trial_and_errordownload time: 55min 30 sec...  im so impatient05:11
webnetxpr3ss, might be c++ only05:11
xpr3ssKatsumeBlisk i know he is.05:11
webnet:D i try :P05:12
xpr3sslol of course you do05:12
hemanth kirataka00705:12
=== hemanth is now known as kirataka007
xpr3sshave a good night everyone05:17
KatsumeBliskxpr3ss: Likewise. :)05:17
KatsumeBliskWell, good night. Hope I helped *some* people out. ;)05:18
Nicolas_Leonida2hi, I have to type this every time I wanna ssh into the server ssh -i mykey.pem ubuntu@server05:29
Nicolas_Leonida2is there a way I can just type "ssh server" without specifying user and key?05:29
MkaysiNicolas_Leonida2: Yes, man ssh_config05:30
researcher123!file permission05:31
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ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier05:31
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:31
triscuitis it easy to upgrade to a newer version if your home is encrypted?05:32
Nicolas_Leonida2Mkaysi: is there an interactive program to do it? or a sample ~/.ssh/config file?05:32
MkaysiNicolas_Leonida2: There isn't, but I can pastebin one05:33
Nicolas_Leonida2Mkaysi: that would be very nice05:34
=== orion is now known as Guest48488
MkaysiNicolas_Leonida2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/885920/05:35
MkaysiNicolas_Leonida2: With that config you would only need to run "ssh ssh-server" and it would run "ssh mkaysi@mkaysi.dyndns.org -p 22"05:35
Nicolas_Leonida2Mkaysi: reading the man page, I think I need to add the key too, to avoid the -i option05:38
Nicolas_Leonida2IdentityFile possibly?05:39
MkaysiNicolas_Leonida2: Then just add "IdentityFile /home/username/location/of/the/key"05:39
Nicolas_Leonida2YaaaaaaaaY it works, thank you Mkaysi05:40
jiffe98when ubuntu is booting up and sys waiting for network configuration, is there a way not to way ?05:40
MkaysiNicolas_Leonida2: You're welcome :)05:44
crfripperguys, I installed partclone from ubuntu software center, but can't find it on my system?05:45
crfripperanyone use it?05:45
ehmcrfripper, "can't find it"? Have you tried the command line?05:46
crfripperyes tried sudo partclone05:46
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=== Guest48662 is now known as eddie_
scottjis there a way to redirect logging output of a command to a file but have the file not grow beyond a certain size?05:48
crfripperhmm, from reading maybe I'm supposed to use clonezilla live cd05:49
crfripperthat makes more sense05:49
crfripperexcuse the newbsauce05:49
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_0x783czarHello, I recently tried changing my ubuntu server's hostname with the hostname command as well as editing /etc/hostname but now I regularly get a unable to resolve hostname error when I use sudo, any ideas?05:49
crfripperdunno what point downloaded partclone from ubntu software center is though?05:50
CoolCoderHi, I have installed libreoffice on ubuntu server. I have started the "soffice --headless" on terminal, but not success in assign port. Please check the terminal commands and results http://paste.ubuntu.com/885936/05:56
jiffe98anything I can do if ubuntu is stuck at "Stopping Failsafe boot delay" ?05:57
_0x783czarfixed my hostname issue, thank-you though06:01
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banpdtr_How to change my password..??06:05
satishfems for rp06:05
satishFEMALE FOR RP06:05
quakigHelp pls with jack2.. i get the follwoing error in the log file - ERROR: control open "/dev/audio" (No such file or directory)06:08
daxsatish: #ubuntu is a technical support channel, and freenode is a technical and free-software network. We are not a dating service.06:10
quakigHey can any one help me configure jack2.. I get the follwoing error message ERROR: control open "/dev/audio" (No such file or directory)- What should i do06:11
hear_notry making that directory ?06:11
quakigjust a blank directory.. you mean ??06:11
Flannelorionsonofneptun: Looks like you're good.  Thanks.06:11
turkzonlineive just installed 12.0406:12
turkzonlinehowever it is not up for release until next month06:12
turkzonlinemy questsion is06:12
turkzonlineis the current version i have, the final version06:12
turkzonlineor will there be further revisions to it06:12
turkzonlinebefore the release date06:12
FloodBot1turkzonline: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:12
orionsonofneptunok why wont a blank dvd rw show up in ubuntu 11.10 it dont even spin inoptical drive but other cds work ok whats the deal06:13
quakighear_no .. you mean just a blank directory06:13
skinnytopturkzonline, 12.04 is still in beta I believe06:13
hear_noquakig, yea why not06:13
hear_noif it doesn't work chunk it06:13
quakighear_no Oh Ok will try and rever back  thanks06:14
turkzonlinehow can 12.04 be beta when the release date is next month, i mean how much could they change before then?06:14
=== reith2004__ is now known as reith2004
orionsonofneptunok why wont a blank dvd rw show up in ubuntu 11.10 it dont even spin inoptical drive but other cds work ok whats the deal06:15
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: are you sure that it's a dvd drive?06:17
orionsonofneptunit says dvd rom on it06:18
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: yeh, ok well... where do you expect it to show up exactly?06:18
dr-willisturkzonline:  theres a schedule they follow. there can still be bug fixs and other updates06:18
hydrox24 turkzonline quite a lot actually, though mostly bugs.06:19
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases06:19
orionsonofneptunwhen you put a blank in pc it spins then a shell appears in ubuntu 11.10 saying whats on cd06:19
orionsonofneptunthats not happening06:19
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: open up your file browser and look the the top left06:20
orionsonofneptunit just tryes to spin then stops06:20
dr-willisMightyTravis026:  theres no need to msg me.06:20
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: it should be there06:20
banpdtr_Could anyone tell me how to change the root password??06:20
hydrox24banpdtr_: can you log in as root?06:20
dr-willisbanpdtr_: there is none be default. use sudo as needed06:20
banpdtr_hydrox24: yes, I can type "su" and get logged in06:21
orionsonofneptunbut if it dont spin how can it ever show up06:21
hydrox24banpdtr_: what dr-willis said is also correct, you shouldn't need to change root password06:21
orionsonofneptuni said it wont even spin06:21
dr-willisuse sudo normally. not su.06:21
banpdtr_I want to the difference between "sudo" and "su" .. pls anyone tell me06:22
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: not sure, but can you please check?06:22
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo06:22
orionsonofneptunothers do spin thou06:22
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.06:22
dr-willissu swithchs users. sudo has other features06:22
orionsonofneptuni checked to look like dummy and like i said its not there06:22
quakigJackd2 configuration - error cannot start jack ERROR: control open "/dev/audio" (No such file or directory) Help please.. I made a blank directory /dev/audio .. still does not work06:23
orionsonofneptunif it dont spin then there is no way it will show anywhere06:23
orionsonofneptuni canhear it trying to spin it then it stops06:23
dr-willismaking a blank a /dev/audio would seem... weird06:23
dr-willis!info jackd206:24
ubottujackd2 (source: jackd2): JACK Audio Connection Kit (server and example clients). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.7~dfsg-1ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 493 kB, installed size 1700 kB06:24
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: can you tell me if there is output of "ls /dev/ | grep dvd"06:24
orionsonofneptunhydrox24  how do i do that06:25
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: can you open a terminal?06:25
quakigdr-willis.. thanks any other idea..06:25
dr-willisquakig:  nope. jackd confuses me06:25
trial_and_errorwell, i have succesfully downloaded ubuntu to my usb drive, now how do i run it?06:25
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: do so,  then copy the text I sent you and click on the terminal, the key combo to paste is ctrl-shift V06:25
orionsonofneptunwhat does that do06:26
dr-willistrial_and_error: use a tool to 'burn' it to flash. boot the flash06:26
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: It will tell me if you have a dvd device06:26
dr-willispendrivelinux sti06:26
dr-willissite has tools.06:26
MightyTravis026i am in an argument with my friend jayden. he thinks dat the xbox360 is a better system then the wii, and i think he is wrong. what do u think? well if u think that i am rite and he is wrong den just say that i am so i can show jayden and show him who is boss. i mean come on zelda mario metroid is far better than tears of war boringlo fatten or biolame. FUCK XBOX! GO WII!06:26
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: just tell me if there is any output.06:26
trial_and_error what i was asking was how do you boot the flash?06:26
orionsonofneptunit says dvd06:27
dr-willisMightyTravis026: take it elsewhere. this is ubuntu support06:27
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: OK, that means that the device is definetely there.06:27
orionsonofneptuni know that already06:27
quakighow to point jack at the audio device ??06:27
orionsonofneptuni said it starts to spin then stops06:27
trial_and_errorhow do you boot the flash?06:28
orionsonofneptunso it obviously senses it06:28
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
MightyTravis026sorry man but i need an answer my friend jayden is an idiot06:28
orionsonofneptunand it works with other cds ok06:28
MightyTravis026and no one is talking in other chat rooms06:28
dr-willisquakig:  check the jack homepage and docs06:28
dr-willisMightyTravis026:  thats not our problem.06:28
dr-willisMightyTravis026:  and its a stupid argument06:29
=== rymate1234_ is now known as rymate1234
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: you're gonna need to get your story straight, before you said it "didn't even spin" and now it *does* spin but then it stops?06:29
hydrox24dr-willis: don't feed the troll06:30
orionsonofneptuni said it starts to spin then stops06:30
trial_and_errorcan someone please tell me the correct way to boot my flash06:30
orionsonofneptunand other cds work fine06:30
dr-willisive seen optical disks spin then stop if the laser cant.read the disks. chevk dmesg output for errors06:30
orionsonofneptunhow to determine if its ubuntu issue or hardware06:31
dr-willistrial_and_error:  put the iso on the flash with a tool. reboot pc. tell it to boot frim flash06:31
st1if I add up all the memory  by each processes, the number is smaller than what FREE says (minus cache/buffer of course), how do I know what's responsible for this?06:33
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html06:33
st1yes I read all those06:33
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: try the cdrecord program to test writing to the cd06:33
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: It's tricky to test if it can be read because there is no data on it.06:34
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: can you lay your hand on a DVD *with* some data already on it?06:34
quakigis there a way i could get adminstrative powers in GUI -- without needing to get into the terminal>>sudo ??06:34
=== LargePrime is now known as Guest95273
st1i'm thinking about this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/794843 but I don't know what package is responsible06:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 794843 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "Wallpaper slideshow memory leak" [Undecided,New]06:34
=== MightyTravis026 is now known as Poop_Stink_Stenc
orionsonofneptunok maybee people just joining in can help me determine if this is ubuntu 11.10 issue or hardware when i put in dvdrw in drive it starts to spin then stops other cds work ok so whats the deal06:35
dr-willisquakig: depends on what you.want to.do06:35
orionsonofneptunok ill check06:35
dr-willisorionsonofneptun:  that makes.sence to.me.if.the disk has no data on it06:35
quakigi simply want to do things like copy paste etc in the root without having to tyupe commands in the terminal06:35
dr-willisquakig: you can run the.file manager as root.06:36
hydrox24quakig: try this "gksu nautilus" that will provide you with a admin-powered up GUI file browser06:36
=== Poop_Stink_Stenc is now known as Bunghole_Pass_Ga
st1https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/952108 also this one, while I also have slideshow wallpaper, but I don't see ram usage go up for xorg or nautilus06:36
elkngthere is "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=35087" a command for backing up root directory: "tar cvpzf backup.tgz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/backup.tgz --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys /", is there need for "--exclude=/backup.tgz", wont it be excluded automaticaly ?06:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 952108 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "[Precise] Nautilus: memory leak" [Medium,Triaged]06:36
orionsonofneptunif disk has no data it will open shell saying it empty06:36
dr-willisbe Carefull with nautilus as.root06:36
hydrox24what are you referring to as a shell?06:37
orionsonofneptunthier is always conformation of disk existance blank or not06:37
hydrox24a window?06:37
st1so I don't even know what package or where to report06:37
orionsonofneptunthe window as bill gates puts it06:37
orionsonofneptunreally is a shell06:37
dr-willisa.optical disk can be empty or unformated.. different things06:37
Talismanwhere does the packages database reside on the filesystem, please?06:37
orionsonofneptundr-willis im lost on that note06:38
orionsonofneptunwhat packages06:38
=== Bunghole_Pass_Ga is now known as Urine_Toilet_Pap
Talismanthe database of packages06:38
hydrox24Talisman: as in the apt cache?06:39
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
Talismanorionsonofneptun, empty and unformatted are two very different things.06:39
=== Urine_Toilet_Pap is now known as MightyTravis026
Talismanhydrox24, I'm guessing, but ya06:39
orionsonofneptuntell me how it makes a difference06:39
orionsonofneptunempty and unformatted06:40
dr-willisorionsonofneptun: if i put a new from the box disk that has never been written to disk.. in the drive. i recall it spins up then stops. theres no filesystem on the disk. so running the filemanager makes no sence.06:40
Talismanunformatted is unitialized - meaning it has no filesystem06:40
Talismanempty means it has a filesystem, but no files06:40
Talismanlayman enough for you?06:40
hydrox24Talisman: try /var/cache/apt/06:41
hydrox24Talisman: somewhere in there06:41
Talismanhydrox24, tyvm06:41
dr-willisa blank book.. vs a pile of wood paste. ;)06:41
Talismanlol, yeh06:41
orionsonofneptunwhy does blank cd spin ok earlier is it different than dvd rw06:41
dr-willisi rarely use cd-rw or other rewriteable media like that06:42
Talismanhydrox24, that's cool, but I'm looking more for the index of the packages than the packages themselves.06:42
orionsonofneptunwell it also wont spin a cd r06:42
dr-willisburn some data to them. thats the real test.. i dont recall the core problem with this optical drive discussio06:43
orionsonofneptunbut it will spin os cd06:43
orionsonofneptunits cd r06:43
dr-willisan os-cd has data on it.  and a filesystem..06:44
dr-willisso it reads the data... and mounts the disk06:44
hydrox24Talisman: you can list all installed packages with "dpkg --get-selections"06:44
Talismanhydrox24, and the uninstalled ones?06:45
orionsonofneptunhold on i cant think06:45
Talismanor rather, "not installed"06:45
Talismanhydrox24, in essence, I want to browse the list of packages instead of trying to install by hit and miss.06:46
orionsonofneptunbut always before blank cds show up in shell06:46
dr-willisorionsonofneptun:  i dont recall seeing that happen.06:47
orionsonofneptuni do06:47
dr-willisblank = launch a burner app.[06:47
dr-williswhich is disabable i recall06:47
hydrox24Talisman: you can dump the names of all packages in the cache using "apt-cache sump"06:47
hydrox24Talisman: you can dump the names of all packages in the cache using "apt-cache dump"06:47
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto06:48
Talismanhydrox24, aah. ok, thanks06:48
hydrox24Talisman: if you want to browse packages from the CLI I recommend aptitude06:48
DulakTalisman: use synaptic to browse uninstalled packages, it's much nicer than going through a 70k+ line text file06:48
mylisto23can someone please help me to get my 10.04 back up and running...06:49
mylisto23I think its a problem with grub06:49
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:50
Talismanhydrox24, Dulak, aptitude or synaptic... thanks, I'll try them both.06:50
DulakTalisman: one is for the command line, the other for the GUI06:52
vnis ubuntu supposed to support AHCI?06:53
vnI just switches sata mode from AHCI to IDE and everything boots..06:54
TalismanDulak, yeh, I've got them both now - I work a lot in the command line so I'll probably use that one as much as the other :-)06:54
=== MightyTravis026 is now known as Dookie_Tinkle_Br
orionsonofneptunok maybee people just joining in can help me determine if this is ubuntu 11.10 issue or hardware when i put in dvdrw in drive it starts to spin then stops other cds work ok so whats the deal07:00
orionsonofneptunin the past its always spun and opened shell regardless of whats on disk07:01
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=== Dookie_Tinkle_Br is now known as Diarrhea_Toilet_
hydrox24orionsonofneptun: are you able to put in a DVD that has something already on it?07:03
orionsonofneptunyup and some work and some dont07:03
=== Diarrhea_Toilet_ is now known as Diarrhea_Caca_Fl
dr-willischeck 'dmesg' output when inserting disks that have known data on them.07:04
dr-willisit may show some sort of read errors.07:04
JatuWhat problem are we having ? His drive not reading discs ?07:04
orionsonofneptunwell the only one i got that works works fine07:04
dr-willisso.... burn some data to the others as a test...07:05
orionsonofneptunim trying to get sony handycam dvd rw to open shell and say clean disk07:05
orionsonofneptunit should i think07:05
=== Diarrhea_Caca_Fl is now known as Waste_Tinkle_Flu
dr-willisif you are blanking a rw media.. the burner tools can do that. im not sure if ubuntu sure if ubuntu supports using a rw disk as a 'big floppy'07:07
dr-willisspam message from Waste_Tinkle_Flu .... please dont do that Waste_Tinkle_Flu07:07
=== Waste_Tinkle_Flu is now known as Stinky_Dinglehop
JatuYeah might try it on a different os unless Ubuntu is the only OS you have available at the moment. If say you have windows try doing on that see if it works there.07:08
dr-willisisent there some mode setting where you only can get msgs from regiestered nicks..07:08
orionsonofneptunhe should be banned just for his name lol07:08
JatuTHat's my best suggestion. And yes getting quite annoying seeing his name change every 2 minutes.07:09
dr-willisif its reading data from his one data disk... and can burn to his one rw disk.. sounds like its working07:10
JatuThen what is the forseen problem ?07:10
orionsonofneptunok then ill let the issue go until i want to burn a disk07:11
JatuSome disk just not allowing it to be written to. Cause from all I read was he wanted to clean disk.07:11
orionsonofneptunbut sony handycam dvd rw little disk should work ok right07:11
dr-willisJatu:  sounds like hes expecting the filemanager to popup on an empty optical disk.. which makesa no sence to me07:11
JatuLol I kinda probably missed half of the conversation.07:11
JatuAh I see what you mean then.07:11
orionsonofneptundr-willis yes07:11
dr-willisdvd rw little disk .. HUH07:12
orionsonofneptunit has done that always07:12
dr-willisa mini dvd-rw07:12
orionsonofneptunyup 1.4 gb07:12
dr-willisnever seen one07:12
orionsonofneptunaccu core07:12
mylisto23so I'm having a hard time booting into my 10.04 installation07:12
JatuIf anything only pop-up I would imagine appearing is something along the lines of "What do you want to do with this disk" also could be that driver or ubuntu is having problems reading a mini dvd'07:12
orionsonofneptuninteresting disk07:12
orionsonofneptunwell were getting alittle of ubuntu huh07:13
=== tiago_ is now known as Linux7
dr-willismylisto23:  what does it do...07:13
=== orion is now known as Guest35017
=== Guest35017 is now known as orionsonofneptun
mylisto23dr-willis: it just sits there07:14
dr-willismylisto23:  where? at grub? at bios..07:14
dr-williswe need details07:14
mylisto23so I used a livecd and chose "repair grub"...I did that on the main hd07:14
mylisto23I think its at the grub07:15
dr-willisso you see what exactly?07:15
=== tiago_ is now known as Linux7
mylisto23then yesterday it wasn't booting so someone told me to hold down the shift key and low and behold it worked...now today after a restart not even holding down the shift key will show the grub menu07:15
mylisto23now I just get a black screen with a flashing cursor07:15
orionsonofneptunok what controls does ubuntu 11.10 have for optical drive07:15
dr-willisshift keys shows the grub menu if its set to hide.07:16
mylisto23I've got supergrub disk on thumbdrive now07:16
orionsonofneptunwhere to find ubuntu master07:17
mylisto23I'm at a loss for what I need to do07:17
dr-willisvague questions are vague....07:17
orionsonofneptunubuntu master technologist07:17
JatuI know bodhi_zazen in #ubuntuforums  is a very knowledged person but he is currently not on.07:17
dr-willismylisto23:  id try a ubuntu live cd and that fixboot tool07:18
mylisto23fixboot tool?07:18
mylisto23where is it located?07:18
JatuWOuld check there a few times to see if he could help.07:18
techquilaI got a random issue thats got me stuffed and would appreciate some ideas if ya have any... I can't access youtube from any browser whatsoever... its not blocked at my router, I admin my network and haven't blocked it anywhere.. have run an update recently and suspect its happened from there but can't be sure.. it makes no sense... any ideas?07:18
dr-willisthat url mentions it. i rarely use it07:18
JatuTechquila simple question07:18
mylisto23what url?07:19
dr-willisthe bot seems dead. it gave the url earlier07:19
JatuGotta think of how I was gonna word this just lost my trail of thoughts07:19
techquilaJatu: as in you want one or are ya just sayin?07:19
JatuIS your adobe flash player and related stuff up to date ? Try updating plugins on firefox and working from there ?07:20
mylisto23dr-willis: doesn't super grub disk do the same thing?07:20
JatuAs I can't see a ubuntu update preventing you from watching stuff on youtube. Unless ofcourse something got deleted while replacing something else.07:20
dr-willismylisto23:  i suggest using the actual ubuntu disk and tools.. since you tried to fix it with supergrub and it failed...07:21
techquilaits not flash related I don't think.. its just not finding the site.  I used to watch youtube fine... i'm current on all flash,,etc... but use html5 anyways now07:21
JatuOh not finding the site like what does it tell you ?07:21
JatuWhen you try to access it07:21
techquilathats just it.. nothing.. its searches and searches and times out07:21
thatsashokguys need help in recovering data from accidentally formatted partition07:21
techquilano other problems with any other browsing though Jatu07:21
thatsashokany tools available for that in ubuntu ?07:21
techquilarandom hey07:22
dr-willisthatsashok:  formated how07:22
JatuWeird never encountered this myself but then again I stay away from updating to much.07:22
thatsashokdr-willis: my frind did it by mistake07:22
JatuAfter it times out does it just hang on a blank page ?07:22
techquilacan't confirm it was the update.. just that happened this week around the same time this problem occured07:22
dr-willisthatsashok: ... yes... what filesystem and tools....07:22
thatsashokdr-willis: NTFS07:23
techquilajust trying it again to double check.. just seem to endlessly be "waiting for www.youtube.com"07:23
=== tristan_ is now known as tpl2000
thatsashokdr-willis: he used disk utility under system>administration he is in 10.1007:23
techquilaother machines on the network can connect fine.. just my main machine07:23
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel07:24
tpl2000Does anyone know the commands for installing PyGTK 2.10.0, GTK.Glade, and GTK+ 2.10.0?07:24
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
=== Richard_Cavell_ is now known as Richard_Cavell
JatuHmm I really am stumped to what could be causing your problem.07:24
techquilahehe.. now theres two of us!07:25
JatuSo all other machines on same network can connect fine. Different browsers can connect 2 it fine.07:25
JatuIs that right ?07:26
thatsashokdr-willis: thanks going through it now07:26
tpl2000Does anyone know what repository PyGTK, GTK.Glade, and GTK+ are in?07:26
dr-willis!find pygtk07:27
ubottuFound: python-zbarpygtk07:27
techquilayup ..every other machine has no problems... just specific to this machine and is a problem with every browser I use on this machine: Opera, Chrome, and FF07:27
ItsMeLennythey usually are in the main repo07:27
tpl2000!find gtk.glade07:27
ubottuFile gtk.glade found in drivel, gnunet-gtk, gvrng, likewise-open-gui, macchanger-gtk, mdk, ndisgtk07:27
tpl2000Nope, I can't control the bot07:27
tpl2000!find gtk+07:28
ubottuFound: appmenu-gtk, appmenu-gtk3, checkbox-gtk, emacs23, emacs23-nox, gftp-gtk, gir1.2-dbusmenu-gtk-0.4, gir1.2-dbusmenu-gtk3-0.4, gir1.2-gtk-2.0, gir1.2-gtkclutter-1.0 (and 493 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gtk%2B&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all07:28
dr-willisfind looks for fileames. and gives what package use !info packagename for details07:28
JatuCheck though like you said it probably said worth a try making sure adobe flash player is up to date or the current plugins are installed if all else fails check to see if the updates were important and if not system recovery lol.07:28
ItsMeLennygtk3 has its own python bindings07:28
tpl2000!info gir1.2-dbusmenu-gtk-0.407:29
ubottugir1.2-dbusmenu-gtk-0.4 (source: libdbusmenu): typelib file for libdbusmenu-gtk4. In component main, is optional. Version 0.5.0-0ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 5 kB, installed size 108 kB07:29
JatuWoops mis worded that. Even  though you said it probably isn't I would still suggest checking plug-ins and seeing what is enabled and what isn't07:29
JatuCould be a problem with a certain program running also.07:29
mylisto23I'm trying to use super grub to fix my ubuntu installation...when I tried to fix grub I got "error 15: file not found booting 'not lucky'"07:29
techquilayea just looking into the updates now.. I remember there was a chrome update... will do.. .bbs07:29
Jatukk good luck07:29
JatuMylisto is a livecd you are trying to use to install with ?07:30
tpl2000Meh. Does anyone know a good Ubuntu alternative to cpu-z?07:30
mylisto23jatu: I'm using a flashdrive with super grub disk right now07:30
JatuHow much space is on the flash drive ?07:31
mylisto234 gigs I think07:31
JatuHmm the file not found sounds like either the drive is being misread or you got corrupt data.07:32
k013hi, doubt, please help! when booting up ubuntu 11.10, it alternatively flickers between black screen and login screen, unable to login, what to do?07:32
tpl2000Did you checksum the USB drive, Mylisto?07:32
mylisto23I'm ready to take a baseball bat to my comptuer now07:32
mylisto23no I didn't tpl2000:07:32
fre3birdi'm very aware of why no one helped me with my sound card issue07:33
tpl2000You may want to try that first before "installing" more hardware07:33
JatuBe patient lol. I'm trying to switch to another linux -os and just making the bootable usb is taking ages.07:33
JatuTime solves all problems.07:33
tpl2000Except for the ones that get progressively worse07:34
mylisto23this is such b.s.  ubuntu totally fried my installation07:34
JatuI doubt it was ubuntu =/07:34
tpl2000Anyone, cpu-z alternative?07:34
mylisto23Jatu: I didn't do anything different...07:34
techquilaJatu: you sound like a busy man so I won't keep bugging you.. this is in the x files i reckon07:34
techquilano luch07:34
JatuLol techquila I am not busy I just try to help out07:34
JatuWIth the little bit of information I do know07:35
JatuI'm still learning myself.07:35
techquilamylisto23:  ubuntu don't do nothing... its a tool.. users fry their own systems07:35
fre3birdi'm not banned from anything (google)07:35
k013hi, please help! when booting up ubuntu 11.10, it alternatively flickers between black screen and login screen, unable to login, what to do?07:36
JatuWhat are you booting off of ?07:36
jswagnerk013: ATI?07:36
JatuAlso ATI like he said07:37
k013jatu - hp laptop dv6, jswagner - nvidia geforce with cuda07:37
JatuLiveCd or Usb did you make it correctly ? Are your drivers compatible with it ?07:37
k013jatu - its a dual boot system, was working well untill yeterday!07:38
techquilacan you log in at all k013 or it happens when you boot in07:38
tpl2000What happened yesterday? o.o07:38
JatuThat was about to be my question. What changed from yesterday ?07:39
techquilai had a similar issue on an older machine that just couldn't handle unity07:39
k013tpl2000 - firefox malfunctioned, so i uninstalled and reinstalled it that's all, nothing else, but the issue was not fixed, contd07:39
techquilaso i switch to classic and sweet07:39
JatuWait you reinstalled the OS because firefox malfunctioned ?07:40
techquilasurely just firefox07:40
k013contd when is switch windows using alt+tab the firebox browser simply closed, that was the issue!07:40
k013reinstalled firefox jatu07:41
AdvoWorkfor some reason, my dvdrw has stopped working in ubuntu 10.04. No errors in /var/log/messages Any ideas what I can do please? It doesn't auto pop up when I put a dvd in, and when I right click > send to disc, it only gives the option to burn to image, not the disk :S dmesg | grep dvd shows its there..07:41
JatuAh kk just wanted to make sure lol.07:41
tpl2000Advowork: Have you tried turning it off and on again?07:41
JatuUm you still got a live cd or usb stick ?07:41
techquilahahaha tpl07:41
mylisto23yeah I do07:41
techquilaIT Crowd?07:41
mylisto23I've got both07:41
tpl2000Techquila: Yep ;) Still the first question you should ask yourself in troubleshooting07:42
JatuTry booting from one of those and see if it works.07:42
techquilatpl2000, my favourite series of all time07:42
k013techquila - unable to login at all07:42
tpl2000techquila: Mine too =] Any clue when s5 is starting?07:42
JatuIf it works that way something on your drive could have corrupted the current settings or drivers is what I'm thinking though I could be totally wrong.07:42
k013jatu is there a safe mode which i can boot into?07:43
JatuSo I suggest checking if you can boot a liveOS from cd/usb and if screen still flashes I would suggest trying your other os and checking your drivers.07:43
techquilak013: you been using this install for a while i take it?07:43
AdvoWorktpl2000, yeah done that, no difference07:43
techquilatpl2000, I didn't think there was one coming07:43
k013techquila - yes since it was released07:44
JatuCause screen flashing more or less sounds like a driver issue if anything,07:44
tpl2000techquila: Doesn't seem to me like they would've stopped it at season 4, I'll check later07:44
mylisto23jatu: are you talking to me?07:44
Jatumylisto23 : yes I am07:44
tpl2000Advowork: Do you have a separate machine or OS you could test the drive with? We need to make sure it isn't the drive's fault07:44
JatuOh no07:44
mylisto23there is not screen flashing07:44
AdvoWorktpl2000, i haven't unfortunaetyely as its a laptop one :S07:45
JatuWait yes07:45
JatuSo many things being said lol07:45
JatuI almost got lost mylisto23 yes I am talking to you.07:45
techquilak013 i agree with Jatu.. unless hardware problem... firefox issue would not have caused this07:45
techquilayou may need to boot in with live cd and attempt recovery07:45
k013techquila - ok is there a safe mode, how do i login in?07:45
JatuAdvoWork : Try taking out your dvd drive reboot without it in. Then turn off and reinsert like that ?07:46
tpl2000advowork: There are alternative methods for everything you listed as being a problem. Can you still burn to dvd with brasero, and does it still read disks?07:46
JatuI really did get mixed up in 2 conversations07:46
JatuGood I am to adhd.07:46
Jatumylisto23 : sorry what was your problem again07:47
JatuI see my mistake I was talking to 2 people at once and got way to lost.07:47
techquilaK013  whats your level of experience with ubuntu?  not trying to be a dick just will help me help you07:47
Aesthenautare there tons of problems with mounting ios devices on ubuntu?07:47
k013just a user not a code writer, techquila, sorry!07:48
Jatuk013 You don't need to be in safe mode just see if you can reboot from Cd/usb if screen still flashes sounds like a driver issue.07:48
k013jatu - ok07:48
rabbi1Libre Office: Start Recovery Process doesn't end at all :(07:48
guest-JOsbDOjust would like to tell all all the Ubuntu people how selfish they are ... Now i understand why not many people use this OS or has even heard about it.. Considering, people refuse to create games for children to learn the command line, This is exactly why Microsoft sales MOST OS's07:48
JatuHow are we being selfish ?07:49
=== ultrixx_ is now known as ultrixx
JatuAnd there is a game for children to slowly learn linux lol07:49
JatuThat makes no sense.07:50
guest-JOsbDOYES IT DOES07:50
mylisto23er cowbell ;)07:50
techquilasalgood k013... you have a live cd?07:51
guest-JOsbDOi'm a girl thats wanted her little niece to learn07:51
JatuCheck learning section of07:51
JatuUbuntu software center07:51
guest-JOsbDOdid that07:51
JatuThere is a great deal of programs for youngsters to get used to linux.07:52
k013techquila - no, it was a direct upgrade from update manager07:52
techquilaguest-JOsbDO, what you said is absolutely ridiculous ... user error yet again07:52
Jatuk013 techquila I will be afk for a short few minutes i will be back and try to help to best of my ability.07:53
guest-JOsbDOi looked07:53
JatuMind you I am still learning myself the nooks and cranies.07:53
The_BROSanybody knows why it is not possible to export bookmarks, passwords and cookies from Firefox 11 to Chromium. It was possible before.07:53
JatuJosbdo when I get back I will look thru software center and tell you a couple07:53
techquilak013: you have a net enabled pc though by the looks so it would pay to download the live cd and hit me up once you got it and ready to boot in under it07:53
JatuBe like 5 or so minutes07:53
guest-JOsbDOif its hard to find.. Not one child will take the time to learn07:54
tpl2000You're the adult, you do the downloading and the teaching07:54
techquilaThe_BROS, you can export them as html and then import them07:54
tpl2000That's how things work07:54
AdvoWorktpl2000, Jatu tried the reboot without dvd, no luck. Brasero says: Please insert a writable cd or dvd.. which it is?07:54
k013ok jatu and techquila will get back to you both, thank you so much, love ubuntu, just sayin!07:55
tpl2000Advowork: Does it still read files?07:55
techquilaAdvoWork,  is brasero the reason you believe your dvd to be the problem.. sorry i haven't been following your thread..07:55
The_BROS<techquila> but how about "export from another browser" tool? Is it not working?07:55
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
guest-JOsbDOtpl2000: why??? when MS is so much user friendly.. I tried pushing Ubuntu and linux but it is too difficult for children07:55
tpl2000advowork: If not, it might just be the dvd drive.07:55
techquilaThe_BROS, yea thats never worked for me so i just use the export /import method07:56
AdvoWorkhmmm, i've just put in a different disc, and it seems ok.. which is strange. The dvds are DVD-R 16x. These are new discs, but the old case/batch I had were the same. The dvd i've just put in states Blank DVD+R?07:56
elkngthe size of "ubuntu-11.10-dvd-i386.iso" is 1.5G, why its not full DVD 4.7G ?07:57
ehmJOsbDO: What could a "little niece" be doing that's so difficult?07:57
techquilaguest-JOsbDO, its a learning curve like all things in life.  Ubuntu shits all over anything out there on the market today... you have to put the time and the effort into learning how to use it.. the reward is so sweet07:57
The_BROS<techquila> it was working for me in previous versions of mozilla and Chromium, but after update it has stopped07:57
erespondbro... am have mp4 vid am need burn it to vcd player and can wath to cd player what i do ??07:57
tpl2000Advowork: It might just have been the dvd then. See if everything works with the dvd you just put in07:57
erespondbro... am have mp4 vid am need burn it to cd and can wath to cd player what i do ??07:58
techquilaAdvoWork, i have problems with cheap discs all the time in brasero07:58
tpl2000Erespond: Please for the love of god learn to type first07:58
ultrixxguest-JOsbDO: no it is much easier to use than windows07:58
guest-JOsbDOanyway, everyone here keep living in a dream world.. but keep in mind.. less and less computer companies are using Linux .. It was a shock Dell computers even considered07:58
erespondwhat application you recomend for me on windows i used nero ?07:58
ehmJOsbDO: I suggest installing some puzzle games.  Learn to explore, first.07:58
techquilaThe_BROS, mmm.. as i say never worked for me... but i telll you since the last chrome update i can't view youtube on any browser ... random as07:59
erespondtpl2000, :P, am need burn my file on cd, and that can used for play on cd player.07:59
tpl2000erespond: Just use Brasero. It comes with ubuntu stock.07:59
AdvoWorkDOH! i didnt think to try a different dvd, just because it was a brand new pack.. Ive putin the 2nd disc down and its fine lol07:59
erespond am need burn my file on cd, and that can used for play on cd player.07:59
guest-JOsbDOehm: thankyou.. you might understand07:59
erespondare you sued brasero can burn cd and i can used for cd player at home ?07:59
erespondtpl2000, are you sued brasero can burn cd and i can used for cd player at home ?08:00
tpl2000erespond: I have no idea. Try it.08:00
The_BROSIs it safe to install 12.04 already or it would be better to wait for relese?08:00
techquilaguest-JOsbDO, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about!  the internet would not survive without linux and it is the number one choice for mission critical high availability server environments08:00
techquilajust cos you don't understand it don't go spitting your hate!08:00
erespondtpl2000, am just have one cd, my home so far bro, so what i can do. on windows i used nero and on ubuntu what  you recomend08:00
tpl2000Erespond: Already told ya, use Brasero.08:01
ultrixxtechquila: well the internet would survive, there is still bsd....08:01
JatuJosbdo more and more people are using linux as it is open-source. The whole project idea was based on people working together. I will check for a few things for kids and linux but why not try teaching her yourself ?08:01
techquilasorry ultrixx... generalisations i am guilty of.  maybe i should retract and say Unix08:01
ehmtechquila, chill. She's talking about kids/grandparents using it.08:01
erespondare brasero can used for cd player08:01
tpl2000erespond: Yes.08:02
tpl2000Does anyone know a decent alternative for cpu-z?08:02
guest-JOsbDOtechquila: you really are retarded.. come on!! tell me what 11 year old girl cares about what you just mentioned .. unless they are from the middle east. No offense08:02
techquilamy two year old uses linux ... he can't write shell scripts but he can find the games and the movies08:02
tpl2000OH NO08:03
tpl2000IT HAS A PENIS08:03
guest-JOsbDOtechquila: He?08:03
tpl2000KILL IT WITH FIRE08:03
FloodBot1tpl2000: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:03
ehm"find the games and the movies" <-- that's what i'm suggesting to do.08:03
JatuLinux of any distro is not something you just jump into expecting to learn from the get go. It takes time and dedication.08:03
techquilaguest-JOsbDO, no offense... after calling me retarded?08:03
JatuGive me a  minute or 2 and I wil ltry to point you to a few programs for kids to get started.08:03
guest-JOsbDOjust saying, boys are more likely to learn than girls08:04
JatuAlso suggest for a child to use 10.04 it is more like window than 11.1008:04
tpl2000guest-J0sbD0: I really just don't get why you're here. "Windows is better and it's all your fault!"08:04
JatuHere is one you could try using the "educational desktop for ubuntu"08:04
Jatukturtle is another linux program for younger people.08:05
JatuTo understand programing of it a bit more.08:05
techquilaguest-JOsbDO, i'm picking up not only racist but now sexist inferences from your dialogue... you get out of life what you put in.. .spend some time to learn.. don't hate because you are frustrated.. there are many great resources out there.. you've come into this channel and slated the operating system this channel exists for, and the users of it.  I've no time or tolerance for people like you.  fuck off and enjoy windows 708:06
JatuAlso "Linux Letters and Numbers "08:06
guest-JOsbDOJatu: stop for a second and think about sesame street .. think what young girls like to do !!!08:06
icerootguest-JOsbDO: stop it please and stay ontopic08:06
guest-JOsbDOI am08:07
JatuThis is not something you are going to find a sesame street like game. No OS has a game to teach kids in a sesame street based atomsphere to use the command line or anyhting like that.08:07
JatuThere is a "Pre-School Bundle" for ubuntu.08:07
guest-JOsbDOi am talking about future generations08:07
techquila*elmo write a bash script08:07
tpl2000If any does, linux would be about the only one ._.;08:07
techquilayou talk about future generations but live in the past08:07
Jordan_Uguest-JOsbDO: You're attitude toward others in this channel is unnacceptable. If you don't want to use Ubuntu, then don't. If you don't have a support question, please find another channel to chat in.08:07
Jordan_U!language | techquila08:08
ubottutechquila: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:08
JatuThen why not try and make a game yourself for the future generations. Or set up a group with others to try to make one.08:08
JatuThis is open-source and all help to make it better for all ages - races - nationalities to use.08:09
techquilanever will i ever let anyone regulate my language Jordan_U!  I'm off .. cya08:09
guest-JOsbDOi am really trying to explain a problem.. i wasn't trying to be rude.. just stating facts08:09
ehmhence the caps, right?08:09
Jordan_Uguest-JOsbDO: This channel is for Ubuntu support questions only. It's not for unproductive rants about shortcomings of Ubuntu as you see them.08:09
JatuOkay let me try to put it this way. I'm trying to find you a solution to help you help your niece. Linux is not like windows. As in order to do something of major significance you must take the time to learn it.08:10
guest-JOsbDOcaps.. this is because i am using my cousins computer. her keyboard is crap08:10
tpl2000Here's a support question then. Both LSHW and Dmidecode display my memory as 667mhz, (ddr3) when it's set to run at (13.33 x 240)mhz.08:10
icerootguest-JOsbDO: stop it!!!08:10
vanchagoodday all08:11
tpl2000Whoops, meant (6.67x240)08:11
JatuI gave you a list of quite a few programs that can help a kid get used to the Linux enviroment. THink of linux like school it's not fun till you get to know it better.08:11
vanchadoes anyone know why the www.omgubuntu.co.uk site is down?08:11
Jordan_Uguest-JOsbDO: And your language has been both rude to the people to whom it was directed, and offensive on the whole.08:11
vanchaoh sorry did i get in the middle of something here :O08:12
JatuYou'd be suprised how quick kids learn. They may not like it at first but would you rather spend $200 on a OS that has little to no free programs to help a kid learn it and it's enviroment ?08:12
crizzyi'm more than willing to spend 200$ on an OS that works :)08:13
vanchacrizzy did you have a problem with linux?08:13
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:13
vanchai've never had a problem with it myself, but im still a beginner though ;)08:13
JatuNow I tried to help you out with listing a few kid programs. So love it or hate it.08:14
vanchabeen using it for three years, but never got into the whole command-line thing08:14
=== tpl2000 is now known as tpl2000|afkMcDs
JatuNow does someone here have a problem they need help with ?08:14
vanchawell Jatu , i was wondering if anyone knew why the omgubuntu site was down, i have not been able to reach it all morning :)08:15
Escherialas much as kate bothers me in other respects, i really like how it groups open files in a treeview08:15
Escherialis there another editor that groups files like that that's not kate?08:16
Jordan_Uvancha: That's not really an Ubuntu support question, you might try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic.08:16
guest-JOsbDOi just tried addressing you Jatu, thinking you were a adult.. apparently not08:16
vanchaah sorry, i will. thanks Jordan_U08:16
icerootEscherial: i only know that vim can do that but its cli08:16
Jordan_Uvancha: You're welcome.08:16
Escherialiceroot: fair enough; i desperately need to learn how to use vim, anyhow :)08:16
vanchawhat kind of editor are you looking for Escherial ?08:17
vanchai personally love scite :O08:17
JatuJ0sbDO why are you being rude ? I tried giving you a list of programs to help your niece. Have you tried any of those programs with here ?08:17
Jordan_UEscherial: I highly recommend "vimtutor" (it's a command).08:17
scottjvancha: don't know, but it was down a couple hours ago08:17
vanchaalright thanks scottj , ill keep trying :O08:17
JatuVancha: i also have no clue sorry I can't help you with it.08:17
icerootEscherial: vim-tutor is a nice "program" which is good for learning vim, its availabe after you installed vim08:18
guest-JOsbDObut children's attention span is short08:18
icerootEscherial: vimtutor08:18
icerootguest-JOsbDO: its offtopic here08:18
icerootguest-JOsbDO: please stop it08:18
EscherialJordan_U, iceroot: thanks, i'll check it out08:18
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
Escherialvancha: well, preferably a graphical editor, but i think i'm going to entertain/distract myself with learning vim for a while...08:19
icerootEscherial: learning vim is always a good idea :)08:19
icerootEscherial: but please use vim and not vi08:19
guest-JOsbDOan 11 or 12 year old are thinking about boys08:19
JatuQuestion as I am still learning  myself what is Vim ?08:19
vanchavim is a text editor08:20
icerootguest-JOsbDO: last warning, stop it!!08:20
vanchathat you can use in the command line interface08:20
dr-willis'the' text editor. ;)08:20
JatuAh okay. I'm still not as near as close to being as knowledgable as some of the users here but gotta start somewhere lol.08:20
icerootthere is only one real editor, the other is a nice operating system without a good editor (emacs) :)08:21
=== RaZieL is now known as raziel-357
=== raziel-357 is now known as raziel-369
vanchawell Jatu , i think ubuntu is more user friendly then windows if you only use the necessary stuff :O08:21
vanchayou dont need to  learn a whole deal if your a normal user ;)08:21
ejvemacs is awful, nano please.08:21
guest-JOsbDOiceroot: you are really getting on my nerves.. Show your power fattass and boot me/ban me.. all you have is your IRC channel dumbass08:21
iceroot!ops | guest-JOsbDO08:22
guest-JOsbDOget a girlfriend08:22
ubottuguest-JOsbDO: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!08:22
guest-JOsbDOif you can08:22
ejvi don't think it's quite an emergency, can you two /ignore one another?08:22
ejvnvm, i type too slowly apparently08:23
Escherialwell, that was certainly an odd way to make friends o_o08:23
Tm_Ticeroot: please leave editor flamewar jokes here08:23
JatuOff topic but might I say someone just got owned. Comes in here attacks everyone and gets mad when I suggest like 8 different child based programs.08:23
ejvJatu: this is the mourning period where we "move along" :)08:23
JatuI am not sure if this is the area to ask but anyone here have experience with "backtrack5" I was just wanting to know the learning curve I was looking at.08:24
vanchai found out yesterday that even gaming on linux is more 'alive' than i ever imagined :O08:24
iceroot!backtrack | Jatu08:24
ubottuJatu: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition08:24
JatuWell that answered my question lol.08:25
icerootJatu: sorry08:25
vanchabacktrack5 is not comparible to ubuntu, its more of a "hackers" distribution, and altough it tries to make hacking easier, its HARD :P08:25
mylisto23jatu: I found out what was messing my system up!  a stupid sandisk 8 gig chip..the system was trying to boot off of it :D08:25
ejvpretty much all questions can be answered reading the community documentation08:25
ejvor just reading in general via google08:26
JatuIt's fine I undestand the pretenses.08:26
Shabbacollege programming student here, just switched like 10 mins ago, so what programs are used for writing/compiling code?08:26
JatuWell I actually was wanting to get into network security again I learned a bit in windows but thougt it was worth a ask before I got it done.08:26
icerootShabba: what language?08:26
ejvShabba: a text editor and gcc?08:26
vanchaShabba: what kind of programming?08:26
vanchai use bluefish08:27
vanchafor PHP08:27
vanchaeclipse for java08:27
JatuJava is always fun. Was the first programming i got into lol. I wanna teach myself some php next.08:27
vanchavery good IDE :O i think its in the software center, but i downloaded it from the site.08:27
ejvyour teacher didn't tell you how to compile using the java sdk... questionable curriculum...08:27
vanchai love php Jatu :D im making a site in php right now ^^08:28
icerootShabba: i would suggest eclipse08:28
Shabbalike the first day, been using netbeans ever since08:28
vanchaShabba: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/download.php?file=/eclipse/downloads/drops/R-3.7.2-201202080800/eclipse-SDK-3.7.2-linux-gtk.tar.gz08:29
icerootShabba: netbeans is available for ubuntu too08:29
JatuI plan dual booting backtrack and ubuntu 10.04. I probably know the answer but is there a chance of them interfering with eachother since they are both linux based or nah ?08:29
icerootvancha: you can install eclipse directly from the repos08:29
iceroot!repos | vancha08:29
ubottuvancha: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories08:29
ejvwhy are you guys suggesting such glitzy advanced editors, how about something basic like emacs or gedit, since he or she is a novice.08:29
reith2004try sublimetext it fast...08:29
dr-willisi like geany08:29
vanchaejv: BECAUSE he is a novice, wouldnt you want an editor that helps you code?08:29
pdqgeany is good, fast and lightweight08:29
dr-willisand avail for windows08:30
JatuIs it fine to dual-boot 2 linux distros ? Or is there a chance they will interfere with eachother ?08:30
ejvi'd argue that, early on, crutches are bad08:30
JatuJust making sure I don't do anything wrong so i ask alot of questions myself when needed.08:30
vanchahmm.. you could be right, im still learning java myself though :P started last year, and all i've used so far is eclipse. except for some editors that didnt really work out for me.08:31
henryCI don't know whether to ask in #nginx or here.  I used to always compile nginx from source.  I just upgraded to 11.10 and I just want to use nginx from the repo.  I end up with no binary.  "apt-get cache show nginx" talks about a "dummy package"...?08:32
JatuVancha : you mentioned backtrack messed up your system. If not mistaken. What ways so ?08:32
iceroothenryC: dummy-package is a metapackage which is just a package which has dependencies and will install other packages08:33
vanchai didnt Jatu :O had to be someone else. i did say it was hard :)08:33
JatuAh okay08:33
iceroothenryC: like ubuntu-desktop, that package does not contain unity and so on just a dependency to everything which is needed08:33
JatuThanks though ^^08:33
vanchaits not easy to learn how to 'hack'08:33
JatuI'm don't want something easy lol X{08:33
henryCiceroot:  So should there be another step?  apt-get install nginx reports no error, but seems to produce no binary either.08:34
dr-willislearn some actual skills. ;)08:34
Jatudr-willis who ?08:34
iceroot!info | nginx oneiric08:34
ubottu'nginx' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, unstable08:34
iceroot!info  nginx oneiric08:34
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, but very powerful and efficient web server and mail proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.5-1 (oneiric), package size 5 kB, installed size 80 kB08:34
iceroothenryC:   nginx-common nginx-full08:35
iceroothenryC: that are the packages which are pulled by nginx08:35
icerootis there something like dpkg -L for not installed packages?08:36
=== h4ckm3th32nd is now known as h4ckm3
bilegtdo your chrome browsers lag when it loads page?08:36
JatuJake from london, uk why is your name hackme ?08:36
JatuBilegt make sure its not your connection first or your drivers.08:37
JatuThey could be causing the "lag"08:37
henryCiceroot:  ok, so any idea why it doesn't install an executable?  Not sure what I could have done to this server.  I've been running nginx compiled from source for years, but I wanted to change that.08:38
vanchaJatu: are you using a proxy?08:38
Jatuyou can go to properties and choose for it to run as an executable08:38
Jatuvancha : No i am not why ?08:39
vanchanvm :O i was wondering why everyones IP adresses show when you click there names08:39
bilegtJatu: can it any problem with compiz's opengl?08:39
vanchathis is my first time on IRC here :)08:39
dr-willisvancha:  /whois nickname to see details08:40
vanchaused to hang around in the ubuntu-nl and ubuntu-nl offtopic channes ^^08:40
vanchathx dr-willis08:40
JatuBilegt that would be out of my league. My browsers on lag during downtime. Either than that I have had no problem. It's just personal experience that suggests its a driver or connection problem. Does it last all day ?08:40
JatuOr only happen random times of the day ?08:41
bilegtJatu: all the time, when it loads a new page08:41
JatuBilegt did this problem start when you first came to using Ubuntu ?08:43
=== sun_ is now known as Guest56788
bilegtJatu: it was all right when it was fresh installed. I deleted ~/.config/chromium and it's working smoothly. But my data are gone :(08:43
Jatubilegt : Ah then yeah I have no clue what to tell you. I am also still learning and it seems out of my grasp. If I think of anything I will let you know.08:44
Birlibanhi, i have to copy some several big files (2~18GB) to another location on same disk. what would be the fastest way to do it (terminal-based)? progress indicator (percent) would be appreciated. or is maybe packing it faster than copying?08:44
bilegtJatu: maybe the problem is with the extensions I had installed08:45
JatuBilegt : that actually sounds like a possiblity. Always check the extensions that are enabled or not enabled.08:45
vanchaGuest56788: hi :)08:45
JatuBilegt: Make sure only stuff you need is enabled.08:45
dr-willisBirliban:  why do you need a copy? you could make a link. unless you are editig the file08:46
JatuBilegt : Then check if there is a noteable difference.08:46
bilegtJatu: Yeah08:46
Jordan_UBirliban: For a one time copy "cp" is as fast as anything. For a progress bar "rsync --progress /path/to/source /path/to/destination/". rsync also has other nice features, like makeing incremental copies *much* faster.08:47
JatuBilegt : Yeah what ? Or was it more a "okay I will check that" kinda yeah ?08:48
bilegtJatu: I'll check that08:48
Birlibandr-willis, ok, some more details. the files are a vm-ware machine. i need to transfer to another server. for accessing the files the vm has to be shut down. so i first want to copy them and then send to the other server (slow connection).08:48
=== _h4ckm3 is now known as h4ckm3
JatuBilegt : Kk let me know how it goes. I am going afk for a about 2-5 minutes to do something off the pc real quick.08:49
Birlibani just want to keep the vm-machine downtime low.08:49
Jatubilegt : will notify when I am back08:49
JatuBilegt : I am back any luck ?08:53
bilegtJatu: Yeah, it's weird. Now tabs are moving smoothly.08:55
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
bilegtJatu: I've only installed two extensions.08:55
BirlibanJordan_U, i just need it one time. so maybe i use cp. there is no progress bar, is it?08:55
JatuBilegt : What extensions where those if you don't mind me asking.08:55
bilegtJatu: xmarks, gmail and sooner08:56
JatuBilegt : Well  xmarks I never used. What I am thinking is they are trying to fetch extra data while your pages are loading. Possibly taking up extra bandwidth and causing it to slow.08:56
bilegtJatu: Now I'll use this method on google chrome again :P08:58
JatuBilegt : Though I don't think it should take up much at all. Could be a more techincal problem. Glad I could be of some help though.08:58
=== tpl2000|afkMcDs is now known as tpl2000
tpl2000That hit the spot.08:58
JatuBilegt : Also my other suggestion is if you try the xtensions again and it persist posting on the forums and seeing if anyone else had the problem and found a fix.08:59
tpl2000Does anyone know why both dmidecode and LSHW display my RAM speed as 667mhz when it should be (6.67x240)mhz ?08:59
Jatutpl2000 : could just be that they are not being read correctly or are just displayed differently.09:00
tpl2000That's the issue lol. How do I get them to display properly, then?09:00
JatuThat I have no clue lol.09:00
Jordan_UBirliban: Correct, there is no progress bar for cp. There is no resaon not to use "rsync --progress", just thought that you should know for the future that rsync is useful for a lot more than a progress bar :)09:01
bilegtJatu: it's such a weird bug. I found it out. It was not about extensions. The problem is with after initial installation of chrome, it asks to setup chrome with google account. It made chrome such a laggy.09:01
Jatubilegt : go faster once you set up google account ?09:02
bilegtJatu: go faster, when I avoided it and installed extensions manually09:02
zambai'd like to get 10 GB worth og /dev/urandom data and write that to file, 'dd' syntax for this?09:02
dr-willisdd if=path of=path09:02
Jatubilegt : atleast you figured it out. Guess problem has been solved none the less lol.09:02
dr-williszamba:  why are you doing this09:03
zambadr-willis: i'm testing iscsi paths09:03
zambadr-willis: you forgot to include the number of bytes i'd like to transfer09:04
dr-williszamba:  time to read the dd man pages i think09:05
=== orion is now known as Guest57089
dr-willisyou want to use the bs= options also if testing09:06
=== Guest57089 is now known as orionsonofneptun
mylistohey everyone09:07
JatuHey there09:07
Jordan_Uzamba: dd if=/dev/urandom of=/path/to/file bs=1M count=10K09:07
zambaJordan_U: thanks :)09:07
Jordan_Uzamba: You're welcome.09:07
mylistofor some reason I can't adjust my sound volume...I'm getting "Waiting for sound system to respond" when I try to open the sound applet09:08
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tpl2000How about this: Does anyone know how I can monitor my cpu temps?09:09
JatuDo your drivers normally enable monitoring of cpu temp ?09:10
JatuAs some don;t09:10
tpl2000Jatu: I can do it pretty well with speedfan in Windows already.09:10
orionsonofneptunthier is a code to put in terminal09:10
tpl2000I'm just looking to get the same functionality out of Ubuntu.09:10
orionsonofneptuni cant remember it09:11
dr-willis!info lmsensors09:11
ubottuPackage lmsensors does not exist in oneiric09:11
orionsonofneptunyes thats it09:11
dr-willismay be lm-sensors09:11
dr-willismost apps use lm-sensors to monitor that stuff09:11
orionsonofneptunlm sensors what is code09:11
orionsonofneptuni want to do that to09:11
tpl2000Alright. What apps are there, and which would you recommend?09:12
dr-willis!info lm-sensors09:12
ubottulm-sensors (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.0-4ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 98 kB, installed size 476 kB09:12
dr-willisrepo has seveal tools that display that stuff.09:12
tpl2000!info repo09:12
ubottuPackage repo does not exist in oneiric09:12
=== sun is now known as Guest93046
Guest93046who is alive09:12
makarahi. how can I enable Chinese input in 11.10? I've already added Chinese as a language09:12
Guest93046please help me with perl regexp09:13
tpl2000What is repo's actual name?09:13
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories09:13
Guest93046who know this?09:13
JatuMakara : Check at log in screen should be option to change default language I believe.09:13
dr-willisthe standard repos.09:13
tpl2000Gotcha, repo=repository09:13
Guest93046who know perl????09:13
orionsonofneptunok what to put in terminal to install lm-sensors on ubuntu 11.1009:13
dr-willisperl had tons of docs..09:13
tpl2000Orions: Sudo apt-get install lm-sensors09:13
JatuHe types faster than me lol09:14
tpl2000And on a crappy 15 year old dell keyboard ;)09:14
dr-willistons of regrexp helper tools out there also.09:14
orionsonofneptunSudo apt-get install lm-sensors  did not work09:14
JatuLol I am using a dell d610 tell I sell my game console I no longer use09:14
dr-willisim typing on my cellphone here. )09:14
Guest93046how i can write to variable. text like template???09:14
tpl2000What did it say, Orion?09:14
JatuTry "apt-get lm-sensors"09:14
makaraJatu: I don't want Chinese interface, just Chinese input. I can change to Hindi / Tibetan, but not Chinese it seems09:15
Guest93046а русские есть?09:15
orionsonofneptunsudo: command not found09:15
io!ru | Guest9304609:15
ubottuGuest93046: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:15
JatuMakara : Ah I see what you mean but unfortunately have not delved that much into it.09:15
JatuOrion try adding sudo infront09:15
Guest93046plz give me channel where i can get help with perl???09:15
Jatu!info perl09:16
ubottuperl (source: perl): Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language. In component main, is optional. Version 5.12.4-4 (oneiric), package size 3482 kB, installed size 12460 kB09:16
orionsonofneptunjatu invaled op lm-sensors09:16
tpl2000Are you sure you're using the terminal, and not a box of cheerios?09:16
JatuNo clue then besides searching software center or google lol09:16
Guest93046info i know but it's more large09:16
JatuI was just seeing what info would come09:17
JatuI have no clue where to go for perl specific support sorry mate09:17
waheedhi, I'm using ubuntu 11.10 and the places, system, and applications menus have disappeared without any customization I done..how to display it again??09:18
waheedhelp !!09:18
tpl2000From the top bar, Waheed?09:19
JatuWaheed : Give people a second to reply please.09:19
ioJatu: ##perl09:19
io!patience | waheed09:19
ubottuwaheed: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:19
waheedtpl2000 yes, the top bar disappeared09:19
reenignEesreveRso i've got an ethernet cable on which i can assign multiple IPs to a machine. how do make my Ubuntu actually use those ip addresses?09:19
JatuGuest93046 : still here ?09:19
tpl2000The entire top bar disappeared, or just those options @ Waheed09:19
waheedtpl2000  the bar still there, but those options disappeared09:20
larryonewaheed, Alt+F1 will get you access to the menu09:20
larryoneif you're stuck09:20
hiexpowaheed, maybe gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »09:20
tpl2000Try clicking on the desktop and then clicking on the top bar.09:21
JatuAlright everyone I will be back later. Ciao' for now o/09:21
larryonein the meantime, you can right click on the bar, and therer will be an option to add stuff09:21
VictorCLhi , how can I make a tar of a folder , but skip a folder inside that folder ?¿09:21
iowaheed: '$ unity --reset'09:21
tpl2000alt+f1 brings up the unity bar. He's talking about the top bar, apparently.09:21
ioVictorCL: '$ tar -cf all.tar --exclude test *'09:22
ioVictorCL: '$ man tar' in future for more options09:22
hiexpowaheed, is it a gnome desktop or unity ?09:22
* larryone was assuming gnome09:22
* tpl2000 is assuming Unity.09:22
larryoneright, tpl2000 we gonna fight?09:23
* hiexpo assumeing gnome also 09:23
larryonebare nuckle?09:23
orionsonofneptunok how hot is 50 degrees celcius in ferinheigth09:23
tpl2000Larryone Lawl, sure. Let me get my socks 'n' rocks.09:23
orionsonofneptunive installed lm sensors09:23
temperI'm having a hard time getting volume control back on 10.0409:23
=== max_ is now known as amxpogorelov
larryoneorionsonofneptun, 50 celcius will have you sweating lakes09:23
waheedit was gnome, but i run that command now "unity --reset" and it is unity now09:23
waheedwanna go back to gnome09:24
orionsonofneptunand aparently only one sensor is in dell insperon09:24
tpl2000Orionsofneptun Fahrenheit = (9/5)C+3209:24
larryone37degreed C is body temperature09:24
hiexpotemper, what on the bar09:24
llutzorionsonofneptun: 50 Grad Celsius = 122 Fahrenheit09:24
temperhiexpo: nothing is on the bar09:24
orionsonofneptunhot cpu it says i can take twice that heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:24
* larryone is amazed that some places still use fahrenheit09:24
temperhiexpo: never mind...I finally found the right directions..thanks anyhow09:24
orionsonofneptunim only a farenheight guy09:25
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:25
uBOTu-frMerci de débattre sur #ubuntu-fr-offtopic et non sur un canal de support.09:25
tpl2000orionsofneptun: You can not take 100 degrees celsius. You would die, and your computer would die.09:25
tpl2000orionsofneptun: 65 degrees celsius is a typical overheating point for a processor.09:25
orionsonofneptunit says 105 celcius is cpu critical09:25
tpl2000Are you on a desktop or a laptop?09:26
larryoneyou could make a grand cup of tea with that09:26
orionsonofneptundell isperon09:26
hiexpoorionsonofneptun, yes that is like 205  or something far09:26
orionsonofneptunold school09:26
tpl2000Ah, that'd explain it. Laptop CPUs generally have to put up with much higher temperatures.09:26
* larryone dissapears to go fix some caching configs09:26
tpl2000Regardless, if you put a pot of water on the bottom of your laptop at that temp, the water would boil09:27
tpl2000100 degrees celsius = 212 degrees fahrenheit.09:27
kalimojoanyone heard of artificial telepathy ?09:27
tpl2000!ot | Kalimojo09:27
ubottuKalimojo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:27
orionsonofneptundefinately off topic there09:27
=== niftylettuce_ is now known as niftylettuce
orionsonofneptundang almost beat ubottu09:28
tpl2000brb, rebooting09:28
tpl2000(Like a boss: Sudo reboot)09:28
vltkalimojo: It's called empathy09:28
orionsonofneptuncome on someone give me some good uses for ubuntu 11.1009:29
ikoniaorionsonofneptun: use it for what you want09:30
orionsonofneptunwhat type of people you think mainly like ubuntu09:30
ikoniaorionsonofneptun: that is offtopic here and no relevence09:30
orionsonofneptunok then09:31
ikoniaorionsonofneptun: this channel is for ubuntu technical support only09:31
orionsonofneptunill hold the phillocify for #ubuntu offtopic09:31
Mongoose_Downloaded the VirtualBox OSE last night. Don't know much about it but wanted to try Ubuntu the next version after Natty. Is this an easy thing to do or complicated?09:32
ikonia!vbox | Mongoose_09:32
ubottuMongoose_: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox09:32
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waheedtpl2000  still here?\09:34
sjihsHi, I have a machine with 8GB of RAM. I have installed 32-bit version of ubuntu 11.04 on it. The 'free -m' command reports a total RAM of 4GB even though /proc/cpuinfo indicated PAE is enabled.09:34
dr-willisif the cpu can do 64bit you are better off using the 64bit ubuntu09:36
dr-willischeck what kernel you are runing also09:36
dr-willisuname -a      to see. (i think)09:36
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
dr-williscpuinfo may be telling you the cpu supports pae....09:37
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
richoSo I want to install ubuntu.. with no X server, no desktop environment09:38
richobasically just a kernel, coreutils and a fairly minimal userland09:38
richois there even a way to do that?09:38
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
sjihsdr-willis: The laptop is given by the company where i work. Hence i cannot re-install another version of ubuntu09:39
OerHeksricho, use the server iso09:39
richoOerHeks: there's nothing else that differs from the desktop install? Just the default suite of installed pacakges?09:39
sjihsdr-willis: Just curious, How does 'uname -a' help in determining kernel support for PAE?09:40
dr-willislook at kernel used09:41
dr-willismay have pae in the name09:41
OerHeksricho i am not sure what you want with a minimal install without a desktop environment, but server iso or the alternate iso can do that09:41
ActionParsnipricho: there is the minimal ISO09:41
ActionParsnipricho: you can install minimal then install openbox and you will have one of the slimmest OSes around, comes in at around 1.2Gb09:42
richo_ActionParsnip: that's more or less the plan. I run a fork of openbox + urxvt and a few other bits and pieces. I'll install a lot of software but I prefer to start clean slate09:43
ActionParsnipricho: you can install slim or some other login manager if you want a GUI login :)09:43
richo_I'm good with a tty :)09:43
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
richo_and 10.10 was an LTS I believe?09:44
ActionParsnipricho_: np :), you can always use: su -c  to run startx from /etc/rc.local to get straight to the desktop :)09:44
ActionParsnipricho_: no, maverick is EOL next month too09:44
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
ActionParsnipricho_: 10.04 and 12.04 are LTS09:44
richo_Perfect, thanks.09:45
=== zenix` is now known as zenix
=== zenix is now known as zenix`
richo_work mandates full disk encryption so going straight to the desktop is a bit moot.09:45
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
ActionParsnipricho_: indeed09:46
ActionParsnipricho_: its one way to do it though. Negates the need for a login manager (saves space)09:47
richo_true. I just login on a TTY and then call xinit09:48
richo_I set some expensive values in my environment anyway so I do a bunch of init only when SHLVL = 1 which saves me a lot of time too09:48
ActionParsnipricho_: nice09:48
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
makarahow can I enable Chinese input in 11.10? I've already added Chinese as a language09:51
psycho_oreosafaik you need something like scim for instance. Chinese language only gives you Chinese dialogues, menus, etc but not Chinese input iinm09:54
OerHeksmakara, maybe answer #1 is any help >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/59356/how-do-i-get-chinese-input-to-work09:55
waheedmy file system partition is running out of free space, I wanna increase its size by adding "merging" another partition I have to it, without affecting my system, is that possible?09:56
dljhHow do I go about learning how to create themes for ubuntu 11.10 (unity) ?09:56
asc__i have two commands i want to combine so they display combined output09:57
dljhasc__, &&09:58
theTroyTrying to do some bash scripting, could someone tell me what is wrong with this if statement please?09:58
theTroydo if [  ! -e  /home/troy/Photos/1920/1920_$i  -a   [ "$i" == *.JPG* ]  ];09:58
asc__does not work09:58
LantiziaHey if I wanted to install an ISO of vyatta that includes bug #7771 fixed - how would I go about it?  (maybe download the latest stable and patch it myself?)09:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 7771 in gimp (Ubuntu) "gimp: first start is really obnoxious" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/777109:58
becom33Im having this error on boot and my ubunut doest load , it says "error : hd0 read error"09:58
asc__dljh, does not combine the output09:58
dljhasc__, sudo gedit && sudo lspci | grep VGA09:58
Lantiziadamn wrong channel - and thus wrong bug lol09:58
asc__for example "ls -Shs && file *09:59
asc__just executes the commands but does not combine the output09:59
becom33anyone for me ?09:59
OerHekswaheed, yes you can, use the gparted live cd to increase/merge a partition, your partition needs to be unmounted to do so.09:59
=== anonymous is now known as Guest55690
dljhOh, I see what you're saying. I have no idea, sorry.09:59
Guest55690fuck you loading hack :)09:59
becom33anyone for my question ?10:00
ahhughezwow, Im spoilt for choice.... I just bought a new laptop and I want to run ubuntu and windows. Dual boot or VM?10:00
taglasscomman1 && command2 executes command2 if and only if command1 was successful.10:00
ikoniabecom33: please stop saying "anyone" - if someone can help and wants to, they will10:00
asc__taglass, i need to learn a little bash programming10:01
becom33should I repeat my question ? ikonia . otherwise it might get stand behind :/10:01
ikoniabecom33: if you've left it 10 - 15 minutes since you last asked it, sure10:01
ahhughezhistory tells me that a nix intsall will out live a windows.... so I was thinking ubuntu with win7 vm... anyone care to compare this with the reverse or with dual boot?10:01
hoshi411is it just me or is the omgubuntu site down?10:01
taglassyeah I'm trying to understand exactly it is you want.  "combine output" is pretty vague10:01
hoshi411i haven't been able to connect for the past two days10:02
ActionParsnipahhughez: depends what the Windows OS is for...10:02
makarabecom33: something wrong with your disk10:02
ahhughezActionParsnip, just using apps that I need occasionally. Plus dev testing10:03
becom33makara, is there anyway I can ensure whats wrong ?10:03
asc__taglass, for example: ls -Shs prints the filesize and the file name and file * prints the type of the file (files in the dir have no extensions)10:03
csisasc__,  just flush everything after each command to /dev/stdout, I think that's what you're looking for10:03
cowslammerhow do I get sun java?10:03
asc__taglass, the thing i want is output is combined like this: filename, filesize, filetype10:03
ActionParsnipahhughez: windows in VM will be ok then imho10:04
hoshi411i believe that the site is located at http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk10:04
hoshi411but that page will not load10:04
asc__csis, I know not what are you speaking of :D10:04
hoshi411i used to go there all the  time to get info about ubuntu10:04
cowslammerhow do I get sun java?10:05
orionsonofneptunok i installed eggdrop irc robot and i cant see where it went in ubuntu 11.10 so how can i find it10:05
waheedOerHeks : liveCD ?? I have gparted installed..can I use it directly?10:05
ActionParsniphoshi411: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk10:05
asc__orionsonofneptun, type: which eggdrop10:05
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
OerHekswaheed, no, because your partition is in use ( mounted ) when you try gparted10:06
richo_orionsonofneptun: dpkg -L eggdrop10:06
dljhorionsonofneptun: edit it's .conf file and make sure you have the server and channel settings correct, then restart it.10:06
dljhHow do I go about learning how to create themes for ubuntu 11.10 (unity) ?10:06
waheedOerHeks : but I don't know what is gpated live cd ?!10:07
hoshi411ActionParsnip:  but the thing is , i see action on their site from google only 17 hours ago, which means ... they are off and on and off and on?10:07
ActionParsniphoshi411: contact them via facebook or similar10:07
cowslammerhow do I get sun java?10:08
ahhughezcowslammer, I would say its no longer.... sun was aquired by oracle... look for the openjdk10:08
ActionParsnipcowslammer: sun don't own java anymore10:08
waheedOerHeks : can I do it using herins boot?10:08
OerHekswaheed, it is small, 125 mb >>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/gparted/files/gparted-live-stable/0.12.0-5/10:08
ActionParsnipcowslammer: if you can give the output of:  uname -m   I can advise10:09
OerHekswaheed i am not sure, hirens could do that too with ext3/ext410:09
cowslammerok, how do i get oracle java?10:09
ActionParsnipcowslammer: read above10:09
hashincludeI have installed the ATI proprietrary drivers and they are working however there are some glitches like docky leaves some kind of glitch while unhiding and the window movement is laggy...10:09
ahhughezIf I want to run ubuntu with win7 and poosibly xp VM's what filesystem should I be using?10:09
waheedOerHeks : ok, but what about my system and stuff, I don't care about the other artition, I care about the one where ubuntu is installed which I want to enlarge10:10
ikonia!virtualisation | ahhughez10:10
ubottuahhughez: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications10:10
ActionParsnipahhughez: Win7 as a VM, or a dual boot?10:10
richo_Why no mention of Xen ?10:10
OerHekswaheed, general: allways make a backup of important stuff.10:10
ActionParsnipcowslammer: if you can give the output of: uname -m   I can advise10:11
waheedOerHeks : not about stuff, it is about the installed system, would I lost it?10:11
cowslammerActionParsnip, the output of uname -m is i686 and i'm using 10.4 ubuntu10:12
ActionParsnipcowslammer: ok, gimme a sec10:12
OerHekswaheed, it should be safe to increase.10:12
ahhughezikonia, ActionParsnip - thanks, I intend to try VirtualBox, but I want to make sure I pick the correct filesystem.10:12
larryonei dont like when the update manager gets resource hungry - I've got loads of processing power on my machine, but only 1GB RAM =0(10:13
larryoneupdating makes slow happen10:14
ActionParsnipcowslammer: cd; wget10:14
ActionParsnipcowslammer: cd; wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/install32bitJava; chmod +x ./install32bitjava; sudo ./install32bitjava10:14
A_Jstarted my ubuntu pc after a while and it just after the BIOS screen does  " - " in the upper left corner. what should I do ?10:17
gr33n7007hA_J, Nothing10:17
NucleusHello, i have a problem, i have a partition with windows 7 installed in a Raid disk, i want to install ubuntu so i have created a partition ext4 primary with the boot point ( / ) and a swap logical. As i have always did when i wanted to install ubuntu. At this time since its a raid disk i received this error message when i was about to install it: " Failed to create a file system " : The ext4 file system creation in partition #2 of se10:17
orionsonofneptunhow long did you wait a_j10:17
NucleusDont know what to do.10:17
A_Jorionsonofneptun well it's yet happening10:18
A_Jfor about 3 mins10:18
taglassasc__, for f in *; do ls -Shs "$f" >> results1 && file "$f" >> results2; done; sed -i 's/://' results2; join -1 2 -2 1 results1 results2 >> results3 should get you started in the right direction I think10:18
asc__taglass, thank you, was just trying to do  similar thing :)10:18
orionsonofneptunive seen it go before for like 10 minutes then work ok but thats not normal10:18
A_Jokie i'll wait10:19
taglassasc__, The only hangup I can see is if your filename contains a ":"10:19
ActionParsnipcowslammer: it assumes you use chromium browser, so link the file to whatever browser you use if you don't use chromium10:19
dljhhashashin: Yes, I had the same issue. If you don't plan on gaming or don't depend on 3d acceleration, just use the open source driver it comes with. That's what I use and everything works excellent.10:21
A_JActionParsnip o/10:21
ActionParsnipA_J: howdy10:21
cowslammerActionParsnip, i use firefox.  what gets linked to what?10:24
ActionParsnipcowslammer: you can link it in ~/.mozilla/plugs   I don't know where the universal folder is as I haven't used firefox is ages10:25
ActionParsnipsorry ~/.mozilla/plugins10:26
mydogsnameisrudywonders what ActionParsnip is using then?10:26
=== andrew_ is now known as neopsyche
A_JActionParsnip : started my ubuntu pc after a while and it just after the BIOS screen does  " - " in the upper left corner. what should I do ? | been 10 mins.10:28
ActionParsnipA_J: what GPU do you use?10:28
A_Jnone ActionParsnip. an intel atom board here10:28
makarabecom33: plug into another computer and check if its working10:29
ActionParsnipA_J: well there is, or the system wouldn't POST10:30
dljhActionParsnip: unplug all of your plugnplays and restart and see if that works (i.e. printers/mouse etc)10:30
ActionParsnipA_J: try the boot option:  nomodeset10:30
ActionParsnipdljh: i don't have a sing ubuntu issue..10:30
A_JActionParsnip umm where do i eneter that. via live cd ?10:30
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
dljhA_J:  unplug all of your plug and play stuff, like your printer etc and reboot.10:31
dljhActionParsnip: sorry :P10:31
A_Jdljh i booted  up after like 1 week. i did that10:32
A_Jyet a flashing -10:32
dljhA_J: Great. Unplug everything and reboot.10:32
ActionParsnipA_J: hold shift and you can press E to edit the boot, you can add the boot option there10:33
* A_J tries it now10:33
rwp__engineerhello room10:33
NucleusHello, i have a problem, i have a partition with windows 7 installed in a Raid disk, i want to install ubuntu so i have created a partition ext4 primary with the boot point ( / ) and a swap logical.10:33
rwp__engineerPlease Help automate ||LibreOffice Calc || Insert > Sheet from File ||10:33
NucleusAs i have always did when i wanted to install ubuntu. At this time since its a raid disk i received this error message when i was about to install it: " Failed to create a file system " : The ext4 file system creation in partition #2 of serial ATA RAID JMICRON_JRaid ( mirror ) failed.10:34
rwp__engineerPlease Help automate ||LibreOffice Calc || Insert > Sheet from File || in ubuntu10:34
NucleusCan anyone give me support please.10:34
rwp__engineerhi nucleus10:34
rwp__engineerwats the issue10:34
A_JActionParsnip OKIE. i did shift E, quite a lot of stuff comes where do i put nomodeset10:35
rwp__engineerhey Nucleus have u tried using ext3 or ext 2 for ur / partition?10:35
A_Jsays ctrl +c for CLI10:35
rwp__engineertry this article10:35
rwp__engineerPlease Help automate ||LibreOffice Calc || Insert > Sheet from File || in ubuntu ??10:36
NucleusI will read it rwp just one question before, whats the difference between ext2 ext3 or ext4 ?10:37
tintoyhi hello, anyone can help me, how to setup openvpn with windows client, pls help10:37
ActionParsniprwp__engineer: is there no shortcut key mentioned in the menu to use?10:37
rileypone is the difference :D10:37
gr33n7007hA_J, on the kernel line10:37
rwp__engineerhi ActionParsnip : no shortcut key mentioned | also i want to automate it in some script or macro10:38
A_JActionParsnip i do ctlr + c and type this in ?10:38
ActionParsnipA_J: type it, grub has no clipboard10:38
ActionParsnipA_J: if you delete: quiet splash      you can type it there10:39
* A_J is confused10:39
A_Jwait a sec ActionParsnip10:39
DarkStar1I just setup my new machine with 11.10. I installed the nVidia driver, restarted the machine and since only one screen can be used at anyone time. How can I revert back to the default that came with the 11.10 installation10:39
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: dual you use dual screens?10:39
DarkStar1ActionParsnip: Yeah10:40
rwp__engineerNucleus http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2011/05/ext2-ext3-ext4/10:40
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: if you run:  nvidia-settings    then hit the detect display button, do both come to life?10:40
rwp__engineerPlease Help automate ||LibreOffice Calc || Insert > Sheet from File || in ubuntu|| I want to automate it in command10:40
rwp__engineerPlease Help automate ||LibreOffice Calc || Insert > Sheet from File || in ubuntu|| I want to automate it in command  or macro10:40
DarkStar1ActionParsnip: I removed the nVidia drivers to see if things will return to default but no joy10:41
ActionParsniprwp__engineer: if you upgrade to Precise, you can use HUD which will make that easier10:41
Nucleus[rwp__engineer]: Thank you10:42
A_JActionParsnip ^^10:42
A_Jwhat do i do next10:43
DarkStar1ActionParsnip: Thanks. I re-enabled and it fixed it10:43
ActionParsnipA_J: as I said. dete the: quiet splash   and add the boot option..10:44
rwp__engineerthanks ActionParsnip i am checking Precise10:44
A_Jokie ActionParsnip. which would be nomodeset10:45
A_Ji'll take a pic to confirm ActionParsnip standby10:45
ActionParsniprwp__engineer: its prerelease but when it comes out, HUD will be default and you can hit left ALT and type what you need, the menu items are read and makes things a bit easier10:45
dljhActionParsnip: you using Precise?10:47
ActionParsnipdljh: indeed10:47
dljhActionParsnip:  how's it running?10:48
ActionParsnipdljh: fine for me, but  my hardware is super linux friendly, my needs are basic and I use Unity 2D :)10:48
konzaHi all, I have a 25 gb file it has only two columns. I want to apply 2 level of sorting. When i do it using command line it takes 5 hours to complete. I have 16 processors. Now the process is using only 1 cpu. How can i force linux to allot multiple cpu to a single process10:49
ActionParsnipA_J: yes, thats what I said to do. Now continue the boot.10:49
dljhActionParsnip: I see.10:50
dljhActionParsnip:  dual head?10:50
ActionParsnipdljh: no, I hae 1 screen for 4 PCs10:50
A_J_ActionParsnip : http://i.imgur.com/gtYyx.jpg10:51
dljhActionParsnip o_O10:51
A_J_sorry dced :(10:51
rwp__engineerActionParsnip I have libreoffice 3.5.0 what is HUD and precise and how can i install it?10:51
ActionParsniprwp__engineer: the internet will tell you more about hud than I can. Precise is the next release of Ubuntu and is LTS10:51
dljhActionParsnip : you're almost completely vice versa of me, heh.10:51
fAz4is it possible to choose the repo while installing by apt ?10:52
ActionParsnipfAz4: not during, no10:52
fAz4 ActionParsnip: so i should delete the ppa !? for installing the main version ?!10:52
ActionParsnipdljh: one is my media pc, one is a fileserver, torrent server, one is my backup server and one is my GFs lappy :)10:53
ActionParsnipfAz4: which PPA? you haven't given any context10:53
fAz4 ActionParsnip: i've added nightly build firefox, and i want to install the stable firefox now10:54
A_JActionParsnip it;s okie ? http://i.imgur.com/gtYyx.jpg10:54
fAz4 ActionParsnip:  so i must delete the nightly ppa10:54
ActionParsnipfAz4: then use ppa-purge and it should roll back the pp too. If not just uninstall it then reinstall it and the stable will be used10:55
konzaHi all, I have a 25 gb file it has only two columns. I want to apply 2 level of sorting. When i do it using command line it takes 5 hours to complete. I have 16 processors. Now the process is using only 1 cpu. How can i force linux to allot multiple cpu to a single process10:55
rwp__engineerActionParsnip oh i dont want to upgrade to unstable version , HUD is just HEAD;s UP Disply an addition to unity but i am lookinNg for AUTOMATING libreoffice simple taks like insert a sheet10:55
rileypfAz4: open sysnaptic and remove the repo10:55
fAz4rileyp: that's what i dont wanna do, i dont want to delete ppa !10:55
ayakai install ubuntu in vbox, it once can see the eth0, but now can't lspci show it, but I can't use ifconfig to up it, what is up?10:55
ActionParsnipA_J: yes its fine, as its what I described for you to do10:55
ActionParsnipA_J: even if its wrong, its just for that boot so doesn't hurt anything10:56
dljhActionParsnip Why do they all have one monitor though?10:56
rileypfaz then just disable it10:56
rileypmanually edit with a #10:56
ActionParsnipdljh: the others are headless and managed via web ui or ssh10:56
rileypor untick in sysnaptic10:56
ActionParsnipdljh: why would they need monitors?10:56
ActionParsnipdljh: i said I have 1 monitor for 4 systems...10:57
soulnafeinThis morning in ubuntu 11.10 my gnome shell started crashing when search applications. This is the error I see in syslog: http://pastie.org/360731810:58
dljhActionParsnip ehh, I guess they wouldn't. I however can't stand not having at least 2 heads (have 3) but I do web development/web design/graphic design.10:58
soulnafeinI've been using the nvidia driver from the ppa/10:58
ActionParsniprwp__engineer: I'd post on the openoffice forum too. May help10:58
dljhActionParsnip and where'd you find a headless laptop? :)10:58
rwp__engineeroh ok let me also try that10:58
ActionParsnipdljh: the lappy is my ladies, I don't use it. Its all hers10:58
rwp__engineerActionParsnip thaks i will post there too10:59
ActionParsnipsoulnafein: I'd contact the PPA maintainers10:59
A_J__ActionParsnip some text is scrolling on screen, how long would it take to finish10:59
soulnafeinActionParsnip, the libnvidia maintainers?10:59
ActionParsnipsoulnafein: whoever manages the PPA you used11:01
dljhActionParsnip: maybe you can help me... do you know of any good tuts for creating a unity theme? I don't have a problem taking an existing one, editing the xml file and changing the .pngs, but I'd like to have it explained.11:01
ActionParsnipA_J__: as long as a normal boot11:01
ActionParsnipdljh: no idea dude, I don't theme much at all11:01
A_J|Actionparsnip its going on for quite a while now like 10mins11:03
ActionParsnipA_J|: if its an intel gpu then nomodeset can help. If it's nvidia then try:  nouveau.blacklist=1   I'd check your system spec11:04
konzaHi all, Can a single process be split into multiple processors?11:04
jc2000hello I need help with a printer11:05
ActionParsnipjc2000: what make and model printer? What is the issue?11:05
A_J|Actionparsnip base end intel atom so its intel gpu. Its yet running so i guess i let it run ?11:06
jc2000Brother MFC-J220 its not in the add printer list11:06
jc2000ActionParsnip: Brother MFC-J220 its not in the add printer list11:07
ActionParsnipjc2000: did you check the brother site, they DO make brother drivers11:07
jc2000yes And I did install their driver but nothing had add to the list11:07
ActionParsnipjc2000: did you install both parts of the driver?11:08
jc2000It only gave me one file11:08
ActionParsnipjc2000: no, there are 2 deb files11:08
jc2000where? I only found one11:09
ActionParsnipjc2000: you need to install http://www.brother.com/pub/bsc/linux/dlf/mfcj220lpr-1.1.3-1.i386.deb11:09
jc2000what Is their titles?11:09
ActionParsnipthen install http://www.brother.com/pub/bsc/linux/dlf/mfcj220cupswrapper-1.1.3-1.i386.deb11:09
ActionParsnipjc2000: those are the links to the files you need, and in order11:09
jc2000I will report you11:09
A_J|Actionparsnip http://i.imgur.com/uiEKC.jpg11:09
A_J|Looks like its looping11:10
ActionParsnipA_J|: the IO error doesn't sound good11:11
ActionParsnipA_J|: test the ram using memtest11:11
ActionParsnipjc2000: like I said, there are 2 files...11:11
ActionParsnipjc2000: source: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#DCP-145C11:12
A_J|Can it be a hdd issue ActionParsnip, cause hdd sentinal sait had low health11:12
ActionParsnipA_J|: sounds likely11:12
rileypA_J i had a simular fault and it was the molex connecing power to the sata power cable was faulty11:12
rileypPushed it in a a small tool problem solved11:13
A_J|Okie rileyp ill check11:13
A_J|Ty ActionParsnip for your help mate11:14
rileyp A_J|: you may notice hdd makes no noise as well! screwdriver stethoscope!11:14
jc2000ActionParsnip: look like its working. thank you very much11:14
ActionParsnipjc2000: good when you install stuff right eh ;)11:14
ofaurax_boulotby default, xterm and the gnome terminal supportes colors (at least 16)11:16
ofaurax_boulotif I do "echo $TERM", I get "xterm" for both11:17
ofaurax_boulotshouldn't it be "xterm-color" ?11:17
ActionParsnipofaurax_boulot: same here in Precise, you can change it if you like ni ~/.bashrc11:18
ayakathank you11:20
Error4o4how can I update the ATI catalyst driver. can I just download the latest one and install it? any idea  http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx11:21
rileyp Error4o4 google for a guide installing ati drivers is trick trick trick11:24
Error4o4rileyp: i installed it, but wondering if i need to uninstall the old before installing the new.. cant fint that info11:25
ofaurax_boulotActionParsnip: wouldn't be an idea to set it by default to xterm-color ?11:26
ikoniaError4o4: II would advice advise against using external sites, such as ati.com11:26
ActionParsnipofaurax_boulot: i'd try it in ~/.bashrc first, then apply it systemwide once you know its ok11:27
Nucleusrwp__engineer i believe i need this driver jmicron jmb36x for ubuntu but i cant find any, im saying this because i needed it for installing windows, but for windows was easy to find. im 95% sure that its problem of the driver.11:27
rileypError4o4:  Im with ikonia find a guide11:27
NucleusCould you help me finding this driver ?11:27
techquilaanyone else using studio, having issues opening youtube... thought it was an isolated problem on one machine.. same thing happening on another machine in same network now11:28
theishinot too sure what I did wrong, but my screen looks bad. It looks like the display drivers are wrong or something. Everything looked great until I rebooted. In the control panel, under color, it says 'no devices supporting color detected' not sure if it said that before though.... I am not sure where to start11:28
rileypError4o4 and not the ati.com one11:28
theishiit seems like the resolution is off11:28
Error4o4rileyp: not sure I understand.. I shouldn't follow ATI instructions or ?11:30
dr3mrohello how to disable usb modem cd rom from auto mount ??11:31
rileypError404 http://mygeekopinions.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/how-to-install-atiamd-catalyst-linux.html11:31
nicofsI just installed Lubuntu on a system running Xubuntu - after purging Xubuntu at startup I get "xsession: could not start xfce-session. loading default" (or similar) - so apparently LXDE is the default already. how do i configure my system to use the default by default?11:32
marcin28Hello what is name of package that say in console "The program ... is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:"11:32
Error4o4rileyp: thx11:32
rileypError4o4 Nvidia is the only way for  hd video in linux11:33
ActionParsnipnicofs: log off, then log in to the LXDE session and it will be remembered11:33
ActionParsnipmarcin28: command-not-found afaik11:33
Error4o4rileyp: thx, ATI is what I got at work11:34
ActionParsnip!info command-not-found11:34
ubottucommand-not-found (source: command-not-found): Suggest installation of packages in interactive bash sessions. In component main, is standard. Version (oneiric), package size 7 kB, installed size 132 kB (Only available for any all)11:34
dr3mrohello how to disable usb modem cd rom from auto mount ??11:34
rileypError4o4 all good sometimes we have to make the most of what we have11:35
marcin28ActionParsnip, Thank you :)11:35
nicofsActionParsnip, sadly, it won't...11:36
Islamhow to completely remove wine ? its not working properly and I need to reinstall it ?11:36
ActionParsnipnicofs: the last session should be remembered for the user11:36
soreauIslam: try apt-get remove --purge <pkg>11:37
nicofsActionParsnip, tried that... I always get back to the error above...11:37
ActionParsnipIslam: delete ~/.wine and there is a folder in ~/.config/menus/integratedmenus or somesuch, which need deleting too11:37
DarkApexislam: type "sudo apt-get purge <package>"11:37
ActionParsnipnicofs: you could symlink the xfce-session to the lxde-session (bit of a hack but should work)11:38
ActionParsnipIslam: the~/.wine  folder holds all configs and apps you install via wine11:38
nicofsActionParsnip, that could work... but I'd rather know why there are still remnants of xfce-session when it is completely purged...11:39
sara2010any one alive11:39
FloodBot1ldroege: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:39
sara2010i have install 10.10 in my pc11:39
sara2010but mouse is not working11:39
IslamActionParsnip: where can I find the wine folder ?11:39
sara2010Islam .. locate wine11:40
DarkApexIslam: in your home directory11:40
sara2010Islam .. or  whereis wine11:40
ActionParsnipIslam: where I said. It is ~/.wine or /home/$USER/.wine or $HOME/.wine11:40
DarkApexpress ctrl+H11:40
cheese4stakei have old pc,want 2 upgrade to dual core.....which cpu would u suggest intel or amd 4 budget pc to run kde smoothly11:40
ActionParsnipIslam: same difference11:40
sara2010ActionParsnip .. help me11:40
ikoniacheese4stake: no difference11:40
IslamDarkApex : I aready removed it with apt-get remove, what should I do now to completely remove it11:41
sara2010ActionParsnip .. i have install ubuntu 10.10 in my pc but mouse is not working !11:41
rulllibertyprime: qq11:41
=== serg is now known as Guest91451
ActionParsnipcheese4stake: what is the system to be used for?11:41
DarkApexIslam: try doing sudo apt-get purge again11:41
DarkApexnot remove purge11:41
cheese4stakedo i need a graphics card ? also i would be playing some games and liesure work on excel11:41
ActionParsnipsara2010: Maverick is EOL next month. I'd install a newer release11:41
KrissedIsnt maverick LTS ?11:42
IslamDarkApex : whats the full text I should type for the purge ?11:42
ActionParsnipKrissed: no, 10.04 (lucid) is LTS and 12.04 (Precise) is LTS11:42
sara2010ActionParsnip .. old one will not work ?11:42
Nucleusjmicron jmb36x does anyone knows where can i get this driver for ubuntu ? I cant find it anywhere.11:42
DarkApexIslam: "sudo apt-get purge <package>"11:42
ActionParsnipsara2010: it will, but when it dies next month you will get no support here and no more updates11:42
KrissedIm just waiting for 12.04 in 46 days..I hope they will ditch unity though.11:42
braiamIslam, sudo apt-get purge list-of-packages11:42
KrissedActionParsnip isnt 11.04 LTS as well ?11:43
techquilait seems i have a locally isolated issue  thats driving me nuts as i administer this network and haven't blocked youtube but cant access it on any browser... any thoughts or am i simply in the wrong channel for this sort of issue?11:43
ActionParsnipKrissed: you can install Xubuntu 12.04 and not get Unity...11:43
sara2010ActionParsnip ..  okay now what i do ? how mouse will work ?11:43
ActionParsnipKrissed: no, only the 2 I mentioned are LTS, as is Hardy (on server only)11:43
Krissednever tried xubuntu. im only used to gnome. .arere there any other cool x out ? (not counting KDE)11:43
ActionParsnipsara2010: I'd reinstall with Oneiric11:43
tiox[Priority: low] I want to add a command at shutdown that runs update-grub because I am tired of manually updating grub and this would relieve some issues with using systems on USB drives. On occasion when the rive is removed it's still seen in grub, and having grub regenerate grub.cfg every time resolves this issue so I was thinking having it run as a shutdown script would just be easier.11:44
ActionParsnipKrissed: Lubuntu is fully supported here too11:44
Krissedah ok. I just finished redoing 11.10 to look like real gnome11:44
ActionParsnipKrissed: only one of the 4 official releases use Unity11:44
KrissedActionParsnip oh ok.11:44
ikoniatiox: you don't need to update grub manually11:45
Rotham(Ubuntu 11.10) hey... when I try 'apt-get install curl' im getting a message about curl not being available but its referred to by other programs, and that it has no install candidate .. how can I fix this?11:45
wodimRotham das un asko atroz, eres amorfo y hueles mal, tirate por la ventana11:45
ikoniatiox: when you update the kernel it runs it for you11:45
wodimikonia eres el mas apaleado de la tierra11:45
xiewanchenwhy can not restart my networking ?11:47
xiewanchenwhen I input this command "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart11:48
tioxikonia: Well and fine, just sometimes I use drives with my USB drive and sometimes when I handle kernel stuff in there it for some odd reason resides in the primary grub.cfg.11:49
tioxOdd stuff, but it happens and having it run automatically would resolve this issue so I am not going "WTF? That drive isn't plugged in..." ever again.11:49
ikoniatiox: primary grub.cfg ? there is only 111:49
tioxOf course, but I sometimes run different systems on here to play around with.11:50
Islamwhat is the best software to use to install paltalk.exe on ubuntu 11.10 ?11:50
ikoniatiox: sorry, what you are saying makes no sense11:50
tioxThey each have their own grub.cfg but somehow the one on hard disk gets affected when I say, upgrade a kernel on a system I am playing with. Don't know why.11:50
DarkApex /quit11:50
tioxI came in here before asking about it until someone told me about using the grub update command to resolve this issue manually.11:50
ikoniatiox: becuse grub2 is not usable properly as a dual linux booter11:51
ikoniatiox: the files it needs are on /etc on the localfile system, which makes it impossible for grub to manage multiple distros11:51
Islamwhat is the best software to use to install paltalk.exe on ubuntu 11.10 ?11:51
ikoniatiox: eg: if you have ubuntu installed and fedora, you update the fedora config, how can it update files on /etc/grub on the ubuntu partition, it can't11:51
tioxSo... I see.11:51
gry'grub2 is not usable properly as a dual linux booter' is there a good doc on that (apart from what I can find randomly myself)?11:52
ActionParsnipIslam: what does it do?11:52
ActionParsnipIslam: did you check the wine appdb?11:52
tioxIt's pretty odd stuff; I limit myself to Ubuntu/Debian systems for that reason alone.11:52
ikoniatiox: the old grub1 setup if you used a shared /boot partition both distros could manpipulate menu.lst on the shared /boot, now because it's in /etc/ on the controlling distro, you can't11:52
tioxBut even still oddities with Grub2 happens.11:52
ikoniagry: there is no doc, it's my personal opinion11:53
=== el is now known as Guest12041
ikoniagry: but you can see the reasoning from my example11:54
xiewanchenwho can help me ?11:54
IslamActionParsnip : its a chat program like yahoo, and some friends uses it on wine, but wine isnt working with me11:54
xiewanchenwho can help me ?11:54
IslamActionParsnip : paltalk.exe is a chat program like yahoo, and some friends uses it on wine, but wine isnt working with me11:55
ActionParsnipIslam: check the appdb dude11:55
xiewanchenWhen I enter the command "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart11:56
xiewanchenIt failed to start11:56
xiewanchenwhy ?11:56
IslamActionParsnip : where can I find it mate ?11:56
Guest12041xiewanchen : chek /etc/network/interfaces11:57
LjLIslam: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=382411:57
ActionParsnipIslam: seek and ye shall find11:57
xiewanchenGuest12841:sorry, This command is not found11:59
zykes-anyone here wise on why http://pastebin.com/QZ8uYVxP is not working ?11:59
Guest12041xiewanchen :  gedit /etc/network/interfaces11:59
mcb_1xiewanchen: What guest12041 is saying is that you have a problem with your network interfaces. Check those configurations. Also, what is erro mesage that /etc/init.d/networking is giving you?12:01
xiewanchenGuest12841:   I uses this command "vi /etc/network/interfaces12:01
MrKeunerhello, why would sudo echo test > /var/websites/mywebsite/robots.txt return -bash: /var/websites/mywebsite/robots.txt: Permission denied?12:01
llutzMrKeuner: sudo ends after echo, use "echo test | sudo tee /var/websites/mywebsite/robots.txt"12:02
xiewanchenThe prompt message is that ssh stop /waiting12:02
Zx432My server doesn't display picture. Monitor displays: Not optimum mode Recommended mode 1280x1024 60 hz12:02
xiewanchenssh start /running ,process 244712:02
MrKeunerllutz, is this a recent change? I have always been using it this way12:03
xiewanchenstart ,Job failed to start12:03
llutzMrKeuner: you haven't. that never worked12:03
xiewanchenmcb_1 :my network interfaces is ok12:04
MrKeunerllutz, weird I was so sure12:04
mcb_1xiewanchen:  Are you running the restart command ass root? Or with sudo? Looks like you dont.12:04
MrKeunerllutz, oh makes sense now, after ">" it is my user again12:05
xiewanchenmcb_1 yes ,I  use this command with sodu12:05
llutzMrKeuner: the "> foo" part is done as user before the "sudo command" part takes place12:05
llutzMrKeuner: another way is: sudo sh -c 'echo whatever > /foo'12:06
ActionParsnipMrKeuner: echo "some text to add" | sudo tee -a /path/to/file12:07
mcb_1xiewanchen: So you did $ sudo "/etc/init.d/networking restart"? And in your output the SSH service was restarted? This is odd for me.12:07
Islam  is there any other software than wine that runs the windows programs "exe" ?12:07
aRaaaCan anyone help me with Ubuntu?12:08
ikoniaaRaaa: we can try if you ask a question12:08
L3topIslam: you could use virtual box and actually install windows...12:08
ActionParsnipIslam: crossoveroffice and cedega, both are not free in any way12:08
ActionParsnipaRaaa: ask a question and see ;)12:08
Zx432Little help please?12:08
Zx432My server doesn't display picture. Monitor displays: Not optimum mode Recommended mode 1280x1024 60 hz12:08
mcb_1L3top, there is "dosbox" also. But it is most for very old stuff......12:08
dr3mroIslam, why you want to run exe on linux ?12:08
ActionParsnipZx432: what GPU do you use?12:09
L3topthanks mcb_1. Didn't know about that12:09
MrKeunerllutz, ActionParsnip thanks12:10
aRaaaOkay, well ill try keep it short. Im using aiMac. I played guilward via Cross over.. Worked perfectly until one day it randomly wouldnt load up. So i tried ubuntu off a CD, i then couldnt return to my OS, so i installed Ubuntu, which im now stuck with. Anyway besides the point. Iv tried over and over and over, to install it on ubuntu, iv tried so many different ways read and watched lots of tutorials. Now basically, it seems to always in12:10
Islamdr3mro : to run paltalk.exe >> its a chat program12:10
mcb_1L3top: i use it to play "Eye of the Beholder"......12:10
aRaaaGuild wars12:10
ikoniaIslam: you have been given the link to the wine application compatability list12:10
ActionParsnipaRaaa: did you check the appdb12:11
Islamikonia : thanx12:11
=== max_ is now known as amxpogorelov
aRaaaOh it cut me off12:11
L3topIslam: Paltalk has some issues in linux. You might get it going, depending on hardware, but you are better off using the web client12:11
aRaaaBasically i cnt Launch GuilWaRS... WHY?12:11
ActionParsnipaRaaa: did you check the appdb?12:12
ActionParsnipaRaaa: have you asked in #winehq12:12
aRaaaIt installs, it seems okay, but i just for the life of me cant get it to lauynch, it doesnt crash, it just doesnt happen12:12
L3topIslam: and wine is your best bet12:12
IslamL3top : I just need to get it to work then I would try solving the little programs12:12
ActionParsnipaRaaa: try launching it from terminal, the output may be useful12:12
L3topIslam: again, wine works to some degree, and virtualbox will work completely.12:13
IslamL3top : wine isnt working, after installing the paltalk it says there is a problem and it never opens, the same error happens with other software too12:13
omegadarkanyone know a good web based frontend to subversion that will allow my users to create there own repos so I don't have to keep doing it?12:13
=== amxpogorelov is now known as maxpogorelov
aRaaaSorry its hard to kleep up with what your typing. Can we have a private chat? I dont know what Appdb is, and i tried launching from terminal, but it always says file cannot be found. But its installed.12:13
aRaaaI jus a moment ago installed it on playonlinux, still nothing12:13
L3topIslam: have you checked the executable bit?12:13
IslamL3top : no, I dont even know what it is12:14
ActionParsnipaRaaa: my text is quite minimal, and I am highlighting you12:14
Zx432need to check manually....12:14
L3topIslam: right click on the installer, go to permissions, and make sure the executable bit is set12:14
ActionParsnipaRaaa: i'd ask in #winehq12:14
* L3top thinks it is permissions....12:14
aRaaai see i see sorry, iv never used this. bit in ya face12:14
IslamL3top : I'm reinstalling wine again,, I'll make sure to try it .. thanx mate12:15
L3topyes Properties/Permissions12:15
aRaaaIve been trying for weeks, Iv uninstalled, reinstalled, used wine, crossover, crossover tie, playonlinux... :12:15
ActionParsnipaRaaa: what OS versions did you try in winecfg?12:15
aRaaaIm really sorry. but whats do you mean?12:16
aRaaaIm really sorry, but what do you mean?12:16
soreauaRaaa: run 'winecfg'12:16
aRaaaIn the terminal?12:16
maxpogorelovjoin #python12:17
ActionParsnipaRaaa: in the winecfg app you can set the app to see the version of windows as Win2000, Win XP and so on. What have you tried?12:17
ActionParsnipaRaaa: at least one of the guides MUST have mentioned it.....12:17
dr3mroIslam, لا يعمل علي واين .. و لا تحاول12:18
aRaaaI think it was12:18
aRaaaWin 200012:18
=== _znull is now known as znull
ActionParsnipaRaaa: then try others]12:18
aRaaaNope i jus ran Wincfg12:18
IslamL3top : تقصد البال توك لا يعمل على واين ؟12:18
aRaaaIts actually windows xp12:18
ActionParsnipaRaaa: try a few windows versions, see which makes it ok12:19
aRaaaOkay iv changed it, but now what,. jus repeat the install process?12:19
ActionParsnipaRaaa: did you check the appdb or not?12:19
aRaaaNo sorry12:19
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:19
aRaaai checked the winecfg and changed it from xp to 200012:19
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
ActionParsnipaRaaa: ok, now try the app. If its no good, try one of the other Windows versions12:20
bc81guys, i have a USB drive plugged in but can't copy files to it.  i formatted it as ext4 in gparted, so how can i "use" it now?12:20
aRaaaby app you mean GuildWars yes?12:20
ActionParsnipbc81: chown the mount point to your user (and recursively)12:21
ActionParsnipaRaaa: check the app can be made to run using the appdb, there will be a small guide too12:21
aRaaaCan i just mention. The game doesnt crash on launch or anything like that, no errors. It literally just does nothing when i try to launch it. But ill check Appdb out12:22
TTilusaptitude lists all packages twice12:23
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kevinyounghi all12:23
TTilusthe first entry always has description and the other does not12:23
TTiluswhats going on?12:23
L3topIslam: I mean certain functions are problematic in Wine. Esp video... often mic, you need to play with the hardware emulation settings a bit in wine settings12:24
L3topI also do not know Arabic.12:24
=== nakou_ is now known as nakou
* L3top is very fond of google translate12:25
blkdghello, to get my mouse to work i have to sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps each time i boot. how can i make this change permanent?12:25
ActionParsnipaRaaa: thats fine, the appdb may help. Also try running the game from the terminal, it may help12:26
blkdgthanks anyhow12:26
haxxpophello anyone12:27
Zx432I finaly found it, had to take the server apart. I have a graphic card Gigabyte GV R925128T12:27
ActionParsnipblkdg: echo "options psmouse prot=imps" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf12:27
KettleCookedWhen I run apt-get update, I get a lot of 404 and misc errors. How can I start to clean this up? Output: http://pastebin.com/paqmB2Ld12:27
L3topblkdg: someone probably has a better answer, but I would look at some scripts in init.d, and create an appropriate header based on those and drop that in a script, then update-rc.d scriptname defaults12:28
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
ActionParsnipL3top: I gave the fix, but they left...12:28
L3topI see that now... will remember12:29
L3topKettleCooked: try generating a new sources.list based on your needs here http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/12:31
Zx432I have a graphic card Gigabyte GV R925128T all of a sudden I get Not optimum mode Recommended mode 1280x1024 60 hz on my monitor, I can still see boot sequence normally.12:31
ActionParsnipZx432: what GPU do you have?12:31
Zx432Isn't the GPU the graphic card? So I have  graphic card Gigabyte GV R925128T all of a sudden I get Not optimum mode Recommended mode 1280x1024 60 hz on my monitor, I can still see boot sequence normally.12:33
Zx432My bad12:33
L3tophe means what chipset12:33
TTilusah, got it, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/83176812:33
L3topis it nvidia12:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Precise) "aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Triaged]12:33
L3topis it ati12:34
Zx432Should delete part of last msg..12:34
* L3top assumes ActionParsnip is a he... no offense meant12:34
Zx432OK I get it it is ATI.12:34
radu_hi can anyone tell me what is /.rpmdb12:35
ActionParsnipZx432: ok its a radeon 9250, the brand is irrelevant12:35
ActionParsnipTTilus: precise support in #ubuntu+1 please12:35
Zx432Yes that is correct.12:35
ActionParsnipZx432: try the boot option: nomodeset    may help12:36
radu_anyone knows?12:36
ActionParsnipradu_: is it a folder or a file?12:36
radu_it is a folder12:36
ActionParsnipradu_: where is it located?12:36
KettleCookedIf I have PHP 5.2.x, and I need PHP 5.3, under karmic - how do I upgrade it?12:36
ActionParsnipKettleCooked: karmic is no longer supported in any way12:37
radu_it is /.rpmdb12:37
MonkeyDustradu_  db is database, i guess rpm is the package manager of fedora12:37
KettleCookedActionParsnip: ah ok12:37
radu_but i am not using rpm12:37
radu_just aptitude12:37
L3topradu I assume it is some sort of repository for rpms...12:37
matanyacan someone please review :https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Matanya-laptop-oneiric-20120316-2.png12:37
L3topredhat etc12:37
matanyawhy is the boot time 53s ?12:37
Piciradu_: Did you happen to install something using alien?12:37
matanyawhat hangs?12:37
ActionParsnipradu_: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc12:38
radu_nothing installed using alien12:38
radu_just aptitude12:39
Piciradu_: Well, whats inside the file? see: less /.rpmdb12:39
L3topit is a folder...12:40
ActionParsnipradu_: ever used yum?12:40
L3topI thought he said12:40
PiciL3top: oops12:40
radu_never used yum12:40
radu_bever installed a rpm12:40
L3topsame applies... ls the folder... anything in it?12:40
haxxpopanyone know how to make the irc room chat in empathy notified in my ubuntu desktop ?12:41
radu_some empty files12:41
radu_like packages12:41
L3topwhat files12:41
Foo863I've got a computer with 10.04 LTS installed, and a nvidia 530GT graphics card12:41
L3topfor instance12:41
L3topanything you recognize?12:41
radu_name, group, packages etc12:41
mguyWhat file system type should /boot be?12:41
radu_no content12:41
ikoniamguy: any linux compatible file system12:41
ActionParsnipFoo863: i suggest you grab Oneiric, it wil help with the new hardware.12:42
radu_some other generic names12:42
Foo863I need to install nvidias proprietary drivers, but the install says that I have to terminate x11 before continuing12:42
ActionParsniphaxxpop: is there an addon / plugin to talk to libnotify?12:42
Foo863ActionParsnip: sorry, I can't12:42
ActionParsnipFoo863: why not12:42
radu_and also some files like __db.00112:42
L3topFoo863, there are a few ways to do that.12:42
Foo863I have to stay with the current installation, many reasons12:42
radu_reckon it's safe to delete?12:43
mcb_1radu: I also have this folder with the files you have.... But i have Alien installed.12:43
ActionParsnipFoo863: there is an xorg edgers update ppa (less fresh, more stable) which will give the 295 driver you will ore than likely need12:43
oconnoreMy keystrokes lag and sometimes are dropped entirely or (rarely) duplicated, is there anything I can do about this?12:43
ActionParsnipoconnore: which release are you using?12:43
L3topFoo863: You could type init3 probably... and it may kill X.12:43
radu_mine is 4500 bytes in size12:44
L3topYou could service gdm stop probably12:44
oconnoreActionParsnip: it happens in 11.04, 11.10 and 12.0412:44
Zx432#ActionParsnip great I can't see grub :)12:44
L3toppkill X...12:44
ActionParsnipoconnore: are you using Unity?12:44
oconnoreActionParsnip: Yes12:45
ActionParsnipoconnore: tried unity2D?12:45
L3topZx432: do you know which driver you are using?12:45
L3topfglrx or radeon?12:46
bc81is xfs a good filesystem to use for a backup drive?12:46
Zx432yes sort of, it must be the default one for Ubuntu server12:46
L3topbc81: xfs is very good for media12:46
ActionParsnipFoo863: hold shift at boot and select recovery mode, then select root. There is now no X server running and you can use the file from nvidia. The ppa is much easier12:46
mcb_1radu: Looking in my instaled packeges, i saw that i have a rpm packege.... Dont know if it came at install.12:47
radu_how do u check for rpms?12:47
L3topFoo863: that is the best way to do it... ^^^12:47
bc81L3top: ok, thanks.  how can i format the drive to xfs?  in gparted, xfs is greyed out12:47
ActionParsnipZx432: you can drop to root recovery mode and set the res in /etc/default/grub     you will need to run:  sudo update-grub  afterwards12:47
radu_i would like to know which rpms are installed12:48
mcb_1radu: I did $dpkg -l | grep rpm And I found some RPM related packeges instaled. Should be one of then that created this .rpmdb folder.12:48
bc81in gparted, i can only format to ext*, fat*, linux-swap and ntfs!?  all the others are greyed out, what gives?12:49
L3topNot sure...12:49
oconnoreActionParsnip: it still happens in unity2d/kde, although unity is especially bad in 11.1012:49
radu_thank you very much for your help12:49
* L3top is terrible at giving gui support... 12:49
ActionParsnipoconnore: what GPU do you use?12:49
Kartagishow can I compare the md5 of the ubuntu iso to the one on the website?12:50
oconnoreActionParsnip: it's an AMD E-350 Fusion with the built in Radeon HD graphics card12:50
locsmifKartagis: run md5sum on the iso12:51
oconnoreopen source driver12:51
locsmifKartagis: or do md5sum -c <file> <filename.iso>12:51
ActionParsnipoconnore: have you tried the proprietary driver?12:51
L3topbc81: it is possible there is already a partition table there which needs to be deleted and recreated12:51
Kartagislocherm: I also want to verify12:52
locsmifKartagis: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM12:52
L3topbc81: try apt-get install xfsprogs12:53
oconnoreActionParsnip: the last time I tried there was no suspend/resume, but I guess it might be worthwhile to try again12:53
* L3top sucks at !12:53
bc81L3top: ok, thanks for that12:54
ActionParsnipmatanya: wassup?12:55
locsmifActionParsnip: < matanya> can someone please review :https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Matanya-laptop-oneiric-20120316-2.png12:56
auronandace!brain | L3top12:57
ubottuL3top: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots12:57
ActionParsniplocsmif: ty12:57
ubottujoff: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:57
L3topty auronandace12:57
ActionParsnipmatanya: reboot, then run:   sudo apt-get install pastebinit; clear; dmesg | pastebinit     what is output?12:57
linuxiushi! I bought an QNAP NAS and would like to setup. I should connect to it at What do I have to set up in the network manager in order to connect to it via LAN-Cable?12:58
locsmifmatanya: hmmm12:58
newcodeI am new to ubuntu and need to install acl, I did apt-get install acl, I know I have to edit /etc/fstab now, but not sure how12:58
ActionParsniplinuxius: set the interface as DHCP and itwill get an IP off your router12:59
locsmifI can read charts like this in general (resemble Gantt charts), but I don't see the exact problem. Maybe ureadahead12:59
locsmifAlso, the chart says 30s, not 53s12:59
joan_ola  peñaaaa12:59
usuarioalgum brasileiro aki12:59
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:59
linuxiusI don't have a router in between...13:00
linuxiusI says it has to be connected directly to the computer...13:00
=== usuario is now known as marcos
ActionParsniplinuxius: then you wil need to set the interface you connect with to fall into the same subnet as the device, you will also need a crossover cable as you are connecting peer to peer13:01
locsmiflinuxius: 169.264 is an impossible subnet13:01
geirhaunless your nic can do the crossover for you13:01
xixooorum_jajaVA XE KALLEU13:01
locsmifDeliberately designed to indicate error13:01
FloodBot1xixooorum_jaja: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:01
ActionParsniplinuxius: a NAS can be on a router, as long as there is a logical link it will work13:01
ActionParsniplocsmif: its not, its the subnet used for systems failing dhcp13:01
locsmifActionParsnip: which is what I was saying, although less precise.13:02
locsmifIs this sync trolling Brasil?13:02
ActionParsniplinuxius: set the interface to be a static IP and set it to fall in to the netmask used by the device.13:04
linuxiuswhat is the netmask of what is the gateway?13:06
matanyaActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/886277/13:06
ActionParsniplinuxius: its a p2p lan, there is no gateway13:07
linuxiusActionParsnip:  how can I tell the network manager?13:07
Sidewinder1newcode, Try gksudo gedit /etc/fstab13:08
ActionParsniplinuxius: you set the interface to Manual, then specify the details13:08
linuxiusActionParsnip: I got so far... Then it asks for Adress, Subnet and Gateway...13:09
ActionParsnipmatanya: look around line 76413:09
ActionParsniplinuxius: yes, set it to similar to the device, but change the last octet of the address, the subnet will be the same13:10
linuxiusso an adress like: and no subnet or gateway?13:10
parapanhello > I captured some flv clips with youtube-dl script and I cannot play them in Media pLayer or VLC > what can I do ??13:11
L3top!info gnash13:12
ubottugnash (source: gnash): GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.10~git20110618-3ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 193 kB, installed size 612 kB13:12
parapan!info flv13:12
ubottuPackage flv does not exist in oneiric13:12
ActionParsniplinuxius: what is the address of the device?13:12
ActionParsnipparapan: there are lots of downloaders as addons and extensions for browsers13:13
L3topI have very good luck with gnash parapan... not perfect by any means, but anything to avoid adobe's player13:14
parapanActionParsnip: well I use youtube-dl script ...but I cannot play the resulted .flv file13:14
=== nixmaniack is now known as n1x
L3topyes parapan, that is because you need a player...13:15
ActionParsnipparapan: try one of the many downloaders for the browser, if you just want the audio you can use this: http://www.youtube-mp3.org/13:15
linuxiusActionParsnip: in the manual it says "open a web browser and enter the IP address of the NAS: (make sure the IP address of your PC is configured to the same subnet, e.g. I cannot klick apply in the network settings with IP and subnet that should be correct though, right?13:15
haz3lnut<parapan> vlc plays all my flv files, unless it's encrypted13:15
ActionParsnipL3top: lightspark isn't bad either13:15
parapanL3top: I have VLC and default Movie Player ...none of them work13:16
ActionParsniplinuxius: then    subnet   will be fine13:16
L3topparapan: you need a flash player.13:16
parapanL3top: I installed gnash13:17
cordovali am trying to upgrade git on my ubuntu but not sure because i don't want to remove some customizations I have done in some of the files for setup13:18
cordovalhow to proceed I am running the latest ubuntu13:18
parapanL3top: looks like gnash cannot play .flv files13:19
_Marcuscordoval: Is it a package from the main repos?13:19
_Marcuscordoval: As in something you can get with apt?13:19
matanyaActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/886294/13:19
haz3lnutparapan: is  it just one file you can;t play or many? vlc should work.13:20
cordoval_Marcus how to find out?13:21
cordovalI think it is but how to make sure?13:21
_Marcuscordoval: How did you download it the first time?13:21
cordovalI can't remember13:21
L3topparapan: Gnash supports playback of FLV videos and allows playing some FLV files from YouTube, MySpace, ShowMeDo and other similar websites (older files with sound – newer files without playing sound). FLV support requires FFmpeg or GStreamer to be installed on the system. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnash13:21
=== carif__ is now known as carif
_Marcuscordoval: Try "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade"13:21
locsmifparapan: you can play flv with VLC13:22
locsmifIf you can't something's wrong with your setup13:22
locsmifparapan: try mplayer13:22
_Marcuscordoval: That will update all your programs, including Git, if it's from the repos13:22
ActionParsnipmatanya: yes, i saw that the first time you pasted the link....13:22
locsmif!info mplayer13:22
ubottumplayer (source: mplayer): movie player for Unix-like systems. In component universe, is extra. Version 2:1.0~rc4.dfsg1+svn33713-1 (oneiric), package size 2620 kB, installed size 5256 kB13:22
parapanlocsmif: already tried ....cannot play the output of youtube-dl .....13:23
locsmifparapan: then the movie is broken13:23
locsmifNot mplayer or VLC13:23
locsmifparapan: what's the link?13:23
locsmifI'll download and play it13:23
L3topas ActionParsnip suggested, you can try lightspark... or get the terribly glitchy resource hungry closed source adobe flashplugin-installer...13:23
parapanlocsmif: could not determine type of stream ...13:23
ActionParsnipparapan: try one of the addons / extensions for your browser..13:23
cordoval_Marcus: doing that but not sure if it will take me to a later version on git than
cordovali need the latest13:23
L3topnot that I am biased ;)13:23
locsmifparapan: what's the link? We'll know what the problem is in short order. If you want to keep it off the record, pm me13:24
ActionParsnipparapan: also try kiiss youtube :)13:24
ActionParsnipparapan: cu13:24
ActionParsnipparapan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54784813:24
kaizhanHi All13:24
playmanwhat is the best/easyest way to connect from ubuntu server to ubuntu live cd terminal?13:24
|Long|good mornig iam adding new user from ssh, what is th cmd to add him as root level?13:25
cordovalwhat is precise?13:25
tinglovemehi there13:25
itmannencordoval:  Ubuntu 12.04 LTS13:25
locsmifparapan: ?13:25
ActionParsnipplayman: i'd say SSH13:26
parapank thank you all ...I think one of the solution you offered will do the trick ....13:26
cordovalhow to upgrade to ubuntu 12.0413:26
ActionParsnip|Long|: add the user to the admn group13:26
_Marcuscordoval: You don't want to do that13:26
ActionParsnipcordoval: ask in #ubuntu+1 for advise there13:26
playmanallright thank you for that ActionParsnip13:26
_Marcuscordoval: It's unstable, not good for everyday use13:27
|Long|ActionParsnip, thanks what is the cmd line do you know?13:27
ActionParsnip|Long|: sudo adduser -a -G admin username13:27
|Long|ActionParsnip, thanks alot13:27
L3topShould he then add to sudoers?13:27
locsmif_Marcus: well, I had to compile a new kernel to avoid the constant external hdd disconnects (I boot from it, so as soon as that happens, it's hard reset), so in some ways oneiric isn't great as well13:28
L3topor is that inherited?13:28
locsmifAnd it still happens, though less frequent13:28
_Marcuslocsmif: I would take that over all the bugs 12.04 still has13:28
ActionParsnipL3top: the admin group is what gives access to gk/sudo13:28
L3topyes of course...13:28
L3topI never add root users...13:29
locsmif_Marcus: hmm, suit yourself ;) A system which.. whoops.. loses access to its own root fs at random is pretty unstable if you ask me.13:29
ActionParsnipL3top: there can only be one root user, which is 'root'13:29
_Marcuslocsmif: True13:30
garmetHello fellow ubuntuers!13:30
|Long|ActionParsnip, that cmd didnt work13:30
locsmifgarmet: hi13:30
|Long|-G didnt work13:30
garmetI have a slight issue with dual screens. I am using a KVM switch and been meddling around with that monitor sleeps when changing back to windoze. no probs in mint here. I fixed that issue and moved on to configuring linux screen orientations. It ended up with me editing my xorg.conf and set everything exactly as it should be, I rebooted and everything looked great. The resolutions where correct and looked really sharp and nice. The deskto13:30
garmetps where aligned correctly with separate x windows using Xinerama. The problem though: The screen itself complains that the correct resolution is 1680x1050 @ 60Hz, which is exactly what it uses. After complaining awhile the screen sleeps because it thinks it has wrong resolution. Any thoughts?13:30
L3top... well... yes I guess I meant with root access.13:30
L3topbut I always appreciate correction13:31
ActionParsnip|Long|: i believe useradd can do it too13:31
locsmifgarmet: resolution or refresh rate?13:31
=== anonymous is now known as Guest31453
garmetlocsmif: doesnt say, the OSD is just saying that its not the recommended setting13:32
garmetlocsmif: I'll check my xorg.conf to confirm13:33
locsmifgarmet: if it's sharp, I think the resolution is correct13:33
locsmifnon-native LCD resolutions tend to be fuzzy, or otherwise do not fill the screen13:33
|Long|how can i tell if the user has the root access from ssh screen?13:33
locsmifgarmet: LCD or CRT?13:34
_MarcusIs it better to do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" or sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade"?13:34
locsmif_Marcus: the former.13:34
garmetlocsmif: LCD, so vertRefresh is the Hz right?13:34
_Marcuslocsmif: Thank you13:34
locsmifgarmet: yes13:34
mcb_|Long|: you can $su new_user you will have a session as the new_user. There you test it.13:35
locsmif_Marcus: np13:35
|Long|mcb_, thanks13:35
garmetlocsmif: let me correct and reboot :)13:35
spacebug-_Marcus: the former will only do the second command if the first one succeeds13:35
garmetlocsmif: thx13:35
_Marcusspacebug-: Ah13:35
locsmifgarmet: np13:35
spacebug-_Marcus: which is what one wants13:35
Lurkin_Lobsterhi everyone13:36
locsmifLurkin_Lobster: hi13:36
Lurkin_Lobstercan someone point me at a good tutorial for irssi setup?13:36
_MarcusHi, Lurkin_Lobster13:36
locsmifLurkin_Lobster: start irssi13:36
Lurkin_Lobsterim using it now13:36
_Marcus!irssi | Lurkin_Lobster13:36
ubottuLurkin_Lobster: irssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen13:36
craigbass1976/var/www probably ought to be owned by www-data, but I want to be able to write to everything.  Is there any way, other than giving www-data a password, to read and write to /var/www while logged in as me but keeping file ownership as www-data:www-data ?13:37
Lurkin_Lobsterthis thing is serious business, lol i feel like i could blow up earth or something with it haha13:37
locsmifLurkin_Lobster: /set nick Lurkin_Lobster  /set real_name none  /set user_name none   /connect irc.freenode.net  /join #ubuntu   *done*13:37
locsmifOh, and /save to save config13:37
L3topLurkin_Lobster: I would think you could symlink... but I am just talking out loud13:38
|Long|ActionPark, that cmd doesn't added new user to root access13:38
haz3lnutAnyone know of a tool will tell me my physical ram spec and type without me having to reboot to memtest?13:39
L3top|Long|: I think you need to use visudo and add them to the sudoers13:39
_Marcushaz3lnut: I believe no operating system can see the full memory in a system.13:39
_Marcushaz3lnut: So you would have to restart.13:39
ActionParsnip|Long|: http://nixcraft.com/ubuntu-debian/8555-ubuntu-linux-add-user-group.html13:40
_MarcusHi Emmanuel_Chanel13:40
|Long|ActioParsnip, thanks13:40
enesfarukubuntu kuramıyorum türk var mı13:40
L3top|Long|: always listen to ActionParsnip over me. I am just trying to help while I learn13:40
=== kn0rki_off is now known as kn0rki
dani_SALVE ITALIANI??13:40
rileyphaz top13:40
garmetlocsmif: Everything works fine now :)13:40
_Marcusenesfaruk: Bu İngilizce kanalıdır. Ben Türk kanalı bulamadı, ama oraya gitmek için yardımcı olacaktır.13:41
_MarcusWhere is the Turkish channel?13:41
enesfarukthank you marcus13:42
rileypIn Turnkey13:42
Emmanuel_ChanelAre many people accustomed to "dash"?13:42
haz3lnutThanks _Marcus, anyone else second _Marcus' statement?13:42
rileypyep it like bash13:42
ActionParsnipEmmanuel_Chanel: works ok here13:42
ActionParsniprileyp: bash != dash13:42
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.13:42
rileypbut with a d lol13:43
_Marcus1tr | enesfaruk13:43
leftisthow do i disable the iphone app that initiates when you plug it into a usb port? it utilizes 100% cpu on the laptops. they only use for charging their phones.13:43
_Marcus!tr | enesfaruk13:43
ubottuenesfaruk: please see above13:43
FloodBot1_Marcus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:43
enesfarukthank you very much marcus :) good by friend13:43
=== kn0rki is now known as kn0rki_off
ActionParsnip_Marcus: funny how it doesn't say 'see above' in turkish when you use !tr | nick :)13:44
_MarcusActionParsnip: :P13:44
Emmanuel_ChanelI use bash more than dash or its bsh mode.13:45
=== kn0rki_off is now known as kn0rki
mneptokEmmanuel_Chanel: dash is not meant for use as a daily interactive shell, any more than sh was.13:45
rileypi use bash13:46
rileypto keep the kids in line13:46
Zx432I can't get my ethernet to connect to internet. I have no idea what is wrong. I am using text interface.13:46
rileypZx432 ifconfig -a13:47
leftisthow do i disable the iphone app that initiates when you plug it into a usb port? it utilizes 100% cpu on the laptops. they only use for charging their phones.13:47
_Marcusleftist: This is Ubuntu support. That seems like something with your iOS device.13:48
leftistno it has to do with ubuntu13:48
_Marcusleftist: How so?13:48
leftistif i can just be pointed to startup script location i can figure it out myself.13:49
ikonialeftist: it's nothing to with ubuntu, contact apple support13:49
leftistno this is a linux app13:49
leftistcontact apple support laugh13:49
jpdsleftist: "iphone app"13:49
jpdsleftist: No.13:49
rileypbecause the pc has ubuntu on it or he has a ubuntu sticker on the backof his iphone13:49
ikonialeftist: no, it's not it's an app on your ios device13:49
leftistyour sure?13:49
ikonialeftist: yes13:49
leftisthold on13:49
_Marcusleftist: I can't ask "I burnt my hand on the stove, what do I do?" and then say "I am running Ubuntu so it's Ubuntu-related"13:49
ikoniarileyp: not helpful, please don't be silly13:49
leftistwait a minute13:50
unopleftist, it's probably an app triggered by udev .. I'd look in /etc/udev/rules.d/13:50
ikoniaunop: how is udev launching an app on his phone ?13:50
daveoi'm doing a fresh install of 11.10, its downloading many language packs. why? i'm only english literate, can i remove them later?13:50
leftistif i plug in an iphone into a linux based system, it isnt recognized usually. however if there is a driver developed it is then recognized. apple isnt providing any drivers for ubuntu or centos or puppy etc..13:51
unopikonia, I'm inferring the app is launched on his machine when his phone is plugged in13:51
ikoniaunop: ah, so something local to his laptop13:51
Zx432Ok it lists two things eth0 and lo13:51
leftistSeveas are you around?13:51
ActionParsnipdaveo: install localepurge  and it will strip them out13:51
ikonialeftist: what are you talking about "if there is a deiver developed"13:51
daveoActionParsnip: thank you will do13:51
unopleftist, what app is this that is launched?13:52
mneptokZx432: how is the interface confogured? static IP or DHCP?13:52
leftisti have to restart i killed it as i usually do but i should know it's path etc.. let me find out exactly what it is and search on google.13:52
_Marcusleftist: So on your system without drivers to launch this app, it is launching an app?13:52
leftistbut i know i am right13:52
ikonialeftist: try to explain again, as you are not making much sense13:53
leftistwhat i am saying marcus is that apple isnt an option for support because they dont support ubuntu period13:53
leftistlet me examine this better ikonia13:53
leftisti kinda shot from the hip13:53
ikonialeftist: is the application causing the problem on ubuntu, or on your iphone ?13:53
mneptokleftist: Apple is also the only company that knows how the iPhone internals work.13:54
_Marcusleftist: Have you tried Apple support yet?13:54
leftistno on ubuntu it causes the app that is provided via ubuntu os to push the cpu to 100%13:54
Zx432Currently it says loopback. I didn't manually configure it. I don't know how in text interface.13:54
leftisthell no marcus and i dont intend on that's not even practical. it has nothing to do with apple period.13:55
mneptokleftist: you bought an iPhone. the system requirements for it say clearly Windows or OSX. Apple is not going to write a driver. no one else is quite sure how.13:55
ikonialeftist: so the application is on ubuntu13:55
rileypZx432 do you know the ip settings you wish to use?13:55
leftistlet me figure it out13:55
lesjawsomebody, please do "dig atr-corp.biz mx" tell me what is mail.atr-corp.biz ip please13:55
leftisthas nothing to do with apple though13:55
_Marcusleftist: Then it sounds like the application that is used to connect your iPhone to your Ubuntu OS is causing the CPU usage to rise to 100%, am I correct?13:55
ro_70show can I set a key to output a whole phrase?13:55
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Zx432Yes it is on router for now so i can make it up.13:56
leftisti just need to know which program is running so i can disable it and/or remove it13:56
_Marcusleftist: Is this a 3rd Party application, or one supported by Ubuntu?13:56
ro_70sI tried setting a shortcut, but it just tries to execute the phrase, instead of pasting it13:56
leftisti need to research bbiab13:56
mneptokZx432: try "sudo dhclient eth0"13:56
otake_wbhi 2 all13:56
_MarcusHello otake_wb13:56
ikonialeftist: hang on13:56
ikonia!iphone | leftist13:56
ubottuleftist: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod13:56
otake_wbest kto iz russia&13:56
ikonialeftist: check that link out, it shows you how to connect to your iphone in ubuntu, see if that is the application you are looking at13:56
_Marcusikonia: You type fast13:56
ro_70show can I set a key to output a whole phrase? I tried setting a shortcut, but it just tries to execute the phrase, instead of pasting it13:57
_Marcus!ru | otake_wb13:57
ubottuotake_wb: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:57
otake_wbEST KTO IZ ROSSII?13:57
rileypZx432: you can edit /etc/network/interfaces to add your settings13:57
ro_70sNo one know? how can I set a key to output a whole phrase? I tried setting a shortcut, but it just tries to execute the phrase, instead of pasting it13:57
bmoezwhat is the minimum memory of video  cart for running kubuntu well in my pc with 512Mo of Ram and 1024x1280 for screen?13:57
_Marcusro_70s: Dude, about 30 seconds passed before you assumed nobody knew.13:58
leftistit works just fine but it hogs 100% cpu just like the index procedure hogs 100% cpu, that was disabled i just cant determine where to disable this iphone app. i'll investigate.13:58
_Marcusro_70s: Be patient.13:58
ro_70smarcus actually I've been asking for 5 minutes13:58
_Marcusro_70s: Oh.13:59
rileypZx432: eg mine looks like this  http://pastebin.com/zM3UAnbF13:59
rileypchange that to suit yours and retstart networking /reboot and all should be well13:59
ActionParsnipbmoez: should be ok. It won't run well but will run14:00
rileyphow can one restart network settings from a terminal?14:00
rileypis it a sudo service?14:00
justI have problem after update. In gnome my sound icon was disapear from panel, and when I open sound settings i cannot do nothing with volume indicator14:01
ro_70swell this sucks ... anyone know where I might try looking it up myself -- or what search terms to use?14:01
_Marcusro_70s: "Pasting text with shortcuts Ubuntu"14:02
ro_70s_marcus: thank you14:02
john___I could use some help trouble shooting my screen settings. For some reason my max resolution is only 1024x768 and it isn't displaying a high number of colors. It worked fine before rebooting.14:02
_Marcusjohn___: Have you installed the drivers for your graphics card yet?14:02
rileypro_70s I would look at making a multikey shortcut from the keyboard shortcuts menu14:02
Zx432Rileyp: interesting netmask. Looks familiar. :)14:03
_Marcusjohn___: Or if their built into your motherboard, for that?14:03
rileypZx432 it about as common as they get14:03
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=== user__ is now known as ciaoneh
* locsmif salutes gnudoc 14:04
locsmifJust because.14:05
gnudoclocsmif: hello!14:05
ikoniadon't do silly things like that in here please.14:05
john____Marcus: It was working before, so the drivers should be installed. This is a relatively new setup, but I know that a proprietary driver was selected and installed14:05
* gnudoc wonders why he deserves a salute14:05
_Marcusgnudoc: Why not?14:06
john____Marcus: by selected: i mean selected by the installer14:06
* ikonia would like you to stop using pointless /me commands please.14:06
* _Marcus uses /me14:06
john____Marcus: the only thing I have done recently is switched monitors14:06
gnudoc_Marcus: good point, well made :-)14:06
locsmifgnudoc: because you seems to be volunteering work for the FSF14:06
gnudoclocsmif: many thanks14:06
nogblegwhat channel do I ask a question about spamassassin14:06
ikonianogbleg: #spamassassin14:06
john___ikonia: why did you kick him?14:07
_Marcusjohn___: I know why14:07
locsmifheavy handed14:07
locsmifbut what do yo udo14:07
_MarcusNo need for discussion, stay on topic please14:07
ikonialocsmif: do you have ubuntu support questions/dicussion topics ?14:07
gnudocikonia: any particular reason not to use /me?14:08
locsmifikonia: actually I've been providing support on my own time on my own in dime in your channel14:08
john____Marcus: ok... any ideas on my issue?14:08
ikoniagnudoc: it's not /me it's the pointless me copmmands14:08
locsmifikonia: but thank you14:08
_Marcusjohn___: Sorry, but no :(14:08
ikonialocsmif: that's not what I asked, do you have any ubuntu support questions/discussion points ?14:08
gnudocikonia: could you define pointless in this context?14:09
ikoniagnudoc: discussion about you, saluting you, wondering why you've been saulted, your contribution to fsf etc14:09
ro_70shi again - thanks for before marcus even if nothing was found.14:10
ro_70sWhat is the clipboard manager that comes with 11.10 ?14:10
gnudochmm. those are examples of your opinion, not a definition. Nevertheless, I take your point.14:11
ro_70sit is not xclipboard14:11
mneptok!ot | gnudoc14:11
ubottugnudoc: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:11
mneptokgnudoc: not opinion. channel policy.14:11
ikoniagnudoc: sorry, I'll make it clearer in line with the official channels policy, the channel is for ubuntu support discussion, so any of the other stuff (such as the examples I've given you) or not something we want in the channel14:11
nogblegI have spamassassin installed followed ubuntu guide. Seems to be working but messager headers aren't marking with x-spam?14:11
ro_70s it is also not glipper (the default usually)14:12
gnudocikonia: okey-dokes14:12
ro_70sat least, Im reading here where it should be the default for unity, but it is not14:12
mneptokro_70s: there is none installed in the base. you have to add one.14:12
ro_70soo crud , so one was added here and I dont know whic it is :P14:13
ro_70sany idea how to find out without superuser access?14:13
john___can switching monitors cause problems with the display drivers after rebooting?14:13
rileyphow can I restart the gdm as sudo service gdm restart does not work in natty (Im using xfce4)14:14
=== danny is now known as bean
mneptokrileyp: you can restart the entire x.org subsystem with ALT-PrntScr-K14:15
hwildecannot open file in kst ?14:16
mneptokrileyp: something restarted. ;)14:17
rileypHmm impressive can is there keypboard shortcut to just stop the gdm as well?14:17
rileypmneptok:  yep I tried it14:18
rileypmneptok:  what was it alt printscreen and k?14:19
mneptokrileyp: quite right14:19
rileypmneptok:  so how can I just stop it?14:19
rileypmne so that might change gdm for example14:20
* neyder_ Hi everyone!14:21
rileyp mneptok better choice of words now how can I change gdm for example14:21
Kartagiswhere is dsdt located? I thought it was /proc/acpi/dsdt but I can't find it. I'm on Live CD14:21
mneptokrileyp: change it ti what?14:22
rileypwell I'd like to install kde but before I do I need to know how to stop xfce and then start kde14:22
=== companion is now known as Companion
mneptokrileyp: you want just KDE, or the apps that go along with a Kubuntu install?14:23
rileypI wish xfce to be default and hit a few buttons and chnage to kde desktop to try it out14:23
rileypI dont mind dropping to a tty to change and typeing a command or two14:24
mneptokrileyp: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop14:24
rileypI know how to get kde14:25
mneptokrileyp: you'll be given a choice about which you want to run at the login screen14:25
=== kn0rki_off is now known as kn0rki
rileypI wnat to know how to stop xfce from a tty and start kde14:25
Defusalhi everyone14:25
mneptokrileyp: why? just logout and back in.14:26
Defusali am rather confused... sudo lshw -C disk14:26
rileypis there not a command like sudo service stop gdm anymore14:26
mneptokrileyp: you'll be able to choose an XFCE or KDE session from the login screen14:26
rileypmneptok: I know that14:27
mneptokrileyp: that's not going to do it, though.14:27
Defusal"sudo lshw -C disk" shows a virtual drive and two drives with different serial numbers that have no logical names... fdisk -l only shows the partitioned drive14:27
Defusalcan anyone explain what this means?14:27
mneptokrileyp: you can stop a display manager all you want. it's not going to change what session starts when you login.14:27
Defusalthere are supposedly 2 x 1TB drives, but theres only 1TB of partitioned space... i have no idea how to partition the second drive if it does not exist in fdisk -l14:28
skywalkmanHello, I want to install sun java6 packages into my ubuntu 10.04 box, I have added "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner" into my sources.list file, but still can't find the package using 'apt-cache search', anyone have some ideas?14:29
rileypmneptok: Ah ok so if my system start s as xfce4 and I drop to a tty and stop xfce4 and start kde this is not possible as it wil go to the dm menu?14:29
compdocDefusal, sounds like its a raid 114:29
jadoewhat do I do, if a process doesn't quit after kill -9?14:30
=== kitchen is now known as Guest9114
rileypah hang on the dm is the dm! I feel silly14:30
rileypI want xfce4 to start by default as it does with auto login and then when in xfce Id like to drop to a tty and stsrt kde is this possible? or must I logout and then login to kde?14:32
genii-aroundskywalkman: Did you do: sudo apt-get update    ..or equivalent before the apt-cache search?14:32
rileyp I want xfce4 to start by default as it does with auto login and then when in xfce Id like to drop to a tty kill xfce4 and start kde is this possible? or must I logout of xfce4 and then login to kde?14:34
skywalkmangenii-around: Yes, I have done the update before do the search14:35
rileypmneptok:  I want xfce4 to start by default as it does with auto login and then when in xfce Id like to drop to a tty kill xfce4 and start kde is this possible? or must I logout of xfce4 and then login to kde?14:35
=== henriquev_ is now known as henriquev
pfifoI just tried to checkinstall a python source package and I accidentally ended up with the package being installed under the name 'python' so to clean up i did a `dpkg --force all --remove python` followed by a `apt-get install python` and now im wondering if the original package is still there, and if there is anything else I need to clean up.14:36
Mongoose_Purchasing a new monitor today, samsung 21.5 " led, but do the newer monitors still have the serial cable or are they all usb now?14:37
Mongoose_not samsung, dell14:38
Mongoose_3176069 Front Large14:38
Mongoose_Dell - 21.5" Flat-Panel LED Monitor14:38
rileypMongoose_ not ubuntu related sorry14:38
Mongoose_I am sorry. Thank You rileyp14:39
pfifoheh, my questions always go unanswered, I really know how to ask a stumper eh?14:40
rileypmneptok:  I want xfce4 to start by default as it does with auto login and then when in xfce Id like to drop to a tty kill xfce4 and start kde or unity is this possible? or must I logout of xfce4 and then login to kde? I haven't tried kde in years or unity yet...:D14:40
zykotic10jadoe: what process is it?  is it in a zombie state?14:41
ikoniarileyp: why are you making this such a complex process14:41
ikoniarileyp: just logout, and change the dekstop from the greeter, log back in14:41
ikoniarileyp: why all this "kill X, start a new desktop"14:42
rileyp ikonia I dont wish to I obvously dont know what I am doing and am asking something thats not possible14:43
ikoniarileyp: why not make it simple14:43
ikoniarileyp: boot the machine, at the login prompt, select which desktop you want to use, if you want to try a different one, lout out, select a different login box, it's super simple14:43
rileypi thought it was drop to a tty stop xfce4 and start unity or kde14:43
* mneptok gets deja vu14:43
ikoniarileyp: mneptok already told you14:44
ikoniarileyp: you just select the desktop you want from the login greeter14:44
Nach0zrileyp: nope... you don't need to drop to a tty at all.14:44
rileypI know I dont need to but I'd like to14:44
rileypis taht ok?14:44
ikoniarileyp: why ??14:44
rileypwhy the hell not?14:44
ikoniarileyp: what value is this, it's clear you don't know what you are doing (you said so yourself) so why make this a complex mess14:44
ikoniarileyp: the ubuntu team put in effort to make it easy to select a desktop, now you're trying to crazy complex method for no reason14:45
rileypok ill log out and back in14:45
Kartagisisn't /proc/acpi/dsdt accessible on a livecd?14:47
=== henriquev_ is now known as henriquev
ikoniaKartagis: try it14:47
Kartagisikonia: I did, it wasn't14:47
Kartagiswhy is that?14:48
ikoniaKartagis: then you have your answer14:48
ikoniaKartagis: disabled in the livecd to account for peoples different hardware ? don't know14:48
Kartagisikonia: would a dsdt in a vm count for a live system?14:50
ikoniaa vm is the same as a standard install, however not all hardware features maybe available due to the emmulation the host can provide14:50
filo1234sorry guys can someone remember me package name to use instead of deprecated webmin?14:52
Defusalthanks, is there any way to confirm if its raid 1?14:52
zykotic10!ebox | filo1234 i've never used it though14:52
ubottufilo1234 i've never used it though: zentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).14:52
filo1234zykotic10: oh thanks dude14:53
compdocDefusal, depends on how its made. Could be a raid controller, or could be software raid14:53
filo1234zykotic10: me too, but that wasn't for myself :)14:54
compdocmdadm is the tool to use with software raids14:54
Defusalcompdoc, my technician installed the OS, so i assume its hardware14:55
=== sear_ is now known as sear
Defusalfunny thing is the package doesn't mention raid14:56
john___i just ran xvidtune, and it says my Horizontal Refresh Rate is 1048-1184. Does that sound right? Can it get that high?14:56
Defusalso i assumed it would be 2 seperate drives, but i guess, they gave me an overspec CPU and double the ram of my contact, so it wouldnt surprise me if there are other inconsistencies14:56
filo1234bye all14:57
_skplhow can i set ubuntu to display no messages during bootup?14:58
jadoezykotic10: firefox, no zombie. I rebooted.14:58
jadoeoccured after resume from hibernate14:58
andrew9183hey guys, how can i add a bash script that will run from command line15:00
andrew9183is there a "path" in linux15:00
locsmifandrew9183: hold on15:00
locsmifandrew9183: oh, uhm, well, yes, there is a path and it's called $PATH15:01
andrew9183is there a preferred location to put scripts ?15:01
locsmifandrew9183: not really15:03
locsmifandrew9183: but you can edit your PATH on a per-user or per-system basis15:03
locsmifandrew9183: take a look at ~/.bashrc15:04
=== ocsi is now known as Guest90439
ActionParsnipandrew9183: you can put them anywhere in the folders in $PATH, or you can create your own folder and add it to the $PATH15:06
DX099hello everyone, I installed gnome-shell from official repos, but it never worked : "Unable to initialize Clutter: Unable to find suitable fbconfig for the GLX context: Failed to find any compatible fbconfigs"15:07
ActionParsnipDX099: do you have 3D accelleration?15:07
locsmifandrew9183: and /etc/environment15:07
locsmifandrew9183: that's for global purposes15:08
DX099ActionParsnip: glxinfo is saying "direct rendering : yes"15:08
locsmifandrew9183: a good choice might be /usr/local/bin15:08
abeer_hi, I'm looking to be a part of GSOC 2012 and was hoping that someone here would have applied for mentoring.15:09
Defusalis it possible to safely remove some space from the swap partitions size and add it to the /home partitions size? keep in mind i would be working remotely and cannot afford to lose ssh access to the system15:12
Pici!offtopuc | abeer_15:12
Pici!offtopic | abeer_15:12
ubottuabeer_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:12
abeer_no it would not be safe to remove space from the swap partition15:13
=== genupulas is now known as ethene
Defusalabeer_, damn :(15:13
abeer_But, since you are accessing it over a network, I'd wait for someone else to comment15:13
locsmifDefusal: hmmm15:14
marculesI lost SSH-Access yesterday... the machine probably had som hickup while booting, now I cannot restart it, because I'll surely not travel 800km to press a button :/15:14
Defusalthe technician make the spawn partition way too big, which would have been fine, cause i assumed i had 2 x 1TB15:14
Defusalbut now it seems that its hardware raid 115:14
abeer_@marcules - woah!15:14
ActionParsnipmarcules: possibility of smarthands request?15:15
trijntjeDefusal:  I dont think you can modify partions that are in use, in this case both swap and home15:15
marculesYeah I should organize someone to reboot the machine properly ^^ -- it's private so it's not as important15:15
locsmifDefusal: if you stop X, and root's home is on /, then you could swapoff /dev/<swap partition>, umount home partition, and perhaps enlarge one while shrinking the other, if they are adjacent15:15
abeer_I'm not sure how safe it is to modify partitions when they are on a RAID configuration.15:15
marculesActionParsnip, the problem is, that I have no contact information of my room-mate :D15:16
Defusallocsmif, well theres obviously no X server15:16
Defusalbut it doesn't sound too safe :(15:16
ActionParsnipmarcules: not even facebook, twitter etc?15:16
locsmifDefusal: it isn't, it's dangerous15:16
marculesI only know his first name :D15:16
ActionParsnipmarcules: oh jeez15:16
Defusalthen i guess i'll just have to give up the space, oh well15:17
marculesActionParsnip, yeah :x15:17
raidhtchello loves15:17
marculesI shouldn't have tried to reboot it15:17
locsmifDefusal: are swap and home adjacent?15:17
abeer_locsmif normally they are15:18
Defusallocsmif, is /run the swap partition?15:18
locsmifDefusal: with swapoff, you'd be running without swap for a while, which is not serious unless you're expecting to use copious amounts of memory during your operation15:18
Defusalwell theres very little running for now15:18
Defusaland the box has 16GB ram15:18
locsmifDefusal: just pastebin fdisk -l15:18
locsmifDefusal: right15:18
abeer_true, with the swap off it would be perfectly alright to resize partitions15:19
TorbenBetaGuys, can anyone help me with: http://www.ehow.com/how_7165724_mount-sd-card-linux.html? It says use 'fdisk -l' but that gives me no results.15:19
Defusalhmm, this is super weird15:19
Defusalfdisk -l's output is suddenly blank15:19
ActionParsnipTorbenBeta: it needs sudo15:19
locsmifDefusal: as root15:19
Defusalohh, right15:19
Defusalstupid me15:19
locsmifSorry, I'm not much of the sudo type, I just su15:19
ActionParsniplocsmif: shouldn't work in ubuntu, the root account is disabled by default15:20
locsmifMy sudo judo is weak15:20
locsmifActionParsnip: running Kubuntu here15:20
ActionParsniplocsmif: same applies15:20
locsmifOr perhaps I enabled root myself, I don't recall though15:20
ikoniawon't work in kubuntu either15:20
Defusallocsmif, i did that many years ago when i was new to linux, its supposedly bad practice15:21
Defusaland i can see why15:21
ActionParsniplocsmif: you will have, you can achieve the same with:  sudo -i   and you can keep root disabled15:21
=== HackerEdi is now known as HackerZEdi
Defusalnot only can you easily make mistakes, but you also end up with all modified files belonging to root15:21
=== hatoon is now known as Guest31171
trufwhere do i ask for cloak15:22
ubottuTo get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.15:23
Defusallocsmif, http://paste.ubuntu.com/886463/15:23
DX099so no clue ?15:24
ActionParsnipDX099: can you give a pastebin of the output of:   sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; uname -a15:25
locsmifDefusal: and the output of 'mount' too pls :)15:25
locsmifand perhaps fstab15:25
locsmif/etc/fstab that is15:25
TorbenBetaI'm too stupid to mount a sd card read only per terminal :-(.15:26
dagerikTorbenBeta: you can mount readonly with the switch: "-ro" as in "read only"15:26
ActionParsnip!mount | TorbenBeta15:27
ubottuTorbenBeta: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount15:27
DX099ActionParsnip: http://paste2.org/p/194236015:27
szonekhow come there is no "-I" option in `man date` but it works? :)15:27
szonek$ date -I  outputs 2012-03-1615:28
KaiForcenice will it do it sans dashes or do I need to process that through another program15:28
benkantwhen trying to install the 'g8' package I get 'Depends: git but it is not going to be installed' I tried "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install -f" .. no change (Using LTS)15:29
raidhtcpos pinw health potion?15:29
matthew85I'm trying to share files over a network between Oneiric and Win7. I installed "system-config-samba" but when I click the program it does not run.15:29
ActionParsnipDX099: if you reboot and log in to the gnome shell session after a clean boot, is it ok?15:29
ActionParsnipmatthew85: you can share folders using nautilus15:30
=== aria is now known as Guest12486
benkantI think maybe I need to re-evaluate my life15:31
matthew85ActionParsnip: I have tried going through "Network" but when I try to open WORKGROUP it fails.15:31
ActionParsnipbenkant: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc15:31
DX099ActionParsnip: no, i've done it plenty of time, the boot is always clean, I'm getting lightdm and all but gnome-shell never gets up, il fallback to gnome3 gnome-panel like interface15:31
ActionParsnipmatthew85: is that to connect to shares on win7?15:31
benkantActionParsnip: lucid … ?15:32
matthew85ActionParsnip: yes15:32
ActionParsnipmatthew85: is there a firewall in the way?15:32
locsmifDefusal: if /dev/sda3 is /home than you have a chance15:32
locsmifmay have*15:32
trufmatthew85: are you trying to access from win7 or ubuntu?15:32
szonekhow come there is no "-I" option in `man date` but it works? :)15:32
szonek$ date -I  outputs 2012-03-1615:32
szonekam i missing something?15:33
matthew85ActionParsnip: I will check my firewall on Win7. truf: I'm trying to access Win7 from Oneiric15:33
ActionParsnipmatthew85: if you run:  smbtree    do you see the share?15:33
matthew85ActionParsnip: yes15:33
L3topdate -l does not give me output szonek15:34
KaKilaWhat is a good replacement for libhdf5-serial-1.8.4?15:34
trufmatthew85:well if you setup smb.conf correctly, you should just be able to use your file browser address bar: smb://computer-name15:34
zykotic10L3top: it's capital i, not a L15:34
matthew85ActionParsnip: it then outputs "failed to connect15:34
ActionParsnipmatthew85: try pressing ALT+F2 and run:  smb://servername/sharename15:34
L3topso it is15:35
maxagazis my ubuntu 32 or 64 ? (Linux malo 3.0.0-17-generic-pae #30-Ubuntu SMP Thu Mar 8 17:53:35 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux)15:35
zykotic10maxagaz: 32 with PAE15:35
maxagazzykotic10, , PAE ?15:35
zykotic10maxagaz: a "hack" to address more then the 3.?GB RAM limit on 32bit - slows you system down though15:36
ActionParsnipmaxagaz: pae gives 32bit arch access to up to 64Gb RAM but each process is limited to 3.2Gb RAM15:36
maxagazI see15:36
popschthe libreoffice package doesn't create an "application/x-msword" entry in /etc/mailcap15:38
KaiForcemaxagaz: if you have more than 3GB and your apps allow you should run x6415:38
ActionParsnippopsch: are there any bugs reported?15:38
Defusallocsmif, yeah it is15:39
popschAcidRain, a search for "libreoffice application/x-msword" doesn't show an entry15:39
popschActionParsnip, a search for "libreoffice application/x-msword" doesn't show an entry15:39
matthew85ActionParsnip, that produces no results15:40
Defusallocsmif, i don't suppose theres a tutorial for this anywhere?15:40
ActionParsnippopsch: sounds like a new bug then15:40
Defusali can't afford to make any mistakes15:40
Guest12486which one is better between libreoffice and openoffice?15:40
Defusalit is extensive to send a technician to the data centr15:40
LantiziaCan anyone recommend a tiny tiny live cd that'll give me ssh into a pc?15:41
yx32819OpenOffice development is stalled, while LibreOffice is adding new features and has lots of contributors15:41
Lantiziae.g. just to muck around on the filesystem15:41
yx32819OpenOffice will become irrelevant in the future15:41
ActionParsnipLantizia: puppy15:42
zykotic10yx32819: s/will become/is/ and s/future/now/15:42
ActionParsnipLantizia: or xpud15:42
=== mint is now known as encrypt
LantiziaActionParsnip, ok bear in mind one hell of an idiot engineer will be downloading it and it needs to be as easy as hell to configure a static IP15:42
ActionParsnipLantizia: puppy then, xpud uses more cli to configure lan if memory serves15:43
KaiForceDefusal: do you have a machine you could set up to test what you are trying to do?15:43
zykes-wrong windows :)15:43
locsmifDefusal: hmmm15:43
pascualIm having some issues with my netbook15:43
KaiForceA machine that is local to you.15:43
locsmifDefusal: tutorials can be wrong too15:43
pascuali wish someone could help me15:43
LantiziaActionParsnip, so upon boot puppy will ask for IP details? or will it just attempt dhcp - fail - and boot without network?15:43
ActionParsnipLantizia: there is a network app you can setup15:44
locsmifDefusal: there are some experts in this channel and you'll have multiple opinions to guide you15:44
locsmifI'd ask them too15:44
DefusalKaiForce, i do not15:44
ActionParsnipLantizia: it'd be useful to you to learn how to setup IP from cli using ifconfig15:44
pascualHello, im having some troubles with my netbook, im using the latest ubuntu realease via USB15:44
LantiziaActionParsnip, -I- do but the engineer I'm getting to do this wouldn't have a clue15:44
sythe_Can someone please provide with the drivers for the HP Deskjet 3050A J611 printer?15:44
encrypthi everybody15:45
sythe_Ubuntu can't find any.15:45
sythe_Even though Ubuntu recognizes the printer as being a printer...15:45
Guest12486Is libreoffice  compatable to Micro Office ?15:45
sythe_Guest12486: Yes.15:45
Defusalcan anyone please advise me on the best way to safely move some of my servers swap partitions space to the home partition over SSH without messing with the root partition?15:45
sfsf32shut up nerd15:45
ActionParsnipsythe_: the hplip package is in a default install, it should support it.15:46
sythe_ActionParsnip: I'm on 10.04, and it doesn't work.15:46
ActionParsnipsythe_: could grab the latest from the hplip site and update it15:46
Lantiziasfsf32, who are you talking to?15:46
sythe_ActionParsnip: Can I get a PPD file, then?15:46
encryptCan sb please assist with an issue with NM? its not working since i run an upgrade yesterday, when opening network in system settings a dialog pops up saying that network services are not compatible with this version??15:47
=== zypper is now known as Guest57324
encryptnm-applet is gone also, not even when running it from terminal15:47
ActionParsnipsythe_: the run file, mark it executable and run it as your user (without sudo)15:47
sythe_ActionParsnip: It's just not listed in the "choose driver" menu...they seem to skip right from Deskjet 2500 to 332015:48
sythe_ActionParsnip: I get missing deps stuff15:48
ActionParsnipsythe_: run an oneiric liveCD, does it auto install in the live environment?15:49
sythe_Probably, but I'm not able to use Oneiric15:49
sythe_It's fortunate that I'm on an LTS15:49
ActionParsnipsythe_: why fortunate?15:50
trufOneiric has some bugs15:50
trufmore than it should15:50
sythe_ActionParsnip: Because it's supported...15:50
ActionParsniptruf: All software has bugs15:50
addictzabhican anyone tell me about gsoc15:50
ActionParsnipsythe_: so is maverick, and natty and oneiric....15:50
sythe_ActionParsnip: libcups2-dev doesn't install15:51
sythe_ActionParsnip: Maverick isn't, or won't be15:51
newtolinI set up ubuntu with luks encryption. I use two hard disks, the second one currently is a truecrypt ntfs volume, I want to change that. truecrypt on windows offers automounting other volumes that use the same encryption passphrase as the boot volume. Is there a way to do this with luks?15:51
ActionParsnipsythe_: it is now, just not after next month15:51
addictzabhican anyone tell me about gsoc15:51
TorbenBetaThank you in advance: Can I run a program (TestDisk & PhotoRec) which has 2 versions:  'kernel 2.6.x i386/x86_64' and the same but for'2.4.x'. Can I with Kernel: '3.0.0-16-generic-pae' run it?15:51
ActionParsnip!info gsoc15:51
ubottuPackage gsoc does not exist in oneiric15:51
sythe_ActionParsnip: "The following packages have unmet dependencies:   krb5-multidev: Depends: comerr-dev but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages "15:52
sfsf32shut up nerd15:52
zykotic10TorbenBeta: PAE mean 32bit, means i38615:52
TorbenBetaSorry for the bad English.15:52
ActionParsnipsfsf32: please don't15:52
sythe_ActionParsnip: "The following packages have unmet dependencies:  THIS: Depends: OTHER but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages "15:52
ActionParsnipTorbenBeta: i'd imagine so15:52
Guest12486 Sorry for the bad English,too.15:52
OutcastCan anyone tell me how to increase the "To" fields in Thunderbird please ?15:53
sythe_And whenever I do "sudo apt-get install"on the OTHER, ActionParsnip, I get the same message for different sets of packages15:53
=== sash__ is now known as vadsomhelst
TorbenBetaSo Mr. zykotic10 doesn't x86_64 stand for 64 bit?15:53
pr0teusdoes anyone have a guide to make ubuntu spend less energy? i'm having too problems first my mmc0(card reader) is spending too much energy and the second is the comparison with Windows and Ubuntu in Windows its last 2hours, in Ubuntu 45 min15:53
ActionParsnipsythe_: its the problem with running old releases15:53
zykotic10TorbenBeta: yes15:53
TorbenBetaSo it is not for my versions which is another Kernel and 32 bit instead of 64.15:53
yx32819PAE does not mean 32 bit - it means physical address extension, allowing 32 bit OS's to support more than ~4 GB15:53
sythe_ActionParsnip: So...what should I do?15:53
trufpr0teus: did you upgrade to the latest kernel? 3.0 seems to solve that problem for most people15:54
zykotic10yx32819: ONLY 32bit has PAE ;)15:54
ActionParsnipsythe_: i'd try Oneiric in liveCD, just to test15:54
pr0teustruf: yeah running the last kernel15:54
TorbenBetaWhich version would be better? The one with 2.6.x or with 2.4.x?15:54
ActionParsnipyx32819: 64bit doesn't have or need PAE as it can address 4Eb of RAM natively15:54
pr0teustruf: 3.0.16 x6415:54
skinnytophat's twice15:55
trufpr0teus: well I suggest disabling compiz and using a lighter dm15:55
steakknifeAfter running clear and set selections on lucid, is there a standard way to trigger dselect without an upgrade?15:55
sythe_Heh... Ubuntu 12.10 - Quirky Quagga15:55
pr0teustruf: what is a dm?15:55
yx32819zykotic10: No shit15:55
trufpr0teus:desktop manager, like gdm or lightdm15:56
vadsomhelsthi, i'm currently using ubuntu 10.10, and i want to install some newer version. which one is least buggy? I didn't like the 11.04, I'm thinking about 11.10, what do you suggest? or should I wait for the 12.10?15:56
yx32819vadsomhelst: Fedora ;) The newer ones are fairly buggy (imo). I'm on 10.0415:56
trufvadsomhelst: wait for 12.10! and only do security updates15:56
TorbenBetaI use 11.10 with some tweaking and are quite content.15:57
ksbalajiname an app to chat using commandline please?  - my graphics does not work properly and I cannot use xchat. I am now on livecd.15:57
pr0teustruf: witch you advise?15:57
yx32819ksbalaji: irssi15:57
ksbalajiyx32819, thanks.15:57
locsmifDefusal: what do you mean you can't afford to make mistakes?15:57
ActionParsnipvadsomhelst: I'd waitt if you plan to clean install15:57
locsmifDefusal: can you define that a little better?15:57
locsmifDefusal: you don't have access to an administrative web interface?15:58
Picivadsomhelst: 12.10 will not be released until October. 12.04 comes out near the end of April.15:58
trufpr0teus: personally I'm using xfce, its a balance beween being light and can be modified a LOT if you want15:58
vadsomhelstI don't like fedora :) I tried opensuse, debian, fedora, mint, but somehow I always return to ubuntu. 10.04 was also quite buggy...15:58
locsmifDefusal: which you can use to reinstall if necessary?15:58
ActionParsnipsythe_: there is a page on ubuntu.com you can suggest code names15:58
vadsomhelstmy bad Pici :)15:58
yx32819vadsomhelst: Perhaps, I guess it's just that bugs in later versions of Ubuntu affect my particular hardware. I've reported them but nothing happens.15:58
Defusallocsmif, i had to hire a private technician to go out to the data center and install the OS and configure network, firewall and SSH15:58
sythe_Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming.15:58
pr0teustruf:  just apt-get install is enought?15:59
sythe_ActionParsnip: Link?15:59
locsmifDefusal: I see15:59
locsmifDefusal: so no Plesk or whatever15:59
sfsf32shut up nerd15:59
locsmifsfsf32: GTFO15:59
Defusallocsmif, no. hardware and bandwidth is all that is provided15:59
sythe_12.10: Quirky Quagga15:59
trufpr0teus: yes, apt-get install xfce4, logout and choose xfce from the dropdown menu15:59
sythe_ActionParsnip: IT'S ALREADY THERE?!15:59
ActionParsnipsythe_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames   scroll a little down, you can suggest all the way up to 20.0416:00
sythe_ActionParsnip: Did you add that?  Or did someone have the same idea?16:00
ActionParsnipsythe_: the codenames are of no consequence imho16:00
locsmifDefusal: so what is sda3?16:00
danieldeusinghey, where can I ask a specific question about ubuntu and usb I/O and maybe some python stuff, but this is not important ?16:00
vadsomhelstok, I'll try 11.10, if not I'll wait for 12.04. one more question, can I use regular gnome without unity or whatever, I'm used to simple interface :)16:00
sfsf32shut up nerd16:00
trufpr0teus: try that and see if your battery lasts longer(if that's what you mean by energy conservation)16:00
locsmif!ops sfsf3216:01
Defusallocsmif, /home16:01
yx32819vadsomhelst: Regular gnome is now gnome shell, I presume you know that? Yes, that's available16:01
locsmifDefusal: if you're sure about that, you have options16:01
ActionParsnipvadsomhelst: you can tweak the UI. if you dislike Unity then I'd go for XFCE16:01
sfsf32shut up nerd16:01
locsmifDefusal: are you logged in as root, directly, or via su?16:01
vadsomhelstok, thanks :)16:02
locsmifDefusal: normally one would login to ssh on a normal account16:02
Defusallocsmif, as a user with sudoers access16:02
locsmifDefusal: okay, that's where I have to stop, because I would now give you advice which would deviate from what the rest here would approve of16:04
LmtdAtHow do I get all the things that I've typed in the terminal?16:04
locsmifSince you're logged in as a normal user, sudo or not, you are using /home16:04
LmtdAtMy terminal history if you will16:04
zykotic10LmtdAt: "history" maybe?16:04
=== niek is now known as Guest97491
locsmifAnd therefore, you cannot unmount it, end of story...16:04
PiciLmtdAt: history16:04
rebeomg! omgubuntu does't work, end of the world16:04
LmtdAtzykotic10; Pici;  thanks.16:04
pr0teustruf: witch packages should i get ? xfce4 and ?16:05
Defusallocsmif, ok i understand16:05
ActionParsnipLmtdAt: history | less16:05
LmtdAtActionParsnip; Thanks.16:06
locsmifDefusal: how much room do you have on /  ?16:06
trufpr0teus: that should install the minimal xfce, if you want goodies: http://goodies.xfce.org/16:06
locsmifDefusal: thinking of a different solution16:06
LmtdAtI'm actually getting this information for powershell...help in bash ~= help in powershell.16:06
ActionParsnippr0teus: xfce4 will give the minimal xfce desktop16:06
trufpr0teus: you're trying to make your battery last longer right?16:06
locsmifDefusal: df will tell you that, obviously16:06
pr0teustruf: ActionParsnip thanks i'll browse those goodies16:06
pr0teustruf:  right !16:07
trufpr0teus: just making sure :)16:07
aithoxhi.. can i copy all media codecs from linuxMint to ubuntu .? i don't wanna download coz my connection is about 5kbs/sec16:07
=== ethene is now known as raju
pr0teustruf: do you have any idea how to resolve my MMC0 card?16:07
Defusallocsmif, 173G16:07
trufpr0teus: no idea on that16:08
locsmifDefusal: what users' homes are currently on sda3 and how much space is taken up?16:08
locsmifDefusal: can you reboot the box, if you want?16:08
vadsomhelstoh, and another thing, I had some issues with usb I guess, I'm a n00b for troubleshooting, but the thing is that my mouse randomly stops working, I open rhythmbox and the screen turns gray, I open system monitor and I see that the process is uninterruptible and that in the waiting channel column says libusb_open or something like that, I can't remember.. that happened few days ago. now everything works fine, except my mouse sometimes doesn't work. I tri16:08
vadsomhelsted to plug in another mouse, which I know it works, but here it doesn't. I have the same problem in win7, I'm dual booting, so I guess it's hardware, but still have no idea. my computer is relatively new, so is the mouse, so it's strange to me. any thoughts?16:08
Kitty_menuitem id = context-paste  - this kind of error is shown when i try to open mozzila firefox16:09
Kitty_can you help me16:09
Defusallocsmif, nothing important is on /home, as i have only used it to download source packages to for building16:09
vcarneyI'm on Ubuntu 11.10 dual screen. When I start empathy, a green icon bubble is locked in uppper left toolbar. How do I relocate this as it's overlaying application controls like Maximize, Minimize, Close.16:09
Defusallocsmif, i can reboot it, as long as i know there won't be an issue with booting16:09
=== max is now known as Guest25200
spacebug-vadsomhelst: check for errors/info in /var/log/syslog and also the command "dmesg" can give you info16:10
trufhas anyone here tried moebuntu16:10
gogasanHi all. There is maxima compilation problem on ./configure stage: configure: error: No lisp implementation specified and none of the default executables clisp(clisp),gcl(GCL),lisp(CMUCL),scl(SCL),sbcl(SBCL),lisp(ACL),openmcl(OpenMCL),ecl(ECL) were found in PATH16:10
gogasanWhat should i do?16:11
WaltherTrying to pla minecraft on Ubuntu, keep getting error libjawt.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory16:11
trismgogasan: try: sudo apt-get build-dep maxima;16:11
pascualHello, i had a trouble with ubuntu, it said "ACPI Error switching the brightness", before the computer got stuck and the brightness went up and down, up and down. then i could not iniciate ubuntu anymore.16:12
vcarneycan anybody help with my Empathy issue??16:12
pascualim using a samsung n145 plus netbook16:12
locsmifDefusal: you need some way to move your current home to /16:12
gogasanEmm... Answer is: Unable to find source code for maxima16:13
locsmifDefusal: unless we have a detailed look into what's in your /home now, we don't know what happens on reboot, since this is Ubuntu and it disables root16:13
vadsomhelstI'm looking at the log, I guess this particular line is relevant: hub 3-0:1.0: port 3 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...16:13
pascualHello, i had a trouble with ubuntu, it said "ACPI Error switching the brightness", before the computer got stuck and the brightness went up and down, up and down. then i could not iniciate ubuntu anymore.16:13
=== danieldeusing_ is now known as danieldeusing
Defusallocsmif, hmm maybe i should just leave it eh16:14
locsmifDefusal: yes, given your worries, I don't think it's worth it16:14
locsmifYou want guarantees, they can't be given16:14
Defusalalright, thanks16:14
trismgogasan: ahh yeah you need to enable source repos to do that, well, maxima using gcl in the default ubuntu version, so you could install that16:14
Defusal50GB swap is rather excessive16:15
locsmifDefusal: hmm16:15
Defusalbut oh well16:15
trismgogasan: or just enable the source repos in software-properties-gtk16:15
trufisnt swap supposed to be your ram size?16:15
locsmifDefusal: how do you do a reboot?16:15
Defusaland the technician said that ubuntu chose that size16:15
aithoxhi.. can i copy all media codecs from linuxMint to ubuntu .? i don't wanna download coz my connection is about 5kbs/sec16:15
locsmifDefusal: in case of trouble, can you call the data center and tell them to do a reboot for you?16:15
itaylor57Walther, what jre version are you running and what ubuntu?16:16
locsmifIf that's the case, you could try unmounting your /home right now16:16
pascualanyone can help me?? Hello, i had a trouble with ubuntu, it said "ACPI Error switching the brightness", before the computer got stuck and the brightness went up and down, up and down. then i could not iniciate ubuntu anymore.16:16
vadsomhelstanyone considering my problem? no? :)16:16
Waltheritaylor57: openjdk 716:16
zykotic10Guest97491: try /exit16:16
locsmifAnd if that works, you can copy your home to /, comment out the home line in fstab and reboot16:16
jadoeI can't log in with askubuntu.com. when I click on "log in with Stack Exchange" in firefox, nothing happens at all. when I click that button in midori, i get links to "sign up" and "recover account".16:16
gogasanSource code repositories enabled. But still not working16:16
trufpascual: i could not iniciate ubuntu anymore. what do you mean?16:16
locsmifThen, you're in business.16:16
Waltheritaylor57: at the moment installing 6 to try that out16:16
Defusallocsmif, there should be a remote reboot interface in place, but i havn't been given any details, which is rather annoying.. but it wouldn't help since if there is an issue breaking boot, simple rebooting wont help anyway16:17
itaylor57Walther, yea that is happening alot with 7 let me see if i can find an answer16:17
locsmifDefusal: that's just the thing16:17
vcarneyhow do u move this crazy green bubble from Empathy IM client locked in my toolbar16:17
locsmifDefusal: trying to umount /home should break boot16:17
locsmifThat step by itself16:17
Defusalyeah it's fine, i'll just leave it16:17
locsmifRight, cool, hehe16:17
Waltheritaylor57: don't bother, I'll actually go with the 616:17
Waltherthanks anyway16:17
aithoxnot helpful16:18
Defusalill just have to script some extra log/db rotation when space becomes an issue16:18
forbidden404Hi, there, someone knows how to install the new ATI driver? I typed sh ./amd-driver-installer-12-1-x86.x86_64.run –buildpkg Ubuntu/oneiric in the terminal, and I got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/886511/16:18
trismgogasan: you need to apt-get update after changing the repos16:18
gogasantrism: i have armel architecture :D this is a big problem?16:18
itaylor57Walther, kewl16:19
trismgogasan: oh possibly16:19
locsmifaithox: no you probably can't16:19
trismgogasan: I don't know if maxima is available on armel, hmm16:19
erespondbro, am need download google book how to16:19
trismgogasan: in the repos anyway16:19
erespondam used ubuntu 10.1016:19
locsmifand a 5kb/s connection is probably not workable anyway16:19
gogasanSure, first of all i tryed to install maxima from rep16:19
locsmifaithox: You should/could have installed Debian Stable16:19
locsmifDefusal: good luck my friend.16:20
erespondActionParsnip, hai, am need download google book, am used ubuntu 10.10 how to ?16:20
locsmifHope you resolve the issue16:20
shaneohey guys my sources are checking for both amd64 and i386 repos on update im running amd64 and keep getting dupe errors any suggestions16:20
erespondanybody know that....16:20
Defusallocsmif, what is the recommended convention for logging and storing database on the home partition? for instance for mongodb, should i make a /home/mongodb directory?16:20
aithoxlocsmif: what'z tat .. i m using ubuntu 1216:20
aithoxand linuxMint 1216:20
=== david is now known as Guest53824
trufforbidden404: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-ati-video-card-in-you-linux-system.html use your version16:20
erespondam need download google book how to16:21
locsmifDefusal: I've never used Mongodb, but if the installation created a user, then it should have a directory under /home, if not, I'd create one16:21
locsmifby formally creating a user named 'mongodb'16:21
trismgogasan: which ubuntu version is this? I see it built for armel on maverick+16:21
locsmifThen, I'd point Mongodb's configuration there16:21
gogasantrism: On some webside i googled  someone said that should to install some lisp implementations. My ver is 11.1016:21
trismgogasan: on amd64/i386 it would be gcl, but it looks like gcl failed to build on armel16:23
sythe_What do I do if "the following packages have unresolveable dependencies"?16:23
gogasanem... what is gcl? Is there no way to use gcl on almel?16:23
Defusallocsmif, hmm ok thought as much, just thinking it may make /home a little messy16:23
trismgogasan: gnu common lisp16:24
locsmifDefusal: not if mongodb is created as a user...formally with adduser16:24
locsmifDefusal: just disable ssh access for mongodb16:24
Defusallocsmif, yeah ok, thanks16:24
gogasantrism: I found gcl in repository. Installing16:25
traspOkay.... So I've managed to configure postfix and dovecot so that mails sent to my domain is delivered in my Maildir and I can telnet dovecot (imap2), but when I try to add this account to thunderbird it complains about my password, what can I have done wrong?16:25
=== trasp is now known as Trasp
locsmifOr disable the user altogether in /etc/shadow16:25
locsmifDefusal: that's what mysql does16:25
locsmifDefusal: place ! in second column16:25
erespondanybody can help16:26
locsmiferespond: probably16:26
locsmifI see 1500 people ready to help.16:26
erespondam need downloag google book locsmif16:26
locsmifOh boy.16:26
locsmiferespond: that's best left to #web16:26
erespondam need download google book, am used ubuntu 10.10 any app you recomend for me locs16:26
Defusallocsmif, ok cool16:26
sandstromI've got some problems with `procps` which blows up anytime I try to use apt-get, e.g. `apt-get autoremove`. http://pastie.org/3609145 Any thoughts on how to solve this?16:27
erespondlocsmif, am have bad conection on my country, am need download the google book16:27
erespondam need some app for used it16:27
locsmiferespond: you know what: browse the book and take a snapshot of each page16:27
locsmiferespond: good luck16:27
locsmiferespond: there's no app to download google books, which are usually partially blocked anyway16:28
erespondlocsmif, hkwekkwekwe kkwekwekwek that bad ide for me16:28
ActionParsnipsandstrom: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc16:28
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sandstromActionParsnip: I'm on maverick16:28
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sandstromActionParsnip: it looks similar to this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/procps/+bug/59158016:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 632584 in procps (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #591580 package procps 1:3.2.8-9ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:31
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ActionParsnipsandstrom: maverick is EOL next month, I'd suggest you upgrade soon, may sidestep the issue16:37
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gogasantrism: Thanks for help! There is new error :D Ill try to fix it by myself.16:37
matthew85I would like assistance setting up a network between oneiric and win7. I've been at it for 2 hours now with no success. I've done a lot of research but it just does not want to cooperate.16:38
DX099hello, I'm trying to reinstall gnome-shell from scratch, I even deleted my nvidia drivers for that16:39
trismgogasan: you're welcome, good luck, let me know if you need a hand16:40
gogasanThanks :)16:40
DX099first things of, can someone tell me how to reset xorg.conf ?16:40
DX099I had to manually replace "nvidia" by "vesa", and I remember that Ubuntu was used to propose me automatically to do that when X would fail to launch16:41
zykotic10DX099: move it to xorg.conf.disabled ;)16:41
zykotic10DX099: with nvidia you could run "sudo nvidia-xconfig" to regenerate a new one16:42
ActionParsnipDX099: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old16:42
DX099nvidia has been removed16:42
DX099for the sake of a clean gnome-shell install16:42
zykotic10DX099: right, sorry.  just move the xorg.conf file then16:42
DX099so when there's no xorg.conf, It will regenerate itself ?16:43
zykotic10DX099: no, but it's not required16:43
ActionParsnipin most cases16:43
DX099so now I reboot16:43
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.16:43
GirlyGirlIs it possible to use Voice recognision and Text to speach to use im like WLM on a car PC so that I can chat while on the move? KDE friendly solution preferrably16:49
DX099there I am16:50
DX099however, direct rendering is still on. Is it normal ?16:50
webnetGirlyGirl, you wowuld need internet access for it the whole time. how do you plan to tackle that?16:50
GirlyGirlwebnet: That's already solved16:50
balthazarhi all16:50
webnetGirlyGirl, ok cool16:51
balthazarwhat is this prosvc process i find a **lot** please ?  is it safe to remove..?16:51
maxagazow to use gawk instead of mawk ?16:51
zykotic10DX099: i'd check "lspci -vnvn" find the VGA section, and see that "Kernel driver in use:" is nouveau and not nvidia16:51
ActionParsnipGirlyGirl: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_speech_recognition_software16:51
webnetbalthazar, what version of ubuntu?16:51
webnetand what DE?16:51
balthazarwebnet Ubuntu 11.1016:52
balthazarwebnet it's a dedicated server.16:52
istevenmonhi guys, i want to implement a wireless mesh network, would olsrd do the trick for me?16:53
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istevenmonor what would you guys recommend?16:54
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ActionParsnipistevenmon: sounds good16:54
istevenmonActionParsnip: if i have 4 nodes, it would mantain routing tables and stuff if a node goes down right?16:54
DX099zykotic10: There's no such a line as the one you mentionned, however, there's this :16:54
itatitatey guys16:55
DX099Kernel modules: nouveau, nvidiafb16:55
itatitatey guys16:55
itatitatI've a problem with a remote connection by SSH using Ubuntu server16:55
zykotic10DX099: strange, i don't even have "Kernel modules:" line?  different versions of lspci maybe?16:55
itatitatsomeone can tell me if ssh server is installed and ran by default?16:55
itatitator maybe in the server I need to install and run the server?16:56
webnetbalthazar, ok. it belongs to a software package called puppet16:56
blue112Hello here16:56
zykotic10DX099: BUT, the fact you don't see "nvidia" means the propritary driver isn't in use16:56
blue112I'm having trouble installing ubuntu from my usb key, after grub I only have black screen16:56
mneptokitatitat: it is optional16:56
webnet!info puppet | balthazar16:56
ubottubalthazar: puppet (source: puppet): Centralized configuration management - agent startup and compatibility scripts. In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.1-1ubuntu3.5 (oneiric), package size 17 kB, installed size 388 kB16:56
zykotic10!nomodeset | blue11216:57
ubottublue112: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:57
blue112zykotic10, I'm testing, thanks16:57
AudreyJeanHello.  I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and would like to upgrade so I can use LibreOffice (it freezes up my system in 10.10.  Would it be better to do a fresh install or will an udate work correctly.  I am fairly new to Ubuntu.  Thanks.16:57
shaneoAudreyJean, update should be fine16:57
DX099there are "Kernel driver in use" for other sections, as well as "Kernel modules" lines, however, there's no "Kernel driver in use" line for the vga section16:58
AudreyJeanshaneo: thank you16:58
shaneoAudreyJean, np16:58
mneptokAudreyJean: from a terminal - sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo do-release-upgrade16:59
shaneoAudreyJean, have you tried gnome 316:59
zykotic10DX099: i wouldn't worry about it - you aren't using nvidia-propritary, so we found what we wanted16:59
DX099so what should I do now ?16:59
blue112seems to work zykotic10, thanks !16:59
DX099Install nvidia-current or gnome shell in first ?16:59
shaneoAudreyJean, cause you may wanna stay on 10.10 if you dont like the change in interface16:59
zykotic10DX099: ?, you're running the show16:59
mneptokAudreyJean: you will need to go from 10.10 to 11.04 to 11.1016:59
AudreyJeanmneptok:  Thank you very much!16:59
AudreyJeanshaneo:  I do not know what gnome 3 is.17:00
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balthazarwebnet: hoo ok thx17:00
shaneoAudreyJean, Its the new ubuntu interface google it before updating your desktop will be completely different17:01
DX099zykotic10: Ok gnome-shell is installed but won't run, nothing wrong17:01
mneptokbalthazar: is this hardware you own?17:01
AudreyJeanshaneo:  Thanks.  Will do.  Gotta get back to work but you all have been very helpful.17:01
DX099zykotic10, then now I'm installing nvidia17:02
shaneoAudreyJean, np and have a nice day17:02
zykotic10DX099: sorry i don't have any gnome-shell suggestions (i don't use it).  Plus, generally reinstalling stuff won't help on gnu/linux...17:02
balthazarmneptok: no it's a server i rent.17:02
DX099: /17:02
itatitattahnk you /mneptok17:02
DX099zykotic10, so it's no use ? thanks anyway17:02
balthazarneed to go  ;)17:03
balthazarthanks mneptok webnet  :)17:03
zykotic10DX099: well, it's worth a try - your part way done already17:03
kapzhelp restoring data from a external hdd with ext4 partition...damn usb creator erased the entire disk! please anyone17:03
ActionParsnipkapz: use backup17:04
ActionParsnipkapz: or try foremost, the data that has been overwritten is gone unless you have a backup17:05
kapzActionParsnip: can backup restore from an erased drive?17:05
kapzI never created backup17:05
ActionParsnipkapz: why is there no backup?17:05
kapzActionParsnip: its a external drive with loads of movies and my pics...was too big to make backup...17:06
kapzAnyways what are my options now?17:06
ActionParsnipkapz: what if the drive motor fails and no amount of sftware will get the stuff back. Where is your data?17:07
ivan__I'm running Xubuntu 10. How do I upgrade to 11.0417:07
ActionParsnipkapz: foremost may help but the data that has been overwritten is 100% gone17:07
wyldekapz: odds are if you let the entire process continue before you realized, and portion of the disk that got re-written to will be impossible to restore old data from.17:07
ActionParsnip!upgrade | ivan__17:07
ubottuivan__: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade17:07
wyldeand = any17:07
ThinkT510!upgrade | ivan__17:08
davividalhi all. I've used Remote Desktop Viewer to work on a windows server. Now, my client is complaining about my bill. Is there some log which says how many hours I spent logged in some session?17:08
ActionParsnipwhy does nobody have a backup these days....17:08
kapzwylde: Well it happened just 5 mins ago so I havent overwritten anything as of now...also disk had partitions but now it's showing a single drive...and it happened pretty quick so I think inode/index is replaced(?)17:09
locsmifHas that external hdd disappearance kernel bug been fixed yet?17:09
kapzthanks ActionParsnip will try foremost17:09
wyldeActionParsnip: any old pc I retire becomes the newest home network backup server :)17:09
locsmifI have to reboot again right now because of this stupidity. Ubuntu kernel 3.2.017:10
kapzbtw USB disk creator program should be removed from ubuntu repos....its worthless17:10
wyldekapz: if the partiotns were removed and a new one created, most likely you won't be able to recover much if anything. Unless you have a few thousand dollars to send the disk to a data recovery lab, heh17:11
wyldekapz: only sure fire way is make regular backups. Sounds like a hassle, but compared to recovering/recreating years of data, it's not that big of a hassle :)17:12
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kapzI am doomed...lost....kicked in the butt of my heart.....eff u usb disk creator17:14
trirnothHello all. Just copied my main OS drive to a larger drive. DD then GParted. Booting fine. However, when I view the properties of the drive in disk utility, it shows space avail to create a new partition of 18446744064.709 GB.17:14
ccmonsterhey guys, I did the update to 12.04 beta. This morning I did another apt-get update and it hung while trying to update a handful of packages. Now I'm getting all sorts of wacky errors17:14
trirnothAnd no, this is not a holographic drive. Standard WD 500 GB.17:15
ccmonsternow its saying update manager closed due to a key error17:15
dorganok so all of a sudden our outgoing bandwidth on our server has climbed significantly like serving 215GB a month to serving 7,688.81 GB since March 1117:15
dorgani've run a chkrootkit and that dint turn up any results17:15
trirnothReally curious how it made a mess of the total size.17:15
dorganso does anyone know if there is a way i can start tracking this down?17:15
CharminTheMooseWhat does upstart-udev-bridge actually do?17:16
itaylor57!precise | ccmonster17:17
ubottuccmonster: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+117:17
zykotic10ActionParsnip: "why does nobody have a backup these days...." people who care about there data do ;)17:18
BenxyzzyI've shared a folder in nautilus and devices on my local network can access it. Is it exposed to the internet (via my home router) in any way?17:19
wyldeBenxyzzy: only if you forwarded a port through the router.17:19
Benxyzzywylde: OK, does UPNP come into it? Presumably without the port forwarding my router just ignores any requests17:20
kapzeff god....17:21
adomneed nerd answers: if you had to pick one website as a staple of end-user (easy to read/understand for non-nerds) information about cyber/internet security information, what would it be?17:21
wyldeBenxyzzy: same thing, upnp "should" only be available on your internal network. Your router "should" explicitly require being configured to pass that to the internet17:22
jrib!ot | adom17:22
ubottuadom: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:22
jackyyllso im having some problems with my new ubuntu installation. i just installed it (ubuntu server) and changed the interfaces file to use a static IP. Now, it's been going down periodically and apparently (from what i can tell from /var/log/syslog) trying to request a DHCP lease. Anyone have any idea why this is happening?17:22
adomfair enough17:22
Benxyzzywylde: OK, thanks for your help. I need to read up on routing & my router in particular17:22
zykotic10jackyyll: can you pastebin you interfaces file?17:23
wyldeBenxyzzy: no problem, the manual for your router is best place to start for sure. :)17:23
jackyyllzykotic10: http://pastie.org/private/5ux2gzyzrttxxcxkok8ow17:23
DX099hello, can some french people here take me in pm ? can't access french channel, it says my ip has been banned...17:24
zykotic10jackyyll: looks good to me?  that should disable N-M which i'm told is on server (for reasons i can't understand)17:24
gulzaranyone knows which sreenshot is on this pae http://universolinux.wordpress.com/2007/10/07/avant-window-navigator-mejorando/ ?17:24
jackyyllzykotic10: what is N-M17:24
zykotic10jackyyll: Network Manager17:24
ActionParsnipDX099: i'd ask in #ubuntu-ops about the ban17:25
DX099no use, most likely because it's a vpn17:25
jackyyllzykotic10: i see. I'm not really sure what happens. it went down last night and i left it that way, then it just went down again a few minutes ago17:25
jackyyllthe networking appears to go down, and then it tries to request DHCP17:26
Mongoosewhat controls,,e.g. ctrl z, to resize browser?17:26
jackyylli do see this in my ps aux "dhclient3 -e IF_METRIC=100 -pf /var/run/dhclient.eth0.pid -lf /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.eth0.leases eth017:26
DX099the problem is I removed a large scale of packages, and it seems that the ones reponsible for dependencies problem are still there, when I run "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop", It says it can't install because some "defectives" packages are in "keep in state" mode or something like that17:27
DX099however, apt-get check does not mention any problematic package...17:29
denysoniqueIs there a way to have the application menu in the Unity panel to not  hide?17:30
denysoniqueRight now to reveal the menu we need to mouseover it...17:30
ActionParsnipdenysonique: use myunity or ccsm and set