brycebuddhey all, can someone point me to a url that will list what services I can safely disable for recording with ardour?16:13
holsteinlike ssh and the like?16:14
holsteinyou need JACK running16:14
brycebuddcorrect system services16:14
holsteini dont see any reason why you should disable any services though16:14
holsteini mean, disabling what you arent using is safe of cours16:14
brycebuddLet me phrase it a different way...what are the essential system services to safely run an ubuntu system and gain maximum system performance and memory?16:16
holsteinthat all depends16:17
holsteinare you using USB?16:17
holsteindo you need networking?16:17
holsteinis this an audio production rig only?16:17
holsteini  would start with this... what do you *not* need16:17
holsteinlike maybe bluetooth16:17
ailobrycebudd: My experience is that you don't gain a lot as long as you have a good kernel. Even not installing the entire desktop makes little difference16:17
holsteini say, at the end of a few hours of tweaking, you will really reclaim nothing useful16:17
brycebuddyes, audio only...16:18
holsteintheres no reason to disable a bunch of services for doing audio16:18
holstein*maybe* doing video, you *might* notice16:18
holsteinaudio really isnt all that hard on the sytem16:18
brycebuddailo: thanks for sharing your experiences...that's exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for!16:19
ailoIt's not so much about cpu and RAM, more about priorites16:19
ailoAnd the kernel handles that +  jack + settings16:19
brycebuddso in your opinion what are the best ways to measure and reduce latency, reduce xruns etc.  Is it just playing with settings or are there "magic settings" that generally work.16:20
holsteinthat depends on the hardware16:20
brycebuddI usually use Jack, Hydrogen, Seq24, Patchage, and Ardour16:21
holsteinif you are using an internal soundcard, i wouldnt expect under 20ms latency16:21
brycebuddunfortunately...only USB.  No native cards16:21
holsteinUSB is sometimes better16:21
ailobrycebudd: Just make sure you have realtime priority for the user. Other than that, it might mostly depend on the type of kernel, as well as the kernel version16:21
holsteinand at least its external, and typically cleaner16:21
brycebuddI've been getting 11ms reported in JACK using M-Audio16:21
holstein11 is pretty good16:22
holsteindepends on what you are doing16:22
brycebuddrecording drum tracks with a Roland TD-2016:22
holsteinif you do no live instruments, or effects processing.. who cares if it takes 70ms for the sound to come out the speakers16:22
ailobrycebudd: Is that an external synth?16:22
ailoalsa midi is really lousy when it comes to external midi gear16:23
brycebuddno electronic drum kit.  I can sync to Seq 24 via MIDI.16:23
brycebuddailo: what is better?16:23
ailojack midi is better16:24
ailoNot all apps support it yet16:24
brycebuddah...I will play around with that tonight. Thanks for the tip!!16:24
ailobrycebudd: Choose "seq" as the midi driver in qjackctl16:24
brycebuddgood!  that's what I'm using (I just didn't know it) *blush*16:25
ailobrycebudd: If you're using the lates jack, alsa midi will still be active16:25
brycebuddailo: should I disable?  if so how?16:26
ailoJack midi supported apps will appear in the "MIDI" tab, and not the "ALSA"16:26
ailoJust make sure the app you use is set to jack midi, and not alsa midi16:26
brycebuddailo: I get it...understood. thanks!16:27
neyder_hi!, in precise, how can i install the audio metapackage ober an edubuntu installation'16:31
holsteinneyder_: i would just open the package manager of your choice, and search "ubuntustudio"16:32
holsteini would also consider just installing what you are wanting to use.. JACK, ardour... hydrogen... for example16:32
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio should get you the metapackage you are looking for though if you prefer16:33
neyder_gret, i was asking because "apt-cache show ubuntustudio-audio" tells me that is a transitional package to Audio Seed16:38

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