MrBusinessI would like to convert a Ubuntu desktop machine into a server that does not boot into X, but with upstart it appears that this is not something I could accomplish by booting into a lower runlevel, since a standard upstart system seems to have fewer overall runlevels than many other Linuxes. Am I misunderstanding the matter, or is there another way I could go about converting my machine to avoid booting into X by default?03:41
onikkhi, I'm trying to get a small C program to run via upstart, but it starts only once and after that start and stop hang or show start/killed or stop/killed... how to debug/proceed? 11:16
glenn___anyone here ? :)15:21
glenn___i have a question regarding the upstart script for puppetmaster 15:21
glenn___the sysv style script uses a while loop in the init script to start several puppetmasters, and until now i cant get this to work with upstart. 15:22
glenn___is this even possible?15:22
glenn___i dont think this is possible15:56
glenn___anybody experience with this? starting multiple daemons with 1 upstart script?15:57
glenn___guys ?16:04
glenn___i think i should use instance16:09
SpamapSglenn___: several puppetmasters ?!17:01
SpamapSglenn___: you may want to use two upstart jobs and the 'instance' keyword17:01
SpamapSglenn___: or its possible you could make a master/slave single recursive upstart job w/ instance. :)17:02
glenn___spamaps: well, its the mongrel type of puppetmaster, and it just start multiple master based on masterport17:05
glenn___personally i dont use any standalone puppetmaster, im using passenger17:05
SpamapSglenn___: shouldn't you be using passenger?17:06
SpamapSglenn___: mongrel is basically abandonware at this point isn't it?17:06
glenn___spamaps: yes, but that is puppetmaster-passenger... right now im talking about puppetmaster17:06
glenn___spamaps: yes, but jamespage asked me to create init script for all the daemons from the puppet package instead of just the agent17:06
glenn___spamaps: noone wants to use puppetmaster with mongrel i guess17:07
SpamapSglenn___: its being dropped from debian17:10
glenn___spamaps: in what ubuntu version would mongrel be gone?17:17
SpamapSglenn___: 12.10 probably17:22
SpamapSglenn___: its still in 12.04 .. but the debian ruby team is already prepping to drop it from "wheezy"17:22
jefimenkohow do i read from /dev/console?22:57
jefimenkoi'm trying to see the errors a daemon throws during startup by adding the "console output" stanza22:57
jefimenkowhich sounds like it would be great if only i knew how to read from /dev/console22:57

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