ochosileo-unglaub: so is it really just re-ordering stuff in glade or is it more complicated?00:09
leo-unglaub90 % re-ordering00:09
ochosijust curious00:10
leo-unglaubdo you know glade?00:10
leo-unglaubglade himself is simple00:10
ochosii mean it's xml or something alike, so it's rather readable00:10
leo-unglaubdrag and drop the elements you need into it00:10
ochosii've only worked with gtk in perl00:10
ochosiright, so there's an editor for that?00:11
leo-unglaubcalled glade00:11
ochosii see00:11
ochosii'll quickly install it to see what it's about00:11
leo-unglaubyes, simply install glade and glade-xfce for some specials00:12
leo-unglauband you need glade-gtk2 to, because the ui files are very old00:12
ochosileo-unglaub: hmm, actually the d'n'd doesn't work very well00:18
leo-unglaubyes, thats glade 00:19
ochosiit looks ugly and it feels dirty to do an interface that way00:19
ochosii think i'd rather write the xml by hand00:19
leo-unglaubevery time i hear someone say: "doesn't work very well" i know you are talking about glade or javascript *g*00:19
leo-unglaubbelieve me, in huge projects you start to love glade00:20
leo-unglaubin hannasql for example i have more thant 60 ui files00:21
leo-unglaubbut they are not created with glade 00:21
ochosiyeah, but this is just a simple media player...00:21
ochosii'm sure there are sensible applications for glade, i guess otherwise no-one would have gone through the trouble of writing an "interface to create interfaces"00:22
ochosileo-unglaub: i think i'll slowly but surely hit the bed01:06
knomeochosi, don't hit hard or you'll hurt yourself01:08
Unit193What'd the bed do to you even?01:08
* knome can only think of good things about ochosi's bed01:09
knomeerrrm ;)01:09
ochosipff, that came out wrong (i hope)01:12
knomehehe, that came out wrong intentionally :P01:12
ochosianyway, would be cool if you could quickly test the workaround in #3 of this bugreport: https://bugs.launchpad.net/xfce4-volumed/+bug/88348501:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 883485 in xfce4-volumed "Pulse Audio don't get unmuted when XF86AudioMute is used" [Undecided,Won't fix]01:13
ochosiit's such an annoying bug that we should really get that fixed for precise01:13
knomeme? well i'm going to bed soon too01:13
ochosior at least worked around01:13
ochosiit's pretty simple, just execute a command in term and restart your session01:13
ochosithen try to mute/unmute01:13
ochosi(maybe reboot if session doesn't do it)01:13
knomei can't! i'm playing minesweeper!01:13
ochosiawwwh :)01:14
knomei can test it tomorrow01:14
knomejust remind me01:14
ochosihmm, ok :/01:16
ochosii'm off now, see you!01:16
knomesee ya!01:16
astraljavaJust to annoy knome further, seems my target of infatuation is on her way to another victory again... *smirk*12:54
astraljava*gah* Spoke too soon. *sigh*12:59
leo-unglaubgood morning14:51
ochosihey leo-unglaub 15:10
leo-unglaubochosi: i failed last night15:16
leo-unglaubi was not able to finish the compiling15:16
leo-unglaubi have a dep problem15:16
leo-unglauband no idea why15:16
leo-unglauball needet packages are installed15:17
leo-unglaubbut still broken15:17
ochosihm, what does the compiler say?15:17
leo-unglaubmissing the gstreamer packages15:17
leo-unglaubbut they are isntalled15:17
ochosithe -dev packages as well?15:18
ochosiok :)15:18
leo-unglaubof course15:18
ochosifor a second i thought...15:18
ochosiso the gstreamer stuff isn't found?15:19
leo-unglaubi did an error like this once...but this is 6 years ago *g*15:19
ochosimaybe you need some parameters for configure?15:19
leo-unglaubit's installed in the default pathes, but i also tryed given the path 15:19
ochosiok, i'll quickly try to compile from git15:20
ochosiautogen.sh finished without errors15:21
mr_pouit(or sudo apt-get install build-dep parole might help too)15:21
ochosi(and i don't have any gstreamer*-dev stuff installed)15:21
ochosiyup, good point15:21
mr_pouitapt-get build-dep parole, sorry15:22
ochosileo-unglaub: if you send me your changes i can quickly compile them in :)15:22
leo-unglaubare you in 12.04?15:23
leo-unglaubbecause i was15:23
ochosinope, 11.1015:23
leo-unglaubhmm, maybe thatsw the reason15:26
leo-unglaubi can send you the changes when i come home15:26
leo-unglaubcurrently i am in the offic15:26
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ochosileo-unglaub: sure sure, anytime15:45
Unit193But ah well.18:39
Unit193No 32bit today, alright.18:47
ochosileo-unglaub: still @office?19:19
leo-unglaubtake a guess :)19:19
ochosioh lord :)19:19
leo-unglaubyou can come an visit if you want :)19:19
ochosinah, i'm going to a party at a friends' house ;)19:20
leo-unglaubsounds boring19:20
knomeparty sounds boring but a visit to office not? huhuh20:16
knomewell i must confess, i prefer offices too...20:16
pleia2me too20:23
Unit193If you define party.....20:23
patrick_the xfce user switcher apparantly isn't working on 12.04: The name org.gnome.DisplayManager was not provided by any .service files21:38
patrick_Had this something to do with the switch to LightDM or is it something else?21:38

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