mgrandiso, for some reason the 'git' git repo won't fast-import into bzr, but other smaller ones will01:33
pooliemgrandi, there have been bugs in the past where git wouldn't import because it has strange historical artifacts01:36
pooliedue to buggy versions of git being used on it01:36
pooliebzr has similar things01:36
pooliei thought it was fixed01:36
poolieso you could file a bug01:36
poolieif there's not already one01:36
mgrandii'll look, its pretty vague01:36
mgrandijust a 'keyerror'01:36
mgrandigonna see if i can trace it out~01:46
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mgrandiso it seems that the reason the fastimport is failing is because the commit a certain tag is referencing is not there...03:30
mgrandiso, not sure what bzr is supposed to do in that circumstance03:38
vilahi all07:56
pooliehi there vila07:58
vilapoolie: hey !07:59
mgzmorning all!08:00
pooliehi there08:01
poolielet's hang out08:01
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* mgrandi is awake11:00
mgrandifastimport is hard.11:06
mgzlet's go shopping?11:06
jelmermgrandi: what about it, specifically?11:08
mgrandione sec , let me play the 'which tab is playing music' game11:08
mgrandiwell, i tried importing the 'git' git repo again, and it failed at the end because of a key error11:10
mgrandii made it drop into pdb, it seems that there is no 'mark' for '2', so im guessing that means a tag is referring to a commit that no longer exists?11:10
mgz...I was just going to suggest BZR_PDB11:11
mgrandiwell it happened at a specific spot so i just made it drop into pdb when it caught a keyerror exception11:12
mgzand you already did it. you're almost and expert now :)11:12
mgrandithe "command" its on, is this: http://bpaste.net/show/25520/11:12
mgzokay, running my cache summary script on your dump from last night11:13
mgrandiyou ran into a memory error running the script?11:14
mgzI probably just ran out of memory :)11:14
mgrandiyou should post that script, it sounds useful :o11:15
mgzit's a bit of a hack from before I had a neater way of doing it, but will put up for you to have a go11:16
wgzwill try it on this box too... after building meliae11:19
mgrandifun never ends!11:22
mgrandialthough key error was what i was getting hwen i let it finish, maybe related?11:22
mgrandialso do you have a link to my dump? i cant login to my ftp server for some reason11:23
wgzno, just an error in how the script pokes around with the objects11:23
wgzI had a better way of doing some of this...11:23
wgzmgrandi: http://float.endofinternet.org/temp/dump.json.gz11:24
wgzokay, three bugs in short succession, should just fix meliae first11:36
mgrandi3 bugs you just found in meliae?11:37
wgzwell, I probably already filed them11:37
wgzbug 871450 is particularly annoying but probably easy to work around, every attribute has '"' stuck on the end11:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 871450 in Meliae "Test failures from incorrect json string escaping" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87145011:43
mgrandiany easy fix we can do right now?11:49
wgzyeah, fiddle with the json import which there's also a bug for11:50
mgrandiso it just not doing it right because simplejson is not there and therefore its not using anything to encode json?11:53
wgzokay, let's try this update...11:57
mgrandidoesn't python have a json api?12:02
mgrandibuilt in?12:02
wgzindeed it does these days, and based on the module that meliae is using12:03
wgzso a little import dance is enough12:03
wgzbug 87145112:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 871451 in Meliae "Use json module from stdlib as simplejson fallback" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87145112:03
mgrandithey both use the same api, so i can just say simplejson=json ?12:04
mgrandiimport json as simplejson?12:04
wgzwell, the reverse makes more sense, but that's what I did, yeah12:11
wgznow just working out some other changes12:12
wgzIndexError: _LRUNode(4423523216 80B 5refs 2par) has only 5 (not 5) references12:12
wgzit's just the error forgetting to compensate for 0-based indexing :)12:14
mgrandihow are you supposed to run the unit tests? i can never remember the one liner to do that12:18
mgrandifor meliae (and most other python projects)12:18
wgzokay, this looks like it mostly works now, just the id type issue left...12:19
jelmermgrandi: usually something like 'make check' or 'trial meliae'12:20
wgzmgrandi: there's a script called run_tests.py in the root dir :)12:20
mgrandiyeah, but those don't get copied to the site-packages dir =P12:21
mgrandior don't get built, so i was wondering if i just had to copy them and then run them or something easier12:21
jelmerwgz: you're still having weekend ? :-P12:30
jelmervila, wgz: I wonder if I could tempt one of you into doing some reviews some time this week12:30
jelmerI was about to say I would code for reviews, but that seems kindof pointless...12:31
vilajelmer: :)12:31
vilajelmer: will do my best12:31
wgzmgrandi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/892105/12:35
wgzand the script in my temp folder is updated to produce that12:35
wgzso, there's 100mb just in decompressed string caches12:36
mgrandidid you fix up meliae in the process?12:36
wgzsome of it, I worked around a few things too12:36
mgrandiand i remember python using around 500 mb total when i stopped it12:36
mgrandiso 1/5th isn't good12:36
mgrandiand what you told me about the meliae test suite, this is what i was looking for =P Oct 02 04:57:14 <wgz>can do that with... `cd meliae` `Python27\python setup.py build_ext -i` `Python27\python -m unittest meliae.tests.test_suite`12:41
mgrandibut now i sleep for another hour12:43
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mgzvila vila15:12
vilasomething is burning ?15:12
mgzwhen you froze at the end of the hang out this morning15:12
mgzI was about to ask if you would help me write some test case things15:13
vilaoh, hopefully ;)15:13
mgzif I commit what I have, can you look over it and make suggestions on how to solve my problems?15:13
mgzokay, will split this file up into several bits15:13
Pikkachuhey, I have a few patches for pidgin I need to maintain, and I wonder what's a good way to manage them15:36
Pikkachupeople from #ubuntu-motu said it's hard15:37
PikkachuI'm slightly thinking of something with Bazaar branches though, anyone has some experience?15:37
vilaPikkachu: the best way is to submit them upstream ;)15:47
vilaFailing that, you should probably do it the debian/ubuntu way and even better the udd way15:47
vilagoogling for udd should give you the pointers to the existing docs15:48
Pikkachuthanks for trying16:01
mgrandithere are like 5 bugs related to fast import that are preventing us from actually solving said memory problem17:35
mgzwell, it doesn't help, but it's not a complete stop17:35
mgzhave you filed all of 'em yet?17:35
mgrandione was the json thing which i think you said was filed17:35
mgrandiand might of fixed when i was in class/sleeping haha17:35
mgrandithe timezone one is filed, the memory one is filed, and im not 100% sure what is wrong with the one i ran into yesterday17:36
mgrandifrom what i can tell from the git fast-import man page and the fast-import code, this bug: http://bpaste.net/show/25508/ is caused by a tag referring to a "mark", ( a commit i think) not existing anymore17:37
mgrandii want to make sure thats right before i go reporting it17:38
wgzseems possible17:39
wgzideally you'd just make a minimal repo that had the problem17:39
wgzbut what you've got is enough for a reasonable17:39
wgz...bug report17:39
wgzright, just going into the garden briefly17:39
mgrandithing is i dunno how to create a repo with that problem17:40
mgrandior rather, know enough about git17:40
wgzthat was easier than it could have been17:41
wgzhad not buried himself anywhere obscure17:41
mgrandilike, how do you just delete a commit? ovo17:41
mgrandiwithout deleting the tag that references it17:42
mgrandior, this could like the case with the invalid timezone, that this is a git bug and fastimport just needs to be tolerant of it17:44
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mgrandiso i have no idea if you know much about the fast import format, i think jelmer does though18:00
jelmerI'm reasonably familiar with it18:01
jelmerit's all relative18:01
mgrandiwhat is?18:04
jelmerhow much somebody knows about fastimport18:04
mgrandiwell i just meant18:04
mgrandii dunno if you saw the stack trace i pasted above, but basically its just saying that a mark (2) is not found in the dict of marks18:05
mgrandimarks -> bzr revision ids18:05
mgrandiim assuming that means that bzr did not find a revision with mark 2, and thats why its not there -> why it throws a key error18:05
jelmerI haven't looked at the traceback, but that sounds plausible..18:06
mgrandihttp://bpaste.net/show/25508/ if you didnt see it18:06
mgrandimy question is before i look silly on the bug report, is can you do this in git? just remove commits? or is this just another possible bug with git that fastimport needs to be tolerant of18:08
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pooliehi all22:29
jelmer'mørning poolie22:29
pooliehi jelmer, wgz22:52
wgzpoolie, am I understanding google plus correctly in that it's actually impossible to do any fixed-width/code formatting?22:56
wgzso, it's not really possible to do a post with snippets or diffs or console output such like?22:57
pooliei think that's correct22:57

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