SpamapScowmix: hm00:00
SpamapScowmix: its definitely *far* better than when that statement was written00:00
SpamapScowmix: I think for certain use cases, its a good choice in production00:00
SpamapScowmix: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bugs?field.tag=production00:00
SpamapScowmix: those are known issues that should be considered before putting it there. Perhaps we should update the docs to point at that list.00:01
imbrandon.win 1500:11
cowmixSpamapS: thanks... I'm *very* excited about juju.. I'm trying out the 12.04 beta as soon as its out00:40
SpamapScowmix: beta1 is out. :)00:47
SpamapScowmix: I'd recommend using juju from the ppa though.. we should land a new version in beta2, and the PPA is much closer to that.00:47
cowmixAwesome.. when 12.04 is fully baked.. use the release version then?00:50
cowmixIt's interesting because I have some friends that do HUGE EC2 deployments on Ubuntu and they didn't know about juju.. I turned them on to it and they seemed jazzed.00:51
cowmixCanonical really needs to pump this up harder.. it solves an issue everyone is trying to solve on their own.00:52
SpamapScowmix: a little over a year ago, juju didn't exist.. so.. give us some time. :)00:55
SpamapScowmix: there's a charm contest going on right now.. you should get some of them to enter it. :)00:56
cowmixSpamapS: is Canonical dog-fooding it now in their own infrastructure?01:10
sloth_anyone got time for a really basic question01:39
SpamapScowmix: here and there, yes.. nothing important, as we only run that on released LTS's, and lucid can't run juju01:46
SpamapSsloth_: just ask, and hang out for an answer, somebody will get back to you. Also we watch the juju tag on askubuntu.com a lot, so asking there might be a good idea01:47
sloth_cool.  so I'm totally new to juju (and not a Ubuntu guy normally).  I'd like to use it provision a mongo cluster on amazon.  I'm not sure if I have to create a ubuntu EC2 instance to use as the provisioning host (that wouldn't be part of the 3 machine replication set) or if I can do it from my mac or where to start01:49
sloth_I looked at the introduction to juju but I suspect I'm missing a few pieces of knowledge on how to get to where it starts01:49
_mup_juju/status-changes r484 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com02:02
_mup_collapse relation display in units unless error, all relation names are multi-valued02:02
hazmati'm going to hit a devops meetup tomorrow, we're hitting a few conferences this year02:04
_mup_juju/status-changes r485 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com02:21
_mup_status uniques when the same service has multiple relations to the same endpoint02:21
_mup_Bug #959884 was filed: Improved status output <juju:In Progress by hazmat> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/959884 >02:42
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_mup_juju/force-upgrade r465 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com03:03
_mup_finish upgrade-charm --force cli tests03:03
_mup_juju/force-upgrade r466 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com03:04
_mup_add to ignores03:04
hazmatare pkg task sets addressable, ie. can i install the cloud/server task set into a container, or is it more of a preseed thing03:07
hazmatah.. tasksel03:08
hazmathmm.. doesn't want to work without a ttyl03:11
_mup_juju/series-from-charm r464 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com03:59
_mup_charm series is used as service system constraint03:59
_mup_Bug #959914 was filed: Charm series is used for service series constraint. <juju:In Progress by hazmat> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/959914 >04:19
bkerensaSpamapS: Uhh lots of suggestions and I dont know where to begin :) I guess I will bug jcastro for guidance tomorrow :P I must be off to bed now06:35
SpamapSbkerensa: Sorry.. I am really excited about your charm which is why I'm being so picky about it. I will likely be a user. :)06:39
SpamapSbkerensa: bug me for help too, I'm happy to assist. :)06:40
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jamespagewhats the state of juju on lucid?11:29
jamespagemight be a funny question but I'd like to see whether I can get apache bigtop running with the hadoop charm11:30
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hazmatjamespage, it hasn't been tried in some time, the libzk libs need a more recent version to avoid some bugs there afaicr. we may have picked up some py 2.7isms13:07
jamespagehazmat, ack13:08
jamespageit was a 'if i get time' type activity TBH13:08
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yolandahi all, i'm trying to use juju in openstack, but i receive an error in the machine every time i try to create one, any one knows about this problem?13:53
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yolandahi, anyone can help with juju and openstack?14:07
james_wyolanda, hi, what's the error?14:18
yolandahi, james_w, just my openstack instance is created, but the status is "error"14:18
james_wyolanda, hmm, I'm not sure how to find out what caused the error14:20
jamespageyolanda, could be a number of things14:21
yolandajames_w, i see that the image used is ami-00000049, is that ok?14:21
jamespageit might be best to take a look at the instance directly in openstack to see if you can get more info14:21
yolandajamespage, how can it be done? i only can see the instance when i do an euca-describe-instances, and see that status14:22
jamespageyolanda, does it show error there as well?14:22
jamespageyolanda, hmm14:22
jamespageeuca-get-console-output <instanceid> might show you a bit more14:23
yolandamm, let me see14:23
yolanda euca-get-console-output i-00001b4014:23
yolandaUnknownError: An unknown error has occurred. Please try your request again.14:23
jamespageyolanda, oops14:24
yolandanot a very clear error :)14:24
jamespageyolanda, thats a openstack is broken error14:24
yolandajamespage, but i'm running some other instances in openstack right now14:25
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yolandai'll try to create that one manually14:25
jamespageyolanda, you might be able to ssh to it - please try that14:26
jamespagemight be able to get some good debug out of it yet...14:26
yolandajamespage, cannot ssh, i can't see any internal ip14:26
jamespageyolanda, what is its status? running?14:26
yolandai have 3 instances, i can see the internal ip for the previous two, but this doesn't show any ip14:26
yolandastatus is error14:26
yolandathe privateIpAddress field is empty14:27
jamespageyolanda, so basically it compelelty failed to start14:27
yolandayes, it seems14:28
yolandawill try to create same image manually14:28
yolandaok, same image created with euca-run-instances work14:30
yolandaso it's something with juju process14:30
yolandabtw, what i want is to test some juju charm, if i cannot do it with openstack, what can i use? i did some tests with a personal EC2 account, but i need a large machine, and they started charging me an important bill, so i stopped it14:32
jamespageyolanda, I think I know what it might be - lemme just check14:33
yolandaok, jamespage, thanks14:33
jamespageyolanda, can you try with ami-00000048 please14:36
yolandajamespage, that can be specified with the default-image-id param, right?14:36
jamespageyolanda, it can14:37
jamespageyolanda, have you tried using the local provider for juju?14:37
yolandajamespage, yes, but gives another error: error: Falló al iniciar la red default14:38
yolandaerror: Requested operation is not valid: network is already active14:38
yolandaCommand '['virsh', 'net-start', 'default']' returned non-zero exit status 114:38
yolanda2012-03-20 15:38:29,472 ERROR Command '['virsh', 'net-start', 'default']' returned non-zero exit status 114:38
jamespageyolanda, ah - I know what this is14:39
yolandai saw that i had to logout/login, but i already did it14:39
jamespageyolanda: what does virsh list-network give you14:39
yolandaunknown command "list-network"14:40
jamespagesorry net-list14:40
jamespagenot list-network14:40
SpamapSyolanda: did you logout/back in after installing juju and especially libvirt-bin?14:41
jamespageyolanda, can you check that the account you are using is in the libvirtd groups as well please14:41
yolandaSpamapS, yes14:41
yolandaNombre               Estado     Inicio automático14:42
yolandadefault              activo     si14:42
yolandasorry but it's spanish output14:42
SpamapSno problemo, yo hablo un poquito ;)14:42
yolandagenial :)14:42
yolandajamespage, how can i check it?14:44
jamespageyolanda, type 'groups'14:44
yolandayolanda adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare libvirtd14:45
jamespageyes - looks OK14:45
jamespage'libvirtd' being the critical bit...14:45
jamespageI wonder14:46
jamespageyolanda, I think thats a bug - juju parses the output of net-list and looks for 'active'14:48
jamespage'active' != 'activo'14:48
yolandaso how can i fix it? is it possible?14:48
yolandaplease don't say: use Ubuntu in english :)14:49
SpamapSyolanda: dpkg -l juju14:49
SpamapSThat bug was fixed... we set LANG=C before calling net-list14:49
yolanda| Estado=No/Instalado/Config-files/Desempaquetado/Medio-conf/Medio-inst/espera-disparo/pendiente-disparo14:50
yolanda|/ Err?=(ninguno)/Requiere-reinst (Estado,Err: mayúsc.=malo)14:50
yolanda||/ Nombre                            Versión                          Descripción14:50
yolandaii  juju                              0.5+bzr398-0ubuntu1               next generation service orchestration system14:50
jamespageSpamapS, I was just looking at that14:50
jamespageyolanda, I would recommend using juju from the team PPA - that is a very old version14:51
jamespage(the one that is in oneiric)14:51
yolandajamespage, how can i config it? in which repo is?14:52
jamespageyolanda, https://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/pkgs14:52
yolandalet me see14:52
yolandai wonder if that's the cause of all my problems14:52
jamespageyolanda, not all of them but this one - probably14:53
jamespageSpamapS, good catch14:53
jcastrokrondor, how's it coming along?14:54
jcastrokrondor, hey do you guys plan to nginx in the moodle charm?14:54
yolandalet me test14:54
yolandai updated it, now i have this error:14:59
yolandaStarting storage server...14:59
yolandacould not connect before timeout14:59
yolanda2012-03-20 15:58:41,768 ERROR could not connect before timeout14:59
bacSpamapS: gmb said he talked to you about packaging for python-shelltoolbox.  will your packaging work for a lucid build?15:01
SpamapSWe really should just push a newer juju into 11.10 and fore-go the proposed testing requirements. :-P15:01
SpamapSbac: it might, but you can't deploy charms on lucid at the moment, so thats sort of moot. ;)15:02
krondorjcastro:  it's going well so far.  We're going apache because the thought is most moodle users would need the auth modules.15:03
jamespageyolanda, please try 'juju --verbose bootstrap'  - you might need to juju destroy-environment first15:03
jamespageSpamapS, +1 its next to useless how it is ATM15:03
bacSpamapS: our buildbot slaves will be running lucid containers and they need to use the package too, that's why i ask.15:03
jamespagejcastro, lookings at the jetty/spdy stuff ATM - have a few ideas15:04
SpamapSbac: I can just use python-support.. that will work back to lucid15:04
yolandajamesjpage, no timeout error now, seems i got it!15:04
yolandai'll check with status15:04
bacSpamapS: that would be great15:04
* SpamapS goes afk for a bit15:04
hazmatmore recent versions set the locale to C explicitly before calling out to libvirt15:06
hazmatvia env vars15:06
jcastrojamespage, right so I was thinking, something simple, that would end up being "this is a fast way to mess with SPDY" and then tell people about it. As a technology showcase, nothing like serious or something people would actually use.15:06
jamespagejcastro, how about jenkins on SPDY?  I'm going to give it a whizz15:07
yolandajamespage, SpamapS, thanks a lot for the help15:08
jamespageyolanda, np15:08
marcoceppiI noticed something with hooks firing. My db-joined hook takes quite a while to execute. But as soon as I add-relation it shows as "state: up", if it eventually fails it shows the failure then. So, I know the relation hook fired but it won't wait for end of execution of the relation hook. Is this a bug or a intended usage?15:08
jcastrojamespage, ok so that is sexy, yes, absolutely!15:10
m_3marcoceppi: that's a known issue15:15
marcoceppim_3: Cool, I'm fine with just adding relation, exposing, juju status until the port shows as open (thus the end of the script is done)15:16
m_3marcoceppi: yeah, we've had several discussions of this problem, but no solns afaik15:19
krondorjcastro:  mayber I can let them pick ngninx or apache w/ a config directive.  Was thinking the same with postgresql / mysql.15:33
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jcastrokrondor, yep15:36
_mup_juju/trunk r486 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com15:38
_mup_merge setuppy-fixes from paul [a=][r=hazmat,clint]15:38
marcoceppim_3: I wish I knew more about how juju launched hooks :\ one day I'm going to start digging in to the source code15:46
SpamapSmarcoceppi: open-port is actually supposed to be the signal that your service is ready.15:47
marcoceppiSpamapS: yeah, that's what I've been using, it's just a wee bit confusing to see the relation state as up when the hook is still running, because then it goes from up to error half way though15:48
marcoceppiMerely commenting on how it'd be nice if it went from state: "adding", to "up" or "error"15:48
ninjixI am running into ssh host key errors after I destroy my environment and try to bootstrap a new one15:53
SpamapSmarcoceppi: yeah, I think a more appropriate word would be "active"15:53
SpamapSninjix: thats common15:53
SpamapSninjix: there's an open bug to have juju ssh use a generated known_hosts file to avoid that..15:53
jcastrolmorchard, hey I heard you were having some juju problems, anything I can do to help?15:53
ninjixhow do you guys run your ssh_config?15:53
ninjixdid you set StrictHostKeyChecking off?15:54
SpamapSninjix: for production, I just deal with the pain. For testing I wildcard the test hosts and do StrictHostKeyChecking no15:54
SpamapSthe way I do that, which might be a bit evil, is by wildcarding by amazon region. All my production instances are in us-west-1 .. I test in us-east-115:55
ninjixok, cool. just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something basic15:55
ninjixSpamapS: btw, thanks for your help over the last few days. I've now got juju and cobbler driving our Proxmox cluster15:56
ninjixdev team is going to very pleased when I unveil this new cloud environment15:57
jcastrothis is quite cool15:58
jcastroninjix, when you're not so slammed it'd be nice to send this to the list.15:59
m_3yeah, I'd love to see a writeup of that15:59
SpamapSninjix: *NICE*15:59
jcastrolook at this readme16:00
jcastroit's already better than all the stuff we wrote in the intial set of charms. :)16:00
jcastropatrick and jseutter are killing it. :)16:00
SpamapSjcastro: I'm so ashamed of mediawiki now.. I almost want to just nuke it and re-do the whole thing. ;)16:01
jcastrojseutter, it's exciting to see you guys submitting these charms16:01
jseutterjcastro: ah :)16:01
jcastroshazzner's working on gitolite too16:02
ninjixmy service units keep appearing with <hostname>.localdomain why are they not using the domain delivered by DHCP?16:03
* SpamapS digs through the code to see where that value comes from16:08
* SpamapS goes a 4th level of indirection deeper and wonders what he has wandered into16:09
SpamapS        output = subprocess.check_output(["hostname", "-f"])16:12
SpamapSninjix: ^^16:12
SpamapSthat is just so wrong.. :-P16:12
ninjixhmm... ok I'll work with the -f arg16:18
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ninjixjust had 99% successful wordpress test run. Only thing that didn't work was that the 000-default site was left enabled16:38
ninjixis that normal? I'm running today's PPA16:38
SpamapSninjix: its more complicated than that16:39
SpamapSninjix: basically the wordpress charm expects you to use the 'public-address' to access it..16:40
SpamapSninjix: I believe marcoceppi is working on fixing that16:40
SpamapSninjix: glad to hear you got it deploying though! :)16:40
SpamapSmarcoceppi: were you going to try and tackle the Host: header weirdness w/ wordpress?16:40
ninjixthe public address started working once I a2dissite 000-default16:40
SpamapSninjix: oh, hm, that sounds different16:41
jamespagejcastro, that was painful - looks like upstream managed to not release spdy as part of the lastest jetty distro16:41
jamespageI had to hack it in16:41
ninjixSpamapS: this seems to be Apache2 strangeness. The FQDN site looks properly configured but Apache stops using it as soon as I re-enable the default16:50
ninjixahh... this is happening because the 000-default is using the same FQDN as the juju created site16:51
SpamapSninjix: sounds like a bug in the charm really.. should just dissite the default16:51
SpamapSninjix: https://launchpad.net/charms/+source/wordpress/+filebug16:52
SpamapSIf you wouldn't mind. :)16:52
ninjixno problem16:52
marcoceppiSpamapS: That's a different issue with using HAProxy in front of WP17:00
ninjixmarcoceppi: I just appended the a2dissite to my local oneiric/wordpress/hooks/install17:09
ninjixmarcoceppi: will the next juju add-unit wordpress pick up the change?17:09
SpamapSninjix: no17:11
SpamapSninjix: you have to use upgrade-charm17:12
ninjixdoes that imply that the my current env has the wordpress charm cached on the bootstrap instance?17:13
SpamapSninjix: yes, there's a webdav server that hosts the charm bundles17:13
marcoceppiactually, SpamapS I had a question about add-unit. When I add-unit it executes the charm without any real idea that it's an additional unit, correct? So it would be just as if I had done a deploy + add-relation + expose + whatever else I did to the previous unit17:14
SpamapSmarcoceppi: right17:14
SpamapSmarcoceppi: to make units aware of one another use peer relations17:14
marcoceppifigured, follow up question17:14
marcoceppiand answered.17:14
SpamapSmarcoceppi: though that one will proceed all the way through install -> started before being aware of the peer relationships17:15
SpamapSmarcoceppi: which has been a problem in the past for charms that need to work slightly different between 1 and 1+ nodes ;)17:16
marcoceppiLastly, is there a way within a non-peer relation hook to tell if there is another unit?17:16
marcoceppiI'm trying to avoid having the db-relation-joined hook run a MySQL import when it already exists from the first instance17:16
SpamapSmarcoceppi: I'd use the database itself for that... not rely on juju for it17:17
marcoceppiI guess just mysqladmin create and capture a non 0 exit or something?17:17
m_3marcoceppi: there's a few different ways to do that... right... what SpamapS just said... check the db for a schema version or some content17:17
_mup_juju/subordinate r522 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com17:26
_mup_update unit deploy signature17:26
ninjixI am getting an SSH key error when I execute upgrade-charm17:31
ninjixssh works manually to the remote_host value17:32
negronjljamespage: ping17:57
jamespagenegronjl, pong!17:58
SpamapSninjix: all commands have to ssh to machine 0 so they can talk to zookeeper securely..17:58
negronjljamespage:  Here is what I have so far for a combined tomcat6 and tomcat7 charm ( lp:~negronjl/+junk/tomcat )17:58
negronjljamespage:  if/when you get a chance, I would appreciate some feedback.17:58
SpamapSnegronjl: +junk?! ;)17:59
jamespagenegronjl, yep - I'll take a look tomorrow17:59
negronjlSpamapS: It's a work in progress and I don't want to confuse anyone that may think that this is an actual usable charm yet.17:59
negronjljamespage: thx17:59
negronjlSpamapS: I'll put it in the proper place and put it through the proper process once I get done with it.18:00
SpamapSnegronjl: roger. :)18:00
_mup_juju/relation-id r488 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com18:25
_mup_Pass through relation id18:25
ninjixSpamapS: how does one add a second mysql unit as a slave?19:12
ninjixI noticed the mediawiki charm utilizes mysql slaves19:13
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SpamapSninjix: currently the mysql charm only supports one-way replication, so you 'juju deploy mysql slave-service' and then 'juju add-relation master-service slave-service'19:51
ninjixstarting get the hang this. So it is the relation call that determines which hooks fire20:17
SpamapSninjix: right20:17
ninjixso a master-master creating hooks that understand how to handle 'juju add-relation master-1 master-2' and then a 'juju add-relation master-2 master-1'20:19
ninjixthat's going to dial up the complexity of the charm20:20
ninjixmaybe I can add a hook for mysql-mmm pkg20:22
SpamapSninjix: you'd only have one 'add-relation'20:23
SpamapSninjix: they're bi-directional20:23
SpamapSninjix: you might be able to achieve it just by doing that now though.. hmm.. hadn't thought of trying that20:23
ninjixhow would it discriminate between between simple slave and master-master with only one add-relation20:24
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ninjixahh... answer my own question. Just learned how to use the <service>:<relation> syntax :)20:31
ninjixvery cool. I'm now scaling the database service with total ease.20:48
SpamapSninjix: I think thats our next t-shirt ;)20:49
SpamapSjcastro: ^^20:49
ninjixreally liking the low barrier learning curve too20:49
jcastroman nice dude20:49
jcastroninjix, send me a mail, we should  send you a juju shirt, jorge@ubuntu.com20:50
ninjixme like schwag20:51
shazznerquick question, what could be up when after deploying a charm the newly created machine still has a 'not-started' state21:38
shazznerand I can't ssh into it yet21:38
shazznerjust need to be patient?21:38
shazznerwell I destroyed it, then recreated it21:52
shazznernow it works, weird21:52
bkerensajcastro: when does this contest end? I have a busy week and probably cant do work till this weekend on the charm22:09
marcoceppibkerensa: the 23rd22:09
jcastrobkerensa, it's ok we can be flexible22:10
jcastrothe deadline is the 23'rd22:10
jcastrobut then there's a week of reviews, etc.22:10
jcastrothis is the first one so it'd be dumb to make it "pencils down everyone!"22:12
_mup_juju/relation-id r489 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com22:30
_mup_Completed relation id refactoring22:30
SpamapSI think if you already submitted the charm..23:13
SpamapSand you are just dealing with my nit-picks..23:13
SpamapSyour entry will be considered positively ;)23:13
SpamapSbkerensa: ^^23:13

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