apolcan someone help me with this error please?00:02
apol:) << good guy face00:02
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ScottKfabo: libzip is all done.04:39
littlegirlHey there, I'm probably doing pulling and committing and all that in the wrong order, and as a result I've run into a snag where my copy diverges from the one on the server. Here's what I've got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/891753/ Any help with what I should do next so that I can push my commit without messing up jjesse's commits would be appreciated. (:04:56
littlegirlHey there, I'm probably doing pulling and committing and all that in the wrong order, and as a result I've run into a snag where my copy diverges from the one on the server. Here's what I've got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/891753/ Any help with what I should do next so that I can push my commit without messing up jjesse's commits would be appreciated. (:05:53
faboScottK: thanks!05:56
littlegirlHey there, I'm probably doing pulling and committing and all that in the wrong order, and as a result I've run into a snag where my copy diverges from the one on the server. Here's what I've got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/891753/ Any help with what I should do next so that I can push my commit without messing up jjesse's commits would be appreciated. (:06:32
micahglittlegirl: bzr rebase?06:35
littlegirlmicahg: I don't know what that means. (:06:35
micahglittlegirl: it's a command to rebase what you have based on the committed branch, you'll need the bzr-rewrite package, 'bzr help rebase' for more info06:36
littlegirlmicahg: Will it grab the commits that someone else made to Launchpad and give them to me locally so that my copy is exactly like the one on Launchpad?06:37
micahglittlegirl: yes, and recommit yours on tops as long as you don't have conflicts in the same files06:37
littlegirlmicahg: That sounds perfect. Thanks for the info. Is there any chance I'll screw things up if I use it incorrectly?06:38
littlegirlmicahg: Hmmm: E: Couldn't find package bzr-rewrite06:39
micahglittlegirl: idk, I guess it's always possible, but only your local branch would be affected, I wouldn't worry as long as you pay attention to the prompt06:39
micahglittlegirl: which release are you on?06:40
littlegirlmicahg: Of Bazaar?06:40
littlegirlKubuntu 10.04 LTS.06:40
micahglittlegirl: that's why, it's called bzr-rebase there06:40
littlegirlmicahg: Installed, thanks. (:06:41
littlegirlmicahg: One other thing. It says I need to know the upstream location. Would that be branch lp:kubuntu-docs which is where I originally pulled from, or would it be the parent location mentioned by bzr in the link I posted, which is  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/kubuntu-docs/precise/06:45
micahglittlegirl: one should be an alias for the other06:45
micahgyep, so either one is fine06:45
littlegirlmicahg: Okay, I'm gonna try it. (:06:46
littlegirlmicahg: Hmmm, not working. 06:49
littlegirlbzr rebase --dry-run --pending-merges http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/kubuntu-docs/precise/06:49
littlegirlbzr: ERROR: No pending merges present.06:49
micahglittlegirl: not a pending merge :)06:49
littlegirlI tried it with the upstread address both ways.06:50
micahg bzr rebase --dry-run lp:kubuntu-docs should work06:50
micahgor at least tell you if there are issues06:51
littlegirlmicahg: That gave me no message either way. Is that good?06:52
micahgadd -v06:53
littlegirlWeehaw! http://paste.ubuntu.com/891829/06:54
littlegirlmicahg: Thank you so much!06:54
micahglittlegirl: you're welcome, thank you for your work on Kubuntu06:55
littlegirlmicahg: Any time. I'm trying to help get the docs in shape in time for the freeze, but these little issues get in my way and then I'm lost for a while. (:06:55
micahglittlegirl: just ask here, lots of people to help06:55
littlegirlAre you familiar with the Kubuntu docs?06:56
micahgnope :)06:56
* littlegirl has a few questions. (:06:56
micahgDarkwing would be a good person, but he might be sleeping06:56
littlegirlmicahg: Yeah, he's been hard to reach recently. (:06:57
micahghe was around ~8 hrs ago06:57
littlegirlOh, I would have loved to have chatted with him!06:58
littlegirlmicahg: Thank you so much for your help - that worked perfectly. I was able to get my commit in, too, which would have been sad otherwise, because that was a huge file to edit. (:07:01
micahgglad to help07:03
littlegirlHeh, I was so excited to have it working that I didn't pay attention to the command when I entered it for the push and I submitted it as branchname instead of the name of the sub-branch I was working in. (:07:06
littlegirlmicahg: Do you use DocBook?07:28
littlegirlI'll have to find a DocBook wizard at some point. (:07:28
littlegirlBy the way, I wrote up the solution you gave me to my error so that if it happens again I can do it again. (:07:29
Riddelllittlegirl turning into a new docs master then08:00
faboRiddell: micahg: I need a sponsor for krename (oneiric-proposed) bug 84988208:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 849882 in krename (Ubuntu Oneiric) "krename crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_csu_init()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84988208:23
fabopackage available in https://launchpad.net/~fboudra/+archive/ppa08:23
Riddellfabo: looking08:24
Riddellfabo: it's not clear what's needed, is this a SRU or a backport?08:26
faboRiddell: SRU08:26
faboinitially, I thought it was a backport. then micah told me to make a SRU for a crash08:27
Riddellfabo: so the 4.0.7-1ubuntu1  in your PPA to oneiric-proposed?08:27
Riddellfabo: lovely, uploaded.  I had to change the maintainer to something ubuntu-ish.  please subscribe ubuntu-sru to bug 849882 and make clear you want a SRU which is in the queue now08:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 849882 in krename (Ubuntu Oneiric) "krename crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_csu_init()" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84988208:31
* fabo should fix his devscripts conf08:32
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shadeslayerRiddell: could you upload bug 958683 as well?11:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 958683 in virtuoso-opensource (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Please release virtuoso-opensource 6.1.3+dfsg1-1ubuntu1.1" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95868311:20
Riddellshadeslayer: as well as what?11:21
shadeslayeruh, I saw you uploaded a SRU fix earlier11:21
shadeslayerwhich is why the "as well"11:21
Riddellshadeslayer: have you tested this?11:25
Riddellshadeslayer: do you have a simple test case?  that needs added to the bug11:25
shadeslayerI haven't but someone else did, leme get the nick11:26
shadeslayerhmm ... he isn't around11:26
Riddellshadeslayer: got a real name or e-mail for Pepper?11:27
shadeslayerSteps to Reproduce:11:27
shadeslayer1. create a folder "测试" and a empty file in it.11:27
shadeslayer2. set option display parent folder in dolphin's information panel.11:27
Riddellshadeslayer: oh cool, where's that from?11:27
shadeslayerfrom the KDE Bug report11:29
shadeslayersee bug 85897011:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 858970 in virtuoso-opensource (Ubuntu) "Virtuoso 6.1.3 cause nepomuk encoding error" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85897011:30
Riddellshadeslayer: you're probably better not to start a new bug in this sort of case, that just makes it harder for people to find out the back story11:30
Riddellshadeslayer: please add those steps to the SRU bug report along with a failed and succcessful outcome11:30
shadeslayeroh ... so I should set the title of that bug as SRU?11:30
shadeslayeror should we proceed with the new bug now that I've already filed it11:31
Riddellwe'll just stay with the new one for now11:31
* shadeslayer adds new info11:32
shadeslayeras for a email for Pepper, nope, but he's usually around in the evenings11:33
Riddell"Uploaded to oneiric-proposed, awaiting approval from ubuntu-sru"11:34
Riddellthanks for that shadeslayer 11:34
Riddellremember to test it again once ubuntu-sru do approve11:34
shadeslayersure will do11:35
shadeslayer!find hlibrary.mk11:41
ubottuFile hlibrary.mk found in haskell-devscripts11:41
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Whiskey`Wonkahello. im being told to come here for support with a couple issues, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=651748 being one12:17
ubottuDebian bug 651748 in aptitude "aptitude: resolver screams bloody murder in multiarch setup" [Normal,Open]12:17
Whiskey`Wonkaand i have not found the bug # for the other (its mentioned in that one) about having to manualy track down package depends12:17
RiddellWhiskey`Wonka: I'm afraid aptitude isn't supported by us, we do KDE12:19
Riddellit's not supported by any team in ubuntu as far as I know12:19
Whiskey`Wonkayea i figured12:19
BluesKajhiyas all12:19
Whiskey`Wonkaso what package system DO you support12:19
Riddelland in ubuntu generally  apt12:20
Whiskey`Wonkaap-get is borked too12:20
Whiskey`Wonkaas is muon12:20
Whiskey`Wonkabut muon is far better today then 6mo ago, so yay12:20
Whiskey`Wonkacan we somehow get better errors then 'libqt4-opengl could not be marked for isntallation or upgrade' when /its already installed/12:22
Whiskey`Wonkai guessing its a depends issues (thats what has led me here to begin with)12:23
Whiskey`Wonkabut no other details to fix it then 'can not be marked'12:23
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Riddellafiestas: 13:11 < janimo`> slangasek, Riddell the acpi-support changelog mentions dropping power.sh when kubuntu starts using upower, not sure if that is the case, it is an old comment13:21
Riddell13:14 < slangasek> janimo`: power.sh should definitely go away if kubuntu is using upowerd now13:21
Riddellafiestas: in #u-d I presume it uses upower now?13:21
apoldoes anybody know where "software-properties-kde" comes from?15:13
Riddellapol: I wrote it :)15:14
apolRiddell: I'm considering working on some UI for muon-installer-qml to be able to add/remove/list sources15:15
Peace-Riddell: :)15:15
Riddellapol: cool15:15
Riddellapol: well it's there for the taking, it hasn't been touched in some years15:15
apolRiddell: is there any way we can share code with software-properties-kde?15:15
Riddellapol: yes, software-properties-kde is just one GUI and software-properties-gtk is another15:16
Riddellso you can certainly make a third with QML15:16
Riddellalthough you'd need to work out the best way to integrate QML with PyQt, bulldog98_ has been looking at that15:16
apolRiddell: yes, but the idea was to do it in-process15:16
Riddellthat's more tricky then15:17
apolis this a library?15:17
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Riddellno it's a python app, and there are some shared classes between the kde and gtk UIs but no defined API15:17
apolI see15:17
Riddellyou could port it to use policykit15:18
Riddelland make a dbus API15:18
Riddellthen get muon-mobile to talk to that15:18
Riddellbut that's effort15:18
bulldog98apol: problem with PyQt is, that you can only insert QObjects into the qml context, no QDeclarativeItems possible15:18
Riddellbulldog98: what does that mean in terms of ability to use PyQt with QML?15:19
apolbulldog98: that shouldn't be a stopper, never needed this :P15:19
bulldog98Riddell: you can use pure qml and use slots and signals to connect, but it’s not possible to write a new Item, e.g. a keyboardview15:20
bulldog98apol: for the installer that would be a good thing to have ^15:20
apolthe keyboard is usually provided by the OS15:21
apolwe're not talking about a mobile app anyway15:21
bulldog98apol: it’s a view to show the current keyboard layout15:22
apolI don't know what you're talking about then15:23
Riddellapol: he's been looking at changing our ubiquity installer into QML, it has a page which shows the keyboard layout you have selected15:23
apoli was thinking of something different when you said installer, sorry15:24
bulldog98apol: code is at kde:scratch/kolberg/ubiquity-mockup15:24
apolin that case you can do different things, you can create a c++ qml plugin just for that component15:24
apolwhich would be really easy15:24
bulldog98apol: which is what I did15:25
apolif you don't want to compile anything, you'll have to reimplement it in QML, which shouldn't be that hard either15:25
bulldog98apol: but I had to port the python code to c++15:25
apolbut then you'll have to feed it to QML15:25
apolnote that QML is thought in a way so that all painting is done by QML15:25
apolso consider the c++ plugin a hack ;)15:26
bulldog98apol: still it works quite good :P15:27
sreichqml qml qml qml ;p15:28
RiddellQt Quick!  qml is just an implementation detail :)15:29
sreichwell i can't very well say Qt Quick 4 times fast, can i? :)15:30
Riddellsure you can, it's only two syllabols, QML is three15:31
tsdgeosRiddell: QML is two too15:52
tsdgeosyou say "kyu- mel"15:53
tsdgeosnot "kyu - em - el"15:53
RiddellI've never heard it pronounced like that15:53
Riddellthese crazy Qt people pronouncing things in unintuitive ways15:53
sreichhaha yeah15:55
afiestasRiddell: yes we use upower since 4.6 I think16:04
afiestasdidn't know about the power.sh thing, sorry :/16:04
Riddellafiestas: lovely thanks16:04
Riddellok who broke kubuntu-active?16:12
Riddellthe package doesn't depend on anything16:12
Riddelldebfx: ever feel like you're being watched? http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTA3MjI16:14
RiddellMichael Larabel are you here?  do you just sit in IRC channels waiting for gossip to come your way?16:18
apolyes... I saw that, quite weird... :P16:18
micahgRiddell: fabo: technically, the krename SRU should've been versioned 4.0.7-1ubuntu0.116:27
ScottKmicahg: There's not a firm policy on SRU versioning beyond collision avoidance.16:31
micahgScottK: since when?16:31
ScottKSince forever.16:32
Riddellthe page just says "pick a version number" but I agree adding .1 is the best way16:32
ScottKPeople generally sort of follow the security guidelines, but there's no requirement to do so.16:32
ScottKNor is there any reason to have a more firm requirement.16:32
macofollowing the security guidelines is what ive been told is good practice16:32
micahghmm...ok, I stand corrected :), it does say it's a well working scheme, but not required16:33
macoyou wont be thrown in the stocks for not doing so, but your sponsor might FTFY16:33
micahgthe advantage though is that it's clear it's an SRU and not a regular release upload16:33
Riddellmicahg: FTFY?16:33
micahg*dev release16:33
macoRiddell: Fix That For You16:33
sreichkids and their acronyms..16:34
Riddellmaco: sorry wrong tab completion :)16:34
Riddellsreich: I think geeks are just as guilty as youngsters in using acronyms16:34
macowhen someone quotes another person in an online discussion and thinks they got something not quite right, or not strongly enough, they might adjust the quote and say "FTFY" as their text below, though in that case its past-tense 'fixed'16:35
* micahg will stop getting so bent out of shape about versions16:35
* jalcine adds ftfy into his book.16:35
Riddelljalcine: no!  rebel and use full words!16:36
macoi think itd be *nice* to firm up the policy on version numbers, and the security method is nice to avoid collisions with next-dev-version16:36
jalcine:P I'm a youngster, it's what I do.16:36
jalcineSometimes things get tl;dr16:36
macojalcine: tl;dr amuses me in that its now morphed, among some people into "Teal Deer: "16:36
sreichso instead you have a book of filled with acronyms?16:37
maco"Teal Deer: they got away"16:37
sreichisn't that, in itself, tl;dr?16:37
jalcineO.O lol16:37
debfxRiddell: yeah seems like phoronix is becoming an irc log dumping ground in addition to the benchmark graph spam16:38
jalcinehe notices the fallacies!16:38
RiddellI can never remember what tl;dr is, does it mean I'm getting old if I don't know all the acronymns?16:42
Riddellhi jalcine, I don't think we've met, pleased to meet you16:42
jalcinehey Riddell :)16:43
jalcineThe pleasure's mine :)16:43
jalcineI typically hang here and help when I can, otherwise just observing. :)16:43
* jalcine looks at all of the smilies.16:44
ScottKRiddell: I know that one.  Old isn't your problem ...16:44
jalcineThat's how you don't get a job16:44
tsdgeosRiddell: too long, didn't read16:45
Riddelltsdgeos: too late, I stopped reading this conversation some lines ago :)16:47
shadeslayerScottK: I can haz access to ARM boxen?18:35
shadeslayerNeed to testbuild a new patch from digikam upstream18:36
ScottKshadeslayer: Where's your ssh public key?18:55
shadeslayerScottK: https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+sshkeys18:55
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yofelcan someone with a proprietary graphics driver try to reproduce bug 959031? I'm not sure what to blame19:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 959031 in oxygen-gtk3 (Ubuntu) "Content of window of some GTK3 applications is garbage" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95903119:11
yofelapachelogger: are you going to upload your new plymouth and ksplash? If yes, someone needs to change the default KDM background to match that19:21
debfxblaming the graphics driver is usually right19:24
debfxyofel: I found a workaround for that oxygen-gtk3 bug20:30
debfxyofel: http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=oxygen-gtk3.git;a=commitdiff;h=13f9165ca9a8392dd674dd3db85398636b94979620:34
debfxseems to be a bug in gtk320:34
yofelkde bug 29583120:35
ubottuKDE bug 295831 in gtk3-engine "Application list broken in gpk-application" [Normal,Resolved: upstream] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29583120:35
yofeldebfx: thanks for finding that20:36
debfxand uploaded20:38
ScottKdebfx: Quassel 0.8.0 is out.  Do you want to do your apparmor changes now too?20:58
debfxScottK: I've uploaded those already20:59
ScottKAh.  OK.20:59
ScottKI'll do 0.8.0 then.20:59
debfxSput: how about merging my ssl certificate patches now? :)21:01
Sputdebfx: what was that again?21:04
Sputshould those have gone int 0.8.0?21:04
debfxSput: http://bugs.quassel-irc.org/issues/1109 and http://bugs.quassel-irc.org/issues/111021:04
Sputmeh, someone should have mentioned those or created MRs for those :/21:05
Sput(you probably did mention those, but my brain is not capable of storing such things)21:05
debfxI think I pinged you when I posted them but that was a few month ago21:08
Sputdebfx: yeah, I was way too busy the past year (still am), so everything that wasn't turned into a merge request at gitorious slipped past me pretty much21:09
Sputand our good triagers probably missed those patches as well21:09
Sputanyway, there will be e 0.8.1 :)21:10
debfxyay :)21:12
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ScottKdebfx: Should we take those as distro patches?21:15
Riddellkubuntu active on arm! http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/DSCF6658.JPG21:19
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ScottKShip it.21:20
debfxScottK: yes, if Sput approves them21:20
* ScottK looks at Sput21:20
Sputjust glanced at them, haven't tested (and don't know too much about the stuff), but I assume you did the testing already21:22
Sputand codewise looks fine to me21:23
SputI don't think I have a way to actually test the chained ca stuff, so I'll have to trust you :)21:24
debfxyeah I've tested them against 0.7 but it seems like the ssl code hasn't been touched since then21:25
Sputno, we didn't touch that21:25
Riddellhttp://blogs.kde.org/node/4546  Kubuntu Active on ARM21:27
Sputdebfx: Tucos was nice enough to turn your patches into MRs, so they won't get lost in the future :)21:29
ScottKdebfx: I've got a test build going without your patches, but if you've got time to do it, please go for it (I have to leave for awhile soon).21:32
* ScottK does it.22:22
micahgScottK: debfx: re quassel and the core using expired certs, is that the default or an option?23:05
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