artaoplease? anyone?00:19
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ScuniziIn Libreoffice when I hover the mouse over an icon at the top (printer, pdf, print preview etc) the resulting popup box is black with no visible text in it.. I've played around with themes, cursours etc with no effect.. How do I fix this?00:28
artaoecho >> echo >> cho >> ko >> o >> o01:14
eodchopdoes anyone know of a photo app that integrates with picasa?01:36
artaoi don't use Picassa, but I do like gtkam01:50
forevishi, i used wine, and my font are really tiny, small01:54
forevisi dont want to reboot01:55
brad_im using the linux version of firefox, but I'm having some problems installing adobe flash.. suggestions?02:10
uberdubwhats the problem?02:11
uberdubis the plugin installed?02:11
brad_it wont install02:12
uberdubhave you verified that by entering about:plugins in your address bar?02:13
uberdubis this a fresh install?02:14
uberdubyes a fresh install? yes it shows up in about:plugins?02:22
uberdubwhat happens when you enter "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" in a terminal?02:23
uberdubmake sure youve enabled multiverse(IIRC) in your repos02:24
artaoask entrace, to hell ... it's easier04:47
chullhow can i move korganizer to my new home directory?04:52
Daskreechchull, hmm?05:30
Daskreechwhat do you want to move?05:30
chullDaskreech, sec - chalcedony will speak05:32
chalcedonyDaskreech, earlier we moved my husband's home directory to /home/old/ - kde didn't keep it's settings in the new /chull/home/05:34
chalcedonyso now we need to copy his korganizer to the new one05:34
Daskreechyou mean /home/chull ?05:34
chalcedonyyes that05:34
Daskreech:-) just trying to be clear05:34
chalcedonyi'm so tired i'm not sure which of us is a boy05:34
Daskreechwhen you said you moved it you renamed his old home directory (I'm going to guess it was /home/chull/ as well) to be named /home/old ?05:35
chalcedonyDaskreech, yes05:35
chalcedonyyou're good!05:35
chalcedonywe *finally* got firefox copied back05:36
Daskreechand then you copied over the Documents, Downloads Pictures and so on?05:36
chalcedonyhe did yes05:36
chalcedonyhe likes gui - i like command line05:37
DaskreechPeanut Butter and chocolate05:37
chalcedonyhe had a stroke (brain attack) and can't speak or understand speech, he often doesn't remember05:38
DaskreechSo as an aside. Why was a new home folder made?05:38
chalcedonyhe broke something in /var/ i think - it wouldn't let him get past login and pass05:39
chalcedonygave an error05:39
Daskreechchalcedony, and it will let him login now?05:39
chalcedonyi could ssh in05:39
chalcedonyyes :)05:39
Daskreechha ha well lets make a small test if you would be so obliging05:40
chalcedonywhen i went to sleep he was trying to get Adobe9 to read pdfs, it was in some weird place.05:40
DaskreechIf you are too tired please let me know05:40
chalcedonywhen i woke up he couldn't get past login.. 3 days ago.05:40
chalcedonyno problem i'll keep at it05:40
chalcedonyhe really needs his computer and i need to know when our appointments are05:41
Daskreech:) ok let me do a quick acid test05:41
chalcedonysure :)05:41
DaskreechAre you familiar with virtual terminals?05:42
chalcedonylet me know when i need to be on his computer. i'm on a laptop05:42
DaskreechYou can ssh in ?05:42
DaskreechOk is he logged in over there now?05:42
chalcedonythe side of a waterbed is a rotten place to sit - especially for most of 3 days05:42
chalcedonyyes he's logged in05:42
DaskreechOk can You log him out then ssh over to him05:43
chalcedonywe have lots of stuff open about kde05:43
chalcedonywe closed the calendar05:43
chalcedonyi just have files listed05:43
chalcedonynothing that will break until it needs rebooting05:44
Daskreech:) ok05:44
Daskreechso you can logout then?05:44
chalcedonyif needed05:44
chalcedonyshall i ?05:44
DaskreechYes please05:45
Daskreechthen ssh in05:45
Daskreechand mv /home/chull/.kde /home/chull/.kde-bak05:45
Daskreechthen sudo cp -ra /home/old/.kde /home/chull/05:46
DaskreechThat last one may take a while05:47
DaskreechWhen that's done try logging him back in05:48
Daskreechlet me know if he logs in at all05:51
chalcedonyok it's almost done shutting down .. who knew he had so much open05:52
DaskreechHa ha :) cool05:52
Daskreechlittlegirl, hi05:52
chalcedonyhi littlegirl05:52
littlegirlHey there. (:05:52
chalcedonyblack screen, still running05:52
chalcedonyi guess it's taking it's time closing things05:53
Daskreechthat's fine05:53
DaskreechSorry though you may lose some of those things when I'm done but I can restore those if you need them05:54
chalcedonyimho it's broken05:56
chalcedonystill running05:56
chalcedonywith the screen black after i clicked shutdown05:56
chalcedonyprobably have to turn off the power supply05:57
Daskreechchalcedony, No you can ssh in and run sudo service kdm restart05:58
chalcedonynot responding to ssh05:59
Daskreechoh wow :-)06:00
Daskreechcan you jump to a VT ?06:00
chalcedonyi think i should turn it off and back on06:00
chalcedonythen it ought to let me in fine06:00
chalcedonyit's been ok06:01
DaskreechMaybe something is broken?06:01
chalcedonyit shouldn't be running06:02
chalcedonyit's restarting now06:04
chalcedonyit's ubuntu 10.10 with .kde etc - korganizer06:04
chalcedonynow it should let me login06:05
chalcedonyi'm in06:05
Daskreech mv /home/chull/.kde /home/chull/.kde-bak06:06
Daskreechno errors?06:07
chalcedonyok doing it now06:07
chalcedonythe one thing i hate about putty is you can't paste to it06:07
Daskreechyess you can06:07
Daskreechright click is paste06:07
chalcedonythat worked06:08
* Daskreech nods06:08
chalcedonyit doesn't work to paste to putty in windows706:08
DaskreechOh phooey06:08
Daskreechthen sudo cp -ra /home/old/.kde /home/chull/06:09
chalcedonyif you want pasting i can go to my ubuntu box ;P06:09
chalcedonywhat's next Daskreech :)06:11
Daskreechok try login on the machine now06:11
chalcedonythat worked fine06:12
Daskreechopen korganizer06:12
FloodBotK1Daskreech: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:13
Daskreechquiet you06:13
* chalcedony pats FloodBotK1 06:13
chalcedonyKResource Migration Tool opened and successfully migrated06:14
chalcedonyand closed itself before i copied the text06:14
Daskreechdo you have your calendar back?06:14
chalcedonynot sure - there are a fair number of errors in the terminal i used ot start it with06:15
Daskreechpastebin ?06:15
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chalcedonydoes not show the appointments that i can see06:16
Daskreechclose it then06:16
DaskreechStill sshed in?06:17
Daskreechif so can you tell me what ls /home/old/.local says?06:17
Daskreechchalcedony, shift-Insert should also paste into Putty06:20
chalcedonytry pastebin.com/i4teYS1x06:22
chalcedonyDaskreech, it says share06:25
Daskreechchalcedony, ok ls /home/old/share/akonadi06:25
DaskreechJust let me know if you have a number of files or not a lot06:26
chalcedony~$ ls /home/old/share/akonadi06:27
chalcedonyls: cannot access /home/old/share/akonadi: No such file or directory06:27
chalcedonyshift insert!06:27
Daskreechchalcedony, sorry ls /home/old/.local/share/akonadi06:29
chalcedonyno problem :)06:29
chalcedony~$ ls /home/old/.local/share/akonadi06:31
chalcedonyakonadiserver.socket  db_data  db_misc  file_db_data  mysql.conf06:31
DaskreechTrying to work out if it would be better to do this logged out06:34
Daskreechalright let's chane that06:35
chalcedony:~$ StopAkonadi06:39
chalcedonyStopAkonadi: command not found06:39
chalcedonyDaskreech, should it be two words?06:40
chalcedonytrying on his computer06:41
DaskreechThere should be a control panel where you can shutdown the Akonadi server06:41
chalcedonyDaskreech, alt f2 opens a 'run' window06:42
chalcedonyhow about top?06:42
Daskreechyes type akonadi in there06:42
chalcedonyno such file or directory06:43
* Daskreech sits up06:43
DaskreechDo you have an akonadictl command?06:44
chalcedonyit might be more interesting than you thought?06:44
DaskreechYeah :)06:44
chalcedony~$ akonadictl06:45
chalcedonyD-Bus session bus is not available!06:45
Daskreechtry akonadictl stop06:45
chalcedonyand lots more stuff06:45
chalcedony:~$ akonadictl stop06:46
chalcedonyD-Bus session bus is not available!06:46
Daskreechsudo service kdm restart06:46
DaskreechThat should kick you out06:46
DaskreechDon't want to swap the database without knowing if it's up or not06:47
Daskreechthen you can ssh in and run06:48
chalcedony:~$  sudo service kdm restart06:49
chalcedony[sudo] password for chull:06:49
chalcedonykdm: unrecognized service06:49
Daskreechmv /home/chull/.local/share/akonadi /home/chull/.local/share/akonadi-back06:49
Daskreechchalcedony, This is Kubuntu ?06:49
chalcedonyUbuntu 10.10 with kde06:49
Daskreechsudo service gdm restart ?06:50
chalcedonylet's try that06:50
chalcedony:~$ sudo service gdm restart06:50
chalcedonygdm start/running, process 308206:50
Daskreechmv /home/chull/.local/share/akonadi /home/chull/.local/share/akonadi-bak06:51
Daskreechthen sudo cp -ra /home/old/.local/share/akonadi /home/chull/.local/share/06:51
Daskreechthen try login and open korganizer again06:51
chalcedony:~$ then sudo cp -ra06:52
chalcedony-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `then'06:52
chalcedonythe 1st command looks fine though06:52
Daskreechchalcedony, no then :) cp should be the first thing on that line06:53
chalcedonydidn't see that06:54
chalcedony:~$ sudo cp -ra06:55
chalcedonycp: missing file operand06:55
chalcedonyTry `cp --help' for more information.06:55
Daskreech sudo cp -ra /home/old/.local/share/akonadi /home/chull/.local/share/06:55
chalcedonyok it likes that06:56
Daskreechlogin and start korganizer06:56
chalcedonylooks frozen screen06:58
chalcedonyi'll try shutting it off again06:58
DaskreechOn login?06:58
DaskreechOr on starting korganizer06:59
chalcedonyno login it just says in small white letters Ubuntu 10.10 and of the 4 dots below it, 2 are red06:59
chalcedonytried ctrl alt del07:00
chalcedonyit's shutting down07:00
chalcedonylogged in, started korganizer, pastebinning the terminal stuff07:06
Daskreech:-) You can do that in a much faster way07:09
Daskreechdo you have pastebinit installed?07:09
chalcedonyill do that if it's going to do this next time07:09
Daskreechyou can just korganizer | pastebinit07:09
Daskreechakonadictl status says what?07:10
chalcedony~$ akonadictl status | pastebinit07:13
chalcedonyD-Bus session bus is not available!07:13
Daskreech :-/07:14
chalcedony:~$ qdbus07:15
chalcedonyCould not connect to D-Bus server: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed: /bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.07:15
Daskreechthat would explain a bit07:16
DaskreechNow why is dbus failing?07:16
* chalcedony doesn't know07:16
naftilos76hello everyone, i have two lcds connected to my Graphics cards one as primary and another as secondary. The secondary is configured on the right of the primary lcd. Every app / window that i open goes to the secondary which is not always in use and so i need to drag the windows from the sec to the primary lcd. Is there a solution to this? That is, all windows / apps that are initiated to show up in the primary lcd instead of the secondary?07:16
naftilos76on graphic card (not two)07:17
Daskreechchalcedony, alt+F2 -> kontact07:18
chalcedonynaftilos76, i can understand your frustration (but don't know the answer)07:18
chalcedonyDaskreech, a summary page?07:19
Daskreechchalcedony, does it have calendar at the side?07:20
chalcedonyDaskreech, among other things, yes07:20
Daskreechclick on it?07:20
chalcedonyhello kronos198707:21
kronos1987nqkoi znae li b1lgarski tuka07:21
naftilos76chalcedony: thanks for the support :-)07:21
JMichaelXis there even an ubuntu channel for bulgarian?07:22
chalcedonynaftilos76, don't mention it.. i'm guessing that somewhere in there, it didn't see you specify that monitor as 'secondary''07:22
chalcedonythere is one for russian07:22
JMichaelXi think kronos1987 needs a bulgarian channel, if one exists... maybe russian would work07:23
Daskreechkronos1987, which language ?07:23
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chalcedonygood catch JMichaelX07:26
ubottuопитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently07:27
chalcedonyDaskreech, i clicked a while ago, forgot to tell you :)07:27
JMichaelXaha, there actually is a channel for bulgarian07:28
DaskreechIt's.... not doing anything ?07:28
chalcedonyi have the calendar open but it has no appointments showing07:28
chalcedonyit should at a minimum show classes i run on undernet on weekends07:28
Daskreechchalcedony, well if you would like to rest now you can ask in #akonadi in the morning07:29
chalcedonyDaskreech,  i can't imagine when i will get such capable and kind help as yours07:30
chalcedonyalso im not looking forward to not knowing if we had appointments07:31
Daskreech:-) I think your issue is that dbus is throwing errors and the data is being put across dbus07:31
chalcedonythat might have been a part of the initial problem Daskreech?07:32
Daskreechquite possible07:33
chalcedonythank you very much :)07:33
chalcedonyi really do appreciate the time you spent helping me07:33
DaskreechIf I'm around and you are in #akonadi poje me and I'll try and help resolve it07:34
chalcedonyDaskreech, thank you very much, ill look for you :)07:35
dumnut__hi, i have linksys router and trying to read files of computer 2 from computer 1, when i click on network, it says windows network, is that what i should not see?07:37
oak__hello. how do I allow gtk-gnutella to open the ports it needs? i'm on kubuntu 11.10 and new to linux10:11
oak__it says i'm firewalled but i've no idea how to change port settings10:17
oak__also I connect with wvdial10:18
oak__oh, i'm not behind a router either10:30
oak__i fixed it! i did sudo ufw allow <port>10:38
Whiskey`Wonkaaptitude is crashing when trying to do package depends, apt-get just isnt trying to do it at all. what should be used to take care of package depends11:10
oratedWhiskey`Wonka: What's the exact error and when do you get that?11:13
Whiskey`Wonkaorated: the error is to complex to type, i will screen it. and any time i do anything in aptitude11:13
oratedDid you try <sudo apt-get install -f> ?11:14
Whiskey`Wonkabah! it uninstall ksnap11:14
Whiskey`Wonkano i will not force the packages11:14
Whiskey`Wonkathat will jsut make it worse11:14
oratedCan you pastebinit?11:15
oratedsudo apt-get install pastebinit. Then command | pastebinit11:15
oratedDo you have pastebinti installed?11:15
oratedpastebinit* And -f, --fix-broken11:16
Whiskey`WonkaI can not hardly install anythign right now, depends hell11:19
Whiskey`Wonkathe issue isnt (so much) broken /packages/ as it is /broken package managers/11:19
oratedWhiskey`Wonka:  What all packages are exactly conflicting or have unmet dependencies is not clear with that image. I can only see 3 broken packages. Is this Precise release?11:25
Whiskey`Wonkaorated: yes it is, and as i said, the /main issue/ is that aptitude/apt-get are broken somehow11:25
Whiskey`Wonkathey keep removing 100's of packages and reinstalling the same ones11:26
Whiskey`Wonkaafter the error shown in the snap if I press G, it says 245 removes, 245 installs11:26
Whiskey`Wonkabut then it goes on to say packages abcdfg are not installed and will be kept at their current level' and chokes out11:27
Whiskey`Wonkaand all i want to do is get ia32-libs installed11:27
oratedIts case of held back packages11:28
Whiskey`Wonkait did not list any held back packages that time11:29
Whiskey`Wonkaaptitude spewed again11:31
oratedCan you close the package manager you are using and its other three instances, and run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade > log ? So that uploading log to ubuntu pastebin can help to understand unmet dependencies.. I can suggest to say No to whatever it want to do and wait for the update the come but the unmet dependencies can help.11:34
oratedAh, so from Internal error: the solver Install(gvfs-daemons ... to lsb-core11:34
Whiskey`Wonkai do not have 3 other instances, i have /one/11:35
orated? breadstick:aptitude 3 tabs11:36
Whiskey`Wonkaand the internal error changes depending on the package(s) trying to be isntalled (ia32-libs in that case and it goes off in wild chains)11:36
orateder, sorry.11:36
Whiskey`Wonkastill only have aptitude running once, then a windows for apt-get but it wasnt active and the rest are for wine apps i need but wine is nolonger installed11:37
oratedI'm really not sure what to suggest without understanding the reason causing those issues11:38
Whiskey`Wonkayea same here11:38
oratedCan you 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade > log ' and upload log to pastebin?11:38
Whiskey`Wonkai can try11:39
Whiskey`Wonkajust sitting at 'reading package lists .... done'11:41
oratedOk, what's the package name you were trying to install? ia32-libs?11:43
Whiskey`Wonkaah the log has a input needed11:44
ubottuDebian bug 651748 in aptitude "aptitude: resolver screams bloody murder in multiarch setup" [Normal,Open]11:48
Whiskey`Wonkaok so thats two of the bugs right there11:48
DaskreechWhiskey`Wonka, Have you asked in #ubuntu+1 ?11:56
Whiskey`Wonkamuon is giving resonable errors again!!11:58
Whiskey`Wonka6mo ago it would just segfault11:59
Whiskey`Wonkaok ia32-lib depends on ia32 multiverse but is a virtual package11:59
Whiskey`Wonkamultiverse depends on things that cannot be isntalled, dunno why yet11:59
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Daskreechdo you have multiverse enabled?12:00
Whiskey`Wonkai never disabled it so it should be12:01
Whiskey`Wonkaits in my sources.list12:01
Whiskey`Wonkaso did something /change/ in how thats done12:01
DaskreechI don't know. #ubuntu+1 might though12:09
Peace-Whiskey`Wonka: don'0t use muon then12:10
Peace-Whiskey`Wonka: you can install from terminal that is fastest12:11
Peace-Whiskey`Wonka: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/alias-apt-with-auto-complete-kde-4-kubuntu/ù12:11
Peace-Whiskey`Wonka: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/alias-apt-with-auto-complete-kde-4-kubuntu/12:11
Whiskey`WonkaPeace-: i think you missed the fact that aptitude/apt-get are screwed here12:12
Peace-Whiskey`Wonka: what does it say ? sudo apt-get update12:12
ubottuDebian bug 651748 in aptitude "aptitude: resolver screams bloody murder in multiarch setup" [Normal,Open]12:12
Whiskey`Wonkathere is a 2nd bug talked of in that one, where in you to /manualy/ do the package depends12:13
Whiskey`Wonkaboth are affecting me12:13
Peace-Whiskey`Wonka: apt-get works ?12:13
Whiskey`Wonkaas long as it /does not/ have to work out a depend package yes12:13
Whiskey`Wonkaonce it has to work on a depend package, forget it12:14
Peace-your are talking about apt-get or aptitude?12:14
Whiskey`Wonkaaptitude blows up12:14
Whiskey`Wonkaapt-get just says 'fsck you' and stops12:14
Whiskey`Wonkait /tells me/ what depends are needed12:14
Whiskey`Wonkabut running down the list its 100's of packages12:15
Whiskey`Wonkayes 12.0412:15
Peace-ask there12:15
Whiskey`Wonkawhy this has been a issue since 10.0412:15
Whiskey`Wonka100% same issue12:15
BluesKajhiyas all12:19
bigbrovarBluesKaj: Hi12:23
BluesKajhi bigbrovar12:24
Daskreechhi bigbrovar BluesKaj12:32
DaskreechWhiskey`Wonka, So it's the jumping between different instances of the same library/package that breaks it?12:34
Whiskey`WonkaDaskreech: i do not know for sure /what/ breaks it12:35
DaskreechWhiskey`Wonka, Well so far multiarch seemms to be a popular background phrase12:36
Whiskey`Wonkathere is are known bugs in aptitude and i suspect they directly lead to this12:36
Whiskey`Wonkaim slowly getting out of it with apt-get and manualy just installing the depends12:36
DaskreechWell for most instances installing multiple copies of the same library or binaries means that you wil be curating them by hand12:37
Daskreechesp if the only thing you use to refer to them is the name12:38
Daskreechunless you spend a good amount of time sandboxing them at the start12:39
tbruff13Daskreech: can you help me out please12:39
DaskreechWhich is still a pita but it's just not a delayed pain12:39
Daskreechtbruff13, I don't know12:39
Whiskey`Wonkahow fun that this is only a issue on *buntu type distros12:39
tbruff13I love KDE but I still use some Gnome programs like banshee. The issue is there is not banshee icon in the notification bar and when i enabled notification icon banshee crashed12:40
tbruff13prusmbly becuse it did not find something gnome that it was looking for12:40
DaskreechWhiskey`Wonka, I've had the same issue on Windows which lead to seriously considering  wiping everything after a day of playing with depends through dlls12:40
DaskreechThe notification bar?12:41
tbruff13Daskreech: the system tray as you know it12:41
Whiskey`WonkaDaskreech: my gentoo boxes do not have this issue. NFC about windows as i dont use it.12:41
Whiskey`Wonkai use kubuntu cause up till 6mo ago or so, it was 'fire and forget'. it worked, it gave me a stable desktop and let me work. then this hoakum12:42
Whiskey`Wonkai just need to be able to update the kernel every so often, keep some working wireless drivers, have 3d for google earth and have wine work. not to much i thought12:43
DaskreechWell I would probably use slackware/gentoo/arch if I was doing a lot of multiarch work as well12:43
DaskreechFrom source is much more likely to handle that better12:44
Whiskey`Wonkayay! musta passed a hump12:44
DaskreechI would suspect you'd be strangling someone if you were doing CentOS type management at this point12:45
Whiskey`Wonkanow apt-get doesnt just rip out all the libs12:45
Whiskey`Wonkai think you are right12:45
Whiskey`Wonkagentoo also got me there. its why my servers are still gent but my laptops are kubuntu12:45
Daskreechtbruff13, How did you enable the banshee notification?12:46
tbruff13I went to banshee prefrences and enabled a plugin called notification icno12:46
tbruff13I went to banshee prefrences and enabled a plugin called notification icon12:46
DaskreechAh that's a custom built thing for Unity I think12:47
DaskreechHooray for GNOME12:47
tbruff13Daskreech: it works in Gnome 3 as well12:47
tbruff13i am checking the offical banshee website12:47
tbruff13in the mean time can you reccommend something other the amarok12:48
tbruff13for kde12:48
Daskreechumm tomawk12:50
DaskreechI use Kaffiene12:51
BluesKajhey Daskreech12:51
* Daskreech waves12:51
BluesKajaudacious works for me ..right now at least ...VLC is usually my fallback12:52
phillips321_hi all, anyone know how i can use the thumb buttons of my mouse to switch workspaces?13:06
BluesKajpower was off fpr a few secs here13:12
phillips321_Does anyone know how i can configure my mouse thumb buttons in kubuntu?13:14
phillips321_i would like to map them to Ctrl-Alt-Left and Ctrl-Alt-right13:15
ringlejI had a kernel panic and after rebooting I can't set my external monitor's screen res to 1280x1024 like I had it before. The KRandRTray utility doesn't give that resolution as an option anymore when I connect the monitor. Highest is 1024x768. Anyone know how the screen size drop down list is populated?13:16
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Daskreechphillips321_, xmodmap13:17
Daskreechringlej, xset I believe13:18
ringlejDaskreech: I don't see anything in xset help that indicates screen resolution options13:22
phillips321_Daskreech: ill have a little look into this, thanks13:22
ringlejDaskreech: looks like it might be xrandr13:30
Daskreechringlej, Ah That might be it :)13:31
* merlin1991 is searching for the systemfont settings13:43
merlin1991any not styled text in any window hurts my eyes :/13:44
merlin1991resolution settings are perfect, but fonts have something bad to them, looks like bad antialasing if I'm honest13:44
merlin1991is there some aliasing setting to the fonts or similar? because above a size of 9 all fonts look fine13:47
tbruff13Daskreech: my mutlimedia buttons do not work13:51
tbruff13how can i set them up13:51
Daskreechtbruff13, umm I'm giong to say xmodmap but I know there is a multimedia buttons setup thing13:53
DaskreechDon't remember what it's called now13:53
tbruff13Daskreech: in mint my fn +f12 skipped songs in any application it does not work right now13:54
=== hadrian__ is now known as hadrian
MarcWeberIf I try to enable wireless (network management icon bottom right of screen) its deactivated  again immediately. iwlist scan works fine though.13:58
MarcWeberAny idea where to start debugging this?13:58
Peace-MarcWeber: iwlist works ?14:07
merlin1991okay I fixed my earlier problem myself, but now muon-updater is killing me, it's stuck at 60% (running dpkg) the dpkg process running is http://paste.ubuntu.com/892219/ but it is not consuming any system ressources14:09
MarcWeberPeace-: I also installed wpagui. I saw some log lines disabling because wpa is available or suhc in syslog. Let me retry.14:11
BluesKajmerlin1991, quit muon , run sudo dpkg --configure -a , then run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade , in the terminal/konsole14:16
BluesKajmerlin1991,  muon is buggy , it's getting better but it's still not quite right on some setups14:17
MarcWeberhttp://dpaste.com/719040/ I'm getting this log when trying to enable wireless14:20
merlin1991thanks BluesKaj14:21
Peace-MarcWeber: reading14:21
merlin1991damn when will this silly realtek network chip I have land in mainline14:21
MarcWeberPeace-: Give me 5min. Maybe I can solve it by googling.14:21
Peace-MarcWeber: atheros?14:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 846719 in linux (Ubuntu) "Conflict between acer-wmi and brcmsmac kernel modules" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:22
MarcWeberLet me try this14:22
BluesKajmerlin1991,  realtek is pretty mainstream14:22
merlin1991BluesKaj: the one I have is buggy with the mainline driver though14:23
BluesKajmerlin1991,  which chip is it exactly ?14:23
merlin1991from lspci: 3:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 06)14:24
merlin1991I remember the problems I had when Installing kubuntu, since then the mainline module is blacklisted and I have the one from realtek directly14:25
merlin1991though worth a shot to see if the new kernel that came with the update resolves the issue14:25
MarcWeberPeace-: that was is it. blacklisting the module did the trick :)14:25
Peace-MarcWeber: good14:26
merlin1991the problems I had were with 3.0.0-12-generic14:28
BluesKajmerlin1991,  ethernet should just work , especially acommon realtek nic like that one14:29
merlin1991BluesKaj: that one doesn't even work with the windows drivers on windows that came with the motherboard disk14:29
merlin1991I had to get drivers from the realtek page for windows aswell :D14:29
* merlin1991 tests mainline driver14:30
BluesKajrealtek doesn't work on windows ...that's rare, especially ethernet, merlin1991, that's gotta be a first14:34
merlin1991hm I need a big file to dl from somewhere in order to test the driver14:34
merlin1991BluesKaj: the thing is the provided drivers at the time were partly working14:40
merlin1991everything was fine as long as a single tcp session was shorter than 2 mins14:40
merlin1991after about 2 mins, I would get a lot of bugs pakets and a dead connection14:41
BluesKajmerlin1991,  as per this guy's problem ? http://unixblogger.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/the-pain-of-an-realtek-rtl8111rtl8168-ethernet-card/14:42
merlin1991BluesKaj: yeah similar14:43
merlin1991I actually used that page back then to get the realtek driver running in my system14:44
merlin1991(I missed the depmod -a step and was wondring why it didn't work)14:44
BluesKajbut the proprietary driver isn't so great either ?14:45
merlin1991proprietary one works just fine14:45
merlin1991I've got a completely different question too, I have a dual monitor setup and would like not to push that into the xorg.conf, is there any way to provide x with enough hints in order to set it up with its auto detection?14:47
merlin1991BluesKaj: it looks like the mainline driver in 3.0.0-16  works fine too14:48
BluesKajmerlin1991, ok so it's now included in the kernel modules14:54
merlin1991seems to be14:54
merlin1991I'm currently checking the changelogs for info14:54
BluesKajmerlin1991,  I'nm not a dual monitor user , but depending on your graphics card , are there dual monitor settings with optional xconf being written to?14:56
BluesKajin the card's gui14:57
BluesKajthere is in my nvidia gui , but it writes to nvidia-xconfig14:58
=== ballard is now known as Guest33128
merlin1991hm I used nvidia x settings to set it up, (using the apply button there) but that only stays for the running session14:59
merlin1991and the only way in there I saw to make it persistant is to write an xorg.conf14:59
merlin1991there has to be some way to give x hints for the autosetup15:00
Daskreechmerlin1991, hi15:06
Daskreechmerlin1991, try pull down the Ubuntu DVD for a long term session DL15:08
merlin1991I pulled 1.9 gb of some game files :)15:08
merlin1991and it worked so somewhere from 3.0.0-12 to 3.0.0-16 my problem got fixed15:09
merlin1991I'm now trying to have x autodetect a dual monitor setup15:10
DaskreechAh Games. That last bastion of truly huge applications15:10
merlin1991if you call game content as part of the application, whatabout internet content and the browser? ;)15:11
Daskreechmerlin1991, are they listed as depends in your application manager?15:14
BluesKajmerlin1991,  what does the nvidia gui "Xserver Display Configuration" show ?15:14
merlin1991BluesKaj: the dual setup i set s few mins aggo15:15
=== david is now known as Guest58435
BluesKajmerlin1991,  did you try "Save to X Configuration File " ..I have to ask the obvious :P15:17
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
merlin1991BluesKaj: that's what I want to avoid15:17
merlin1991I want to keep x in autodetect15:17
merlin1991just hint it to use the goddamn 2nd monitor aswell15:17
merlin1991why? because I swap around my monitors a lot15:17
merlin1991and nothing is funnier than a system that doesn't boot due to wrong settings in the xorg.conf15:18
BluesKajIC, well good luck15:18
Daskreechmerlin1991, Hmm I dunno. Monty Python would probably be funnier15:20
BluesKajmaybe no xorg.conf would be better ?15:21
Daskreechmerlin1991, possibly could ask in #xorg15:21
merlin1991I'll try15:23
merlin1991Daskreech:  about the huge applications, it depends on how you view a game, is the whole package the application, or only the engine + gamecode. In the second case you'd  have the same situation as with a browser15:26
orated_KDE 4.8.1. Kate 3.8.1  View > Split View and Tabs don't work together -- How can I have a tab with two views and second tab with two horizontal split with vertical on right?15:26
Daskreechmerlin1991, if the game data can't be used without that game engine then it's part of the application15:27
=== afink__ is now known as afink
Daskreechorated_, I see your ... and raise you a ⠇15:35
tbruff13Daskreech: I am doing my senior project on Kubuntu in schools is there in U.S. precednant i can use15:37
EvilResistancetbruff13, i can get you precedent for Linux in Schools15:38
EvilResistancedepending on what aspect 'schools' covers15:38
orated_Daskreech: What? ^15:38
Daskreechorated_, Hmm never tried to do that before. Might be that it's a single interface layout instead of one per Tab. I guess you could check the code or ask in #kate15:44
orated_Daskreech: Well, I didn't get your phrase you used initially. I've searching for answers to the kate tab plugin above and gdb plugin from last three days that I went from #kate > #kde > #kubuntu. I marked those dots only to expect some solution today15:49
orated_I've been*15:49
DaskreechWhat did #kate have to say about that configuration?15:51
orated_<No reply>15:51
sintheteki'm having issues with kubuntu crashing pseudo-randomly when i attempt to use this bluetooth adapter i bought15:51
sintheteka few times it just froze and once the ui completely died first and i was able to see kernel panic stuff15:52
orated_Daskreech:  zaufi from #kate asked me to enable gdb plugin with reference to gdb plugin question but its already enabled only then I'd have come across difficulties setting it up. And that was the only response15:53
sinthetekgoogling for my specific model laptop has thus far been fruitless, any ideas what i might try? i'm just trying to share files with my phone15:53
sintheteki've been able to pair it and see some of the files but it seems to always crash before i actually do anything15:54
Daskreechsinthetek, It would be more helpful for you to google the adapter I think16:06
Daskreechor the chipset16:06
DarthFrogWell, isn't that special.  I just tried to play a video using Xine and KDE crashed. :-(16:22
emfor some reason the lower pannel is not responding. Like the kickstart as well as the available windows.16:28
emis there a way to reset that without turningg off the computer?16:28
emoh never mind all of a sudden it worked. It's just lagging...16:29
emlike 3 minutes later it responded to all the clicks I was making on it 3 minutes ago.16:29
KarmaComaHello, in kubuntu 12.04 when i type filezilla in terminal it opens normally, when i connect to any host it crashes and this is whats written in terminal "The program 'filezilla' received an X Window System error. This probably reflects a bug in the program. The error was 'BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)'.  (Details: serial 35106 error_code 3 request_code 152 minor_code 3)  (Note to programmer16:53
BluesKajem, check in system monitor what's hogging your resources16:53
KarmaComaBluesKaj: me?16:54
KarmaComaok :)16:54
ikoniaem: you may/probably find it's your video card modules16:54
ikoniasomeone else was complaining of the same issue with an ati card the other day16:54
BluesKajKarmaComa,  update and upgrade your system , maybe there's a fix upstream16:55
KarmaComai checked for updates but it told me your system is updated16:55
BluesKajKarmaComa,  ati graphics ?16:56
KarmaComaradeon HD 557016:56
KarmaComawith hdmi port plugged16:56
BluesKajikonia,  was the issue with ati and filezilla resolved?16:57
ikoniasorry, that was for emma16:58
ikonianot KarmaComa16:58
ikoniakicker and ati, hogging cpu16:58
orated_ikonia: I've come across the same issue faced by em multiple times. Nvidia gfx card here but disabled with optimus. Sometimes only stopping kdm fixed it and at times a hard reset16:58
ikoniaorated_: ahh it may have been nvidia yes16:58
ikoniathe swapper program was going mental trying to engage the 3d module16:58
ikonia(card swapper not swapped daemon)16:58
orated_disabled with bumblebee*16:59
orated_card swapper?16:59
ikoniaI don't know if it was bumblebee, I think he was using some other method to swap it16:59
orated_I got the nvidia completely disabled that its using only intel integrated. I don't understand what's actually causing it17:00
ikoniaorated_: oh, so you're currently having the same problem too now17:01
orated_Yes, 4-5 times till now. Killing kdm from tty1 or hard reset were the only options left17:03
Daskreechem, sounds like you were out of RAM17:07
DaskreechKarmaComa, great song17:08
KarmaComahehe :)17:08
BluesKajI've heard of that dumb Karma Chameleon song...hope that's not it , Daskreech :)17:14
KarmaComait's an old song of massive attack BluesKaj lol17:14
BluesKajuhmm coma = massive attack , must be a dream coma :)17:15
DaskreechBluesKaj, Massive Attack does some neat foreboding thoughtful songs17:16
BluesKajmetal ?17:16
KarmaComano its like hmm weird kind of rock17:16
KarmaComasomething like that17:17
BluesKajnot death metal , I hope17:17
KarmaComano not at all17:17
DaskreechBluesKaj, More like Bass Chanting17:17
BluesKajdeath metal = brain/ear garbage17:18
KarmaComait has a slow rhythm17:18
KarmaComai agree17:18
BluesKajok , think i've heard some17:18
KarmaComabut i dont actually like the song that much i just like the idea of the name17:19
KarmaComathe coma of the karma17:19
KarmaComathats attracting me17:19
BluesKajor karma of a coma ? :)17:20
KarmaComasort it as you like17:20
KarmaComai got my filezilla working again! by sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade!17:23
BluesKajthat's what I meant by update and upgrade :)17:24
KarmaComai know but i just did that 2 hours ago and was nothing new lol17:24
KarmaComathey are too active with updates in 12.0417:24
jessieIt is still beta.17:25
KarmaComayeah beta 1 :/ i hate this fact17:25
KarmaComadont wake me up from my dream please :)17:25
KarmaComanow system restart is needed, bbs17:26
BluesKajyeah , 12.04 , kde 4.8.1 here ,but I haven't tried filezilla yet17:26
Daskreechha. This is dull time for 12.0417:38
Daskreechtry it in Dec17:38
BluesKajI did17:38
DaskreechThen you have updates like crazy17:42
BluesKajDaskreech,  i update/upgrade practically everyday17:48
excognachi got serious looking trouble: during booting things ok until the splash screen which remains until reboot,  mouse cursor appears but nothing happens for any keyboard action. Now runnung kernel. Rescue mode fdisk says 4% inconsistent of boot partition17:49
excognackde is the lates 4.8.1 from ppa17:49
excognacsorry i meant fschk17:52
BluesKajbe careful with fschk17:53
DaemonFCdoesn't that run at boot anyway?17:53
DaemonFCXFS has done this for years, but it's fast enough to get away with it17:53
BluesKajanyway , really have to go now17:53
DaemonFCan inconsistent file system would mean that the contents of the drive don't match what the journal/"log" (XFS-speak) says it should be17:54
DaemonFCalthough I'm not really sure about Ext4-specific details because I won't use it :)17:55
DaemonFCexcognac: have you had any recent system failure, power outage, etc?17:56
DaemonFCin any event, the journal doesn't guarantee that you won't lose data17:57
excognacDaemonFC: ok, sorry fsck on rescue system. yes, I had a normal looking boot but had sort of freezes, couldn't use the panel applications were windows-slo17:57
DaemonFCwhat the journal does do is make it easier for fsck to salvage the rest of your file system if you do lose data17:57
excognacDaemonFC: I see. What would be the next thing to try to do?17:58
excognacDaemonFC: the only other unusual thing is i can hear sometimes the HD and this is a laptop17:59
DaemonFCI would look through my kernel and x.org logs to see if I could spot any suspicious error messages that might point to the source of the problem17:59
excognacDaemonFC: ok, I'll do so17:59
DaemonFCthe syslog is pretty thorough about logging kernel events, and is a good source of information when weird things happen18:00
DaskreechBluesKaj, Yes but you'll get a new feature followed by a system crashing bug followed by a fix in less than 20 minutes when it's in alpha18:00
DaemonFCKDE has a convenient system log viewer called ksystemlog18:00
Daskreechexcognac, If you can boot to a live environment it may help debugging18:01
DaemonFCI don't use Ext4 because I don't trust Ext4 :) I disagree with distributions that unfortunately use it by default18:01
DaemonFCit has become a pile of half-implemented features and incompatible mount options18:02
DaemonFCit has lots of bugs18:02
DaemonFCit pushes the limits of the ext2 data structures18:02
DaemonFCit's a really nasty thing18:02
DaskreechThe point of people using it is that it is a known quantity18:02
DaemonFCyeah, really18:02
DaemonFCmy advice is that if you're using a recent kernel you should just use XFS and take the default mount options18:03
Daskreechyou can pretty much disable most stuff you don't use but that's the same as using ext3 or ext218:03
DaemonFCrecent being 2.6.39 or later18:03
DaemonFC(but 3.0 and 3.2 are excellent and longterm kernel releases, so I'd suggest them)18:03
DaemonFCDaskreech: The latest thing the Ext4 developers have done that I could easily point out as a WTF is BigAlloc18:04
DaemonFCbut the fundamentals of the Ext2/3/4 file system are rooted in the 1980s18:05
DaskreechI Don't use Big Alloc so I just don't use it :)18:05
DaemonFCbitmapping, hashed trees18:05
DaskreechOnce I can boot my computer again I'm running Btrfs18:05
DaemonFCDaskreech: The only Ubuntu that's new enough that you could possibly set BigAlloc (and only with the alternate installer I might add) is 12.0418:06
DaskreechYeah but I'm running F1718:06
DaemonFCBigAlloc has the potential to speed up your allocations by a factor of 2, and that comes at the cost of potentially decreasing your available disk space by a factor of, well, into the hundreds really18:07
excognacWell, how do I make it display older logs<? Only shows now this boot session, which is not even the same kernel18:07
DaemonFCif you choose an allocation size of 1 MB at file system creation time, then unpacking a Linux kernel source tarball will take about 260 gigabytes18:07
DaemonFCand there's no way to change that without reformatting18:08
DaemonFCDaskreech: There's no technical reason why you can't have XFS as your only data partition on Fedora other than their installer won't let you18:09
DaemonFCGrub Legacy was corrupting XFS file systems if they were the boot partition, occasionally18:10
DaemonFCit was a race condition, most of the time it wouldn't, until it did18:10
DaemonFCGrub 2 doesn't have that problem and never has18:10
DaemonFCUbuntu lets you put all your data on XFS and make it the boot partition as well18:10
Daskreechexcognac, check /var/log ?18:10
excognacok got it. could be this a problem [    1.466238] ERST: Table is not found!  ?18:10
DaemonFCdoubtful, mine says that too18:11
DaemonFCand always has18:11
DaemonFCmost BIOS's don't have an ERST18:12
DaemonFCit's not part of the ACPI standard anyway18:13
DaemonFCit's one of Microsoft's proprietary extensions18:13
excognacanother candidate: [    1.570016] ehci_hcd 0000:00:1d.0: cache line size of 64 is not supported18:13
DaemonFCthat would probably be something about your webcam18:14
DaemonFCpower saving to be precise (but it's a feature any USB hardware could potentially have)18:14
DaemonFCI'd chalk that up to more harmless chatter18:15
DaemonFCexcognac: typically you'd be looking for something that says ERROR, WARNING, or is followed by an exclamation mark18:16
DaemonFCsomething along those lines18:16
excognacDaemonFC: sure, i'm looking for those18:16
DaemonFCx86 PC hardware is lulzy18:16
DaemonFCyou won't find many kernel logs that don't say something weird during the boot process18:17
excognac[    2.125845] sdhci-pci 0000:02:00.1: Invalid iomem size. You may experience problems.18:17
DaskreechI need to sleep18:18
DaskreechI read that as invalid women size18:18
DaemonFCthat's usually talking about one of those card reader things18:18
DaemonFCand it's usually bogus at that18:19
excognacDaemonFC: ok, I'll try another boot, see what happens. BRB18:21
excognacDaemonFC: succesful boot: [   37.551558] EXT4-fs (sda6): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro,commit=018:26
DaemonFCyeah, that doesn't mean that nothing is missing :)18:26
DaemonFCyou might want to check around18:27
DaemonFCcandidates would be settings for applications that were open during the crash18:27
DaemonFCif those are still there then chances are you didn't actually lose anything18:28
DaemonFCif you find that your applications have forgotten their settings, it could mean that the configuration files were trashed when the system went down18:28
DaemonFCwhich is annoying but not a disaster18:29
excognacDaemonFC: no, I had no important work going on, probably [   16.223389] acer_wmi: No or unsupported WMI interface, unable to load cause the troble18:29
DaemonFCWMI is Windows Management Instrumentation18:30
DaemonFCas the name implies, it's Microsoft proprietary BIOS crap18:30
excognacso it doesn't bloody matter18:31
DaemonFCit's common on laptops and implements support for the "special laptop keys"18:31
DaemonFCand some Nvidia cards use it18:31
excognacok, I  assume it is time to read a book about linux basics18:31
DaemonFCThe BIOS is about half standardized and half dumping ground for whatever Microsoft feels like telling BIOS vendors to put there18:32
DaemonFCpretty typical really18:32
excognacI see, I have the regular oversimplified BIOS.18:33
DaemonFCexcognac: BIOS ACPI implementations don't check for feature levels supported by the OS as such18:33
DaemonFCthey check for feature levels by asking the OS what version of Windows it is18:33
DaemonFCso Linux tells it it's every version of Windows18:34
DaemonFCoh look, we support everything!18:34
DaemonFCbecause we're every version of Windows ever released with an ACPI implementation18:35
DaemonFCStewie from Family Guy: "What are you looking at? It's tunafish.....and nothing more!"18:35
BluesKajit would be nice if a bios aimed at linux kernels was dev'd18:35
DaemonFCLinux hasn't said it was Linux in that case since Linux 2.6.918:35
DaemonFCit stopped doing that because some BIOS vendors started putting in Linux code paths that were totally broken18:36
DaemonFCeither it was well intentioned but stuffed or malicious, take your pick18:36
DaemonFCbut it's why Linux stopped doing that and started claiming to be Windows18:36
DaemonFCBIOSes are like Internet Explorer the boot firmware18:37
BluesKajwonder why MS doesn't order a cease and desist18:37
DaemonFCthey can't18:38
DaemonFCit's an API18:38
DaemonFCthere's nothing more illegal about telling the BIOS you support the feature levels of Windows than there is about spoofing your browser user agent to say it is MSIE to get a broken website to work18:39
BluesKajthey have lawyers18:39
DaemonFCit's just terribly unfortunate18:39
=== serserar is now known as Guest82387
DaemonFCand lends some legitimacy to the practice of checking for Windows instead of feature levels18:39
BluesKajlegitamacy eh , not so much in a linux environment ;)18:40
DaemonFCBluesKaj: Well, we saw how browser user agents worked out18:41
DaemonFCat this point Chrome just says it's like 20 things at once18:41
DaemonFCbecause someone out there probably has a script that checks for each one of them like it was a reliable way to determine browser functionality18:41
DaemonFCBluesKaj: The BIOS checks for Windows NT, not the marketing names18:42
BluesKaji suppose while Linux remains small potatoes , MS doesn't seem threatened in terms of home users18:42
DaemonFCLinux will answer that it is Windows NT 6.1, 6.0, 5.2, 5.1, 5.0, and if the BIOS asks (most don't anymore), it's NT 4.0 as well18:43
DaemonFCand some check the internal revision numbers for Windows Me and 98 which both had crude ACPI support18:43
DaemonFCand it will say it's those too if the BIOS asks (most don't anymore)18:43
DaemonFCif Microsoft had a case they'd have done something by now18:44
DaemonFCtelling everyone but Windows that they have to stop working on all PCs would probably attract some antitrust proceedings18:44
BluesKajheh, my other pcwon't even boot into bios anymore ...done cmos clearing with battery removed procedures , and of course it won't boot at all18:45
BluesKajKB works, but boot disks won't load18:46
DaemonFCEFI and uEFI just make the problems worse18:47
DaemonFCboot firmware that's a hundred times the size will have at least 100 times as many bugs18:47
=== root is now known as Guest73754
DaemonFCif they only cared about improving the boot process, they'd just start shipping boards with Coreboot18:48
=== Guest73754 is now known as Dark_Lord_Zorin
BluesKajthink the mobo might be kaput , or some parts of it18:48
DaemonFCand if they needed them to run Windows, they'd ship the BIOS compatibility module with it18:48
DaemonFCBluesKaj: I don't ever mess with BIOS flashing or anything like that18:49
DaemonFCunless the system is so messed up that it's giving me severe problems18:49
DaemonFCwhen the firmware is on a programmable ROM like that, don't touch it unless you have to18:50
DaemonFCif it's working, leave it alone18:50
BluesKajI didn't either , it just stopped at the BIOS options scrn after I repartitoned the HDD to install 12.04 , but 12.04 wouldn't load , and that was it.18:50
BluesKajit's not loading the bios , won't boot into it18:51
BluesKajreseated all the RAMsticks18:51
DaemonFCit won't let you enter the BIOS setup program?18:54
DaemonFCif that's the case then it probably is toast18:54
DaemonFCBluesKaj: did you try taking all the memory out and booting it?18:54
DaemonFCthe BIOS will still load and so will the setup program18:55
DaemonFCyou just won't get any further than that18:55
BluesKajno , i didn't try that18:55
DaemonFCtry taking the memory out, powering it on, and see if you can get into the BIOS setup program18:55
BluesKajhmm, but what good will that do18:55
DaemonFCif you can, there's usually something that says Load Optimized Defaults18:55
DaemonFCselect that, save and exit18:55
DaemonFCpower down the computer18:55
DaemonFCunplug it18:56
DaemonFCput the memory back in, and try booting it up18:56
BluesKajok , bbiab18:56
DaemonFCBluesKaj: When you're dealing with problems like this, sometimes it's better not to even ask why it worked18:56
DaemonFCand just be happy if it does18:56
DaemonFCI had a system that did something similar to me at one point18:57
georgelappieshi all, sometimes when my laptop screengoes into power save mode there is no way to get it back up. I need to hold in the power button until it goes of? is there anything I can do?18:58
BluesKajpulled the memory sticks, no screen at all , just beeping every 5 secs19:00
DaemonFCBluesKaj: Another trick is taking all the RAM out except for one stick19:00
DaemonFCand attempting to boot19:00
DaemonFCand if it doesn't work, take the stick out, put it in another bank, and try to boot19:00
DaemonFCif you get through all the banks and it doesn't work, try a different module19:00
DaemonFCthat would eliminate the possibility of it being a bad bank or a bad module19:01
DaemonFCif it's a bad module, just replace the module later19:01
DaemonFCif it's a bad bank, but the board still works, you've lost one memory bank but the system works19:02
DaemonFCif you needed the extra memory though you'd need a new board at that point19:02
prateekagrwhat is sonnet library?19:03
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
KanerixAlright, story time19:11
KanerixI don't want nepomuk running, so I disable the service19:11
KanerixAkonadi doesn't like that19:11
Kanerixand keeps throwing up these horribly annoying warnings19:12
KanerixI can't disable it19:12
Kanerixrebooting re-enables akonadi19:12
Kanerixand it keeps throwing up on nepomuk not running19:12
DaemonFCsome parts of KDE 4.8 won't even work at all without Akonadi and Nepomuk19:12
KanerixWhat if I don't want to use anything at all related to the PIM stuff?19:12
Kanerixwill it still be stupidly broken?19:13
DaemonFCthen you could probably get away with shutting it off19:13
KanerixIt won't shut off19:13
Kanerixwhich is my problem19:13
DaemonFCunder Desktop Search in the KDE control center19:13
KanerixI tried removing akonadi server, and half of KDE has it listed as a dependency even though I do not want to use any of those features19:14
KanerixAwesome, huh?19:14
DaemonFCthat's something I haven't seen19:14
KanerixIf I try to force-remove akonadi-server and break teh dependencies, everything still runs perfectly fine, but... now I can't use apt-get to install anything as it pukes over broken dependencies19:15
DaemonFCwe'll TEACH you to like it!19:15
KanerixSo if I ever want to install anything ever again, I have to apt-get download <package> and then dpkg --force-depends -i <package<19:16
KanerixSo this whole process has been somewhat... annoying19:16
DaemonFCthat's, not a good habit to be in19:16
KanerixI'm aware19:16
georgelappieshi all, sometimes when my laptop screengoes into power save mode there is no way to get it back up. I need to hold in the power button until it goes of? is there anything I can do?19:16
Kanerixgeorgelappies, You may need to check your BIOS' suspend mode19:16
DaemonFCgeorgelappies: Do you use AMD's Catalyst/FGLRX driver?19:16
Kanerixor that19:17
KanerixDaemonFC, so... is there a reasonable way to disable nepomuk without going into this stupid hell of suck?19:17
georgelappiesDaemonFC: yes I do, is the problem related to that?19:17
DaemonFCyeah :)19:17
DaemonFCthere's two ways around it19:17
DaemonFC1. Remove it and use the open source driver19:17
georgelappiesKanerix: What should it be at?19:18
DaemonFC2. Generate a xorg.conf, then go in and disable Catalyst's DPMS support19:18
DaemonFCwhich means your display will never shut off19:18
DaemonFCand you'll use more power19:18
Kanerixgeorgelappies, try DaemonFC's thing first19:18
yofelKanerix: kde should work mostly fine without nepomuk, I have it off myself. As for akonadi, it's required, really19:18
georgelappiesDaemonFC: how would I do that? Install the open source driver / remove the proprietery one?19:19
yofeland akonadi shouldn't even be running unless something that uses it is launched19:19
DaemonFCremoving the proprietary driver is something like sudo apt-get purge fglrx*19:19
Kanerixyofel, okay, how do I make akonadi not bitterly complain about nepomuk being off?19:19
DaemonFCand that should take care of it19:19
DaemonFCand then sudo apt-get autoremove to get rid of all the crap it takes to build and install its modules that you won't be needing anymore19:20
DaemonFCthen you'd reboot19:20
yofelKanerix: do you have a specific error/warning at hand? I don't see any of those myself19:20
yofelwhich kde version are you using btw.?19:20
DaemonFCif you've created a xorg.conf for Catalyst, you should delete it before you reboot19:20
georgelappiesDaemonFC: Do i need to be delete the xorg , lol just wanted to ask that :)19:21
DaemonFCsudo rm -v /etc/X11/xorg.conf19:21
DaemonFCor else X will end up trying to load a driver that isn't there and hang itself19:21
DaemonFCthe open source driver doesn't require a xorg.conf unless you want to use custom settings19:21
georgelappiesok thanks, going to reboot :)19:22
Kanerixyofel, KDE 4.7.419:22
yofelah, 4.7 does complain a bit much about nepomuk being off, right19:22
KanerixIs upgrading the only way to fix that?19:22
DaemonFCnobody should be touching proprietary display drivers19:22
DaemonFCthey're bad for you19:22
DaemonFCeven though it may not be immediately obvious19:22
yofelnot sure, IIRC it only shows a warning on login, or does it show it all the time?19:22
Kanerixyofel, yeah I get it frequently19:23
yofelI don't know then, sorry. For 4.7 I had nepomuk on and only strigi off. That worked reasonably fine here19:24
KanerixYou mentioned that it doesn't complain in 4.8 though, right?19:25
yofel4.8 is fine with nepomuk not running, right19:25
KanerixAlright, now to figure out how to upgrade kde...19:26
* Kanerix goes to tinker19:26
yofelKanerix: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.8.119:26
DaemonFCthe way I understand it is that more and more things are requiring Akonadi and Nepomuk before they'll even work19:29
KanerixFeature creep19:29
DaemonFCmy system is really fast with lots of RAM so I jsut don't even care about trying to shut things off19:29
KanerixI've got an aging laptop and I do more things in shell than in GUI, but I frequently need GUI programs19:30
KanerixI despise gnome, and xfce is bothersome19:30
Kanerixlxde isn't quite there either19:30
DaemonFCXFCE isn't bothersome19:30
DaemonFCwhat Xubuntu does to it is19:30
DaemonFCbut that's a whole different story19:30
Kanerixwell... strictly speaking... I'm on mint 1219:30
Kanerixbut these systems are similar enough19:31
DaemonFCMint with XFCE would be their Debian Edition now19:31
KanerixI prefer not to use XFCE19:31
Kanerixwhich is why I called it bothersome19:31
DaemonFCMint 12 KDE is just Kubuntu Oneiric with some tweaking19:31
DaemonFCI don't really even see the point19:31
=== tsou is now known as Tsou-L
DaemonFCyou get a different wallpaper, duckduckgo is your search engine and oh yeah, there's a 3-4 month lag behind Kubuntu releases19:32
KanerixIt was a bitch to get nouveau removed and put the latest proprietary drivers on19:32
KanerixThey put nouveau in the initramfs19:32
Tsou-LHello guys.I am Kubuntu new user and i wanted to know which is a good video player (was using KMPlayer on W7) to play all kind of movies (720p,1080p included).19:33
KanerixI'm actually new to the whole ubuntu scene in general. I've been using suse for years.19:34
KanerixTsou-L, I prefer VLC, personally19:34
Tsou-LThanks alot Kanerix.Do i need to install VLC only,or have to download a package with some codex etc?19:35
KanerixVLC depends on the codecs. If you go to videolan.org/vlc I'm sure there's instructions19:35
KanerixIt should install all the codecs it needs as part of the process19:35
KanerixI gotta run AFK for a few. Good luck! Thanks DaemonFC and yofel!19:36
BluesKajTsou-L,  make sure you have kubuntu-restricted-extras installed19:37
Tsou-LYeah i am downloading them atm.19:37
DaemonFCtake Kare :)19:38
Tsou-LAfter installing "alot" of programms do i need to reboot like Windows?19:39
yofelusually not19:41
Kanerixheh welcome to linux: unless you're updating kernel related stuff, you don't generally have to reboot19:42
KanerixUnlike Windows, where "Your mouse has moved. Windows needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect."19:43
DaemonFCKanerix: kernel and some other things19:44
DaemonFCglibc for instance19:44
Kanerixwell true19:44
=== david is now known as Guest79300
KanerixI work on a lot of embedded systems. They are debian based, but heavily stripped. As an experiment, I tried to install the apt-get system. Well, apt-get uninstalled glibc19:45
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest28621
KanerixMy experiment was thus concluded19:46
Daskreechprateekagr, Umm last I remember it was a spelling library19:47
DaskreechKanerix, try removing your clock19:47
prateekagryeah its a part of kde libs19:48
=== tsou is now known as Tsou-L
Tsou-LHow can i change how much Gb can i store in Recycle Bin?19:57
Tsou-LOr otherwise,does Shift+Del work on Linux?19:58
Peace-Tsou-L: easy19:58
Peace-Tsou-L: right click on the trash20:00
Peace-Tsou-L: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/03/20/plasma-desktopo21904.png20:00
Peace-Tsou-L: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/03/20/plasma-desktopN21904.png20:01
Tsou-LPeace: Found it,thanks!20:01
KanerixI just rm things...20:04
Peace-Kanerix: well you have not the ctrl z feature for that20:04
Peace-Kanerix: on dolphin if you delete files pressing CTRL Z you can undo your action20:05
Kanerixheh yeah20:06
KanerixI do most of that through terminal anyway20:06
KanerixIf I decide to remove it, I'm pretty certain that I want it gone...20:06
Peace-rm is dangerous20:06
KanerixOf course20:06
Peace-you can't recover20:07
KanerixYes I can20:07
Kanerixbut I'm not normal20:07
BluesKajrm -rf is permanent20:07
Peace-BluesKaj: i just use dolphin20:08
KanerixYes, but I can replace anything I need to20:08
BluesKajPeace-,  yeah , the delete option in the dialog20:09
Tsou-LGuys,i just deleted from Trash a 8gb movie and it used 90% of my Quadcore CPU power for about a minute.How should i delete them next time to be sure they are gone and be alil bit more faster?20:13
Peace-Tsou-L: use the terminal20:14
KanerixDepends on your file system20:14
Kanerixor use rm20:14
Peace-Tsou-L: if you need to remove a file just do rm file20:14
KanerixIt's dangerous, but fast20:14
FloodBotK1Kanerix: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:14
Kanerixer, sorry20:14
Tsou-LFor rm file command should i go to the specific Folder via terminal and go for "sudo rm moviename" or "rm moviename" ?20:16
Peace-Tsou-L: open dolphin20:16
Peace-Tsou-L: press F420:16
KanerixI guess when you work on embedded systems enough, you get used to not having a GUI for a lot of things.20:17
Peace-Tsou-L: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/03/20/plasma-desktops21904.png20:17
Peace-Kanerix: i use dolphin with konsole integrated20:20
Tsou-LPeace: I did go to Pictures on Dolphin,pressed F4 and i want to delete a pic named 123   ...i wrote rm 123 and nothing happened.Which is the correct command? Tsou<--- newbie here! :D20:21
KanerixAlthough, yakuake is indispensable20:21
Peace-Tsou-L: terminal has the autocomplete function20:22
Peace-Tsou-L: for example20:22
DaskreechKanerix, Despise is such a strong word ;020:22
Peace-if in your folder there is a file called                 my music file.mp320:22
Peace-you nedd to type20:22
Peace-my     then press TAB20:22
Peace-it will automatically autocompelte the name20:23
Peace-Tsou-L: i just typed here  rm de20:24
Peace-Tsou-L: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/03/20/plasma-desktopC21904.png20:24
Peace-Tsou-L: and then i pressed the key TAB20:24
=== ubuntu is now known as benorrow
DaskreechKanerix, You despise Gnome20:24
=== benorrow is now known as ben2morrow
DaskreechTsou-L, also shift delete works20:24
KanerixDaskreech, That was... um... nearly an hour ago20:25
Tsou-LThanks guys.It did remove it the first time,but i needed to reopen Dolphin to NOT show it there.20:25
Kanerixbut yeah, gnome doesn't work for me at all20:25
Peace-Tsou-L: press F5 on dolphin20:25
Peace-Tsou-L: it reload the folder20:25
DaskreechKanerix, I'm catching up. Sue me :)20:26
Tsou-LOh,F5 works here too?I think i must think alil like i am using Windows atleast in basic shortcuts :P20:26
Peace-Tsou-L: sure20:26
Peace-Tsou-L: basically every shortcuts20:27
Peace-crtl c ctrl v20:27
Peace-ctrl z20:27
Tsou-LHappy to hear that,they made my life easier back on Windows20:27
Peace-it's kde20:27
* Kanerix prepares litigation...20:29
DaskreechKanerix, if you want to stop using nepomuk you can try removing your clock I think it checks the calendar for events from the PIM suite so would pull in Akonadi and Nepomuk etc20:29
Peace-remove nepomuck ?20:29
Peace-i guess you can't20:30
Peace-just disable it20:30
Peace-systemsettings  http://wstaw.org/m/2012/03/20/plasma-desktopm21904.png20:30
KanerixDaskreech, I ended up just upgrading to KDE 4.820:30
Tsou-LAnd now a maybe stupid Question.I installed Skype version 2.2!Is there any chance (considering that m$ bought Skype) for a newer/better Skype release for Linux?20:32
Peace-Tsou-L: hahahah it's enough like answer?20:32
Tsou-LPeace: Yeah.. :P20:33
Peace-Tsou-L: i use gmail video audio talk btw20:33
Peace-Tsou-L:with the logitech it's awensome20:33
KanerixSwitching to terminal for better multitasking20:34
Tsou-LPeace: I dont really wanna leave Skype behind.. if this ver isnt enough for me i will propably use virtualization with XP20:34
DaskreechWhat's Skype done now?20:36
Peace-Tsou-L: shoudl work btw into linux20:36
Peace-Tsou-L: i mean skype works on linux20:36
Peace-but you need a proper webcam20:37
Peace-my logitech c310 works out of the box20:37
Tsou-LWell my Camera works great. :D20:37
=== iulian is now known as Guest92985
BluesKajhmm, isn't google chat-video eating skypes's lunch or is this just on windows ?20:52
chalcedonyDaskreech, good to see you :)20:52
Daskreechhi chalcedony20:53
chalcedonyDaskreech, are you up to working on the D-Bus issue?20:53
DaskreechI suppose though I should leave soon to pick up somethign for my uncle20:54
chalcedonyDaskreech, whenever is good for you20:54
DaskreechWhat's up? :)20:54
chalcedonywith you i won't have to backtrack so much to explain it, i think20:55
chalcedonyD-Bus session bus is not available!20:55
chalcedonyCould not connect to D-Bus server: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed: /bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.20:55
chalcedonyDaskreech, you told me to ask in #akonadi20:55
chalcedonyi'm there too but no one answered yet20:56
chalcedonybillie did last night - but i was too tired to continue20:56
DaskreechDid Billie have anything interesting to say20:59
Tsou-LHey guys,another problem came up.I was trying VLC to see if it works and it worked perfectly.Then i opened the same movie with double-click and opened it with Dragon Player.I closed it and reopened it with VLC.The problem is that the color screwed up.. blue was displayed green,green was displayed purple etc.What is happening?If i restart the prob goes away20:59
DaskreechBluesKaj, Being able to share screen still rocks20:59
almoxarifeI need a dark theme along the lines of ubuntu's default dark theme, these light themes are an eye strain21:00
almoxarifeanyone have a suggestion for a dark theme/colors?21:00
yofelfrom the default ones Obsidian Coast is nice - or Zion (reversed) if you want black21:01
yofelthere are some dark plasma themes too21:03
almoxarifeyofel: plasma theme?21:03
yofeltheme settings for the workspace (plasma) and applications are seperate21:04
Tsou-LHey guys,another problem came up.I was trying VLC to see if it works and it worked perfectly.Then i opened the same movie with double-click and opened it with Dragon Player.I closed it and reopened it with VLC.The problem is that the color screwed up.. blue was displayed green,green was displayed purple etc.What is happening?If i restart the prob goes away21:04
almoxarifewith a gtk counterpart is what I need, something that unifies all apps21:04
yofelhm, well, by default we use oxygen-gtk as theme for gtk which will use the same color settings as KDE21:06
almoxarifeyofel: thanks21:06
yofelTsou-L: sounds like something sets a wrong Hue value, but please don't ask me what21:11
=== ubuntu is now known as ardian
Tsou-Lyofel: Any chance you know where can i find a fix?21:13
Tsou-LPlus,how do i set VLC as a default player?21:14
ardianHi im having a problem the battery icon on the taskbar shows that my battery is 100% charging21:14
=== vivek is now known as pvivek
chalcedonyDaskreech, Billie asked for logs to be pastebinned. i wasn't sure what to show21:15
ardianwill it destroy my battery ? cause in windows 7 it tells you when its charged21:15
ardianso it does stop charging power21:15
yofelardian: it should say charged when it's done21:17
ardianyofel: it doesn't that's the problem21:18
yofelTsou-L: I believe you have to change the default per file-type, you can do that either from the file preferences for from system settings -> file associations21:19
yofelmaybe there's a better way to edit the mime-type settings, but that's what I do21:19
=== vivek is now known as Guest50417
yofelardian: if you open konsole and run 'upower --dump', what does it say for the batter under state: ?21:20
ardianyofel:     percentage:          100%21:22
ardian    capacity:            97.7273%21:22
ardian    technology:          lithium-ion21:22
yofelabove it should say:     state:               fully-charged21:22
ardianstate:               charging21:22
ardianI know on win7 it is charged21:22
yofelthen the applet is fine.21:23
yofelif it still says charging in like half an hour file a bug against the kernel or so, not sure21:23
ardianyofel: ok it says charged now :D21:27
yofelgood :)21:28
tbruff13Daskreech, can you help me set up my multimedia keys i found a guide that no longer works21:53
danielowelcome back21:54
danieloI would like to ask You about installing kubuntu on a flash drive (pendrive, sdcard) for boot21:54
tbruff13danielo, do you need my help21:55
tbruff13I can help you with that21:55
tbruff13Daskreech, here is the guide I am using, but https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys21:55
tbruff13package xev does not exist21:55
danieloI've found already solution, but It demand not iso image but image *img21:57
danieloand I do not know where to get that one21:57
danieloI've found one, but it hardy.img21:57
tbruff13danielo, please explain what you are trying to do21:58
tbruff13danielo, if you are trying to put Ubuntu on a flashdrive from Linux21:58
danieloI am trying to have kubuntu on 8GB pendrive21:58
danieloto run it on all komputers :P21:58
tbruff13danielo, are you in Kubuntu right now21:58
danieloI wonna have fully customizable linux, not only live cd on pednrive21:58
danieloyes of corse21:59
tbruff13danielo, do you have a disc or another flash drive21:59
danieloI have mounted 8GB pendrive21:59
danielo/dev/sdb1 on /media/0cdef892-f656-498f-bc99-740febab3953 type ext3 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)21:59
tbruff13danielo, do you have another flash driver or a DVD22:00
tbruff13a second one22:00
danieloYes with kubuntu 11.10 live on it :P22:00
danielobut I can save there my session and install new packages22:00
danielothat one is ony 1GB22:01
tbruff13danielo, ok do you have two usb ports in your laptop22:01
danieloI've already installed kubuntu from that live usb kubuntu to that 8gb, but when I run system from that 8gb usb stick, I've got an error22:01
danielosomething like bad disk22:02
tbruff13danielo, ok here is what you do put both of the flash drives in your computer and install onto the flashdrive22:02
tbruff13danielo, okay22:02
tbruff13danielo, one second22:02
tbruff13danielo, okay here is what you need to do click on the K Menu22:02
tbruff13and look of a program that you can use to format your flash dirve22:03
tbruff13and look of a program that you can use to format your flash drive22:03
tbruff13format it to the Fat file system and22:03
danielocfdisk? gparted?22:03
tbruff13danielo, it does not matter22:04
danielobut wich flash drive? that 8gb when I wonna install kubuntu?22:04
tbruff13danielo, the 8 gig one yes22:04
tbruff13ok next you need to type in a terminal sudo apt-get install unetbootin22:05
tbruff13danielo, do you have a Kubuntu 11.10 iso on your computer22:05
danielobut will I be able to made normall usable distro by that?22:06
danieloI have made alredy on that 1bg usb stick by unebootin22:06
danielobut it is like live cd, no changes are accapted22:06
tbruff13danielo, wait22:07
tbruff13i will show you22:07
tbruff13danielo, do you have the file on your computer22:07
danieloI am on kubuntu right now22:07
tbruff13danielo, do you have the .iso file you downloaded on kubuntu if not please download it22:09
danieloI have22:10
danieloI cant now continue22:10
danieloI will try it in a few hours, so You can write me info. Thanks in advance22:10
danielobye bye22:11
tbruff13Daskreech, ARE YOU HERE CALLING Daskreech lol22:11
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest7211
tbruff13Can anyone help me with Multimedia keys22:15
asfyxia tbruff13, what do you exactly mean with 'Multimedia keys'?22:18
tbruff13I mean I want to set up a global key to switch songs to the next one and to the last one in all music applications22:19
tbruff13and i cannot figure out how to do it22:19
tbruff13asfyxia, https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys22:20
tbruff13i tried the guide but the package xev does not exist22:20
tbruff13asfyxia, hello22:22
fdovingtbruff13: it's in x11-utils22:23
asfyxiaThat HowTo is last edited in 2008...22:23
tbruff13fdoving, okay can you help me with figure out how to set the keys up22:24
fdovingtbruff13: alt+f2 - khotkeys22:24
iluwkaya epal vs vsex v rot22:25
FloodBotK1iluwka: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:25
iluwkaidi v portal prostitytka22:25
tbruff13iluwka, please don't flood22:26
tbruff13fdoving, can you guide me through adding the key fn+12 and fn+f11 to skip and go to previous songs in song applcations22:27
fdovingtbruff13: which players?22:27
tbruff13fdoving, i am brand new at KDE22:27
tbruff13fdoving, pithos22:27
tbruff13fdoving, and tomahawk22:27
tbruff13when i used mint the fn+f11 key skipped songs in all applications22:28
tbruff13it doesn't now :(22:28
tbruff13fdoving, hello22:29
fdovingtbruff13: ok, give me a sec, i'll try to figure it out first. i don't use those keys, not sure i even have any.22:30
tbruff13fdoving, this guide might help you https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys22:31
tbruff13i am looking at it now22:31
fdovingtbruff13: ok, try to go to system settings -> input devices -> keyboard -> hardware22:32
fdovingtbruff13: under keyboard model, try to find something similar to yours.22:32
tbruff13fdoving, ok ill be back22:32
tbruff13gotta eat22:33
fdovingok, try that, i'll be going to bed in a few min.22:33
kazagistarI just installed kubuntu, but I cant figure out how to drag windows to my other monitor22:39
kazagistarI can move my mouse to the other monitor, but I cannot drag windows with it22:40
ultrixxkazagistar: have you got amd/ati radeon graphics?22:44
kazagistarI have nvidea graphics22:59
`KorvinMy kdm is going tits up23:00
`Korvinit's rendering a 30px or so desktop ontop of my current desktop on the left23:01
`KorvinI have an image if you want23:01
DrClawHello everyone23:02
Sentynelkazagistar: you need to set the display configuration to TwinView in the nvidia settings utility23:08
tbruff13fdoving, are you still there23:08
tbruff13can somone help me with setting the fn+f12 key to skip songs23:10
kazagistarSentinel: does twinview work with different sized screens?23:14
kazagistarok, I was confused as to the settings, I get it now23:15
tbruff13Daskreech, can you take a look at my xmodmap23:28
tbruff13can someone take a look at my xmodmap23:28
=== JMichaelX_work is now known as tempbot
=== tempbot is now known as JMichaelX_work
Daskreech!info khotkeys23:57
ubottuPackage khotkeys does not exist in oneiric23:57
Daskreechkazagistar: Alt+F2 -> Screen edges -> WHen dragging applications23:58
Daskreech!search khotkeys23:59
Daskreech!find khotkeys23:59
ubottuFile khotkeys found in gnome-icon-theme-gartoon-redux, kde-icons-mono, kde-workspace-bin, kde-workspace-data, kde-workspace-dbg, kde-workspace-dev, kubuntu-default-settings, language-pack-kde-af-base, language-pack-kde-am-base, language-pack-kde-ar-base (and 86 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=khotkeys&mode=&suite=oneiric&arch=any23:59
DaskreechAh should be installed already23:59

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