rmkPublishing seems to take longer than builds in most cases for me.00:03
ScottKhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-numpy/1:1.6.1-6ubuntu1/+build/3301333 is building on meissa (arm panda), but that doesn't show up on https://launchpad.net/builders00:43
ScottKLP does know about it though ... https://launchpad.net/builders/meissa00:43
ScottKwgrant: ^^^ expected?00:43
wgrantScottK: The enabled and listed flags are separate. Normally all enabled builders are also listed, but apparently someone misclicked here.01:03
wgrantI've fixed it.01:03
ScottKOK.  Great.  Thanks.01:03
ScottKFirst time I remember seeing that.01:04
wgrantScottK: Yeah, I've only seen it happen once before.01:12
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pipedreamCan someone available please answer a query for more space for a PPA?  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/18984710:25
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czajkowskipipedream: I've asked someone to look into it for you10:45
mrevellLooking at that now pipedream10:45
pipedreamcurrently each time I update I remove the all packages, wait a few minutes for launcpad to realise, and re-upload10:46
mrevellpipedream, How much space do you need?10:47
pipedreamI'm not sure yet. How exactly is the space used? If I upload many versions, are old ones kept? For a period of time or for a few versions?10:47
mrevellpipedream, 4GB enough?10:47
mrevellpipedream, If you upload a version that supersedes something that's already there, the old version gets deleted.10:48
pipedream4G would be nice, and if I have problems I can ask again10:48
mrevellpipedream, Cool. That PPA now has 4GB space. Let us know how you get on.10:49
pipedreamI hope to leave the sagemath-upstream-binary behind soon, and work on a from-source, which I can do in a separate PPA, I guess. But I still have a few bugs left10:49
mrevellNo prob :)10:49
czajkowskimrevell: thanks10:49
LaneyI am getting an OOPS (e.g. OOPS-e4975d66c50bf7dacc7ce1bf5b388eaa) when trying to retry a build. Known fault?10:51
czajkowskiLaney: is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haskell-libzip/0.10-1/+build/3293804  the page you are trying to retry ?10:56
LaneyI was just being too impatient to wait for the depwait to be broken automatically10:57
czajkowskiLaney: is it back working now as I only see a private page and cant access it10:58
Laneyczajkowski: It's in Needs building now, don't know if someone else retried or if it got done automatically :-)10:59
czajkowskiI cant try it so I guess automatically10:59
Laneycool beans10:59
LaneyI just gave back armhf OK, so either it was specific to giving back from depwait or the problem is solved11:01
czajkowskiLaney: if it happens again can you log a bug and will get it looked at11:01
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wgrantLaney: Consistent retry timeouts normally indicate that the cronjob is part-way through retrying it.11:17
Laneywgrant: Ah, makes sense.11:17
wgrantretry-depwait is horrible and keeps transactions open for ages :(11:18
Laneyit's probably sufficiently unusual to worry about too much11:19
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Pikkachuhi, the indicated package diff is wrong here: https://launchpad.net/~renatosilva/+archive/ppa/+packages14:50
Pikkachu"diff from 1:2.10.0-0ubuntu2-P20120311 to 1:2.10.0-0ubuntu2-P20120315"14:51
Pikkachu20120311 was deleted, which will be definitive within 7 days, so I assume the diff link will disappear?14:51
Pikkachuor it will be "from 1:2.10.0-0ubuntu2 to 1:2.10.0-0ubuntu2-P20120315"?14:52
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dobeyPikkachu: it would be from the previous version in the ppa, to the current version in the ppa15:21
Pikkachudobey: I realize that, but the question is whether that link will change as it should, or not15:34
Pikkachuthe previous versions were deleted, they're all the same and it was just a matter of version adjustment15:35
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dobeythe diff won't get regenerated afaik. also, your versioning will break things15:37
dobeyyou want ~P20120315 i guess, and not -P..15:37
* EvilResistance agrees with dobey on this15:37
* EvilResistance is a packager xD15:37
dobeybut hard to fix that now15:37
dobeynot sure what you're trying to do exactly with it in your ppa though15:38
Pikkachuit what?15:38
Pikkachuwhy ~ not -?15:38
dobeybecause - separates the "debian version" from the "upstream version"15:39
Pikkachuthe diff should be changed, though15:39
Pikkachuand ~?15:39
dobeyso your "upstream version" is now "1:2.10.0-0ubuntu2"15:39
PikkachuI patched the ubuntu package, I'm not willing to create an alternative version15:40
dobeyyou just did that15:42
dobeyalthough i have to totally disagree with that launchpad help page as well15:43
Pikkachu"future Ubuntu versions will supersede your package. " -- does not apply15:44
Pikkachuin that case, future versions would destroy the patch15:45
Pikkachuwell, seems reasonable though... it enforces me to keep up-to-date with latest version15:45
dobeyif you want to patch it, you should either keep up to date, and maintain your alternate version, or work to get the patch upstream15:46
PikkachuI'm confused with that page now15:48
PikkachuI'm confused at all15:48
Pikkachu2.10.0-0ubuntu3 will already supersede my version15:49
Pikkachuso I see no practical difference between "ppa" and "-"15:49
Pikkachuas for the tilde, I have no idea whether the package needs recompilation15:49
Pikkachubesides, it's available only for oneiric already15:50
Pikkachuas for getting the patch applied upstream, you'd be surprised how difficult it is to communicate with pidgin devs15:51
dobeyit won't supersede your version15:51
dobeythat's the point :)15:51
Pikkachuwhy not?15:51
dobey[dobey@lunatari:~]: dpkg --compare-versions 1:2.10.0-0ubuntu3 gt 1:2.10.0-0ubuntu2-P2012031515:51
dobey[dobey@lunatari:~]: echo $?15:51
Pikkachuhow so, I can't understand why15:52
dobeybecause using the - where you did changed the semantics of the versioning15:52
Pikkachuit's like a fork?15:52
dobeywell you made a fork regarldess of the version15:52
Pikkachuok I just want to understand it15:53
Pikkachuthe dash adds a semantic of a fork (just like if you changed package name), that's what I mean15:54
dobeyno. it changes the semantics of how the version comparison in dpkg works, because the "upstream version" is different in the two versions15:55
dobeythe upstream version is not "2.10.0" in both cases15:55
dobeyso "2.10.0-0ubuntu2" is greater than "2.10.0"15:55
dobeyi really need to go get lunch right now though. later15:57
Pikkachuok thanks anyway15:57
Pikkachuanyway, it seems reasonable to not be superseded as well, because I don't really want to update the package15:58
Pikkachuhmm but I need to get noticed of 0ubuntu3...15:59
* Pikkachu confused15:59
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kirklandweird things are happening in LP right now20:45
kirklandhad a bug that just "disappeared" for a while20:45
kirklandbeen working on it all day20:45
kirklandwent about 2 minutes with Launchpad giving it equivalent of a 404 not found20:45
kirklandjust came back20:45
kirklandnow, trying to change the assignee, that's failing20:45
kirklandSorry, something went wrong with your search. (Error ID: OOPS-3611440967e645c2a3d8c68345be9b24)20:45
kirklandtrying to change the milestone says:20:46
kirklandThe following errors were encountered:20:46
kirklandObject: , name: u'959650'20:46
jonrafkindI want to set up an automated job to send nightly builds to launchpad but gnupg is asking for my password, is there a way to use debuild without gnupg prompting for a password?21:01
dobeyjonrafkind: why not use daily build recipes on launchpad itself21:51
jonrafkindbecause i have no idea what that is21:51
EvilResistancethat's dependent, of course, on you having all the code and stuff on a Bazaar branch on LP21:52
dobeywe use launchpad recipes extensively for nightlies builds in ubuntuone21:52
jonrafkindah thats most likely why i dont use it and never will21:52
dobeyeh, you can create an import of a different upstream on launchpad, just for building recipes21:53
jonrafkindsounds like a blast21:53
dobeyif the thing is already pacakged in ubuntu, there probably is an import of upstream already set up even21:53
dobeyyou'd just need a branch that contians the debian/ directory21:54
dobeywhich you nest with the recipe21:54
jonrafkindanyway i just made a new gpg key without a password, supposedly that iwll work21:54

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