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pmatulisis there a keystroke to move the currently selected application to another workspace?11:50
svapmatulis: there is somewhere an xml list with all keystrokes11:54
svai am sure there will be one for this as well11:54
pmatulissva: ok12:04
pederindiwhois hellekin16:05
nicofsHow do I manage xsessions in Lubuntu?17:03
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Unit193holstein: Pong-a-long.19:51
sqeeezyanyone tried lubuntu ppc on a TiBook20:26
holsteinshould be able to try it live with no issue20:27
sqeeezytrying to get my head round the open firmware stuff20:28
holsteinsqeeezy: ?20:28
sqeeezyas my cd rom is knackered20:28
holsteinsqeeezy: you can take the hard drive to another machine and install20:29
holsteinanother PPC rig20:29
holsteini never figured out how to boot USB on a PPC mac20:29
holsteindont think you are "allowed"20:29
holsteini use my PPC hardware as servers... headless.. xless20:29
holsteinor, i just give them away and move on20:29
sqeeezyits documented but i failed at first attempt--- move on is prob'ly right but econ is eco its good to reuse if poss20:30
holsteinsure... but time is important too20:31
holsteini dont say this as a person who thought one day it would be cool to run linux on the mac.. ive spent a lot of time on it... and in my opinion, its not worth the time20:32
sqeeezyi've drank the apple kool-aid since iMac Bondi, but i like the healthy anarchy of linuxGnu20:33
phillwholstein: maybe a better conversation for #lubuntu-offtopic?20:33
icerootcan someone with the latest 12.04 please test the reverse search in bash? press ctrl + r and type in a command you used previosly. for me the complete bash is broken after i do ctrl + r and type in some words21:29
phillwiceroot: you'd be far better raising it as a bug to lxterminal21:36
phillwiceroot: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing#Reporting_Bugs21:38
icerootphillw: i am not using lxterminal21:39
icerootphillw: terminator + gnome-terminal + bash21:39
icerootits not happening on terminator + gnome-terminal + zsh21:40
phillwiceroot: then you see what the problem of finding you issue is?21:40
icerootphillw: its happening also on lxterminal and x-term, so everything which is using bash21:41
phillwyou have too many variables... is it that21:41
icerooteven tty1 is affected21:41
icerootso you are not facing the issue in tty1 with bash?21:42
phillwiceroot: let me go ask, please be patient - it may be at least 15 mins for a reply.21:42
icerootphillw: sure, thanks21:42
phillwahh, bodhi_zazen do you have a 12.04 beta install kicking about?21:44
bodhi_zazenphillw: my custom spin ?21:45
bodhi_zazenphillw: no, I do not have 12.04 installed anywhere , I am downloading the daily build today21:46
phillwiceroot: the nearest, and I do mean nearest weird behaviour is at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash/+bug/95829121:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 958291 in bash (Ubuntu) "Bad path autocomplete on some commands" [Undecided,New]21:49
phillwIs this the sort of thing you are seeing?21:49
icerootphillw: not really21:50
phillwbodhi_zazen: when is the next spin of xen due?21:50
icerootphillw: its more like "�&^W����n       ���ƨ3��^�E��^H��#̫�b^K�&�K��^K�K�^F3�^Xm^[i^L`��CO��^S�o�c��Ä/�ijg�h�\�����^_���Q�P21:51
icerootwhich should be "ctrl +r irssi" which should show "ssh -p 8421 foo@bar"21:51
bodhi_zazenphillw: zenix ?21:51
icerootbut its showing this messed up characters21:51
phillwiceroot: if it affects bash, then please bug-report bash21:52
phillwbodhi_zazen: yes :)21:52
bodhi_zazenNo current plans, you are the third person to ask in the last 2 weeks though, so might fire up a new spin21:52
icerootphillw: latest bash update was november 2011, so i guess its some of a bash-config-package. i will do some research what was updates last21:52
phillwiceroot: I've not seen any chatter on the email lists of bugs I am subscribed to.21:53
bodhi_zazeniceroot: perhaps you are missing a font ?21:53
icerootbodhi_zazen: also on tty1?21:53
phillwbodhi_zazen: people always ask when a new ubuntu is due :)21:53
bodhi_zazeniceroot: my guess is you are either missing a font package or you have the wrong localization21:54
icerootbodhi_zazen: i guess the second because some apps are using qwerty now and others qwertz...21:54
icerootafter latest dist-upgrade21:54
icerootbut then i dont get why zsh is working. imo both are reading Variables for locales21:55
bodhi_zazendo you have both those fonts installed ? Re-install them21:56
icerootbodhi_zazen: i dont know what fonts they are using, specially tty121:57
bodhi_zazencat /etc/default/console-setup21:59
icerootdoes not exist22:00
bodhi_zazenlocate console-setup22:00
bodhi_zazenapt-get install console-setup22:02
bodhi_zazen /etc/init.d/console-setup restart22:04
iceroothm, something removed console-setup22:07
icerootun  console-setup       <keine>             (keine Beschreibung vorhanden)22:07
phillwbodhi_zazen: owing to the fall out with my last hoster who decided to remove all my historic lubuntu iso's, There is the new server that you helped set up. Please feel free to host any iso's on there. It is massively underused and has a darn good 100GB backbone for people requiring iso's (We don't even go close to allowance).22:08
bodhi_zazenIf I make a custom 12.04 lubuntu spin, I will send it your way22:08
icerootdmesg.0:[   23.309328] init: Failed to spawn console-setup main process: unable to execute: No such file or directory22:09
icerootbodhi_zazen: thanks for the heads up about console-setup. i will debug the reason, maybe it was my fault22:09
bodhi_zazeniceroot: did you install console-setup ?22:09
bodhi_zazeniceroot: np22:09
icerootbodhi_zazen: it was installed but know its removed (un)22:09
bodhi_zazendo you have a /etc/default/console-setup22:10
icerootnot at the moment because it was uninstalled22:10
phillwbodhi_zazen: give me a dig in the ribs when it is ready. You know that upon any server I have, you and Zenix are welcome on.22:10
bodhi_zazenphillw: so did you finally get all the kinks out of your server ?22:10
EvilResistancedoubt it xD22:11
icerootbodhi_zazen: at the moment i am searching why it was removed22:11
phillwbodhi_zazen: still do not have phpmyadmin working22:11
bodhi_zazeniceroot: any error when you install it ?22:11
bodhi_zazenphillw: ping me this weekend, I can ssh in and try to take a look if you like22:12
icerootbodhi_zazen: no22:12
icerootbodhi_zazen: i think i found the error22:12
bodhi_zazeniceroot: what ?22:12
* bodhi_zazen the suspense is killing me22:13
icerootbodhi_zazen: its related to lubuntu-meta. i installed inital ubuntu, then i used the !purelxde thingh to remove ubuntu-desktop and installed lubuntu-desktop, and console-setup was not installed22:14
bodhi_zazenOK, working now ?22:14
icerootbodhi_zazen: yes22:14
icerootso i guess i will open a bug against lubuntu-meta22:14
bodhi_zazeniceroot: yea, small dependency is all22:15
bodhi_zazenbug report + fix FTW !!!22:15
icerooti will do it later, need sleep now22:15
phillwbodhi_zazen: can you let the author of pyschocats know, so he can edit?22:15
bodhi_zazenphillw: my ubuntu-fu has stuck again22:15
icerootbodhi_zazen: can you paste me "aptitude why console-setup"22:15
bodhi_zazenLMAO - aptitude is not installed, sec22:16
phillwbodhi_zazen: is it fault of lubuntu, or pure lxde from psychocats?22:17
bodhi_zazenIMO, lubuntu-desktop, not sure22:17
bodhi_zazenI would have to look at the dependencies22:17
bodhi_zazenconsole-setup is a low level package22:18
phillwAs lubuntu-desktop is installable against ubuntu-mini iso's22:18
bodhi_zazenlooking on psychocats22:19
phillwIs the remove at http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde taking something out that lubuntu desktop expects to still be there?22:19
icerootyes what i think22:19
icerootthere were others bugs too with that22:20
iceroote.g. printer drivers22:20
bodhi_zazenIf that were the case lubuntu-desktop would pull it22:20
bodhi_zazenubuntu is sort of a pain this way, excessive dependencies22:20
phillwlubuntu desktop installs on mini-iso22:20
iceroote.g. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/lubuntu-meta/+bug/88491122:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 884911 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Missing dependency in lubuntu-desktop to foo2zjs (Printer drivers)" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:21
phillwwe have been testing because of the non-pae install method.22:21
bodhi_zazenProbably a problem with console tools22:22
bodhi_zazenconsole tools is likely a part of ubuntu core , thus already in minimal22:22
bodhi_zazenand not a part of lubuntu-desktop22:22
bodhi_zazenjust a guess22:22
phillwbodhi_zazen: A big ask, I know, but could you have a chat with aysiu and ask him to check the instructions, please?22:25
icerootbodhi_zazen: there was a bug about some core packages (see the bug i have posted)22:30
icerootbodhi_zazen: so i think it can be reproduced with "install ubuntu and then use the purelxde command"22:30
bodhi_zazenPM sent22:31
bodhi_zazeniceroot: probably append to that bug report and ask to add console-setup as a missing dependency.22:33
bodhi_zazeniceroot: what happens when you 'apt-get install ubuntu-minimal'22:34
icerootphillw: maybe this could be a usefull testcase? install ubuntu, use the lxde command, use a second installation with lubuntu directly and compare "dpkg -l ^ii"22:34
icerootbodhi_zazen:   resolvconf ubuntu-minimal22:34
icerootthat would be the new packages22:34
icerootphillw: purelxde command22:35
bodhi_zazeniceroot: something is removing ubuntu-minimal then22:40
icerootbodhi_zazen: so console-setup is coming from ubuntu-minimal?22:41
bodhi_zazenthat is my guess22:42
icerootbodhi_zazen: ok, i will do some research tomorrow in my logs why ubuntu-minimal was removed22:42
icerootthank you all for the usefull infos and help22:42
* phillw thank you both. when a 'generic' bug is reported, it does take time to nail down the culprit.22:44
bodhi_zazenLook at this : http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/ubuntu-minimal22:44
bodhi_zazeniceroot: when you install ubuntu-minimal, what packages are pulled other then console-setup ?22:45
bodhi_zazensudo apt-get install ubuntu-minimal22:45
icerootbodhi_zazen: resolvconf22:45
icerootand of course ubuntu-minimal :)22:46
bodhi_zazenLooked through a number of packages, can not identify the package, but those two should give you a clue22:49
bodhi_zazenresolvconf and console-setup22:49
bodhi_zazenThey were removed as dependencies of something22:49
bodhi_zazeniceroot: that is all I have time for22:51
bodhi_zazenProbably best to ask "ubuntu-minimal" be added to lubuntu-desktop22:52
bodhi_zazenmost, if not all of those packages are going to be missed, so probably best to just include the meta-package22:52
bodhi_zazenubuntu-minimal is installed from the minimal install iso22:52
bodhi_zazenphillw: I passed the info to aysiu23:00
phillwdo I need to alert julien about this?23:01
bodhi_zazenMy suggestion remains to add "ubuntu-minimal" to lubuntu-desktop =)23:01
bodhi_zazenremind me, who is julien ?23:02
phillwbodhi_zazen: it would only be required for a change, which is really aysiu's department?23:02
phillwbodhi_zazen: julien == gilir == Lubuntu Head of Dev23:03
bodhi_zazenYea, I would pass it to julien23:03
bodhi_zazenMy guess is , lubuntu-desktop was (is) tested against a minimal install, and a minimal install includes ubuntu-minimal23:04
bodhi_zazenNone of the packages removed by aysiu is in ubuntu-minimal == dependency hell23:05
bodhi_zazenconsole-setup and resolvconf were dependencies of some dependency ...23:05
bodhi_zazenProbably easiest to add ubuntu-minimal, julien's call23:05
phillwbodhi_zazen: I've emailed him with the logs... as you say, it is his call.23:12
phillwwith non-pae having been accepted, I can ask the guys to test that area now.23:13
phillwwe really do not have that many testers, but the few we have are valiant!23:13
phillwI must away to bed. I have to up, bright eyed and bushy tailed for my interview to get my visa for my RHCE course, as ever bodhi_zazen. thanks.23:15

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