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Cham_My network interfaces are not in the right order in precide beta100:50
Cham_like eth0 and eth2 (same network card) and eth 1 and eth3 (same network card)00:50
acnotHi there all I have an issue in 12.04 that any time I try to play any video with any media player so for only .flv and .mp4 the desktop disappears to what looks like the beginning of the shut down procedure.01:17
acnotAny ideas?01:18
acnotOh and I have been trying to compile miro from source so I am concerned that one or more of the deps for miro has coursed this.01:19
acnotBut it is a fairly new install of 12.04 and I didn't try to play a video until after I installed all of the deps for miro01:21
acnotSo I am not sure if this issue was there before01:22
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inzihello everyone02:27
inzii was thinking of trying out pangolin.. due many ppl saying its actually quite stable02:28
h0rstyeah... i've a eeepc and it even runs on that... xD02:29
h0rsti just have to restart lightdm after every boot - then it works just fine02:30
inziwat about skype?02:30
inzidoes it work well?mine had dark video..02:30
inzion 11.10.. all the work arounds didnt help02:31
h0rstjust try it from usb :P02:31
h0rstor cd02:31
inziyeah. i think i'll do that02:32
inziwill giv it a shot this weekend02:32
inzitnx again02:32
DylanJdid an update today and all of my precious keyboard shortcuts are no longer working. super+<anything> just doesnt work.03:00
h0rststrange... for me it still does03:01
DylanJI should mention I'm using gnome shell not unity.03:01
DylanJbut it uses the same keyboard magic.03:01
UberDuperPut precise on my desktop to tinker with. Getting my multimonitor config working is actually easy in this version.03:02
UberDuperBut I've always had this problem where I can't define the "primary" monitor. It always uses the left most monitor in the setup.03:03
DylanJh0rst: would you happen to know where the keybinding settings live? is it per user or global03:03
UberDuperDisplay Settings has a "Primary output" setting. It allows me to set it and save it, but when I reboot it's back to none.03:03
UberDuperResize transparancy messes with the catalyst driver. =/03:07
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DylanJwinut: 403:34
WilsonBradleyLinux Asus-Ubuntu 3.2.0-19-generic-pae #30-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 16 18:34:15 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux03:47
WilsonBradleyI get this often... plymouthd crashed with SIGSEGV in03:47
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VolkodavI am unable to connect from 11.04 box to 12.04 via RDV - says connection closed? I have port 5900 open on the router to that box08:49
ironhalikhmm, anyone noticed their openvpn tunnel failing?09:05
ironhalikalso, I can dig domains, but I cant ping them09:06
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lccwhat version of perl is in 12.04?09:22
ironhalikVersion: 5.14.2-6ubuntu109:23
lccneat, thanks.09:25
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ironhalikanyone knows if x64 will be the recommended version for 12.04?10:33
philinuxironhalik: old news but I think it still valid http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTAxMTQ10:47
philinuxironhalik: something else http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_1204_3264&num=110:48
phaidroshi, I am just wondering why my network-manager spawn a dnsmasq process ..10:55
phaidroswhy this and how to configure this behaviour?10:55
ironhalikphilinux: wow, the benchmarks, theyre synthetic but still impressive difference10:55
ironhalikgonna have to move my lappy to x6410:56
philinuxironhalik: I had to turn off adblock to see the graphics properly.11:00
phaidrosironhalik: the only real performance value I see there is openssl, where 64bit is more than double speed than x3211:00
ironhalikI use openvpn with 2kb key for public wifi11:02
ironhalikalways something :)11:02
philinuxNot a benchmark expert but whats the significance of the postmark v1.51 item11:03
ironhalikquick google search says its filesystem benchmark11:05
ironhalikhmm, with x64, I could encrypt my home folder11:07
ironhalikhmm, perspectives11:07
ironhalikI wonder if I could make use of my TPM module11:11
neurewhere can i find ubuntu 12.04 packages?11:12
philinuxneure: http://packages.ubuntu.com/11:18
phaidrosanyone on vpn with nm-aplett (network manager) and having dns issues?11:44
phaidrosnm applet seems to spawn a dnsmasq process, even configures the vpn intranet dns, but doesnt work11:45
phaidroswhy is dnsmasq there in the first place and how it its behaviour configured?11:45
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levnikolaevichi guys, I'm in trouble with evolution: all incoming messages are sent by default in junk12:13
levnikolaevicno one knows if it is a bug or what?12:20
Picilevnikolaevic: Have you looked on launchpad?12:23
levnikolaevicyes, but seems there's nothing about12:24
levnikolaevicPici, seems like evolution mark by default all messages as junk, but if i mark them as not junk it works12:32
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jadahlam I supposed to be able to easily install ARM versions of libraries alongside the others on my x86_64 system in Ubuntu 12.04?13:35
Daekdroomjadahl, I don't think so13:49
brendandjadahl, they aren't going to do anything13:53
brendandso not being able to install them is probably saving you from doing something dumb13:53
ironhalikanyone knows hat happened to aircrack-ng in 12.04?13:58
chrisfromthebayHey guys. I just created a LiveUSB of Ubuntu 12. Is there a way to change the boot options from within, to enable persistence?14:05
jadahlbrendand: my plan was to run them from within qemu14:05
ironhalikchrisfromthebay: you can make the liveUSB with unetbootin, it'll make persistence for you14:06
brendandjadahl, in that case you're not 'installing' them as such - just copying them14:06
ironhalikor ubuntu's live disk creator14:06
brendandjadahl, why not just 'install' them from within qemu?14:07
chrisfromthebaythanks ironhalik14:07
jadahlbrendand: well.. copying to /usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/ while keeping track of copied fiels, isn/t that installing? :P14:07
jadahlbrendand: I want to avoid running an operating system from there14:07
jadahl*in there14:07
brendandjadahl, what?14:07
brendandjadahl, you want to 'avoid running an operating system' in qemu?14:08
DaekdroomWhat do you expect to run there?14:08
jadahla binary only14:08
brendandgood luck!14:09
brendandjadahl, can you run 'a binary' on your laptop/desktop?14:09
jadahl"thank you"14:09
jadahlwell qemu is not a laptop, AFAIK14:09
jadahlso that doesn't really matter14:09
brendandqemu is a processor simulator14:10
brendanda binary does nothing on it's own14:10
brendanda binary is not a self-contained entity which can just drive hardware by itself14:11
brendandunless the 'binary' you refer to is infact an operating system14:11
jadahlwhat I want to use is called "User space emulation" in QEMU14:12
jadahlwhich means I can run a binary, and system calls will be emulated directly, meaning I don't need to run a kernel14:13
jadahla little intro, describing the difference between user space and system emulation: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/library/l-qemu-development/index.html?ca=drs-14:14
brendandjadahl, okay - so in that case you want to maybe download the binaries directly14:15
jadahlwhat I need is simply the ability to "install" the libraries needed to cross compile something that I'll later run in QEMU (without a guest operating system)14:15
brendandjadahl, what are you trying to run exactly?14:15
notifyand why are you talking about it in here ...14:16
jadahlthe application we are developing, but on ARM (I don't have suitable ARM hardware here)14:16
jadahlI was reading about 12.04 being "multiarch", and thought I could ask if it's possible to install multiple archs as I already can, but only x86 and x86_6414:17
DaekdroomThat is because x86_64 processors CAN run x86, unlike ARM.14:17
DaekdroomThere's no emulation involved.14:18
brendandjadahl, ok - but even if the binaries are installed on x86_64 system will the process run by Qemu be able to see them, as it were?14:18
jadahlwith proper setup my x86_64 can inderectly run ARM code as well (via emulation)14:18
jadahlbrendand: it will, via user space emulation. I'll just need to give access to the right places14:19
jadahlthe reason for all of this is to do cross-platform/archtecture development, so to speak14:21
ironhalikyeah, viva la android emulator!14:22
ironhalikmay it go to hell14:22
jadahlalthough, this has nothing to do with android14:23
ironhalikyeah, just that android emulator emulates arm, and doeas a pretty crappy job at that14:23
ironhalikbut thats a bit OT ;>14:24
jadahlit's not that bad. it makes far more sense then not emulating at all, as for example Symbian has done it in the past14:24
brendandjadahl, try dpkg-cross14:24
brendandjadahl, hey - we tried! no help from nokia though...14:24
jadahlwell, when I was developing symbian they were planning on starting using qemu, AFAIK14:25
jadahldeveloping FOR symbian >P14:25
brendandand actually what we did was emulation, not simulation14:25
brendandjadahl, when i was *developing* Symbian, we were doing that14:25
brendandjadahl, but Nokia used different tools internally so didn't support Qemu14:26
brendanda big headache14:26
jadahlI can imagine14:26
jadahlhow did it go with the qemu plans for the by then next generation SDK?14:26
brendandit mostly worked. big problem was getting proper graphics drivers written14:27
jadahlwill it ever be finished you think?14:27
brendandno, not now14:27
brendandnot that will be publicly released anyway14:28
jadahltoo bad.. my biggest issue with symbian development was that I had to run the emulator which only worked in windows14:28
brendandand was also ludicrously slow14:28
brendandi mean really ludicrously slow14:28
brendandas i'm sure you know14:28
jadahlworse than the android emulator?14:29
brendandjadahl, don't you remember?14:29
brendandbut the android emulator is also slow if i recall correctly14:29
jadahlI have only run the symbian winscw-based emulator.. it was not slow, in that sense14:29
jadahlit's slow, but does its job.. actual performance depending stuff one would need to run on actual hardware anyway so I guess it doesn't matter that much14:30
brendandah see, i meant the winscw one was slow (at least when it was running Symbian^3). Qemu ran pretty well14:32
brendandjadahl, did you get to try dpkg-cross?14:32
jadahlI never ran Symbian^3.. it was before that I did symbian application develpment14:32
acnotHi there all I have an issue with 12.04 that is way out of my league, every time go to play video my laptop starts to shit down14:33
jadahlbrendand: I'm reading up on it14:33
brendandjadahl, back then it may have been fast :)14:33
ikoniano-need for that language acnot14:33
brendandikonia, probably a typo?14:33
acnotOh that was a typo ikonia, sorry la!14:33
brendandthey are right next to each other...14:34
ironhaliktrue :>14:34
acnotYar and I sure is tyred14:34
acnotor tired even14:34
jadahlI also read about "xapt" and have a friend who managed to get it working with ARM on debian14:35
acnotSo id you guys went to play a video and ubuntu went straight to shut down, you would suspect the GPU driver yeah?14:36
Cajun_Lan_ManHello all.  I'm trying to install 12.04 Beta 1 onto a Dell Latitude D600.  However, when I try to boot to the install media, I get an error that my CPU doesn't support PAE. Is there a way to turn off this requirement?14:36
ironhalikacnot: did it shut down, froze or powered off?14:36
notifyCajun_Lan_Man: pae kernel is now default. going to check if regular install iso has an option to choose generic rather than generic-pae. hang on14:38
Cajun_Lan_Mannotify: Thanks.14:39
acnotironhalik, it looks like it starts to shut down, spits out two to three lines of out put then the screen goes blank with the back light full on and then it just sits there no hdd activity14:39
jadahlhmm, what happened to "apt-cross" in 12.04? I can see it in 11.10 repos but not in 12.0414:39
ironhalikacnot: check dmesg after the crash14:40
ironhalikalso, when its like that, try ctrl + alt + f2, for a tty access14:40
acnotI have been running all versions of all versions of Ubuntu since 10.10 and never had anything like this.14:40
ironhalikit may be that lightdm/x/etc crashed14:40
acnotOkay thanks ironhalik I will14:40
jadahlah, replaced by xapt14:41
acnotOkay thanks14:41
ironhalikHmm, if I choose to encrypt home dir during install, it only launches some encryptfs scripts?14:42
acnotOkay cool thanks for the tip I was trying to figure out what that was14:43
acnotironhalik, I looked for lighthalik/x/etc in the dmesg log and only found one entry an it looks normal to me14:46
ironhalikit may also be in /var/log/syslog14:47
notifyCajun_Lan_Man: hmmm. looks like you are out of luck. the regular install iso only has generic-pae14:47
ironhalikif it got logged, ofcourse14:47
acnotironhalik, yeah I was looking there earlier but didn't know what I was looking for14:48
Cajun_Lan_Mannotify: So I'm out of luck for getting 12.04 on there at all?14:48
notifyCajun_Lan_Man: you could try the alternate install iso instead, but it might be the same14:48
Cajun_Lan_ManI read already someone else had that problem, and the alternate did the same.14:48
Cajun_Lan_ManOdd.  It's a Pentium M 1.8 with a gig of ram.  12.04 would run decently on it.  I'd hate to not be able to install it.14:49
ironhalikacnot: errors :) - processes like lightdm, Xorg14:49
Cajun_Lan_Mannotify: What would happen if I installed 11.10, and then did an upgrade? Would I have the same problem?14:49
DaekdroomCajun_Lan_Man, you can install 11.10 and upgrade.14:49
DaekdroomBecause -generic is still on the repos.14:50
ironhalikacnot: you can grep the keywords, tail -50 /var/log/syslog | grep Xorg14:50
DaekdroomIt's just not used in the ISOs anymore.14:50
Daekdroom(and it'll be dropped at all in 12.10)14:50
DaekdroomWhich gives 5 years support for processors without PAE. Yay.14:50
acnotOoo, I may have found a juice one! Mar 20 00:59:32 lappy kernel: [80944.060007] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 23s! [Xorg:12009]14:50
Cajun_Lan_ManDaekdroom: Perfect.  Thanks!14:50
notifyCajun_Lan_Man: Daekdroom - yes install 11.10 and upgrade whole system would work14:50
notifyDaekdroom: bit of a damn liberty changing the default to pae. i don't want it either, but at least it installed and worked ok for me, long enough to change it :)14:52
Daekdroomnotify, Lubuntu is damn well usable in some old computers that do not have PAE, which is why I think dropping it from the repos is bad.14:53
DaekdroomOn the other hand, Lubuntu is not officially supported.14:53
notifytotally agree14:54
Cajun_Lan_ManI'm not sure I see the point of PAE.  Is it only to give 32 bit systems access to more than 4 gigs? Why not just use 64 bit? Almost every PC I've seen with 4 or more gigs of ram has a processor capable of 64bit.14:55
notifyDaekdroom: v86d doesn't play well with pae either. and you need v86d for a decent plymouth on nvidia proprietary14:55
Daekdroomx64 uses more RAM.14:55
DaekdroomWell.. Multiarch is meant to make x64 give no issue regard compatibility.14:56
DaekdroomBut Wine stopped working alright for me since I went x64.14:56
brendandCajun_Lan_Man, there's also this: http://people.canonical.com/~diwic/12.04-nonpae/14:57
notifybrendand: nice15:01
ironhalikhmm, can I associate VPN with ceraint wifi networks?15:09
jadahlbrendand: I got it to install armel versions using "xapt" with the ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports repository15:09
jadahli.e. "xapt -m -a armel libx11-dev"15:10
Cajun_Lan_Mannotify: Daekdroom: Thank you both for the help and info.  I wonder where I could put my .02 in on how bad of an idea I think PAE by default is?15:14
notifyCajun_Lan_Man: see brendand link some minutes ago15:14
notifyCajun_Lan_Man: a stiff letter to the Times of London is what i would recommend :)15:16
Cajun_Lan_Mannotify: I'm already downloading the .iso.15:16
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Cajun_Lan_Mannotify: I'm on it! :-)15:17
TrewasCajun_Lan_Man: your processor btw supports PAE, hard to say where the actual problem is (bios or something)15:18
notifyCajun_Lan_Man: i'm gonna post a bug to launchpad about this15:19
Cajun_Lan_ManTrewas: I figured the processor supported it.  Although, I've flipped through the 7 screens of BIOS on the machine, and there is no where to turn PAE on or off.  There is no mention of PAE at all.15:20
jo-erlendoh, this is fantastic. Not a single problem with audio in Ubuntu the last three releases, and now it's utterly broken. And I'm a musician. :/15:20
notifyjo-erlend: hmmm. utterly broken you say. what are the symptoms15:21
jo-erlendI'm getting very, very nervous about this release.15:21
notifyjo-erlend: sound works absolutely lovely for me, but X11 is somewhat broken. startup notifications by propagating root window cursor are broken. threaded X apps are broken15:23
notifysynaptic is broken ...15:23
Fyodorovnajo-erlend, this a upgrade or a fresh install, and have you seen if the sound is working from a live cd?15:23
jo-erlendnotify, that was an exaggeration. I am able to play music files under certain conditions, but if I record something, then all audio both in and out becomes choppy. Among other things.15:26
jo-erlendthey've also changed the dialogs to that I'm no longer able to know which audio device belongs to what. I have to guess.15:26
jo-erlendFyodorovna, both.15:27
Fyodorovnajo-erlend, I asked 2 questions, honestly if your going to exaggerate and not do a little web search for instructions on finding favorite apps for media this is a waste of time.15:29
jo-erlendFyodorovna, what are you talking about?15:29
notifyjo-erlend: using jack or pulseadio or vanilla alsa ?15:29
jo-erlendnotify, I'm not entirely sure, actually. I use Audacity, which has its own settings. I think it's using pulseaudio now, though it didn't by default.15:30
mvonotify: broken in what way?15:30
jrgiffordjo-erlend: audacity uses pulse generally.15:30
jrgiffordas for the recording audio playing choppy, i've got the same bug - happens after i get more than 10 hours of uptime, then i reboot and its ok.15:31
notifymvo: i take it you mean my additional comment about synaptic. see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/synaptic/+bug/96025015:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 960250 in synaptic (Ubuntu) "Synaptic doesn't show installed files list for some packages" [Undecided,New]15:31
jo-erlendjrgifford, are you sure that 2.0.0 does? Because there were many issues before I found the setting to use "sysdefault", which I guess means PA.15:31
jrgiffordjo-erlend: thats what I *just* finished using. yeah, its 2.0.015:32
mvonotify: thanks. is there more breakage?15:32
jrgifford(i just finished recording a few minutes ago with 2.0.0)15:32
jo-erlendjrgifford, with more than one track?15:32
jo-erlendjrgifford, I had 11h uptime, but I rebooted 23 minutes ago. Still choppy sound.15:33
notifymvo: nothing too drastic in synaptic15:33
jrgiffordjo-erlend: no, but it shouldn't matter if its using pulse.15:33
jrgiffordoh, interesting. i'm at a lose as to what to look at next.15:33
jo-erlendjrgifford, well, by default, only the first track works well. All subsequent tracks are played at perhaps 10% and there's no obvious way to control it until I changed to sysdefault.15:34
notifyCajun_Lan_Man: Daekdroom https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/96030115:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 960301 in Ubuntu "PAE Kernel by default in 12.04 is a big mistake" [Undecided,New]15:34
notifyand while we are at it - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/96019115:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 960191 in Ubuntu "Missing Startup Notifications in Precise" [Undecided,New]15:35
Cajun_Lan_Mannotify: thanks15:36
dasunsrule32Anyone have a Dell Latitude E6510 on 12.04? I have an issue with the laptop not sleeping when the screen closes. I'm running gnome-shell from the default precise repos. Thanks.15:36
Fyodorovnadasunsrule32, open power and set it to sleep.15:38
dasunsrule32I already did that long ago15:38
Fyodorovnadasunsrule32, can it suspend from the panel?15:38
dasunsrule32yes, and I can suspend it from the key combo on the laptop15:39
dasunsrule32Sleep works, just not closing the lid15:39
dasunsrule32missing module?15:39
jo-erlendjrgifford, other issues as well that are somehow connected to networking. I get pretty much the same choppy sound and then the network dies completely. I haven't been able to figure out even where to start understanding what that is caused by.15:39
Fyodorovnadasunsrule32, I see bugs reported in general on this.15:43
dasunsrule32Heh, guesss I just used the wrong search terms15:46
Fyodorovnadasunsrule32, it can be a challenge finding stuff at times. :)15:47
dasunsrule32Yep, I'll poke through some of that stuff to see if I can find a fix. Thanks. :)15:48
dasunsrule32I think that seems more like the issue, x crashing, which breaks suspend. I can confirm it does this when I close the lid15:49
Fyodorovnadasunsrule32, no problem, hope you find a solution. :)15:51
neyder_Hi there! i'm having problems with lightdm, after a logout it goes restarting all the time until I press ↑ or ↓ to change user (I must to keep preesing until it works). How I debug that?15:56
notifyneyder_: try upgrading your system. there have been many lightdm fixes. if you are fully up-to-date then file a bug16:02
neyder_all the machines are upgraded to yesterday, so i'm upgrading to today :16:04
notifyneyder_: been playing with anything in /etc/lightdm ?16:05
neyder_no in that machine16:07
neyder_ //arrrggg somebody has shutdown a machine which had ben dist-upgrading :(16:07
neyder_how do I disable shutdown for non administrative users?16:08
notifyit is disabled for non admin users :)16:08
neyder_no it's not. (i mean in graphical uunity)16:09
notifyi think you will find that all users are "admin" users in the sense you mean16:10
neyder_ //dpkg --confugre -a :(16:10
neyder_notify, i'll look around /etc/groups16:10
notifyneyder_: gpasswd -d user group, to remove a user from a group16:10
neyder_there is no admin group16:11
notifyneyder_: adm and sudo groups are prolly what you want16:12
neyder_administrador is my first user and so a system administrator16:13
notifyneyder_: use "groups" or "id" command to show group membership16:13
notifyediting files in /etc is a sure way to break things. best to use proper tools, if you ask me16:14
neyder_administrador@sc117:~$ groups prim_6to_a16:15
neyder_prim_6to_a : prim_6to_a16:15
neyder_the normal users (as gui says) has only one self group16:15
neyder_so my initial qestion was, how do I prevent a "normal" user to shutdown ubuntu?16:16
notifyneyder_: yeah you are right. my bad16:20
neyder_in google I only find about gdm not lightdm16:21
notifyneyder_: there are many, many ways for users to shutdown/reboot and it is hard to cut all of them off16:28
notifyneyder_: ctrl-alt-delete, sudo shutdown, sudo reboot, magic sysrq "reisub" sequence. i'm sure there are plenty more16:29
bipolarOk, I'm still trying to figure out why my kickstart/preseed file isn't working with 12.04. Here are my files: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/892455/ These work perfectly with 11.04, but not with 12.04. With precise the installation files are downloaded from a public mirror instead of my apt-cacher-ng server. Has something changed in with the installer that I don't know about?17:01
atpa8awhat's happening with resolvconf not updating /etc/resolv.conf?..17:16
atpa8atempted to just purge it17:18
bluefrogatpa8a, did you tweak resolv.conf?17:21
bluefrogatpa8a, is it still a symlink?17:25
atpa8abut it's not updated even tho i added dns- lines to interfaces17:25
atpa8awhich is very annoying :P wasting my time17:27
atpa8aany clues?..17:32
bipolarok... I *think* I found the error. The line "d-i mirror/country string" should be set to "manual" instead of "enter information manually" for 12.0417:33
bipolarneyder_, I think I'm making progress with my preseed.17:34
bipolarneyder_, It seems to be working for me. I have a preseed setup that uses my apt-cacher-ng server, and installs without using a public mirror. Everything is downloaded from the cache server.17:39
bipolarneyder_, when the system is done installing, the sources.list file is set to use my cache server without any other scripting.17:40
atpa8aand... why do i get multiple 'Starting OpenSSH Server' during boot?17:53
atpa8aseems like once for every NIC/alias that i've configured17:54
atpa8aedit that... multiple 'Starting OpenSSH Server' followed by 'Stopping OpenSSH Server'18:04
atpa8aany reason for that?18:04
WilsonBradleyI just did a partial upgrade and when rebooted, Unity or Cairo-Doc wouldn't load. Had to CNTL/F2 and type commands there for them to come up. looking in the Terminal that started Unity I get ;WARN  2012-03-20 14:42:29 unity.libindicator <unknown>:0 Desktop file '/usr/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop' is using a depracted format for it's actions that will be dropped soon.18:44
WilsonBradleyWARN  2012-03-20 14:42:25 unity <unknown>:0 Unable to fetch children: No such interface `org.ayatana.bamf.view' on object at path /org/ayatana/bamf/application192072312818:45
atpa8ais tehre a difference between listing multiple interfaces on one auto line or having multiple auto lines?18:54
mongohrm openvswitch is started way too late in upstart btw18:58
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eFfeMhi, i've installed 12.04 beta 1 and after a reboot I lost unity, anyone an idea how to resolve this19:43
doda1hi folks19:53
doda1when can i report faulty drivers on my card in 12.04 daily builds ?19:53
glosolidoda1: what do you mean faulty ?19:58
glosoli!bug | doda119:58
ubottudoda1: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:58
glosolidoda1: you can report any bugs found whenever you can19:58
eFfeMis there a way to start a program if for some reason unity disappeared ?20:07
glosolieFfeM: there is :)20:19
frank_r2d2hi, i testing 12.04. Today i get a bad update on my notebook. I cant adjust my Keyboard Light and i have problem at the Update Gui20:19
glosolieFfeM: if you hadn't changed default keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+Alt+T will bring up terminal :)20:20
glosoli!bug | frank_r2d220:20
ubottufrank_r2d2: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.20:20
frank_r2d2There is: Systemupdate market and update-manager... but i cant install it.20:20
frank_r2d2ubottu: ok20:20
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)20:20
frank_r2d2anybody knows how can get my updates clean ?20:21
glosolifrank_r2d2: what do you mean by clean ?20:21
frank_r2d2Update Manager show: Systemupdate but i cant do it or delete it20:22
GlaceeI get a weird error: I have a 10gb network card and a 1gb network card.. I do an lsmod20:22
Glaceewhen removing both and its fine20:23
glosolifrank_r2d2: try opening terminal and typing following: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  but be aware if it shows that it wants to remove any package, it will ask you, so say NO20:23
GlaceeIf I add 10gb first and then 1gb.. its still mixed up the interfaces .. eth0-eth2 and eth1-eth3 .. any ideas?20:23
GlaceeBy modprobing20:23
frank_r2d2glosoli: write 1 not updated20:24
glosolifrank_r2d2: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:24
frank_r2d2glosoli: same write 1 not update...20:25
frank_r2d2packet: update-manager was haltet20:25
glosolifrank_r2d2: does it show which ?20:26
frank_r2d2no.. only.... folow packet was haltet: update-manager20:27
frank_r2d20 updatet, 0  new installed, und 1 not updatet20:28
glosolifrank_r2d2: Software Updater doesn't show yes :DD20:30
frank_r2d2glosoli: yes20:31
frank_r2d2glosoli: i have try it in the ternimal20:32
GlaceeWill there be an upgrade path from beta to ga?20:34
Glaceelike apt-upgrade20:34
frank_r2d2glosoli: i dont know why os the updater write retained updates20:34
arand!final | Glacee20:35
ubottuGlacee: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Precise and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 12.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1.20:35
Glaceeok thank you20:35
frank_r2d2glosoli: i dont know why the updater write retained updates of update manager20:35
glosolifrank_r2d2: you just wait for new updates :)20:36
frank_r2d2glosoli: hmmmm20:36
frank_r2d2glosoli: thx, its a little myth20:39
Glaceeits freaking udev that is fucking up my interfaces20:40
Glacee[  152.183572] udevd[1871]: renamed network interface eth0 to eth320:40
frank_r2d2glosoli: bye bye and have a nice day :-)20:40
glosolifrank_r2d2: have a nice day20:41
eFfeMglosoli: was afk, thans crtl-alt-t gave me the terminal20:44
glosolieFfeM: no prob :)20:44
eFfeMnow found I got this:20:44
eFfeMoops, can't paste this is from a vm, syslog says waring app unity-2d-shell.desktop respawning too quickly20:45
Glaceeudev sucks!! bring back sysfs!!20:56
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GlaceeWhats the best way to restart networking in Precise?22:24
Glacee /etc/.init.d/networking restart seems broken22:25
micahgGlacee: service networking restart22:28
Glaceestop: Unknown instance:22:33
Glaceenetworking stop/waiting22:33
Glaceemicahg: thank you.. is this normal?22:33
micahgoh, you would need sudo if you're a normal user22:34
Glaceeim root.. :)22:34
micahgoh, I guess so22:34
micahgthere's network-manager22:35
micahgI'm not actually sure :)22:35
Glaceehehe thanks22:36
FudgeGlacee tha talso happens with console-setup stop unknown instance22:38
GlaceeFudge: ok thank you22:39
Glaceebtw.. /etc/init.d/networking start really fucks the hell up22:39
Fudgehow so ?22:40
Glaceewell it does not bring interfaces back22:44
Glaceemy Bonding goes to hell ( like no MAC address)22:44
Glaceewhen I stop it.. and then use service networking restart.. everything is back to normal22:45
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tarvidany words of wisdom before I install with RAID?23:05
tarvidIs RAID on 12.04 like 9.10? can I follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID23:14
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trippehtarvid: Its pretty much the same, yes23:33
trippehAt least it was with precise alpha23:34
trippehMaybe its supported in the GUI installer now though, I dont know anything about that.23:34
Guest64845i installed beta 1 now will i have to re-install final release or do i receive updats?23:36
FyodorovnaGuest64845, no reinstall needed just update and upgrade periodically.23:40
Guest64845hey ty :)23:40
FyodorovnaGuest64845, no problem.23:40

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