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FudgeAlanBell  was he in gnome :p07:48
AlanBellgood question07:49
pvagnerPlease is there a way to run unity 2d with ubuntu precise daily live cd? or is that only possible after installing? I can see by default live cd starts with unity.08:30
pvagnerto be precise echo $DESKTOP_SESSION prints ubuntu08:30
AlanBellI know it starts unity2d if you don't have the graphics hardware and drivers to do 3d08:40
pvagnerAlanBell: I have acer ao150 notebook. It has verry simple built-in intel graphic card. I don't think it's too powerfull but I can't navigate unity launcher and dash. F10 menus are accessible. compiz is running and $DESKOP_SESSIN variable shows the word ubuntu. So please how do I make the most of it?08:52
AlanBellpvagner: probably not the best way, however I just ran metacity --replace &; unity-2d-shell &; unity-2d-panel &08:59
pvagnerAlanBell: so I should try running this in order to switch from unity 3d to unity 2d?09:01
pvagnerAlanBell: will I need to relogin?09:02
AlanBellno, that kind of rips down the 3d stuff and runs the 2d stuff in the session you are in09:03
AlanBellI am not sure if you can log out of the live CD09:03
* AlanBell tries on a live session09:04
pvagneron a positive note comparing this precise live cd with for example gnome based ubuntu 2010.10 by exploring the menus, loading some simple random pages in firefox initially I feel the whole system responsiveness is much snappier.09:07
pvagnerI think my laptop is a kind of edge case when it comes to performance, I've only 1 GB of ram09:08
AlanBellyeah, generally precise seems faster and smoother, just they broke a load of the accessibility around the time of the beta09:12
AlanBelllogging out of a live USB from a few weeks ago does not appear to do anything useful09:15
jalcineHello o/22:35
FudgeAlanBell you can restart ightdm but I think you need to restart for the common unity-2d changes to take effect22:36
Fudgerestart lightdm sorry22:36
Fudgehow you doing jalcine22:36
jalcineI'm well, just carried up some laundry from the lobby for my mom.22:36
jalcineHow about you?22:37
Fudgeum ok22:37
Fudgeyep I am fine22:37
Fudgewhats new AlanBell mate22:42
jalcineHm, I need a bit of advice here.22:54
jalcineRegarding PocketSphinx and acoustic models.22:55
jalcineShould I have any newly adapted model generated by the user stored within their home directory or ask for user permission to overwrite the one used globally?22:55
jalcineThere's a daemon that allows other applications to use SpeechControl via D-Bus but they'd use the acoustic model that the user specify.22:56
* jalcine scratches his tiny chin hairs.22:56
Fudgeover my head23:15
jalcineLol :)23:25

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