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dpmmorning all08:11
jo-erlendhey dpm. :)08:57
dpmhey, morning jo-erlend, how are things going?08:57
jo-erlenddpm, I'm fine, thanks. I made a prototype of HUD support for Quickly and it was seriously awesome, so today I'll start implementing it for real. :)08:58
dpmjo-erlend, oh wow!08:59
jo-erlendyes, I'm really looking forward to getting it out there. It's very cool.09:00
jo-erlendthere's a few things I don't know how to do yet, though. Switching between windows, etc. But that's not critical so I'll postpone it and do the basic stuff first.09:04
dpmjo-erlend, yeah, that makes sense. You might want to have a chat with ted for the more advanced stuff09:05
jo-erlendwho's ted?09:05
dpmTed Gould09:05
jo-erlendthere's not really that much advanced stuff for this application to do. I reuse bzr and quickly for all the actual work. So this just ties it together.09:07
dpmjo-erlend, actually, mhall119 and I are currently putting together some Unity integration documentation in developer.ubuntu.com. One area where we are lacking is the HUD, so your experience as an app developer providing this integration will actually be very valuable. Once you're done, would you be happy to work with us to add some documentation to d.u.c?09:12
jo-erlendsure. I cheat now, though. There's nothing really HUD about what I do. It's just designed for the HUD. I just use normal menus which just happens to not be displayed.09:14
jo-erlendbut I'm very interested in helping out with Unity documentation in general. I just need some API docs I can read and understand first, then I can expand on it and make it more reader friendly, providing examples, etc.09:16
jo-erlendI've learned some interesting things along the way, though. In the first prototype, I modeled the menus the same way I would if they were to be used as menus. In the second, I do it the opposite way, and that works much better. Guess that's why experimentation is good.09:24
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