dpmgood morning all08:11
ajmitchhi dpm08:15
dpmhey ajmitch08:18
highvoltagegoor morning12:56
wendarmhall119: the community lens was out for changes, is it ready now for re-review?17:53
mhall119wendar: no, I haven't had a change to make the requested changes to it yet17:54
wendarmhall119: okay, I'll add a comment to it17:56
mhall119wendar: it's currently precise-only anyway17:56
wendarmhall119: yup, no rush17:56
mhall119has david calle submitted any more?17:57
wendarmhall119: not yet17:59
wendarmhall119: I'm nearly done packaging the scopes for the music lens17:59
ajmitchwendar: have you been re-poking people who've submitted applications?20:00
wendarajmitch: like, reminding them that we haven't heard from them in a while?20:01
wendarajmitch: not yet, but I was thinking about doing that for guallet today20:01
wendarit's really close to ready to go20:01
ajmitchI was just seeing the flood of information needed requests, they were all pending review/20:02
wendaryeah, that's me20:02
* ajmitch had talked to the hacketyhack submitter a couple of days ago about shoes & offered help20:03
wendarajmitch: cool20:03
wendarI didn't see any activity in the comments20:03
ajmitchsorry I hadn't copied it in there20:03
wendarI always forget too :)20:04
wendarhe will have to wait until P+1 to get into Ubuntu, unfortunately20:04
wendarbut, he could get into Debian quite quickly20:04
ajmitchonce we learn what the name is :)20:04
wendaras soon as shoes is updated20:04
ajmitchthanks for the harmonyseq vote on the list, too20:05
wendarthanks for shepherding it through, it's looking great20:05
wendarhmmm... anyone have any ideas where this launchpad branch went? lp:~app-review-board/ubuntu/oneiric/unity-lens-graphicdesign/trunk/20:17
wendarOkay, it's https://code.launchpad.net/~app-review-board versus https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-app-review-board20:19
wendarbut the packaging-tools branch shows up on both20:20
ajmitchbecause lp:~app-review-board/ubuntu/oneiric/unity-lens-graphicdesign/trunk/ is against ubuntu20:21
wendarajmitch: so, launchpad is setting the project based on the path20:53
wendarajmitch: the bigger question is, do we want these branches for ARB maintained lens/scope packages to be tagged as Ubuntu project?20:53
wendarajmitch: or, should we use bzr paths that avoid the auto-categorization?20:54
ajmitchlp branches are always lp:~person/project/branch_name, I think we make them be under the ubuntu-app-review-board project rather than ubuntu/release20:55
ajmitchmostly because these are for extras20:55
wendarajmitch: makes sense, I'll move them over20:57
wendarajmitch: but, I'll keep the Ubuntu release name in the path for sanity20:57
wendarso, lp:~app-review-board/ubuntu-app-review-board/oneiric/unity-lens-graphicdesign20:58
wendarbecause there's a decent chance we may be releasing an update to the Oneiric version of the lens, even after we've moved on to the Precise version of the lens20:59
ajmitchcan you name the branch like that?21:02
* ajmitch assumed that you could only name a release with a distro in LP branches21:03
wendarhmmm... I get a "Permission denied" error when I try to push any branch with "oneiric" in the path21:08
wendarI'll just have to encode it in the name of the branch21:09
wendarWe've now got lp:~app-review-board/ubuntu-app-review-board/unity-lens-graphicdesign-oneiric and lp:~app-review-board/ubuntu-app-review-board/unity-scopes-music-extras-oneiric21:12
ajmitchalright, thanks21:15
ajmitchI'll set aside some time this weekend to attack the queue & try & catch up on where things are at21:16
ajmitchas a bonus it's a 3-day weekend again :)21:16
ajmitchwendar: yes, I *finally* dealt with terraview, what others should I look at? :)21:29
wendarajmitch: awesome!21:30
wendarI feel worst about the oldest ones21:30
wendarit'd be nice to get them either published, or rejected21:30
wendarwhichever is appropriate21:30
wendarpac, TetraCity, or Qoobar?21:30
ajmitchlike pac, I know that was sitting around on LP for quite awhile21:30
wendaryeah, sounds good21:31
ajmitchthe feeback on that was problematic21:31
wendarI don't recall, was it too large/complex?21:32
ajmitch" Your "source package" contains some binaries (/opt/pac/lib/ex/vte32/auto/Gnome2/Vte at least), this shouldn't be the case. - Your source package also includes .deb files in /opt/pac/res, this looks wrong.21:32
wendaror, security concerns around passwords and connections?21:32
wendaroooh, packaging problems21:32
ajmitchhttps://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/179/feedback/ indicates that he couldn't find those binaries anywhere21:33
ajmitchwell, except on getdeb.net21:33
wendarso, he's got dependencies that aren't in Ubuntu21:34
wendarare they small, or likely to be added to Debian at some point?21:34
ajmitchI'll need to pull apart the package to see21:34
ajmitchit's hard when he's included them as binary .so files21:35
wendarhe's not even pulling in the source... blech21:35
ajmitchright, and they're some libraries for libvte which is a core package for ubuntu-desktop21:36
* ajmitch can't pull enough info out with objdump21:36
wendarhmmmm... it's a terminal emulator widget21:37
wendarTechnically, this did come in before we required a PPA, but I'm leaning toward reject.21:38
ajmitchlibvte is definitely in ubuntu, but I can't tell how different the one he's packaged is (apart from a large size difference in the .so)21:38
wendarIf you're inclined toward due-diligence, I'd say try running the software using the Ubuntu version of the library, and if it works go ahead and package it.21:40
wendarOtherwise, reject it on the grounds that software has to work on the current version of all dependencies in the current release of Ubuntu.21:40
ajmitchI feel bad doing so, but we really can't ship unknown binaries in source packages like that21:41
wendarAnd, don't feel bad, it's part of the policy.21:42
wendarWe're not allowed to ship updated versions of standard system libraries.21:42
ajmitchI feel bad about the time between last feedback & rejection :)21:42
wendareven if he included the source, we couldn't do it.21:42
wendaryeah, me too21:42
wendarbut, we're doing better on that now21:43
ajmitchmostly your work21:43
wendarYou gave a great apologetic message to the TerraView developer, that tone really helps.21:43
wendarAnd, so does the suggestions for what to do next.21:44
ajmitchthat's why I took so long to respond21:44
wendarYup, it's worth taking the time to phrase kind rejection messages, it makes a huge difference in the developer experience. (And in whether they're likely to learn and do better from it, or give up in frustration.)21:45
ajmitchso it looks like libgnome2-vte-perl was on getdeb.net but is no longer there21:47
wendarI think most of what I'm doing at the moment is trailblazing. Setting up easy, repeatable patterns for future apps.21:47
wendarAh, so the source isn't even available anymore.21:47
wendarMaybe dropped when it made it in to the live distro?21:47
ajmitchthere's no perl vte bindings in precise21:48
ajmitchdo you know the state of gobject introspection & perl?21:48
ajmitchif I can suggest an alternative way to use the system libvte, I won't feel so bad rejecting :)21:49
wendarAFAIK, Perl is farther behind than Python in support for gtk321:50
wendarah, wait http://search.cpan.org/~tsch/Gtk3-0.004/21:52
ajmitchright, he's the author of the vte-perl bindings tshipped as binaries in pac21:52
wendarthen maybe suggest to the pac developer to get in touch with Torsten?21:54
ajmitchso as of a week ago, there's progress in debian21:54
wendarexcellent. So, that's something to say: watch the progress of the bug, and use the new versions of the libraries when they come out21:55
ajmitchok, have added notes on that to my todo list, I won't write it up just yet22:00

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