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sveinseI'm running natty and every time I reboot, I need to run "sudo update-binfmts --enable qemu-arm" to be able to run armel binaries on intel. Is there a recent policy change disabling these binfmts at every boot?09:39
LaneyCould someone spare 2 minutes to try a test build on an arm{el,hf} (shouldn't matter) porterbox for me? http://paste.debian.net/160402/11:24
shadeslayerrsalveti: poke11:36
shadeslayerLaney: I have a armel pbuilder setup, would that work?11:37
Laneynot sure if ghc will work there, mind11:37
shadeslayerghc? I'm not quite familiar with that acronym11:37
shadeslayerLaney: uh, this is for debian? I have a precise armel pbuilder ...11:38
Laneyghc is a haskell compiler, and the target distro shouldn't matter11:38
shadeslayerLaney: uh, I didn't have  haskell-devscripts, it's going to take a bit :)11:41
shadeslayerabout 10 minutes or so11:41
shadeslayerok so I have a problem where upstream stores double precision values in databases11:43
shadeslayerbut that won't work on arm obviously11:43
shadeslayerso how do I work around databases getting tainted between arch's ?11:43
shadeslayer( the data being stored is geolocation data, seems like it's important to store it in double )11:44
janimo`shadeslayer, the ARMv7 processors that Ubuntu runs on have good double precision support11:46
janimo`even hardware registers for it :)11:46
shadeslayerjanimo`: ok weird, then why does the build fail ?11:46
shadeslayerlemme get the build log11:46
shadeslayer/build/buildd/digikam-2.5.0/extra/kipi-plugins/photolayoutseditor/widgets/canvas/CropWidgetItem.cpp:343:62: error: no matching function for call to 'qMin(qreal, double)'11:47
shadeslayerand ever since I made that to qMin(qreal, qreal) everything works just fine11:48
janimo`shadeslayer, that is a Qt programming issue that only occurs on ARM and indeed has roots in ARM traditionally not being good at double precision11:49
janimo`qreal is defined as float on ARM and double elsewhere in Qt11:50
shadeslayerok, so for ARM7 and above Qt should now define qreal as double?11:50
shadeslayerand this would make it a Qt issue11:50
janimo`when qreal and double are used interchangeably that is not an issue (x86)11:50
janimo`but when that code gets built on ARM float != double and gcc complain11:50
shadeslayerjanimo`: so essentially, qreal needs to be typedef'd to double on ARMv7 and above11:51
janimo`I am not sure it is possible anymore to change it back on ARMv7 in Qt, it likely breaks linking with binaries using Qt before the change11:51
janimo`so qreal stays float on ARM, but code needs to be careful and use qreal qhen qreal is meant and not use double liberally in its place11:52
shadeslayerhmm, yes, but I could report this issue upstream, might be fixed in time for Qt511:52
janimo`shadeslayer, that would be good indeed, Qt5 could be a place to fix this11:52
janimo`until then the kde apps using qMin must pass two qreals to that function11:52
janimo`so not identifiers declared as double11:53
janimo`lots of KDE or Qt based app have this issue still in Ubuntu and likely upstream11:53
janimo`Laney, will check your patch, took a while to get all build-deps sorted in a chroot11:54
Laneyjanimo`: thanks. I think it's straightforward - skein.cabal just doesn't set the define for unknown arches and skein_port.h errors with #error if it isn't set11:56
janimo`Laney, I just added that debian/rules change and now waiting for it to finish one way or another11:56
janimo`Laney, yes, finished successfully with that change.11:58
Laneyjanimo`: great thanks, uploading to debian now then11:59
janimo`Laney, cheers11:59
janimo`Laney, no public ARM porter boxes for you to play with when needed?12:00
Laneythere are, but you have to wait a while for BDs to be installed12:00
Laneythought it might be quicker to ask here ;-)12:00
janimo`Laney, sure np, just wanted to make sure you are not blocked on this when testing ARM changes ;)12:01
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jadahlam I supposed to be able to easily install ARM versions of libraries alongside the others on my x86_64 system in Ubuntu 12.04?13:36
jadahlmy purpose of doing so is cross compiling and running in QVM on the same computer13:37
infinitydannf: Your highbank branch ( https://code.launchpad.net/~dannf/flash-kernel/highbank-support ) doesn't include updates to debian/f-k-i.postinst14:10
dannfinfinity: ok - i'll take a look.14:10
infinitydannf: Don't ask why all that code is duplicated, it is what it is. :P14:10
dannfinfinity: do you know if we'll be rebasing on debian's version at any  point?14:12
infinitydannf: Not before precise.14:13
infinitydannf: But yes, some day we'll switch.14:13
infinityE37: No write since last change (add ! to override)14:19
ogra_silly unity, alt-tab never gets me where i expect to land14:21
jadahlare the repository containing arm packages not under archive.ubuntu.com ?14:52
ogra_jadahl, nope, they never were14:54
infinityjadahl: ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports14:54
ogra_armhf (and the old armel) are on ports.ubuntu.com14:54
infinity(and powerpc)14:54
jadahlnice, thanks14:54
infinityMore easily stated as everything !x86. :P14:54
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rsalvetiGrueMaster: lightdm seems to be quite slow even on panda15:07
rsalvetiat least while moving the cursor the cpu gets easily consumed15:07
GrueMasterrsalveti: I haven't been paying attention.  Working on arm server workload test development.15:07
rsalvetiafter launching unity-2d it works fine, but back to lightdm makes it slow again15:07
rsalvetiGrueMaster: ok, will open a bug for that15:08
rsalvetiwould like to have perf available to check, but that is another bug15:08
rsalvetippisati: were you able to check the broken perf bug?15:08
rsalvetiogra_: infinity: attached a debdiff at bug 959928 with the fix15:13
ubot2`Launchpad bug 959928 in xorg-server "Driver fallback for ARM loads the vendor driver twice and gets invalidated with the error" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95992815:13
rsalvetiso we can have the pvr driver loaded without a xorg.conf file15:13
rsalvetianother fix needed to have the working pvr driver at the archive15:13
GrueMasterIt would be super cool to have the drivers available for Beta 2.  Is this the armhf version?15:17
rsalvetiGrueMaster: yup15:18
rsalvetiGrueMaster: I got the drivers already in place, updating the bug in a few15:18
rsalvetiwould need a review and someone to sponsor15:18
rsalvetiand this xorg fix to be included as well15:18
rsalvetiGrueMaster: infinity: ogra_: bug 959924 properly updated15:40
ubot2`Launchpad bug 959924 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] pvr sgx driver and kernel module for Pandaboard" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95992415:40
rsalvetineeds a review and someone to sponsor the packages as well15:40
rsalvetijust tested and it worked fine here on both 4430 and 446015:41
rsalvetifor ARMHF15:41
rsalvetionce that lands we can also enable the notification for users to install the driver once they install the images15:41
rsalvetilike what we have for radeon or nvidia15:41
ogra_you mean jockey15:47
ogra_that will likely require some changes15:47
rsalvetiogra_: yes15:49
rsalvetiogra_: something on my todo to check15:49
rsalvetiwould be great to have that notification15:50
rsalvetiand with just one click, boom, sgx working :-)15:50
rsalvetiand then people can install TI's PPA for a newer driver, with the newer kernel and such15:50
rsalvetibut the default is already enough to get it to work with opengles applications15:50
ppisatirsalveti: checking it15:56
rsalvetippisati: thanks15:56
ppisatirsalveti: it seems it's in the code ($somewhere)15:56
ppisatirsalveti: it's not a config issue, and upstream is ok15:56
rsalvetippisati: would be useful to check with jessi and andy, I remember we had a similar issue in the past with 3.115:57
rsalvetimight be missing one patch or two15:57
ppisatirsalveti: i'll shot them an email then, thanks15:57
rsalvetippisati: great15:57
jadahlyay. it's very possible to run arm binaries seamingly under x86_64 (via qemu) just as if they were normal binaries16:01
jadahland install third party libraries into /usr/arm-linux-gnueabi16:02
ppisatirsalveti: you mean jesse barker?16:03
rsalvetippisati: http://www.linaro.org/about/meet-the-team/jaswinder-singh/16:04
ppisatirsalveti: k16:05
GrueMasterWishlist?  rsalveti, your pvr sgx packaging bug has been marked as a wishlist item.  I would think it is higher importance than that.16:10
rsalvetiGrueMaster: that's the default for needs-packaging16:10
GrueMasterah, ok.16:10
rsalvetippisati: also, can you check why the patches for cross compiling to make it compatible with dkms got reverted?16:15
rsalvetippisati: bug 66626716:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 666267 in linux-ti-omap4 "Cross compiled headers package breaks DKMS compilation" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66626716:15
rsalvetithat's useful for TI, as they want to be able to cross compile the kernel and still be able to use dkms-based packages16:15
ppisatirsalveti: becaseu they broke cross-cmpiling in a chroot16:15
rsalvetippisati: can't we just fix?16:15
rsalveti*fix that?16:16
ppisatirsalveti: so, these patches fix the DKMS problem ok? i'll see what we can do16:16
rsalvetippisati: great, thanks :-)16:17
rsalvetiyou'll make ti happy with that16:17
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ppisatirsalveti: will they make my battery last longer in that case? :)16:20
rsalvetippisati: haha, don't think so ;-)16:21
hstimerAnyone here using arm server under qemu?17:18
danboidIf I download the latest precise desktop build can I expect to get a picture out of HDMI on my panda or should I just stick with the server image?17:37
danboid(during install)17:38
danboidas I presume the desktop builds still don't support serial console output by default?17:39
GrueMasterdanboid: The desktop images will never support serial console by default, as that is not the nature of desktop images.17:43
GrueMasterIt has always supported HDMI video.17:44
danboidGrueMaster, Hi!17:46
danboidGrueMaster, Last time I tried a daily for precise desktop armhf I got no picture via hdmi - not even a fb console17:47
danboidGrueMaster, but that was before it was supposed to work17:47
GrueMasterThat's odd.  I'm running the daily from yesterday, works just fine here.17:47
danboidGrueMaster, about 2 weeks ago :)17:47
GrueMasterAre you using the hdmi port closest to the usb/nic plugs?17:48
danboidI'll try the desktop one then17:48
danboidit ,ay be fine now17:48
GrueMasterBeta 1 also worked.17:48
GrueMasterHow are you powering your panda?17:48
danboidGrueMaster, OK, thats handy to know17:48
danboidGrueMaster, 5V 4A PSU17:49
GrueMasterok.  Sometimes I see people having issues when powering over min-usb from a laptop.17:49
danboidGrueMaster, Do you know of any interesting apps that support GLES except KDE? What about epsxe?17:49
danboidGrueMaster, or any good games of course! :)17:50
GrueMasterNot off hand.  I haven't done much testing on that because before now, video drivers were post-release.17:50
GrueMasterYou could try pts or Open Arena.17:50
danboidYes, Q3 is the only other thing I know of17:51
danboid(open arena)17:51
danboidI'm hoping epsxe or that other psemu support GLES17:52
danboidThats something I'll be looking into soon17:52
danboidI just updated the main ubuntu kernel compilation guide to cater for us arm (Linaro) users btw17:54
danboidie how to know which config file to edit :)17:54
danboidis the blaze actually a working cell phone too?17:59
GrueMasterI don't know.  Might be.  Not sure if it has 3G or what.18:02
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prpplaguersalveti: ping19:33
rsalvetiprpplague: pong20:29
prpplaguersalveti: just fyi, i wasn't planning to attend Connect20:30
prpplaguersalveti: otherwise i would be happy to present if i were going20:31
rsalvetiprpplague: yeah, would be nice, but it's a quite long trip20:33
rsalvetiguess we'll be able to present something at least20:33
rsalvetiwith help of jcrigby20:33
prpplaguersalveti: hehe, don't mind the length of the trip, but the $$ , hehe20:33
prpplaguersalveti: dandy!20:33
rsalvetiprpplague: yeah, must be quite expensive, didn't yet check20:34
rsalvetiprpplague: hopefully we'll be able to show the support for the main boards we're maintaining at linaro20:34
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djshotglasscheapest arm board i can buy today?23:46
djshotglassonly needs usb and ethernet or wifi23:46
rsalvetidjshotglass: I'd recommend a beaglebone23:49
djshotglassthats almost $100 :/23:49
djshotglassi was looking for something like $2523:49
djshotglassbecause i need 4 of them23:50
rsalvetithen you'd need to grab a raspberry pi23:50
djshotglasscant get a rasp for months23:50
djshotglasspogoplugs on ebay for $25ish23:50
rsalvetithat might work23:51
GrueMasterJust remember that neither pogoplug or raspberry pi will work with ubuntu.23:51
djshotglasswhat why23:51
rsalvetiyup, you'd need to use debian23:51
rsalvetibecause they are not armv723:52
djshotglassmeh i can live with that23:52
GrueMasterCheapest armv7 (that I know of) is the beaglebone.  http://beagleboard.org23:52
rsalvetiyou might be able to buy some used beagleboards as well on ebay23:54
rsalvetior similar23:54

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