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vadihey guys - any PC builders here? (or people who reason in hardware)07:26
* head_victim raises hand too slowly08:57
head_victimsagaci: if you can link your Sydney event to the global event for the release party that would be great.11:23
head_victimI'm currently setting up the brisbane event on loco.u.c11:23
sagaciI can't really since it doesn't fall into the dates that they've proposed for the release parties11:24
head_victimOh so it won't even let you link just because it's outside the dates?11:24
sagacithat's correct11:24
head_victimHmmm worth a bug perhaps?11:24
sagacior just the release party dates to be widened11:27
head_victimI can follow it up for you if you like?11:28
head_victimWould be nice to have the event show up on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1598/detail/11:35
head_victimsagaci: should be fixed (not sure if you hang in -community-team or not)11:43
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