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Zebso, i think i like the default ubuntu unity more than kubuntu01:18
Zebonce you get compiz config and tweak01:19
Zeb trying to make the transition to ubuntu... how can i migrate my outlook pst files from windows into Thunderbird?02:11
Zebcan't figure it out02:12
Zebi did sudo apt-get install readpst, and then readpst -r blah.pst, and it converted it, but it still wont open or import into thunderbird02:12
JoseeAntonioRZeb: Let me check out if I have anything over here :)02:13
holsteinZeb: i would install thuderbird on windows, when promted, import from outlook, then copy what is needed from windows's thunderbird02:13
Zebholstein, that crossed my mind02:13
holsteinZeb: it literally wont hurt to try it02:13
Zebholstein, i suppose its either import in a windows environment or import in a linux environment... any import process will still have to take place somewhere02:14
holsteini thin the windows one works still thats what i did when i left mail clients behind02:15
Zebi hate gmail02:15
Zebon the web02:15
Zebotherwise i'd just do web-based02:15
holsteini hate clients... i hate backing them up, and migrating and upgrading... syncing02:16
Zebif i install thunderbird on my windows boot, and import the pst to thunderbird... can i then just use the same thunderbird file from within my ubuntu boot?02:17
Zebthus having a synced client regardless of which OS i boot to?02:17
holsteinZeb: i wouldnt expect that to work02:17
holsteini just migrated to linux by that method02:17
Zebok well im gonna give it a whirl... back in a bit02:20
holsteinZeb: if you keep backups of that directory, you can try it02:21
holsteinin theory, you just trash the config in windows and linux and restore the one you are about to get02:21
Zebstill wont let me Import Everything02:36
Zebhave to do each one individually, and settings doesnt work02:36
Zebbut it looks like mail at least is chugging along02:36
holsteini dont think you'll find a better option02:36
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WilsonBradleyHi, I was hoping to get some help with Annoying system crashes.  I am new to not well versed in troubleshooting Ubuntu (Yet..;-) For starters Im getting [System program problem detected] often. What log file do I look through for error? Will it say error in the log , using keyword find? Thanks03:37
asterismoi have a problem05:25
asterismodoes anybody uses xfce?05:25
JoseeAntonioRasterismo: Tell us the problem :)05:25
asterismothe directory menu applet05:25
asterismoworked well with thunar file manager05:26
asterismobut i changed it to nautilus05:26
asterismoas the default file manager05:26
asterismobut the directory menu opens nautilus always in home folder no matter what folder i select to open05:26
asterismoany ideas?05:27
JoseeAntonioRHmm, can you give me a second to check, please?05:28
asterismoyeah sure!05:28
JoseeAntonioRasterismo: Can't seem to find a common bug. The home folder opens every time you click on a folder, or it's a link?05:31
JoseeAntonioRasterismo: I'm sorry, but I have to leave now. One of my mates will help you.05:34
asterismook thanks anyway05:35
asterismothe thing is that menu directory allows you to browse folders and then open them, or open a terminal05:35
asterismowhen i browse a folder inside my home... and click open folder05:36
asterismonautilus (i set nautilus as default file manager in xubuntu) opens always in my home, not the folder i selected05:36
asterismoand that is making the whole applet useless05:36
asterismodoes anybody has any idea?05:37
asterismoi think i found the problem06:32
asterismothe problem is that i installed nautilus and it is not in the list of preferred applications06:32
asterismoin xfce settings menu06:33
asterismois that a bug?06:33
asterismowhy XFCE settings do not recognizes nautilus as another file manager other than Thunar?06:34
philipballewasterismo, you can probably configure that. did you google?06:34
asterismoyes but i cannot find nothing06:35
asterismoall howtos say06:35
asterismogo to preferred applications06:35
asterismoscroll down the list and select nautilus06:35
asterismoand i installed nautilus06:36
asterismobut it is not in the list06:36
asterismoi can write the command for nautilus (that is simply nautilus)06:36
asterismobut that makes directory menu plugin not to work06:36
philipballewdo it manually then I guess06:37
asterismomanually what06:38
philipballewset it as the prefered app06:39
asterismoyes, but the directory plugin does not work06:39
philipballewhum, well i have never run xfce,06:39
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kcazeI'm running Ubuntu on a Macbook and it seems to me that the maximum brightness for my backlight is lower than that of the brightness in Mac OS X.10:28
kcazeI've searched and found that you can change the brightness by editing the brightness file in /sys/class/backlight/mbp_backlight10:29
kcazeand was wondering if there's any danger in setting the brightness to past the maximum brightness?10:29
aluexhi guys,i met a problem. My GTK theme doesn't work. Would anybody please help me? Thanks in advance.11:42
aluexWhen I change the gtk theme in the 'Appearance' dialog, it does not make a difference.11:44
aluexAnd now my buttons, textboxes and others remain the simple style.11:44
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nothingspecialare you using ubuntu 11.10 aluex11:50
aluexyes, nothingspecial11:50
aluexi updated my system yesterday11:50
nothingspecialtry installing the gnome-tweak-tool and using it to change your theme11:51
aluexi did, and it doesn't work either./11:51
aluex: <11:51
nothingspecialare you using a custom theme?11:51
aluexno, it appears now "very simlpe"11:52
aluexlike Win 9511:52
aluex: P11:52
nothingspecialhi MGnTL11:53
nothingspecialaluex, has a theme problem11:53
MGnTLhi. :)11:54
aluexhello , MGnTL11:54
MGnTLhey. What's the problem?11:54
aluexeh, i just cannot change my gtk theme11:55
MGnTLwhat release of ubuntu?11:55
aluexit is 11.1011:55
MGnTLokay, how are you trying to change it?11:55
aluexfirst, i tried to change it in 'System settings' -> Appearance11:56
aluexand i failed11:56
aluexlater i searched online and installed gnome-tweak-tool11:56
aluexand it doesn't work either.11:56
MGnTLokay. have you logged in and out since?11:56
MGnTLcan you change between the default ambiance and radiance ones?11:57
aluexNo, it just makes no difference when i select them.11:58
MGnTLjust a minute while I install gnome-tweka on this machine. :)11:58
aluexand it now appears like win9511:58
MGnTLsorry; I have no idea. Very odd indeed. I shall look up how to do it via dconf or similiar; you might be best making an account on the Ubuntu Forums and asking there.12:00
aluexall right, thank you . :)12:01
MGnTLsorry I couldn't help. Stick around, someone else might be able to help. :)12:02
aluexehm. then i gonna log off , bye~12:03
aluexbye, nothingspecial12:03
nothingspecialcya aluex12:03
MGnTLbye aluex.12:03
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s-foxHello o/12:55
MGnTLhi s-fox.12:55
s-foxHello MGnTL ^_^12:56
MGnTLI'll stick to the other room. :)12:56
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asterismois somebody running virtualbox? with Windows XP guests?23:53
asterismoi lost 3D acceleration in Windows guests after some upgrades in Ubuntu Precise beta 123:54
asterismoi think something involving ATI propietary drivers23:54

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