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cjohnstonwow.. quiet in here02:20
sagacicjohnston: make some noise02:24
sagacicprofitt's in the spirit02:25
cjohnstonblah blah blah02:27
cprofittthump, thump, bang, thump02:27
sagacithe leadership summit at uds-p, was that a one-off event?02:28
cprofittsagaci: not sure...02:28
cprofittI think there was a desire to do that more...02:29
cprofittbut not sure if it is carrying through02:29
sagaciI enjoyed listening in to a few of the sessions02:29
cjohnstonsagaci: yes, people would like to have another one this uds02:29
cprofittI think the conversation is worthwhile... as the community grows we have to have a plan to grow leadership.02:29
cjohnstonbkerensa: I want cool free stuff :-/02:50
cprofittI gotta get some sleep all...02:56
cprofitthave a good night02:56
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komputesI've updated my bug list for 12.04 LTS - Feel free to confirm bugs which affect you.03:55
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bkerensaugh rhythmbox keeps freezing on startup05:26
bkerensajcastro: I hope to get some guidance on deciphering all the info that clint passed for my charm from you sometime tomorrow :P06:26
dholbachgood morning08:04
dpmgood morning all08:10
dpmmorning dholbach08:11
dholbachhey dpm08:11
TejasHi All,09:32
TejasI got error when i am installing a any application09:32
TejasError: Errors were encountered while processing:09:32
TejasE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:32
TejasNeed Help!!09:32
nigelbEr, you should probably ask in #ubuntu09:33
nigelbthat's the support channel.09:33
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sagacicjohnston: morning10:42
sagaciare you going to uds?10:42
sagaciI was hoping the precise cds would be available by then10:44
cjohnstonthey normally are10:46
dpmhi AlanBell, a while ago I asked for getting a bugbot back into #ubuntu-translators (at some point it seemed to die and never came back). I asked on #ubuntu-ops but I never got an answer, and then someone mentioned you might be able to help?10:47
cjohnstondpm: jpds10:48
czajkowskicjohnston: he's on hols10:48
cjohnstonk.. I've always been told that jpds owns the bug bots10:48
dpmargh, pinged him already10:48
czajkowskicjohnston: he owns them but others can do stuff as well10:49
dpmI can see some info here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots but I cannot figure out who to talk to10:50
cjohnstonwhen I asked jussi he said jpds.. that's all I know10:50
AlanBelldpm: ask in #ubuntu-irc, it is normally jpds10:54
czajkowskiAlanBell: and is there a back up plan for when he's not here10:55
AlanBellwe were talking about moving them onto the ubottu server10:56
AlanBelljussi has sent ubottu into a few channels for bugbot purposes10:56
czajkowskiAlanBell: can you arrange for that in the mean time as I know jpds is away this week on annual leave10:58
czajkowskiteam contacts and team owners will cause my head to explode one of the these days11:00
head_victimWe have a city in our Loco that is holding a release party event the weekend before the actual release to coincide with school/university hours better. They're not able to link it to the global event because the date window starts on the release date. Is this something that could be widened to allow them to link to the global event or is there reasons for this?11:33
czajkowskihead_victim: aye I can change the date for the release party11:37
czajkowskiusually it;s the date of release onwards but can go before if needed11:37
czajkowskihead_victim: what date?11:38
head_victimThey're doing it the 21st11:42
czajkowskihead_victim: altered it now11:43
czajkowskihope that helps11:43
head_victimAppreciated greatly.11:43
head_victimAnd it will add another event to the global count ;)11:43
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cprofitthead_victim: glad to see another launch party... still working on getting the details of New Yorks buttoned down.12:03
head_victimcprofitt: our loco is up to 2 so far and I'm hoping to get a couple more around the place.12:06
cprofittnice work... I had three locations at one point, but a deployment by the Navy and relocation of another member has caused me to lose the organizers of those12:07
cprofitttrying to rebuild the organizer 'role' this LP12:07
head_victimOur loco (Australia) is so geographically diverse we need to try and do a few.12:07
* cprofitt nods12:07
sagaciYep under the umbrella event now12:07
head_victimConversely we don't have enough active members to split the team up really all that well either.12:07
sagaciIts really only been head_victim in the past two yrs in regards to offline events12:09
cprofitthead_victim sagaci - yeah... it is difficult to build other organizers... many are willing to attend, but get nervous about organizing12:09
head_victimsagaci: we'll get there :) Once you string a few meetings together in the same vicinity people start to interact better.12:09
cprofitt+1 head_victim12:10
head_victimWe're starting to throw in mid release tech get togethers this year as well in one of the locations. Just to keep people interacting but not overwhelming them with time commitments.12:11
* cprofitt nods12:11
cprofittin my area that is a bit of an issue... we have a large number of tech related groups12:11
head_victimAh in mine, there is a couple but they are more social than anything and very hard to get into the social circles.12:12
cprofittgeneral CP user group, Python group, Perl group, Java group, Hackerspace, Linux User Group and the Ubuntu group12:12
head_victimSo when you provide a positive atmosphere newer people are happier to come along.12:12
cprofittoh... and a 2600 group12:12
sagaciHow is the ubuntu group going12:18
cprofittsagaci: right now it primarily does special events and helps augment existing groups12:31
cprofittI did not want other groups to feel as though we were competing with them12:31
cprofittMonthly we co-sponsor a Linux Workshop and I would say 90% of the folks that come for 'Linux Help' are Ubuntu users12:32
cprofittso that works well12:32
cprofittsagaci: is that what you meant?12:32
sagaciAre you going to uds?12:33
cprofittYes, I will be at UDS12:33
cprofittwill you be there sagaci?12:34
sagaciCant wait. Its the epitome of any computery event12:35
mhall119sagaci: it's actually very different than a show/expo12:36
cprofittyeah... its a work session for the community12:36
cprofittlots of fun, but lots of work12:36
sagaciYep I'm comparing it to linux.conf.au12:36
sagaciBeing ubuntu centric rather than linux as a whole12:37
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cprofittsagaci: is this your first one?12:41
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cprofittVery nice!!12:42
sagaciShould be awesome12:42
cprofittjust make sure you get enough sleep12:42
mhall119nobody gets enough sleep12:44
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jcastromhall119, hola12:53
mhall119hi jcastro12:53
jcastrobkerensa, hah I think he's being overley picky12:54
jcastrobut it's all good, maybe today I'll have a chance to look at it and help out12:55
s-foxGood afternoon :-)12:55
s-foxsagaci,  south african ?12:56
s-foxAh ;)  :)12:56
s-foxHow're you ?12:56
sagaciNot bad, what're you up to today12:57
s-foxsagaci,  not a great deal, just working on my new avatar for the ubuntu forums, want to see?12:59
sagaciIm on a mobile device so I'll wait til later13:00
s-foxHaha, probably wise :)13:00
s-foxYou up to much today?13:00
sagaciNah... about to head to bed13:02
technovikingjcastro: Got the SSO link on front page but it errors out14:50
technovikingneed to get Stuart some logs will be IS about that14:50
technovikingWe got project cool project that we are running on Ubuntu. It will scan tiff/jpg/png scans of paper ducuments and look for hidden/erased or text shadows and show them. Very CSI14:52
technovikingsetup of a better server for it today14:53
dholbachdpm, you know who a hero is? asomething - he is just fantastic15:58
jo-erlendalanBell: hey. I read about your quicklist-thing. Cool stuff. Why are you not in #ubuntu-app-devel? :)15:58
dholbachI'll play around with it some more - hopefully we can merge it and ask folks to translate it15:59
dpmdholbach, that's really awesome!15:59
dpmdholbach, I still haven't changed the frequency of updates of the guide. Let me do it in a few mins...16:00
dholbachdpm, and it looks like it was a royal pain in the ar.. to get it right16:00
AlanBelljo-erlend: um, because I don't do much app dev, I just got so frustrated at not being able to use my desktop I had to fix it!16:01
AlanBelljo-erlend: where did you read about it?16:03
jo-erlendAlanBell, I'd like my program to run subprocesses and then be able to switch between those windows. For instance, I open two instances of gnome-terminal and then my app switches between them for me. Will studying your code teach me how to do that?16:03
AlanBellpossibly, not sure I understand the scenario though16:04
jo-erlendalanBell; omgubuntu is going to publish an article about it, I think. I got an rss feed from them, but they removed the page afterwards. However, it contained a link to theopensourcerer.com16:04
AlanBellok, thought it might be that, it turned up in my rss feed from there too, but there is no article16:04
jo-erlendalanBell: well, I'm writing some stuff for Quickly. It uses Gedit for source, glade for ui design, bazaar for vcs, etc. I'd like a better way to switch between those windows.16:05
AlanBelloh I see, so you want to group a bunch of windows into a "task" or something and flick between them with ease16:05
jo-erlendright. So, for instance, if i have two open quickly projects at the same time, if I want to edit one of them, it'll switch to the right instance of gedit.16:06
* AlanBell likes this plan16:06
mhall119so compiz used to have a plugin for grouping windows,not sure if that still works or not16:06
jo-erlendI do too. The prototype was awesome, so I started development today. But how to do the window management is an unknown. When I read your post, I thought it might be a good starting point.16:07
jo-erlendmhall119, that's not what I want to do. I want normal window handling, but I want to use the HUD so that entering "edit" will focus the GEdit instance for the currently active Quickly project.16:08
jo-erlendthis is not critical, but definitely something I want to have.16:09
AlanBellhmm, not sure the HUD will work like that16:16
AlanBellI have the group and tab compiz plugin, I have no idea what it does though16:16
jo-erlendalanBell; the HUD part is working flawlessly. That's why I simplified it to simply say that my app creates two instances of a program and I want my app to switch between them.16:25
jo-erlendalanBell; is your thing able to distinguish between instances that way, or does it just list open windows without knowing anything more about it than the title?16:27
jo-erlendhmm. I think I'll go read it. It'll probably be useful :)16:28
AlanBellit is based on windows16:31
AlanBellrun dfeet to see the dbus stuff16:32
mhall119jcastro: is OMG having problems with their rss/facebook linkage?16:32
AlanBellthe documentation around unity is pretty rubbish, but once you understand dfeet it all becomes clear16:32
AlanBelljo-erlend: gedit /usr/bin/quicklists it is not that long :)16:33
mhall119AlanBell: dpm and I are both hard at work improving the state of Unity documentation16:34
dpmas we speak, literally :)16:35
nigelbmhall119, jcastro http://ploum.net/post/what-if-ubuntu-were-right16:38
nigelbYou'll find it interesting.16:38
mhall119nigelb: you'll find I've already commented on it16:39
jcastromhall119, what FB/rss linkage?16:40
nigelbmhall119: I think his point about being a Canonical project is that, Canonical controls development and direction.16:40
nigelbI'm not opposed. That's a great idea.16:40
* jalcine clicks.16:40
mhall119jcastro: jo-erlend saw something from them on RSS that isn't on their site, and there's a post on FB about an article that isn't on their site16:41
jcastrooh, I've noticed he's been unpublishing sometimes16:41
jcastrohe should be sorted in an hour or two when we redeploy16:41
mhall119nigelb: yeah, but even that isn't accurate (though it's much harder to get real metrics about)16:41
jcastrothe stock charm gave him old wordpress so he's been forced to do some weird things16:41
mhall119ah, ok16:41
jcastrobut the new charm is slick ootb16:41
nigelbmhall119: meh, I'm not talking about metrics. I'm talking about reality. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I'd rather have Canonical controling the project tha it be a trollfest.16:42
jcastrocanonical is driving the project, sure16:43
mhall119nigelb: there's a lot more community involvement in decisions than most people realize16:44
jcastrobut designers in GNOME don't exactly let you do what you want either.16:44
nigelbjcastro: Yes, that's what I mean.16:44
jalcinedon't exactly?16:44
jcastroit's not a company-specific thing16:44
jcastroboth have design-driven goals16:44
jalcinemore like "if it's not in my mind, it's not happening."16:44
nigelbAgain, I'm not saying that's a bad thing.16:44
jcastroright, I personally think it's a good thing16:44
jcastrobut we're certainly not android16:45
nigelbWe are better than android.16:45
jalcineAndroid has a different situation, no?16:45
nigelbAnd also better than the other extreme.16:45
jcastrosure, and no one really flames them16:45
jcastroeveryone is like "OMG ASOP IS OUT, YES!"16:45
jcastroif we did it that way we'd get killed.16:45
jcastroeither way, in unity even if you're Canonical you don't get what you want.16:46
jcastroMark dug dodge but it tested poorly, so out it went.16:46
mhall119even if you're Mark you don't get what you want (dodge)16:47
jcastroit's like if you're going to say we're all about testing, then that includes your favorite pet features16:47
nigelbWhat I'm trying to say is, this what I tell people who says Ubuntu should have used Gnome3.16:47
nigelbI tell them, "so redhat can screw them around on gnome?"16:47
nigelbthat shuts most people up :)16:47
jcastroand though this is a hard pill for some people to swallow, it's really what everyone has been asking for on their desktop for the past 15 years.16:47
mhall119^^ this16:48
jcastro"I want expert people doing real user studies so I don't have a crap desktop"16:48
jcastrosome people are just losing the forest for the trees16:48
nigelbPeople who I know used Windows for ages, now like Ubuntu better.16:48
jcastrobecause when you want to do that you might lose things like focus follows mouse.16:48
nigelbaww, I liked that feature ;-)16:49
jcastromost people don't even care. My wife didn't notice unity at all16:49
nigelbI keeping going to the speaker thing in mac and scroll. And the realize that it doesn't work on OS X.16:49
jcastroas far as she was concerned the firefox icon got bigger16:49
jcastroshe still clicks on it and types "facebook"16:49
jcastroand for the experts well, I'll take the pepsi challenge on our keyboard shortcuts and multitasking features vs. 10.04 every day of the week.16:50
cprofittYou can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need16:50
snap-lhttp://decafbad.net/2012/03/06/ubuntu-global-jam-we-came-we-saw-we-jammed/#comments <- jcastro: and then there's this16:50
mhall119by far the biggest hurdle Unity has is making people drop their bad-habits from other UIs16:50
jo-erlendalanBell: quite helpful! Thanks :)16:51
nigelbokay, back to work. I hve code to finish.16:51
jalcinemhall119: +1 on that.16:51
jbichajcastro: I agree, GNOME Classic is a bit frustrating to use for multi-tasking16:51
jcastrosnap-l, ctrl-alt-t16:51
jalcineif anything, it's upgrading the mental cycle of what a UI should be in order to promote affective computing.16:51
jbichaI have to use Classic occasionally to make sure it still works16:52
jcastrothat guy is pumping his chest about the command line but using menus to get to it? I don't buy that.16:52
snap-ljcastro: Feel free to post on that. ;)16:52
snap-lI know he'll read it. ;)16:52
pleia2ctrl-alt-t <316:52
mhall119snap-l: or tap super and type "term" to see all your terminal choices16:52
mhall119again, unlearning bad habits16:53
AlanBelldpm: mhall119: to be honest the documentation could consist of "please install d-feet, and connect to the session bus and look at com.canonical.*"16:53
pleia2(I've had that binding forever anyway)16:53
snap-lmhall119: Trust me, UNity is not going to make this guy happy at all16:53
mhall119AlanBell: what is d-feet?16:53
snap-lhe has a stack of 486s in his basement that at some point will get used.16:53
cprofittcntl+alt+t = termial too16:53
jcastropleia2, I am reasonably certain that binding has existed for all of ubuntu's existance16:53
AlanBellmhall119: it is a dbus browser16:53
jcastrosince we got it from gnome!16:53
pleia2cprofitt: that's what we're referring to :)16:53
mhall119snap-l: dear god man16:53
mhall119AlanBell: oh nice!16:53
pleia2jcastro: I never used gnome :x16:53
snap-lWhat, I don't know... hopefully for something other than heating. ;)16:53
cprofittsnap-l: just have him listen to the Rolling Stones... tell him they had it right16:54
cprofittYou can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need16:54
jcastrosnap-l, show him this: http://www.jorgecastro.org/2011/11/01/how-i-roll/16:54
jalcineWell, this guy can always, always hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 to F616:54
snap-ljcastro: You have posting privs. ;)16:54
jcastrono way man, I'm still on the hook for ccsm haters, this one is all you.16:54
AlanBellI am watching you jcastro ;)16:55
mhall119jcastro: lol, old yahoo, those were the days16:55
snap-ljcastro: You're still on the hook for breaking wireless fwcutter16:55
jcastroAlanBell, you fixed the major issues, I have no problems.16:55
* snap-l hides.16:55
jcastrowell I have problems with it, but at least now it's not so sucky.16:55
jcastroanyway, ctrl-alt-t gets me to where I need to go, since I am now server guy16:56
jcastroall unity flames go to mhall119 now16:56
AlanBellsomeone should do a little patch to it to allow it to start in an "only tinker with unity" mode16:56
* mhall119 puts on his fire-suit16:56
mhall119bring it16:57
AlanBellthen myunity can drift off into a comfortable retirement16:57
jcastroI think myunity is a fine tool for people who want to use it.16:57
mhall119jcastro: http://www.dmoz.org/ is even still around16:58
jcastroyeah I know it's written in basic or whatever16:58
jcastrobut the guy is actually working on something to make lives easier for people16:58
jcastroso for that, thumbs up from me16:58
mhall119jcastro: we can't have that16:58
jalcineHey wait16:58
jalcineIn that article, about Ubuntu being right, they say "Unity is a pure Canonical project like Android is a pure Google project"16:58
jalcineGoogle bought Android and open-sourced it, didn't they?16:58
mhall119they bought it, not sure if it was open source previously or not16:59
mhall119either way, he meant the current state of things16:59
jalcineah, okay.16:59
* jalcine continues.16:59
pleia2now that I read an overwhelming number of ubuntu articles to prep for UWN I realize how widespread the belief that Canonical does everything is, at first I thought I should send corrections but apparently it tends to be intentional (even after correction, they won't change titles or conclusions drawn from incorrect facts)17:01
jcastroyes, I get that all the time17:01
jcastro"my bug fixed, thanks canonical!" "no, actually that was this guy over here."17:01
pleia2buncha liars and crooks in the press ;)17:02
jalcinepropaganda in F/OSS?17:02
jcastroso a while back I went to this lug and spoke17:02
jcastroand I wanted to test my theory17:03
jcastroso I didn't tell them who I worked for17:03
jcastroI just said "ubuntu"17:03
jcastroand then I did a talk and stuff17:03
jcastroand watched how people reacted.17:03
jcastroand then at the end I was like "thanks everyone for coming! I'll leave my cards here up front if you have questions" or whatever17:03
nigelbtroll :P17:04
jcastroand then one guy was like "omg I didn't know you worked for canonical I wouldn't have said all those things about blah blah sucking."17:04
jcastroit's like, thanks bro!17:04
jcastroif it would have been volunteer time, then I'm fair game I guess. lol.17:04
mhall119jcastro: then there's the other group that would have whined *more* if they knew you were Canonical17:04
s-foxmy lug sucks, lol17:05
nigelbTo be fair, I expected people to think "wait, you're CAnonica? Drat, I wouldn't have been so nice to you then"17:05
nigelbI commented on this bug about taking a week to fix.17:06
jcastromhall119, sometimes that happens to me.17:06
nigelband the guy's like "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU CANONICAL PEOPLE!?!?1111"17:06
jcastro"oh hey so since you work at canonical I thought I'd bring this bug to your attention."17:06
nigelb"Er, I'm not Canonical" "oh sorry! Carry on!"17:06
jcastroI mean, what can I say to that other than "don't worry dude, my bugs are just as ignored as yours are."17:06
nigelblook at all the bugs you file about LP. :P17:07
nigelbI had to fix bugs I really wanted to see fixed myself. ;-)17:07
nigelbOn a positive note, I'm glad I can do that.17:08
jo-erlendjcastro, hehe :)17:09
bkerensanigelb: https://launchpad.net/~not-canonical17:18
nigelbbkerensa: *cough* I'm co-admin.17:18
nigelbThis was before the times of not-canonical17:18
pleia2the best part of ~not-canonical is "Former members" :)17:19
* nigelb looks at popey and czajkowski 17:20
jbichanigelb: I had someone think I was canonical last week because the not-canonical logo looked too similar17:20
nigelbjbicha: haha17:21
AlanBellpleia2: we have also had people announce they are leaving canonical by joining it :)17:22
nigelbwe did?17:22
popeyi deliberated so hard about when to quit that team ☺17:23
jalcineWow. Talk about transparency.17:23
jcastropopey, well it could be worse, you could have deleted it.17:24
czajkowskipoor popey you're never gonna get away from that slagging are you17:26
* czajkowski had to wait till pleia2 was asleep and AlanBell not online, very hard time to find a nice time in those time frame! 17:27
jcastroI live vicariously through popey17:27
czajkowskijust when I get the hang of LP a new issue comes up, and feel like a newbie again, LP is MASSIVE!17:33
nigelbczajkowski: I'm admin too ;-)17:36
nigelbSo, you'll not find all 3 of us asleep.17:36
dholbachalright, I'm calling it a day - see you all tomorrow17:36
nigelbg'nite dholbach!17:36
dholbachbye :)17:37
mhall119where's akgraner?  It's odd to not have her around17:37
bkerensamhall119: LinaroLand :D17:44
mhall119what? they're not doing another connect right now are they?17:52
jcastrohah, SURPRISE developer summit!!!17:56
jcastropopey, x220 kernel, I think I found it.18:03
jcastrobut I need you to confirm if you can18:03
popeyjcastro: i haven't had the issue for ages18:04
popeybut sure, mine is idle at the moment, let me know what you need18:04
jcastrothat would have been awesome to have said in the bug report.18:06
jcastropopey, stock precise kernel and you're not having the issue?18:07
popeyjcastro: i haven't had the issue for ages because I'm wired dude18:07
popeyif I had stuff to report, I would18:07
jcastrooh, so it might still be an issue for you you just don't know?18:08
popeyplus when I did get it, it was very intermittent18:09
* popey reboots and unplugs wired18:09
jcastroyeah it takes me about 24 hours to test each kernel18:10
jcastrowe know the latest upstream kernel fixes it18:10
jcastrowe just need to know where in the process from precise kernel to pure-upstream that happened18:10
popeyok, mine is on 3.2.0-19-generic now, what do you want me to test on it?18:11
czajkowski136 updates18:12
czajkowskioh joy18:12
czajkowskiI did 84 last night18:12
popey\o/ fixes18:12
czajkowskiwonder will it fix my power issue icon again18:12
popeywassup with it?18:12
czajkowskiit seems to come and go these days 3 weeks working 1 week fecked18:12
czajkowskiwhen it's unplugged and discharging it's not shwowing it correctly18:13
czajkowskishows me 2 hrs left18:13
czajkowskithen empty really fast18:13
czajkowskiwhere as before it was a lot more gradual18:13
czajkowskibbiab need to EOD report18:15
jcastropopey, the very last post he posts, has a link to the kernel I tested on18:16
jcastroinstall it, boot into it, put in the bug if the wireless sucks18:16
jcastroif it works awesome then just say that18:17
jcastroand then we'll keep going18:17
cprofittjcastro: wish I could help, but I no longer have access to an X220 -- is it a certain model of Intel wireless or just the Lenovo?18:19
jcastroI think it's just the x22018:20
jcastroI am getting  somewhere, it's just the cycle takes so long18:20
hggdhcjohnston: ping19:22
cjohnstonhggdh: pong19:23
greg-gLoCo Council meeting happening in #ubuntu-meeting20:04
popeyhaha mhall119 engaging with the troll20:32
jcastropopey, URL20:35
* nigelb goes to watch fireworks20:36
jcastrothat guy20:36
czajkowskiwhich guy only see mhall11920:37
czajkowskidont see all 7 comments20:37
nigelbI'm guessing you were at some point sensible enough to block someone :-)20:38
czajkowskioh I've a few people bloked :)20:38
czajkowskigot tired of their stuff blokcing up my stream20:38
czajkowskinow I can enjoy :)20:38
popeyhe's just so damned rude20:39
snap-lI think he's one of the reasons none of you hang out on identi.ca. ;)20:42
snap-lWhich is unfortunate, because I think he canned his account there.20:42
mhall119I never hung out on identi.ca because it was like a deserted version of twitter, which I also don't hang out on20:42
snap-lIt's only as deserted as you make it. ;)20:43
mhall119well like I said, I don't use twitter either, so...20:43
snap-lyour loss. ;)20:44
mhall119what I lose in content I gain in time ;)20:46
czajkowskimhall119: multitask :)20:46
snap-lczajkowski: ++20:46
cjohnstonI don't find much content on twitter thats different enough than whats on FB to bother with both.20:47
mhall119czajkowski: i *do* multi-task20:48
cjohnstonand the only thing I can find good about g+ is hangouts :-/20:48
mhall119I need another core so I can properly multi-process rather than context switching all the time20:48
snap-lcjohnston: That's a no-brainer for me: I don't use Facebook20:49
cjohnstonyour loss ;-)20:49
snap-lcjohnston: Trust me, no loss20:49
czajkowskidifferent tools I guess20:49
czajkowskiI stopped using identi.ca due to fab and bradly it just got too noisy20:50
popeymeh, they all have their uses20:50
czajkowskitwitter is fun20:50
czajkowskifacebook I get to keep up with non oss folks20:50
czajkowskiand G+ is good for hangouts and reading articles20:50
czajkowskiand irc for all you charming folks!20:50
snap-lczajkowski: fab is gone20:53
popeyidentica is still full of lunatics20:54
popeyalways was20:54
snap-lpopey: I resemble that remark. :)20:54
nigelbI first read, "I resent that remark"20:55
snap-lBut yeah, that really makes me angry. Seemed like it wass a pecker-measuring contest for how FOSS you could be20:55
snap-land in the end it killed it for lots of folks.20:56
* snap-l is still holding out hope20:56
mhall119for me, Facebook is personal and G+ is work/community20:57
greg-gJust be careful who you follow, as with anywhere :)20:58
greg-gI mean, do you see me following snap-l on identi.ca? hecks no20:58
jcastroexcept with G+ you can have a "idiot" circle20:58
jcastroand to me, that is worth it right there20:58
mhall119mine is called "haters"20:58
popeyI call it "gimps" but yeah20:58
jcastromine is actually a combination of swears, but you get the idea.20:59
greg-goh, just to call people names, yeah, THAT's the feature identi.ca lacks, passive aggressive hating ;)20:59
jcastroforums down for anyone right now?21:00
jcastrohmm, something wonky going on there21:00
mhall119jcastro: they banned you21:00
snap-lNo, sadly they're still up. ;)21:00
snap-ljcastro: Wishful thinking, I suppose. ;)21:00
mhall119snap-l: don't say that too loudly around popey21:00
popeyhahah snap-l21:01
* snap-l wishes we could all just use Usenet and get it over with.21:02
mhall119who needs DNS when I can enter ever website I care about in my /etc/hosts file?21:03
snap-lmhall119: As long as it contains usenet.ubuntu.com, then yes. :)21:04
greg-g"/etc/hosts, the original bookmark"21:04
snap-lYeah, I know, I'm an old fart who liked usenet21:05
popeyI do love randomly writing text and via magic it turns out to be exactly 140 chars long21:06
mhall119and who needs wordpress when geocities lets you run your own webpage?21:06
snap-lInstead of having 500 forum accounts, I had one usenet account21:06
popeyforums suck, everyone knows that21:06
snap-lmhall119: Ah, different usecase21:06
mhall119snap-l: don't ruin my sarcasm with facts!21:07
snap-lmhall119: Dude, I haven't even taped up my glasses to rebuff that inaccuracy.21:07
jalcineEver kick back too far in a wheelie chair in front of your computer and just fall?21:17
mhall119no, never21:19
* mhall119 looks around21:19
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s-foxHello :)23:28

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