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robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, beware the dreaded rls-p-tracking tag :)00:47
robert_ancellRAOF, did you have any luck with the u-g background corruption on exit issue?  If you're not working on it I'm going to have a look at that today00:50
RAOFrobert_ancell: I've got a bunch of things which infuriatingly *don't* work.00:51
robert_ancellRAOF, do you know if anything has changed?  This all used to work00:52
RAOFDid it?  At what point did it work?00:52
robert_ancelllast cycle (at least for me)00:52
robert_ancellmy current machine shows a black screen between the greeter and the session, which is I assume my driver clearing the memory where others don't00:53
robert_ancellbut it used to switch to the bg and then get replaced by the session00:53
robert_ancellRAOF, did you try XCopyArea from the window to the root window?00:54
RAOFrobert_ancell: I did, yes.00:54
RAOFrobert_ancell: Did it work on *all* drivers last cycle?00:54
robert_ancellI can't say for sure00:54
RAOFIntel still works, presumably because it's acceleration architecture works in such a way that the wrong things unity-greeter was doing did the right thing.00:55
robert_ancellthere's a good chance it didn't00:55
robert_ancellif XCopyArea doesn't work that's really odd - that should be 100% safe from the X protocol point of view afaict00:55
RAOFIntel works for me.  Or, at least, worked until I started trying to fix it :)00:55
robert_ancellDid you dive into the GDM code and check they're not doing anything special?  The original code was based off them00:55
RAOFrobert_ancell: I think my problem with XCopyArea was that I did it before the root window was exposed; thus, it disappeared.00:56
robert_ancellactually you'd have to do an XCopyArea to a pixmap and set that as the root window background I supose - windows don't remember their content in X00:56
RAOFHm.  That could work.00:57
RAOFAlternatively, I could unmap unity-greeter's window and then XCopyArea.  But that'd leave a flash, so not good.00:58
robert_ancellThe implementation was just to draw into the pixmap and set that as the background - you really *shouldn't* need to XCopyArea01:00
RAOFAlthough, as mentioned in the bug, you should do that after you've actually *drawn* to the pixmap :)01:01
RAOFAlso, cairo doesn't guarantee that the pixmap contains anything sensible until you surface.flush() it.01:02
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RAOFDoing both of these things doesn't fix it, however.01:02
robert_ancellalso, doesn't Cairo use Surfaces instead of Pixmaps internally?  So perhaps they have different behaviour to Pixmaps when the clients exit?01:02
robert_ancellDoes each driver essentially implement XRENDER themselves?01:02
RAOFNo; the acceleration architecture does that.01:03
robert_ancellthat's common code in X.org?01:03
robert_ancelland then the drivers just have buffers etc01:03
RAOFWhich would be my guess as to why Intel works, and radeon/nouveau do not; Intel's using their own home-brewed UXA acceleration arch, radeon/nouveau are using the in-server EXA implementation.01:03
RAOFWhere's the gdm code that does this?01:05
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* robert_ancell hunts around01:07
RAOFLooks to be in gdm-slave.c01:07
robert_ancellit's probably based off gui/simple-greeter/greeter-main.c01:08
robert_ancellbut it may actually be using gnome-background from libgnome (?)01:09
robert_ancellRAOF, yes, gnome-desktop/libgnome-desktop/gnome-bg.c01:10
robert_ancellso it might work better if we have a separate process keeping the root window alive?01:12
RAOFI thought the root window hung around, though.01:15
desrtpitti wins at being german02:16
desrt1) make a claim using a numbers like 99.99995%02:16
desrt2) cite a footnote that explains why this calculation is the actual accurate value02:16
mterryrobert_ancell, ping about bug 88010402:29
ubot2`Launchpad bug 880104 in lightdm "Using pam_group results in: pam_group(lightdm:setcred): unable to set the group membership for user: operation not permitted" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88010402:29
mterryrobert_ancell, it's because of the call to initgroups, which wipes the group list02:29
mterryrobert_ancell, I think we need something smarter like a call to getgroups, merge with existing groups, and then a call to setgroups or something like that.  I'm about to go to bed, and will deal with it tomorrow unless you're feeling frisky02:30
robert_ancellmterry, ok, cheers.  I thought it might be something like that02:30
robert_ancellIt might be that the groups are set after authenticate but before pam_open_session.  So we just need to do it after the authenticate (i.e. once we know what user we have)02:31
robert_ancellyeah, it's done in pam_setcred, so we just need to move the setgroups02:33
mterryrobert_ancell, you mean move initgroups to before pam_setcred?02:35
mterryrobert_ancell, easy enough02:35
robert_ancellI'm guessing that the group memberships doesn't affect any things that a root process wants to do02:36
robert_ancellso the only thing we have to do last is drop privileges02:36
mterryDo group memberships matter for root?02:36
robert_ancellmterry, I'll work up a patch for it02:41
desrtwho is reponsible for gnome-language-selector?03:14
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RAOFOk.  I can definitely draw *something* to the root window's backing pixmap, and it works.03:37
RAOFAha.  It *is* setting the root backing pixmap; it's just setting it to garbage.03:46
RAOFHuh.  We create the pixmap, but nothing ever draws to it.03:52
RAOFVala needs a debugger ☹04:02
desrtRAOF: gdb?04:06
RAOFYeah, but then you need to read vala's c output to make sense.04:07
desrtcompile with -g04:07
desrtthen you get to read vala code instead04:07
RAOFOoh, that'd be much more fun!04:08
RAOFHm.  ‘[+20.72s] CRITICAL: gtk_widget_draw: assertion `!widget->priv->alloc_needed' failed’ is why lightdm is drawing garbage to the root window.04:09
desrtlightdm does its image loading in threads04:10
desrti wonder if it's doing more than that in the thread accidentally04:10
RAOFWell, it's already successfully drawn the background.04:10
RAOFThis is just trying to draw the background on a different cairo context.04:11
RAOFdesrt: What can cause that assertion to fail?04:11
* desrt wonders how it happens that sometimes the amd64 builders get so far behind and other times it's the i386 ones04:12
desrtRAOF: forcing a draw when a size invalidation has been scheduled04:12
desrtcould resolution changes be involved?04:12
RAOFWell, it's drawing on a different-sized surface.04:13
RAOFA framebuffer-sized pixmap, rather than whatever GTK normally thinks its drawing on.04:13
desrtthis is unity-greeter?04:14
RAOFIt's (now) doing everything to set the root window's backing pixmap, except actually drawing to it :)04:14
desrtwhy the hell is it being done this way?04:15
RAOFI think because it's roughly what gnome-desktop does.04:16
desrtit doesn't punt through a widget04:17
desrt.draw() is not a pure vfunc, you must understand04:17
desrtcalling background.draw() does NOT result in calling the draw() function on the Background class04:17
desrtit results in calling gtk_widget_draw() on the background instance04:17
desrtwhich will so some stuff04:17
desrtmaybe calling that function will be in there somewhere04:18
desrtor maybe throwing an assert04:18
desrtare you trying to get the login box as part of what you are drawing?04:19
desrtor only the background?04:19
RAOFOnly the background.04:20
RAOFYeah, I know it's calling gtk_widget_draw.04:20
desrtso that draw function chains up to the GtkFixed draw04:20
* RAOF has been hitting the C code, as unity-greeter doesn't (by default) build with -g04:20
desrtwhich will draw the container children -- like the login box04:20
desrtprobably you'd rather call draw_full() directly04:21
desrtthat way you can skip the trip through gtk04:21
RAOFOk.  So, it's entirely the wrong thing to do, and the only reason it wasn't obvious is that (a) GTK critical assertions aren't fatal, and (b) the Intel driver accidentally used the right contents for the uninitialised pixmap.04:21
desrttime for me to go to bed, then :)04:25
RAOFSweet dreams!04:25
desrtuh... you too.04:25
jasoncwarner_hey robert_ancell , I mentioned to RAOF , but a black screen is better than the corruption that we are seeing, so that might be step 1. step 2 would be to fix the corruption. Step 3 is probably ??? and step 4 is our friend profit04:27
RAOFjasoncwarner_: We've just hit step 2.04:27
robert_ancellRAOF, \o/04:28
jasoncwarner_RAOF: !!!04:28
RAOFIt'll now be just as fast to fix it as to remove the transition.04:28
RAOFWell, at least, if my xnest testing is accurate :)04:28
RAOFrobert_ancell: I'm *amazed* that code works on Intel.  It's wrong in so many ways :)04:30
robert_ancellRAOF, which code?04:30
RAOFThe code for setting the root window background pixmap.04:30
robert_ancellwhat's the main way it's wrong?04:31
RAOFIt never draws to the pixmap.04:31
RAOFWell, that's the *final* reason it's wrong :)04:31
robert_ancellthat one seems quite major04:31
robert_ancellwhat's with the drivers allowing pixmaps with uninitialized memory?04:32
RAOFPerformance optimisation?04:32
RAOFWhat's with Intel *accidentally* picking up the right pixmap? :)04:32
robert_ancellso any X program can just allocate a pixmap and read from it?04:32
RAOFYeah, totally.04:32
robert_ancelli.e. reading your video memory04:32
RAOFNot sure about that; there may be guards on the reading.04:33
RAOFAnyway, I need to go off to an appointment now.  I'll come back and prepare a unity-greeter merge.04:33
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robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, what are these rls-p-tracking magic tags?05:59
didrocksgood morning06:16
didrockshey jibel06:26
didrocksjibel: with the QA lab shutted down, I think that it's up again (can connect to wazn), but no vm running on it06:27
RAOFBah, Robert's gone.07:20
RAOFHeh.  No mterry, etiher.07:23
jibeldidrocks, good morning07:44
jibeldidrocks, on it07:44
didrocksthanks :)07:45
RAOFHuh.  The latest unity-greeter's not in bzr.07:45
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pitticjwatson, stgraber: you could also just get the last two values from the result, like call()[-2:]07:59
pitticjwatson: your's also looks good07:59
pittiseiflotfy: right, bug report with test case appreciated08:00
pittidesrt: I was actually incorrect -- that number assumed that 50% of users couldn't find it, but I failed to neglect that08:02
pittithat's what you get when you write this stuff in the middle of the night :) But it didn't let me sleep, so I had to get up and off my chest08:02
pittididrocks, jasoncwarner_: I think today I'll actually take the sick day I put in yesterday (but then did not actually get to not working)08:05
pittifever, sleepless night, feeling horrible, etc.08:05
didrockspitti: oh :( take care Martin08:05
didrocks(that's why you commented at 2AM… I was afraid it was due to the dentist operation…)08:06
* didrocks hugs pitti08:06
pittididrocks: well, both -- I woke up due to fever, and then my brain didn't let me sleep again08:08
pittiI didn't have any fever last time08:08
didrocksfor my first tooth, I had some, then none for the 3 followings, it's pretty random. take some rest and try to sleep :)08:09
xclaessehmm, ssh is asking my password again: Enter passphrase for key '/home/xclaesse/.ssh/id_rsa'08:15
xclaessethat's something that breaks times to times with ubuntu updates...08:16
ricotzxclaesse, might be a problem with gnome-keyring which isnt running properly08:41
xclaessericotz, hm, ok...08:43
xclaessericotz, something else, do you know why there are no gdm 3.2/3.4 package, not even on gnome3 ppa?08:44
xclaesseis it that broken?08:44
ricotz.xsession-errors might tell you something here08:44
xclaessericotz, I see nothing related to that in .xsession-errors :(08:45
ricotzyeah, unfortunately gdm 3.2+ has its problems08:45
tjaaltonis there a way to disable hud?08:46
xclaessericotz, ok, thanks08:47
tjaaltonok got it08:47
ricotzxclaesse, the first few lines mentioning GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL are important here08:47
xclaessericotz, I have that: http://fpaste.org/hhvE/08:48
ricotzxclaesse, if they dont refer to the same tmp folder something goes wrong08:48
ricotzxclaesse, is this running the precise version or the gnome3-ppa one?08:50
ricotzalthough this output isnt looking normal08:50
ricotzbut i might be mistaken08:51
ricotzxclaesse, is the gpg-agent working for you?08:51
ricotzseb128, hi08:51
ricotzhow are you?08:51
seb128good thanks, how are you?08:52
didrockssalut seb128, la forme?08:52
ricotzseb128, fine ;)08:52
seb128hey didrocks, yes! you?08:52
didrocksça va ;)08:52
ricotzseb128, there is a problem with your rhythmbox 2.96 upload :\08:52
seb128ricotz, which one?08:53
seb128didrocks, I was better before checking -changes :p08:53
ricotzseb128, ubuntu108:53
xclaessericotz, how can I know if it works? :p08:53
seb128ricotz, what problem I mean08:53
* xclaesse uses only ssh keys08:53
ricotzseb128, oh ;), you dropped some important *.install files08:53
ricotz  rhythmbox-oneiric/rhythmbox-mozilla.install08:53
ricotz  rhythmbox-oneiric/rhythmbox-plugin-magnatune.install08:53
ricotz  rhythmbox-oneiric/rhythmbox-plugin-visualizer.install08:53
ricotz  rhythmbox-oneiric/rhythmbox-plugin-zeitgeist.install08:53
didrocksseb128: what do you mean?08:54
seb128ricotz, I didn't "drop" anything, I bet somebody didn't commit properly to the vcs when doing the previous update08:54
seb128didrocks, I was hoping you or pitti would have tackled some of the GNOME updates, I'm not looking toward another day of tarball updates ;-)08:54
ricotzseb128, no, the vcs contains these file, but the upload itself doesnt08:54
didrocksseb128: I'll do some, but I told you that with the last minutes g-c-c changes, I'm not very available for this round of update :)08:55
seb128ricotz, I used bzr builddeb08:55
didrockspitti is sick and won't be here08:55
seb128didrocks, ok, no worry ;-)08:55
ricotzseb128, hmm, anyway, could you look at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/rhythmbox_2.96-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz08:56
seb128ricotz, I will get it fixed, thanks for pointing it08:56
ricotzseb128, ok08:56
seb128ricotz, but08:57
ricotz(seb128, i just noticed it today while doing a snapshot)08:57
seb128ricotz, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/rhythmbox/ubuntu/files08:57
seb128those files are not in the vcs08:57
ricotzoh :\, i see08:57
seb128they were not added when pitti,dobey did the update08:58
seb128they probably forgot to bzr add them08:58
seb128I take only half the blame :p08:58
seb128but thanks for pointing it!08:58
BigWhaleGood Morning.08:59
seb128hey BigWhale08:59
ricotzxclaesse, hmm, so ubuntu or gnome3-ppa version?09:00
xclaessericotz, oh it's the ppa one actually, that may explain it...09:01
ricotzxclaesse, ok, i am running the ppa version too here, but without a problem09:02
ricotzbut with a gnome-shell sesssion which might matter09:02
xclaessericotz, hm, I see there is an update of g-k in your ppa09:02
xclaessemaybe that will fix it :)09:02
ricotzthere were just translation fixes in it09:03
xclaessericotz, I have a gnome-shell session as well ;)09:03
ricotzbut of course there a newer version of the other g-k part too which arent there yet09:03
Sweetsharkricotz: any unforeseeable trouble with the backports or is everything good?09:30
Sweetsharkpitti: no team meeting today?09:30
ricotzSweetshark, seems fine so far, there is no build ready for testing yet though -- building in ppa:ricotz/ppa09:30
ricotzseb128, do you mind sponsoring http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/sponsor/cheese_3.3.90-0ubuntu3_3.3.90-0ubuntu4.debdiff ?09:31
seb128ricotz, can do, you didn't want to do the .92 update while you are at it? ;-)09:32
Sweetsharkricotz: great. no hurry, just wanted to know if there is any trouble ;)09:33
ricotzseb128, hmm, right, i just wanted to get rid of the annoying conflict ;), so i guess please upload u4 for now09:33
seb128ricotz, ok09:33
ricotzSweetshark, not yet ;) lucid amd64 built :P09:34
ricotzSweetshark, the problem will be  the oneiric amd64 while the ppa builder might run out of space, natty amd64 got one which will work09:36
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mptcnd, I think you broke my touchpad :-)11:20
=== geser_ is now known as geser
mpt(reported bug 960108)11:33
ubot2`Launchpad bug 960108 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "Right-click simulation (two-finger hold+click) no longer works on MacBook touchpad" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96010811:33
tkamppeterpitti, hi11:56
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seb128tkamppeter, he's unwell and not working today12:02
chrisccoulson_lol, this is brilliant: https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/group/chromium-dev/browse_thread/thread/d30ae1c692ff53c3?pli=112:05
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tkamppeterseb128, OK, so I will override Debian for the cups and cups-filters uploads to get them in for some testing before beta2.12:06
seb128tkamppeter, that's fine, I guess you can sync them later once pitti uploads to Debian12:07
tkamppeterseb128, thanks.12:13
BigWhaleIs precise switching to 3.3 kernel or we're 'stuck' with 3.2?12:21
didrocksthis is rather a question for #ubuntu-kernel12:22
jbichabut the answer is 3.2 with some bug fixes from the newer versions12:23
didrockswell, with the new maintenance model for LTS, we will get the support from newer hw for 2 years12:24
didrocksbut again, not something for that channel :)12:24
BigWhaleThanks. You guys are all full of <3. Happy. :)12:27
tjaaltonuh, so disabling hud by disabling the shortcut breaks any shortcut needing alt?12:30
seb128tjaalton, bug #94581612:39
ubot2`Launchpad bug 945816 in compiz "[regression] Changing the HUD shortcut disables all Alt-based combinations. And changing the Dash shortcut disables all Super-based shortcuts." [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94581612:39
tjaaltonseb128: thank you12:39
seb128tjaalton, yw12:40
seb128tjaalton, what an idea to want to disable the hud :p12:40
tjaaltonseb128: yeah, who would've thought ;)12:40
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tjaaltonone more reason for some to install ccsm :/12:41
seb128tjaalton, we have an increasing number of bugs because people turn off stuff and hit untested configs and bugs12:41
tjaaltonthe options must be hidden harder then :)12:42
seb128tjaalton, it's making me reconsider on options, I start leaning toward the reducing them12:42
seb128tjaalton, well I think we should stop supporting people trying to use unity without i.e hud or appmenu12:42
seb128like either you use unity as designed or you don't like it and use something else12:42
seb128hopefully unity is going enough that you use it ;-)12:42
tjaaltonhud is constantly getting on the way though12:43
seb128still? the tapping issues for resolved in 5.6 we didn't get a lot of complains recently12:43
tjaaltonwell it's usually my fingers not keeping up, so while it technically should work it's not always so good for me :)12:44
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tjaaltonhard to explain12:44
tjaaltonbtw, objections on adding intuos5 support in libwacom?12:44
tjaaltoni'm thinking of getting one, might replace my mouse..12:45
seb128tjaalton, no idea what is untuos5 ;-)12:45
tjaaltonwith multitouch12:45
seb128well, you are the maintainer, your call, I've no option on that ;-)12:45
tjaaltonok, it's a new "feature" though it just adds the device definitions..12:45
tjaaltonneeds driver support too of course, that's FFe material I guess12:46
seb128do it, it's easy enough to revert if that creates really issues12:46
seb128yeah, the driver side is likely a ffe12:46
BigWhalejust for the record... indicator-weather is driving me crazy :>12:47
tjaaltonBigWhale: you're not the only one12:47
seb128what's wrong with it?12:48
tjaaltoncrashes after a few hours of use12:48
BigWhaleconstantly crashing12:48
tjaaltonbeen like that for a year12:48
tjaaltonie. from the start12:48
seb128luckily it's opensource so we can fix it ;-)12:51
tjaaltoni did try to look at it once but then got other stuff to work on12:52
BigWhaleI probably will...12:52
desrtgood morning12:57
mterrydesrt, morning!12:57
Sweetsharkpitti: ricotz rightfully said we should sync openclipart from debian. would you do that?12:58
ricotzSweetshark, unfortunately, pitti isnt around today13:00
Sweetsharkah, meh13:00
ricotzmaybe didrocks likes to do it ^13:01
didrocksSweetshark: it's a sync? openclipart source package, right?13:04
Sweetsharkdidrocks: right13:09
desrtseb128: any new hud explosions since last night?13:09
desrtor am i in the clear for a change? :)13:09
seb128desrt, no but I just uploaded your new version today13:10
desrti thought you did that yesterday13:10
desrti'll ask you the same question tomorrow, then :)13:10
seb128desrt, it slipped out due to GNOME 3.3.92 busyness ;-)13:10
seb128desrt, works fine for me in any case13:10
* desrt has learnt to expect exotic races when dbusmenu is involved :)13:11
desrtjust because it works for you doesn't mean there aren't edge cases to iron out13:11
seb128desrt,  you still have some hud bugs assigned though, the DoS stuff and the stripping13:11
desrtthe dbus message work as well13:11
desrtmost of what's left there is work in dbusmenu, though13:11
seb128jbicha, hey13:17
didrocksphew, the g-c-c changes are not fun with all the mirror screen, dragging bar, delayed apply… and unity-2d/3d not using the same key13:18
seb128didrocks, :-(13:19
seb128didrocks, do you need help?13:19
desrtpitti: hey.  what's the story with the language selector panel?13:19
seb128desrt, he's off sick13:19
didrocksseb128: no, just taking time13:19
didrocksbut thanks :)13:19
seb128desrt, what about the language selector?13:19
seb128didrocks, yw ;-)13:19
desrtseb128: when i click the icon there's a bit of a delay and then a new window opens13:19
seb128desrt, right, rodrigo was supposed to improve the upstream region panel enough so we use that13:20
seb128desrt, that was before rodrigo left Canonical though13:20
desrti see13:20
seb128desrt, nobody had time to pick it up this cycle13:20
seb128so next cycle13:20
desrtfair enough13:20
desrtseb128: is there any gconf user left in g-s-d after the keybindings?13:25
seb128desrt, yes13:25
desrtwhat else?13:25
seb128desrt, the gsettings to gconf glue (I was pondering turning it off by default on precise though)13:25
desrtah.  right.13:25
seb128like the code which replicates proxy settings etc to gconf13:26
desrtit almost seems like we could abuse that code to deal with the keybindings13:26
seb128desrt, it feels like stacking hacks on hacks13:26
desrti disagree....13:26
desrti was going to patch the control centre in a somewhat similar way13:26
desrtfor the wm keys, have a map of gsettings keys and their corresponding 'old' locations in gconf13:27
desrtas a way of keeping the surface area of the patch as small as possible13:27
seb128desrt, so looking at g-s-d I think those keys are only multimedia ones, so no compiz interaction, so dropping that patch should be fine if g-c-c writes to gsettings for the corresponding entries13:28
seb128desrt, is that your understanding as well?13:29
desrtbut i took a look at g-c-c as well last night13:29
seb128desrt, so we basically just need a way to make sure the g-c-c changes to wm keys land to gconf for compiz?13:29
desrtthe way it handles things i'm not so sure that it will be easy to cleanly separate like that13:29
desrtie: separate gconf vs. gsettings13:29
desrtso i was thinking that the best way to do that patch would be a list of gsettings keys and a mapping to gconf locations13:29
seb128desrt, can't we just write wm to both?13:29
desrtand just do it like that13:29
desrtyes.  that's the plan13:30
dobeyseb128: bad pitti! :)13:30
desrtwhen it sees a write to gsettings, it will do the appropriate gconf write13:30
seb128dobey, bad you to not do a merge request I guess? ;-)13:30
seb128desrt, sounds good to me13:30
desrtseb128: so my next logic is that we already have the migration code in g-s-d....13:30
desrtseb128: if you tell me we could rip that out entirely then i think we should do it13:31
seb128desrt, do you want to try dropping both patches and see if things just work?13:31
dobeyseb128: i did do a merge proposal for it13:31
desrtseb128: i guess WM keybindings would stop working :)13:31
seb128desrt, why?13:31
desrt(for compiz)13:31
seb128desrt, the gsettings<->gconf glue should do the replication13:31
desrtit replicates keybindings?13:31
seb128desrt, you don't want to know what that code does13:32
desrtokay :)13:32
seb128desrt, I will tell you anyway :p13:32
desrtwell, let me check something13:32
seb128desrt, it parses all the installed .convert to get the mapping13:32
desrti have an unpatched g-c-c here13:32
desrtlet me try to set some keybindings and see if they land in gconf or not13:32
seb128desrt, and use it to write any key listed there to gconf13:32
seb128desrt, so any gsettings key in a .convert will be written to gconf13:32
desrtthe one-time GConf conversion files, you mean?13:32
seb128desrt, yes13:32
seb128desrt, that's how it gets the mapping13:33
desrtthat's.... thorough13:33
desrtand just a tiny bit INSANE13:33
seb128I knew you would like it ;-)13:33
desrtit's ballsy13:33
desrtand somewhat effective13:33
dobeyseb128: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/precise/rhythmbox/prereleases-2-95-5/+merge/96671 and those files are in the .diff :)13:33
seb128I was pondering addering a whitelist list of keys13:33
hallynGAAAH!  STOP remapping my kbd on upgrades13:33
desrtgood for days when you're in a "i don't want to have to write and maintain this huge list of shit" mood13:33
dobeyhallyn: indeed13:33
seb128hallyn, we don't do that13:34
dobeyAlt+F4 doesn't work for me under Unity any more :(13:34
seb128desrt, well I hate writting back to applications gconf tree, it's just a waste13:34
seb128dobey, wfm13:34
desrtseb128: ya.  that's totally stupid.13:34
desrtit should only be for various 'well known values'13:34
desrtthings like proxy, etc13:34
seb128desrt, right, what I was just saying, I was pondering building a whilelist with a dozen of keys13:35
desrtseb128: do you also have gconf keybinding patches in metacity?13:35
dobeyseb128: in a gnome-terminal winodw, i just get ";35" printed when i press it :-/13:35
seb128dobey, do you use a ppa for compiz or unity?13:35
seb128dobey, https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/precise/rhythmbox/prereleases-2-95-5/+merge/96671 was buggy indeed, so both your fault and pitti's fault13:35
dobeyseb128: buggy how?13:35
seb128dobey, you used the wrong vcs, so pitti had to copy stuff over by hand13:35
seb128dobey, the desktop team ppa are not lp:ubuntu they are lp:~ubuntu-desktop and debian dir only13:36
seb128dobey, i.e what is in the control file or what apt-get source or debcheckout tells you13:36
seb128desrt, no, we just didn't update that one13:37
desrtdobey: you should do what i do.  claim ignorance and get seb to do all your future uploads for you :)13:37
desrtseb128: what happens for unity 2d, then?13:37
seb128desrt, unity-2d is using it as well which makes things harder to use13:37
seb128desrt, well, same as compiz, still using gconf13:37
desrtno update = old version13:37
desrtwas it just the keybinding thing?13:37
* desrt can't imagine metacity has seen a lot of activity this cycle13:38
desrtoh wow.  2.34 even.13:38
seb128desrt, so another crazy idea13:38
dobeydesrt: even better, "the tools should handle it, or should at least inform me (as should the reviewer)"13:38
seb128desrt, which might be easier than what we are speaking about here13:38
desrtseb128: i like crazy ideas.  hit me.13:38
desrtseb128: particularly ones that involve less patches :D13:38
dobeywhy the hell does lp:ubuntu/foo not pull lp:~ubuntu-desktop/foo/blah in these cases?13:38
seb128desrt, drop the gsd patch, drop the gcc patch, cp -r keybinding-3-2 oldkeybindings13:38
seb128desrt, and ship the 3.2 panel with ShowOnlyIn=Unity13:39
seb128desrt, and the new one under shell13:39
seb128desrt, i.e ship keybinding 3.2 and 3.4 as different panels13:39
seb128and tweak showin13:39
seb128desrt, so we have no patching, just shipping old and new version side to side13:39
hallynseb128: wasn't blaming you personally :)  just some piece in the otherwise lovely ubuntu desktop.  cause, you know, that's what i'm using :)13:39
desrtseb128: back in 15.  local 'situation' :)13:40
seb128desrt, ttyl13:40
jbichaseb128: happy Spring!13:48
=== kiwinote_ is now known as kiwinote
kenvandinejbicha, seems to me spring started a month ago here :)13:49
kenvandinepitti, can you look at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66890313:49
ubot2`Gnome bug 668903 in introspection "Broken marshalling on big endian architectures" [Major,Reopened]13:49
seb128jbicha, hey, thanks, to you as well!13:51
seb128jbicha, how are you?13:51
seb128kenvandine, he's off sick today but I guess he will read feedback13:51
kenvandinei just noticed13:52
jbichakenvandine: I thought this was summer!13:52
kenvandinei wish this is what summer felt like... 80F is much better than 98F :)13:53
jbichait's been in the 80s in Wisconsin for instance13:53
seb128jbicha, btw if you want to do some of the .92 updates like gnome-themes-standard, cheese, etc feel free ;-)13:53
desrtseb128: back13:53
desrtseb128: so basically you're saying have two copies of the panel -- one writing entirely to gconf and the other writing entirely to gsettings?13:54
seb128desrt, yes13:54
desrtseems like it wouldn't work13:54
jbichaseb128: I'm a bit swamped with Docs Freeze & my day job is working on posscon.org which happens next week so I won't be able to do the updates as much this week :)13:54
desrtbecause g-s-d has to read from one place or the other13:54
seb128desrt, the 3.2 and 3.4 codebases13:54
seb128jbicha, ok13:54
desrtunless we want to have onlyshowin for the media-keys g-s-d plugin (and i don't think it works like that) :)13:54
seb128desrt, oh right :-(13:54
desrtseb128: okay.  here's what's involved (add any i miss): g-c-c, g-s-d, mutter, metacity, compiz13:55
desrtif we followed upstream, absolutely everything would be happy except compiz?13:56
seb128well, and unity-2d13:56
desrt(including new metacity version)13:56
desrtif we took the new metacity, unity-2d would be happy13:56
seb128not sure how unity-2d keys interact with the wms one13:56
desrtoh.  it has its own keys?13:56
seb128that's assuming the unity-2d code doesn't use gconf13:56
seb128desrt, I don't know the unity2d codebase, I can't tell13:56
didrockshey desrt, small hint, you probably should put a commit message now to https://code.launchpad.net/~desrt/unity/no-average-bg-color-gsettings/+merge/96863 and approve your branch :)13:57
didrocksyeah, 2d has its own keys13:57
desrtdidrocks: what do they do?13:57
didrockschoosing launcher placement, putting barriers sensitivity, launcher items content13:58
desrtnot keybindings, though13:59
seb128desrt, not sure if they read any keybindings for i.e hud13:59
desrta quick grep tells me not13:59
didrocksno, it's part of unity-2d as well13:59
desrtso here's my insane idea:14:00
desrt1) update metacity14:00
desrt2) drop all the patches14:00
desrt3) write a compiz plugin to do gsettings->gconf migration14:00
jbichaI had thought Precise was going to have compiz gsettings since there was a branch for it before oneiric was released14:01
desrtjbicha: the branch wasn't really ready....14:01
jbichaand of course now's way too late for that14:02
Riddellhello desktop team, who is able to make a decision on bug 882014 ?14:02
ubot2`Launchpad bug 882014 in indicator-weather "Please consider package removal or adding developers" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88201414:02
desrtya.  i did a couple of rounds of review... it was a complicated patch14:02
desrtand it just dropped off14:02
seb128desrt, I think it's too much change at this point, beta2 freeze is in 2 days14:05
seb128desrt, you can try to get a ffe but that seems a crazy plan14:06
seb128desrt, I would try to go for "drop the g-s-d patch and make g-c-c write to both gconf and gsettings"14:06
desrtseb128: it's the metacity part that you object to, isn't it?14:06
seb128desrt, that and "write a compiz plugin"14:06
desrtthat's trivial :)14:07
seb128well, I feel like the "get g-c-c to write to both location" should be easier14:07
desrtso what is your plan for the g-s-d migration patch?14:07
seb128and less risky14:07
desrtwhitelist-only or dropped entirely/14:07
seb128that's a different topic14:07
desrtit's related14:07
desrtbecause if we have something migrating keys from gsettings to gconf we could use it14:07
seb128hum, I was going to email ubuntu-desktop list suggesting dropping it14:08
desrti think that's a good idea14:08
desrtso then i agree with you14:08
desrti'm going to write a very very small g-c-c patch14:08
desrtit will basically be a list of gsettings keys and corresponding gconf keys14:08
desrtwhen a write happens to the gsettings key in question, it will also go to the proper gconf key14:09
desrtpiece of cake14:09
seb128desrt, you can probably copy the gsettings-desktop-schemas wm convert for that mapping table14:10
desrtsounds good14:10
desrtit's all the keys in /app/metacity, right?14:10
seb128should be14:11
seb128but I've little experience with wms and keybindings so maybe check with didrocks14:12
desrtif it's in the conversion file then it's just a straight port14:12
desrtgsettings-data-convert migrations are.... not clever :)14:12
desrt"oh.  i see a string.  it must be a string!"14:12
jibelSweetshark, I re-ran oneiric->precise upgrade and bug 916291 is still there with LO 3.5.1-1ubuntu114:12
ubot2`Launchpad bug 916291 in libreoffice "failed to upgrade from Oneiric to Precise: ERROR: Cannot determine language! - exit status 134" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91629114:13
desrtthat's about as advanced as the logic is :p14:13
didrockswhat are you trying to fix?14:13
seb128didrocks, is /usr/share/GConf/gsettings/gsettings-desktop-schemas.convert basically what compiz needs?14:13
desrtdidrocks: reducing the patches on g-c-c and g-s-d14:13
seb128didrocks, reduce the patch crazyness and write to gsettings as well as gconf for shell benefit14:13
desrtseb128: the saddest part about this plan is that g-c-c has to keep its gconf depend14:14
didrocksthe mapping is actually already exposed (the metacity keys we steal)14:14
Sweetsharkjibel: Ok, I need an exact virtualbox image of that run then as I cannot reproduce that here.14:14
seb128didrocks, /usr/share/GConf/gsettings/wm-schemas.convert I meant14:14
jbichadidrocks: yeah, currently users who try to change keyboard shortcuts in GNOME Shell are met with failure, we can refer them to dconf-editor but that's a pain14:14
seb128didrocks, well, I was wondering if all the keys in the mapping are listed there14:14
didrocks(which is a sed from metacity)14:15
didrocksthis is the keys that are used14:15
desrtoh.  that.14:15
desrtya.  that's going to be an issue, i think14:15
desrtthe control centre looks at the files in that directory14:15
desrtand they're going to have gconf paths, not gsettings keys :X14:15
Sweetsharkjibel: What I did to try to get that error was: 1) install vanilla oneiric 2) apt-get update && apt-get upgrade 3) do-release-update -d14:16
Sweetsharkjibel: should I have left out 2) ?14:16
desrtseb128: i start to like my idea more again :p14:17
desrtunless we can get compiz not to install those files14:17
didrocksif compiz doesn't install those files, it has no idea where to look though :p14:18
desrti'm confused.  those files are for the benefit of compiz or for the control centre?14:18
didrockscontrol center to expose them14:18
didrockscompiz is reading them14:18
didrocksand has a giant conversion table within code14:18
desrtthis is really quite dreadful :)14:19
didrocksbut IIRC, they need to exist14:19
desrtlemme check something, then14:19
desrtthe control centre actually doesn't seem to be bothered by then14:21
desrtit just ignores them14:21
bcurtiswxgood morning14:21
didrocksdesrt: it will only expose those corresponding to the wm running14:21
desrtdidrocks: is this the patched or unpatched behaviour?14:22
desrtbecause we plan to remove all the patches...14:22
didrocksdesrt: unpatched behavior14:22
didrocksall the g-c-c patches or just the revert? :)14:22
desrti wish all :)14:22
desrtthe gconf reverts, basically14:22
desrtso here's what i don't get14:24
desrtthe new format (gsettings) keybindings files have description strings in them14:24
desrtthe gconf ones don't....14:24
desrtwhere do the descriptions come from?14:24
didrocksdesrt: gconftool --short-docs14:25
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didrocksthey are matching14:25
desrtfascinating use of introspection14:25
didrockssee, description on keys are used :-)14:27
desrtright.  so the compiz ones will be ignored14:28
desrt  if (schema == NULL &&14:28
desrt      keylist->schema == NULL) {14:28
desrt    g_debug ("Ignored GConf keyboard shortcut '%s'", name);14:28
desrtbecause they don't have a schema='' attribute14:29
desrtthat's perfect14:29
desrtseb128: okay.  we do it your way.  this shouldn't be too hard at all.14:30
seb128desrt, \o/14:31
desrtweird... the keyboard 'item' code is like a copy of the background 'item' code14:35
* desrt has a strong sense of deja vu14:35
Sweetsharkchrisccoulson: any objections against an annoying libreoffice roomie at uds-q?14:45
* desrt wonders what would be higher -- the electricty consumption due to the parallel building of libreoffice (on björn's laptop no less) and firefox -- or the noise complaints generated by passionate levels of dbusmenu bitching14:54
Sweetsharkdesrt: we should combine those to use the synergy: high power noise complains ...14:57
didrocksdesrt: btw, did you read my message about the commit message not set and so, your wonderful branch not merged?15:03
desrtdidrocks: i did read it, but i didn't understand what i was supposed to do15:03
didrocksdesrt: go to the merge proposal page15:04
didrocksdesrt: see the "add a commit message"15:05
didrocksbe tempted by it and add one :)15:05
didrocksthen, on top15:05
didrockschange needs review -> approved15:05
desrtthat was... easy15:06
desrti just had to copy-paste the commit message to ... the commit message15:07
desrtperplexing :)15:07
didrocksdesrt: thanks! :)15:08
seb128desrt, yeah, that's a stupid ui15:12
seb128especially when your merge request has 1 commit15:12
seb128it should automatically use the commit message as merge message for those15:12
seb128ok, I'm out for some exercice15:17
seb128will be back for the meeting time in case we have a meeting today ;-)15:17
seb128if people feel bored the pad still has a stack of GNOME updates to claim, so feel free to pick one15:17
desrtseb128: quick update15:18
seb128desrt, yes?15:18
desrtseb128: the way keybindings are handled in upstream gnome is very stupid presently15:18
desrtmetacity is installing the g-c-c keybinding description files for the schemas in gsettings-desktop-schemas15:18
desrtthose should be moved either to g-c-c or g-d-s15:19
desrtbecause otherwise the new metacity is required for mutter's keybindings to be set at all -- which is just wrong, and which we don't have15:19
seb128hum, it start feeling like we will have broken keybindings for shell in the lts15:20
desrti plan to fix this upstream ASAP15:20
seb128that said, bbl, need to go if I want to be back for meeting time ;-)15:21
dobeyReading package lists... U Bë15:22
dobeyi'm also getting that "U Be" printed a lot when doing apt-get update and apt-get upgrade stuff15:22
chrisccoulsonhi Sweetshark15:48
chrisccoulsonyeah, that's fine :)15:48
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kenvandinejbicha, have you looked at the clutter-gst build failures?16:33
jbichakenvandine: no, I couldn't get an ARM chroot working so there wasn't too much I could do to test besides pushing random things into Precise16:34
seb128didrocks, kenvandine, chrisccoulson, Sweetshark, cyphermox, mterry, agateau, Riddell: it's meeting time if somebody has a topic16:36
jbichaI don't understand ARM much, that's why it would be random16:36
didrocksno topic for me16:36
chrisccoulsonsorry, been looking at memory leaks in firefox today :)16:36
seb128hey chrisccoulson, how are you?16:36
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, not too bad thanks. how are you?16:37
seb128I'm good thanks!16:37
Riddell14:02 < Riddell> hello desktop team, who is able to make a decision on bug 882014 ?16:37
ubot2`Launchpad bug 882014 in indicator-weather "Please consider package removal or adding developers" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88201416:37
seb128Riddell, it's an universe package, motu call16:38
seb128but it seems like it's not buggier than lot of universe stuff16:38
seb128could be one or two bugs to solve16:38
chrisccoulsonand i think i agree with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-weather/+bug/882014/comments/416:38
ubot2`Launchpad bug 882014 in indicator-weather "Please consider package removal or adding developers" [Wishlist,Incomplete]16:38
seb128I would rather like to see it fixed16:38
chrisccoulsonwith it not on the default install, being a bit crashy doesn't seem like good enough justification to remove it16:39
seb128right, especially that the feature is wanted16:39
seb128we should look if there is an obvious bug in the code leading to those issues16:39
seb128Riddell, thanks for bringing it up though16:39
seb128 16:39
stgrabermterry: ping16:39
seb128other topics?16:39
kenvandinenot from me16:40
stgraberoops, sorry, didn't see it was a meeting16:40
RiddellI have ubuntu desktop working on an arm computer now, although only using the ubuntu server image16:40
* kenvandine should really go update the wiki :)16:40
=== eeejay` is now known as eeejay
cyphermoxwell, I want to land NM 0.9.4; but need to do a FFE now16:40
chrisccoulsondid everyone switch to https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-next yet? ;)16:40
mterrystgraber, yo16:40
chrisccoulson(well, for those who aren't using chrome)16:40
kenvandinechrisccoulson, nope... i can do that16:41
jbichachrisccoulson: I'm on it, Firefox 12 is totally more awesome than 11 was :)16:41
chrisccoulsonexcellent, thanks :)16:41
seb128ok, seems there was no other topic, thanks everyone16:41
seb128don't forgot to update your workitems16:41
seb128chrisccoulson, you still have a gsd boot time one ;-)16:41
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah :)16:41
jbichawe could have jorge threaten to remove indicator-weather from the archives, hey it worked for CCSM I guess ;)16:42
seb128chrisccoulson, I bet it would be easier to find issues in gsd than in firefox :p16:42
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, i'd imagine it probably would be. at least i don't need to rebuild gsd in order to run it in valgrind :)16:42
didrocksjbicha: didn't really work for ccsm, but that's another discussion :p16:43
jbichawe got 2 patches, right?16:43
didrocksyeah, but none for fixing the real issue16:43
chrisccoulsonthe real issue being that it is awful? :)16:44
seb128jbicha, btw I commited your evince update to the vcs, my upload to fix the file conflict issue with the new version got rejected because the vcs was outdated ;-)16:44
didrocksnot, that you can on some cirumstance removing some plugin by conflicts :p16:44
seb128i.e I commited the archive version and rebase my fix on it16:44
didrocksSweetshark: hey, openclipart FTBFS16:45
jbichaseb128: thanks, bzr push is tough to remember some times16:46
didrocksSweetshark: I was thinking you test build it at least16:46
Sweetsharkdidrocks: link?16:46
seb128jbicha, indeed ;-)16:46
kenvandinechrisccoulson, when is firefox 12 going to be released?16:46
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, 2 days before 12.04 is released ;)16:46
didrocksSweetshark: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openclipart/2.0-1/+build/330317316:46
didrocksyou can look at it yourself btw :)16:46
kenvandinechrisccoulson thx16:47
Sweetsharkdidrocks: no, sorry. that was out-of-order-execution because ricotz brought it up ... :/16:47
jbichawe should write a script that does bzr push and then dput16:47
didrocksSweetshark: ok, can you please fix it now then?16:47
Sweetsharkdidrocks: yes16:48
didrocks17:48:04         micahg | didrocks: FWIW, ajmitch gave me a patch, but I haven't test built it yet, was waiting to finish with something else first16:48
didrocksSweetshark: can you please check with micahg? ^16:48
Sweetsharkdidrocks: fwiw that is not the new upload that broke, but 3.5.X breaking all openclipart packages.16:49
micahgSweetshark: since we have 3.5.x in precise, that means that the openclipart upload is broke :)16:50
Sweetsharkmicahg: sure, sure16:53
* Sweetshark is fixing16:54
micahgSweetshark: I already have the patch from Debian experimental if you want to review it16:54
micahgI'll attach it to a bug16:54
micahgSweetshark: Bug #96038916:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 960389 in openclipart "openclipart 2.0-1 FTBFS in precise" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96038916:58
Sweetsharkmicahg: debdiff is looking good17:01
desrtseb128: so the keybinding stuff is ... bad17:02
desrtthe translations of keybindings in gnome is currently completely broken17:03
seb128desrt, I'm somewhat glad I went for the "stay on 3.2" code by then rather than on the "let's try to fix compiz" ;-)17:03
desrtseb128: it needs to be fixed before we can release gnome 3.417:03
seb128desrt, could you keep the current code and add gsettings set calls?17:03
desrti'm shocked nobody noticed17:04
desrtseb128: no... i think that's really the wrong way17:04
desrti'm going to spend the rest of today trying to make this work17:04
seb128desrt, well, hard freeze was yesterday17:04
seb128desrt, ok, good luck17:04
desrtseb128: this is no code changes17:04
desrti just have to do a lot of translating :)17:04
seb128desrt, just schemas?17:04
desrtseb128: basically, here's the story:17:04
desrtthe keybinding description strings are in the gsettings schemas in gsettings-desktop-schemas17:05
desrtso they get translated there17:05
desrtunfortunately, very few people have done translations of that module17:05
desrtlike, not even 'fr', for example17:05
desrtso -- no translations17:05
seb128desrt, like no translation in the control center ui ?17:06
desrti'm going to write a scrip that collects a list of all of the strings that need to be translated and attempt to steal them from the existing translations in metacity or mutter17:06
desrtseb128: correct17:06
seb128desrt, and nobody noticed?!17:06
desrtapparently not...17:06
seb128desrt, you should tell bastien to run a french locale back :p17:06
desrti just verified it by switching my fedora install to french and opening the control centre17:06
desrtonly these ones are translated properly: cs.po  de.po  eo.po  es.po  gl.po  ja.po  nb.po  pt_BR.po  sl.po  sv.po  vi.pozh_CN.po17:07
seb128desrt, well translators still have a week, maybe just email their list telling them to check on that component17:07
desrtfair enough17:08
seb128desrt, 2 reasons to that17:08
desrtanyway.. if that gets sorted, then it's not much problem at all17:08
seb128desrt, 1- your time might be more valuable than fixing translations17:08
seb128desrt, 2- translators don't like much having "similar strings" being pulled in for them ;-)17:09
desrtseb128: the problem is that there are a large number of strings here -- and many of them are not visible in UI17:09
micahgSweetshark: thanks for looking17:09
desrtseb128: these are not really similar strings17:09
desrtthey're the same string that got moved from one module to another17:09
seb128desrt, translators know how to use intltool-merge to reuse those I think17:09
seb128I would just drop them a note telling them to sort it17:10
seb128you will probably have most team who will do it by next week17:10
desrtokay.  i will try that17:10
desrti can always fill in the missing gaps later17:10
desrtanyway -- except for that, i think we're in good shape17:10
desrtmoving the xml files from metacity to g-c-c is really straight-forward17:11
desrti already have a patch for it17:11
desrtg-c-c will simply ignore the old gconf files once you remove your patch reverts17:11
desrtso there's no worries there17:11
seb128desrt, do we want that?17:11
seb128desrt, I'm still unsure why they were there17:12
seb128I though it was to list compiz specific bindings17:12
desrtseb128: so basically those xml files are what populate the keybindings panel17:12
seb128desrt, right, but are all the compiz ones in the upstream panel?17:12
desrtare there compiz-specific ones?17:12
seb128or will we loose actions by doing that?17:12
seb128desrt, well I assume those were added because compiz had some specific ones17:12
desrti thought it just steals all the metacity ones...17:12
seb128desrt, like maybe "expose" or dunno17:12
desrtseb128: i assume they were added so that you can uninstall metacity and not lose your settings17:13
desrti'll be sure to double-check that17:13
seb128desrt, no, I think it's not that17:13
seb128desrt, we had in the past when integration was broken stuff that stopped being listed in g-c-c17:13
desrtseb128: it looks like most of these are just metacity ones...17:13
seb128didrocks, ^ do you remember what happens without the compiz xml to the gcc?17:14
didrockswell, you have not the keys exposed anymore17:14
didrocksI don't remember, but I'm pretty sure some keys were not working on compiz either17:15
desrti just did a comparison -- the list of keys compiz installs is exactly equal the list installed by metacity17:15
didrocksdesrt: not a surprise, it's a sed :)17:15
desrtjust a different name17:15
didrocksin the packaging17:15
desrtright -- so there is nothing compiz-specific there17:15
m4n1shdidrocks: ping17:18
didrockshey m4n1sh17:18
m4n1shrolling out one more release of a-l-m17:18
m4n1shwith i18n fixes17:18
m4n1shsome bug fixes17:18
didrocksm4n1sh: btw, did you look at bug #949849?17:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 949849 in pkgbinarymangler "Should use official "Keywords" instead of X-GNOME-Keywords" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94984917:19
didrocksm4n1sh: would be nice to get it17:19
m4n1shthis looks good17:19
m4n1shwill fix it17:19
m4n1shdidrocks: but there are UI changes which makes it as per the mockups17:20
m4n1shfiling for another UIFe17:21
desrtseb128: is there anything that stops you from updating metacity?17:24
desrtseb128: my life would become _really_ a lot easier if you did :)17:24
desrtseb128: and the lives of many many translators17:24
didrocksm4n1sh: please do and keep me posted17:25
seb128desrt, the desire to want to stay out of any issue that could create for unity-2d and the lack of interest for it17:25
seb128desrt, i.e talk to didrocks if you want to convince somebody ;-)17:25
desrtdidrocks: can we pretty please have the new metacity?17:25
didrocksnot like if we were already in a rush17:25
seb128desrt, I managed to stay out of any wm work for some years and I intend to keep it this way :p17:25
didrocksand every new metacity broke unity-2d in some interesting way17:26
didrocksnot speaking of the stack of patch we have17:26
Sweetsharkmicahg: building with the patch now17:26
seb128desrt, you should probably move the defintions to g-c-c and make g-c-c write to gsettings as well on the current codepath, anything else start to seem out of scope17:27
seb128desrt, this way we wouldn't change anything but g-s keybindings change would work17:27
desrtseb128: it's not that easy due to the translations, unfortunately17:27
seb128desrt, we already have the translations17:27
desrtseb128: and i really want to drop those g-s-d patches17:27
desrtthat's my main interest17:27
desrtseb128: wrong gettext domain, unfortunately17:28
desrthow do we deal with translations in gnome packages in ubuntu anyway?17:28
desrtisn't there some launchpad stuff there that does.. something?17:28
seb128desrt, launchpad has them and export17:28
desrtso they're periodically synced upstream or vendor patch or what?17:29
seb128desrt, dropping the gsd patch should be that hard17:29
RainCTdidrocks, mhr3: uploaded the new versions of zeitgeist and libzeitgeist to Debian (the first to experimental)17:29
seb128desrt, that doesn't impact the wm17:29
desrtso here's why i want new metacity (and the only reason, really): the translations for these strings are in there17:29
seb128desrt, you "just" need to update gcc to write to gsettings for the multimedia keys and keep the gconf stuff for the wm ones17:29
didrocksRainCT: thanks a lot! Will sync tomorrow :)17:30
mhr3RainCT, datahub as well?17:30
seb128desrt, but you already have the translations, precise is translated17:30
RainCTmhr3: we have a new datahub?17:30
desrtseb128: the issue is that maybe some strings changed17:30
RainCTmhr3: we have a mailing list, you know? :P17:30
seb128desrt, well if you don't change anything but add gsettings set call you are out of any ui change17:30
desrti think "Toggle window on all workspaces or one" is different wording than it used to be, for example17:30
desrtso i could just do what i was going to do before17:31
desrtbut in the other direction instead17:31
seb128desrt, and it allows you to drop the gsd patch17:31
seb128since if you write the gsettings action keys you can drop the gsd part17:31
mhr3RainCT, mailing list? you mean twitter? :P17:31
desrtthese patches are so ugly :)17:31
seb128yeah, we will drop them next cycle17:31
desrtoh well -- i guess that's the bed we make for ourselves17:31
desrtand now we have to lie in it17:32
desrtat least for another 6 months17:32
seb128or another 2 months17:32
seb128until we jump on q17:32
desrti have a local copy of g-c-c that i run without patches anyway17:32
seb128is that called gnome3 ppa?17:32
desrtafaik they have the g-c-c patches?17:32
desrtsome of them are really necessary in order to not break the entire distro17:33
desrtlike the library patch17:33
seb128desrt, oh, without any patch, I though you meant without the keybinding revert one17:34
desrtya... the vast majority of patches are annoying and pointless17:38
desrtrandomly changing the UI for no reason17:39
desrtlike switching the side of the images pane on the background panel17:39
seb128desrt, I guess that will be fixed next cycle17:40
desrtwhat will fix that?17:40
* desrt can imagine 3 possible answers to that question17:40
seb128desrt, I want to make a ubuntu-control-center source17:40
seb128and restore g-c-c as the upstream one17:40
jbichadesrt: but putting it on the right makes it .1% better! I agree that Design should think a bit more about whether a diff with GNOME is worth it17:40
desrtah.  that's the answer i was hoping for :)17:40
seb128the amonth of patching is suffisant that I think it's worth it17:41
desrtyou laughed at me when i suggested that at the rally :)17:41
* didrocks sneaks some more distro-patch to g-c-c meanwhile17:41
seb128yeah, I didn't want to have to deal with that for this cycle17:41
seb128didrocks, ;-)17:41
didrocksphew, I wasn't thinking I would get to it that fast seeing the rate of ping I had! :)17:41
desrtmy g-c-c has 3 distropatches :)17:41
seb128desrt, I want to also do it in a way where we can keep rebasing in a sane way17:41
jbichathat would fix the keyboard shortcuts problem though, wouldn't it?17:42
seb128jbicha, that wouldn't no17:42
seb128but the shortcut problem will be fixed next cycle17:42
desrtthe revert-removal-of-datettime-mechanism will be fixed next cycle too =) =)17:42
seb128desrt, yeah, one way or another17:43
* desrt has good feelings about that17:43
desrtlennart is actually going out of his way to act friendly to help with the changes17:44
seb128I'm staying out of init system discussions17:44
desrteven offering some possibility for upstart backwards compatibility ideas17:44
seb128I would prefer we don't change17:44
seb128but not my call17:44
seb128I would prefer people would let my init the way it is, it's working and I've no interest of changing it or of dealing with side effect of a migration17:45
desrtseb128: do you write custom init scripts?17:48
seb128desrt, no, but I maintain packages with init scripts17:48
desrtah.  true.17:49
desrtwell the good news about that is that probably upstream maintainers will start thinking about including systemd integration with their software17:49
seb128desrt, and I know that any such transition has hiccups for users (counting me as an init user)17:49
desrtso less of that work will fall on packagers17:49
desrtseb128: so what's this a11y gsettings stuff?18:15
desrtthere are patches for it in g-c-c and g-s-d -- somewhere else as well?18:15
seb128desrt, it's the visible bell stuff, that's handled by the wm18:16
seb128those are tiny18:16
desrtseb128: how do i deal with undesired source changes because automake decided to randomly rewrite some files?18:22
desrtso far i've been doing it by saying dpkg-source --commit then poping the patch and removing it from the series18:22
seb128desrt, what do you try to do18:22
desrtseb128: debuild -S after building a binary....18:23
seb128desrt, oh, I never do that18:23
seb128well ideally the "clean" target brings you back the the original state18:23
seb128but often that's buggy18:23
seb128I tend to wipe the dir and dpkg-source -x .dsc18:23
seb128to unpack18:24
desrtnot so good when you made changes you want to keep :)18:24
seb128but nowadays I just work with debian dir in the vcs and bzr bd18:24
seb128well usually I copy my updated patches back to the packaging vcs18:24
seb128and when I'm happy I bzr bd --source18:25
seb128in the vcs18:25
desrtpackaging is a dark art :)18:25
jalcineIt's possible to unlock a session in a programmatic manner, no?18:28
Sweetsharkmicahg: k, openclipart successfully build with the debdiff from the patch.19:01
ajmitchdamn, I commented too late then19:02
=== chaoticuk_ is now known as chaoticuk
desrtajmitch: hey.  what's up?19:22
chrisccoulsonwow, i can't believe how memory hungry chrome is these days - http://techsplurge.com/8147/firefox-11-vs-chrome-17-released-features-3d-page-view-chrome-bookmarks-import-extensive-tests/ ;)19:28
ajmitchdesrt: was just commenting on the openclipart bug about 2 minutes before sweetshark said it built19:28
ajmitch& just swearing profusely at thunderbird using 3GB of RAM & making my desktop awfully slow :)19:29
micahgSweetshark: thanks19:30
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: wow, that's impressive19:31
seb128chrisccoulson, well, firefox 11 vs chrome 17, firefox is 6 versions behind... ;-)19:34
desrti love firefox19:36
desrtand i love chrome for giving firefox the kick in the ass that it needed19:36
desrtseb128: i HATE this patch19:36
chrisccoulsonseb128, you're one of these version number trolls, aren't you? :-)19:36
seb128chrisccoulson, doh, you got me! ;-)19:36
seb128chrisccoulson, well you have to reckon, if it's higher it has to be better19:37
seb128chrisccoulson, I leart at school that 17 > 1119:37
desrtchrisccoulson: unfortunately, they couldn't quite get through to him on the issue of spelling19:37
seb128who need writing when you got counting!19:38
desrtseb128: *needs19:38
seb12816541 1351 1 61 64 61619:38
desrtseb128: *you've19:38
seb12846 41 645 64619:38
chrisccoulsonand who needs counting when you've got 17?19:38
seb128desrt, 152 :p19:38
seb128(I can't believe it's only tuesday)19:39
desrtya.  seriously19:39
desrtsomething about this week....19:39
seb128desrt, just counted, 37 GNOME updates done by myself in 2 days19:39
seb128I blame chrisccoulson for being busy on firefox, didrocks on unity, and pitti for loosing teeth19:39
desrtseb128: 37 is a smaller number than the number of patches we have in g-c-c + g-s-d + metacity :p19:39
* desrt just tried to roll a new upstream metacity and apply our patches to it19:40
desrtwanna guess how that went? :)19:40
seb128desrt, it's a smaller number of patches than we have in g-c-c you mean?19:40
desrtseb128: ya.  probably :)19:40
seb128desrt, lol, I guess "not good"19:40
desrtseb128: like 50% of them had conflicts19:40
desrtplus we add a bunch of new gconf keys like some 'strict' mode from lamont19:40
seb128desrt, that's one of the reasons I think we should stay on compiz19:41
desrti'd have to port all of those over to gsettings19:41
desrtseb128: hm?19:41
seb128desrt, not playing "use a GNOME component but distro patch it enough that it works for us"19:41
seb128I would hate having mutter with a 35 patches stack19:41
seb128so it "works for unity"19:41
desrtseb128: just do the renaming trick19:42
desrtmetacity + clutter = mutter19:42
desrtmutter + ubuntu patches = ... hm.... buck-futter?19:42
seb128desrt, right, unitter19:42
seb128but yeah, I just want to stop distro patching to no end stuff19:42
seb128better to just fork and rebase19:43
desrtdebian vendor patches are not the best form of VCS :)19:43
desrtseb128: can you explain a bit of debian version numbers to me?19:50
desrtwhat is the best practice for shipping a git version of an upstream?19:50
desrtlike if i wanted to make a metacity 2.34.3 package before it is released19:51
desrt2.34.3~git20120320-0ubuntu0 or something?19:51
seb128desrt, yeah, that works19:53
seb128usually <version>~something19:53
desrtthat will be "before" 2.34.3?19:53
seb128there are 2 "schools"19:53
seb128yes, ~ is "just before"19:53
* desrt sits down for a lesson19:53
seb128well some people do 2.34.2+git19:53
desrtthe other way is to do 2.34.2+git?19:53
* desrt is doing .3 because that's what's in configure.ac already (due to post-release bumping)19:54
desrt"""The lexical comparison is a comparison of ASCII values modified so that all the letters sort earlier than all the non-letters and so that a tilde sorts before anything, even the end of a part."""19:55
desrtgood to know.19:55
seb128desrt, dpkg --compare-versions v1 gt v2; echo $?19:56
seb128desrt, is your friend19:56
desrtthese rules are my friend, really19:56
desrtthat one sentence tells you all you need to know19:56
desrti guess it's actually not true, though19:56
desrta simple ascii compare would sort 1.10 before 1.219:56
desrtah.  next paragraph explains that :)19:57
seb128desrt, I think you will have an hard time to find stuff in there not correctly laid out19:59
desrtya.   nothing says "obsessive compulsive obsession with order" like the letters 'DD'20:00
seb128the Debian documentation is usually quite rigorous20:00
jbichadesrt: looks like metacity 2.34.3 is out now21:37
jasoncwarner_hey TheMuso RAOF bryceh https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-03-20 if anything to discuss, please put in the agenda. Otherwise, fill in your updates and we are good to go...21:47
TheMusoI tend to try and get it done before meeting time.21:48
brycehjasoncwarner_, heya.  my stuff's filled in.  no agenda topics.21:48
* Sweetshark waves at jasoncwarner_ at the other end of the world.21:50
jasoncwarner_evening Sweetshark !21:50
jasoncwarner_thanks bryceh21:50
RAOFEvening Sweetshark :)21:52
desrtjbicha: ah.  great news.21:54
Sweetsharkbryceh: btw, 3.5.1-1ubuntu1 is in now. even if you didnt end up with the upload, thank you very much for the help and support ;)21:54
SweetsharkRAOF: hi there (must be day on the other side of the globe -- everyone there is awake ;) )21:55
Sweetsharkjasoncwarner_: I booked and registered UDS btw.21:56
brycehSweetshark, sure thing, glad it got sorted21:57
* Sweetshark starts a armel build on a porter box22:02
* Sweetshark is feeling a bit sardistic towards the porter box today.22:03
RAOFA LO build on the porter box?  That'll be done this time next week? :)22:06
micahgRAOF: it's a panda now :)22:06
desrtRAOF: ya... shouldn't take longer than 3 or 4 days.  didn't you know?22:07
SweetsharkRAOF: The last time I tried that the build was interrupted by ~3 reboots. Likely someone considered the box "unresponsive" (ummm, yeah?) and applied the 3R rule of windows administration: retry, reboot, reinstall ...22:10
robert_ancellRAOF, is everyone saying the greeter->session transition is now working just a coincidence?  That patch hasn't been released yet?!22:11
RAOFrobert_ancell: No, I also uploaded a new unity-greeter with the patch applied.22:11
robert_ancelloh, good22:11
RAOFOn the basis that it seemed like a good idea :)22:11
robert_ancellRAOF, but not applied to lp:~ubuntu-desktop/unity-greeter/ubuntu?22:12
RAOFrobert_ancell: The last *two* uploads aren't in lp:~ubuntu-desktop/unity-greeter/ubuntu.22:12
RAOFI'm not sure why, so I didn't touchit.22:12
=== jbicha is now known as Guest22703
robert_ancellRAOF, so you made it more out of date :P22:13
TheMusoVCs for packaging is not going to work unless we switch wholesale.22:14
RAOFOr use the udd package branches.22:14
* RAOF much prefers full source branches.22:14
TheMusoYes, use the UDD branches, but nothing else.22:14
TheMusoBut of course there are those packages in debian maintained in git... and so it goes again.22:15
RAOFAll that they need is for quilt to die, and 3.0 (bzr) to become our standard source format :)22:15
mterrydesrt, heyo.  So how bad/difficult is having a sudo process talk to a user's session dbus?22:24
desrtmterry: i wouldn't recommend it22:24
desrtmterry: why do you ask?22:25
desrtsomething to do with a screensaver?22:25
mterrydesrt, deja-dup sometimes will run duplicity under sudo, but ideally would pass gio URLs to it22:25
mterrydesrt, I can pass gvfs fuse paths, but that is always a bit buggy22:25
desrtpresumably it runs as root in order to gain access to some files that it wouldn't normally have access to22:26
mterryfor restoring purposes22:26
desrtand the gvfs path is presumably the destination...22:27
desrtthat's really tricky.22:27
mterrydesrt, in these cases, the source, and is restoring into non-home directories22:27
desrtyou could try setting the session bus environment variable on the other side of the sudo22:27
desrtbut that would interact badly with dconf, for example (which i assume duplicity doesn't use)22:27
mterrydesrt, I tried sudo -E  (preserve env) but dbus_bus_get returns NULL22:27
mterrydesrt, only if gio ends up using it client side22:28
seb128bah, bug #929437 is annoying22:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 929437 in software-center "gvfsd-http crashed with SIGSEGV in __nscd_get_mapping()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92943722:50
* desrt wonders why builders bother uninstalling packages from the pbuilder root instead of just blowing it away22:51
lifelessdesrt: lp-buildd, patches appreciated22:53
desrtseb128: i think your glib trigger scripts are broken :/22:57
desrtseb128: not very serious breakage... but with the recent changes in gio-querymodules to please automake by removing the cache file on an empty directory, we see this turning up in build logs: Unable to open directory /usr/lib/gio/modules: Error opening directory '/usr/lib/gio/modules': No such file or directory23:00
* micahg would think that's more related to not checking the multiarch path23:02
desrtoh.  that's quite possible as well23:02
* desrt just assumed that it was caused by a more recent change23:02
seb128desrt, that's only a warning23:03
desrti know23:03
seb128desrt, we kept the old path listed and a || true iirc23:03
seb128just for compat reason23:03
desrtto cleanup leftovers just in case?23:03
desrtfair enough23:03
seb128but thanks for pointing it ;-)p23:04
* desrt saw it at the bottom of a failed build log and assumed it was the cause of the failure23:04
desrtthen i scrolled up...23:04
thumperUrsinha: ping23:24
Ursinhathumper, pong23:24
thumperUrsinha: I was just calculating time zones wondering if you'd still be around23:24
thumperUrsinha: can you see bug 953963 ?23:25
thumperUrsinha: it is a private bug that others are being made dupes of23:25
thumperUrsinha: hard to fix if I can't see it :)23:25
Ursinhahaha okay23:25
Ursinhathumper, I subscribed you, if you feel the info there can be deleted/disclosed just make it public23:26
thumperUrsinha: thanks23:26
Ursinhathumper, np23:27

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