smoserright? and you can SRU that to stable releases.00:00
bdrungthat's the plan00:00
smoseri added code to use it in cobbler, but then was pointed at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg00:00
smoser(i just dropped the Recommends in distro-info of cobbler to a Suggests)00:01
smoseras it was showing mismatch for build-depends on distro-info of haskel00:01
smoserto the question00:01
smoserare you insistent on haskell?00:02
bdrungi fail to see haskel in that diagram.00:02
smoserright. its gone now.00:02
smoserbut there was a long line hanging off cobbler into some haskell libraries00:03
bdrungthe haskell version is way faster than the python version and therefore i like to keep the haskell version00:03
bdrungthere was a haskell transition00:03
smoserhm.. well, since its a build-depens, it doesn't really gain us to do separation (like you've done with the -data)00:04
ScottKbdrung: The problem is that haskell isn't and won't be in Main.00:04
smoserie, we sitll get all the build-depends pulled into main of the source.00:04
smoserso, i guess my question is going forward would you be open to even splitting out source packages ? or something else that removed a dependency on haskell ?00:06
smoseri think its absolutely silly to have to SRU a package to get a string change.00:07
Laneyyou could feasibly have haskell bindings to a C lib00:07
Laneyin a separate package00:07
bdrungsmoser: what do you really want? distro-info in main?00:08
DavieyI think what smoser is getting at, would you be happy having two source packages.. a distro-info-data (containing csv's) and a distro-info tool?00:08
smoserwell, i supose distro-info and distro-info-data.00:08
DavieyThat would mean that A) you don't need to recompile for SRU00:08
Davieyand secondly, peope can cuse a shell or python version if they want. (in main)00:08
smoseri'd like distro-info in main00:09
smoser(or some shell usable utility, i dont really care about speed)00:09
Davieybdrung: I must say, that a 1.5M binary + csv is pretty nuts.00:09
bdrungother user's care about speed00:09
smoserbecause if the shell utility is not in main, then i have to write the same thing in shell00:09
smoser(or python)00:09
smoserpeople dont care about speed that much.00:09
smoserand really, why would you call this program 1000s of times ?00:09
smoserit changes once per 6 months00:10
bdrungbash completion and bashrc00:10
smoserthats fair.00:10
smoserbut i bet i can write native bash that are faster00:10
bdrungDaviey: the binary size is due to haskell00:10
smoseror very close.00:10
bdrungsmoser: i am willing to adopt a shell script if it can do the same as the haskell script and comes with a test suite00:12
smoserwell.... that'd only get us part of the way.00:12
bdrungi can split distro-info-data into a separate package00:12
smoseryeah, so that'd work.00:13
Davieybdrung: Do you agree or not that a tool for this function, is crazy being 1.5M ?00:13
smoserDaviey, i dont think we need to be rude :)00:14
smoseri'm really thankful for the utility.00:14
bdrungDaviey: yes, 1.5M is huge (but this is a restriction of Haskell)00:14
DavieyOh i am aswell.. i think that came out wrong.. Sorry bdrung00:14
bdrungsmoser: which interface do you use?00:14
smoseri just wish i would have realized it needed some help for main inclusion.00:14
smoseri'm using the shell interface.00:14
* bdrung wasn't offended.00:14
smoserand i'd prefer that just because i dont care to do the date math.00:14
smoser(shell interface == command line == distro-info --supported)00:15
bdrungbtw, the csv file shouldn't be used directly. so there are: command line, python, perl00:16
smoserright. i guess i hadn't thought of using python library.00:17
brycehslangasek, hey in looking into a key mapping issue I notice our console-setup is quite diverged from debian's00:19
brycehslangasek, there's been quite a bit of change.  I'm figuring I should just cherrypick out the specific fixes I need, but wanted to check with you if we should think about a larger import of some sort00:21
bdrungDaviey, smoser: which programming languages can be compiled in main?00:23
bdrungor should this tool be codified in shell?00:24
smoseri dont think there is a hard reason for shell.00:24
smoserif you wanted to write it in C, that'd be fine.00:24
bdrungi would prefer C over shell.00:25
Davieybdrung: I was going to also mention vala, but it's been demoted this cycle..00:25
smoserthat'd be fine. the only advantage of shell over C would be executable size.00:25
bdrungvala would be a nice tool to learn00:25
Davieysmoser: You don't think there is a slight speed advantage in C?00:26
bdrungsmoser: really? shell would be smaller than C?00:26
smoser$ ls -l /bin/true00:26
smoser-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 22896 Nov 20 12:42 /bin/true00:26
Davieysmoser: I imagine true is a compelx tool :)00:26
bdrungrunning u-d-t 100 times takes 0.330s and running the python version of it takes 3.045s00:28
smoserbdrung, where is "the python version" ?00:29
bdrungsmoser: in the source in python/00:29
bdrungbut it lacks some parameters00:31
ScottKjtaylor: Why does python-numpy recommend gcc, but python3-numpy does not?00:35
infinitybdrung: shell, C, C++, perl, python, there are a few options.00:37
infinitybdrung: As much as it's taboo to mention it, Perl would do this same job MUCH faster than Python. :P00:38
smoserinfinity, FOR SHAME!00:38
bdrunginfinity: nope00:38
infinitybdrung: (And it could be done entirely in perl-base, and have no deps outside Essential, I'm sure)00:38
bdrunginfinity: the perl version was the slowest00:38
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infinitybdrung: That's a pretty bold nope.00:38
bdrunginfinity: you can either blame perl or tumbleweed for that slowness ;)00:39
infinityI'll go with the latter.00:39
bdrungi would ask you to write a faster one, but perl is not readable.00:40
infinityBut other than the slightly larger disk footprint, C seems like a fair choice.  It's a simple enough thing to write bug-free on the first go.00:40
cjwatson_bryceh: it's a pain to merge and historically merges have introduced a lot of fragility, so I would be -1 on a merge at this point.  feel free to cherry-pick, though.01:02
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
brycehcjwatson, sounds good, will do01:02
cjwatsonthat's why it tends to "fall behind" as some people see it01:02
cjwatsonwe'll deal at some point01:03
brycehyeah I can tell; the patch I'm dealing with appears to be a whole bunch of different changes all mashed together.  picking out what I need will be interesting01:03
cjwatsonhope you aren't trying to work with lp:{debian,ubuntu}/console-setup01:03
brycehcjwatson, am I interpreting correctly that at least some of the keyboard mapping is duplicating code elsewhere?01:04
cjwatsonalmost certainly01:04
brycehcjwatson, no, git checkout from debian01:04
cjwatsonyeah, some of the committers aren't ... quite perfect at separating out logical changes01:04
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Sarvattok so I want to file a bug about how apport hooks with questions present all questions twice if you click "show details" on the "Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error." window to figure out what package the bug is for. Where would that go now?01:26
Sarvattwhoopsie or apport? :)01:26
Sarvattxorg bugs are no fun when you have to click show details to figure out that its even the xorg bug you want to file now that it shows that generic info and walk through all of the questions to see what package its for, then again to actually file it01:28
Sarvatti usually have at least 10 .crash files in /var/crash that i've already filed bugs for so clicking show details on each is required to see if i'm wasting my time filing the same one01:31
smoserbdrung, still around ?02:00
bdrungsmoser: yes02:19
smoseri have a version of ubuntu-distro-info in shell that compares favorably in load times to the haskel02:20
smoseri think the --date= needs some work.02:21
smoserbut it shouldn't add too much02:21
smoserlocally, 1000 runs shows http://paste.ubuntu.com/891636/02:22
smoserbut i have to run now.02:23
smoseri'm willing to polish that some more.02:24
bdrungsmoser: you are fast. it could use "set -e". some comments would be nice.02:43
bdrungsmoser: --devel and --lts produce wrong output02:50
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slangasekbryceh: console-setup isn't a safe package to be doing large imports of post-FF... I'd say cherry-pick what you need04:01
ScottKslangasek: He got the lecture from cjwatson already today.04:01
slangasekheh, ok04:01
brycehslangasek, yeah picked out the bit I needed.  I gather all changes are direct applied rather than use a patch system?04:04
slangasekit's a native package maintained in a VCS - a patch system would be unhelpful :)04:05
komputeshi bryceh how are you?04:18
brycehhi komputes I'm good04:18
komputesthats good to hear, long time no talk. are you strictly maintaining xorg these days?04:19
brycehkomputes, I would say more indulgently04:20
komputesit's in your blood :D04:25
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dholbachgood morning08:04
ZeroKewlwhere did xbox controller started working out of box in ubuntu 12.0408:11
ZeroKewlwhen* -where08:11
Riddelljanimo`: libva-cedarview-vaapi-driver for restricted?08:32
apwcan anyone tell me what an package flagged 'un' in dpkg -l means ?08:52
apwun  linux-image-3.008:52
apwand indeed how one gets rid of em08:53
geserapw: see the header of "dpkg -l" for an explanation (un: Desired=Unknown, Status=Not Installed)08:56
apwgeser, hmm oh desired ... so once you install a packge its in your db forever even if its not longer installed08:57
smbThat does not seem to be what happens when I uninstall things08:57
smbThose seem to either become rc (removed configured) or go away (purged)08:58
geserapw: I guess that's also true for any package dpkg knows about (because it's listed in Recommends, Suggests, Conflicts, etc)08:59
apwgeser, hmmm, i'd expect them to be singletons as they are all test kernels once installed long ago08:59
apwun  linux-image-3.0-0-generic                             <none>                                                (no description available)09:01
apwso that one i literally just purged it and its gone to that state09:01
geserIIRC dpkg has a list of package names it has ever seen09:03
gesercheck if it's listed in /var/lib/dpkg/available09:03
apwgeser, yep it is in there09:05
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gesertry "dpkg --forget-old-unavail" (or ask someone who knows dpkg better than me how to get rid of those old entries)09:09
smbSo the difference is in how one uses dpkg -l: "dpkg -l|grep linux-image" won't show un, but "dpkg -l linux-image-*" will do09:12
jhojhohas anyone actually tried out the openssl package on 64bit precise?09:12
jhojhoi'm getting much slower speed timings for one and secondly, it seems to be dropping back to sslv3 vs tls1 for some reason09:13
jhojhoeven when i have what I think is a correct config.....09:13
janimo`Riddell, please purge that package, there will be a newer upload later, with fixed copyright10:04
Riddelljanimo`: rejected!10:06
janimo`Riddell, thanks!10:06
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janimo`pitti, the acpi-support deprecation wikipage is almost 3 years old. https://wiki.edubuntu.org/AcpiSupportDeprecation . What is the status of this package? I lookoed at the hotkey debugging pages that mantioned it is being phased out but no details11:06
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nailoracould someone un-private bug #930677 if possible? thanks!11:17
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 930677 could not be found11:17
nailorait is referenced in Bug #95257711:18
ubottuError: Bug #952577 is a duplicate of bug #930677, but it is private (https://launchpad.net/bugs/930677)11:18
sladennailora: what is your Launchpad ID?11:25
sladennailora: poke11:28
brendandsladen, i don't see anything private in there so it's un-privated11:29
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sladennailora: see brendand above ^^11:33
nailorabrendand: thanks11:42
MacSlowmvo, ping11:59
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mvoMacSlow: pong12:22
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slangasekjanimo`: acpi-support hasn't been phased out yet because there are some hotkeys that nothing else in the stack has handling for (antenna, touchpad toggling keys)13:04
seb128slangasek, the pad enable,disable is handled by gnome-settings-daemon (just for info) but maybe you need something not desktop specific for those ;-)13:06
slangasekseb128: when did it start handling them?13:07
seb128slangasek, http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/?id=1c8f64d1dc6beb7d27a6dce74fa29e27e8c3458313:08
seb128slangasek, so in the natty version it seems13:08
seb128slangasek, if that's the same keys we are talking about13:09
slangasekseb128: ah, I'm pretty sure X can't actually receive that keypress due to the core input limitation13:10
janimo`slangasek, Riddell the acpi-support changelog mentions dropping power.sh when kubuntu starts using upower, not sure if that is the case, it is an old comment13:11
janimo`slangasek, and are there better suited packages for the things acpi-support is still needed for or it is here as a catch-all for the forseeable future?13:11
seb128slangasek, well, it works for most people it seems13:11
slangasekjanimo`: if there were better-suited packages, it wouldn't still be needed :)13:12
seb128slangasek, we got bugs about the notify-osd corresponding images being reversed previous cycle13:12
slangasekseb128: hmm, I'll have to test then13:12
seb128slangasek, which indicates the g-s-d action get triggered13:12
seb128slangasek, ok ;-)13:12
slangasekseb128: right, but we just recently (this cycle) got a report from someone else wanting touchpad toggle support in acpi-support for a new device13:13
janimo`slangasek, well what I meant was there may be other packages but migrating is ongoing and not terribly urgent13:13
janimo`as opposed to noweher to migrate yet :13:13
slangasekjanimo`: power.sh should definitely go away if kubuntu is using upowerd now13:14
seb128slangasek, https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31300#c2 might be interesting13:14
ubottuFreedesktop bug 31300 in Protocol/Core "Add XF86XK_TouchpadOn/Off" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]13:14
seb128slangasek, well not sure what happened since and if that works for laptop that have a physical action connected to the key or not13:15
* slangasek nods13:15
seb128slangasek, seems it's the same issue than sound, some hardware require you to handle to action, some others don't13:16
slangasekwell, seems like those should be represented as different types of events13:16
slangaseknot sure why a button press that the software isn't expected to handle should ever show up as a key event13:17
slangasekanyway, I'll test with my T60 and see what I get13:18
seb128slangasek, because you still want the notify-osd bubble13:18
slangasekthere's no reason to logically represent that as a *keypress* though13:18
seb128slangasek, what is doing the action doesn't matter much, but you want a consistent feedback mechanism13:18
slangasekit's a notification event13:18
seb128that's a good point ;-)13:18
slangasekso there should be a different channel for that from the kernel to g-s-d... and maybe that's the one that actually works now13:19
slangasekanyway, I know thinkpads *don't* handle it in hardware, so I'll check it out and report back :)13:19
seb128slangasek, thanks ;-)13:21
stgraberdpm: can you add me to the translation team mailing-list whitelist so I can reply to mails without having them go through moderation, yet don't need to subscribe?13:26
dpmstgraber, I can at least try :) IIRC there is a filter to accept any ubuntu.com address, but it seems not to be working. Let me have a look...13:29
stgraberdpm: I usually do it through the moderation queue, when you accept my next e-mail, you can tick a box saying any other e-mail from my address is accepted13:31
dpmstgraber, ah, I see. I never use the admin interface, I use listadmin, which is much quicker13:32
dpmin any case, you're now whitelisted13:33
stgraberdpm: thanks13:34
cjwatsonit'd be awesome if listadmin could understand that bit of the moderation queue interface13:36
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cjwatsonpopey: bug 960092 - can you tell me about your partition/filesystem layout?14:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 960092 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Latest update renders system unbootable "error: no such partition"" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96009214:05
sorendebconf is confusing me.14:06
sorenWhen I add a template to a package  (which already used debconf)... How does its new templates get added to the debconf cache?14:06
sorendpkg and debconf are separate, so it's not dpkg itself.14:07
cjwatsonthe frontend loads templates from whatever it's operating on14:07
cjwatsondpkg-preconfigure does it too, via apt-extracttemplates14:07
sorenIt's a bit special. I'm building something very much like dbconfig-common, so my package ships the templates, but doesn't actually use debconf itself.14:08
soren...so that's why they're not getting loaded (and why I can't reference them with db_register from another package).14:08
cjwatsonthere's debconf-loadtemplate if you really have t14:08
cjwatsonor you could load the confmodule in your postinst, but do nothing else with debconf14:09
sorenThe latter sounds like a better idea.14:09
cjwatsonlikely, yes14:09
sorenI guess I eventually will want to actually use debconf in this package too.14:09
sorenI wonder how the first set of templates got added..14:09
popeycjwatson: left comment on the bug14:10
sorenI guess I must have triggered debconf at some point. I can't imagine how or why, but meh.14:10
cjwatsonpopey: hm, so 1.99-17ubuntu1 worked but 1.99-18ubuntu1 failed?14:11
cjwatson(wtf?  I didn't touch partition handling.)14:11
popeycjwatson: well, it may have been a day or more between updates on that box. but it is my main desktop, and doesn't get rebooted that often, often suspended14:11
cjwatsonpopey: you said you reinstalled grub to get it back to a bootable state, so presumably you know what version you reinstalled?14:12
popeycjwatson: I just did grub-install14:13
popeycjwatson: sorry, "grub-install /dev/sdb"14:13
cjwatsonoh, you were probably misconfigured to start with then.  I left a question in the bug ...14:13
sorencjwatson: Fantastic, that did the trick. Thanks!14:14
popeycjwatson: sorry, pasted, should have attached.14:14
cjwatsonno matter14:15
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sorencjwatson: What if I'm updating an existing template rather than adding a new one? The new ones are in /var/lib/dpkg/info/<my package>.templates, and I do include confmodule in my postinst, but /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat still has the old templates.14:39
cjwatsonsoren: that normally just works14:42
cjwatsonsorry, not sure what the problem might be in your case14:42
smbcjwatson, Just to make sure I understand right: so the multipath udeb would only carry dm-multipath and dm-round-robin ? I am not sure abotu the scsi device handlers. They might be only used for multipath setups but on the other hand are grouped into the scsi subsystem.14:43
sorenPerhaps it refrains from refreshing because there are multiple owners?14:44
cjwatsonsmb: {dm-multipath,dm-round-robin} -> multipath-modules, scsi device handlers -> scsi-modules sounds o14:45
cjwatsonsmb: I'm just trying to claw things back into being slightly more in line with Debian because it means less unnecessary divergence in the userspace installer code14:46
smbcjwatson, ok thanks. will look to get it done. Less divergence is good and it should not be a really big change, so it makes much sense to get it done right now that there need to be changes anyway14:47
cjwatsonsmb: great, thank you14:51
cjwatsonsoren: I would have expected it to add an owner in the case of any shared templates, and just add any non-shared ones14:51
sorencjwatson: *blush*15:10
sorencjwatson: I had a copy of the templates file in another package.15:10
sorencjwatson: With all the same names.15:11
sorencjwatson: So each time I installed that, I'd get the old version.15:11
sorencjwatson: And my test-debug cycle included: Install the config-common package -> isntall a package that consumes it -> test.15:12
sorencjwatson: So it always overwrote the changed templates.15:12
cjwatsonyeah, easy to make that kind of mistake with shared templates15:13
sorencjwatson: Ironically, I'm doing this to *avoid* sharing templates, and just ship them in a single package (and use db_register <common package>/$question <consumer package>/$question). I just copied the templates file over at some point by mistake.15:19
sorenI never noticed because so far, I've only been *adding* new templates. Added templates got through just fine.15:19
cjwatsonah well15:19
tsdgeoswhat's the best way to store a dictionary inside a gvalue?15:52
tsdgeosi went the way of gvalue being a variant and the variant being a dictionary15:52
tsdgeossounds ok?15:52
Riddelljanimo`: yes we use upower in KDE16:05
slangasekmvo: I'm not sure I understand the right way to pop up a notification about a package's download failing; from what I can see in the code, /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/ is only processed when a new file is added there or when the applet starts, is that right?16:05
slangasekmvo: in which case it seems I want the script to add/remove a file to that directory, and not use DisplayIf?16:05
mvoslangasek: yeah, add it or touch it (to display the notification again)16:06
smbcjwatson, Oh, I just remembered something else. I think you at least sponsored some updates to dmraid user-space. I think I found some discrepancy in the initramfs-tools scripts/hooks. Unfortunately lost the bug reporter for now... bug 948291 (comments 37 and 38)...16:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 948291 in linux (Ubuntu) "New 12.04 beta Kernel doesn't support booting from dmraid" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94829116:10
smb(afraid it is a bit in the middle of things... just the difference between output and input seemed like one thing more likely broken...)16:11
cjwatsonsmb: sponsored, but I don't feel confident to make changes on my own initiative16:11
cjwatsonsmb: if you can get hold of psusi, he tends to be useful on this16:12
smbcjwatson, Ok, I'll try... Saw his name too16:12
ricotzsmoser, hi, could you have a look at qemu-kvm which installs /usr/etc/qemu/target-x86_64.conf, i guess this should go to /etc/qemu/target-x86_64.conf16:15
smoserricotz, can you open a bug ?16:16
ricotzsmoser, i was hoping pinging you might be enough16:16
smoserwell, i was just going to ping hallyn16:17
smoserbut ... a bug would still be helpful.16:17
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slangasekmvo: do you know what creates /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/firefox-restart-required nowadays?  The only thing I find in the firefox postinst is 'touch /var/run/firefox-restart-required'16:19
slangasekmvo: I'm trying to find this to see how they've handled localization so I can copy it16:19
ricotzsmoser, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu-kvm/+bug/96035916:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 960359 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu) "config file "target-x86_64.conf" in wrong location" [Undecided,New]16:19
mvoslangasek: sorry, I don't know16:19
mvoslangasek: maybe the ubufox stuff?16:19
mvoslangasek: but chrisccoulson should know16:20
slangasekI'll look there, thanks16:20
smoserricotz, gracias16:20
chrisccoulsonmvo, slangasek, we haven't had that in firefox since lucid16:20
slangasekchrisccoulson: hah, ok16:20
slangasekchrisccoulson: why did it go away?16:21
chrisccoulsonslangasek, it was sort-of redundant. we already have the restart notification banner inside firefox, so we just use that rather than relying on update-notifier16:22
slangasekfair enough16:22
slangasek(though personally, the restart banner drives me crazy ;)16:22
chrisccoulsonslangasek, it's meant to make you want to restart :)16:23
chrisccoulsonalthough, i think i changed the timings this cycle so that it doesn't remind so often16:23
slangasekchrisccoulson: it doesn't make me want to do that, it makes me want to swear off web browsing! :)16:23
slangasekah, looks like the french translation is statically encoded here, ah well16:24
chrisccoulsonslangasek, we might get rid of the restart banner at some point (and turn it in to a notification panel inside firefox instead, which doesn't shift the content down when it appears)16:27
mdeslaurslangasek: fyi: #95255616:44
slangasekmdeslaur: are you seeing this behavior?16:47
mdeslaurslangasek: I haven't checked personally, but it looks like something we should take a look at16:47
mdeslaurI'll try it on my test laptop, one sec16:48
slangasekmdeslaur: looks like I can reproduce it here16:50
slangasekwhich is strange, because I definitely *didn't* see this earlier in the cycle when making that change16:50
slangasekcking: why are you sure bug #952556 isn't a kernel bug?  I don't think this was the behavior in January at the time I changed the hdparm apm_battery setting, and hdparm hasn't changed at all since16:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 952556 in hdparm (Ubuntu) "[Precise] [Hardware-killer] HD restarts every few seconds" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95255616:52
slangasekso I think something has changed in the kernel16:52
mdeslaurslangasek: well, some of the desktop power optimisations may have decreased regular disk activity16:52
slangasekyes, that was actually a precondition of me changing hdparm16:53
mdeslaurah! i see16:53
slangasekbefore, the root problem wasn't the spin*down* time, it was the spin *up* frequency16:53
ckingslangasek, well, it still happens when the user uses an oneiric kernel16:53
slangasekcking: ok16:53
slangasekthat's pretty conclusive then16:53
ckingand I checked it on an hpmini this afternoon16:54
slangaseklet me see if something's regressed on the desktop to cause these spin-ups16:54
ckingI also factored out the pm-utils changes just to sanity check things16:54
slangasekso, setting a higher spindown time by default is probably reasonable in any case16:55
slangasekand would guard against destroying disks16:55
slangasekso I think we'll go ahead with that16:55
mdeslaurfwiw, my count increased by 3 in 5 minutes16:56
* slangasek breaks out fatrace \o/16:57
* mdeslaur tries fat race too :)16:58
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slangasekkinda looking like a firefox regression17:03
slangasekor possibly a google regression :P17:03
ckingslangasek, yep I think a higher spindown time is a good solution17:05
* micahg pops his head up17:09
dokois there a known issue with usb disks in the precise kernel? getting now I/O errors with the second usb disk. just do not want to believe that both external disks are damaged17:10
mdeslaurwow, fatrace is awesome17:11
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slangasekmvo: I notice as I'm testing this u-n change that u-n only processes hooks when something touches /var/lib/update-notifier/dpkg-run-stamp.  It seems to me that the two should be somewhat independent?18:09
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ahasenackSpamapS: ping, around?18:59
psusiok, so multipath-tools has a binary package named multipath-tools-boot that contains the initramfs hook to add multipath-tools and kpartx to the initramfs... dmraid needs kpartx to be in the initramfs.. so, should I add a hook to dmraid to copy the kpartx binary, or split the multipath-tools hook in two, so there is on efor multipath-tools-boot, and one for kpartx?  hrm...19:04
cjwatsonwe generally put the hooks in the package that ships the binary because that means that the initramfs gets updated every time the package that actually ships the binary is updated, which is important19:08
cjwatsonso maybe in kpartx itself but with something to arrange that it only actually goes in the initramfs when needed?19:09
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psusiahh.. hrm.. what would that something be?19:10
cjwatsonnot sure :-)19:10
* cjwatson handwaves merrily19:11
ahasenackhi, quick (I hope) question about bzr merge-upstream, it seems it is bzr deleting all files and then bzr adding all the new files, that's not a merge19:11
ahasenackbzr st shows it removing and adding the same file, even though that file didn't change regarding the upstream version19:12
ahasenacklike, the LICENSE file, it's exactly the same19:12
psusiwhat is it that makes the initramfs update when you upgrade the package anyhow?  does it need to call update-initramfs from its postinst?19:12
cjwatsonpsusi: right, and that ends up activating a trigger19:12
psusihrm... this is odd... multipath-tools-boot has a postinst that runs update-initramfs to process the included hook... the hook checks for the existance of /sbin/multipath-tools and exits if it doesn't exist.  multipath-tools-boot does not depend on multipath-tools... so strangely, you can install it and it effectively does nothing unless you also install multipath-tools19:16
psusiI think I'll fix the existing hook so that it just skips the multipath-tools parts if it is not found, but if kpartx is found, will copy that in... then add multipath-tools-boot as a depend of dmraid19:17
broderpsusi, cjwatson: you could use the initramfs-tools variable thing that plymouth uses to trigger19:20
broderso then i think anything that wanted kpartx would ship a file in, uh, /usr/share/initramfs-tools/conf-hooks.d/blah19:21
cjwatsonbroder: thank you for concretifying my handwaving19:27
mvoslangasek: sorry for the delay- that is correct, it was designed to not popup in the middle of a upgrade, originally this handled stuff like the reboot required. but indeed, its no longer a valid reason (as reboot-required is done differently these days)19:29
slangasekmvo: ok, I'll adjust the code then to process the hooks anyway, thanks19:30
mvofor a bit of background, I had hoped we could get rid of update-notifier in favor of upstart user session event scripts, but we are not there yet19:32
mvo(it seems at least)19:32
slangasekah :)19:39
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SpamapSahasenack: howdy19:51
ahasenackSpamapS: \o/19:51
ahasenackSpamapS: so I tried a bit bzr merge-upstream, can I make some questions?19:52
ahasenackSpamapS: are you on the udd mailing list?19:53
ahasenackmicahg: thanks! :)19:54
SpamapSahasenack: I'm not19:57
ahasenackSpamapS: my question is above in the archive link that micahg pasted19:57
ahasenackSpamapS: basically, seems like bzr merge-upstream deletes and adds all files again19:57
ahasenackregardless if they had changes or not19:57
SpamapSahasenack: hm19:58
SpamapSahasenack: I would not expect it to do that.19:58
ahasenackSpamapS: good :)19:58
SpamapSahasenack: I am trying it now.. I've never used the bzr branch with --revision and --version before.. it may work differently20:01
ahasenackSpamapS: I tried a few combinations, but got the same result20:02
micahgit might be treating it as a bzr branch instead of an upstream tarball, but I'm not sure how the upstream tarball behaviour works TBH20:03
SpamapSahasenack: as micahg is eluding to.. try it that way20:04
SpamapSwith bzr exported to a tarball20:04
ahasenackSpamapS: I think it's what merge-upstream ends up doing, because I saw a tarball in the parent directory20:04
ahasenackSpamapS: but let's try20:04
ahasenackSpamapS: yeah, now it worked as expected20:05
ahasenackSpamapS: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/892732/20:06
SpamapSahasenack: so, I would suspect that when doing a bzr branch, there is some extra magic being attempted..20:07
ahasenackSpamapS: what you did yesterday, was with a tarball?20:09
ahasenackSpamapS: and, did you just try with a branch? Did you get the same add/remove outcome as I?20:10
SpamapSahasenack: what I did yesterday was upload a pure source package. The package importer pulled that into ubuntu:landscape-client20:12
ahasenackSpamapS: ok, and did you try merge-upstream with a branch just now, just to see if you get the same outcome as I?20:13
SpamapSahasenack: I did, and got the same outcome.20:13
ahasenacklooks like we should avoid that for now20:14
ahasenackSpamapS: thanks!20:14
bernieanyone knows why there have been no new chromium snapshots in the ppa for a couple of months?21:16
micahgbernie: various reasons, I'm trying to get it sorted, hopefully by the time precise releases21:17
berniemicahg: cool thanks21:18
rsalvetiogra_: do you know why the installer slideshow is still broken on arm?22:11
rsalvetidon't remember if it was simply something we decided to drop, or that wasn't enabled properly after that bug we had with webkit22:12
rsalvetiI'd like to have it working again as then we can have a similar installer experience as we have for other archs22:12
rsalvetilet me try to find a bug for it22:12
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rsalvetiogra_: neither universe nor multiverse is enabled by default22:32
rsalvetiit's also lacking the deb-src lines as well22:33
rsalvetiguess a bug at livecd-rootfs22:33
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TheMuso@pilot in23:15
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Precise Beta-1 Released. Archive: open | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | build failures -> http://bit.ly/xmGdCW | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> oneiric | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: TheMuso
popeycjwatson: just seen someone else with the same grub issue I had23:34
popeycjwatson: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115941496951821782702/posts/1vwCLcQtFY423:36
popeypointed him at the bug report23:37

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