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dholbachgood morning08:04
vibhavThe Indian LoCo admin has not responded to any of my emails for 1 month, can aynthing be done now?10:53
czajkowskivibhav: nigelb is on the list what mails are you sending and where 10:53
vibhavczajkowski: I sent mails to the Indian LoCo admins about the statis of the website (Which has been down for 6 months) , I have not got any reply for him10:56
vibhavOR any of the other admins10:56
vibhavHe is the current owner of the team10:57
czajkowskithey seem to have a lot of admins 10:57
czajkowskiI do know for a fact the mailing list is active as nigelb is on there 10:57
vibhavBut the team has only one owner10:57
czajkowskiteam owner and team contact are two different things unfortunately 10:57
czajkowskivibhav: what is the website link ?10:58
nigelbdid you email the mailing list?10:58
nigelbwhy are you only contacting the admin?10:58
vibhavnigelb: I emailed the admins10:58
nigelbAgain, why the admins only?10:58
nigelbThere's a whole crowd of us in the mailing list10:58
vibhavThey were the one who could get the webiste back10:59
nigelbAnd if you bothered to ask, you'd know there's a redesign in progress.10:59
nigelbNot necessarily.10:59
nigelbI was to be hosting the website.10:59
nigelbWhich I turned down because I don't have bandwidth to handle that as well.10:59
nigelbNow, instead of trying to take over the team, why don't you work with the team.10:59
vibhavtake over?11:00
nigelbYou keep coming in here asking something to done, when you've not worked with the team.11:01
elkyvibhav, what are you expecting to be done?11:01
vibhavGet the webiste back11:02
vibhavI emailed rt@ubuntu.com11:02
vibhavThey said they have cc'ed the mails to the LoCo admins11:02
czajkowskivibhav: get the website back and do what 11:02
nigelbThe website is a wiki, in case you didn't notice.11:02
czajkowskivibhav: the team are working on re doing the website 11:02
nigelbIf you want to update, you can update.11:02
nigelbIf you want to help residgn, email the list.11:02
elkyvibhav, what's your definition of "get the website back"?11:04
vibhavelky: Get the LoCo website functioning just like any other LoCo website11:05
elkyvibhav, can you show me what's wrong with it right now?11:05
vibhavelky: Its down11:06
vibhavBut since now Canonical Hosts these websites11:06
elkyvibhav, that looks like someone else owns the domain11:06
vibhavI know11:06
czajkowskivibhav: the website is not hosted by canonical 11:07
vibhavelky: That domain was once owned by the LoCo11:07
elkyvibhav, it's not anymore. there's not anything that anyone at canonical can do to change that.11:07
czajkowskivibhav: yes but you do relaise coming in here on a weekly basis is not the best way to fix this 11:07
elkynot the team admins, not canonical, not even Mark can change that now.11:07
czajkowskiI've told you before talk on the mailing list and talk to nigelb 11:08
nigelbIf you'd mentioned this on the mailing list, someone would have caught it sooner.11:08
elkynigelb, what's the actual url?11:08
vibhavThe website doesn't exist anymore11:08
* czajkowski bangs her head on the table 11:09
czajkowskivibhav: we're going round in circles here 11:09
vibhavczajkowski: I replied to elky's question11:09
nigelbelky: It's ubuntu-in.org or ubuntu-in.info11:09
czajkowskinigelb: my suggestion would be A) move back to cnaonical hosted wiki at least then people wont have to worry about bandiwdth 11:09
czajkowskiand from there go about sorting the website out 11:10
czajkowskitbh you dont actually need a website 11:10
czajkowskimost of the work can and is done via a wiki page and the LTP 11:10
nigelbLTP serves most of the purposes.11:10
czajkowskiexactly 11:10
nigelband ubuntu wiki can fill in the gaps.11:10
czajkowskibingo 11:10
czajkowskinigelb: can you talk to the sys admins about my suggestion11:10
nigelbczajkowski: I will, ASAP.11:10
czajkowskithat may help get it back up and running and alive again please 11:10
head_victimThe only thing it's missing is a bit of a team blog.11:10
czajkowskinigelb: can you cc me/LC on it 11:11
nigelbczajkowski: I'm pinging him on gtalk. he's a friend.11:11
czajkowskihead_victim: each team can add url to there 11:11
czajkowskinigelb: thanks 11:11
czajkowskias I'm honeslty getting fed up of weekly pings about this and nothing being resolved one way or another 11:11
head_victimWorks well for event and meeting planning, photo sharing and listing other places for the team.11:12
elkywait, urlichs.de... that's just bad apache config. the domain is just still pointed at there but there's no config for it11:18
elkyit's smurf's server11:18
elkynigelb, ^11:18
nigelbelky: oh cool. I'll get fixed tonight then.11:22
elkyyay for communication!11:22
elkyvibhav, perhaps you'd like to email the indian mailing list with a summary of this discussion?11:27
elkyso people know what's up11:27
elkythe ubuntu-in.INFO domain seems to have lapsed and been snapped up, the .ORG one is using canonical's dns, just needs to be redirected to the right place.11:38
vibhavnigelb: So what will be the final url of the website?11:59
vibhavAlso, what does it take for a LoCo team to be approved?12:14
head_victimvibhav: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamApprovalGuidelines is a good start12:16
vibhavthanks head_victim 12:17
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greg-gLoCo Council meeting happening in #ubuntu-meeting20:04

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