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dholbachgood morning08:04
vibhavhi dholbach08:06
dholbachhi vibhav08:07
vibhavhi plustwo08:24
plustwovibhav: o/08:25
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Pikkachuwhat's the straightforward  way to modify a source package for publishing?14:26
PikkachuI just patched the extracted directory directly and built the source package14:26
tumbleweedthat's the straightforward way14:27
Pikkachubut I wondered if I should rather add the patches themselves to the patch series within debian directory14:27
tumbleweedyes, you should14:27
Pikkachuah then I'm confused14:27
tumbleweedif the source format is 3.0 (quilt), then it probably already added your patch to the quilt series. Did it?14:28
Pikkachuyes but it was two or three patches compressed in a single one with no good description...14:29
tumbleweedright, this is why it's preferable to do it yourself :)14:29
tumbleweedhttp://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/howto/quilt.html (ignore the bit about integrating with build processes, 3.0 (quilt) does that)14:30
Pikkachuso would this work? apt-get source pidgin, then all contained patches are applied, then I add my patches to the series, then I apply them manually, then I debuild -S, then I dput $ppa $source_changes?14:30
Pikkachuah nice...14:31
Pikkachuthanks tumbleweed, now another question...14:39
PikkachuI have a few patches to pidgin I need to maintain, they slightly change between 2.10.2 and 2.10.0-0ubuntu2 because...14:39
Pikkachu2.10.2 applies changes to Windows installer, while ubuntu version does not need that. Also, there's an open upstream but already fixed in ubuntu version, so I need to apply it only in 2.10.2...14:41
Pikkachuthe matter is that I need to manage this patches and I'm using bazaar for that, but I wonder what's a good approach because I'm not satisfied with current one14:42
Pikkachucurrent one is...14:42
tumbleweedthere are lots of proposed solutions for that, but nothing really14:42
tumbleweed*nothing is really there yet14:42
tumbleweedI just maintain my quilt patches by hand14:43
Pikkachu...I keep the patches to 2.10.2 in the repo as .patch files, and I didn't care to put the ubuntu backport in the repo14:43
tumbleweedright, that's fine then. So what's the issue?14:44
Pikkachuyeah tumbleweed, I don't like my current approach because a diff between patches is annoying, for example14:44
Pikkachuand I want to add the ubuntu backport to the repo as well14:44
tumbleweedsorry, I don't know of anything that'll make that easy. There's going to be manual labor involved one way or another14:45
Pikkachubecause one could grok that the Windows bits are not needed for ubuntu, but not that he should not apply the other patch reported upstream (he would not easily realize it's applied already in ubuntu version)14:46
EvilResistancetumbleweed is right actually, it'll require a bunch of manual labor14:46
Pikkachuah ok tumbleweed, thanks anyway... I tried to imagine a few approaches but all of them with their own quirks...14:47
Pikkachu*there's an open upstream *bug*14:47
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ScottKjtaylor: Are you going to sync pycxx?15:07
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* micahg wonders why didrocks sync'd openclipart when it was doomed to fail16:44
* ScottK votes for 'because he didn't test build it'.16:44
ScottKNor, AFAICT ask for an FFe.16:44
didrocksmicahg: Sweetshark told me it's only bug fixing (the changelog seems to suggest so) and that he test built it16:45
micahgdidrocks: ugh :(, well, that's useful information, thanks16:47
micahgdidrocks: FWIW, ajmitch gave me a patch, but I haven't test built it yet, was waiting to finish with something else first16:48
didrocksmicahg: see #ubuntu-desktop16:48
ScottKSomeone might want to file an FFe for python-axiom so I can approve it.16:50
ScottKbarry: ^^^ dh_python2 conversion.16:51
barryScottK: i can sponsor16:51
ScottKbarry: Build system change needs an FFe request.  If I'm not the requester, I can approve.16:52
barryScottK: who's working on that package?16:53
ScottKbarry: It'd be a sync.16:53
ScottKNo one.16:53
barryah, well, then that's easy, right? :)16:53
ScottKAs long as someone other than me asks.16:53
barryScottK: okay, i'll file it16:54
barryScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-axiom/+bug/96039116:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 960391 in python-axiom (Ubuntu) "FFe to get rid of python-central" [Undecided,New]16:59
barryScottK: you'll do the sync after approving that?16:59
ScottKIf you want me to run it for you, I can.16:59
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barryScottK: that would be great, i'm a bit slammed at the moment16:59
ScottKWill do17:00
jtaylorScottK: pycxx, it would make sense but its main so I can't sync17:02
jtaylorI'll request a sync later on17:02
ScottKOh.  I didn't realize.17:02
ScottKI'll just do it then.17:02
jtaylorbtw would you be open to ffe's for py3 scipy and matplotlib?17:03
jtaylorhas not been done in debian yet, but if its possible to get it in precise I would give it a shot17:05
ScottKbarry and jtaylor: done17:06
ScottKjtaylor: Yes, although I'd prefer to see them in Debian first (or at least reviewed by their maintainer)17:06
barryScottK: thanks17:08
ScottKbarry: Thank you.17:09
jtaylorcan you tell apt to prefer a repository over another even if the package version is the same?17:12
micahgjtaylor: apt pinning17:13
jtaylorhm can I use that with a simple deb file:/// rule?17:18
jtaylorno hostname17:18
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jtaylorok I think I got it to work17:28
KiallIs it just me, or does debhelper build the package before applying patches from quilt?17:55
Kiall(by build, I mean run override_dh_auto_build)17:55
ScottKIt's just you.17:56
arandNot normally no.17:56
KiallRight - that is what I thought17:56
KiallI rename a file in override_dh_auto_build + there is a quilt patch for it.. and quilt complains about file not found -_-17:56
ScottKpresumably because it's not renamed yet.17:57
KiallOhh, wait, its failing during the unapply I think17:57
KiallIs there somewhere I should hook into to rename the file back before dpkg-genchanges is ran?17:59
arandWhy not do the rename in the patch?18:02
KiallAh, well.. I didnt know you could do that ;)18:02
arandOtherwise, dh_clean I'm guessing18:02
Kiallarand, that worked perfectly.. thanks for the tip!18:04
RhondaWhen I do debuild -S, it doesn't include launchpad bugs from the changelog but Debian bugs …18:07
RhondaGranted, I am doing that on my Debian system -- but is there a switch that would make it to pick up the LP: bugs instead of the Debian closes: bugs?18:07
KiallRhonda, I think the LP still is patched into the packages as they are synced in from debian..18:09
KiallLP stuff*18:09
RhondaI would have hoped that it's a switch to dpkg-genchanges that I could pass on  :/18:10
ScottKRhonda: When it's sync'ed they'll get picked up.18:10
RhondaScottK: It won't get picked up because it's an ubuntu upload.18:11
Rhondabackports, that is18:11
ScottKOh, backports bugs can't get automatically closed.18:11
ScottKThey aren't in an LP sense Ubuntu bugs, but against the backports project.18:12
RhondaThere are so many switches that dpkg-genchanges can use, I am puzzled that this shouldn't be one.18:12
ScottK(there is a bug about that)18:12
ScottKEven if you could get the bug into genchanges, LP wouldn't know what to do with it.18:12
RhondaScottK: They can be reached through the same regular ubuntu bug shortcut18:12
KiallRhonda, why would debian include switches etc all the ubuntu stuff?18:13
KiallUbuntu including debian is obvious, but the other way around.. Not so much!18:13
RhondaKiall: Why not?18:13
KiallDebian dont (normally) pull packages from Ubuntu?18:13
RhondaThere are people trying to play nicely with derivatives, and buxy is an ubuntu member, so …18:15
KiallRhonda, I saw an interesting "lineage" graph for Linux distros recently. There was something ridiculous like 100+ derivatives of Debian. Should Debian include and maintain switches for each of those distros?18:16
KiallI would say no, and that each distro maintains the code needed for their own systems..18:17
jtaylor:( matplotlib in precise is not py3 compatible yet18:39
ajmitchmicahg: so, I guess an FFe wasn't needed for openclipart? ;)18:56
ajmitchalso that patch you attached needs fixing before someone uploads it18:57
ajmitchmicahg: have commented on #96038918:59
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ScottKajmitch: Since didrocks sync'ed it, I think the need for an FFe is passed and opening.19:15
micahgajmitch: haven't gotten there yet :019:27
micahgajmitch: oh, right, well, idk, was a blind upload :)19:28
micahgajmitch: nice other catch on the conflicts line :)19:32
ajmitchit was my mistake that put it in there19:33
ajmitchsince I initially had a stray } that caused it to fail to build, then took a closer look at what I'd not removed19:33
ajmitchturns out that starting a build when half-asleep isn't guaranteed to work19:34
RhondaKiall: Please be notified that there are efforts to reduce differences and make it easier for derivates, if you haven't heard about the derivates frontdesk.19:34
KiallRhonda, right that makes sense.. I havent heard of it, but I would imagine that would involve ensuring tools like dpkg-genchanges are able to handle plugins without the need for patches..  Rather than directly supporting $Distro's $Tool19:36
Rhonda… that's why I assumed a switch19:41
micahgScottK: re FFe> there's still public shaming and what not ;)19:41
ajmitchmicahg: I've heard that some people like doing that :)19:42
LaneyRhonda: there's DEB_VENDOR support19:49
RhondaLaney: How do I have to set that to make it pick up LP instead of closes?19:50
RhondaYep, ubuntu has patches for dpkg-dev …19:51
Laneyadd a file /etc/dpkg/origins/ubuntu (contents http://paste.debian.net/160443/) and then DEB_VENDOR=Ubuntu when building the source package19:51
* Laney has some shell magic to export this when in the right directory19:52
* tumbleweed doesn't, but should20:00
Laneystolen from grml zsh iirc20:01
RhondaKiall: See what Laney wrote, I am trying that now :)20:07
LaneyIt certainly works; my development machine is running sid :-)20:07
Laney"syncpackage: Error: Debian version has not been picked up by LP yet. Please try again later." is aaaarghghghghg20:07
Rhonda… and /usr/share/perl5/Dpkg/Vendor/Ubuntu.pm is part of the regular Debian package of libdpkg-perl :)20:08
tumbleweedLaney: I keep thinking we should set up a service that lets you know when something is syncable20:08
RhondaThanks to tumbleweed for pointing out that file :)20:08
tumbleweednp. I also do ubuntu-dev on Debian20:09
ajmitchtumbleweed: how useful would that really be?20:09
Laneyit's like "I know about this package but you still can't have it ha ha ha ha ha"20:09
Rhondatumbleweed: some RSS feed?20:10
tumbleweedajmitch: my active hours seem to fall between dinstalls in Debian20:10
tumbleweedI almost always have to wait a day before I can sync20:10
tumbleweedand so I keep open tabs to remind myself. But those are fallable20:10
ajmitchthat would be frustrating when trying to get a set of packages built together20:10
RhondaLaunchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 93201120:14
* Rhonda hugs Laney and tumbleweed :)20:14
* Laney looks at ajmitch 20:15
Laneyfancy some grunt work?20:15
Laney:-) (-:20:15
ajmitchbecause you know that I *love* mindless work? :)20:16
ajmitchwhat have you broken now?20:16
tumbleweedwe reserve it for old-timers20:16
Laneyit's not entirely mindless20:16
ajmitchtumbleweed: now you make me feel old20:17
Laneyit's "find the OOD haskell binaries and file a bug for their removal"20:17
tumbleweedwhy don't they show up in NBS?20:17
Laneybecause they aren't nbs20:18
ajmitchLaney: so you've got everything synced & wonderful now?20:18
Laneygitit and darcs are broken20:19
Laneyi think everything else is either OOD from that list or pending removal20:19
* ajmitch sees some packages he'd love to remove on that list20:20
ajmitchfwiw I won't have time to look at it for at least a few hours20:20
Laneyno worries20:23
Laneygah, darcs put out a new release but they don't say it supports ghc 7.420:24
Laney"Versions of GHC from 6.10.x to 7.0.x are supported."20:24
ajmitchand gitit?20:24
Laneyoh no, off by one on the year20:25
Laney14 March 201120:25
ScottKjtaylor: No need to version python3-numby since a lower version than that has never existed.20:51
jtayloryes, though it shouldn't harm either20:51
ScottKIt does, if only slightly because then dpkg has to go look and evaluate that in it's resolvers.20:52
ScottKerr apt20:52
jtaylork, If I get green light to commit it to svn I'll remove them20:53
ScottKYou can always commit to svn if you're a member of the team.20:53
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blueyedtumbleweed: I could need some help with fixing the test(s) for ubuntu-dev-tools. See my comment at https://code.launchpad.net/~blueyed/ubuntu-dev-tools/use-proxy-for-download/+merge/97905/comments/21263022:16
Laneyfinally enough haskell packages transitioned to let me dist-upgrade22:17
ajmitchyay? :)22:17
micahgScottK: do reverse-suggests matter WRT backports?22:51
micahgok, thanks22:53
micahgah, ok, it's in the blurb, heh22:53

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