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curiousxare this the PPA for firefox 14 nightly? ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa05:00
curiousxthanks dude05:02
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philinuxchrisccoulson: have you a minute12:11
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vibhavHow can I contribute here?16:23
micahgvibhav: how familiar are you wait bzr, debian packaging, and debian dir only branches?16:36
vibhavmicahg: I am quite familiar with bzr and debian packaging16:38
micahgvibhav: so, we need help updating seamonkey16:38
vibhavmicahg: sure16:39
vibhavHow do I do that?16:39
micahgvibhav: well, it's mainly merging fixes as needed from the thunderbird stable branch (lp;thunderbird/stable)16:40
micahgto https://code.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/seamonkey/seamonkey.head16:41
micahglatest version is 2.816:41
micahgit should be one commit per change ideally16:41
micahgvibhav: and you can base your changes on https://code.launchpad.net/~joe-nationnet/seamonkey/seamonkey-dev I think (this branch should bring us up to 2.7)16:42
micahgpropose a merge to the seamonkey.head branch when you're ready and I'll review it16:42
micahgask any questions you may have here16:43
vibhavWill I need to create a every new branch for a every new switch16:52
micahgvibhav: no, you can have your own working branch that gets merged in when it's ready16:53
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vibhavSoryy for quiting17:00
micahgvibhav: are you committing to working on this?  I'll leave it for you then17:02
vibhavmicahg: I will try to work on this17:02
vibhavIll put in my best effort17:02
ikoniavibhav: you need to commit17:03
ikoniayou've stopped doing half the things you say you will do17:03
ikoniaso don't waste peoples time, if you want to do it, commit to doing it17:03
ikoniaif you can't commit, say so in advance17:03
vibhavmicahg: Ill commit17:04
ikoniavibhav: you %100 sure, you've committed to other translation and motu work ?17:04
ikoniaif you are, great.17:04
micahgvibhav: these branches have a slight learning curve as well, if seamonkey if something you're interested in, the help is definitely appreciated17:04
micahgmy estimate for someone not familiar with the branches to do this update is somewhere in the range of 6-12 hours17:05
vibhavtranslation work, oh yes17:05
vibhavMOTU stuff , partly17:05
ikoniavibhav: just keep in mind you are telling others you will do work for them, if you can't commit to doing all of it, don't take on more17:06
ikoniaif you say you do stuff and then don't - it's a big let down to people17:06
vibhavI know that17:06
ikoniait holds the projects back, rather than helps17:06
ikoniaok, that's why I'm asking you to be %101 sure you'll do the work rather than let micahg down17:06
ikoniaas you've said you'll do other work on other projects too,17:07
ikoniaif you are %100 sure, then super17:07
micahgvibhav: so, if the project is estimated to take 6-12 hours, when do you think you could have this done by?17:13
vibhavBy 1 o clock tomorrow17:14
vibhavlemme check the time zones17:15
vibhavIll will start tomowwor morning17:15
vibhavat 7 o clock17:15
vibhavwill try to get it done by 1 o clock17:15
vibhavmicahg: I will get the branch lp:~joe-nationnet/seamonkey/seamonkey-dev and lp:seamonkey , see the changes between them , commit the changes to the .head branch and propose a merge , right?17:16
micahgvibhav: let's be a little more realistic as I"m sure you have other things going on, perhaps by Sunday?17:16
vibhavmicahg: Ok17:17
micahgvibhav: that's step 1, then try updating to 2.8 and grab fixes from lp:thunderbird/stable as needed to make it build17:17
vibhavmicahg: I dont have much things since my holidays have started17:17
vibhav_Sorry (yet again)17:19
micahg./debian/rules get-orig-source DEBIAN_TAG=SEAMONKEY_2_8_RELEASE will get you a tarball17:19
vibhav_micahg: Could you again start from step one?17:19
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vibhavmicahg: Which branch shall I grab first?17:22
micahgpull seamonkey.head, pull the seamonkey-dev branch from joe on top of it, then try updating to 2.817:22
vibhavThey needed to be downloaded into different directories, right?17:23
vibhavThe dev branch has the debian files17:29
vibhavI see17:29
vibhavI will put these files into the puller lp:seamonkey see if it builds correctly17:30
micahgvibhav: I have to run out now, you'll need to bzr merge/pull and not copy files between the branch17:34

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