Shred00/etc/rsyslog.d/40-mythtv.conf doesn't seem to be actually writing log entries to the $programname based log files.  :-(03:14
Shred00interestingly rsyslog creates the dir and "touches" the files but doesn't actually write to them but writes to /var/log/syslog instead, in the case of a front-end machine03:17
Shred00i think i take that back03:41
Shred00yeah, i take it back.  must be legacy permissions or something.03:42
superm1Shred00: have you rebooted or restarted rsyslog since upgrading?04:36
superm1i've debated adding something to postinst of the package that sets all that up to restart rsyslog04:36
superm1but unsure on other side effects04:37
Shred00superm1: the problem is that in the past, myth* has logged to files directly, typically as user mythtv, but now we just hand those same files over to rsyslog to append to and the permissions are wrong.04:48
superm1Shred00: there is a code snippet in the postinst that (should) correct permissions04:55
superm1if you've got a build a few days old though there was a bug and it wasn't fixing permissions04:55
superm1but it should be fixed on any builds the 17th or later04:56
Zinn[bazaar.launchpad.net] ~mythbuntu/mythtv/mythtv-master : revision 52905:05
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