ubottuIn ubottu, lx_rss said: Sorry, but what is PM?01:40
JoseeAntonioRHello! I am collecting data in a survey for an UDS session01:55
JoseeAntonioRThe session is about Ubuntu and Youth, and I'd like to know if there are any young operators here, who would like to collaborate with it. The link is http://joseeantonior.wufoo.com/forms/ubuntu-and-youth/01:56
JoseeAntonioRThank you!01:57
elkyspammy spam spam spam02:07
Jordan_UDoes anyone else think that FredwardTheGreat (#ubuntu) has failed the Turing test?05:50
Tm_Tmorning all06:07
ubottuCFHowlett_ called the ops in #ubuntu (Snarbafulators)06:49
orionsonofneptunim censored08:09
orionsonofneptundont you get it08:10
Tm_Thow you are cencored?08:11
orionsonofneptuni wish i had a chance here08:13
Tm_Torionsonofneptun: few points: you have to show you can stay out of trouble elsewhere, and you also should listen requests and follow them08:14
Tm_Tas far as I can see it, you keep failing on both /:08:14
orionsonofneptungive me a fair chance is all i ask08:15
Tm_Torionsonofneptun: those two points are part of fair chance08:15
orionsonofneptuncomments like that are not fair what part about id theft dont you people understand??08:16
orionsonofneptunim a victum so ban me????08:17
bazhangnot this again08:17
Tm_Torionsonofneptun: see PM08:17
bazhangorionsonofneptun, you were asked to come back in 14 days time.08:17
orionsonofneptunohh yah this agian id theft never goes away son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!108:17
Tm_Torionsonofneptun: as you have been requested to come back later, I would kindly ask you to follow the request08:19
orionsonofneptuni want a fair chance dangit and i wont be satisfied until i get it i cant even rest thinking of this injustice08:19
orionsonofneptunsilence thiefs noot victums08:20
LjLhappypenguin.org is so down it's not even listed on Google anymore :(10:37
LjLLinux games, why are you so mistreated10:37
knomeminesweeper ftw10:37
knomeLjL, not listed on google? damn, it doesn't even load for me10:42
dpmhi, could someone help me getting a bugbot into #ubuntu-translators?10:46
dpmjpds, would you be able to give me a hand with this? ^10:48
elkyi think he runs one of the ubots10:49
elkyso he should be able to :)10:49
dpmelky, someone just told me he's on holiday. Do you know if someone else might be able to help?10:50
elkyjussi? you there10:51
elkydpm, it might take a while for the right people to show up, we'll get one in there as soon as we can10:53
elkyjussi01_, ?10:58
ubottudlentz called the ops in #ubuntu ()13:36
mneptokspotted here in Albuquerque - http://i.imgur.com/u1XRp.jpg14:35
mneptok"Your vehicle has covered the hood of my car in irony. I expect you to pay for the wash."14:37
oCeandarkad in #u is probably a bot of some kind18:59
ubottuIn ubottu, Bodsda said: !gnome-shell is <alias> gnome320:05
ZaitzevHi guys22:22
Zaitzevthere's a user on #ubuntu spamming users that join the channel. His nickname is WP222:22
SilverLionZaitzev, thx for info22:23
ikoniahi ghostconn_23:11
ghostconn_why do i get black boot ups? no matter what i change the splashscreen to ? im running ubuntu 11:1023:11
ikoniaerrr have you asked in #ubuntu ?23:11
ghostconn_im in #ubuntu :P23:12
ikoniayou're not,23:12
ikoniahang on a moment23:12
ikoniayou're in #ubuntu-ops, let me see if I can find out why23:12
ghostconn_good to know lol no wonder why i never find help lol23:13
elkyghostconn, you don't always end up here. some...23:13
elkyah, there's 2 of you23:13
ikoniahang on a moment23:14
elkysomeone will have set a forward on you  so you appear here. this usually means we need to talk to you about something23:14
ikoniaahh I see the problem23:14
ikoniaghostconn the last time you where in #ubuntu you where pretty rude23:14
ikoniaa member of the operator team set a ban forward to this channel to stop you joining #ubuntu so we could talk to you about it23:15
ikonia2012-03-20T20:03:44 <ghostconn> fuck you all23:15
ikoniathat was the last time you where in #ubuntu23:15
ikoniaas this is unacceptable, one of the #ubuntu operator team put a ban to stop you joining #ubuntu and re-direct you where so we can talk to you about it23:16
ghostconn_Considering I just turned on my computer ? I just got home from work a half hour ago23:16
ikoniaI didn't saw it was today23:16
ikoniait appears to be in the early hours of this morning23:16
ghostconn_very odd23:17
ikoniawell not really23:17
ikoniaas it was you,23:17
ikoniaeven asking about pretty much the same problem you are having23:17
ikoniaghostconn_: remember doing it now ?23:18
ghostconn_and you're one to tell me that it was me? ... I have numerous people that use this computer no worries tho23:18
ikoniareally, so they use your computer, your nickname and login credentials and have the same ubuntu problem as you just asked about ?23:19
ikoniaghostconn_: so any idea what happened ?23:21
ikoniaghostconn_: hello ?23:24
ghostconn_Ok ikonia. I found the truth it was my brother who said that because no one helped him... And to answer you're question yes I do have numerous people that use my account why is this an issue... do you not have a person in you're life that has ever used you're pc? and have you let them make a user account? ........and we have been researching  ways to change the splash screen it just so happens I have a black splash s23:25
ghostconn_creen now .So clearly  if you're sitting hear arguing with me over something so stupid it makes me wonder why im even talking to you23:25
ikoniawell, I'm "arguing" with you as it didn't make sense23:25
ikoniathe truth is I'm trying to find out what happened23:25
ikoniaand as you have multiple users using your PC/account, you sadly get held responsible for it23:26
ghostconn_enough said I really dont care I'll find the root of my problem and fix it myself23:26
ikoniaoh, ok23:26
ikoniabye then23:26
ikoniaghostconn_: please part the channel23:28
ghostconn_ill stay hear as long as I want you part ways23:28
lololjaylol you dumbass23:30
ikonialololjay: hi again - do you want to discuss your ban now ?23:30
ikoniahappy to discuss/resolve your ban if drop the attitude23:30
elkyI'm tempted to upgrade it to a full 2 week ban for the ban evasion attempt.23:31
ikoniathere was no need, I didn't even ban him23:31
elkyikonia, i'm assuming he changed his nick for a reason23:32
elkyperhaps to try evade the forward.23:32
elkyhence ban evasion.23:32
ikonialololjay: want to attempt to sort this out ?23:32
lololjayban me its not hard to get back in.... i don't understand? I did nothing wonrg I signed in and you go off telling me i was rude? i appoligize on behalf of my retarted brother for saying that... I simply told you the truth and you ask me to leave because i dont want to talk to you anymore23:32
lololjayand you wonder why im mad23:33
lololjayand ban me to boot!!!23:33
ikonialololjay: I tried to find out what happened, you said you didn't care, about resolving it and you'd find your own solution, so I asked you to leave23:33
elkylololjay, we can't allow shared accounts where one of the users breaks the rules.23:33
lololjayUnderstandable I now see why. Like I said guys I appoligize on behalf of my brother... I love the linux community and have done a great part in helping others I just find it sad that it had to come to this23:35
lololjayI don't want to argue im a reasonable person. just hear me out gentlemen23:35
elkylololjay, what are you going to do to make sure that your brother can't abuse your account?23:37
lololjaybeat his a** for one!!!, for making this happen.... second change my account password so he can never use this computer again23:39
lololjayto think i did him a favor23:40
elkyViolence isn't the answer, but i like the second part of your solution.23:40
lololjayhe's my brother im not going to kill him, but yes thats my solution23:42
elkyikonia, still there?23:42
elkyThoughts? I have to get back to work23:43
ikoniaI was going to remove the ban before the silly attitude came across, so I'm happy for it to go23:43
ikoniaI'll just do it now23:43
beandogdfdfdf in #ubuntu23:43
lololjaysilyl attitude what would you do lol23:44
beandogthx ikonia23:44
ikoniabeandog: no problem23:44
beandogI figured he'd quit, but .. no23:44
ikonialololjay: the bans removed, the next time someone asks you reasonable questions about why someone said "fuck you all" in a channel from your account, you may want to consider responding before "I don't care, I'll fix my own problems" and then trying to ban dodge and calling people names23:45
ikoniabeandog: need anything else ?23:46
beandogikonia: i'm gtg.23:46
ikoniabeandog: thanks for the heads up23:46
ikonialololjay: you good to go now ?23:49
lololjaythanks.. and honestly im srry i just worked a 12hr shift, I work in a recycling plant, I come home to a mess, I have to cook and clean after my 15yo brother,I steal pizza pizza's wifi lol it's hard enough as it is let alone to deal with something so pitty when you get home ... i truly am sorry23:51
ikoniadon't worry about it23:51
ikoniaok, so if you're all done, can you please /part the channel23:52
lololjayim sorry if im bugging you lol, im not trying to be a a** or anything im just curious what is this part of the server.. ops? do you do the investigating of the server23:54
ikoniano, we just look after the ubuntu channels23:54
lololjaythis is kind of a stupid question after what has been done but on good behaviour how dose one manage to get that position23:55
lololjayor any job helping23:55
popeythey didnt step back quickly enough23:56
ikoniaif there is a need for operators the managment team put out a call for operators to apply23:56
lololjayhmm.. interesting, is there a way that i could start my own thread through the server to specialize in customization & eye candy? I'm in it to help people I enjoy it23:57
ikoniathread ? where ?23:58
ikoniathe #ubuntu support channel helps people with aspects such as visual configuration23:58
elkyi think he means channel.23:58
lololjayI meant a chat server dedicated to the customization/tweaks & eye candy for ubuntu23:58
ikoniaif you participate in #ubuntu you'll get many oppertunities to help people23:59
ikonia(especailly around the visual aspect)23:59

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