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hggdhgood morning11:43
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cyphermoxjibel: http://pad.lv/960039 -- can you check what kind of menu it displays?16:56
jibelcyphermox, it's the n-m menu. Only the label is wrong.17:00
cyphermoxjibel: there is no label for n-m17:05
cyphermoxthere never was :)17:06
jibelcyphermox, I know and that's what is wrong :)17:06
cyphermoxso, omg; such a cute bug in libdbusmenu or something :)17:06
cyphermoxlooks like memory corruption of some sort.17:06
jibelcyphermox, I thought it was n-m initially but I tried harder and the problem is the same with the bluetooth applet. don't hesitate to reassign to the right package17:08
cyphermoxthat's just my guess but we'll see if it gets reassigned.17:08
balloonsphillw, you about?17:30
balloonsI was in the dentist chair this morning.. how's iso testing coming? is anyone going to be about now, or will it be later tonight?17:31
astraljavaballoons: Hi! Thanks for accepting my linkedin connection. :) I'm trying to make a comeback, so I'll see you tomorrow in the meeting, I suppose.18:08
balloonshi astraljava :-)18:08
cjwatsonballoons: jibel found one regression this morning, which will be fixed in the next round18:45
balloonsjust finished getting the iso myself18:45
balloonsso i'm about to start and see what i get18:45
cjwatsonthe regression was bug 960047, to save you the trouble18:51
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phillwballoons: I'm about now.20:22
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