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cndbregma, Satoris, tvoss, dandrader: standup time!15:15
bregmaworking on #904731 and #94482215:15
cndI'm going to work on fixing xorg-gtest usage in frame and grail, and then uploading them to precise15:15
dandraderWriting a test case for a bug I found in utouch-grail atomic recognizer (the fix is very simple). It's currently assuming that there can be only one accepted gesture at any given time. But that's not the case. The best thing about the test case is that it will serve as a way of documenting the expected behavior of the atomic recognizer.15:15
SatorisAptng work and Chromium stuff and bugs.15:16
SatorisAlso: trying to make coverage work so that it is understandable.15:17
cndbregma, would you be able to give a review to my grail xorg-gtest source branch?15:17
cndonce it's reviewed for grail I can do the same for frame15:17
cndSatoris, what's wrong with coverage?15:17
bregmasure, I'll get to it soonish15:17
cnddandrader, will you have a fix for grail today?15:18
Satoriscnd: as in making Coverage work in CMake without contortions. It (or rather CTest) has direct support but it's poorly documented.15:18
dandradercnd, yes15:18
cndSatoris, ok15:18
cnddandrader, alright, let me know if it slips, otherwise I'll wait for it to make a grail release15:19
dandradercnd, I'm (or I was) trying to find a way to check slices in a test that is more flexible than expecting a very precise and specific order and number of slices but that is also not complex to write or understand15:22
cnddandrader, more power to you if you find a way :)15:22
cndthough for the most part I don't think we should be trying to match up specific events15:23
cndthe two drag recording test is a special test15:23
tvosssorry, was on the phone15:23
cndit's like a canary in a coal mine in that if we change the behavior in any way, it will be seen there15:23
tvossspent today with fixing/checking the jenkins instance15:24
cndbut other tests generally just check the values of the properties at some non-determinate gesture event15:24
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cndbregma, I'm starting to queue up grail commits18:23
cndthe sooner you can review the gtest source changes the better18:24
* bregma feels the anxiety18:24
bregmacnd, I get autogen.sh failure on a clean checkout, something is wrong18:42
cndbregma, what's the failure?18:42
bregmaconfigure.ac:41: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_NOTICE18:42
bregmaand so on18:42
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bregmareally weird18:42
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cndI got that yesterday when I didn't have xorg-gtest.m4 in /usr/share/aclocal18:42
bregmaah, yes, that would do it18:42
cndbregma, have you updated to libxorg-gtest-dev?18:42
bregmaevidently not18:42
cndversion 0.2.0-0ubuntu118:42
bregmaoff to do that now18:43
bregmalibxorg-gtest-dev evidently depends on xutils-dev 1:7.7 but that depend is missing from the packaging19:00
cndbregma, ahh, yeah, I forgot about it19:12
cndI'll file a bug for it19:13
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cndbregma, my laptop that I've been doing gtest-source devel on is not booting20:24
cndI'll get it fixed soon, but that's the delay :(20:24
cndoh noes!20:36
cndmy magic mouse has died :(20:36
cndphew, new batteries somehow fixed it20:37
bregmathose mice seem to eat batteries20:49
cndbregma, I fixed the gtest-source branch now20:52

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