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mcbaine2hi there..06:40
mcbaine2hi mattt07:26
matttmcbaine2: morning07:34
mcbaine2hi what your bang os spanners upto today ??07:35
mattttry that one again07:37
mcbaine2bag of spanners means what topic of conversation for today about the internet ??07:38
matttmcbaine2: i getcha07:55
AlanBellmorning all08:24
MartijnVdSHm. Missed Dirk Gently yesterday08:26
DJonesbigcalm: When you're around, do you mind a few questions about your xoom08:31
MartijnVdSDJones: I have a xoom, what do you want to know08:31
DJonesMartijnVdS: Thanks, I was wondering how well they work, does it connect to ubuntu, have you had an update to Android 4.008:32
DJonesDoes it work with streaming tv (ipleayer etc)08:33
DJonesFrom what I can see, it should connect to ubuntu, seems like tehre were problems with 10.04, possibly fixed in later versions08:34
DJonesICS seems to be planned for march08:35
DJonesDebating whether to get work to buy me oneAnd there's a website that I think uses java or flash (can't remember which) I could do with somebody testing to see if it works08:37
DJonesAnd, last question, does it have teh full android market08:39
MartijnVdSDJones: I have ICS, and the full android market08:40
MartijnVdSDJones: I've re-flashed it with the US firmware (to get ICS early)08:40
DJonesThats a good start08:40
MartijnVdSConnecting to Ubuntu works in 12.04, but Banshee hangs sometimes08:41
DJonesI probably wouldn't be botehr about banshee, more just transferring mp3s via nautilus08:41
DJonesAnd video08:42
MartijnVdSthat would work, but opening the folder for the first time is teh slow08:42
DJonesDo you have yours to hand to check a website for me08:43
diploMorning all08:44
christelmorning pretties08:45
AlanBellchristel: \o/08:45
* DJones preens in the mirror08:45
AlanBellwe need to sort out a pub lunch08:45
christelyes! we do08:45
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: popey: anyone else are you in the Farnham area on Friday for a lunch?08:45
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: This Friday could work. I'm on a session with some Dad's from the school in the evening so could just make a day of it :-)08:46
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Perhaps we could try and do some potential office views in the morning?08:47
AlanBellthat sounds good08:47
bigcalmGood morning lovelies :)09:05
bigcalmDJones: 1) ICS isn't available to UK users yet, though I'm holding out for an OTA update rather than using an US ROM, 2) iPlayer works wonderfully :), 3) I don't bother to connect to a machine yet, 4) I've seen no firm dates for a UK ICS update :(, 5) Flash works 100% from my usage so far, 6) This is a big name brand tablet - full market as standard09:09
bigcalmDJones: what web site did you want testing?09:10
DJonesbigcalm: Thanks, sounds promising, from what I'd read, ICS sounds like its due this month09:10
bigcalmdavmor2 had me believing that it would be out early Feb09:11
DJonesbigcalm: www.hifx.co.uk Then click on Marketwatch, then currency charts09:11
bigcalmI won't listen to speculation until I see it09:11
bigcalmOk, one mo. Seems I turned it off last night09:12
DJonesThis is what I picked up on for ICS (March to May) it suggests http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/44455/motorola-ice-cream-sandwich-updates09:14
DJonesThe website should show a moving currency/exchange rate graph if it works09:18
TheOpenSourcererInteresting review of Samsung ICS on the Galaxy SII vs CM9 http://www.osnews.com/story/25694/CyanogenMod_9_alpha_puts_Samsung_to_shame09:19
bigcalmDJones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_iDpcFU8qU09:21
DJonesbigcalm: That just seemed to have some gray blocks for adding currencies, if you can see the "Currency charts" near the top middle of the screen, could you just try that for me, no need to video, all I'm hoping is that it shows a graph09:24
bigcalmAh, I see that link now :)09:25
DJonesJust realised, I can check it on my phone as well, that doesn't seem to be working09:25
bigcalmBlank area sorry09:26
DJonesJust get a white space where it should be09:26
DJonesThanks for checking anyway#09:26
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: interesting, I have been checking for the official ICS upgrade, nothing available yet09:26
DJonesbigcalm: Thats disappointing, that was my main argument for getting work to buy me one (not enough screen space on my desktop to have those on screen all the time), but luckily, there does seem to be a 3rd party app for that09:29
JamesTaitGood morning all! :D09:32
DJonesIs it bad when you're getting work to but a tablet for you and you make sure that all the things for personal use work first before checking that the thing you want it for for work will actually work09:44
oimonwent to soft play yesterday with my kid. achievement unlocked!09:51
oimonso much fun :D09:52
DJonesoimon: Did the kid enjoy it though?09:52
oimonyes, him too09:52
oimononly a little more than me09:52
oimonprobably the best daddy /son time you can have09:52
oimonuntil he learns to play football and program computers09:53
balorWaive VAT on #RaspberryPi epetition  - http://bit.ly/GApUUt09:56
balorczajkowski, is this where you hide now?09:57
czajkowskibalor: hiya09:57
czajkowskibalor: always been here09:57
czajkowskithe religion politics disucssions elsewhere are a bit ott so I avoid at all costs09:57
DJonesAnd we don't bite :)09:58
christelczajkowski loves a spot of religious politics!09:58
czajkowskichristel: oh no this channel just takes it to the extreme.09:59
czajkowskibalor: hows you?09:59
czajkowskihow are the wee monsters?09:59
balorczajkowski, Good.  Got my PhD viva next week09:59
balorczajkowski, they're all good.  Now sleeping through the night10:00
czajkowskibalor: ohh :D10:00
czajkowskibalor: how old ar ethey now10:00
gordwe should all have religiously fueled politics discussions about physics problems on the internet! that'll go well!10:00
czajkowskibalor: real world job now ?10:00
oimoni watched pirates of silicon valley over the weekend - anyone seen it?10:00
balorczajkowski, I work in the real world.  I shield you guys from people you don't want to hire :)10:00
czajkowskibalor: you teach them smart stuff yet ?10:01
balorczajkowski, yeah, we're pushing some interesting things.10:01
balorczajkowski, cluttermm for one.  And some Android stuff10:01
* balor is now the clutter-box2dmm maintainer10:01
czajkowskibalor: yay10:04
popeyAlanBell: i can't. I have a funeral10:07
AlanBellok, sorry to hear that10:09
oimongoogle+ is suggesting i add popey 's obsoleted account to my circles10:14
popeymy best friends mum ☹10:15
* popey is getting to that age where there will only be more funerals10:15
oimonpopey, :( it's depressing that there's some friends i know i'll only see next because of a death (boo) or a marriage (yay)10:16
popeyoh joy, my desktop wont boot10:18
popeylots of "error: no such partition. "10:18
bigcalmMobo again?10:19
gordhopefully just needs a drive reseat?10:19
gordmy motherboards usbs are all shot apart from one or two ports. its usb hub city here10:19
popeythis is my zoostorm desktop10:20
popeyi was booted, did updates, rebooted, now this10:20
bigcalmNot healthy10:20
* popey boots to bios10:20
bigcalmBai bai10:20
* popey has more than one pc ☺10:21
popeycan see disks in bios10:21
bigcalmxulrunner wants to update. Whenever I see that it makes me think of 'There is no Dena, only Xool'10:24
popeyguess i need a usb stick then10:24
oimonpopey seems to have a knack for breaking quite new hardware10:30
popey5 computers on my desk, most work okay ☺10:39
Nafallopopey: only reason being that you can just use one at a time? ;-)10:41
Nafalloright. I need to reboot so I can get my bluetooth back10:42
oimonpopey, how many have died in your arms in the last month or so? thinkpad, ipad, zoostorm?10:46
oimonmaybe you shouldn't take them to bed with you10:48
oimonthey get smothered10:49
oimonwith love10:49
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:49
oimonanother beautiful day in london11:00
davmor2morning all you funky people11:06
davmor2oh and czajkowski11:07
bigcalmHi davmor211:08
bigcalmAdam will be driving himself in this week (stuff to sell) so I don't have to worry about leaving early11:08
bigcalmThe trouble is, I enjoy myself there too much and don't want to leave11:08
Laneyha "command from laney: echo [Happy Birthday Screen -- http://bit.ly/screen-bday]" when reattaching today11:10
bigcalmLaney: it's your b'day or is it screen's?11:12
Laneythe latter11:12
LaneyMar 20 198711:12
bigcalmI see11:12
bigcalmSo young11:12
oimonanyone know about these fixed-rate ISAs? what happens when they mature?11:32
oimonanswered my own question If we don't hear from you before your ISA matures we'll transfer your money to a new Instant Access ISA, this transfer will not count as a new ISA subscription so will not affect your annual allowance.11:34
popeyhello feisar__11:38
feisar__how's things?11:38
popeytickety boo ☺11:38
feisar__still getting plenty of mentions on linux outlaws11:39
popeyyeah, i was listening last night whilst on the train11:39
feisar__I haven't heard it recently I'll have to catch up11:40
feisar__I will be going live with 12.04 server for work soon11:40
feisar__I'm enjoying working on it, beta 1 seems very stable11:41
DJonesfeisar__: Do you mind a pm?11:41
feisar__no, go ahead11:42
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bigcalmPPTP VPN connection works via Network Manager, how would I set it up to work from the CLI?11:55
Nafallobigcalm: nmcli ?11:56
bigcalmNafallo: This will be from a RedHat Enterprise server11:56
bigcalmAh, PPTP Client :)12:01
bigcalmCan you set up networking so that requests for 1 IP address get sent over the VPN while all other traffic goes via normal routes?12:03
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oimonanyone using chromium, please open http://www.nationwide.co.uk/savings/default.htm and check system monitor for CPU12:16
oimonkills my CPU with firefox too :(12:18
oimonflash is awesome12:18
gordyeah plugin-container eats up 200% cpu here12:19
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arsennice :<12:24
arsenhow is zoostorm stuff? seems to be fotm, got some people i need to recommend kit to12:26
AlanBellarsen: it is cheap, basic, mostly unbranded and comes without an operating system12:29
AlanBellworks just fine, and is cheaper than building from parts12:29
arsenorly. nice.12:35
directhexwhere's the fun in that?12:35
arsenstressfre! till it breaks!12:37
arsenhi directhex :)12:37
AlanBellwell still stress free as it is a nice big box with standard components in it12:37
arseni dont have time to provide desktop support to family these days :<12:38
s-foxHello :)12:55
mattts-fox: ohai12:58
popeybug 96026914:52
lubotu3Launchpad bug 960269 in unity "Dash search doesn't find sensible result" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96026914:52
* oimon works in a basement office with a tiny window near the ceiling, but for one minute a day, at 2.52pm, if the sun is out, it shines onto me and my desk. i live for that moment.aahhhh14:54
oimonactually, i've found that if i slouch, i get a few more minutes14:58
oimoni dare not tell my colleagues, as there's no other windows in this office14:58
arsenlol oimon15:02
arsenvery IT crowd.15:02
arsenthat's sucky, where are you?15:02
oimonthere's even a server room very much like the IT crowd one right near my door15:02
oimonarsen, university , but tbh the IT guys always get the worst desks. there's bars on the windows15:03
arseni can probably see you from here, actually15:04
arsensorry, i /whois'd :)15:04
oimonarsen, my old office had a view of the whole city15:04
oimonbest office on whole campus15:04
arsenactually i can DEFINITELY see you from here15:05
arsenfrom my desk infact, thought id have to move15:05
* oimon waves15:05
oimonarsen, where are you?15:05
ubuntuuk-planet[Stuart Langridge] Step away from the localStorage - http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2012/03/20/step-away-from-the-localstorage15:05
arsentower42 :)15:05
oimonah, i used to work in gherkin15:05
arsenyeh, my desk overlooks ye' ole' gherkin15:05
oimonso i could have waved to you, and you would have seen me15:05
oimonmy desk was on  the side facing the tower 4215:06
arsenhah. winner.15:06
arsenwhat did you do there?:)15:06
oimonsame as here. make stuff work and stop stuff from breaking.15:07
oimonlinux stuff mainly15:09
popeybug 96028815:12
lubotu3Launchpad bug 960288 in notify-osd (Ubuntu) "Notify OSD bubble sometimes appears as a single line of pixels" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96028815:13
aquariusAlanBell, lol at the comments on your unity-window-quicklists thing. "Your problem is that you're managing windows when you should be using emacs!" :)15:19
AlanBellaquarius: indeed15:19
AlanBellI think OMG Ubuntu is about to do an article on it15:19
aquariusAlanBell, I applaud you for keeping your temper and saying "no, I'm fine, the solution is not to have some other app manage my editor windows for me" :)15:19
AlanBelljust turned up in their RSS feed, but the article isn't there yet15:19
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Yesterday there were a lot or referrers from OMG: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/ubuntu-12-04-quicklists/15:22
TheOpenSourcerer107 to be precise...15:22
AlanBellI think that was from the comments in that article, there is a new full article about them in the works15:23
AlanBellit is in the RSS feed, but not published, I think we will get several more referrers when that goes live15:24
DJonesAll you need then is for somebody to reference the article from /.15:30
TheOpenSourcerermoar RAM required. We've been there before. In the OOXML wars15:31
TheOpenSourcerer4,707 views on your busiest day, July 24, 200915:32
TheOpenSourcererGosh - no it was for this post: http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2009/07/21/getting-your-microsoft-tax-refunded-1010-for-amazon-uk/15:33
TheOpenSourcererfrom /. & linuxtoday.com15:33
DJonesI guess although its a pain on bandwidth/costs/keeping the site up & running, presumably it gives you a good feeling that people have an interest/opinion in what you're writing about15:37
oimonpopey, how on earth did you wangle a new ipad15:47
popeyi told them mine was broken15:47
TheOpenSourcerera #3 popey? http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2012/03/third-gen-ipad-operating-well-within-our-thermal-specifications-says-apple.ars15:49
AlanBellsearch referrers are funny15:49
TheOpenSourcerer92.48°F phew.15:49
AlanBellwe have had 21 hits for the search term "build openerp6.1on ubnatu" today15:49
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: i expect a like-for-like replacement15:50
TheOpenSourcererI like the fact that Google passed 285 visitors to us. Bing has passed 5 (which is quite high for Bing)15:50
DJonesWhat was broken on it? Guy at work broke his just out of warranty, apple wouldn't replace it for free, just gave him a big(ish) discount and wanted the old one back (cracked screen), he had to pay extra to retain it15:51
oimonis it true that an ipad 3 takes all night to charge?15:51
popey7 hours from empty I saw reports of15:52
oimoni heard they had made improvements in battery tech tho. i wonder if that's secret , or we'll all benefit eventually15:54
TheOpenSourcereroimon: It's just a big battery from what I read.15:54
oimonbatteries in general need some serious improvements15:54
TheOpenSourcerermade a bit smaller.15:54
popeyyeah, for a big screen ☺15:54
popeythe screen is omg-amazing15:55
oimoni read something else, but don't remember where15:55
TheOpenSourcererWhat we need is graphene capacitors.15:55
popeybug 96032715:56
lubotu3Launchpad bug 960327 in unity "Hud window grows down, cutting text in half" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96032715:56
gordi wish popey would narrate all my bugs16:00
* czajkowski shouldn't comment on popey G+ threads, they get lots of notifications16:01
oimonTheOpenSourcerer, i see what you mean now. they've just made the battery more dense. probably leading to thermal problems. nothing too exciting16:02
popeywonder if ipad will arrive before lengthy flight to UDS16:03
popeycan fill it up with films and telly16:03
Laneykindle++ for flights16:03
gordi generally just fill up the laptop, has enough battery for enough tv16:03
popeysophie has my kindle now16:03
czajkowski10hrs nad 50 min flight16:03
gordand it stands up on its own16:03
czajkowskiam not loking forward to sitting down for that long16:04
* popey wonders who is on same flight as me16:04
* popey wonders if tripit knows16:04
TheOpenSourcererGo Virgin Upperclass. Sit at the bar :-)16:04
gordi'm guessing the entire design team16:04
Laneydunno what that is16:04
* Laney is 14:10 on may 0516:04
popeyBA285 on Apr 29th16:05
czajkowski10:35am on May 5th16:06
Laneyi don't have any trendy devices to use cool things like that16:06
gordi should really book my tickets16:06
Laneyah 10:35 was one i turned down because it would have meant travelling down to london the night before16:06
Laneynever flown united to know if they are any good16:06
bigcalmgord: done your expenses yet? ;)16:06
gordbigcalm, you are confusing me with someone responsible16:07
czajkowskiLaney: aye LHR is only about 30 mins from here really16:07
Laneynottingham is a bit further :(16:07
czajkowskiAlanBell: what flight you on ?16:07
gordis half of #u-uk coming this time then?16:08
Laneywhen do we get a UK UDS again?16:08
* TheOpenSourcerer was wondering that too. Not on our calendar yet.16:08
Dave2win 5516:08
AlanBellczajkowski: BA saturday morning16:08
davmor2Laney: never16:08
* bigcalm is not going16:08
* TheOpenSourcerer needs to know when 50% of the workforce are away on a jolly ;-)16:08
bigcalmYeah, 2 men companies (like the one I work for) can be a bugger when you want to take time off16:09
AlanBell11:30 hrs 16:10
AlanBellSaturday 5th16:10
TheOpenSourcererHopefully AlanBell will only represent 33% in the near future, then even less & less etc...16:10
czajkowski10:35BST land at 13:25 PDT16:10
gordthe goal being to make AlanBell irrelevant?16:10
AlanBellsounds like a good plan16:11
TheOpenSourcererGet others to do the work. we get to go on more jollies.16:11
Laneyi should probably shave before then16:11
gord\o/ jollies16:11
* Laney shaggy16:11
AlanBellczajkowski: I land at 14:20 hrs16:12
AlanBellczajkowski: are you going to Oakland directly?16:12
Dave23 hours? That's a short flight.16:13
AlanBelland a 7 hour time difference :)16:14
Dave2I bet the flight back takes aaaages though16:14
popeyWifey asked if I was keeping the face fuzz too16:14
czajkowskiAlanBell: eh ?16:14
AlanBellczajkowski: are you staying at the Mariott on the saturday16:15
davmor2AlanBell: you get to go to UDS :'(16:16
AlanBellok, I am staying in a hotel on the SF side of the bay, then going to Alcatraz in the morning16:17
czajkowskiAlanBell: ah cool, am using it as a day of rest and doing diddly squat16:17
Dave2My memories of SF: "this is really quite cold". (This was when I was...9.)16:18
LaneyI might go check out the Golden Gate16:25
Laneythere looks to be a huge national park on the other side of it16:25
tugrikaw, SF is lovely... but I only made it to the Golden Gate bridge, not beyond16:27
Laneyhmm I could hire a bike16:28
tugrikhow long you there for?16:28
Laneyweek but only free on the sunday really16:28
tugrikthen national park sounds good - but do Alcatraz if you've the time and money, with the audio tour too16:31
tugrikmy experience is several years old, so I'm presuming it's as good - but the place has a definite eerieness about it16:32
MartijnVdSalcatraz is great, if you can make an evening tour it's better16:52
tugrikheh. middle of the day was bad enough16:53
MartijnVdStugrik: they do extra "horror" stories and presentations at night :)16:56
AlanBellyeah, but I will be wide awake for the early tour16:57
AlanBellleaving at 9am local, which is 16:00 UTC16:58
TheOpenSourcererI did the Alcatraz tour + audio. Was rather moving...16:59
TheOpenSourcererThe noise of the cell bars closing etc.17:00
TheOpenSourcererSanoma County - North side of the bridge has some great wineries :-)17:00
gordkind of annoying when i'm trying to find info on an issue and the one thread of hope is some forum post that ends with a moderator saying its in the wrong section17:03
czajkowskigord: was there any point into which section it was to go ?17:13
gordczajkowski, yeah, but without a link to the new topic it might as well be lost forever17:14
czajkowskigord: :(17:14
czajkowskiperhaps s-fox could help17:14
gordczajkowski, wasn't on ubuntu forums or anything ;)17:14
czajkowskinm so17:14
czajkowskihmm need to esta wavier17:15
czajkowskilast one is out of date17:15
s-foxNothing to do with us, sorry gord17:15
nothingspecialyou have a problem with a forum thread gord?17:17
nothingspecialooops sorry :)17:18
gordyes, please fix a random website on the internet for me!17:19
nothingspecialI was in the middle of a couple of other things and the conversation had moved on by the time I asked :D17:20
popeyczajkowski: ooh! i think i had to do one for florida so I should be okay17:38
czajkowskipopey: lasts for 2 years so yeah you shuold be my last one was free this one is gonna cost17:39
czajkowskialso need to book some heathrow express tickets17:39
czajkowskihave a few trips to airport and at 15% cheaper online - smart move!17:40
* popey wonders if davmor2 is testing features in USC17:45
davmor2popey: not at all17:46
davmor2popey: I'm testing Ubuntu Application Directory :P17:46
davmor2popey: the live version is at apps.ubuntu.com17:47
popeythat works then]17:47
davmor2popey: yeap17:48
popeyshould I be able to see non-english reviews?17:48
popeyor is that a bug?17:48
davmor2popey: although I blame chrisccoulson I'm pretty sure he had a fix to call it kittenview17:49
popeywhere do I file bugs against this website?17:50
chrisccoulsonyeah, i've still got the patch for pornview on my machine ;)17:51
chrisccoulsontrying to keep p0rn separate from work though. don't want to end up doing this: https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/group/chromium-dev/browse_thread/thread/d30ae1c692ff53c3?pli=117:52
davmor2popey: I'd wait to be honest there is a huge rollout going to happen shortly that has a load of changes but after that feel free to hit it at https://bugs.launchpad.net/application-web-catalog17:52
popeyI'll file a bug otherwise I'll forget17:54
popeywhat the hell.. there wer 4 reviews just now, now there's 317:55
davmor2popey: people are constantly monitoring the reviews to be sure that they are valid and abide by the COC-ish rules17:57
davmor2popey: that or it is playing with your head :D17:57
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Azelphurali1234: on this maplin multi voltage thing, I just set voltage to the same as the output on the logitech plug (5v) and positive to the pin right?18:04
Azelphurdon't need to find a switch for amps or something18:04
gordonjcpAzelphur: the current isn't important, as long as the power supply has a higher rating than the thing you want to power18:05
Azelphuryea this new one does like 2500mA or something old one does 50018:05
gordonjcpjust get the voltage right and the current will sort itself out18:06
Azelphurcool :)18:06
Azelphurseems to work, hopefully this will stop my keyboard continually boot looping18:06
Azelphuryea I have a fancy gaming keyboard with an LCD display on it18:07
Azelphurbut Logitech cheaped out on the PSU, so it keeps boot looping18:07
Azelphurwell, there goes that plan, this supply causes it to boot loop too :(18:12
Azelphuronly much quicker18:12
Azelphurwhich is annoying because the old supply is 2.4 and this is 2.518:13
gordonjcpshould be close enough18:14
Azelphurthe goal was for it to be a tad more, the stock power supply doesn't give it enough power, it's a known issue18:14
Azelphursilly G19 :(18:14
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Azelphurwow, ##linux is stupid, they disallow any talk of torrents, at all18:27
AzelphurWildPikachu: If I had someone discussing torrents in general, I would pm them, then +q if they continued || mosno: WildPikachu, even if you had no reason to suspect that there was unlawful use? || WildPikachu: yes, I would make them very aware that while they are not being accused of doing anything unlawful the discussion around torrents is highly discouraged18:29
Azelphuror in my case, I got instantly kicked for even mentioning it18:29
Azelphurlast thing I'd expect from a linux channel, absolutely ridiculous18:30
AzelphurI wish there was some way we could take the channel off of that guy, he really shouldn't have control over ##linux with an attitude like that18:32
lazarus_im trying to follow this guide with no luck http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=8699742&postcount=53718:33
Azelphur?elaborate | lazarus_18:33
Azelphurdoooh, wrong trigger :P18:33
Azelphur!elaborate | lazarus_18:33
lubotu3lazarus_: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)18:33
lazarus_Azelphur: im trying to root my cell under linux following that guide18:34
Azelphurwell yea...I gathered that much18:34
Azelphuras I said, Please give more detailed information, errors, steps18:34
lazarus_there is a part which mentions some dependacies to get adb working and i cand seem to install them18:35
directhex"a part" meaning the first line?18:36
lazarus_lib32ncurses5 and lib32stdc++18:36
Azelphurlib32stdc++ seems to have been renamed to lib32stdc++618:37
directhexit will never have existed without the soname.18:37
directhexthat guide is full of package name errors18:37
popeydirecthex: game.co.uk have a load of games pre-owned for a few quid, any reason not to get a few?18:39
lazarus_i get no results when i look for them in synaptic18:39
Azelphurlazarus_: what phone do you have btw?18:39
lazarus_samsung gt 1550018:40
lazarus_running android 2.2.118:40
lazarus_am i missing somthing18:41
Azelphurlazarus_: I told you what the package name was?18:41
lazarus_i get no hits in synaptic tho18:42
Azelphurwhat Ubuntu version are you on?18:42
lazarus_11.10 32bit18:42
Azelphur!info lib32stdc++618:43
directhexpopey: as long as they're not crap18:43
lubotu3Package lib32stdc++6 does not exist in oneiric18:43
Azelphurlies? :O18:43
Azelphurwhat's up with that lol18:44
popeydirecthex: yeah, reading reviews18:44
popeydirecthex: wow, perfect dark was that bad?18:44
directhexpopey: or you could ask me18:44
Azelphurpopey: you have an outdoor camera setup right? My friend wanted to set up some surveillance on the cheap do you have any recommendations? :)18:44
popeyAzelphur: recommendations for what?18:45
Azelphursoftware / hardware18:45
lazarus_but installing this would make no sense as its packaged for 64bit18:45
Azelphurie, specific cameras, what software do you use, that sort of thing18:45
popeyi use a logitech pro 9000, and webcam18:45
Azelphurfor outside? :o18:46
Azelphurdoesn't it get rained on18:46
popeyits not outside18:46
popeydirecthex: gears of war 2, alone in the dark, bioshock, fallout new vegas18:46
popey"Total to pay £14.92"18:46
* lazarus_ owns gears 1,2,3 woop18:47
lazarus_i bought them for £10 each18:47
directhexpopey: AitD is rather meh18:47
directhexpopey: the rest are good18:47
popeyany of them?18:48
AlanBellpopey: did that get rebuilt as kittyview?18:50
popey17:51:53 < chrisccoulson> yeah, i've still got the patch for pornview on my machine ;)18:50
directhexpopey: i don't think anyone plays CoD for the singleplayerr18:51
* AlanBell thinks chrisccoulson should commit the patch18:51
chrisccoulsonAlanBell, i was going to. but one of my colleagues pointed out that if i provoked people on unity-design that i might get told off by mark ;)18:52
AlanBelldon't post it there then, just quietly put the patch through18:53
AlanBellit isn't a design issue, or about unity18:54
czajkowskichrisccoulson: any way to turn off the irritating annoying stupid bell noise on thunderbird when you delete folders?19:03
czajkowskichrisccoulson: evening19:03
chrisccoulsonhi czajkowski19:08
chrisccoulsoni don't think i've ever heard that :)19:09
czajkowskitry deleting a folder :)19:09
czajkowskifound the turn off button for new mail that awas annoying19:09
* AlanBell wonders how you delete folders often enough for it to be annoying, don't think I have ever deleted one19:11
popeyi have never deleted one either19:12
popeymade _loads_ :D19:12
MartijnVdSczajkowski: I made my Thunderbird not check mail unless I tell it to19:12
popeyloving these cheap prices of xbox games, and minimal money going to microsoft :D19:12
MartijnVdSThat helped a lot :)19:12
jacobwmail clients should be silent19:13
davmor2chrisccoulson: any way to  stop TB warning you that you are changing folder and sending out the error bong when you hit n to get to the next unread message?19:13
czajkowskidavmor2: ohb yes19:16
Azelphurwell, this is disappointing, ##linux blocks all discussion about torrents whether legal or not, I've been to channel and network ops, and can't seem to get anything done about it :/19:16
Azelphurfor example yesterday I went there and asked for a recommendation for a Linux torrent client and got kicked without warning.19:17
davmor2Azelphur: don't mention the word torrent then19:18
Azelphurjust seems so stupid and backwards baring in mind it's how most Linux distros distribute their isos19:18
Azelphurand I hate the whole "all torrent use = piracy" thing, baring in mind there's so much free good content out there now :/19:19
davmor2Azelphur: but at the same time "Linux" can't be seen to be encouraging use of torrenting because the word does conjure up the whole illegal part it's a lovely catch 2219:21
AzelphurI think the opposite tbh, Linux should be encouraging the use of torrenting19:22
gordonjcplike World of Warcraft does19:22
AzelphurBy discouraging torrenting, all your doing in effect is stamping on the little guy19:22
davmor2Azelphur: Distro's Can,  Linux can't that's the difference19:22
popeyAzelphur: what do you want to torrent?19:23
Azelphurpopey: haha, I already got my question answered elsewhere, I read about utorrents video streaming feature and thought it'd be cool to have something native that does it, it seems that tribbler does :p19:23
davmor2Azelphur: don't forget Linux as a kernel is never really bit torrented,  but to save on a distro's bandwidth they tend to ask you to and actively encourage it19:24
Azelphurdavmor2: *shrug* I don't see why Linux can't19:24
davmor2Azelphur: because linux is a kernel and isn't torrented and linux is trying to promote itself to good old wholesome business that never do anything illegal at all ever honest gov'nor19:26
Azelphurpopey: that said you do know me, I am a self admitted pirate, but at the same time I use my torrent client for lots of legal stuff too, I do download my Linux distros via torrent, and watch various free licensed shows (pioneer one, the yes men) via torrents.19:26
Azelphurdavmor2: ##linux is "We provide help and support for any Linux distribution"19:27
Azelphur"Discussion about the various aspects of Linux and Free/Open source software is also encouraged" -- except torrent clients apparently :D19:28
Azelphurthose are quotes from the front page of their website, btw19:28
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jacobwbittorrent is a networking topic :|19:31
jacobwthe linux kernel is primarily used for.. networking!19:32
hamitronasking about bit torrent clients that run on linux.... seems fair enough asking linux users if you ask me ;)19:32
Azelphurshame freenode won't do anything about it though :(19:32
davmor2jacobw: I thought it was less networking and more beer drinking to be honest19:32
Azelphurhamitron: yea, that's exactly what I did when I got kicked...I was like what o.O19:33
ali1234##linux is an awful channel19:33
hamitronmost linux channels are from my experience.... this channel seems an exception19:33
Azelphurali1234: agree'd I usually only go there if I have a question and it's like 4am in the morning and everyone in here is asleep xD19:33
AzelphurIndeed, I love this channel, it's one of the best (If not the best) large channel I've seen19:34
ali1234every time i go to ##linux i find someone calling someone else "noob" in order to cover up their own lack of knowledge19:34
Azelphurali1234: haha19:34
ali1234also ##linux isn't about linux the kernel, we have #kernel for that19:35
ali1234or ##kernel i forget which19:35
hamitronwhat is with all the multi-hash?19:36
Azelphur## = unofficial19:36
MartijnVdSthey're on more hash19:36
MartijnVdSwhich also explains the behaviour19:36
popeyAzelphur: noob!19:59
Azelphurpopey: NO U.19:59
Azelphurpopey: did you see the spoutcraft client for minecraft btw?19:59
Azelphurbasically...you should use it, it's all round better.20:00
Azelphur30-50% performance increase, lots more config options20:00
popeyhowever I did see on xbox marketplace about eleventybillion minecraft clones20:00
Azelphurincludes latest libraries to fix the sticky keys bug >.>20:00
Azelphurit's not a clone, it's a fork of the client20:00
Azelphurthey are just fixing loads of things that mojang doesn't fix, it's really quite nice20:01
Azelphurand maintains compatibility with vanilla servers of course20:01
diploevening all21:10
diploQuiet  in here :)21:18
diploGot to say I do like Cinnamon21:30
bigcalmWhy so?21:32
jacobwIt's very tasty21:33
diploPartially i guess win7 feel21:34
diploIt's smoother21:35
diploQuicker than unity ( 11.10 )21:35
bigcalmOh, you weren't talking about something you eat?21:35
jacobwEr, 'win7 feel'?21:36
jacobwWhat is that?21:37
diploWell for a lot of users it's going to be a easier transition21:37
diplo+ I don't mind Win7 tbh21:37
jacobwHow long will it be maintained for? Where is it going?21:40
jacobwI wouldn't want to move a group of users on to a platform that's just not gnome-shell or unity21:41
popeyGNOME 2 (2 panel) failed to gain traction for the last what 10 years21:41
popeyfail to see how cinnamon will fix that21:41
popeyit's fine for nerds, not for my mum21:41
* jacobw is planning a migration from gnome2 to unity21:42
AzelphurI like unity myself, although I don't use it, it is refreshing to see people trying to change the status quo on desktop layout21:43
AzelphurPerhaps when it's more polished I may switch to it21:43
jacobwIt's been around for a while now..21:44
Azelphurlast time I checked it still falls over and dies with separate X screens, which rules me out21:44
bigcalmpopey: has any of your nerd powers rubbed off on your mum yet?21:44
popeyupgraded her to 12.0421:45
popeynot had a single call about the computer yet21:45
daubers"nerd powers">21:45
* Azelphur runs21:47
diploGoing to use unity when i upgrade my pc to 12.0421:57
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