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bschaeferthumper, ping, I think I have a solution for this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/91875300:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 918753 in unity (Ubuntu) "Frozen double icon after launching and dragging at once" [Medium,Confirmed]00:49
bschaeferthumper, It can be solved using a plugin_adapter.window_focus_changed.connect00:49
bschaeferas when a new window gets made it will call that to end icon drag00:50
thumperbschaefer: ok...00:50
* thumper looks at the bug00:50
bschaeferthe problem is when you click on an icon and while that program is starting your drag an icon00:51
thumperbschaefer: so you were able to reproduce easily?00:51
bschaeferthe program then starts stealing focus and leaving the dragged stuck00:52
bschaeferthumper, yeah00:52
thumperok, cool00:52
bschaeferthumper, I want to test some more things out, but I think the problem being is when the program starts it takes focus from the launcher leaving the icon floating00:53
thumpera manual test may be needed as it is around an animation00:53
bschaeferalright, cool, Ill start getting the branch and manual test ready!00:54
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mhall119thumper: I updated the script to check joined date of the teams we're checking membership on, and comparing it to the commit date, makes a *huge* difference02:07
mhall119Total Committers: 11902:07
mhall119Internal: 10931 commits from 44 people02:07
mhall119External: 4635 commits from 108 people02:07
mhall119Unknown: 1202:07
mhall119I think my team choices are misleading though, or else you had 30 people move from external to internal02:13
mhall119I'm guessing some of those teams contain non-canonical folks02:13
mhall119well....maybe they're not wrong02:22
mhall119thumper: did you many any contributions to unity/2d/nux before joining DX?02:23
thumpermhall119: I'm not sure, maybe02:23
bschaeferthumper, ping02:43
bschaeferthumper, so I should have asked what the expected results are. I have it working when a program starts it just ends the icon drag02:44
bschaeferso it puts the icon back in the launcher, (for this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/918753)02:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 918753 in unity (Ubuntu) "Frozen double icon after launching and dragging at once" [Medium,In progress]02:44
bschaeferI should push that branch one sec...02:45
bschaeferthumper, the diff, https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/fix.918753/+merge/9832302:48
bschaeferthumper, needs to update02:48
thumperbschaefer: ok02:48
bschaeferthumper, its kinda weird I guess, so if you start the program then start to drag it it puts the icon back but the mouse is till down so then it pulls the icon back where your mouse it02:49
bschaeferthumper, something I need to fix, but thats why I was wondering what the expected results are when you start a program then start dragging an icon02:50
thumperbschaefer: hmm...02:50
thumperI would hope that starting a program wouldn't interrupt your dragging the icon02:50
thumperwhy does it at the moment?02:51
bschaeferwell what happens before any changes is the icon goes back to the launcher, and an icon of where you were dragging it is frozen02:51
bschaeferlet me take a screen shot of what it looks like with trunk unity02:51
bschaeferthumper, http://imgur.com/D9cxc02:55
bschaeferthumper, so with trunk unity and program starts it stops the dragging of the icon also, with my branch it just stops the dragging so the icon doesn't freeze and get02:56
bschaeferduplicated like that02:56
thumperok, I've played around with trunk02:58
thumperwhat I'd like to see is the drag killed02:58
thumperand also any other things like the dragging the launcher killed too if possible02:58
thumperpretty much "kill any action related to mouse down"02:58
bschaeferyou mean dragging the launcher up and down?02:58
bschaeferYeah on thing with my branch is the mouse down still has a hold on the icon even with a EndIconDrag() called02:59
bschaeferbut sounds good! Off to fix that :)02:59
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davidcalledidrocks, ping08:00
didrockshey davidcalle08:00
didrocksdavidcalle: thanks for the merge proposal08:01
davidcalledidrocks, oh, you've seen it. Great :)08:01
davidcalledidrocks, and I will have a last upload for the video lens, mostly to prevent displaying too many items in the Dash and better respect of privacy settings.08:02
didrocksdavidcalle: ok, great ;)08:04
didrocksthanks again!08:04
davidcalledidrocks, no problem. Next time I propose myself for a task, I'll make sure I specify the programming language :P08:05
didrocksdavidcalle: ahah :-)08:06
angelocmhr3, kamstrup:i'll fix merge proposals in a few hours, thanks09:01
zgregI'm seeing some minor rendering glitches with unity on gma 950. is this a known issue?09:17
zgregsometimes, at the start of some kind of UI element, such as a text line, the first pixel column is displayed doubled09:19
zgregit's quite ugly09:19
zgreghere's an example: http://i.imgur.com/7vmZV.png09:23
zgregyou can clearlysee it in the top left corner and at the "recents apps", "recent files", etc. headers09:24
zgregoh, it seems to be https://bugs.launchpad.net/nux/+bug/92744109:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 927441 in unity (Ubuntu Precise) "Far left character in panel (and launcher popups) distorted" [High,Confirmed]09:27
* zgreg is pretty sure this problem boild down to some obscure floating point rounding error crap09:37
zgregeek, nux still uses fixed function opengl?09:58
kamstrupangeloc: mhr3 fixed the web regex10:17
tbfwhat is "fixed function opengl"?10:17
pipedreamI have a small multi-monitor annoyance on precise (inherited from before)10:24
pipedreamI plug my laptop into VGA -> LG 37" LED TV10:24
pipedreamI close the laptop lid, and set it to off, and I turn the TV on and off as and when I use the laptop daily10:26
angelockamstrup, ok10:26
pipedreamThose settings are remembered, except the TV resets from 1900 to 800 resolution10:26
pipedream*opening* the display properties immediately resets it correctly10:26
pipedreamI can just close it without applying10:26
zgregtbf: the non-programmable pipeline that does not use shaders10:34
zgregapparently, nux does the old fixed function vertex transformation, at least for non-GLES210:35
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zgregpipedream: what baffles me about multihead is how broken expo is...10:39
zgregthe workspace switcher is completely borked10:39
zgregand this problem is many, many years old10:39
pipedreamI'm guessing this is a hard problem, as the TV resolution canot be detected when it goes to sleep. But perhaps polling it would mean it resets when I turn the TV on10:43
pipedreamit is not itching me enough to go further yet ;)10:43
pipedreamor, let's say, other itches are itchier10:43
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didrocksgreyback|lunch: if I deactivate sticky edge, it's still sticky if you have no launcher shown (even from the monitor without the launcher to the monitor with the launcher), is it wanted?12:38
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greybackdidrocks: sticky edge created only for launcher and hide-mode=112:46
didrocksgreyback: hum, I guess the design isn't explicit about that, JohnLea ^12:46
didrocks(the visible ui is puzzling)12:46
greybackdidrocks: we need the sticky edge to be able to reveal the launcher with the mouse12:47
didrocksgreyback: right, maybe not in the other way though? (if the user set sticky-edge = 0, maybe this shouldn't trigger:12:48
didrocks- have the launcher on the right12:48
didrocks- mouse on the left12:48
didrocks- go from left to right12:48
mhall119zgreg: the expo bugs may be resolved once the new Spread is implemented12:48
greybackdidrocks: ah, that I get yes12:48
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zgregmhall119: but that's not going to happen for ubuntu precise12:56
JohnLeagreyback, didrocks; if sticky edges are turned off, *all* sticky edges should be turned off.  This is *different* from the push to reveal, so for example, with sticky edges is switched 'off' and push to reveal is switched 'on', the pointer will still be held on the launcher edge so that the user can reveal the launcher.  "Sticky edges" only refers to all the sticky edge behaviour that is *not* related to the launcher.  This is all sp12:56
JohnLeaecified in some detail in the following spec https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1b3CwE3Wemr347fTxNcu7ixEQBK4YD8JF2pyv5pxiY0U/edit12:56
JohnLeagreyback, didrocks; does that answer your questions?12:56
didrocksI guess it does, but I guess it means greyback has more work to do :)12:57
didrocksas unity-2d linked sticky edge to launcher12:57
zgregmhall119: I actually tried to get to the root of this issue, but the expo source code is horrible, and I wasn't able to understand how positioning works12:58
greybackdidrocks: noted, thanks for investigating12:58
zgregmaybe I'm not the first who's trying to fix this12:59
* mpt wonders why he has six launcher tiles representing a single Terminal window13:30
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ddudekhi there14:20
ddudeki'm developing new plugin with support for 3d monitor for compiz14:21
ddudekhere's some video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7eOICtovNs14:22
ddudekand I placed some information at http://ddudek.pl14:22
ddudekand now i would like to integrate it with unity14:23
ddudekbot no luck so far14:23
ddudekcould someone help me with it?14:23
ddudeki somehow have to hook up with the rendering stuff in unity, but have no idea where to start14:24
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gordddudek, humm interesting, you might want to have a chat with jaytaoko - he's the maintainer of the GL graphical toolkit we use in unity14:35
ddudekcan you tell me how can reach him?14:40
om26erI think unity's screenshot should be updated here http://unity.ubuntu.com/14:42
om26erthat's some non-standard unity setting14:42
om26ermhall119, ^^14:43
DaekdroomThat's not latest Ubuntu either.14:43
om26ercropped version of that http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=204383 would be cool14:45
mhall119om26er: agreed14:49
mhall119but I don't know who made the original14:49
mhall119om26er: we'd want something with the default apps and icons14:50
om26erwe can get screenshots from guest session for that, i guess14:51
mhall119I wonder of akgraner has one we can use14:52
mhall119updated the screenshots on unity.u.c15:52
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htorquemhall119: looks good, but won't the default wallpapers change soon? :P16:05
mhall119htorque: will it?  Oh well, I'm not showing much of the wallpaper16:06
mhall119and I can always get new screenshots16:06
htorquemhall119: the default wallpaper will see an update (not look completely different afaik) and the set of wallpapers visible in that screenshot will change too. but i really was just teasing you. ;-)16:08
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davidcallemhr3, do you mind if I post a screenshot of the lens with the Banshee/Rb sources filters ?18:17
mhr3davidcalle, why would i mind? :)18:18
davidcallemhr3, don't know :)18:18
mhr3post away!18:19
jalcineWhat's a good size for indicators?18:19
jalcine32 by 32?18:19
mhall119davidcalle: ping18:35
mhall119davidcalle: you told me you were working on a quickly/singlet tutorial for dpm, do you know if that's posted somewhere?18:37
davidcallemhall119, not posted yet. I still have to change it from how to write a scope to how to write a scope with singlet :)18:48
davidcallemhall119, but anyway, you might want to do it. The API code is just http://paste.ubuntu.com/892600/18:50
mhall119davidcalle: when would uri not start with http://?18:56
davidcallemhall119, old check for another scope. Silly for this one, indeed, didn't notice it :)18:58
davidcallemhall119, I have to leave, I'm back in a few hours, will you be around?18:59
mhall119I'll be here 2 more hours19:05
mhall119then off and on during the evening19:06
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bschaeferthumper, ping, could you review this branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/fix.918753/+merge/9832320:44
bschaeferDBO, you could also review it as it's in the launcher!20:44
thumperbschaefer: hi20:58
thumperseb128: around?20:58
seb128thumper, hey20:59
thumperseb128: I have an email from Trevinho about the gdbus bug20:59
thumperseb128: are we able to distro-patch the fix?20:59
seb128thumper, yes?20:59
thumperis there anything I need to do?20:59
seb128thumper, was distro patched this morning (european day)21:00
thumperso available in main now?21:00
seb128thumper, i.e should be in the glib update you go this morning21:00
thumperseb128: you are awesome!21:00
seb128thumper, yes, for some ~10 hours21:00
DBOthumper, are we doing our meeting in 10?21:00
thumperDBO: sure, let me make a coffee first21:00
DBOjust curious mostly21:01
thumperthomi: remember that dbus crash you were getting real regularly, this patch that seb128 has now made available for us should fix that, can you make sure you update?21:01
Trevinhothumper: yes, the fix is available in main21:01
* thumper does a little dance21:01
* DBO makes a little love21:01
DBOget down tonight21:01
thomithumper: I did a dist-upgrade this morning, what package & version is it in, do you know?21:01
thumperyou'll have it then21:02
thumperI don't know the exact package21:02
thomiand uhh.. my thing wasn't a crash, just bamfdaemon getting confused about which workspace windows are on21:02
thumperthomi: Trevinho or seb128 may21:02
Trevinhothumper, thomi 2.31.22-0ubuntu1 has the fix21:03
seb128what Trevinho said21:03
thumperTrevinho: of what?21:03
thomiTrevinho: in which package?21:03
seb128you need to restart your session after update21:03
Trevinhothomi: glib-2.0, of course21:03
seb128DBO, btw what happened to the sabdfl's dnd on the launcher fix? seems to still be buggy in staging21:04
seb128DBO, would be nice it made it to 5.821:04
seb128DBO: you said you would get it done soon ;-)21:04
DBOseb128, Im working on it right now21:04
mhall119mhr3: does the applications lens use a .desktop's Category when searching?21:10
mhr3mhall119, when searching? no21:10
mhr3the filters use that21:10
mhall119might be useful21:10
mhr3so both filters and search does the same?21:11
mhall119filters are exclusive, search is inclusive21:11
mhall119for example, a search for21:11
mhall119for example, a search for "game" I would expect to return all games *plus* any applications that are relevant to game config, game development, etc21:12
mhr3mhall119, that's what the keywords are for21:14
mhr3category is not even a localized field21:14
mhr3which is understandable considering what's it for21:14
mhall119it isn't?  oh, I thought that's what built menu names21:15
mhall119so where does the list in the filter come from?21:15
mhr3from the translators, it's only vaguely similar to what desktop entry's categories are21:16
mhall119oh, ok21:16
mhr3mhall119, eh, the translations are from translators of course, the list itself is hardcoded in apps-lens (and comes from design afaik)21:21
bschaeferthumper, hey, I also need to scheduled a meeting with you sometime this week21:23
thumperbschaefer: how about half an hour ago tomorrow?21:28
thumperdoes that make sense?21:28
bschaeferthumper, yup 2 pm tomorrow21:29
bschaeferor 10 your time21:29
thumperyeah, 10 my time21:31
bschaefersound good!21:31
bschaeferoff to find more stuff to work on!21:31
mhall119engineers are strange people21:49
htorquehey all! can bug 944701 *technically* be caused by the flashplugin (even with all browsers closed)?21:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 944701 in unity (Ubuntu) "Sometimes a single white pixel shows in the top-left corner" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94470121:50
* mhall119 is willing to blame any bug on the flashplugin21:50
JanChtorque: only when those browsers aren't actually closed, I suppose21:51
JanCsounds like a compiz bug to me21:53
htorqueJanC: not seeing anything with 'ps'. browsing flash sites definitely raises the chance to get it.21:53
JanChtorque: compiz/unity do that sort of things on 11.10 all the time; haven't tested on 12.04 enough to say much about that21:55
htorqueJanC: never seen anything like that before, but another user on LP confirms seeing it in 11.10.22:00
JanChaven't seen exactly that22:04
JanCbut I have seen "windows"(?) being "leaked" (or "orphaned") and other weird things since the compiz rewrite to C++, and it most often happens when the CPU and/or I/O and/or memory resourced are under pressure somehow...22:06
zgregthe compiz changelog sure looks massive22:31
zgrega lot of good stuff has happened lately22:31
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thumperzgreg: yes, a lot has been fixed23:02
zgregunity actually performs OK on my netbook now23:06
zgregfew things are still slow, for instance opening the dash23:06
zgregI wonder why, what is it doing? sometimes it takes up to one second to open the dash, and that is with everything already in the cache23:07
zgregthe hud is a little bit better, but doesn't feel snappy either23:08
bilalthumper: Hi, I hope we aren't too late for the SC launcher change?23:44
bilalthumper: The freeze exception was approved today23:45
thumperbilal: I'm on it now with thomi23:47
thumperdon't stress23:47

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