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haz3lnutanyone awake?03:22
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Robdgreatyou have to turn up when people are actually at the computer :P04:39
Robdgreatyou don't come around until I'm nowhere near irc04:39
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haz3lnutRob, you're only at the PC from midnight till 8am?13:05
haz3lnutI gotta run to work in a few minutes, so I won;t be back on till this evening.13:07
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RobdgreatI'm only guaranteed to be at the PC from 9 to 6. I'm likely to be late at night, but lately I'm not even home until 10 or 1114:44
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haz3lnutwell allright then22:52
haz3lnutI'm at work during that time, and my boss (namely me) would not be happy if I spent all day on irc :-)22:53
RobdgreatI'm at work during that time, too, and I don't chat all day22:56
RobdgreatI'm just on irc22:56
haz3lnutat work now?22:56
Robdgreatnot particularly, wrapping up22:56
haz3lnutwhere do you work (don;t have to answer if you don;t want)22:57
haz3lnutI have a problem where I ALWAYS hit that semicolon instead of apostrophe22:57
RobdgreatI'm suspicious of the line of questioning prior to the where do you work ;)22:58
haz3lnuthired spy, you caught me.22:59
haz3lnutno, I'm not.22:59
Robdgreatyeah, I know22:59
haz3lnutI was a member of this channel about 5 or 6 years ago22:59
Robdgreatme too :)22:59
haz3lnutI remember you and rodgers too23:00
RobdgreatI work at HitPath, a web software shop in the lower garden  district23:00
haz3lnutnever heard of them.23:00
haz3lnutbut cool anyway.23:00
haz3lnutI workat New ORleans Coffee Co23:00
haz3lnutso you don;t irc at home?23:01
Robdgreathmm, is that on Magazine in the CBD?23:01
Robdgreatoh, I do23:01
Robdgreatbut I'm not at home much lately23:01
haz3lnutmanufacturer in mid city.23:01
haz3lnutah, well I am only on in the evenings and a little bit in the morning.23:02
haz3lnutThat splains why we cross paths23:02
Robdgreatwhen I'm up early enough I'm on a little bit in the morning23:03
haz3lnutI really haven't IRC'd in a long time. I thought I would get back in touch so-to-speak23:03
Robdgreatbut that doesn't happen very often. More likely I get up just in time to scramble to get ready and rush out the door23:03
Robdgreatwell, welcome back23:03
Robdgreatit'd be cool to get some sort of activity in here again23:03
Robdgreatdifferent climate than 2007, though23:04
haz3lnutI started realizing all the privacy we give up for facebook crap, when we already had a good messaging platform in IRC from 20+ years ago!23:04
haz3lnutjust no pictures23:05
haz3lnutI wonder if we started a google+ hangout for ubuntu-us-la if that would garner more interest?23:06
haz3lnutor not a hangout, but an ubuntu-us-la circle23:09
haz3lnutI don;t know, just rambling.  You probably are about to check out.23:09
RobdgreatI'm trying to get this page to not 40423:10
haz3lnutnot found is not good23:11
Robdgreatyeah, for some reason the whole directory it's in isn't showing up. Fun times. I'll figure it out later23:38
Robdgreatheading out, nice to actually get to chat with you :)23:38
haz3lnutsee ya later.23:39
RobdgreatI might be on before too long, I brought my laptop so I'll have it at my friend's place (I spend as much time there 3 blocks from work as I do at home half an hour away on the other side of Metry)23:39
haz3lnutok cool23:40

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