rick_hbwuahhaha http://paste.mitechie.com/show/56800:24
rick_hawesome bpython paste straight to lodgeit pastebin00:24
snap-lvery cool!00:34
rick_hyea, kind of neat00:36
rick_hgrabbed the tmux book to check out for any good bits00:41
rick_hreminds me, need to get it on the kindle00:41
rick_hBlazeix: ping01:13
snap-lGood morning11:17
snap-lrick_h: How are you feeling?11:17
rick_hlittle better11:18
rick_htook my roid pill for the morning so check in in a bit :)11:18
snap-lHULK SMASH?11:21
rick_hHULK SMASH TESTS!!11:23
rick_hhmm, tempting DotD today11:23
* snap-l is going to wait fo the final release.11:25
rick_hfinal release?11:26
rick_hthink it's already out. I know another guy that read it11:26
rick_hyea, dec11:26
snap-lWe're talking about the HTML 5 Architecture book?11:26
snap-lor am I behind again11:26
rick_hthe information diet11:27
snap-lI'm behind again.11:27
rick_hyea, the html5 arch book was tempting but didn't make me get my wallet out11:27
snap-lI won't point out the irony of buying a book to curb your information consumption. :)11:28
rick_hyea, I know11:28
snap-lThat's like buying a steak about dieting.11:28
rick_hfeels a bit to self-helpy11:28
rick_hbut after installing a pomodoro app on hte phone last night I'm in that mood11:28
snap-lOh jesus11:28
snap-lDo not make any productivity changes while under the influence of allergy medicine.11:29
rick_hwell last night was cough syrup with codine...combine with steriods and 3 diff inhalers I'm beyond allergy pills11:29
snap-lrick_h: Neer let it be said you don't go into anything without going full-force.11:31
rick_hyea, joked with the wife that if I was going to do it, damn well better do it right :)11:32
snap-lMOst of us just get sniffles11:32
snap-lDid a search on Amazon for The Information Diet. First result is the O'Reilly book.11:32
snap-lSecond result is Celiac Disease: Safe/Unsafe Food List and Essential Information On Living With A Gluten Free Diet11:33
rick_hheh, kindle price .10 less then the main site with 50% off11:34
snap-lYeah, but then you get the kindle, PDF, and epub formats11:34
snap-lI think that's worth $.1011:35
rick_hyea, still, like jewelry stores where things are always 30-50% off11:35
snap-lKeeps you from doing [title] pdf searches, doesn't it? :)11:36
rick_hso the pomodoro thing is a bunch of smoke?11:36
* rick_h has seen bits, but not read the book or anything11:37
snap-lO'Reilly has sold me more bits than I think I ever thought possible11:37
snap-lrick_h: It just seems like a rehashed "focus for x number of minutes" routine11:37
rick_hyea, didn't seem dirty enough. Just trying to force timing down.11:37
snap-lMaybe it'll work for you, but I find I'm good for a few cycles before my mind just does on a fuck-all frenzy.11:38
rick_hyea, I'm thinking long term. It's too easy for me to go several straight hours and then realize I need to look away11:38
snap-lOpposite problems. :)11:39
snap-lYou can easily gain focus11:39
snap-lI have to try like hell to harness it11:39
snap-lYou have trouble letting go11:39
snap-lmy mind is like a helium balloon in a tornado11:40
rick_hgotcha, yea definitely experiment kind of thing11:40
rick_hgrrr, I need to get my laptop to 12.0411:41
rick_hnvm, even that won't help me11:42
rick_hno python3-pip/virtualenv packages11:43
snap-lCouldn't you bootstrap Python3 with easyinstall?11:43
rick_hyea, ended up doing11:43
rick_hjust trying to keep my py3 completely seperated11:44
snap-lrick_h: Nah, just run 2to3 on everything and let 'er rip. :)11:45
snap-lI'm surprised how incompatible 2.6 -> 2.7 is11:46
snap-lHave written code on an 11.10 box with 2.7 that needs some tweaking for 2.611:47
snap-lLike format strings ("{} {}" needs to be "{0} {1}")11:47
rick_hyea, no .format() :(11:47
snap-lNo, you still get .format()11:47
snap-lHas to be explicitly positioned, though11:48
snap-lwhich kinda negates the fun. ;)11:48
rick_hyea, I always do that though11:48
snap-lActually I like "{name} {foo} {bar}".format(**dict)11:49
snap-lthat is power.11:49
rick_hsince you can repeat and such11:49
rick_hlol https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/group/chromium-dev/browse_thread/thread/d30ae1c692ff53c3?pli=112:38
snap-lJust a reminder, kids: Make sure you check your links.12:43
_stink_haha, oops12:45
jrwrenparty where?13:02
jrwrenlol @ i think that link had a few backdoors13:03
snap-lIf you love industrial metal and haven't checked out this band, today is your day.13:07
snap-lnullspace: ^^^^^13:08
ColonelPanic001Antagonist? Just opened that link from your tweet13:16
snap-lFree downloads of the digital album today.13:24
rick_hheh, watched one vim screencast from DAS and it's tweaking time!14:00
ColonelPanic001"Open Metalcast Instrumetalcast #4: Permission Granted"14:20
ColonelPanic001...I'm still a little behind.14:20
brouschColonelPanic001: me too14:22
ColonelPanic001good, as long as it's not just me14:22
brouschkeeping up with snap-l's OMC is like trying to keep up with rick_h's code14:22
brouschwhen you get up to speed on one part, you pick up your head and see a dozen more have come down the pipe14:24
rick_hso does that mean brousch won't take up my challenge to get a set of instructions to get bookie running on heroku? :P14:24
brouschi probably won't be able to look at it until next month14:24
brouschlast 2 weeks of the month are full of group stuff14:24
rick_hyea, you're crazy14:25
rick_hI still haven't moved anything on setting up a python group14:25
brouschi imagine the whoosh stuff would be the big sticking point though14:25
rick_hah, because of he local disk space14:25
brouschwe had 3 guys from owosso at grpug last night14:25
rick_hit's pure python, but takes some 100mb on disk I think14:25
brouschdjango devs14:26
* rick_h keeps quiet14:26
brouschi met them in lansing a couple of weeks ago14:26
brouschthe group in lansing is called Open Source Futures, so not python specific. next meeting is git14:27
brouschoh, the owosso guys are apple fans too. one of the reasons they came last night was so they could touch a new ipad at GR's apple store14:29
jrwrenheroku doesn't have a python env?14:29
brouschjrwren: it does14:29
rick_hjrwren: it does, but has some nasty disk space rules14:29
brouschthe grpug web site is on heroku14:29
jrwrenwell all the heroku bundles or wahtever they are called are limited to 100mb14:29
rick_hYou are limited to 100MB of disk space, but you are not permitted to save any files (including user uploads) to disk because the filesystem is readonly.14:30
jrwrenbut that shouldn't be a limit unless you are packaging all of python too14:30
rick_hso with bookie needing that for fulltext and imports you're a bit foobar14:30
jrwreni packaged all of mono and edploydeployed aspnet to heroku14:30
rick_hright, but the FS is RO so I can't get users to upload their imporst14:30
brouschyou would have to ship the fulltext to something else14:30
rick_hbrousch: right14:32
brouschuse one of their fulltext search addons or run your own instance on amazon or something14:32
brouschsame with static files14:32
brouschi'm lazy so my static files are on dreamhost14:33
rick_hah yea, with combo loader getting bookie on heroku is just a no go without a ton of changes14:33
rick_hDBO: ping, who's running gnome-do these days?14:34
jrwrennot even a writable /tmp ?14:36
jrwrenhow about writing json to parse.com ?14:36
rick_hnot according to the docs, I guess something must go on for it to build the .pyc files14:36
brouschjrwren: http://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/read-only-filesystem14:37
snap-lHey, I didn't think I was uploading OMC's that quickly. :)14:37
jrwrenso use Cedar :p14:37
brousch"There are two directories that are writeable: ./tmp and ./log (under your application root). If you wish to drop a file temporarily for the duration of the request, you can write to a filename like#{RAILS_ROOT}/tmp/myfile_#{Process.pid}. There is no guarantee that this file will be there on subsequent requests (although it might be), so this should not be used for any kind of permanent storage."14:37
snap-lbrousch: That's kind of bonkers14:38
snap-lSF.net's project web at least had a writable area14:38
brouschgoogle app engine is similar14:39
snap-lGuess they're really into not having you use that as a drop-box14:39
brouschyou can upload files, but they get stored in some other kind of DB14:39
snap-lYeah, so they can spin up additional nodes without having to worry about what your app stored.14:39
rick_hyea, I'm running into that when I plan on building up bookie.14:40
rick_hright now uploads go to a tmp dir and then I have to have celery find it to process and such14:40
snap-lYou'll probably want to switch that to a DB-based queue14:40
rick_hyea, it's still early right now. Just getting it working14:41
snap-lI think that's the most cross-patform way to handle14:41
rick_hbut yea, fulltext will have to get the solr backend, uploads to command shared stuff, maybe s3, and celery processing out of there14:41
brouschwhat's wrong with the celery way?14:41
snap-lNo guaranteed tmp14:41
brouschoh, it is just a problem with heroku14:42
brouschi thought he meant in general14:42
rick_hno, it's a problem with running multiple front ends with the way things are setup today14:42
snap-lWell, depending on these other platforms, there may be different constraints on persistent storage14:42
rick_hjust more work to be done14:42
snap-lrick_h: Ah, thought you were talking about packaging / deploy for other instances.14:43
rick_hright, as you deploy more front end instances14:43
brouschrick_h: here's your business plan: bookie is FLOSS but you sell the fulltext search hosting14:52
rick_hheh, well I think it can be OSS but you pay to have it managed down the road14:53
snap-lI thought he'd make money from the Cafe Press Bookie Assless Chaps.14:53
rick_hthe code's actually getting pretty big where things are moving kind of slow as I don't do everything on the todo list in spare time only14:54
rick_hI'm hoping that the invites helps get more people using it and potentially more hackers14:55
DBOrick_h, chris halse rogers15:05
rick_hDBO: k, thanks15:06
ColonelPanic001loled at "I will break your f'ing neck if you finish that song"15:34
ColonelPanic001(just got to the holiday OMC)15:34
rick_hdammit, the next person that writes a doctest gets it in the nuts...the end15:40
brouschwould a doctest to the nuts be pleasurable or painful?15:43
snap-lColonelPanic001: Heh. :)15:44
rick_hcome over and let's find out, initial indications are towards pain15:44
snap-lbrousch: Do not taunt steroid-fun-ball rick_h15:44
snap-lbrousch: Let the wookie win15:45
brouschi imagine him with a slight green tinge, like being on the verge of going hulk15:45
brouschhe's not hairy enough to be a wookie15:45
rick_hno, think more angry dwarf15:45
snap-lrick_h: Oh jeez, now he's Rick the Angry Dwarf15:46
rick_hand with that I think I need lunch before I run bzr blame and starting hunting people down for these damn tests15:46
* snap-l awaits his appearance on Howard Stern15:46
snap-lrick_h: Do you have bzr blame attached to electrodes?15:47
rick_hheh no, people kept putting the electrodes on their pets and I couldn't get that angry15:58
snap-lWow: http://decafbad.net/2012/03/06/ubuntu-global-jam-we-came-we-saw-we-jammed/#comments16:49
jrwrenwhat a nub16:50
jrwreni find people who don't run latest ubuntu no different than people who run XP16:51
jrwrenor w2k16:51
brouschwho is that geeker?17:13
rick_hMUG guy I think, not surprising at all considering17:13
brouschtell him to use centos where he can run the same crusty OS for a decade17:14
rick_hsnap-l: had my first fish that didn't make it :( didn't last a day actually17:16
rick_hso we're up to 25 positive, and one loss17:17
brouschgonna eat it tonight?17:18
rick_humm no, he went to the porcelin god17:18
rick_hand that doesn't look like a good spelling of percelin17:18
rick_hah ain ...doh17:19
brouschwas there a ceremony?17:19
rick_hno, I did it while no one was looking17:19
rick_hI figure hte boy has a bit more time ot figure out death17:19
rick_hdamn I can't type today17:19
brouschget off the drugs d00d17:19
rick_hvim stolen trick of the day: nnoremap ;; <c-^>17:20
rick_hand liking ctlp now that I've got the ignore directories going17:20
rick_hhard to give up my nerdtree window, but give it time17:20
rick_hpython books on sale http://shop.oreilly.com/category/deals/python-think-complexity.do?imm_mid=081700&cmp=em-orm-python-think-complexity-direct-short+17:41
brouschdamn you17:46
rick_hheh, I already have most of them :P17:46
rick_hso I can pass on this round wheeee17:47
jrwrenThink Complexity any good?17:47
rick_hnot started that one yet17:47
rick_hI got it during hte deal because it looks potentially good17:47
jrwrenprogramming python is a terribel book, and has 4 stars on oreilly.com... now all reviews on oreilly.com are suspect17:48
rick_hyea, definitely hit up amazon for reviews17:48
jrwreni want Effective Python17:49
jrwrenbut I don't think it exists.17:49
jrwreni guess I could try to write it :p17:50
jrwrenbut maybe pep8 is effective python.17:50
rick_hnot really out there atm17:50
brouschall python is effective17:50
jrwrenrick_h: do you use cscope?17:50
rick_hjrwren: doesn't ring a bell17:50
jrwrenlike ctags only better17:50
rick_hah, no I checked it out once, but don't use it17:50
rick_hI just use ctags still17:51
jrwreni think they go hadn in hand17:51
rick_hmost of my stuff I'm starting to create a make tags command and use from within vim17:51
rick_hbut honestly, I don't use them as much as I should17:51
jrwrenmy goal is to be able to cycle through uses of an attribute17:56
jrwrenor token17:56
rick_hah, I vimgrep for that and then use quickfix window to jump through that17:59
rick_hor use ropevim if I17:59
rick_hve taken the time to set it up17:59
snap-lrick_h: At least the fish didn't jump out and let the boy find it on the floor18:07
snap-lHad one of those algae-eaters do that. Found it many years later.18:07
snap-ljrwren: What didn't you like about Programming Python?18:23
snap-lHoly crap, did not realize that Pygame color can handle CMY color: http://www.pygame.org/docs/ref/color.html18:27
brouschis that exciting?18:30
jrwrensnap-l: well, i read an ancient version of it.18:30
jrwrenmaybe the latest is good18:30
jrwrenbut ancient modules that i wouldn't recommend to anyone are documented and presented as if they are great.18:31
snap-ljrwren: The latest is better18:31
snap-lI won't say it's phenominal though18:31
jrwreni prefer HSL color :)18:31
snap-ljrwren: It supports that too. ;)18:31
snap-lHSVA as well18:31
jrwrenah, i think that is my fav18:32
snap-lActually, I don't have a copy of a newer version of Programming Python18:32
snap-lI have Learning Python 4e18:32
snap-lwhich is much improved over 3e18:32
snap-lThe biggest problem though is they're HUGE books18:36
snap-land they're not nearly as concise as they should be.18:36
greg-gsnap-l: dude, why didn't we use graphs in our ReApproval application? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/ApprovalApplication18:44
snap-lgreg-g: Because... um...19:02
rick_hhah, our fearless leader let us down!19:04
jcastroquick, everyone criticise and not offer to help!19:05
jcastrosnap-l, you suck!19:05
rick_hthat's my plan!19:05
rick_hnow I've got some video games to go play because I'm terribly busy :P19:05
snap-lI didn't even know that was an option to put together19:09
snap-lMaking us slacker-locos look bad.19:09
Blazeixrick_h: hey, you pinged?19:15
Blazeix(forever ago)19:15
rick_hBlazeix: yea, wondered if you knew how to get the 'class' for an app in awesome?19:16
rick_hfirefox comes up floating all the time for me, so trying to force it non-floating with an rc.lua rule, but can't seeem to find a class="" that works for me19:16
Blazeixi don't actually have any window rules, but I would think whatever xprop returns should work19:17
Blazeixfirefox just behaves for me. Can you just hit whatever the float-toggle hotkey is?19:18
Blazeixor you're saying that even after you do press the hotkey, next time it comes back floating?19:18
rick_hBlazeix: yea, but have to set that evbery time I launch FF19:18
rick_hright, and the class on here seems tied to the url it's on...ugh19:19
Blazeixwow, firefox--19:19
rick_hhmm, maybe not19:19
Blazeixwell then maybe I retract my --19:20
widoxrick_h: I have "Firefox" in mine19:20
widoxuse the second value from xprop G WM_CLASS19:20
widoxwhere G == grep :)19:20
widox(yay zsh)19:20
rick_hwidox: ah ok, so for me that's "NIGHTLY"19:21
widoxah, yeah. I've got both in there19:21
widoxI've been wrestling this very thing in xmonad19:22
jrwrenno lie... someone here just said "i can't.... probably cuz i'm running windows xp"19:29
jrwreni've immediately formed opinion per earlier conversation :)19:29
snap-ljrwren: Hah!19:29
rick_hwidox: Blazeix that fixed it, thanks for the xprop heads up19:30
rick_hnow I'll be more likely to use FF more19:31
Blazeixhey _Marcus22:35
_MarcusHow are you?22:35
Blazeixnot bad, just chilling in south-east mi :)22:36
Blazeixare you in MI?22:36
_MarcusSoutheast like you22:37
brouschwe just upgraded our phones to LG Spectrums. $125 to upgrade 2 phones. not bad23:37
rick_hbrousch: nice23:41
brouschthis thing is hella fast compared to my droid23:42
brouschthey pushed ics to it while i was on the crapper23:45

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