jrgiffordthafreak: sporadically.01:47
* canthus13 needs to figure out how to fix this odd little bit of bar at the top of his screen where the gnome 3 clock would normally be if mint didn't move it to a more logical location.01:48
Cheri703anyone have recent (SY0-301) COMPTIA Security+ study materials? I want to study for it, but can't use e-reader at work, and don't want to buy brand new expensive book and never use it again. I would love a loan, but would purchase if the price was right :)03:45
Cheri703(I may post this to the mailing list as well)03:45
canthus13I've got the older one from MS... which is surprisingly good.03:53
Cheri703the sy0-201?03:53
canthus13mmm... lemme look.03:53
Cheri703was updated in 201103:54
canthus13not sure.. I'll have to track it down. It may be packed in a box.03:54
canthus13it's way older than that.03:54
Cheri703I'd like to take it, but I am frustrated by lack of opportunities to poke at the information. at home I have so much crap I am and should be doing03:55
Cheri703how much of my to do list got done on my 2 days off? about 4 things...out of A WHOLE BUNCH03:56
Cheri703but I did get a few newly added things done, but basic stuff like laundry and housework didn't get done :s which...laundry needs to get done03:58
* Cheri703 is not the best about prioritizing housework03:58
Cheri703oh! and my mom's phone is going to get shipped to her tomorrow :) after over 2 weeks03:59
Cheri703I've gotten it all set up for her03:59
canthus13Awesome. :)04:00
Cheri703she's super excited04:00
Cheri703she has even had days where she was like, "that would have been easier with my phone" which...for someone who was really reluctant to even want it, is pretty cool04:00
* canthus13 nods.04:03
Cheri703canthus13: are you / wife / other people in household good about housework or are you like me where you tend to ignore until impossible?04:03
* Cheri703 found a website that is kind of awesome04:03
canthus13We suck at housework. :P04:13
Cheri703canthus13: check out www.unf--kyourhabitat.tumblr.com but fill in the blanks (family friendly irc room and all)04:37
Cheri703it is kind of like flylady but with cursing and less annoying :)04:38
canthus13Kit used to do flylady.04:40
Cheri703I find this more motivating and less "aww, stay at home mom with kids and aren't you precious" like flylady comes off04:41
BiosElementHey folks, how's it going?04:58
canthus13BiosElement: Oh... a noob!04:59
BiosElementhaha not quite. ;)04:59
Cheri703o/ BiosElement05:00
BiosElementI wonder if anyone will believe I was simply being lazy and not bothering to setup IRC rather then avoiding it >.>05:00
canthus13BiosElement: that's a sad excuse.05:01
Cheri703I've been there BiosElement05:01
canthus13apt-get install irssi; irssi; /connect irc.freenode.net; /msg nickserv identify <password>; /join #ubuntu-us-oh;05:01
BiosElementYes, it is pretty sad. >.>05:01
canthus13how hard was that?05:02
BiosElementToo hard, almost as hard as getting ubuntu to play nice with my setup. >.>05:03
* canthus13 switched to Mint.05:03
BiosElementUgh, I'm sorry for your loss. I still refuse to touch them as a matter of policy.05:05
Cheri703I finally switched to 11.10 about a month ago05:05
Cheri703been using 10.1005:05
* canthus13 installed Mint 12 from 10.10.05:05
canthus13much, much nicer than that unity crap. :)05:05
BiosElementI refuse to touch mint after their little firefox ad stunt.05:06
canthus13BiosElement: Eh?05:06
* canthus13 hasn't used firefox for much in a while.05:06
BiosElementA year ago, not sure if they still do, they changed the adverts to Mint ads from the firefox's. Which is actually in violation of the firefox trademarks >.<05:07
canthus13starting with 7, it decided to tell every site it touched that my laptop was a cell phone.. I always got the WAP version if it was available. :/05:07
canthus13It does.05:07
canthus13It sets the homepage to a mint page.05:07
* canthus13 doesn't really care that much. Firefox is too.. screwed up? for him to bother with right now.05:08
BiosElementI'm a chrome fan myself anymore, but honestly it just feels wrong with how they did that. It's not a plugin btw, they modified the source. It took me hours to figure that out.05:09
canthus13Looks to me like they just set the homepage to their search page... and set the default search engine to duck-duck-go.05:11
BiosElementAt least last time I tried it, it was far more invasive.05:11
BiosElementLike I said, I haven't tried it since but I know they're quite 'proud' of that setup of theirs. :|05:11
canthus13Iunno. I'm really liking what they've done with gnome 3 (once you remove the bottom bar and that silly menu...)05:11
BiosElementUnity is actually growing on me. Used kde for a couple years, win7 for a time, back to ubuntu with unity and it's not half bad.05:12
canthus13Unity is (was?) too rigid and I find shuttleworth's 'vision' to be annoying, constrictive, and insulting.05:12
BiosElementIt's still a PITA, but It's officially not in the way 24/7.05:13
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thafreakMorning Ohio13:44
thafreakAnyone ever try to use gnucash?16:05
dzhoages ago16:26
Cheri703thafreak: I use it all the time, I really like it16:31
Cheri703there's a bit of a learning curve for most people16:31
thafreakdo you use invoicing?16:32
Cheri703no, I use it for personal finances16:32
Cheri703are you having a specific issue?16:32
thafreakso, when you deposit money, like to an account, where does it "come from"?16:32
Cheri703Income: something16:33
Cheri703everything has an in and an out, if is into checking, it is out of income16:33
Cheri703or out of checking, into expense16:33
thafreakIt's just weird, If I deposit a check, it wants to subtract that ammount from my accounts receivable, so my accounts receivable is negative16:33
Cheri703so just change the "out" account16:33
Cheri703make a "received payments" income category16:34
Cheri703or something16:34
thafreakso your income account just keeps growing more and more negative then?16:34
Cheri703no, it handles them differently, you can change the type of account16:34
* canthus13 gave up on gnucash, went to Mint.16:34
Cheri703my income account does not show negative, because it understands it is an income account16:34
Cheri703hang on16:34
canthus13Mint has it's issues, but it's easy and overall pretty good. :)16:34
thafreakI think there's a setting to show some accounts as negative or not16:35
Cheri703thafreak: if you go to the accounts page, right click on the one income account, and make sure it is set as an income account16:35
* Cheri703 is opening gnucash to get correct terminology16:35
thafreakwell, I was having income come from accounts receivable from "invoices"16:36
Cheri703what account type is accounts receivable?16:36
thafreakit's set to accounts receivable type...it's under assets instead of under income16:38
thafreaki think i just need to read up on the terminology then...16:38
Cheri703I'm not sure about the accounts receivable type /me goes to check help file16:38
canthus13A/R is considered an asset.. It's work already done, but you're still owed money for it.16:39
thafreaknothing shows up there till you process a payment, and when you do that, it subtracts from A/R and puts it somewhere else16:41
Cheri703thafreak: if you go to help>tutorials and concept guide>accounts receivable16:41
thafreakso either I'm doing it wrong, or it's supposed to be like that16:41
Cheri703there is a section talking about how to set up the accounts, it does say you need an income section of "sales"16:41
Cheri703Basic A/R Account Hierarchy:16:41
Cheri703   -Checking16:41
Cheri703   -Accounts Receivable16:41
Cheri703   -Sales16:41
Cheri703and it goes from there on how to actually do it16:41
thafreaki have one...maybe I was doing it wrong then16:42
Cheri703there is a "process payments" thing apparently16:42
Cheri703go through the tutorial thing16:42
Cheri703you set up customers, then you put in the payment info for the customer, and it has a "post to: accounts receivable" and "transfer account" which is where it is actually deposited16:43
Cheri703so JUST manually putting in the deposit messes with stuff, if you are using a/r, then you're supposed to use this thing apparently16:43
thafreakyeah i did, but I was using checking as the transfer account, which was making A/R negative16:44
Cheri703hmm...you had it posting to a/r?16:44
thafreakmaybe I need to transfer to an income account...I'll make a test and see if it affects it16:44
Cheri703their "process payment window" picture shows "post to: assets:a/r" and "transfer: assets:checking" so...16:45
Cheri703I don't know why it would be doing that. if it shows as negative again, do a split on whatever is subtracting from a/r and see what it shows16:47
thafreakyeah, i dunno, it's odd16:47
thafreakcan only transfer to an asset account, not an income account16:47
Cheri703when you split, what does it show?16:51
Cheri703it may be about how you set up the invoice16:52
Cheri703when setting it up, you can choose an income account "which income account is credited with this income"16:52
Cheri703so it might be a hiccup on the invoice side16:52
Cheri703you might have put checking there16:52
Cheri703that would explain the issue I think16:54
Cheri703you may also have put a/r there16:54
thafreakthanks to the #gnucash folks over at irc.gnome.org, I got it all figured out17:21
thafreakinvoices need to be posted first17:21
Cheri703makes sense, then it knows what it's working with17:22
thafreakit also puts stuff in the appropriate income account too17:22
Cheri703yeah, that's what I was thinking when I saw the page about making invoices17:23
thafreakso, I'm lovin' gnucash, a helpful irc channel makes me love the community even more17:25
paultaghelpful irc is a rarity17:25
Cheri703yeah, gnucash is awesome17:25
paultagI know this isn't f/oss-ey of me17:26
paultagbut mint.com is badass17:26
paultagI use it like it's my job17:27
Cheri703I don't like the stuff that imports directly from bank records, as the bank doesn't always label things quite right, and posting date =/= transaction date, and it screws me up "I didn't go to the gas station on thursday?!"17:28
canthus13paultag: I love Mint. :)17:37
canthus13Cheri703: I keep enough of a cash buffer that having the posting dates off doesn't screw me up.17:37

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