bkerensahi zenlinux01:15
bkeroI'll get it if I an run it in wine.01:41
bkerolooking hopeful01:42
bkerensabkero: That would be nice... I hope for a console version02:17
bkeronot going to happen07:05
bkerodiablo on console was fucking horrible07:05
bkerodiablo is not a console kind of game07:05
cy1video game consoles: because just because it's physically impossible to design a non-general-purpose processor, that doesn't stop us from putting it in a box and welding things to it to cripple its functionality outside our explicit control.07:57
bkerensakees: wubi is 2.4mb16:55
keesbkerensa: hm, interesting. that's not exactly tiny, but it's not huge.17:03
bkerensakees: yeah17:03
bkerensauhh I just want to get this juju charm out the door but I keep getting improvement suggestions left and right :P17:10
nathwillbkerensa, is this the IRC client one you showed me?17:10
bkerensanathwill: Yeah and I have three people who have been looking at it and make suggestions :P17:10
bkerensathey all want to use it so they all have opinions of how it should be written17:11
bkerensanathwill: fyi next time we have lunch I will just meet ya somewhere since I got the zipcar ;p17:12
nathwillzipcar, you say?17:12
bkerensanathwill: yeah we got a membership over the weekend to supplement our transit loving lifestyle17:12
bkerensanathwill: yeah they have Audi's and BMW's17:15
=== nath_will is now known as nathwill
nathwilldamn you corporate wifi19:45

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