passstabwhen did voteing end on the logo?00:01
jedijfso it's thin for the win00:02
jedijfincluding the ml vote for thick00:02
passstabis there a sandbox?00:04
passstabso i can test the html(that i'm new to;)?00:04
jedijfcreate a page00:11
jedijfyou are team reporter, do whatever you need to00:11
InHisNameHey you are using the baseball metaphor before my 'hey batter batter comment'00:24
passstabwhat is wrong with the bottum two lines?00:38
InHisNameThe material on this wiki is available under a free license, see Copyright / License for details.    This is bottom one, I don't see anything wrong with it.00:43
passstabthe bottum towo lines00:43
passstabare obviosly wrong00:44
jedijfpassstab: just look at our existing wiki pages00:45
jedijfpassstab: you're over thinking00:45
jedijfhit edit on a page in pa that does what you want00:46
passstabi assumed it was html00:47
jedijfpassstab: i have found wiki's say they have some level of html supprot, but my html never works/worked00:49
teddy-dbearego trips can be a good thing01:11
passstabyes i WAS going to get rid of that01:12
teddy-dbearleave it, it shows a sense of humor01:15
passstabnow to decide on the headline01:17
jedijfpassstab: leave the last line; you earned it01:17
passstabmeh ok01:19
passstabthere i think thats good01:26
jedijfpassstab: current it up01:29
passstabnot til the end of the moth tho right?01:29
jedijfpassstab: March not march,01:30
pleia2renaming the page is easy, in the dropdown you can select "Rename Page"01:31
pleia2once you switch it to March it'll be automagically included on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports/March201201:32
pleia2and there it is :D01:35
jedijfpassstab: awesome work; you're hired01:36
waltmanWhy is March 19 a historic date?03:00
InHisNameMaybe because a team report got produced completely on that date.06:56
rmg51morning JonathanD09:47
JonathanDHey rmg5109:47
jedijfwaltman: because pa now has a Team Reporter \o/12:34
jedijfnow we need do stuff to report12:34
ChinnoDogIsn't that backwards? hehe12:46
ChinnoDogSeems like you should start with stuff to report and then get a reporter.12:46
jedijfwe /had/ stuff to report12:47
jedijfthat you stayed in dc and snubbed us12:47
jedijfstudying or some nonsense12:47
waltmanjedijf: I see...12:48
InHisNameDoes he get to report individual actions, such as Clarke_ installing ubuntu into guest ?12:50
jedijfno, that's not a PA event, that was a pacs event12:52
ChinnoDogfor a little while13:31
InHisNamewhat I meant was, can an individual of the PA local who does something for themselves and not combined with others (team activities) will it still count for reporting ?13:31
InHisNameChinnoDog: nearly 2.5 hours is WAY bigger than a 'little' while.13:32
adomis there anything aptitude or apt-get can do that has to do with cows besides "apt-get moo"? a buddy is asking.13:38
adomand yes, its still morning13:38
adomi wake up later, but i work later. leave here around 3:30 today, work job #2 5pm - 10ish13:39
aurigushey all14:02
InHisNameso, adom, what does 'moo' supposed to do after apt-get'ting it ?14:09
aurigusanyone have familiar with chef-server?14:11
adomdo "apt-get moo" in a terminal15:14
adomInHisName: ping ^15:15
InHisNameLike, do I REALLY want to install 'moo' ?15:17
adomnot "apt-get install moo" just "apt-get moo"15:17
adomsafe. promise.15:18
InHisNamewhat good is that ?15:18
EvilResistancejust do it xD15:18
JonathanDIt deleted my machine!15:19
JonathanDNow the internet is missing!15:19
InHisNameapt-get moo   -- deleted your machine ???!!??15:19
EvilResistancenow your system is a cannibal zombie, and will eat your other systems and you!15:19
adomnot again15:19
JonathanDand it made the internet go away!15:19
InHisNameJonathanD: so how are you typing if internet gone ?15:19
JonathanDSomeone send me an internet please.15:20
JonathanDInHisName: I'm using the other internet.15:20
JonathanDThe one with the dog.15:20
JonathanDInHisName: I'm kidding.  I take it you've never done tech support for parents? :P15:20
adomthat's the fun one15:20
cythesHarro Ubuntu users!!18:12
cytheshttp://akollar.tumblr.com/post/19619716882/i-need-caffeine-i-know-it-sexy-and-i-know-it-spoof  <-- I wrote this if anyone wants to hit it up :D18:12
aurigushey cythes18:40
cythesaurigus: Sup man!18:41
aurigussame ole, you?18:41
cythesNot much... spent half the night writing up that spoof lol18:42
cythesThere are a few things I need to edit lol18:42
cythesBut over all it was fun coming up with a nerdy spoof of it lol18:43
aurigushave you considered a career as a songwriter?18:44
cythesYeah lol, I was inspired by the guy who did the spoof of "Bad Touch" at OSCON last year lol18:44
cythesActually I do like to write poetry18:45
cythesBut I would not consider a careere in it.18:45
cythesThat whole site is comprised of my poetry feel free to look through lol18:45
cythesI'm sure there are errors all in all but its just something I do.18:46
passstabwill you record that?18:46
cythespassstab: I wish lol but I know some one who might lol18:48
aurigusi dont really read poetry as a rule18:48
cythesMeh it was worth a shot lol18:49
cythesI started thinking about it last night and was just like "OH MY GAWD THAT WORKS!!" 4:00am I was on the blog making the "Pre-Final" version of it.18:55
aurigusi remember the days when i could stay up until 4 :P19:01
cythesI still do every so often.19:12
passstabnice poems19:34
* passstab adds the rss19:35
cythespassstab: Thanks :D19:41
cythesI dont write often but when I do I write semi decient :D19:42
MobileTurkeyLenovo jerked me around on the laptop19:53
MobileTurkey"so opening and closing your laptop Los doesn't fall under normal usage?"19:53
MobileTurkey"no, sorry its not covered "19:53
MobileTurkey"that'll be $250 dollars to fix"19:53
MobileTurkey"kiss my .. I'm not paying 350 dollars for you to replace a single piece of plastic.19:54
aurigusfind the part on ebay19:55
MobileTurkeywhat useless jerks19:55
aurigusdo it yourself19:55
MobileTurkeyyes I will19:55
MobileTurkeybecause I wasted a week of work without a laptop I'm pissed19:55
MobileTurkeytold em ro wrap it up and send it back19:56
jedijfcrazy glue19:56
MobileTurkeyI just cant get angry on the phone,  and without getting angry a bit you get nowhere.  I just stayed cool and kept saying 'i am looking at my warranty now,  Its clearly covered " and trying to reason ...19:57
MobileTurkeyrjajdjvkf RAHHHHHHH19:58
MobileTurkeyjedijf:good idea except modifying my laptop voids the warranty completely20:00
MobileTurkeytime to start a Lenovo smear campaign20:02
aurigusJust write one of their VPs directly20:09
auriguswhat is the issue you are seeing?20:09
cythesMobileTurkey: Wow that sounds rough... in other news I started writing again!20:11
MobileTurkeyvps? aurigus: ill upload photo's tomorrow when its back20:12
cythesMobileTurkey: Vice Prez20:12
cythesVice president... you know companies tend to have them?20:13
aurigusjust send them your photos and a copy of the warranty, instead of reading they will pass on to their service supervisors who'll just say fix the thing to shut you up20:14
MobileTurkeywill it work? sounds legit20:15
cythesUsually it works like that.20:20

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