magespawnmorning all06:02
magespawnanybody know much about quassel core?06:12
magespawni think it may be the quasseldroid that is the problem06:20
=== sdehaan_ is now known as sdehaan
Kilosmorning superfly and others07:02
KilosMaaz, coffee on07:02
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:02
Kilosmorning mrs_fly and other grubs and larvae07:03
magespawnHi Kilos07:03
Kiloshey magespawn all well?07:03
magespawnproblems with the quasselcore on my server i think, not really sure07:04
Kiloshi drussell 07:04
Kiloseina thats not nice. can you do an aptitude reinstall magespawn 07:04
Kilosor a fix broken07:04
magespawnnot sure if it is the server i connect fine from the one desktop just not from my quasseldroid07:05
Kilosif it works fine from pcs blame the fone07:06
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!07:06
magespawnyup that is what i think07:06
Kilossame kinda mobile device07:06
magespawnahh right07:06
KilosMaaz, ty07:06
MaazYou are welcome Kilos07:06
magespawncannot make telephone calls though07:07
Kilosxubuntu a bit more friendly today here but still no xchat beeps07:07
Kilosoh so its a mini pc kinda tool07:07
Kilosim not up to date with all the modern mobile goodies07:09
Kiloswas shocked to find fb on my fone07:09
Kiloscremora maiatoday 07:10
maiatodayheya Kilos07:10
Kiloshi morgs inetpro 07:30
inetprohello Kilos07:34
dLimitNot bad and yourself, Symmetria ?10:12
Symmetrialol Im good just tired10:12
Symmetrianew puppy is like having a new kid, wants constant attention and wakes me up at 3:30am to play with it10:13
dLimitI feel ya. 10:14
dLimitMy bro trains dogs for SA guide dogs10:14
Symmetriaheh I gotta take this dog to training soon, she needs it10:15
dLimitI lock my doors at night!10:15
Symmetrialol do that with a weimaraner and it will cry all night10:15
dLimitSymmetria: which kernel version are you running?10:15
Symmetriadlimit the one that comes with whatever the latest osx update is :p10:16
dLimitLol oh darwin fan..10:16
dLimitI want to install kernel 310:17
dLimitIts been long over due but I need some pointers10:17
Symmetriaheh, I need to check what kernel is running on mirror.ac.za at some point and do an update10:18
dLimitI guess uname -a should work on OSX won't it?10:19
Symmetriayeah mirror.ac.za though = linux10:19
dLimitI still have OSX tiger on an old iBook10:19
Symmetriaits probably running a fairly old version 10:19
Symmetriayeah mirror.ac.za is still on 2.6.3510:19
Symmetria*shrug* but as a general rule, I dont fix whats not broke 10:20
dLimitGood rule.. except if you are bored to death and wants to screw something up..10:20
Kilosgc, coffee on13:55
* gc washes some mugs13:55
Kiloskoffie inetpro gou voor die werk begin13:56
Kiloshi psydroid 13:56
Kilosthanks for attending our monthly meets13:56
Kilosyou may login at meets and have your say as well you know13:57
Kilosafternoon drubin 13:57
psydroidhi Kilos13:57
psydroidsorry for attending so little but I have been too busy taking care of life and studies13:59
inetproMaaz: coffee please13:59
Maazinetpro: There isn't a pot on13:59
inetprogc: coffee please13:59
gcinetpro: Okay13:59
Kilosnot a prob lad. one has to do what one has to do13:59
Kilosinetpro, ask gc 13:59
gcCoffee's ready for Kilos and inetpro!13:59
Kiloslol im slow13:59
psydroidhi inetpro13:59
Kilosgc, to13:59
gcKilos: Excuse me?14:00
Kilosgc ty14:00
gcEnjoy Kilos Just dont make a habit of it ok?14:00
Kilosfemale bot14:00
inetprohi psydroid14:00
* Kilos ducks from maiatoday 14:00
maiatodayKilos: :D14:02
maiatodayshe's training you14:02
KilosMaaz, is definitely male14:03
MaazKilos: Sorry...14:03
Kilosnot as chheky14:03
maiatodaytsk stereotypes14:03
maiatodaygc help14:03
gcmaiatoday: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.14:03
gcAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.14:03
maiatodayMaaz help14:04
Maazmaiatoday: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.14:04
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.14:04
maiatodaybring in the clones14:04
maiatodayMaaz help me with coffee14:05
Maazmaiatoday: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.14:05
maiatodaygc help me with coffee14:05
gcmaiatoday: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.14:05
Kiloswhile you were busy we had a week or so with maaz crashed maiatoday . so mage got gc going so we could have coffee14:05
maiatodayoh no maaz crashed, how sad14:05
maiatodayI hope she is feeling better14:05
Kilosyeah we were all lost14:05
Kilosexcept the lurkers of course14:06
Kiloshi dLimit 14:08
zerefhey guys, when you lshw, where do you check teh pentium version?14:26
tumbleweedzeref: what's the pentium version?14:29
zerefto check what penium you runnning?14:33
tumbleweedif you look under CPU, you'll see something like "          product: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz14:35
tumbleweedbut that's hardly a version14:35
zerefproduct: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  E2160  @ 1.80GHz14:37
tumbleweedthere you go14:37
zerefk cool14:38
tumbleweedmore easily, you can find that in /proc/cpuinfo14:39
zerefbtw, friends was wondering whether linux wil work on a pent 1?14:39
tumbleweedUbuntu supports pentium 1s14:40
tumbleweedbut it won't be usable as a desktop. For that, you probably want >= 512M RAM and a >= PIII14:41
zerefyeah, i suggested myb use it as a server..14:43
dLimitMaaz: google suicide techniques17:33
MaazdLimit: "Suicide methods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_methods :: "Top 10 Common Methods of Suicide" http://www.frater.com/suicidelist.html :: "Other methods" http://www.ctrl-c.liu.se/~ingvar/methods/other.html :: "Dangerous Japanese 'Detergent Suicide' Technique Creeps Into ..." http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2009/03/japanese-deterg/ :: "Suicide Faq" http://fringe.davesource.com/Fringe/Informati17:33
dLimitMaaz: thanks17:33
MaazdLimit: Sure17:34
Kiloshalloooo superfly and other peeps17:35
Kiloshey Mezenir 17:37
Mezenirhow goes17:38
Kilosok ty and you?17:38
Mezenirwhats new and exciting17:38
Kiloshaha xubuntu17:38
Kilosnew and infuriating17:38
Mezeniri read that xubuntu is not as lightweight as one would hope17:39
Mezenirbut it was in an article from 200917:39
Mezenirlubuntu is apparently quite fast17:39
Mezenirhow is it for you ?17:39
Kilosits is a bit quicker than ubuntu but that might be because i have less installed17:39
Kiloswill take me long to get used to. gnome was easy to figure out17:40
Mezenirso you dont approve of unity i take it17:40
Kilosmy pc cant do unity17:41
Kilosbut if its as difficult as xubuntu i'd rather no bother17:41
inetprodLimit: are you ok?18:00
dLimitNever beter thanks inetpro =)18:05
dLimitI wanted to commit suicide a moment ago but then I realised I'm not even alive anyway18:05
Kiloswat gaan in jou kop aan goosie18:06
Kilosdaai ding18:06
inetproKilos: no it's dLimit with his funny google searches18:06
Kiloslol how do you see them18:06
inetproKilos: I'm always awake remember18:07
Kilosha ha ha18:07
dLimitlol tcpdump18:08
dLimitamazing what you see with it18:08
inetprodLimit: try wireshark18:08
inetprodLimit: at least you didn't go as far as Kristen Anderson18:09
dLimitWhois Kristen Anderson?18:10
inetprowhen she survived getting run over by 33 freight trains, she started to reconsider her purpose in this world18:10
dLimitOh no. I wouldn't even consider a train18:10
KilosMaaz, google kristen anderson18:11
MaazKilos: "Reaching You Ministries with Kristen Jane Anderson" http://www.reachingyouministries.com/ :: "Kristen Anderson: Suicide Interrupted" http://www.cbn.com/700club/features/amazing/Kristen_Anderson_120407.aspx :: "Pt.1 The Kristen Anderson Story - YouTube" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ydm0veZmW8 :: "Kristen Anderson | Facebook" http://www.facebook.com/people/Kristen-Anderson/22221162 :: "Kristen Anderson profiles | LinkedIn" http://w18:11
Kilosoh my18:11
Kilossewerage pipe18:12
inetproKilos: <dLimit> Maaz: google suicide techniques18:12
KilosMaaz, ggole suicide techniques18:12
MaazKilos: *blink*18:12
KilosMaaz, google suicide techniques18:12
MaazKilos: "Suicide methods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_methods :: "Top 10 Common Methods of Suicide" http://www.frater.com/suicidelist.html :: "Other methods" http://www.ctrl-c.liu.se/~ingvar/methods/other.html :: "Dangerous Japanese 'Detergent Suicide' Technique Creeps Into ..." http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2009/03/japanese-deterg/ :: "Suicide Faq" http://fringe.davesource.com/Fringe/Informatio18:12
Kilosbest way is to stop breathing18:13
inetproKilos: have you tried it?18:13
KilosdLimit, why you looking at sewerage piping18:13
Kilosha ha ha no had it done for me18:13
dLimitI'm not looking at sewerage piping18:14
Kilosits too eina to wake up again inetpro 18:14
Kilosif you not meant to go you will just be back very eina and sick18:15
nuvolarilo oom Kilos, dLimit, inetpro18:33
Kiloslo nuvolari  hoezit18:35
nuvolarisup oom! kan nie kla nie18:36
nuvolarimôre is klein-naweek18:36
Kilosnee man woensdag is die enigste dag wat mense eintlik werk18:36
nuvolariKilos: maar môre is 'n vakansiedag18:37
Kilosmaandag en dinsdag kom hulle van babbelas terug18:37
Kilosen donderdag en vrydag beplan hulle die volgende een18:37
Kiloso ja18:37
nuvolarija nee, dis waar oom :P18:37
drubinKilos: dankie oom18:41
Kilospas jou op drubin 18:41
* nuvolari voeter van die stoel af18:42
nuvolaridrubin! whoa! It's been ages18:42
nuvolariare you well?18:42
drubinnuvolari: it has! i am good just busy busy boy     18:53
Kilosoh drubin we thought you had fallen in love and couldnt think of anything else anymore18:58
Kilosim teasing19:00
Kiloslo Banlam 19:05
inetprogood evening Banlam19:08
inetproBanlam almost sounds like Sanlam19:08
Banlamyes it does19:08
inetproBanlam: 1st time here?19:09
Banlamexcept i pronounce it Ban-Lam as opposed to Sun-lum19:09
Banlaminetpro, no19:09
Banlamhaven't been around in awhile19:09
Banlamand I'm generally no here for long19:09
BanlamI came onto freenode now to join another channel and ajoin did the rest for me :)19:09
inetproBanlam: time to change that, what can we help with this evening?19:09
BanlamI'm generally just here for the odd Ubunta-za meeting19:10
Tonberryai Banlam19:10
Banlamwat's nou fout Tonberry?19:10
Tonberryjys te min hier19:10
Banlamek is seker19:11
Banlamek sal dit nou verander19:11
Banlamkan ons die bouncer opstel om aan ander servers te connect?19:11
Tonberryno idea19:11
Banlami'll find out19:11
Banlamdon't see why not19:11
Tonberryi do not bounce19:11
Banlamwhile I'm here however19:11
Banlamhas anyone ever played around with Xbee wireless modules?19:11
KilosBanlam, we had a meet last night19:11
Banlamthis is what I get for not being subscribed to mailing lists19:12
Kiloshi nlsthzn you well lad?19:13
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos ... keeping the head above water thanks, and you?19:13
Kilosya surviving ty19:13
KilosBanlam, whats the prob that thing19:14
nuvolariow ow ow :-/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGhtM2rqbYA19:14
Banlamno problem, I jsut want to find out some more about them19:14
nuvolaripairs ice skating accident19:14
KilosMaaz, google google xbee wireless modules19:15
MaazKilos: "Wireless - ardupilot-mega - Official ArduPlane repository - Google ..." http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/Wireless :: "Xbee - ardupirates - ArduPirates is an independent ... - Google Code" http://code.google.com/p/ardupirates/wiki/Xbee :: "APM2Wireless - ardupilot-mega - Official ArduPlane ... - Google Code" http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/APM2Wireless :: "TelemetryPage - ardupilot - Arduino-based autopilot .19:15
Banlambeen there done that19:15
Banlamwant to chat to someone who's used them19:17
Kiloswhat is it actually19:17
Kiloslike a tablet19:18
Banlamnot at all19:18
Banlamsmall wireless modules19:18
Banlamthat you can use for communication19:18
Banlamwiht microcontrollers19:18
Banlamor sensors19:18
Banlamstandard protocol's only up to 250kbps or something19:19
Kilosyou actually need to chat to wireless peeps19:19
Kiloswouldnt they use them19:20
Banlamit's got nothing to do with wifi, or wugs19:20
Banlamor anything like that19:20
Kiloswhat they for then19:20
Banlamnot urgent, will wait for people to get back to work on thursday19:20
Banlamhundreds of applications19:20
Tonberryi know a guy who used zigbee once, but no one who has ever used xbee19:21
BanlamTonberry, ok. xbee just uses the zigbee protocol19:21
Banlambut more customised boards19:21
Tonberryis was for a skripsie19:21
Tonberryand sorta worked19:21
Tonberryhad other board problems19:21
Banlami might want to incorporate them into my project19:21
Banlamand don't feel like working with wifi19:22
Banlamalso, the xbee is very low power19:22
Banlamand seeing as my device is battery powered19:22
Banlamthink it will be more suitable than wifi19:22
Tonberrypester merlin19:22
Tonberryask him what he plans to use19:22
Banlamhet hy al daarmee rond gepeuter?19:22
Tonberryhy bou ook nou sensor netwerke19:22
Banlamhoekom is hy nie hier nie?19:23
* Tonberry shrugs19:23
Banlamwhere does symmetria reside these days?19:23
BanlamKenya or somewhere?19:23
Symmetrialol, my damn puppy just stole an entire bunch of grapes off the table and ran outside with them and ate them19:23
Symmetriacrazy pup19:23
Banlamhow high is the table?19:23
Symmetrianah, Im in south africa, in east london actually, doing remote consulting from a deck chair on the beach with a beer in my hand making lotsa money19:24
Symmetriabanlam heh, pretty high, the pup is 9 months old and already weighs 21 kgs 19:24
Banlamwhat kinda dog is it?19:24
Banlamdidn't your tenet resignation article say you were going to kenya?19:24
Symmetriabanlam I did for a bit *shrug* but I prefer the beach life and I can do my work from anywhere I have connectivity19:25
Banlamso are you living in EL?19:25
Symmetrialol dont you love that doggie3 picture19:25
Banlamwhich beach is that?19:25
Symmetriait looks like spawn of satan dog :)19:25
Symmetriahehe nahoon generally :p19:25
Tonberrygrapes and dogs are not always a very good combination19:26
Symmetriatonberry its not like I tried to feed them to her, she stole em :P19:26
Banlamnahoon's by stirling?19:26
Banlamand the golf course?19:26
Symmetriabanlam yeah19:26
Banlamwhy'd you choose EL to go stay?19:28
Symmetriaheh I grew up here actually19:28
Symmetriatonberry heh, I just calculated19:28
Banlamoh right19:28
Symmetriathe dog woulda had to eat a lot of grapes19:28
Symmetriathey recon 32 grams per kg to get toxic19:29
Symmetriashe'd have to eat almost 3/4s of a kg of them19:29
Tonberrysize helps19:29
Banlam*doesn't matter19:29
Tonberrya lot more problematic if a daschhund stole a bag of raisin19:31
Symmetriaheh yeah19:31
Banlami'm not a fan of small dogs19:31
Symmetrialol tonberry did you see those pics I pasted earlier?19:31
Banlamdogs always look evil when you get that "red eye" effect19:31
Symmetriabanlam, lol, a friend of mine ran from nahoon corner (near stirling), all the way to the nahoon river mouth with my dog, the dog wasnte ven panting afterwards19:31
Banlamhaha :P19:32
Symmetriawhich is the kelpie in it, heh, you cant exhaust a kelpie 19:32
Symmetria(dog is half weimaraner half australian kelpie)19:32
inetproBanlam: perhaps someone in #glug.za can help with Xbee?19:32
Symmetriaand weimies are born hunting dogs, kelpie's are sheep herding dogs capable of covering *VAST* distances19:32
Banlaminetpro, why do you think that?19:33
inetproBanlam: others there that are not in #ubuntu-za19:33
Banlamah right19:34
Banlambut problem is in no way related to linux19:34
Banlamso thought I'd just try a stab19:34
Banlamfound a book on google books, but every 5th page isn't provided...19:35
Kilosthis is not only a ubuntu community. other things get discussed as well;19:35
Kiloslike breading chickens19:36
Kilosask inetpro 19:36
inetproKilos: heh19:37
Kilosgaan dit goed inetpro 19:37
inetproKilos: mag nie kla nie19:37
Kilosdie vlieg baie stil19:38
Kiloshulle het seker n nuwe miggie spuit uit19:39
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight19:42
inetpronag oom19:43
Banlamwho owns this channel?19:43
Banlamand why does no one have ops?19:43
inetproBanlam: you want someone to kick you out?19:44
Banlami was just thinking about the topic...19:44
kbmonkeyhi psydroid 21:58
psydroidhi kbmonkey21:59
kbmonkeyhey, what was that? lol22:00
kbmonkeyoh, my irc client popped up a date change.22:00

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