bekorhello anyone available for a question?00:01
davide_at_debianhi bekor , what's up00:01
_Marcus!ask | bekor00:02
ubottubekor: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:02
bekorhi, i am wondering how to get rid of issues like not being able to shut some window applications sometime ,like the issue of not having an x or a minmize sign.i am using 11.10 and cairo dock00:03
davide_at_debianwhat program in particular?00:04
bekorwell ok like for instance you have banshee running,you open the  equalizer and their is no way to shut it off00:05
bekori mean closing the window00:06
bekori have had to restart because of not seeing a way to close windows sometimes00:06
davide_at_debianwell, alt+f4 is a general solution, but anyway for banshee in particular there could be an hidden close button.00:06
davide_at_debianAlways, you can grep for the program's pid or issue a "pkill banshee" in extreme case00:07
bekorthanks dacide00:07
bekori mean davide00:07
nibbler_davide_at_debian, bekor: xkill is the better choice for sure, if you see the window00:07
AgamemnonZbekor: Was your main Banshee window maximized?00:07
bekorno i could not even maximize  by the way what is x kill?00:08
bekorwhat i am saying is how do i close it when i see no x?00:08
davide_at_debianrun it on terminal.. you'll see skull & bones to kill windows00:09
Dulakbekor: alt-f4 with the window active is the same as the X00:09
bekorbut why would i have to that is my point00:09
bekorthanks dulak00:10
dadfxkill is pretty cool- and is built into almost everything00:10
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davide_at_debianI don't know why you have too. maybe programs aren't made to be closed?00:10
bekoris anyone using the newest beta?are their less problems with closing windows?00:10
CFHowlett_bekor   for beta support go to #ubuntu+100:11
CFHowlett_ghostshadow_   greetings00:11
bekorthanks friends00:11
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Viking667I've got a question. I'm updating the xapian database, and it's taken about four hours so far...the machine is a laptop, and has 512Mb.00:11
CFHowlett_Viking667   what version of ubuntu00:12
Viking667ouch. I just realised the laptop's not running ubuntu...00:12
gdea73How do I adjust the scrolling speed in Ubuntu 10.10?00:15
gdea73I am using two-finger scrolling on my laptop's touchpad, and even Pointing Devices won't allow me to change the speed unless side-scrolling is enabled, which I don't want.00:16
AgamemnonZI'll try this question once more. Will 11.10 update LibreOffice to 3.5 or stay with 3.4? If going to 3.5, where can I see when this will approximately happen?00:17
gdea73wow is there really NO way to adjust it?00:17
gdea73AgamemnonZ: sorry I've got no idea... :/00:18
jeagleHow do I solve this problem in Ghostscript? :( "Substituting font Times-Roman for Helvetica-Condensed-Black. Can't find (or can't open) font file /usr/share/ghostscript/9.04/Resource/Font/Times-Roman."00:18
CFHowlett_AgamemnonZ   download 3.5.1 from https://www.libreoffice.org/download/  then sudo dpkg -i libreoffice.deb to install00:18
davide_at_debiangdea73: there are lots of ways. the simplest are using menus on your gnome00:18
gdea73davide_at_debian: What do you mean, using "menus"?00:19
davide_at_debianbut if you got synaptics, you have white paper on your Xconfigs00:19
gdea73I haven't found a way to edit the scrolling speed, with GUI or otherwise, in Gnome 2. That's why I was asking, and Opera appears to use Gnome's settings which I don't know how to change.00:19
gdea73I have a Synaptics touchpad, true, though I'm afraid I don't understand what you're talking about :(00:20
davide_at_debianwhen I used gnome, it had a "mouse" option under the settings menu00:20
AgamemnonZCFHowlett_:  I know how to install 3.5 (or use the ppa), but I don't want to use that method as I try to help someone else who needs some 3.5 functionality, but I don't want this person to work with unsupported software00:20
gdea73Yes, mine does as well. I have both "mouse" and "pointing devices," but neither will allow me to adjust the scroll speed.00:20
davide_at_debiangdea73: if you have synaptics I can give you a hint00:21
gdea73davide_at_debian: anything remotely resembling a hint, would be great :P00:21
AgamemnonZCFHowlett_: So I was trying to find out if and when 3.5 will be released through the normal update channels00:21
gdea73I do have a Synaptics touchpad...00:21
CFHowlett_AgamemnonZ   understood.00:22
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CFHowlett_sorry but IDK as I'm on 10.0400:22
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AgamemnonZCFHowlett_: ok thx :)00:22
davide_at_debian1 year ago I filled my /etc/X11/xorg.conf with:00:22
davide_at_debianSection "InputDevice"00:23
davide_at_debian  Identifier   "Touchpad"00:23
davide_at_debian  Driver       "synaptics"00:23
davide_at_debian  Option       "Name" "Touchpad"00:23
davide_at_debian  Option       "Device" "/dev/psaux"00:23
FloodBot1davide_at_debian: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:23
davide_at_debian  Option       "TapButton1" "1"00:23
Jacruthhi there, how could I now which dev is my pendrive?00:24
gdea73davide_at_debian: what exactly does that do, though? I didn't think it would allow me to adjust the scrolling speed, unless that's part of what you were saying...00:24
CFHowlett_AgamemnonZ   try apt-cache policy libreoffice to identify if it's in the stream.  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade might pul lit in.00:24
abdelrahmanis there anyway to rollback updates install  .. my system has become unstable00:24
gdea73Jacruth: I think Disk Utility would list it.00:24
Jacruthgde33, what do you mean, fdisk?00:24
gde33wrong person ;)00:25
gdea73In Ubuntu, there's an application called Disk Utility listed under System -> Administration00:25
Jacruthsorry gde3300:25
gdea73haha, yeah we happened to have similar nicks ;)00:25
davide_at_debiangdea73: yes it allows you to change scloll speed with the right entries00:25
gdea73anyway, I'm not sure but I think Disk Utility shows you the mountpoint.00:25
gdea73are USB flash drives even recognized as /dev/sdX? ah well I suppose Disk Utility would tell  you either way00:26
gdea73davide_at_debian: alright I'll have to try that then, thanks. Must I reboot to effect the changes?00:26
davide_at_debianjust look for those in the manual. it cames bundled with the synaptics .deb00:26
davide_at_debianno reboot, just a restart of X00:26
AgamemnonZCFHowlett_: I think it is not in the stream: http://paste.ubuntu.com/891540/00:27
gdea73davide_at_debian: okay, I entered the changes and I'll restart X with ctrl + alt + bksp00:28
CFHowlett_AgamemnonZ   not yet at least. wouldn't be surprised to see it in12.0400:28
gdea73however does the TouchButton 1 enable tap-to-click, because I'd rather that be off.00:28
gdea73but alright, I'll try00:28
davide_at_debiannono wait00:28
davide_at_debianit was only an example00:28
davide_at_debianthat is THE place00:28
Jacruthgdea73, I'll try to format a sd card using the disk utility, do you know if Fat option is Fat16? COuld it be Fat32?00:28
davide_at_debianbut the exact options are to look in the manual00:28
shishireI'm trying to take an already existing ubuntu 10.04 server install on a virtual machine, and trim down the size so that I can ship it as a vm appliance.  Google has been unhelpful in providing a list of packages/sets of things I can uninstall if I'm not using them.  My system only really needs a lamp stack.00:29
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davide_at_debianlet me see if i can retrive you a manual..00:29
shishireDoes anyone know of such a list?00:29
gdea73davide_at_debian: I entered those lines into xorg.conf but I still have no option for scrolling speed in mouse preferences...00:29
davide_at_debiangdea73: of course, menus arent affected by that, only effective hardware parameters00:30
davide_at_debianyou have to replace the section's content with your custom options, which you can find at:00:31
davide_at_debiangdea73: http://duckduckgo.com/ , and type "!man synaptics" in the search engine to get the manual00:31
gdea73davide_at_debian: alright thanks.00:32
quiescensshishire: you can probably remove most things but it would probably be best to keep all the packages that show up in: tasksel --task-packages minimal00:34
shishirequiescens: thank you, that should give me a list of things to be wary of removing00:35
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ghostconnanyone know how to add coverflow to rhythmbox? I have been trying for hours00:41
OerHeksghostconn, add the cover to the mediafolder it belongs to.00:43
AgamemnonZCFHowlett_: Yup, it is going to be in 12.04, I guess 11.10 will have support for just 3.4's critical updates00:44
davide_at_debiansomeone uses weechat software? is it possible to use the "logger" module to log only some selected channels?00:45
CFHowlett_AgamemnonZ   good to know.  Just wait 6 weeks!00:45
nathan_Has anyone here had any luck getting hybrid graphics to work?00:45
AgamemnonZ:) ty00:45
CFHowlett_MrCruz greetings00:46
mcruzi have a problem with my /etc/rc.local in ubuntu 10.0400:46
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zyzhang12hi morning00:46
CFHowlett_zyzhang12   greetings00:47
lognathan_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics00:47
mcruzi'll try to put scripts in that file and the when i put the script in /etc/rc.local don run at set up00:47
mcruzsomeone can help please00:47
mcruzim new with linux am from Dominican Republic00:48
mcruzi'll apreciate any help00:48
hiexpomcored, |ask00:48
vVREDVvhey can some one direct me to a good opensource nvidia driver that I can download via a repo since the proprietary ones seem to be causing some issues00:48
CFHowlett_mrcruz I do not scripting but I noticed that etc/rc.local requires you to change execution bits ...00:48
hiexpomcruz, just ask you ?00:49
Cham_My network interfaces are not in the right order in Precise beta00:49
szalvVREDVv: the alternative is nouveau, and is part of the kernel00:49
ubottucham_: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+100:49
mcruzhiexpo what00:49
LirthI'm having trouble with my dual monitors. Only one will be active. When I unplug it and reboot, then the other will become active. I can't seem to get them both recognized at the same time.00:49
OerHeksnathan, what videocard ?00:49
vVREDVvok so szal its "preinstalled"00:49
vVREDVvk thanks00:49
vVREDVvthat will explain ALOT00:49
hiexpomcruz, meant just ask the ? > don't ask to ask a  ?00:50
davide_at_debianmcruz: chmod 755 /etc/rc.local00:50
nathan_I have a amd 6740 and an Intel HD00:51
mcruzmy /etc/rc.local is 75500:51
OerHeksnathan ah Optimus ?00:51
davide_at_debianmcruz: what kind of script are ypu trying to run?00:52
nathan_What do you mean?00:52
alociao a tutti00:52
ubottualo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)00:52
nathan_It's a 6470M, my mistake00:53
mcruzi dont know if i have to change the permissions on that file00:53
pokoko222can I ask questions about make for building software projects?00:53
OerHeksnathan_, sounds like optimus technology, dual video ?00:53
davide_at_debianmcruz: what kind of script are ypu trying to run?00:53
nathan_OerHeks, yes it has a switch to hop between integrated and discrete.00:54
mcruza simple one, the scrip execute the cat command line and redirect the output to /etc/resolv.conf00:54
OerHeksnathan_, check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee & the channel #Bumblebee00:54
nathan_OerHeks, it's not NVIDIA :( It's an ATI card.00:54
OerHeksnathan_, i am not sure ati is optimus too00:55
davide_at_debianmcruz: so you just have to append the command into the rc.local file00:55
nathan_OerHeks, it's not Optimus00:55
mcruzi've try that but didnt work00:56
dlentzOerHeks, the generic term is 'hybrid graphics'00:56
davide_at_debiancan you paste the cat here?00:56
dlentzoptimus is nvidia's cute name for hybrid graphics00:56
OerHeksoke, then see the url from log https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics00:56
mcruz/bin/cat /home/mcruz/opendns >> /etc/resolv.conf00:56
nathan_OerHeks, that only works if the card has a hardware mux, but I don't believe mine does.00:58
davide_at_debianmcruz: ok: open the rc.local and insert, just before the exit 0, echo -e " \n" > /etc/resolv.conf00:58
nathan_Here is the thread on the issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=193045000:58
nathan_The instructions don't seem to work for me. My machine locks at boot with LightDM failing when I boot with the integrated chip00:58
mcruzdavide_at_debian thanks00:58
davide_at_debiansomeone uses weechat software? is it possible to use the "logger" module to log only some selected channels?01:02
szaldavide_at_debian: tried in #weechat already?01:02
DJDavid_Miller, this is Ubuntu support only01:03
davide_at_debianszal: of course I haven't. thanks01:03
OerHeksnathan_, did you try classic mode, as #65 suggested?01:04
tomvolekHas anynone run VmWare player on Ubuntu 11 here ?01:05
nathan_OerHeks, I've only been running Unity, let me check. Thanks.01:05
tomvolekAfter install I ger a version.h file not found when I try to run it.01:05
mrfunkat last i found what was wrong with my warcraft 301:08
mrfunkit is AcceptEx related, and i still havent found a way to fix it01:09
mrfunkanyone knows what is the wine channel?=01:10
ubottumrfunk: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu01:10
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CFHowlett_Guest10745   greetings01:11
Guest10745any help settin up conky out their any tutorials01:11
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=867076 Guest1074501:12
acnotHey there all, say what is the name of the channel for 12.04 beta again?01:13
ubottuacnot: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+101:13
bazhangacnot, #ubuntu+101:13
acnotThanks, CFHowlett_, thanks ubottu.01:13
OerHeksmrfunk, wine appdb tells you to compile wine yourself with the AcceptEx patch, see http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=312601:14
Guest10745bazhang: awesome ty :)01:14
ssiiewill SetEnv TZ command on .htaccess affect cron job too ?01:16
mrfunkOerHeks: hey man, yea im going to check that, thank you01:17
Girls_09see @ double click -- > http://twurl.nl/lip7gr01:19
log!spam | Girls_0901:20
OerHeksGirls_09, no spamming here please01:20
log!coc | Girls_0901:20
ubottuGirls_09: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct01:20
logThat works too.01:20
vnhi, what command should I use if I want to move the 1024 first lines of a file to the end of the same file?01:23
acnotWow so there is no currency converter app or widget for ubuntu01:24
gf2112Hello Jyothis, welcome to #ubuntu01:24
CFHowlett_acnot   keurocalc01:25
acnotOh, so it is not just for the Euro and it is not just for KDE01:26
CFHowlett_acnot   sometimes helps to read the info page on apps and programs01:27
acnotI am just pointing out that the name could be a little more universal01:28
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damit23hey i am using lucid 10.10 .. with a maudio 1010lt ... and there is no output :::( .. alsamixer shows the card fine and envy24control is as well01:34
lx_rssSomebody knows if the ubuntu server 11.10 has graphical interface?01:34
damit23when i play something there is nothing happenig on the pcms01:34
CFHowlett_damit23   make sure your sound output is directing to the maudio01:34
damit23every thing was working great it was hardy heron machine i upgraded01:35
eodchopDoes anyone know of a photo viewer or photo app that integrates with Picasa? I rather not run picasa under wine.01:35
damit23speaker-test outputs silence01:36
OerHekslx_rss, no. ubuntu server comes without gui.01:36
geek_hello how do i get access to move folders and create new?01:36
geek_says im not root01:36
jeagleHas anyone used ghostscript and had an issue where the image of the pdf was viewable but the text is missing? XD01:37
damit23CFHowlett_,  how do you mean as in hw:0,0 ?01:37
mri need  a little help01:37
damit23default .. used to be just fine for it..01:37
mrdoes anyone knoes if there is a IRC for aircrack?01:37
CFHowlett_damit23   on 10.04 see sound preferences01:37
OerHeks!pm | lx_rss01:38
ubottulx_rss: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.01:38
ubottumr: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition01:38
damit23i am using 10.10.. you think there is some problem been introduced?01:38
bazhangmr #aircrack-ng01:39
damit23CFHowlett_,  i can only select combinations of surround sound + IEC95801:39
roasted_Is there a way I can run a cron job @ startup?01:40
CFHowlett_damit23   you can't change your hardware/input/out or profile?  Abnormal ...01:41
damit23yep it only shows Digital01:41
CFHowlett_damit23   When using my presonus interface, sound preferences was where I went to direct the stream.  I suggest you play around with all those settings until you find the one that works.01:43
CFHowlett_damit23   sorry, IDK more01:43
damit23awww man 10.10 seems so nice :( .. cant i boot a different kernel i think the ice1712 module is foobar01:43
CFHowlett_dmichael   you can install a RT kernel ...01:44
damit23k.. yep sound preferences only gives me combinations of digital input and output and digital surround sound01:45
Jon--The "System Settings" available under Ubuntu 11.10 is seriously lacking compared to its previous counter part. Does this have to do with Gnome3? For example, power management gives you about 3 options, vs the 10-12 you had before.01:45
StanyHi all01:45
Jon--Also, how do I access the older more traditional "Settings" menu from Gnome classic, is this removed, again due to Gnome3?01:45
CFHowlett_damit23   take this to #ubuntustudio and ask...01:45
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roasted_Is there a way I can run a cron job @ startup?01:51
komputesroasted_: put a command in /etc/rc.local01:52
Jon--roasted_, Write a script that does what you want, make a cron job if you want it to run once in a while, otherwise use /etc/rc.local01:52
komputesroasted_: if you mean for the user, put it in GNOME's "Startup Applications"01:52
Ben64i have 11.10 on a laptop, how can i disable suspend when the battery is critical01:54
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WildbatIs there a software in linux that work like PingPlotter?01:55
roasted_komputes: that's a good thought too. I guess I didn't think "startup applications" could do what I needed.01:56
CFHowlett_Wildbat   search software center for netkwork diagnostic01:57
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WildbatCFHowlett_, thanks02:00
LirthAnyone know much about setting up a second monitor in Ubuntu 11.10? I've had some troubles02:00
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ntr0pyDoes someone here know how i can exchange contacts with android ICS via bluetooth?02:02
Wildbatntr0py, do it with vcard file.02:03
Jon--The "System Settings" available under Ubuntu 11.10 is seriously lacking compared to its previous counter part. Does this have to do with Gnome3? For example, power management gives you about 3 options, vs the 10-12 you had before.02:03
Jon--Also, how do I access the older more traditional "Settings" menu from Gnome classic, is this removed, again due to Gnome3?02:03
ntr0pyWildbat: yes that works (usb with mtp) but i would like to get it synced with evolution via bluetooth02:04
hatchwith 10.04 installed can I install 11.10 on the same drive? and use the same bootloader?02:04
deadhead_I'm having problems getting ubuntu on a pavillin g6 with radeon graphics02:05
deadhead_blank screen02:05
deadhead_i have tried nomodeset02:05
deadhead_and radeon.modeset=002:05
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ntr0pyJon--: there are a few more available with gnome-tweak-tool02:06
Jon--ntr0py, is that what we have to resort to using now to modify Ubuntu settings?02:07
Sonic132Is this the rigt channel for mint as well? Just want to make sure before I save this channel.02:07
jribSonic132: no, ubuntu only02:08
nyRednekSonic132: no, this is not right channel for mint02:08
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:08
Sonic132Thanks for the reply guys. Any idea what channel for mint? Or any other distros?02:08
ntr0pyJon--: I hope they will improve settings, e.g. there are no text rendering options which i would consider basic enough to be in system settings (as they were in gnome 2)02:09
kehutki t02:09
Jon--ntr0py, This is a Gnome3 issue not a Ubuntu one correct?02:09
kehugntu i;ou,urm02:09
CFHowlett_kehu   umm, english please?02:09
CFHowlett_PhillyB   greetings02:12
goddardi use the terminal a lot and i have several passwords i have to enter in on a regular basis.  Is there anything like lastpass for my terminal window?02:13
s1meonI am completely new to ubuntu and pretty lost, can anybody point me in the right direction to getting started02:14
CFHowlett_s1meon   what's your specific interest?02:15
ilyekkakaiHELP! System > Administration > NVIDIA (version current) says "This driver is activated but not currently in use" AND visual effects is not available option in System > Preferences > appearance... how do I fix driver issue?02:15
semitonesis it possible to lock the screen when the computer sleeps/resumes?02:16
CFHowlett_s1meon   see here for inspiration ... http://fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads/02:16
semitonesI don't see settings for that in system settings02:16
CFHowlett_semitones   should be a preferences>screensaver setting02:17
s1meonCFHowlett, I am a beginner programming hobbyist, I just set up an old hp i had in my basement, put ubuntu on it and want to be able to program on this machine02:18
hatchWhen installing 11.10 on the same drive as 10.04 will it give me the option to dual boot instead of upgrade? I want to keep both os's available02:18
s1meonand maybe turn it into a server eventually02:18
CFHowlett_s1meon   lots of programming articles available via the downloads.02:18
semitonesCFHowlett_: i don't see any screensaver options in 11.1002:19
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semitonesi mean02:19
semitones11.10 :/02:19
FloodBot1semitones: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:19
CFHowlett_s1meon   also see your local magazine rack for Ubuntu User magazine.  There are a few downloadable articles at http://www.ubuntu-user.com/02:19
s1meonCFHowlett_ thanks ill see what I can find in there :)02:19
CFHowlett_semitones   http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/09/disable-screen-saver-lock-in-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot/02:20
semitonesCFHowlett_: it's already disabled, I want to enable it02:21
CFHowlett_semitones   *reverse* the process shown ...02:21
semitonesCFHowlett_: doesn't work -- that's the current state of the system... thanks though02:22
semitonesit looks like a bug -- i might report it02:22
ssfdre38is there a tutorial on how to update the kernel form 3.0.0 to 3.2.1102:22
haz3lnutwow, nightingale released!  never thought I'd see the day.02:22
Dnerdoh my gosh!02:24
ghostconnhello has anyone been able to find a stable cover flow plugin for rhythmbox 2.90.1?   any help appreciated02:26
TechIsCoolhey how do I download all the emails from the local ubuntu server? I don't want to send them but I want to download them to something readable02:27
ilyekkakaihelp me! nvidia drivers are activated but not in use????02:29
haz3lnutilyekkakai: you sure that's not a known bug?02:30
ghostconnwhat type of video vard are you using?02:30
ghostconngo to the additional drivers menu and try the (recommended) driver for you're card02:31
ssfdre38ilyekkakai, look for NVIDIA X Server Settings as that will be your display manager for your video card02:31
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CFHowlett_TechIsCool   running Evolution?  There's a Settings Backup feature02:32
TechIsCoolCFHowlett_: Its just server so I don't think so02:32
ilyekkakaighostconn, nvidia GeForce 6800 GS... additional drivers is active.. it says "not in use"... there is NO option for visual effects in appearance settings02:32
ssfdre38ilyekkakai, follow what i said to do cause i use Nvidia on my tower and it will work02:33
ghostconnok... go to the additional drivers menu and you should have two options with two different  of which to install. Install the one you don't have and reboot02:34
m1chaeli'm trying to burn a mpg to dvd using growisofs... the dvd skips in a dvd player, otherwise it plays fine. anyone have any suggestions for me?02:34
ghostconnI had the same issue with many ati cards and i choose the recommended driver and that was never the case lol02:34
ilyekkakaissfdre38, what do you want me to do? Nvidia X Server setting runs, but it still says driver is not in use. And visual effects are still not available.02:35
ilyekkakaighostconn, The only other option I have for additional drivers is version 173. I will try that02:35
ssfdre38ilyekkakai, yea install the post-release drivers02:35
ghostconnkk let me know ...02:35
ilyekkakaibrb unless gdm fails to start again....02:36
ghostconnguarntee it will work02:36
ghostconnask around if you are having second thoughts02:36
ssfdre38so yea has anybody updated their kernel from 3.0.0-12 to 3.2.1102:39
=== anonymous is now known as Guest67543
xangua!kernel | ssfdre3802:40
ubottussfdre38: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)02:40
ilyekkakaighostconn, ssfdre38  now activated version 173 driver from additional hardware... same issue. "not in use" and no option for visual effects. How do I install neauvou (whatever it's called) opensource driver again? At least it worked.02:41
TechIsCoolhey how do I download all the emails from the local ubuntu server? I don't want to send them but I want to download them to something readable02:41
ghostconnit must be you're videocard?02:41
ghostconnthats very odd...02:41
phraktal77I've had a strange problem today. I was able to ping an IP but I was unable to either do an http request against the same IP or open a mysql connection to it02:41
phraktal77People around me on the same network were able to connect02:42
phraktal77my linux-hostile CTO told me it's cause of my "stupid" ubuntu... ;(02:43
phraktal77not sure what to do about it02:43
donsdIf I run mplayer from command line, I see some info and can quit by typing q.02:44
davide_at_debianphraktal77: it was a wise observation02:44
phraktal77I'm suspecting it's some routing problem, but can't put my finger on it. It's the latest ubuntu distribution02:44
donsdIf I run mplayer in crontab, the mp3 plays, but I do not see anything and cannot quit.02:45
ilyekkakaighostconn, I know. It is only the video card in this PC which doesn't like nvidia drivers.02:45
donsdIs there something I can do in crontab so I can see mplayer output?02:45
m4n_crontab for playing mp3?02:46
davide_at_debianphraktal77: you received a pong reply directly from that ip or from a midway router replying with some fail packet?02:46
donsdm4n_, yes, as an alarm.02:46
phraktal77davide_at_debian: ping was OK 100%02:46
phraktal77davide_at_debian: and all other functionality of the internet was working02:46
m4n_donsd: how can it be alarm if it is from crontab?02:47
ilyekkakaiI am going to try installing nouveau drivers again.02:47
=== m4n_ is now known as m4n
donsdJust play mp3 at a set time.02:47
phraktal77davide_at_debian: According to my genius CTO, this is a common problem with ubuntu. It "stalls" like that for sometime, and than magically starts to work02:47
davide_at_debianmaybe you could run a wget from terminal to try get some useful output?02:47
phraktal77it happens only between our office and our datacenter02:47
phraktal77on many IPs02:48
m4ndonsd: just kill the process once you are done playing, IMO02:48
phraktal77I can try tomorrow when back at the office. Just need some plan, cause if I do not fix it, I'll look pretty stupid02:48
davide_at_debianwhat is the http reply message?02:48
phraktal77davide_at_debian: Requests just hand until they timeout02:49
phraktal77all of them02:49
donsdm4n, thanks for the feeback, but I want to see output.02:49
phraktal77davide_at_debian: He said it happend before to other people in the office, but went away by itself... Apparently does not happen on fedora but I'm not sure if there is enough fedoras to know02:50
CharminTheMooseI'm compiling a 2.6.39 kernel with aufs support, but 'make modules_install' is only installing crypto modules, despite me doing a 'make allmodconfig'.02:50
davide_at_debiandid the boss give some hint other then stupidity?02:50
klynchey, my keyboard's auto-repeat suddenly stopped working. I have no idea. thoughts?02:50
phraktal77davide_at_debian: no just stupid remarks. He really hates linux..02:50
phraktal77davide_at_debian: It's ok when the hole office fights with viruses though :)02:51
davide_at_debianI don't think a fedora could solve it, but you could try install it on a virtual machine just to hope02:51
phraktal77I'm thinking it could be related to my IP02:51
phraktal77I was trying to change it but DHCP would keep giving me the same02:51
davide_at_debianI may more probably be an office routing problen rather than one with your client02:52
phraktal77davide_at_debian: That's what I think too, apparently does not happen with windows boxes..02:53
phraktal77could it be some windows only "feature" on a router that linux can't handle ?02:53
phraktal77it's really strange... anyways, basically wasted a day on this issue today02:54
davide_at_debianfor a simple http request I don't think there could exist much special customization on windows side02:54
davide_at_debianbut, just as a thrown guess, you could try to fake the windows user agent in your browser02:56
a847Hi all. I am fixing up a computer for a friend, and installed 11.10 x64 on his Sony Vaio F Series laptop. It installed fine (using alternate CD, LIVE wouldn't work for some reason), and wifi worked during installation. Now, however, when I click the network icon it says "device not managed" under wireless networks. The wifi card is an Atheros AR928702:56
phraktal77davide_at_debian: it was the same for any other request. mysql connection over 3306 was also hanging02:57
davide_at_debianhttp request are absolutely the same between linux and windows, only the self identification thru useragent is different, wich could explain the distincted behaviour02:57
john__hey guys, i am wanting to make my own .metalink file for download on my local area network...how do i format a copy of ubuntu to be used as metalink02:57
davide_at_debianphraktal77: I don't know about mysql.02:58
DylanJis there a channel for 12.04?02:59
DylanJh0rst: ah yeah didn't see. scrolled waaay past.02:59
Fyodorovna!precise | DylanJ02:59
ubottuDylanJ: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+102:59
kk2_how i restore my bootscreen? i just updates my kernel and nvidia driver, when i start (boot) all becomes black and a few moments opens gdm03:00
john__hey guys, how do I register on freenode?03:01
phraktal77davide_at_debian: btw, I was able to traceroute and ping all IP addresses I could not connect to .. ;(. I've send these to my admins and they said it was ok03:01
ssfdre38john__, use /ns help register03:02
Fyodorovna!register | john__03:02
ubottujohn__: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode03:02
davide_at_debianphraktal77: I think you should ensure it's not a problem affectin windows too, then I'd make a try imitating Internet Explorer changing UA string in your browser03:03
davide_at_debianIt woudln't be impossible for microsoft services to appositely behive differently with linux clients03:04
a847Hi all. I am fixing up a computer for a friend, and installed 11.10 x64 on his Sony Vaio F Series laptop. It installed fine (using alternate CD, LIVE wouldn't work for some reason), and wifi worked during installation. Now, however, when I click the network icon it says "device not managed" under wireless networks. The wifi card is an Atheros AR928703:04
phraktal77hmm .. well i'm connection to linux boxes ... linux to linux, over corporate network03:04
escaa847 install the drivers for your wifi card03:05
john__hey guys, i am wanting to make my own .metalink file for download on my local area network...how do i format a copy of ubuntu to be used as metalink03:05
kk2_no ideas?03:06
davide_at_debianphraktal77: you retrived the http page directly from ip or had solved a DNS?03:06
a847@esca How can I do this without access to a wired connection? I have a USB drive and another working computer.03:06
phraktal77davide_at_debian: when doing http, I was using dns03:07
phraktal77but I was able to ping both dns and the ip it was resolving to03:07
esca@a847  http://www.backtrack-linux.org/forums/showthread.php?t=271303:08
davide_at_debianit seems strange to me. I'd ensure it's not a random DNS solving problem by retriving the page directly from ip03:08
davide_at_debianit seems strange to me. I'd ensure it's not a random DNS solving problem by retriving the page directly from ip03:09
esca@a847 use the usb to move the tar to the computer with the wifi not working03:09
Sygothanyone know a way to get around the whole dynamic ip funness so I can access a server I'm trying set up at home?03:09
ssfdre38Sygoth, talk to your ISP03:10
davide_at_debianthen it *might* be some clients are filtered out on purpose03:10
ssfdre38Sygoth, most ISP will block out going ports to prevent home grown servers03:10
SygothI suppose03:10
Dulakresidential internet tends to block port 80 and 25 inbound to force you to pay for commercial internet03:10
SygothI knew a guy who sort of got around it for 30 bucks a year but I was seeing if anyone knew a more clever way around03:12
ghostconnanyone have any clue on how to add artflow to rhythmbox 2.90.1?  im running ubuntu 11.1003:12
SygothI think I'll just grab pagekite since it tunnels through SSL03:13
davide_at_debianSygoth: you mean to solve ip or bort lock?03:13
dlentzghostconn, artflow?03:14
ghostconnit's a cover flow ui for rhythmbox similar to itunes or a ipod touch03:15
ghostconncheck out tat link it gives instruction however only for gnome 203:15
Sygothat the least they won't be able to check my packets03:16
davide_at_debianSygoth: you mean to solve ip or port lock?03:16
Sygothmore to solve the ip03:17
samuelsappshi all, is there some feature like group policy (in Active Directory) in openldap03:17
Sygothtrue no-ip.com works as well03:18
dlentzghostconn, i see, it's nice looking03:18
davide_at_debianSygoth: problem "almost" solved?03:20
ghostconnyes it is a amazing feature however I cannot seem to install it on ubuntu 11.10 desktop.... i have downloaded the plugin and copied it to my rhythmbox plugins folder however it dose not show up in the rhythmbox plugins setting03:20
a847@esca When I type start-network, I get a command not found error03:21
esca@a847 try: service network restart03:22
Sygothyeah a buddy of mine wrote a bash program that updates his dns every minute (overkill in my opinion) so he can run a server he built from his house03:23
haz3lnutget cable and don;t change your mac, mostly acts like static03:23
Jon--Ever since upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 my wireless has been worse than it used to be (range wise). Any ideas?03:26
Jon--Sitting in my kitchen with wlan0 cutting in and out from lack of range, usually not an issue here03:26
a847#esca Ok, I'll try that when I restart again. Did the alternate instructions03:26
esca@jon-- could be tx and rx power being set lower03:27
=== codepal is now known as Guest40001
Jon--Ever since upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 my wireless has been worse than it used to be (range wise). Any ideas?03:28
Jon--Sitting in my kitchen with wlan0 cutting in and out from lack of range, usually not an issue here03:28
=== codepal_ is now known as codepal
ghostconnubuntu 11.10 is 100% garbage either downgrade or induce fallback mode for better performance... better yet switch to mint,fedora or arch03:28
SygothI'm running 11.10 on an old compaq nc6320 and it seems like i'm getting pretty decent if not better range with it03:28
Jon--esca, where can I adjust this?03:28
ghostconnthats my personal opinion03:28
esca@a847 if you restart you dont need to restart the network service03:28
a847@esca, Ok then neither method worked :(03:29
JamPackedghostconn: im not running ubuntu, but i love your opinion03:29
a847@esca When I type service network restart, it says "network: unrecognized service" btw03:30
esca@jon-- iwconfig will allow you to adjust that given that your drivers allow it03:30
LirthHow would I find my IP address for remote access?03:30
ghostconn11.10 a is stripped down version ... the community decided to make it more friendly on smaller devices such as tablets,netbooks ect... for a desktop pc the benchmark's are pathetic for ubuntu 11.1003:31
Jon--esca, May have missed your message, wireless dcd :p03:31
esca@a847 /etc/init.d/network restart try that03:31
ghostconnregardless of what hardware you're running03:31
xanguaghostconn: and neither ubuntu support related, please stop that03:31
MangoBoyHi is there a equivalent package as urxvt, and urxvt-perls in arch for ubuntu?03:31
esca@jon-- iwconfig will allow you to adjust that given that your drivers allow i03:32
ghostconnhe said hid computer was running slow when he just installed 11.10 common even you should be recommending something better to him... dont let him sit there in pain03:32
esca@jon-- iwconfig will allow you to adjust that given that your drivers allow it03:32
drounseyesterday i took out the gigabit nic i had in my desktop and switched it with a different gigabit adapter, no i dont have any internet coming through03:33
MangoBoyrxvt-unicode can it be the same as urxvt ?03:33
apple_catMangoBoy: urxvt as in the terminal emulator?03:33
MangoBoyapple_cat, yes03:33
apple_catMangoBoy: Sure, it's the same -- My terminal of choice03:33
a847@esca "bash: /etc/init.d/network: No such file or directory"03:34
apple_catMangoBoy: iirc there are a few different versions, some supporting different fonts03:34
MangoBoyok i understand urxvt-pearls has some good comandline copy paste with out mouse possibilitys03:34
MangoBoywhat package would have that on ubuntu?03:35
drounsehow do allow unsafe ports on chrome?03:35
esca@a847 my mistake its /etc/init.d/networking restart03:36
Jon--esca, how can I check the current values with iwconfig?03:38
smvI need to backup some ntfs partitions to a external usb hdd. I've tought to dd them to files in a ext4 partition, but I'm not sure if that would be the best aproach. any other ideeas?03:38
apple_catMangoBoy: I think by default urxvt-unicode will copy any text you select with the mouse03:39
kttwowis there anybody here that knows JAVA ?03:39
esca@jon-- type :iwconfig in console and you should have  a setting call tx-power:03:39
a847@esca Says "Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces", but it's on "reconfiguring network interfaces..." now. Has been for a bit03:40
MangoBoyapple_cat, Absolutly no mouse! thats what i want to get rid of03:40
Jon--esca, 15 dBm. How do I know what my card can support? That seems low03:40
kttwowAnyone here know a channel for java discuss ?03:40
apple_catMangoBoy: A good command to learn is 'apt-cache search', for example 'apt-cache search urxvt' will show all packages available with urxvt in the name03:41
MangoBoytmux were mentioned but also some goodies in urxvt-pearls03:41
MangoBoyI use synaptic but found non on urxvt,03:41
MangoBoyapple_cat, I use synaptic but found non on urxvt,03:41
midnitemagusHey all, I was wondering if I could ask a question03:42
apple_catMangoBoy: I totally understand, the only success i have had with urxvt and mousless copying is using hacks like piping the text you want copied into the clipboard (if you're wanting the copying done or available in X)03:42
a847@esca, It just stopped, saying "failed to bring up wlan0"03:43
drounsehow do allow unsafe ports on chrome?03:43
Nexuuskttwow try ##java on freenode03:43
apple_catMangoBoy: If you want copying between terminals, probably the best option is using a program like 'screen'03:43
ntr0pyCan i somehow scan a bluetooth device for its available profiles?03:43
apple_cat!ask | midnitemagus03:43
ubottumidnitemagus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:43
esca@a847 try ifdown wlan0  then ifup wlan003:43
Jon--esca, It's maxed (any value higher than 15 gets rejected). What can I check next?03:44
LirthI'm having trouble setting up my second monitor in ubuntu 11.10. For some reason it randomly picks one when I turn on the computer and will only recognize that one.03:44
kttwowAnyone here know a channel for java discuss ? or does anbody here want to help me with a little begginers question03:44
midnitemagusOkay, thanks. Ummm I was just wondering if anyone had any info on streaming video troubles in Ubuntu? I did a system update a few days ago and ever since I've been having problems03:45
a847@esca, "ifdown: interface wlan0 not configured". ifup is taking a bit03:45
apple_catkttwow: ##programming might be the place03:45
esca@jon-- what is the model of your wifi card? mine for example operates at 20db then goes to 27 when in operation03:45
MangoBoyapple_cat, screen seemed more complicated the tmux but ofcource i dont know anything :) hardly the differense between emulator and console!03:45
kttwowapple_cat, thank u03:45
Jon--esca, AR928X Atheros03:45
Lirthkttwow: Or ##java03:46
Lirth!pm | kttwow03:46
ubottukttwow: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:46
apple_catMangoBoy: You're right, tmux would be better, i'm just old school so said screen03:46
MangoBoyapple_cat, is ther no way to sync urxvt's paste buffer with xclip03:47
htsis this the place i can ask question03:48
WilsonBradleyplymouthd crashed with SIGSEGV in03:48
MangoBoyhts, I do!03:48
=== _h4ckm3 is now known as h4ckm3_
ntr0pyHow can i scan a bluetooth device?03:49
MangoBoyhts, Yes isn't it!03:49
esca@jon-- what message do you get when you try to change the power?03:50
htsi just got this program and need to know where i can find tons of info like the terminal code03:50
Jon--esca, Error for wireless request "Set Tx Power" (8B26) Set failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument.03:50
=== h4ckm3_ is now known as h4ckm3
apple_catMangoBoy: I don't know of an automatic way to do this, but you can for instance do something like (ls | xclip -selection c -i)03:51
a847@esca, ifup finished with "Failed to bring up wlan0"03:52
esca@jon-- this is what i did in the past with my card.. http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1814516.html   don't set it to 30 ... try 20 then 2703:52
Jon--esca, I can't even set it to 16.03:52
esca@jon-- sudo iw reg set BO then iwconfig wlan1 txpower 2003:53
LirthI'm having trouble getting my second monitor to recognize in Ubuntu 11.1003:53
Jon--esca, "sudo iw reg set BO" what does this command do?03:53
apple_catLirth: What graphics card do you have?03:54
esca@jon-- BO=bolivia . it allows your to set your tx past the restrictions in your country03:54
Lirthapple_cat: GTX 47003:54
Lirthapple_cat: 570*03:55
drounseyesterday i took out the gigabit nic i had in my desktop and switched it with a different gigabit adapter, no i dont have any internet coming through03:55
MangoBoyapple_cat, would that sync the buffer towards x-clip ? so i could actually put that in a script. and how would i sync otherway?03:55
Jon--esca, No dice. See: http://pastebin.com/Gkh3Mqgx03:55
apple_catLirth: Are you running open source drivers? If not then the command 'nvidia-settings' might be able to resolve the issues03:56
=== haz3lnut is now known as haz3lnut_zzz
ntr0pyIs there a way to use "OBEX Phonebook Access Server" via bluetooth with evolution to sync contacts?03:56
Lirthapple_cat: I got it to display. If I want it to extend between monitors, do I want twinview or seperate x screen?03:58
apple_catMangoBoy: Well in the example I gave (ls | xclip -selection c -i) it will copy the output from ls into xclip, if there's a command to echo the urxvt buffer then you could pipe that into xclip and the two buffers will be synced03:58
hellierevery calm down. I am here.03:58
RoastedThis may be a dumb question, but what is the difference from /etc/rc.local vs adding a command to run in startup applications? Is /etc/rc.local global while startup apps only runs for that specific user?03:58
esca@jon-- i know what the problem is... you have to do ifdown <interface name> then do those commands ... then ifup <interface name>03:59
apple_catLirth: iirc they both have some benefits and faults, which one you choose will depend on what you want. Probably though, twinview is what you want03:59
Jon--esca, BUT MY INTERNETS!?!? :P03:59
Jon--esca, This is a rather old laptop, how high can I safely increase the txpower without melting my card?03:59
esca@jon-- i don't really know. i would try to google that information. My guess is that 27db should be fine04:00
a847esca, I see it in network tools, with a hardware address, multicast enabled, MTU 150004:01
esca@a847 i really think it is just a matter of installing the proper drivers, but im looking into it right now04:02
a847esca, Ok, thank you. I keep looking as well04:03
Mirai_Anyone mind helping me with a small Unity problem?04:03
apple_catRoasted: https://www.linux.com/news/enterprise/systems-management/8116-an-introduction-to-services-runlevels-and-rcd-scripts04:03
Jon--esca, http://pastebin.com/1CHTh2Uk  sudo ifconfig wlan0 down instead seems to be automatically put back up (did network manager change its behaviour in 11.10 or something?)04:03
Mirai_I can't get my terminal to stay in the launcher.04:04
esca@jon-- do this instead: sudo ifconfig wlan0 down04:05
Jon--esca, I did, it is auto brought back up on 11.10...04:05
Jon--At least, before I even had time to re-adjust txpower, my wireless already reconnected to my ap -_-'04:06
esca@jon-- what does it say after you run that?04:06
Jon--No output04:06
dsnydersHi all!  My screensaver is supposed to shut off the monitor after half an hour.  It normally does this just fine.  However, for the past couple of days it just does the normal screensaver and never shuts down the monitor.  How do I "convince" the screensaver to shut down the monitor properly?04:06
zivester_anyone know a way to watch files in ubuntu, similar to `watchr` ?  Trying to run a certain command when files change04:06
beesKneeswhat's up all you ubuntu pimps!04:07
Jon--esca, Hold on I'll give it one more go04:07
dsnyderszivester_, the tail command with the follow option can show you the last lines of a file.04:08
MangoBoyapple_cat, so i could alias (| xclip -selection c -i) to copyx) and use that to pipe the outcome of tmux, or is the pastebuffer in a file or place i could cat ?04:08
Jon--esca, Ubuntu 11.10 seems to give you about 5-10 seconds before deciding to be parental and automatically bringing your i/f back up for you -_-'. Didn't work even in that window though, see http://pastebin.com/d5vwJLDx04:09
Jon--Used 17 as a test, just increasing +2 current.04:09
zivester_sorry, this is for watching if a file has changed, not actually tailing its contents.... so in my case, watching a set of files... when one of those changes, execute `make` again... like this: https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap/blob/master/Makefile#L56-5804:09
esca@jon-- once you do ifconfig down wlan0... you gotta do sudo iw reg set BO04:10
esca@a847 are you running the latest kernel with ubuntu 11.10?04:12
Jon--esca, Oh. THAT'S the one that needs i/f down. *face palm*. Gimme a min.04:12
ftg2is it possible to install from the iso without burning it?04:13
* ftg2 looks around for cds :\\04:13
apple_catMangoBoy: Yep an alias would be a good idea if you are going to use it a lot. For tmux there is 'tmux show-buffer'  so pipe that into the xclip thing and the xclip and tmux pastebuffers will be synced04:13
Jon--esca, No such luck, see http://pastebin.com/UtKTD2We  The final ifconfig I did to show i/f still down and the commands were done fast enough04:14
a847esca, 3.0.0-12-generic04:14
sacarlsonftg2: you can use a usb pen drive to boot/install or can also add an entry to a grub2 list if you already have grub2 installed04:14
dsnydersftg2, You could use the Pendrive linux USB installer system.  It would take a USB flash drive large enough to hold the ISO.04:15
ftg2sacarlson: i am running 11.04 and would like to upgrade, but unfortunately the dist upgrade is failing. can't calculate upgrade or something :\04:15
a847esca, I just installed earlier today. After install, wireless stopped working and I couldn't update anything04:15
rexbutlerIs there any reason why 10.04 would work with VirtualBox but 11.10 would not?04:16
Fyodorovnarexbutler, you get any errors?04:17
aihello.. can u help me with APTonCD ?04:17
sacarlsonftg2: if the system is still usable I guess you might still be able to do this http://www.panticz.de/MultiBootUSB04:17
rexbutlerFyodorovna:  I may have to redo it to get the exact message, but it happened right when I did first run and selected the 11.10 iso.04:18
rexbutlerFyodorovna: IE select for install04:18
ftg2sacarlson: ahh. that looks interesting.  i think i might try that04:18
rexbutlerI'm just fine with 10.04 unless 11.10 is tons better04:18
Fyodorovnarexbutler, you can set that iso in the setting of the machine.04:19
sacarlsonftg2: usb flash drive might be a bit less chanlenging04:19
=== root is now known as Guest70668
Fyodorovnarexbutler, in settings-storage so you can avoid doing this at first boot04:21
FredwardTheGreatrexbutler, you ubuntu 11.10?04:21
rexbutlerI'm on 10.04 now, but I'm having a fail on install 11.10, yes04:21
MangoBoyapple_cat, nice04:22
esca@jon-- show me what iwconfig wlan0 shows after you bring it down04:22
esca@a847 sorry i don't think i can help you with this04:23
a847esca, Ok, thank you for trying. I'll keep looking04:23
Fyodorovnarexbutler, try settings-system-processor- enable pae/NX mine needed this ticked.04:23
dr_willis_you dont need to use @nick on irc.....04:23
a847Hi all. I am fixing up a computer for a friend, and installed 11.10 x64 on his Sony Vaio F Series laptop. It installed fine (using alternate CD, LIVE wouldn't work for some reason), and wifi worked during installation. Now, however, when I click the network icon it says "device not managed" under wireless networks. The wifi card is an Atheros AR9287. I do not have access to a wired network, but have a USB drive and a computer with a wo04:24
ghostconnanyone know of a good desktop widget/gaget to monito cpu and gpu temp04:24
Jon--esca, http://pastebin.com/LFYhrWrq04:24
dr_willis_ghostconn: several. conky is popular. theres indicator applets also04:24
Jon--Showing you iwconfig after set, no change.04:25
FredwardTheGreatpre-authing stores and use that to have a testicular torsion or is the follow option can show me what iwconfig wlan0 shows after install, wireless networks04:25
ftg2sacarlson: i can't seem to find one of those either. its ok though. this looks like it might be fairly straightforward. http://www.webupd8.org/2011/02/how-to-boot-iso-with-grub2-easy-way.html04:25
dr_willis_ftg2: pendrive linux site has tools that can help also04:26
FredwardTheGreatanyone with a file or place i could use the pendrive linux usb installer system04:26
ghostconni have tried conky before I find it really hard to use04:26
ghostconnnot user friendly thats for sure lol and screenlets is garbage lol04:26
=== Ok is now known as Guest68449
htsim sick of eating poop for dinner04:27
=== geek is now known as Guest22942
Guest22942help plz, how do i get root user to move a folder into icons?04:27
dr_willis_screenlets is outdated last i looked04:27
dr_willis_Guest22942: that made no sense04:27
Guest22942i download mouse pointers now im trying to get them to there folder location04:28
Guest22942but tells me no access04:28
komputesGuest22942: what the location you need to put the cursor theme in?04:29
dr_willis_ghostconn: check out the indicator applets list at the askubuntu site. get away from desktop widgits04:29
ntr0pyHow can i use my phones "OBEX Phonebook Access Server" over bluetooth with ubuntu to sync my contacts?04:29
apple_cata847: Are you running the latest available kernel?04:29
komputesGuest22942: run 'sudo nautilus' in a terminal, it will give you a file browser as root. do everything within this window.04:30
a847apple_cat: 3.0.0-12. The wireless stopped working after installation, so I didn't get to run any updates04:30
dr_willis_i dont think thats where cursor themes go..04:30
komputesme neither04:30
ghostconnwhat about psensor?04:31
komputesGuest22942: what cursor theme is it?04:31
dr_willis_!info psensor04:31
xangua!gksu | komputes04:31
nuxxhi everybody04:31
FredwardTheGreathi all04:31
=== anonymous is now known as Guest33282
ubottupsensor (source: psensor): display graphs for monitoring hardware temperature. In component universe, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 36 kB, installed size 188 kB04:31
ubottukomputes: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)04:31
DareDevilHello guys04:31
sacarlsonftg2: I use more as the dan sonny example in that post you gave us also shows you with an added custom entry in grub2,  after created you just copy the iso file to that location renamed and boot a new iso04:31
nuxxcan someone  help me to recover my usb04:32
komputesxangua: doe the same, it's just a graphical prompt, lost all meaning after alt-f2 was removed imo04:32
DareDevilI just installed Kubuntu on a system with an APU 3650 Asus Motherboard and I get black screen on boot04:32
DareDevilAny suggestion?04:32
nuxxi think the MBR  i gone when i format it04:32
FredwardTheGreati don't think thats too obvious04:32
dr_willis_DareDevil:  for what.04:32
DareDevil I just installed Kubuntu on a system with an APU 3650 Asus Motherboard and I get black screen on boot04:33
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:33
nuxxnow i want to get backtrack on it04:33
DareDevilok i will try that04:33
dr_willis_nuxx:  bt has its own support channels.04:33
DareDevilgood that worked04:34
Guest33282Hellow World!04:34
DareDevilthank you04:34
nuxxno i need to know how to restore my US B  first04:34
nuxxis that ok with you ?04:34
dr_willis_nuxx:  restore in what way?04:34
nuxxi can use the usb in unetbootin04:35
nuxxit doesnt recognise it now04:35
dr_willis_gparted can repartion and reformat usb drives04:35
=== tommyvyo_ is now known as tommyvyo
nuxxive done this first04:36
dr_willis_done what exactly? nuxx04:36
apple_cata847: The wireless stopped working after you installed the newer kernel?04:36
ryzzanhi, everybody04:37
rexbutlerPlease see: http://s634.photobucket.com/albums/uu70/RexButler/?action=view&current=asdf.png04:37
nuxxformat the usb in gparted  and create new partition04:37
rexbutlerMy error trying 11.1004:37
rexbutlerwhen installing under VirtualBox04:37
FredwardTheGreati do not managed under wireless stopped working after created you just copy the iso file or place i may have to find one of eating poop for me cranking dat soulja boy04:37
ryzzani'm trying install this epson kitchen printer, tm-u200 on ubuntu... n it's not working04:38
dr_willis_nuxx: you partition then firmat to fat32 normally.04:38
a847apple_cat, I installed using the x64 alternate iso. During installation, it configured and worked fine for installation. After it rebooted, wifi at my home was still going, but the icon on the task bar was blank and saying "device not managed"04:38
nuxxindeed sir04:38
a847apple_cat, so I didn't update anything outside what got done during installation as I had to leave for work and it won't connect here04:39
Guest33282Who will prompt where I?04:39
Fyodorovnarexbutler, what does the info dropdown say?04:39
ryzzani'm trying install this epson kitchen printer, tm-u200 on ubuntu... n it's not working... anyone?04:39
rexbutlerResult Code:04:40
rexbutlerVBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80BB0005)04:40
FloodBot1rexbutler: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:40
rexbutlerIMedium {53f9cc0c-e0fd-40a5-a404-a7a5272082cd}04:40
nuxxhow can i diagnotic  it from terminal view04:40
=== MogDog66 is now known as asdaoijfdsa
Jeremy3Dubuntu 11.10 - Where's a good place to save different builds of a program ? (specifically Blender)04:41
FredwardTheGreatif you are going to use more as the oppressors - the oppressors - the pendrive linux site has tools that iso in china?04:41
ryzzani'm trying install this epson kitchen printer, tm-u200 on ubuntu... anyone?04:41
apple_cata847: I understand now, there seems to be a lot of problems with the Atheros AR9287 card, here's a thread that might have a possible fix http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1835190&page=4. Another temporary fix could be disabling 802.11 N and using G instead04:43
FredwardTheGreatwhen installing under virtualbox but 11.10 seems to a wired network, but what you do this in #ubuntu too obvious when you walk into the xclip thing and the xclip -selection c -i) to copyx) and as broke as root04:43
Fyodorovnarexbutler, not sure really, have you tried the #vbox channel?04:43
rexbutlerFyodorovna:  I'll try there04:43
ryzzani'm trying install this epson kitchen printer, tm-u200 on ubuntu... n it's not working... anyone?04:43
Fyodorovna!patience | ryzzan04:44
ubotturyzzan: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:44
ryzzan=X... sry04:44
* dr_willis_ wonders what a kitchen printer is.. does it burn images on toast?04:45
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:45
travis_can you get ubuntu lts to run in wubi, or is it only the latest release?04:46
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
royaflashsale no pishahpish mobarak04:46
dr_willis_lts iso has wubi on it for lts04:46
dr_willis_travis_: i suggest avoiding wubi04:47
travis_why is that? i have a dedicated machine for 10.04 LTS, but why do you suggest being weary of wubi04:48
dr_willis_  short answer.. wubi is doggy doo doo...04:50
Fyodorovnatravis_, read what the wubi designer says. http://howsoftwareisbuilt.com/2009/03/12/interview-with-agostino-russo-wubi-ubuntu/04:50
dr_willis_id do vbox instead of wubi....04:51
dr_willis_less hassles04:51
dr_willis_i keep hopeing wubi will get removed from the releases....04:51
aeon-ltdheh if you have win7 installed as a 1st OS you may aswell get grub anyways especially if you're going to dabble in linux, win8 isn't going to be here anytime soon and if you maintain win7 well enough you most likely won't ever need to reinstall04:53
travis_yeah, I don't dabble in linux, i use it lol. I do have a win7 box have already set up the dual boot.04:55
travis_I was just wondering if wubi could run the LTS, as i've not looked at it enough myself. I want to start the rest of my family out on linux.04:56
Jon--esca, Are you busy, should I seek help from someone else?04:56
travis_and trying it out on wubi is much better than a live cd or usb04:56
chullwe got the home files mostly moved, but how can we move korganizer ?04:56
apple_cat!ask | Jon--04:57
ubottuJon--: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:57
aeon-ltdtravis_: i think wubi can load any ISO if it's in the same directory as the .exe ; doing this from win of course04:57
travis_ah, that makes sense04:57
Jon--apple_cat, He was assisting me earlier with something and has been quiet for quite some time. It is curtsey imo to give him a chance to help again or to pass it off to someone else :P04:57
travis_thank you04:57
curiousxsalut a tout le monde04:58
curiousx!fr | curiousx04:58
ubottucuriousx, please see my private message04:58
apple_catJon--: We deal in answers not curtsey : p04:58
kitenanyone know how to set your $DISPLAY ? I mean normaly its 0:0 right ?, and if I rebooted would it reset to the correct value ?04:58
apple_catkiten: Why would you want to set your $DISPLAY?04:59
sacarlsonkiten: normaly each time you bring up a new term the $DISPLAY will be set to default04:59
kitenoh thanks04:59
kitenhave a nice day guys :P04:59
kitenwhoops lol05:00
Jon--Issue: can't set txpower using iwconfig on my card. Atheros AR928X. I used "sudo iw reg set BO" to allow it to go past legal limit (if that was the potential issue) as it's stuck at a low 15 dBm, which is causing me connection issues in my house. I am trying to set it to around 30. Here is some output when I try : http://pastebin.com/LFYhrWrq05:00
Jon--apple_cat, satisfied? ^ :P05:00
curiousxare this the PPA for firefox 14 nightly? ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa05:01
apple_catJon--: Honestly an Atheros issue is not something that leaves me satisfied05:01
curiousxi know its daily but will install 14 now a day?05:02
Jon--apple_cat, Then get on your wifi hax0r hat and give me a hand :P05:02
curiousxsolved in #ubuntu-mozillateam ;)05:02
dsnydersHow do I restart my screen saver?05:03
ChipzzzJon--: what makes you think the card can deliver more than 15db?05:05
Jon--Chipzzz, I see a few forum posts online with the same card that using these commands ^ got it up to around 25 safely. I can't get Internet in my room at all. Short of going out and blowing $45 for another router, dd-wrt setup in repeater mode (that's always fun and goes EXACTLY as planned :P)... I'd rather boost txpower.05:06
apple_catJon--: So the card supports multiple transmit powers?05:07
Jon--apple_cat, I am not sure, the fact that someone else was able to adjust it using iwconfig suggest so.05:08
apple_catJon--: Source?05:09
Jon--apple_cat, Perhaps not... I see here someone recommending to boost it, but no reply back that it worked. http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1814516.html05:09
Jon--That was boosting his other wlan0 card, not the Atheros one.05:10
ChipzzzJon--: Here's something that might help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181451605:10
Chipzzzlol... beat me to it!05:10
Chipzzzaccording to #4, you should be able to get more power from it05:10
Jon--Chipzzz, That's exactly the commands I am running. I have a suspicion it may be that my card DOESN'T support this, and he was referring to the guys other card (the AWUS036H)05:11
apple_catJon--: So the actual problem is that you have bad reception? Even if it were possible, I don't think increasing the wlan0 transmit power is going to make the connection any better unless you can increase the access points power too05:14
dr_willis_need moar powar! actually i need to get a new wireless card this week also...05:14
Jon--apple_cat, I might be able to boost the AP actually. It is running dd-wrt with pretty stock settings05:14
dr_willis_anyone noticed a top 10 wireless cards fir linux list. wanting some list thats not going to show cards that i cant find in the stores.05:15
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
apple_catdr_willis_: find card that is right price, feature set for you and then check it's supported. I think rather than looking for the cards that work you should be looking for the ones that don't05:16
brianp1992im running freenas, i was wandering if itwas possible to  get things like apt-get05:17
nathan_Can someone help me try with my laptop? It runs very hot in Ubuntu. I think it's gfx card related.05:19
brianp1992is there a way to set up apt-get in freenas/freebsd?05:19
flowerpotIn Windows, I could press ALT to access the menu at the top of a given window (file, edit, view, etc.).  can i do this in ubuntu (gnome)?05:19
apple_catbrianp1992:  freenas = FreeBSD, at-get = debian/linux -- http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/articles/linux-users/article.html05:19
dr_willis_freenas is usung bsd.  so it has its own system05:19
ChipzzzJon--: maybe rather than messing with the card's settings, you can beef up the antenna and get more transmit and receive gain05:19
brianp1992but is it possible to set up the package managers and stuff so i can install . deb05:21
flowerpotgot it, alt+f105:21
dr_willis_brianp1992: ask in bsd05:21
brianp1992is ther icr for it?05:21
dr_willis_id doubt it.05:21
dr_willis_id guess.. #bsd05:22
dr_willis_freenas homepage also...05:22
apple_catbrianp1992: From the link I sent you -- Packages are pre-compiled applications, the FreeBSD equivalents of .deb files on Debian/Ubuntu based systems and .rpm files on Red Hat/Fedora based systems. Packages are installed using pkg_add(1).05:23
apple_catat least it's a totally offtopic freebsd question rather than a totally offtopic windows question05:25
brianp1992lol, how to i get invited to #freebsd05:26
curiousx=0 is a private channel ?05:26
brianp1992yees bolth #bsd and #freebsd05:27
curiousx=0 i didn't know that =(05:27
apple_catfirst step to freebsd world domination -- private channel. Is your nick registered ?05:27
brianp1992pepole who use bsd hate everyone else05:28
brianp1992idk how to lol05:28
apple_catbrianp1992: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml05:29
apple_catalso some advice, start with the basics : )05:29
MestreLionHello Everyone! For pure curiosity: does anyone have a rough estimative of how large would be an Ubuntu system (let's say Oneiric) if one installed ALL available (non-conflicting) packages?05:34
MestreLionJust for the fun of having "the WHOLE Ubuntu installed".. what would it be? 150GB ? much more? much less?05:35
apple_catMestreLion: As in... Every available package?05:35
=== Jon--_ is now known as Jon--
MestreLionand FredwardTheGreat , please don't flame me for cross-posting :P05:35
* Jon-- evil laughter.05:36
MestreLionyes apple_cat ... every one of the 30.000+ available packages (minus the conflicting ones, of course)05:36
edwardlHello everyone.  I'm a total Ubuntu noob.  I'm guessing I did something right05:36
MestreLionedwardl: you are here, so a step in the right direction :)05:36
Jon--I've given up on iwconfig, I just set my AP to use 40MHz, thus blasting 3-4 channels away from all of my neighbours but pumping out nice bandwidth for me.05:36
Jon--I feel like a Wifi facist.05:37
MestreLionapple_cat: any ballpark estimative on how large would such a system be?05:37
edwardlThanks!  I've been looking into Linux and Java programming in Ubuntu if anyone has any resources or tips.05:37
brianp1992jon romoni?05:37
mosnoedwardl, you might want to be a little more specific05:38
edwardlGah.  I don't even know05:38
ChipzzzJon--: interesting card ;-)05:38
apple_catMestreLion:  So basically after installing every possible package you want to know the size of /    ... Because the size of individual packages couldn't be counted as there are shared libraries05:38
edwardlI just started looking into it.  I used to know a tiny bit about MS-Dos a long time ago and I'm just now getting back into anything05:38
edwardlbasically just beginner programming.05:39
MestreLionedwardl: there is no such thing as "Linux" programming... as for Java, is pretty similar to java devepment in windows... you have the same compiles, the same IDEs (Eclipse, NEtbeans, etc)05:39
apple_catMestreLion: Do it and tell me the answer : p05:39
FredwardTheGreattell me when this epson kitchen printer, tm-u200 on my card05:39
edwardlI have Eclipse05:39
sliktsMestreLion: tell that to Linus05:39
=== Afteraffekt is now known as Afterraff`
sliktsMestreLion: kernel programming is Linux programming05:39
BlackEdwardl: you can start with gambas,its easy!05:39
apple_catedwardl: Theres bash... That's probably the closest thing to linux programming compared to MS-dos05:39
edwardlBlack: Yeah?05:39
MestreLionslikts: ok, granted... unless you want to hack the kernel itself... i think it wasn't his point :P05:39
sliktsapple_cat: except bash even runs on win and elsewhere05:40
edwardlI'm running on VM ware with a Mac just now05:40
apple_catslikts: Sure... But most books titled "linux programming" start with bash05:40
sliktsapple_cat: well, so what :P05:40
MestreLionyes apple_cat ... the size of all *.debs may be a clue, but it is far from the true answer of "how large would / be after the install"05:40
BlackEdwardl: kind of,if you know any thing about visual basic,then i can say its equaly easy05:41
apple_catslikts: got to start somewhere ^_^05:41
edwardlBlack: I started to try to learn HTML5 when I couldn't build my own website, and that got me into Android, then I realized I didn't even know Java, so I downloaded Ubuntu and TADA!! here I am :D :D05:42
edwardlI don't actually know any of those things05:42
edwardlI'm just trying to get into it, and have NO idea where to start05:42
MestreLionedwardl: a golden hint if you want to properly learn Bash "programming" (the shell scripting in Ubuntu): go to #bash and ask for "Bash Guide"05:42
sliktsedwardl: just don't get discouraged when you find out that picking up things like linux is a grueling process05:42
edwardlslikts: yeah I've seen that.05:43
sliktsedwardl: also, bash and shell scripting in general really sucks, learn something better like python05:43
apple_catedwardl: haha I understand, I think learning the basics would involve Bash, the linux filesystem, then you could start with a programming/scripting language05:43
edwardlslikts: OK Python sounds really familiar05:43
sliktspeople who are hung up on shell scripting should go away05:43
MestreLionPython is a very popular programming language in Linux/Ubuntu... it's a great one05:44
apple_catAlthough you aren't going to be using bash for making apps -- It is going to be the thing you use everyday when on ubuntu05:44
edwardlIt seems like I need to work Terminal in Mac and Ubuntu to be kind of a power user, yes?  What is a good resource to learn the Linux file system?05:44
FredwardTheGreati'm running on vm ware with a mac just arent fast enough myself05:44
sliktsin 2012 there are better options than effing bash05:44
BlackEdwardl: dont wory i am sugesting this information keepin you in mind! Try the free tutorial far gambas! You wil see how easy it will be for you,then you slowly move to gcc05:44
apple_catwhy the bash hate?05:44
MestreLionslikts: shell scripting is not "true" programming... but he will need it, and learn it properly, regardless of which language he picks05:44
edwardlI'm over here scribbling notes.  I've found the right place!!05:45
edwardlWho knows a Mr. Mitnick05:45
sliktsMestreLion: not necessarily, you can just do without shell scripts05:45
=== anonymous is now known as Guest77822
MestreLionslikts: for example, he will eventually deal with DVCS, maybe git... or file handling... all those are heavily terminal-oriented...05:46
sliktsMestreLion: that's not to say you need shell scripts to work with something like git05:46
FredwardTheGreatoh you want to do without shell scripts05:46
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Guest77822narod ay???05:47
MestreLionslikts: you don't HAVE to... but automatizing certain tasks, generalizing certain things, will make things easier...05:47
FredwardTheGreatwhy did all things, start anew?05:47
edwardlautomation is something I would truly like to investigate05:48
FredwardTheGreatcan't calculate upgrade or something i need higher05:48
sliktsMestreLion: you still get better options, like fabscripts etc.05:48
FredwardTheGreat databases, etc.05:48
MestreLionslikts: I don't know what fabscripts are... I'll google for that, thanks for the hint05:49
dr_willis_just dive in and start learning...05:49
sliktsMestreLion: it's a python thing05:49
MestreLionso, let me rephrase my suggestion: edwardl , *IF* you eventually have to deal with Bash scripts/ing, please use the support at #bash and their amazing Bash Guide... avoild at all costs things like TLDP and random blog "tutorials" that you googled05:50
apple_catfabscripts = fabulous scripts?05:51
FredwardTheGreatfreenas = debian/linux -- it is a very sage saying.05:51
MestreLionit will save you a LOT of headaches05:51
Jordan_UFredwardTheGreat: Please stop talking nonsense.05:51
FredwardTheGreat however, if i stop the corner store every scrap of those ancient empires need to install a year ago and the pool pays you based on the brain won't not be that my working wife has all things, start anew?05:51
BlackEdwardl: not to forget google,lots of ebooks05:51
* Jon-- blinks repetitively trying to understand what he just read.05:52
CFHowlett_*kick now* computing while drunk is illegal on irc05:52
apple_catwhile illegal, it is seemingly common practice05:53
MestreLionedwardl: for interpreted (but still very powerful) languages, Python is a great place to start. For a compiled language, there's always C/C++. Both Python and C are perhaps the most popular languages used in Ubuntu development05:53
CFHowlett_edwardl   several python articles are available for download  http://fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads/05:53
MestreLionedwardl: Java is not as popular, maybe because of the whole Sun/OpenJDK issue...05:54
tuchow can i upgraade my linux kernel to the latest ver 3.2.12, i downloaded the source from kernel.org05:54
Jordan_Utuc: Why do you want a newer kernel version?05:54
curiousxtuc: there are a easyest way to install the lastes kernel05:54
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)05:54
Jon--edwardl, Do what you want. You seem to have a passion, follow it. If that leads you into writing code at Microsoft, so be it. If it leads you into being a core developer for a Linux distribution, awesome. We can field any questions you might have but, really, go code something you WANT to do, and build your skills from there. :)05:55
Jon--Python is a good introductory programming language IMHO.05:55
* CFHowlett_ thinks about new! shiny! thing! syndrome05:55
Chipzzzcuriousx: "easier"*05:55
curiousxthan compiling, there are .debs, i have installed 3.2.5 using .debs =P05:55
dr_willis_python game of the week site is fun to explore05:55
curiousxyeh! easier =P05:55
MestreLioncuriousx: debs build for your release ?05:56
curiousxkernel 3.3 rc 7: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.3-rc7-precise/05:57
curiousxnop, my ubuntu is 10.04 =P05:57
MestreLioncuriousx: installing precise's kernels in lucid is not for the faint of heart :P05:57
wellyHey all. Having some real problems with UC Roles. In sandbox mode, it's working correctly as it should - a user gets the new role, everyone is happy.05:58
curiousxis BT based on ubuntu 10.04 but, when i upgrade to BT r2, i installed kernel version 3.2.6 automatically =P05:58
Jon--I want to branch out my knowledge of Unix systems. Would I learn more installing Arch, or FreeBSD?05:58
Jon--!ot | Jon--05:58
ubottuJon--, please see my private message05:58
wellysorry - wrong channel05:58
ubottucuriousx: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition05:58
MestreLioncuriousx: BT ?05:58
curiousxMestreLion: i knowb about it, but i like to live that way =P05:59
curiousxsee this line: Linux bt 3.2.6 #1 SMP Fri Feb 17 10:40:05 EST 2012 i686 GNU/Linux05:59
apple_catHow come #ubuntu-offtopic isn't in the topic?05:59
Jon--curiousx, You can get backtrack support in #backtrack-linux06:00
MestreLioni assume it will upgrade libc6 too06:00
curiousxJon--: i know, currently i dont need suport =)06:00
MestreLionJon--: that depends on how wide you want to branch your knowledge... Arch is Linux, FreeBSD is not...06:01
curiousxi just helping the user downloadin the lastes kernel in .deb format06:01
curiousxto installing the lastest kernel in a easier way than compilling06:01
Jon--MestreLion, I'm leaning towards FreeBSD, though I did work with it a bit in my last work term. Was just looking for an opinion. I know I'm ot right now.06:02
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=== Mog|Away is now known as MogDog66
MestreLionJon--:  Arch also uses a lot (perhaps all) of the same GNU tools as Ubuntu, while FreeBSD uses much les (if any)06:02
apple_catljoin #backtrack-linux06:02
npxI installed a 32-bit version of Ubuntu using Wubi, can I install a 64-bit kernel? I just want to run 64-bit apps in a chroot06:02
=== an is now known as Guest80063
Jon--MestreLion, If I used FreeBSD, it'd be a CLI server for sure. Their X support is flaky at best.06:03
CFHowlett_npx   64 bit requires at least 4 gigs of ram ...06:03
MestreLionJon--: I think the answer depends on how far from your familiar experience you want to go... simply speaking, Arch is much closer to Ubuntu than FreeBSD06:03
npxCFHowlett_, no it doesn't, it just allows you to address more than 4gb of ram06:03
CFHowlett_npx ok -06:03
Jon--I was more looking for a professional opinion, from anyone who is in IT and in the industry, what would you prefer to see a fresh graduate with experience in.06:04
MestreLionnpx / CFHowlett_ 32bit with PAE also allows that06:04
Jon--I don't have a personal bias in either direction.06:04
CFHowlett_MestreLion   ty06:04
curiousxCFHowlett_: 32 bits kernel with PAE can support 64 Gb ram06:04
MestreLionJon--: if learning is your main focus, may I suggest Gentoo ? Or even LFS ?06:04
npxAnyway, can I install a 64-bit kernel and run this 32-bit userland?06:04
MestreLion64? I thought it was less, like 1606:05
MestreLionno npx06:05
Jon--npx, I don't believe that you can.06:05
MestreLionnpx: 32-bits apps and (and their libraries) have a completely different kernel ABI06:06
curiousxbut you can install ia-32libs06:07
MestreLionnpx: altough *some* 32 bits software can still work provided their libraries are in ia-32libs package06:07
curiousxand i sow installing programs forcing the architecture06:07
MestreLionbut that is a case-by-case scenario, not a general solution06:08
npxmeh, I'll just install i686 debian hah06:08
curiousxdpkg --force-archiquecture  or some like taht =P06:08
Jon--npx, Sounds like you'd be better off with visualization, depending what you are trying to do.06:08
Jon--If it's just a quick test ^06:08
MestreLioncuriousx: whitout recompiling?06:08
npxno, I'm using debootstrap to install Debian from a Wubi installation of Ubuntu06:08
curiousxyep from .debs pakages06:08
Jon--MestreLion, You shouldn't need to recompile to use that.06:08
npxI wanted to install debian testing amd6406:08
MestreLionyou are insane curiousx06:08
curiousxmaybe =P06:09
MestreLionJon--: to use .debs of compiled (say C) software from different archs?06:09
Jon--MestreLion, To use --force-architecture on a deb package with dpkg.06:10
MestreLioncuriousx: OR you are a very experienced and skilled hacker that knows how to deal with consequences... not the target audience of Ubuntu06:10
curiousxlook at this MestreLion: http://i.imgur.com/KhVcU.png    http://i.imgur.com/zYGBD.png    http://goo.gl/KtCFj =P06:10
Jon--Wait, Ubuntu isn't made for people who know what the hell they are doing!? :O.06:10
MestreLionJon--: you CAN use that, of course... and it will install, ok. My point is what would the consequences be :P06:10
* Jon-- Feels the sudden urge to jump ship.06:10
curiousxnop i am a really noob, but i like to expermient =P06:11
Jon--MestreLion, I don't know, why don't you try doing it in glibc ;)06:11
MestreLiongreat idea Jon-- !!! :D06:11
npxyou can't use --force-architecture to spawn a chroot /bin/bash that's compiled for 64-bit when you're running a 32-bit kernel06:11
MestreLionUbuntu is multiarch now, afterall ! :D06:11
npxi have to setup the 64-bit system to spawn TTYs and whatnot06:11
Jon--npx, No, you can't, but hoping distributions aren't going to help you do that either.06:12
npxso meh, i'll just use the i386 build, it's all good06:12
Jon--The kernel binaries are completely different. Use i386 or virtualize :P06:12
npxi'm not hopping distros, I'm just using ubuntu to install debian because this machine has no CD06:12
MestreLionnpx: ... or use Virtualbox :P06:12
curiousxsomeones say that canonical will recommend 64 bits version in Oneric Ocelot, is that true?06:12
ubottuAMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. Consider using 64-bit if your memory ussage exceeds 4GB. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit06:13
tuci wnat ti upgrade ny kernel to laetes vers06:13
Jon--I've always wondered why people who know what they are doing, still use Ubuntu...06:13
tuc3.2.12 kenel image06:13
Jon--I'm at the point now where I feel an urge to move away. Only thing keeping me is, I want a system to work without having to tinker really, but some of the recent design choic--- Okay. I'll stop before I get the +b :P06:13
MestreLionJon--: because you don't *need* to know what you're doing for 99% of the time... makes using the OS easier...06:13
Zenith77can anyone tell me how out of date: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostgreSQL is for 11.10?06:14
MestreLionless headaches06:14
Jon--Zenith77, I'll take a look.06:14
curiousxi'll use an ubuntu based or ubuntu itself distro =P06:14
tuci have problems with my dell vostro 1450 latop.. fan always running , laptop over heating06:14
Zenith77I'm trying to install it but I keep getting the following error when running psql: Can't exec "dpkg-architecture": No such file or directory at /usr/bin/psql line 103.06:14
curiousxfor all my live06:14
Zenith77Apparently, this had been a bug a few months ago but it's listed as fixed06:14
MestreLionZenith77: it was edited in 2011-1006:14
Zenith77so I don't know if it's reappeared or if I'm just doing something terribly wrong06:15
nikhil_anyone here set up ntop on ubuntu? I'm having troubles with permissions and RRD directories (i'm not sure exactly these are my inferences). I'm also not sure exactly where the config file is06:15
MestreLionZenith77: so it should be "Oneiric-aware" or pretty close06:15
nikhil_*log file, that is06:15
Zenith77ok then06:15
tucor should i start using ubutnu 12.04 beta06:15
Jon--Zenith77, Nothing strikes me as not working on 9.1 if you wanted to install that instead.06:16
curiousxtuc: you want to install the lastest kernel?06:16
Jon--Just general postgres setup stuff.06:16
tuccuriosx: ues06:16
Zenith77Jon--: that is what I have been installing06:16
MestreLionJon--: think about this... Linus himself use Fedora (another "user-friendly" distro)... so yes, not being *forced* to tinker everything, everytime is a Good Thing(tm)06:16
Zenith77doing apt-get install postgresql automatically resolves to postgresql-9.106:16
curiousxtuc did you see this link? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.3-rc7-precise/06:16
tuccuriosx: yes 3.2.12 stable06:16
stevephan1212lam sao de an thanh cong cu phia ben trai man hinh ubuntu?06:16
tuccuriosx: no06:16
ubottustevephan1212: Để được trợ giúp về Ubuntu bằng ngôn ngữ Việt, xin vui lòng /join #ubuntu-vn. Rất vui lòng được giúp đỡ06:17
tuccuriosx: ok saw now, what to do next06:17
curiousxbut this kernel is recommended to use on oneric ocelot, which version do you have?06:17
Jon--MestreLion, Who is Linus?06:17
Jon--Just kidding.06:17
curiousxi mean precise pangoling =P06:17
MestreLionJon--: just a regular guy, no one to worry about.. RMS is the on e that should be your God :D06:18
Zenith77I must have done something terribly, terribly wrong. Because not even the basic setup for postgres seems to be working now, even after a purge and autoremove06:18
Jon--MestreLion, Yeah, right, RMS love from a Ubuntu user? I dont06:19
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
MestreLionJon--:  ... and he uses an Ubuntu-based distro, btw06:19
Jon--don't buy it*06:19
tuccuriosx: bcoz my laptop is having trouble, it is getting overheated with 11.10 cpu fan continuosu ly running06:19
curiousxtuc: which version do you have?06:19
Jon--You can separate free and non-free channels in ubuntu?06:19
MestreLionJon--: Why not? He is an Ubuntu-derivative user06:19
tuccuriousx: i have problems with my dell vostro 1450 latop.. fan always running , laptop over heating06:19
Jon--Actually, makes sense.06:19
tuccuriousx: bcoz my laptop is having trouble, it is getting overheated with 11.10 cpu fan continuosu ly running06:19
MestreLionJon--: that is what gNewSense is all about06:19
=== owner_ is now known as Guest77182
Jon--All the PPAs are divided nicely out so he can exclude all that non FOSS code ;P06:20
tuccuriousx: yes 3.2.12 stable06:20
MestreLionJon--: It's Ubuntu with strict free software guidelines06:20
curiousxtuc: give me: uname -a06:20
Jon--curiousx, so demanding06:20
tuccuriousx: i don;t have this overheating problem when i used win 7 but i don't want to use windos06:20
Jon--Sleep time for me, I'm rambling and getting ot a lot. I felt like contributing 15 mins of nix support but no one is really having problems :P. Night06:21
tucright now i have 11.04 installed06:21
tuccuriousx: right now i have 11.04 installed06:21
MestreLionJon--: not adding partner is not enough... many FOSS packages still have trademarks issues..06:21
tuccuriousx: 2.6.38-8-generic06:21
MestreLionJon--: not to mention binary blobs in firmware, kernel, etc06:21
tuccuriousx: 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:24 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux06:21
Jon--curiousx, 3.0.0-16-generic is current unless you push a later one on 11.10.06:22
MestreLiontuc: 2.6.38 is from Natty IIRC06:22
curiousxyeah! i think tuc should consider upgrading to oneric ocelot06:22
curiousxor doing a clean install06:22
Jon--There's really no need to upgrade until LTS...06:22
tuccuriousx: i tried oneric, laptop is getting over heated06:23
=== bladernr_afk is now known as bladernr_
Zenith77Jon--: are you running 11.10 for psql 9.1?06:23
MestreLionnot worth installing Oneiric since we are so close to Precise... beta install FTW :D06:23
Jon--I finally got around to it because I knew I'd have to deal with Unity hell/bypassing eventually, so I'm learning early06:23
Jon--Zenith77, I don't have postgres on this box I have it on my server. Why?06:23
Zenith77what version are you running on your server?06:23
Jon--It's not Ubuntu though.06:23
Zenith77What version of ubuntu06:23
FloodBot1Zenith77: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:24
Zenith77I've installed postgresql only 1-2 times, but it's always been painless06:24
tuccuriousx: the fan continously runnig and overheating is very dangerous for my kaptop, i purchased it recently dell vostro 1450 i dont want to burn it down06:24
Zenith77Well because, I'm seeing if this is some kind of "bug" in the package/setup or what. Like I said, the error I am running into was reported a few months ago, but it's listed as fixed06:24
Zenith77I'm wondering if it popped back up again somehow06:24
Jon--Zenith77, What bug? If you give more details people can help you.06:25
MestreLiontuc: if that is a modern laptop, you will surely benefit from a modern kernel. Try Precise's  LiveCD and see if it still overheats06:25
curiousxtuc: ok let install 3.2. for the good of the comunity =P06:25
curiousxwhat you think about it guys =P06:25
MestreLioncuriousx: he is using Natty, correct?06:26
Zenith77Well, here's the error message as stated before, let me go get the link though: : Can't exec "dpkg-architecture": No such file or directory at /usr/bin/psql line 103.06:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 860552 in postgresql-common (Ubuntu Precise) "psql warnings (version 122)" [High,Fix released]06:26
stevephan1212làm sao ẩn thanh công cụ phía bên trái màn hình ubuntu?06:26
MestreLioncuriousx / tuc : There is no point in upgrading kernel if you are not SURE that this kernel will actually solve your particular issue06:26
MestreLionTry Precise  LiveCD before06:27
curiousxyep natty, there was a problem with the battety upon 2.3.38 kernel or 2.3.39 i dont remember very well, but this issue was solved with 3.2 kernel version06:27
Jon--Zenith77, You did an apt-get update before installing?06:27
MestreLionIF it does not everheat, THEN upgrade kernel06:27
Jon--The bug says that psql works despite the warning. Give it a try.06:27
Zenith77Jon--: yes sir!06:27
MestreLioncuriousx: I'm aware of the issue... it was about PCIe handoff06:27
MestreLionBUT.. we don't know if that is what is causing his laptop to overheat06:28
Fyodorovnastevephan1212, This is a english if you can.06:28
MestreLionyes, that issue is now fixed in 3.2... but please tuc , first test it in a LiveCD to see if that is YOUR issue06:28
curiousxbattery and ACPI, i bix it up a Mint with this problem, the laptop heated at the point to poweroff itself06:28
Jon--If anyone with some postgres chops could help Zenith77 that'd be great. I have job interviews and classes tomorrow. Night.06:28
curiousxi fix it up*06:28
apple_catstevephan1212: #ubuntu-vn để được giúp đỡ bằng tiếng Việt06:28
curiousxso... lets install 3.2.6?06:29
MestreLionguys, LiveCDs are precisely for that... one of the key advantages to Ubuntu over Windows... you can boot and use a complete system without touching your HDD06:30
curiousxtuc: where are ya?06:30
DocPlatypushow do you adjust the buffer settings for Internet radio in Banshee?06:30
tuccuriousx: yes the laptop has corei3 2nd gen and sandy bridge graphics.. also06:30
=== Guest77182 is now known as emily_
MestreLiondon't try a risky kernel backport before you are at least sure that this kernel is what you need06:30
curiousxhow many ram do ya have?06:31
tuccuriousx: i think the problem is with the kernel bcoz i tried fedora 15 and 16 both and same over heating issues06:31
emily_hi, I have a question for anyone on here regarding Ubuntu and Internet access06:31
curiousxcommonly more than 4 gb06:31
curiousxyep is the kernel issue06:31
tuccuriousx: they also have similar kernel06:32
MestreLionvery scientific approach...06:32
tuccuriousx: so tell me how to isntlal th enew ver06:32
curiousxtuc: how many ram do ya have?06:32
curiousxtuc: how much* ram do ya have?06:33
MestreLioncuriousx: since tuc seems to be ignoring all my lines, please tell him to try Precise LiveCD before he jumps in a risky kernel backport06:33
curiousxMestreLion: is a good idea but he have to download, i dont know if he want to =P06:34
MestreLionsure, downloading is a pain... it's so much easier just to double-click some .debs :P06:34
curiousxtuc: read this: <MestreLion> curiousx: since tuc seems to be ignoring all my lines, please tell him to try Precise LiveCD before he jumps in a risky kernel backport06:34
MestreLionwho cares if this is a completely different kernel *branch* ?06:35
curiousxtuc: if you want you can taste the kernel with te iso, or you can just install the kernel, as you like06:35
=== emily__ is now known as emily_
tucMastreLion/curiousx: sorry i actually went away for a whil now i am back06:36
tucMastreLion/curiousx: let me read the lines06:37
goddarddo i need selinux on a desktop?06:37
sacarlsontuc; curiousx: even after the install of a new kernel the old kernel is kept in the grub2 menu so if the new one fails you can always go back to the old one that still worked to some degree06:37
tucMastreLion/curiousx: 2Gb06:37
emily_anyone?  I'm having a hard time accessing the wifi even though Ubuntu detects the network06:37
emily_I'm online through WinBlows atm06:38
tucsacarlson: yes you are right, i have seen that.. by the way any method to remove that06:38
tucMastreLion/curiousx: 2Gb ram06:38
tucMastreLion / curiousx: 2Gb ram06:38
sacarlsontuc: I wouldn't bother removing it unless your system has less than a 6gb hard drive,  it doesn't touch your ram mem06:38
curiousxyep that what it is sacarlson =)06:39
sacarlsoncuriousx: I'm speaking or hard drive space not ram space06:39
tucMastreLion / curiousx / sacarlson:  what next06:39
tucMastreLion / curiousx / sacarlson:  what next to do06:40
tucMastreLion / curiousx / sacarlson:  can i purchase any laptop ram 2gb and add it to may laptop06:40
tucMastreLion / curiousx / sacarlson:  or is there some laptop specific ram06:40
sacarlsontuc: find the linux image you want to install in synaptic and install it or apt-get install linux???06:40
tucMastreLion / curiousx / sacarlson:  the linux-image i want is not availabel in synaptic06:41
sacarlsontuc: 511meg is all you need for ubuntu  2gb is more than enuf06:41
curiousxsacarlson: i am asking him for ram because i have to chose betwean PAE or not PAE06:41
sacarlsontuc: then find the ppa you want and add that to synaptic06:41
tucMastreLion / curiousx / sacarlson:  where do i find the ppa06:42
curiousxyeah another good idea, Linux has a PPA as well06:42
chroothi, is there any  program that allow me to search a image in my computer?06:42
chrootor is there any program that can compare the two given images?06:43
MestreLionchroot: define "compare images"06:43
emily_can anyone help me or am I stuck like Chuck? :P06:43
CFHowlett_chroot   http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/compare/#compare06:44
sacarlsontuc: I'm not sure what kernel you wanted but here is one I found in ppa https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa06:44
CFHowlett_chroot   http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/perceptualdiff.1.html06:44
curiousxok, i cant find the PPA for the linux kernel =P06:44
tucMastreLion / curiousx / sacarlson:  i want kernel 3.2.1206:44
ubottucnhezhong: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:45
chrootMestreLion, I means I want to use face reconition in my computer?06:45
chrootso I need to compare a picture to a given picture.06:46
MestreLiontuc: use TAB to autocomplete people's nicknames... you don't have to type them by hand, only the first letters06:46
eSoulIm preparing to to dd my ubuntu 11.04 boot and / partitions to another drive.  I know grub2 uses uuid to find the boot drive, is there anything i should do to change the behavior/fix it06:46
curiousxtuc: ok, but i cant not find the PPA if you want we can install it from .deb06:46
curiousxit's easy06:46
tucMastreLion / curiousx / sacarlson: wher's the deb06:46
tucMestreLion, ok thanks this is very helpful06:47
curiousxhere it is: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.2.12-precise/06:48
tuccuriousx, where do i get the deb06:48
=== nikhil___ is now known as nikhil_
SnarbafulatorsI want them to pound me06:48
MestreLiontuc: not only helpful, it will prevent you from mispelling :P06:48
goddarddo you need to do any tweaking to app armor on a desktop?06:48
Snarbafulatorstaking turns until I bleed06:48
FloodBot1Snarbafulators: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:48
sacarlsontuc: for that far forward looks like you might have to try this http://www.ramoonus.nl/2012/01/07/linux-kernel-3-2-installation-guide-for-ubuntu-linux/06:49
curiousxgive me a second there a an order to install, first you have to install the headers, then the kernel06:49
ubottuSnarbafulators: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!06:49
MestreLionchroot: I have no idea, sorry...06:49
bazhangthanks CFHowlett_06:49
CFHowlett_bazhang   full moon tonight06:49
chrootthat's ok.06:49
chrootthanks anyway06:49
Squid1hello all06:49
CFHowlett_Squid1   greetings06:49
IMeerkatWhat's up fellow ubuntuers06:50
CFHowlett_IMeerkat   greetings06:50
Squid1hello meerkat06:51
MestreLionchroot: for that one, google and software center searches are your friend...06:51
goddarddo you need to do any tweaking to app armor on a desktop?06:51
goddardduckduckgo is also your friend06:51
MestreLionchroot: I'm sure there must be *any* face recog software available06:51
emily_hey everyone, am I being a total idiot or can someone help me pls?06:51
tuccuriousx, what next06:51
chrootyes, you are right.06:51
IMeerkatMade the switch from Ubuntu recently. I was a Debian user :)06:51
chrooti am using google now.06:51
emily_I can't access the wifi that the hotel that I'm staying at is providing, even though Ubuntu detects it06:52
Squid1made half a switch to ubuntu06:52
Squid1i like what i see so far06:52
curiousxtuc: in this order: http://paste.ubuntu.com/891827/06:52
Squid1gonna take some getting used to06:52
IMeerkatEmily use an ssh tunnel06:52
emily_I am online via WinBlows atm06:52
emily_ssh tunnel? how do I do that IMeerkat?06:52
curiousxyou have to do double click on the .deb pakages in this order06:53
curiousxtuc: you have to do double click on the .deb pakages in this order06:53
IMeerkatDo you have a web server?06:53
curiousxthis way will install 3.2.12 32 bits PAE06:53
IMeerkatIe your own website?06:53
emily_yeah IMeerkat it's the login page06:53
curiousxwhich recognize more than 4 gb ram06:53
omeHow can I list partations with they are label ?06:54
curiousxdo you copy : roger that =P xD06:54
curiousxi am latino and i like the inglish language =)06:55
curiousxbut i dont know to write very well =(06:55
IMeerkatAnyone here using tor?06:56
UrBemily_: so you can reach the hotel wifi login page with Ubuntu too or not?06:56
omeIMeerkat: why ?06:56
IMeerkatJust wondering06:56
curiousxIMeerkat: install vidalia tor's GUI06:56
emily_no UrB I can't even access the login page, it tells me that it is unable to load page06:56
curiousxIMeerkat: sudo apt-get install vidalia06:57
omeIMeerkat: it's safe to assume there is lots of people who does - at least in IRC/freenode, if not this channel specifically.06:57
IMeerkatOh emily google ssh tunneling hak5. Easy way to tunnel to your webserver and get free hotel wifi06:57
UrBemily_: did it fail to connect to the wifi altogether?06:57
tuccuriousx, ok am installin in the order06:58
UrBI've had experiences with hotel wifis where it took several connection attempts to get it actually running06:58
curiousxok, =)06:58
emily_what do I do, open up a terminal window IMeerkat?06:58
emily_yes UrB it failed to connect even though Ubuntu detected the WiFi06:58
tuccuriousx, i need 64 bit06:58
IMeerkatCuriousx: I know I have it06:58
tuccuriousx, i am using ubuntu 64bit06:59
IMeerkatEmily it will only work if you can point to a webserver06:59
emily_maybe if I tried harder UrB?06:59
UrBemily_: could be that dhcp failed07:00
emily_maybe wasn't so impatient?07:00
tucMestreLion, i need 64bit07:00
emily_sorry I don't' know that07:00
UrBemily_: the process where your laptop gets a network address from the hotel wifi07:00
emily_ah I c07:00
MestreLiontuc: not necessarily07:00
emily_what does that mean exactly UrB?07:00
UrBnot much from the end user view point, it just won't work then :)07:01
curiousxmmm... it doesn't matter when you turn on the notebook you can chose betean 32 bits or 64 bits kernel, the new which are installing right now and the old07:01
IMeerkatI'm surprised so many people here don't use an IRc bouncer. Odd.07:01
curiousxor if you want, you can install also the 3.2.12 64 bits as you like07:01
emily_so maybe I should just be patient and keep trying until it sticks UrB?07:01
tucMestreLion, how can in install 32bit kernel when am using 64bit07:01
UrBbut I'd try few times with Ubuntu again switching the wifi off/on between the attempts07:01
MestreLiontuc: i mean... you don't HAVE to use 64bits just because of your RAM size...07:01
omeemily_: computers doesn't talk names, they talk numbers, so when you type google.com it has to be changed to googles ip address, something like
MestreLiontuc: oh, sorry... yes, if your current system is 64, go 6407:02
emily_I know that ome but thanx :)  I just didn't know what that four letter protocol was that's all, I'm an Ubuntu newbie07:02
omeemily_: fair enough.07:02
UrBemily_: same thing happens under windows too, it's not really operating system related07:02
emily_right? ok UrB07:03
curiousxtuc: this step i gove ya, will install PAE which mean that your kernel will recognize mor than 4 gb ram, i taste that07:03
emily_so then maybe if I just acted persistently and kept trying07:03
IMeerkatHotel wifi is brutal07:03
curiousxi ran 8 gb in 32 bit with PAE07:03
emily_I turned the comp on and off and it still didn't take...07:03
UrBemily_: you don't have to turn the whole computer on/off, just do that to wifi07:03
UrBthat should be enough to start from a "fresh table"07:04
MestreLioncuriousx: but his current system is 64 already07:04
IMeerkatEmily what kind of laptop do you have?07:04
tuccuriousx, but i have only 2gb ram and currently using ubuntu 64bit07:04
emily_guess I'll have to fiddle with it then...07:04
emily_I have a lenovo07:04
omeemily_: Do you get any specific error ?07:04
IMeerkatYour wifi card should be supported07:04
omeor it just says connection error ?07:04
tuccuriousx, how can install 32bit kernels.. plz send 64bit link07:05
UrBemily_: possibly stupid questio - has the wifi worked on ubuntu before?07:05
curiousxok MestreLion tuc07:05
IMeerkatMight help open terminal type: sudo apt-get update07:05
emily_um yeah it says 'unable to connect' and yeah it has UrB this is just something new that's come up07:05
curiousxmmm... give a minute to do a paste with the steps in order07:05
tuccuriousx, ok07:06
emily_'you are now offline' is what it says I think07:06
curiousxoh! yours programs wa installed for 64 bits i forgot that =P07:06
emily_the wifi worked on Ubuntu before, it seemed to work ok when I turned the comp off then on again07:06
emily_but just today I kept trying to get online and it wouldn't but I'll try that, I will try turning the wifi on and off07:07
UrByou are no alone with the issues :)07:07
emily_not sure how to go about doing that but....07:07
omeemily_: Do you know the wifi chipset or the driver you are currenty using ?07:07
viciumAnyway, Can either of you reccomend a template/dist to run using a ECS? I've found that ubuntu 11.04 x64 doesnt really do it for me, the kernel/whatever you would refer it to, is poorly optimized for 32bit applications, if that makes any sense.. I run a mumble server/cs server/apache/mysql07:07
emily_ummmmm nope sorry ome07:07
UrBemily_: type lsusb and/or lspci in terminal07:08
vicium11.10 is not available :/07:08
UrBit'll list your devices07:08
curiousxtuc: the steps: http://paste.ubuntu.com/891839/07:08
IMeerkatVicium:? ?07:08
chrootwell,  is there a program that can compare two pictures and if the two equal then return a value or exit suceessfully?07:08
tuccuriousx, thnx07:09
viciumIMeerkat: Yes?07:09
viciumAm i confusing? :P07:09
curiousxtuc: np07:09
apple_catchroot: Why would it need to be a program that compares pictures, rather than just any file type?07:09
fbdystangHi, I have a ubuntu server that I can ping, but when I try to pull up the webpage, it times out. Please advise07:09
viciumWell like.. Is there any pros to downgrading from a 11.04 template to a 10.04?07:09
viciumOr perhaps dumping ubuntu totally :p07:10
chrootapple_cat,  because I want to use face recognition.07:10
vicium(elastic cloud server)07:10
chrootso i need compare two pictures and need a result07:10
chrootapple_cat,  any idea?07:10
apple_catchroot: imagemagick might have something, there's a good library called 'opencv' that might have some apps made that will do what you want07:11
Crooks_mobilei know libraries exist that deal with this chroot.  youll likely have to code some thing yourself though07:11
chrootok, you guys, i know opencv07:11
chrootand apple_cat , i want to use opencv07:12
chrootand then07:12
apple_cat!ask | chroot07:13
ubottuchroot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:13
chrootthen I need to install the opencv lib right?07:14
chrootand then learn to use the opencv and write the program i want ?07:14
UrBemily_: is the hotel network secured or just with the login page?07:14
olegbchroot: asking google brings up: http://pdiff.sourceforge.net/07:14
apple_catchroot: That's the general idea, yes07:15
emily_just with the login page, it is an open wifi UrB07:15
chrootbut if i just want to use the idea app, and not to design it myself?07:15
chrootit seems a lot of work.07:15
apple_catchroot: Yes, designing your own facial recognition software could be a lot of work07:16
chrootolegb,  i have tried that, not ideal.07:16
chrootapple_cat,  ok, not a big deal, i will do it myself.07:16
apple_catchroot: Good luck and have fun : )07:17
chrootoh, apple_cat  , do you know how to recored voice under terminal in ubuntu?07:17
chrootlast one07:17
CFHowlettchroot   acrecord?07:18
szxyou are talking in Russian?07:18
chrootCFHowlett,  yes, i installed it , and when i type the command , it dosen't work.07:18
chrootcould you show me how to use it.07:18
chrooti am using laptop07:19
apple_catchroot: What is the error message from the program?07:19
CFHowlettchroot   wait 1 - researching07:19
chrootarecord -f cd -d 10 -t raw | lame - out.mp307:20
chrootRecording raw data 'stdin' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 44100 Hz, Stereo07:20
chrootWarning: unsupported audio format07:20
chrootlike this07:20
ubottufernando_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:21
curiousxchroot: if yoou do: arecord -f cd -d 10 -t wav | lame - out.mp307:22
fernando_XDCC SEND#07:22
chrootcuriousx,  yes, exactly07:22
curiousxor: arecord -f cd -d 10 -t ogg | lame - out.mp3   or:  arecord -f cd -d 10 -t mp3 | lame - out.mp307:22
fernando_MARIO PARTY07:22
chrootcuriousx,  not work too, it says ogg and mp3 unsupported07:23
chrootcuriousx,  is there any other replacement?07:24
curiousxchroot: try with: (voc, wav, raw or au)07:25
TyropeGreetings, I'm trying to have PHP print in the nl-NL locale, but appearantly it's not in locale -a, what's the apt-get package name for the Dutch locale files?07:25
=== luist_ is now known as luist
curiousxchroot: do: arecord --help | grep '^-t'    and you will see what i wrote to ya07:26
chrootcuriousx,  wav is worked07:26
chrootbut how to play it07:26
curiousxand the other supported format as well taste it if you want07:27
curiousxand also the others... =P07:27
Angabladekronos1987, yes?07:27
Angabladekronos1987, yes?07:27
AngabladeWell, I helped as much as I could.07:29
chrootonly wav supported07:29
curiousxsorry, i'm done07:30
chrootok, thank you all the same07:31
curiousxi'll left the channel salut a tout le monde =P07:31
jointi was zerocool07:32
jayephsup dawgys07:36
Asifanhi ubuntu people07:37
CFHowlettAsifan   greetings07:37
Asifani have a macbook pro intel 2008, looking for an ubuntu that i can install in it, any help?07:37
howardsternhello, is there an easy way to append all ascii files called *.m into one large file using some command?07:37
CFHowlettAsifan   start here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook07:39
sabgentonif I install a dependency with dpkg -s bladep.deb then run apt-get install thing_that_needs_that_dep07:41
sabgentonwill it pick up bladep?07:41
AndaleHello, I'm sorry for my English. I connect to Linux server with sshfs. I use gedit to write text files. With no check on "create backup before to save" if I create a file or modify a not my file I have noproblem, but if I try to modify a my file gedit write me that I haven't permission to saved. Someone could help me?07:45
sazawalanyone using JACK control (qjackctl)?07:46
chrootwhat 's jack control used for?07:46
sazawalit is used for connecting your audio devices to the PC07:46
CFHowlettsazawal   rarely ...07:46
sazawallike I use it for connecting my guitar to the pc and processing the sound07:47
sazawali recently installed this jack control and i found that it suspends pulseaudio as soon as started07:47
sazawalis there a way to play youtube audio with jack control running07:48
sazawalbecuase the system sounds are disabled07:48
KartagisI have mac as host os and ubuntu as a guest os. I don't have /proc/acpi/dsdt. is it because I run it in a vm?07:53
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection07:58
lotuspsychjeany package for ubuntu that can checkdisk ntfs?07:58
sabgentonHow does apt-get know a package is installed08:03
sabgentonwhat does it mark/change when it installs a package08:04
lotuspsychjesabgenton: you can press 'installed software' in software centre08:05
lotuspsychjesabgenton: or install synaptic08:06
sabgentonlotuspsychje: my question is not how do I see what is installed08:06
meerkwhats going on everyone?08:06
sabgentonI want to know how the apt-get command knows a package is installed08:07
sabgentonsay I apt-get install foo08:07
sabgentonthen again08:07
sabgentonsay I apt-get install foo08:07
sazawalanyone using JACK control (qjackctl) ?08:07
sabgentonIt says it's allready installed08:07
kylensazawal: yes08:07
sabgentonHow does it know this08:07
lotuspsychjesabgenton: maybe it checks dkpg list08:08
meerksabgenton: whats the problem? see if i can help08:08
kylensazawal: qjackctl is good :)08:08
KartagisI have mac as host os and ubuntu as a guest os. I don't have /proc/acpi/dsdt. is it because I run it in a vm?08:11
=== ryannath1ns is now known as ryannathans
Jordan_UKartagis: Yes.08:15
bluefrogsabgenton,  /var/lib/dpkg/status08:15
meerkif your trying to find a deb pulled from apt just ls /var/cache/apt/archives08:16
BuffBuffBuffI am trying to trace details (apt-get install crash) $ crash  apply it says "crash: cannot find booted kernel -- please enter namelist argument" How to trace it?08:22
AndaleI connect to Linux server with sshfs. I use gedit to write text files. With no check on "create backup before to save" if I create a file or modify a not my file I have noproblem, but if I try to modify a my file gedit write me that I haven't permission to saved. Someone could help me?08:23
Asifanthere is a channel #tor if you need help with that08:24
Asifansorry wrong channel hehe08:24
meerkuse nano :)08:25
BuffBuffBuffWhy it says: crash: vmlinuz-2.6.38-8-generic: not a supported file format08:25
meerkdifferent kernel is my guess08:26
Andale@meerk are you told with me?08:27
BuffBuffBuffWhy did my system shows: sun      tty7         :0               Mon Mar 19 10:00 - crash  (02:16)08:28
meerkAndale: ?08:28
Andalemeerk "use nano :)" is referred to me?08:29
meerkbuffbuffbuff could you give me some details regarding what your trying to do? This is a boot error?08:29
meerkandale yes08:29
meerkcd into your directory and run sudo nano (the filename)08:30
meerkandele: you here?08:31
BuffBuffBuffmeerk, After boot working mode, it crash08:32
=== anonymous is now known as Guest3445
meerki take it your booting with live usb?08:33
BuffBuffBuffmeerk, no installed in disk permanent setup. Boot to buntu and working such as Blender, Gimp. And then suddently crash screen is freez08:34
BuffBuffBuffmeerk, after boot the log shows "crash"08:35
meerkhave you updated recently with apt update?08:36
BuffBuffBuffmeerk, yes08:37
Andalemeerk I'm here.08:40
Fudgehi looking for an auto mounter tool for gnome2, to mount any ntfs partitions etc08:40
Jordan_UFudge: Does nautilus not do what you need?08:41
lotuspsychjeFudge: pysdm08:41
lotuspsychje!info pysdm | Fudge08:41
ubottuFudge: pysdm (source: pysdm): Graphical Storage Device Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-0ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 28 kB, installed size 292 kB08:41
FudgeJordan_U  its for noobs, i want them to just appear on the desktop08:41
Fudgethank you08:42
meerkfudge: gparted with ntfsprogs08:42
sabgentonhas anyone tried partclone ?08:44
sabgentonit can copy ext3/4 like dd but it's filesystem aware AFAIK08:45
sabgentonor does any one know another tool like it (filesystem aware)?08:46
vlt_Hello. Where can I find a list of features that are working in current LTS's evolution?08:47
meerkwhy not just use dd if08:47
sabgentonmeerk: because its way too slow08:47
sabgentonand doesn't know what a filesystem is08:47
=== vlt_ is now known as vlt
sabgenton(but it's still a great multipurpose tool)08:48
theadminsabgenton: Can't you just tar stuff up with a few --exclude's (for the other filesystems)?08:48
theadminOr... Well... That's not exactly cloning, though08:49
sabgentontheadmin: yes you can (or rsync)08:49
sabgentonbut cloning has it's purpose08:49
sabgentontheadmin: I've always use rsync because taring looked a bit more scarey to me, how do you find it?08:50
=== mike_ is now known as Guest43600
theadminsabgenton: Um, well, I don't honestly do backups much, but I don't see why tar would fail... Works for me when I try. Just gotta make sure to exclude /dev, /proc, /sys, /tmp, /home and some other things I guess08:51
sabgentonyeah I've seen examples of taring your whole OS08:52
Guest43600hi guys pretty new here my buddy is beginning to teach me programming08:52
meerkwelcome to the ubuntu community guest08:53
Guest43600i feel like a fish otu of water08:53
Guest43600don't even know how to get a real name here08:54
theadminGuest43600: /nick whatever08:54
theadmin!register | Guest4360008:54
ubottuGuest43600: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:54
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=== Guest43600 is now known as newb
imeerkanyone here a fan of twit.tv?08:56
newbthere we go i am newb08:56
imeerknewb: lol08:56
newbhello people i am newb, you can call me........newb08:56
newbso what does everyone talk about in here?08:57
imeerkso what brings you here newb?08:57
newbmy buddy who is a real geek08:57
bazhang!ot | newb imeerk08:58
ubottunewb imeerk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:58
newbhe said to get this so i got this08:58
theadminnewb: This is the Ubuntu support channel, for support questions only.08:58
imeerkpretty much world domination from our shells08:58
newbso how do i get other irc channels so i can talk about whatever?08:58
bazhang!alis | newb08:59
ubottunewb: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*08:59
newbok you lost me already08:59
bazhangnewb, /join #ubuntu-offtopic08:59
newbwhere is offtopic?08:59
bazhangnewb, I just told you09:00
newbthank you i got it09:00
newbsee why i picked the name newb?09:00
ahahaHello, can someone help me to unistall my Xubuntu 10.04.2 64bits? I am dual booting linux with windows. I want to change distro, so.09:03
riktkinghi, i need to do a reinstall of ubuntu 10.4.4 onto a new hdd as i cantclone my existing drive onto my new one via clonezilla or DD_rescue. i have my /home ona seperate drive, and would like to keep it that way,is there an option on install? also looking to keep all the packages, have a list of them, do i just copy sources.list as well then re-install from that?09:04
nprezidenti compilied compat-wireless-2012-03-1809:04
nprezidenti compilied compat-wireless-2012-03-18 for ubuntu 11.10 and now my broadcom wireless is not detected by ubuntu only my rtl8187 is there any way i cawn get ubuntu to read my broadcom driver ?09:05
marxjohnsonahaha: you can just install over the top, install the new distro to the sane partition and it'll be overwritten09:05
geirhaahaha: Just install the new distro over xubuntu09:05
lotuspsychjeloose the windows :p09:05
ahahaThanks, I'll try something with/09:06
ahahabye for now09:06
=== Asifan is now known as blahblahblahblah
imeerkwindoze 8 is brutal i tell ya09:08
kylenimeerk: hehe:)09:10
marxjohnsonriktking: if you do advanced partitioning at install you can choose an existing partition for /home, just make sure you dont tell it to09:10
kylenimeerk: true09:10
marxjohnsonformat it09:11
riktkingmarxjohnson, ok thanks thought that would be the case09:11
riktkingdo you know if i can reinstall all my packages using the sources list and also a list of installed packages?09:11
ilyekkakaiHow do I either (a) get nouvea nividia drivers back again after purging them or (b) get nividia proprietary drivers active AND in use?09:13
phil_physI have a asus eee pc 1101ha i want to install ubuntu but i'm not able how can i do??09:15
imeerkphil_phys you would need to make a bootable usb09:18
sveinseI have a Natty embedded system (armel) in which network manager is used. I have problems with NM jumping back to an adhoc SSID if the link is a bit poor on my normal infrastructure WiFi. How can I prevent NM from jumping ssid's like this?09:18
ahahaHello again. How to unistall Xubuntu 10.04.2 64bit, I'm dual booting my linux with windows. I can't find xubuntu folder in partition where it's installed (browsing from windows), it's taking space, but even formatting that partition still keeps the linux in there.09:19
studentwhy dovecot moving mail to file '1' instead of recipient's maildir?????????????09:19
theadminahaha: Um, you're not making sense, how did you install? With wubi?09:20
ahahatheadmin: I installed it with CD09:20
theadminahaha: Well, you can't technically browse a Linux partition from Windows, so again, you're not making sense.09:21
theadminUnless you're using some weird driver. If that's so, you should say that.09:21
ahahaanyway, how am I supposed to unistall that distro?09:21
phil_physimeerk: I tried to make a bootable usb with ubuntu 11.10, 10.04, xubuntu but all they doesn't work09:22
studentdovcot.conf http://pastebin.com/UcJmutid09:22
wormahaha, Can you find Linux partition by right click on "Computer" and click on System Management and use the "Disk management section?"09:22
ahahahave't check that yet, I want to install Ubuntu, that;s why I'm unistalling my Xubuntu. I'll try to find it, worm.09:23
maxagazhow to indent my text in gedit ?09:24
maxagazI can't find it in the menu09:24
theadminmaxagaz: gedit doesn't have auto-indent I'd think09:24
maxagaztheadmin, it's in the prefs09:25
maxagaztheadmin, but only with a checkbox09:25
wormahaha If you can find the partition there, then you can delete those partitions or format them. But to do so you need to uninstall grub first.09:25
ilyekkakainvidia proprietay drivers don't work with my nvidia card. how do I get nouvea drivers back?09:26
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...09:27
student!ping argc argv09:27
ubottustudent: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:27
studentubottu: moron09:28
oCeanstudent: please don't mess with the bot09:28
riktkingmarxjohnson, do i set the new drive to be mount point / and the home drive to be mount point /home09:28
ilyekkakaiDoes anyone know how to restore the nouvea video drivers once they've been purged?09:29
ilyekkakaiI re-installed them with apt, but they still don't show up as an option in hardware drivers09:29
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
theadminilyekkakai: The "hardware drivers" tool is only for propertiary drivers. You should remove the nvidia drivers and the xorg.conf they created after reinstalling noveau and reboot.09:31
ilyekkakaitheadmin, what is the best way to remove all nvidia proprietary drivers from my system?09:32
theadminilyekkakai: How did you install them?09:32
ilyekkakaitheadmin, they were installed through the additional hardware gui09:32
ilyekkakaitheadmin, that shoudl be "additional drivers" gui09:33
sveinseI'm running natty and every time I reboot, I need to run "sudo update-binfmts --enable qemu-arm" to be able to run armel binaries on intel. Is there a recent policy change disabling these binfmts at every boot?09:33
TejasHi All,09:33
TejasI got error when i am installing a any application09:33
TejasError: Errors were encountered while processing:09:33
TejasE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:33
TejasNeed Help!!09:33
FloodBot1Tejas: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:33
theadminilyekkakai: Doesn't that have a remove option? (I don't quite remember)09:33
ilyekkakaiyes, but I wasn't sure that it 100% removes them. I want to be 100% sure they are gone.09:34
ahahaHi again. I have Xubuntu 10.04.2 64-bit dual boot with my windows. How am I supposed to unistall my xubuntu without reformatting everything in hard disk? When I'm on windows, I can't find anything about linux, xubuntu just took 30gigs of one of my partitions, that partition has 30gbs less now. How am I supposed to unistall xubuntu?09:34
theadminilyekkakai: The package is "nvidia-current", I beleive09:35
ilyekkakaitheadmin, thanks09:36
theadminahaha: 1) Get EASEUS Partition Manager for Windows, or boot a GParted livecd. 2) Remove the Ubuntu partition. 3) Resize the Windows partition that became smaller back to it's original size. 4) Fix Windows MBR.09:36
ahahathanks a lot, theadmin09:36
=== kadis is now known as ghings
balhow can i pack updated packages for anothre computer without internet?09:41
Marchitoshas anyone experience with optimus tecnology?09:41
Marchitosmy ubuntu eat battery, as i am not able to shutdown the nvidia chip09:41
OrkyMarchitos check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee09:43
balhow to instll updates to offline pc (pc without internet)09:45
ejvbal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware#Installing_packages_without_an_Internet_connection09:45
balejv: thank you09:45
ejvbal: also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware#Offline_apt-get_update09:46
thomaspr... any gwibber specialists present ?09:50
Kingsyguys, when I log into my server it says 2 packages can be updated. 1 is a security update. but when you use sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; it says 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.09:55
g105bCan someone guide me re-installing Unity? No matter what I do, it keeps falling back to unity2d09:55
LantiziaKingsy, it'll most likely need dist-upgrade if it's something that slightly conflicts or has changed the base installation09:57
KingsyLantizia: I am using 10.04 LTS (its on a server)09:58
LantiziaKingsy, yeah try dist-upgrade instead of upgrade, it'll show the upgrade it's on about then09:58
=== mike_ is now known as Guest32818
KingsyLantizia: that worked.. so what is the difference between dist-upgrade and upgrade ?09:59
llutz_Kingsy: man apt-get     (upgrade will not pull any new packages into the system, so it didn't update some)10:00
=== Guest32818 is now known as mopar
Kingsyllutz_: thanks10:00
Lantiziaapt-get upgrade : This command installs the latest versions of any out-of-date packages on your system. It never installs a package that is not yet installed.10:00
Lantiziaapt-get dist-upgrade: This command installs up-to-date version of packages, and may install additional packages.10:00
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
jonteHey, I'm looking for a really fast PDF reader.. Viewing "complex" PDFs in Evince is choppy (on a pretty speedy machine). Is there any reader which pre-renders pages and stores in memory or something?10:01
rumpe1jonte, how "complex"? several hundred MB? some GB?...10:01
Lantiziajonte, no idea on the prerendering but foxit is pretty quick but it's nonfree (but still freeware) and has a linux version10:01
jonterumpe1, Not neccessarily big, but when there's a large amount of formulas it tends to be slower10:02
jonteLantizia, Hm, I should try that10:02
=== Orky is now known as [Si]
Lantiziajonte, oh cool they have debian packages now :P http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/desklinux/download.php10:04
Lantiziaused to be some crappy bin file and the gui looked like GTK1 - looks a lot more polished now10:05
cnttucmeWhat is that for Lantizia10:05
KingsyLantizia: thanks10:05
Lantiziacnttucme, Foxit Reader (nonfree pdf reader)10:05
LantiziaKingsy, np10:05
cnttucmeAh a none open source linux software? lolwat10:06
jonteLantizia, Thanks! I'm installing it just now.. I've used it on windows, and I found it nice there.. I can't remember if it was faster than evince though ;)10:06
Lantiziajonte, yeah whenever I'm stuck on windows I use it - takes an ice age for adobe reader to download it's firefox extension, download itself, unpack itself, install itself10:06
Lantizialike preparing to land on the moon10:07
drounsedo computers from schools have special thingss to prevent booting from a cd or usb?10:07
jonteWow, this is indeed light years faster than evince! Thanks a bunch Lantizia10:07
thomasprIs llutz german ?10:08
Lantiziadrounse, depends on the pc, the school - no way anyone can answer that for you10:08
pchi everybody10:08
Lantiziajonte, np10:08
cnttucmeIs "llutz", German?*10:08
pccan someone help me to fix the low volume on my pc thx in advance10:09
drounseLantizia its just i have this p4 from a school and i can never install anything without trouble, ive only managed to get linux kernel 2.x i cant boot with 3.x10:09
cnttucmepc: check the hardware switch10:09
pcive a inner speaker in my ibm pc10:10
cnttucmepc: Do you have a button on your keyboard that looks like a speaker?10:10
Lantiziadrounse, probably some minor glitch between the chipset it has or some other peripheral or onboard system that you'll need to give some extra boot flags for.    is the pc a known manufacturer/brand/model? if so i'd start googling for others having that issue10:11
pcive tried with alsamixe but everything is on high level10:11
Lantiziapc, is it a lappy?10:11
pcibm dekstop pc10:12
Lantiziaspeakers on monitor or separate speakers?10:12
drounseLantizia, its a gateway slim i can find it online, but ive never found anyone with that exact computer having that problem10:12
llutz_drounse: checked for BIOS-updates?10:12
pcthe speakers are inside of the pc10:13
drounsellutz_ no but ill check now10:13
Lantiziapc, have you ever had those speakers inside the pc louder on another OS?10:14
pcyes on xp it was working excellent10:14
drounsellutz, http://support.gateway.com/us/en/product/default.aspx?partNumber=2800471 idk which one to pick10:14
cnttucmeDriver issue?10:14
llutz_drounse: sry no www here10:15
drounsellutz_ no what?10:15
Lantiziapc, well all I can say is run alsamixer as by default you might find lots of them only half way or 75% - check the normal ubuntu volume controls and speaker configuration (mono or 2 speaker i'm guessing)10:15
llutz_drounse: sry no www (no access to fancy colorfull http-sites) here10:15
drounsellutz_ ohh ok10:16
llutz_drounse: can't check your link though. check your mainboard/bios (dmidecode) to get more details, maybe that helps to find the correct version10:16
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NucleusHello, i have a problem. i tried to do a backup of my Home folder, ive searched in the ubuntu foruns, followed the instructions, something about rename the home folder to old folder and the new backup folder to new folder etc. the last thing to do was rename the home folder to old folder but an error occured. I cant rename it. I restarted the system and now when my ubuntu starts this error appears " could not update ICE authority file10:19
zthNucleus, can you access a terminal?10:19
NucleusOf course.10:20
pci made it on 75% now i dont hear anything10:20
pcjust 100% makes a bit sound10:20
pcis there a way how to install a new updated driver10:20
cnttucmeCheck your chips website10:21
tataNow I installed ubuntu 11.10 and in gnu grub I dont have windows, only new ubuntu and old ubuntu, where is windows?10:21
zthNucleus, i PMed you10:21
senayarsudo update-grub10:21
tatait is all?10:22
=== reith2004__ is now known as reith2004
pcanyone can guide me pls how to update my audio driver10:23
gorskiwhat is user attribute package, i can't see my public key in password and encryption keys search, but i see it on http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/10:23
cnttucmePc what audio device do you have?10:23
pchow to check that pls10:24
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cnttucmepc: $ arecord -l10:24
=== fublisher is now known as fublisher|away
=== danilo is now known as danilos
cnttucmePc: do this "http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-display-soundcards-digital-audio-devices.html"10:25
OnkeltemHi. How to change orientation (from Landscape to Portrait) of a PDF document/page10:26
pcIntel ICH [Intel ICH5]10:26
roxluhi, I'm reading this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixCompleteVirtualMailSystemHowto and the postfix install asks me "General type of mail configuration" ... for a mail server which will handle mails from multiple domains, what do I choose there? (Internet with smarthost?)10:27
OnkeltemAny DIA users are here? I can't export a diagram to PDF preserving its Landscape layout - the resulting PDF is oriented portait.10:28
cnttucmePc use that link i gave you10:29
gorskiwhat is user attribute package, i can't see my public key in password and encryption keys search, but i see it on http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/10:29
pcyes im trying the solutions10:29
=== fublisher|away is now known as fublisher
llutz_roxlu: "internet"10:32
nexusILhi I can't find 'man fork' on mint, I've never needed to install manual pages, what do I need to install for it ( I have gcc and g++)10:32
LjLnexusIL: install manpages-dev10:33
pcit doesnt work10:33
llutz_roxlu: or do you send all your outgoing mail through a smarthost (isp, mailprovider)?10:33
pcsame low level of sound10:33
cambazzhello, i can not make my canon ip1800 printer work. I have install drivers as told, but while printing it compains about pstocanonij not found10:33
cambazzit is in path however (I have compiled and put a symlink in usr/bin10:33
cambazzwhere does this printer look for it10:33
nexusIL@LjL Thank you :)10:34
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=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
N0Ofhi. has anyone tried ubuntu 11.10 or 12.04 beta and experienced sporadic system freeze/hangup (possibly in related to ecryptfs)?10:36
=== fublisher|away is now known as fublisher
N0Ofi get no errors on the console, system is suddenly freezing. how can i figure out whats the cause of this?10:37
eSouldd + UUID + grub = love10:38
=== max is now known as Guest11941
eSoulto be fair, ddrescue, but same difference10:39
railsraidercan anyone please help with setting nrpe for nagios i get CHECK_NRPE: Error - Could not complete SSL handshake. when i try to check nape from the remote nagios server10:44
ceasari want help,for figuring out a very unusual problem, my 10kbp/s  line is fluctuating with 7Mb/s, system monitor is suggesting nothing unusual, i have the screen shot.10:45
novrakubuntu 11.10 on a 4-year old (2gb ram, shared graphics) notebook performs worse than Win7 and Win8beta right now, Is this how Ubuntu is headed, ie. ditching old hw ?10:45
llutz_railsraider: does it work with "check_nrpe -n"?10:46
senayarnovrak:  you use unity ?10:46
novraksenayar: it's mandatory on 11.1010:46
llutz_railsraider: did you allow incoming port 5666 on remote server?10:47
railsraiderllutz_:  I'm using the LAN from inside10:47
railsraiderso using address 10.x10:48
llutz_railsraider: and? myke sure theres no firewall blocking10:48
mandzanovrak i also use 11.10 and i agree with you10:49
mandzais it posibble to make ubuntu faster that it is????10:49
railsraiderllutz_:  what do i need to check for in the iptables?10:49
llutz_railsraider: sudo iptables -L            incoming port 5666 has to be allowed10:49
railsraidereven from the LAN?10:50
llutz_railsraider: from the machine nagios runs at10:50
=== hyoh is now known as Hyoh
llutz_railsraider: it makes no difference between lan/wan if you setup filtering rules10:50
UitrixHello everybody! I have a problem starting ubuntu.. It's 11.10. On the start screen I have a message, that system is trying to set up full network support, then waits 60 seconds trying to do that, then starting system without full network support. I guess, this is because it doesn't know my modem device, cause wi-fi and lan works perfectly. So, I don't need my modem device.. How to turn it off by defalt, or just say ubuntu to load without full network support10:51
eSoul128quick question, if i install beta 1 if 12.04 on my machine, when beta 2 and "gold" are released, will apt-get update/dist-upgrade get me to latest baring any major changes10:52
UitrixI've tried to google, found nothing..10:52
eSoul128Vitrix, have you found a way in your systems bios to disable the modem10:52
UitrixeSoul128, no. Haven't found that option in BIOS10:53
Uitrixand can't unplug it, cause it's laptop10:53
eSoul128I almost guessed tat, vitrix, just because if it was a desktop im sure you would have yanked it hours ago10:54
philinuxeSoul128: this question comes up every 6 months. If it's up to date you got the latest and greatest10:54
[Si]could you just blacklist the module for the modem?10:54
eSoul128hmmm, you could try making some symlinks from /dev/ttyS0-9 (serial ports if im not mistaken)  to /dev/null to keep them from probing possibly?10:54
torvaldHi, i have a non-persistent customized live usb stick with Ubuntu where i want to update the kernel. I have the updated kernel installed on my laptop - can't i simply copy the image/vmlinuz to the bootfolder and add them to grub? I get a "init not tainted" when it boots. :/10:55
eSoul128philinux -- thanks, I just didnt know if it would the latest of beta 1, or if it would go all the way to the release copy through apt10:55
Uitrix[Si]: how can i do that?..10:56
gabyhello every body - how can i downgrade 11.10 to a older version without remove or uninstall the system10:56
UitrixeSoul128: just delete those files and create links to /dev/null ?10:56
llutz_gaby: no10:56
eSoul128Vitrix, its a bunch of console commands, and i dont think it would help really10:56
philinuxeSoul128: If it's updated you got it. Even if major change10:56
eSoul128becasue if its at boot10:56
eSoul128before your first login10:56
eSoul128I believe /dev/ repopultes the ttyS dev links10:57
[Si]Uitrix do a lsmod to find the module10:57
gabylluts_ what no?10:57
eSoul128but im no expert there10:57
llutz_gaby: you can't10:57
eSoul128sorry for the multiple lines, bad habbit10:57
[Si]Uitrix then add it to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf "blacklist modulename". once that's done run sudo update-initramfs -u10:59
Uitrix[Si]: unfortunatly, can't find that module, cause don't know the name of device in that list..10:59
eSoul128Si, sorry to ask a related but unrelated question, is initramfs the first bit after/including the kernel on bootup11:00
kamehi. i use easy peasy. my problem: When i open an application/programm it opens in full screen. how to prevent this?11:00
=== eSoul128 is now known as eSoul
pcagain th same issue low sound11:03
NewWorldpc:  turn up the volume11:03
matt_symeseSoul: Initramfs is the initial root filling system the kernel loads before finding the main root filing system so yes, It's the first thing it loads. It does not have to be though11:04
pchow to install a new driver11:04
NewWorldpc:  In console type `alsamixer` - make sure everything is cranked up like Master/PCM, etc11:06
=== fublisher is now known as fublisher|away
pceveryhing is to max11:07
eSoulmatt_symes: I see, but then can be overwritten once the main root fs is found I suppose11:07
[Si]eSoul yes, sorry was akf a bit there. it has teh kernel + any modules required to boot (SCSI controlers, lvm fs modules etc)11:07
eSoulits either use an intiramfs or specify the root in the kernerl params11:07
eSoulindeed indeed11:07
pcstill nothing11:08
[Si]Uitrix, pm the output of lspci and lsmod and I'll see if I can see it for you :)11:08
[Si]don't paste it in here.11:08
=== CtrlAltDel is now known as turbomettwurst
[Si]eSoul normaly you have to have one unless you compile all boot time modules into the kernel, (ie they are no longer modules)11:09
matt_symeseSoul. It's a compressed archive that gets loaded into memory. It creates certain required devices such as /dev/null but its main role it to load the root filling system11:09
SubjectOnecan you run android-apps in ubuntu with the latest linux kernel 3.3 ?11:10
pcno one can help11:11
Uitrix [Si]: where can I post it for u? it's quite big to do it write here)11:11
kameonce agian, hi. i use easy peasy. my problem: When i open an application/programm it opens in full screen. how to prevent this?11:11
[Si]Uitrix you should see another window pop in your irc client :)11:12
eSoulI see I see.  I mean, I am a CS student, going on my 8th year fr my 4 year degree since ive been working and skipped semesters, and im already 300-400 level, but unfortuantely to save time and to eat at us true geeks, we dont talk much about how th particular OS does its work.  Other than the, you have these things that happen in an OS11:12
eSoulAnd I have been around/had experience with Linux for 12 years, but I dont know every single in and out11:13
DJoneskame: You're probably best asking that in #easypeasy which is the support channel for easypeasy according to their website,11:13
[Si]eSoul it's good to ask these questions :)11:13
matt_symeseSoul: You can uncompress initramfs and take a look at the scripts and modules inside11:13
eSoulbzImages are intramfs-es arent they11:13
eSoulor at least can be11:14
pcdear all can someone help me how to update this audio driver11:15
kameDJones thank you! :)11:15
m1chaeli'm trying to burn a mpg to dvd using growisofs... the dvd skips in a dvd player, otherwise it plays fine. anyone have any suggestions for me?11:18
matt_symeseSoul: mkdir ~/initram_extract && cs $_ && gzip -dc /boot/initrd.img-3.2.0-14-generic  | cpio -idmv or something along those lines should extract it. You will need to change the archive name as required11:20
matt_symeseSoul: They are compressed archives. The compression can be different types11:21
eSoulIndeed.  I see.  I just finished putting a server together, using the FOG Project, but open source lab computer imaging11:22
eSoulso when a student hoses a machine, netboot it and then you can pull down a fresh image11:22
pc_can someone help me to fix my audio problem11:23
jpastoreso I just installed 11.10 upgraded from 10.10. I must say I'm not happy with the upgrade. unity not so great. I miss my cube and synaptic. if there a reason why wifi disocnnects to easily I queued up a couple of things to download before passing out last night, open the laptop this morning and it reconnected to wifi and continued. it seems to disconnect easily11:23
ahhughescan I get Vinagre to actually set thru ctrl+alt+left e.t.c. command keys?11:23
eSoulIt just woudlnt do me any good now to look thru the files in it unless a system type wont boot11:23
jpastorepc_ IDK if I can help you but what's your problem? I had a crazy volume issue where if the volume was < 20% it was muted >20% it was only psycho loud.11:25
pc_ive very low sound11:25
pc_and in the mixer all is set up to max11:26
jpastorepc_ that's the inverse of the problem I had. have you tried booting from the live cd to see if it's the system itself or hardware related?11:27
samineruI'm about to resize me primary / partition, which contains boot. I will be changing the start. Will a standard grub recovery fix GRUB after this, or is that even necessary?11:28
eSoulsamineru I just kinda messed with this myself11:28
ikoniasamineru: you hopefully won't need to change anything11:29
ikoniasamineru: I assume you are resizing from a livecd ?11:29
eSoulas long as the UUIS is going to be the same of the partition you are booting from ,grub should be fine, but you can run an update-grub to make sure?11:29
samineru@eSoul, @ikonia, Cause sda2 will still be sda2? And yes, from partedmagic11:29
eSoulsamineru, most likely11:29
ikoniasamineru: ok, go for it, and don't worry if something goes wrong it can most likley be fixed easy11:30
ikoniasamineru: backup anything you need that is important to you though11:30
samineruIf it's important it's already in 2 places :)11:30
eSoulUUID is the more accepted way to reference your block devices if im not mistaken now11:30
anudaasahelou, have someone experience with luckybackup ?11:30
samineruAh, presumably GRUB does that already?11:30
eSoulsince controllers seems to come up at a slightly different time11:30
eSoulsamineru -- with a grub-update it will check and make sure I believe11:30
eSoulsamineru update-grub, sorry11:31
eSoulbut yeah, you will be able to fix it easily with a livecd/usb11:31
eSoulbut back up anything since you are partition resizing, you may lose it11:32
eSoul*anything you really need11:32
samineruYep, it's all on an external11:32
eSoulright on11:33
samineruNow it's time to waaaaaait11:33
pcwhen i restart the pc my master m in alsamixer is allways off11:33
eSoulsamineru I NEVER partition resize unless its to grow it11:34
eSoulbecause of the defrag thats basically taking place11:34
eSoultakes forever11:34
samineru@eSoul, Yeah, this is a move AND shrink, so I've allocated my whole morning11:34
eSoullol, samineru, just start out with a fresh drive?11:35
saminerueSoul, Windows|Linux|Storage   Windows had more space than it needed and storage was running out of space11:35
eSoulsamineru:  I see I see, i forgot most people dot have the 7.5 TB i have, although thats nothing compared to rigs ive seen on the internet11:36
pchow to update this driver pls 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 Audio Controller11:36
anudaasaSoul: you have 7.5 TB ?11:37
samineru@eSoul, laptop11:38
samineruYou know, backup and reinstall may have been faster...11:38
eSoulanudaasa -- yes, across 10 SATA drives11:38
pcany help today11:38
anudaasaeSoul: aha, so it is under 1 TB for one disk11:39
samineruWell, thanks for talking, I'm gonna go eat breakfast move on with my day11:39
eSoulsome are 2 tb11:39
eSoulsome are 75011:39
eSouli think it might be close to 9TB total, but i have two 2TB drives mirrored together with ZFS11:40
anudaasaeSoul: is possible to have NTFS on 2 TB disk ?11:40
eSoulas long as you have WinXP sp1 or abov11:40
eSoulif you are using an orginal release xp disk, you will only be able to make partitions up to 100 or something GBs in size11:41
anudaasaSoul: 100TB is enough :-)11:41
eSoulanudaasa -- no, only 100GBs11:42
eSoulIt may even be less.  It wasnt using LBA-48 addressing11:42
eSoul(i think, could be pulling crap from my butt)11:42
anudaasaI have 250 GB disk with ntfs11:43
eSoulas long as at least sp1 is install or slipstreamed onto the disk, it can be recognize11:44
* [Si] has 9tb over 4 disks.11:44
=== nothingspecial is now known as angela-android
eSoulNicey Nice, Si11:45
Kk2hello, after changing my kernel to 3.2.12 all boot logos, for starting, and shutdown/reboot, are just gone how i restore that?11:45
=== angela-android is now known as nothingspecial
anudaasakk2: thank you, i will no using kernel 3.2.x :-)11:46
Kk2lol, why anudaasa? everyting is working, less the ubuntu logo from booting :P11:47
[Si]Kk2 sounds like your framebuffer driver is missing from your 3.2 kernel11:47
anudaasakk2: i have 3.0.x and working everythink11:48
[Si]what graphics card/drivers are you using in your old kernel?11:48
Kk2nvidia 295.20, working properly in every kernel :P11:48
Kk2old and new11:49
=== chopin_ is now known as jkeiper
[Si]I only ever got the logo using the nouveau drivers, the nvidia ones don't support KVM so I guess you were using uvesa or similar for the framebuffer drivers11:50
Kk2so, i will not get the logo screens anymore? is there anyway i change for text mode? like see the kernel coming up, configuring dhcpd and all? in text, without the buffer logo?!11:51
Kk2hmm i found a way, just editing the grub :)11:55
[Si]Kk2 edit /etc/default/grub. Change the "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT" to have "nomodeset" then add "GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text" to the end of the file. Then run Update grub11:55
[Si]sorry had to boot up my pc with the Nvidia in it to check.11:55
Kk2thx a lot [Si] :D11:55
[Si]no worries Kk2 took a bit of fiddling to make that work here, this is on 11.10 btw.11:55
wormKk2 after that, run this command: "update-grub >/boot/grub/grub.cfg" Don't forget the >, or it will just print the result out.11:56
Kk2thx a lot :D11:57
[Si]worm on 11.10 sudo update-grub does that for you :)11:57
pcanyone can help me with my sound problem11:58
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
elkypc, if you describe the problem, then people reading the backlog in their irc client will see the description and decide if they can help12:00
worm[Si] Yes. But something wrong happened to me... Because I am installing another copy of Linux to my USB Drive, it is listed to my boot list...12:01
GVolkman1Good morning all. I have a very serious issue with grub. I have an md raid that had the drive with /boot and grub which died. I replaced the drive, resynced, all good; but I can't grub-install $targdrive, or use dpkg-reconfigure, here is what I get: http://pastebin.com/md9tN06J12:03
GVolkman1Am I SOL on a bootloader?12:03
sggghi, can vsftpd setup using utf-8 only? of is there any ftp server which can handle this? thanks.12:03
GVolkman1sggg: osm12:04
vikrantHello allç12:04
sgggGVolkman1, osm?12:04
pcno sound at all12:04
sgggGVolkman1, I don't find anything by googling osm...12:05
GVolkman1sggg: still making coffee, enter key is very large. I dont believe so.12:05
vikrantWhen I log out from my Ubuntu session, my screen goes blank and could not get my login screen back...can anyone please help12:05
sgggGVolkman1, sorry. I don't understand what you mean.12:05
wormCan anyone tell me how to upload files to a server using vsftpd? I want to use a ubuntu machine as a file server.12:06
wormAlthough I login by my username, it did not work. It is necessary for me to upload files via Windows Explorer.12:07
wormIt just told me I have no permission to do so.12:07
eSoulworm, if you have ssh access, get winscp to copy your files12:08
wormvikrant Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch to text mode and login, then run "sudo restart lightdm".12:08
mcb_worm: In your vsftp configuration did you enable: $write_enable=YES. It is disable by default.12:09
vikrantworm, I am using gdm and have tried that...but didnt work...My X session gets killed, but a new X session isn created...12:10
wormvikrant then startx?12:10
iLogicalI am getting this problem: http://i.imgur.com/haSlQ.png . what can I do?12:11
mandzauitrix i had same problem, i solved it by restarting my modem12:12
wormmcb_ Oh, I found it. Thanks a lot. But why the programmer just put a "#" to that line? It is so hard to find that.12:12
mcb_worm: The # caracter means that it is a comantary. Taking it out will actualy uncomment the line and "turn on" the configuration.12:13
vikrantworm, i am working on a multiseat environment using console kit and gdm...my host machine is working fine and logouts and logins properly...But the usb seats connected doesnt get login screen after logout...12:13
wormvikrant If it happened frequently, it might be a bug. But because I have never met a problem like that, I can't solve it. So sorry. Can anyone solve it?12:17
=== bladernr_ is now known as bladernr_afk
iLogicalI am getting this problem: http://i.imgur.com/haSlQ.png . what can I do?12:20
Oerworm, maybe this vsftpd howto is any help >> http://www.wikihow.com/Setup-vsftpd-FTP-on-Ubuntu-Linux12:22
abhinavmehtaI'm trying to setup 'pptpd' eg. VPN…..everything is set on the server-side, but still not able to connect clients(MacBook/iPhone)…so now I'm curious to know whether server is up or not….12:24
abhinavmehtaso is there some way to ping pptpd-port/sevice../12:24
hekateHi, does anyone know whether the llvm package in apt for Ubuntu 10.04 is enough to have the llvm compiler?12:25
mcb_abhinavmehta: You can use netcat, it is not a ping, more like a telnet, but it will connect to any port/service, even UDP.12:25
abhinavmehtamcb_: cool, thanks. :)12:26
abhinavmehtamcb_: any idea, which port is used by pptpd ?12:26
abhinavmehtaohkk…I'll do nmap12:26
mcb_ abhinavmehta: I have no idea, but the nmap trick will do the job.....12:27
abhinavmehtamcb_: yeah…thanks pal :)12:27
[Si]pptp = 1723 + GRE ( protocol 47)12:27
abhinavmehta[Si]: thanks…BTW I got that by the time. But thanks :)12:28
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iLogicalI am getting this problem: http://i.imgur.com/haSlQ.png . what can I do?12:34
=== eddie is now known as Guest30682
abhinavmehtawell, with necat, I found pptpd-server is up and running, but if I'm using MacBook/iPhone as clients it's saying "you are disconnected by the communication device. Try reconnecting …"12:35
=== Guest30682 is now known as eddie_
abhinavmehtaany idea, whats fishy..?12:35
=== ajay_sd_ is now known as ajay_sd
JSeymourGood day.  I'm getting this http://paste.ubuntu.com/892113/ when running the update manager this morning.  There's *plenty* of space in /usr.  Reinstall: Same result.  What's up?12:42
balcould you halp me to install a printere step by step? ubuntu 11.10 canon printer- LBP290012:44
dr_willis_canon is kniwn to often have poor linux support.12:44
dr_willis_if its supported a printer should plug in and just work.12:45
baldr_willis_: it is not working12:45
dr_willis_chevked the printer support site to see if its even working?12:46
dr_willis_err supported12:46
JSeymourWhat dr_willis_ said.  One of the reasons I won't buy Canon any more, @home or @work.12:47
baldr_willis_: printer is shows when i add printer but not working12:47
balany  way   i need to use  na12:47
dr_willis_check the cups logs. and askubuntu.com it may need some extra package12:49
GlaceeWhat would be the best way to set up a mirror?12:49
JSeymourbal: As dr_willis_ asked: Did you check the printer support site to see if that printer is supported?12:50
baldr_willis_:  it is there but i don't know how to do it12:50
balto much scripts  and am new to ubuntu12:50
JSeymourbal: I assume you're using CUPS.  I just entered "2900" into the driver search and came up empty.  Just because CUPS "sees" it doesn't mean CUPS *supports* it.12:51
sacarlsonbal: I had a canon printer IP1880 and never got it to work in 64bit ubuntu, I did have success with 32bit as they didn't release an open driver and at the time only supported 32bit12:51
bali downloded the cann CAPT CAP12:52
QAhey all12:52
QAquick question12:52
QAsuspends job12:52
QAwhen I fg it ... does it continue from where it was?12:52
balJSeymour:  i don't  konw CUPS12:52
dr_willis_i tossed my canons.12:53
QAas in when I ctrl+z it ... is says Stopped12:53
JSeymourbal: Common Unix Printer Support.  Almost certainly what your system is using.12:53
QAdoh .... was meant to be ctrl+z .... PLUS12:53
dr_willis_QA:  or use bg command.12:53
balJSeymour: thank you12:53
JSeymourQA: Normally, yes12:53
QAso it basically "pauses" it ?12:54
JSeymourbal: It does not appear there's support for the LBP2900.12:54
JSeymourQA: Yes12:54
QAJSeymour: thank you very much for your help! :)12:54
dr_willis_check bash job control guides.12:55
QAdr_willis: tx, I will do12:55
balJSeymour: ok12:55
JSeymourbal: Toss it and buy a Brother :)12:55
balJSeymour: if its mine i can but it is were i work and there are most of printers are cannon12:56
balmost used printers too12:56
JohnI'm experiencing some difficulties with Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). I, sucessfully, followed the guide on the official documentation. It is now, however, disconnecting every now and again from the connected computer, which it's sharing the connecting with.12:58
Johncan someone kindly help me?12:59
JSeymourbal: *nod*  Sorry, don't have an answer for you.  Like I said: You're discovering one of the reasons I won't buy Canon anymore.  Last time I renewed copier/printer/scanner leases @work, stayed w/Canon.  Next time it'll be something else.  They're horrible.12:59
balJSeymour: ok13:00
bal see you all13:00
=== xpert is now known as zmaj
sarthorhow can i move files of specific extentions like .jpg .flv .mp4 etc from a directory that is having subdirectories to another directory.13:04
=== haz3lnut_zzz is now known as haz3lnut
omeCan you copy files to SSH client from Server using interactive shell ?13:05
norbert79sarthor: Well, "mv *.jpg ../subdirectory" as an example13:05
norbert79sarthor: or, "mv *.jpg ./subdirectory" as an example13:05
dr_willis_scp is ssh copy. very handy toil13:06
klyncsarthor: `find /orig/dir -name "*.jpg" -or .... -exec mv {} /new/dir/ \;`13:06
sarthornorbert79: therer are more directories in one direcory. Will it work for all then13:06
klyncsarthor: or rsync with some combo of include / exclude patterns13:07
sarthorgreat.. klync13:07
norbert79sarthor: Agree, depends on what you would like to achieve13:07
klyncsarthor: the first won't preserve directory structure; the second would13:07
norbert79sarthor: and it also depends if it's repeated or not13:07
omedr_willis_: that way I need to know the client IP right ?13:08
Zaitzevuhm, the top bar and sidebar (Unity) just disappeared/closed/crashed. How do I get them back? lol..13:09
omeZaitzev: `unity --reset &` should help.13:09
omeOh wait no.13:09
omeDON"T DO IT.13:09
ome`unity --replace &` should work better.13:09
ZaitzevI haven't. :P13:09
Zaitzevreplace huh, I'll try13:09
omegreat. :)13:09
omewith reset you will lose the setting you have made.13:10
Zaitzevthat helped13:10
Birk_Anyone knows a command to get only the number of connections ni a determinated port ?13:10
Zaitzevyeah I know, not that I've made any change aside from hiding mounted drives13:10
Zaitzevthanks a bunch ome.13:10
omenot a problem.13:10
Zaitzevalthough, the "&" didn't do much good, there are still lines in terminal (WARN)13:11
omeZaitzev: well, you can close the terminal and reopen it without killing unity.13:11
Zaitzevnvm, ^C worked fine..thought first it would close unity  :P13:11
omeZaitzev: you can always try that sort of things in run (alt+F2), you miss out on the response/possible-erros though.13:12
Gevzhi all, somebody help me with bash scripting?13:12
sarthorklync:  `find /home/Desktop/22 -name "*.jpg" -or .... -exec cp {} /media/30C6A5FAC6A5C088/imran/ \;`13:12
sarthorfind: paths must precede expression: ....13:12
omeGabber: #bash13:12
dr_willis_Gevz:  give details.13:12
GevzI`m reading data from file13:13
CharminTheMooseI'm compiling a 2.6.39 kernel with aufs support, but 'make modules_install' is only installing crypto modules, despite me doing a 'make allmodconfig'. .config looks like this: http://pastebin.ca/2130598 The output when I do make modules_install looks like: http://pastebin.ca/213060413:13
PratikI have Ubuntu 11.10 installed on my laptop in dual boot mode. The grub comes, and I'm able to see the login screen as well. But I'm not able to sign in. Password and other details are correct. I can access all the files throught the virtual terminal. When I sign in, a black screen comes which does not even last for a second and then again the login screen comes.13:14
Gevzand it reading like a string, but i need an integer13:14
dr_willis_!abs | gevz13:14
ubottugevz: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/13:14
GevzCURRENT=$(cat /home/test | awk '{print $0}'13:14
PratikBasically, I cannot access via GUI13:14
omeGevz: I would suggest you to ask in #bash, they have a pretty nice FAQ. also googling about type casting in bash should help.13:15
JermBobhow do i stop my computer auto logging out so quickly13:15
omePratik: What Desktop Env. do you use ?13:15
omeUnity ?13:15
JermBobim over typing my password 10000000000x a day13:16
Pratikome: yes13:16
Gevzok, thanks guys13:16
JermBobtyping it so much is insecure cause someone could see it13:16
michal91Hi, I have one question. how to check the IP by pidgin?13:16
omePratik: try installing something else, (i.e gnome-shell) and see if something is wrong with Desktop Env. (the unity) or something else.13:17
Pratikome: what exactly do I need to install?13:17
=== haz3lnut is now known as haz3lnut_zzz
ome`apt-get install gnome-shell`13:18
aristotleI had to restart my router and now Ubuntu's wireless won't work. Wired works fine. Wireless works fine in Windows and Mac. Do I need to flush the dns or something?13:18
Pratikome: ok fine13:18
Pratikome: one more problem...i'm not able to download packages via apt-get on the virtual terminal13:19
omeJermBob: Maybe you should use a RFID or some other sort of Card based Securty. ? why you think it's insecure anyways ?13:19
MonkeyDustJermBob  the password is what makes Linux more secure than Windows13:19
Pratikome: ping is successful13:19
omePratik: Have you altereted anything at all ? or having the problem since Fresh install ?13:19
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
omeMonkeyDust: Oh, come on. please. there is much more in Linux securty then password. :D13:20
Pratikome: this happened recently, after I had put a file in the startup applications13:20
omewhy don't you try removing that using the terminal ?13:20
[Si]MonkeyDust, it's much easier to bypass linux password than windows on a default install.13:20
Pratikome: i've done that13:20
Pratikbut the problem still persists13:21
omePratik: though. can you give more info about the problem ? have you got anything from Log files ?13:21
MonkeyDust[Si]  ome you're the first ones to disagree :s13:21
Pratikome: i haven't modified any of the files13:21
ome[Si]: not that it's any difficult in windows either. :)13:21
omePratik: No, I mean have you tried to read and find out if there is any information logged about what is going wrong ?13:22
[Si]if you don't password grub you don't need boot disk/usb etc13:22
Pratikome: i found how to delete the startup application using the terminal and deleted the file which I had put recently13:22
Pratikome: nopes13:23
[Si]with windows at least you need a boot disk13:23
omePratik: perheps you should give `tail /var/log/syslog13:23
omea try ?13:23
Sidewinder1aristotle, Perhaps you need to input the SSID?13:23
=== Francisco is now known as Guest31837
JermBobhello ?13:23
Pratikome: fine, I'll do that and get back13:24
ome[Si]: fair. but IMO that is not much of securty meassure. :)13:25
[Si]ome indeed :) but the statement about linux and password making it secure was what I was questioning.13:26
garmetI am somewhat struggling with my dual screen setup. It works as intended, both screen works. The primary is 24" horizontal and the other is 22" vertical screen. Im using xinerama and would like to position the screens so that when I have a window in between them the borders of the window "align". I cant use negative offsets, that upset xorg...13:26
[Si]with physical access you are owned either os (without full disk encrypt)13:27
omeA really hard thing for lots of people to sollow. but deadly true.13:27
[Si]more than once I've had people blah blah my laptop has linux you can't get into it, reboot 2 seconds later I'm in as root :)13:28
[Si]just to make them re-think and make security better.13:28
omegarmet: not that you are in the wrong place to ask, but also consider #xorg13:29
Todddoes truecrypt support full disk encryption with linux yet?13:29
Toddthey've been doing windows for years13:29
garmetome: that may work :D13:29
JermBobmy ubuntu install, how can i stop it going to the login screen every 5 mins of inactivity ?13:31
MonkeyDustJermBob  System Settings - Power13:32
m477hi, does it go to work in fluxbox? q Mod4  :PrevWorkspace13:32
jadahlHow can I install the arm version of libX11.so on my x86_64 system?13:33
mcb_JermBob: System Settings -> preferences -> ScreenSavers, disable the lock.13:33
JermBobMonkeyDust: i thought this myself but it keeps doing it13:33
omem477: how is anyone here 'suppose' to know about fluxbox ?)13:33
JermBobmcb_:  ill try that, thanks13:33
fabianscHello everyone. I am missing "wlan0" in my terminal (iwconfig). I am using a BCM4312 chipset (Broadcom) and Ubuntu 11.10 with gnome 3.2. Can anyone help?13:33
MonkeyDustJermBob  maybe mcb_ 's advice is more useful13:33
dr_willis_fluxbox has a homepage and docs13:33
JermBobmcb_:  thanks13:34
JermBobMonkeyDust: you were close13:34
JermBobthanks tooo13:34
almoxarifeJermBob: look at 'power-management' settings13:34
omefabiansc: it's not always 'wlan0'. it could be wifi0 or something along these lines. Do you have the driver loaded ?13:34
JermBobalmoxarife:  its in the screensaver settings13:34
klasa-1ts_elo chwaście13:34
m477ome: it is ubuntu channel so probably a lot of you use it :)13:35
fabianscome: I am using the wireless card right now; so I guess the driver is loaded; I am not sure?13:35
klasa-1tsWHere are u from ?13:35
klasa-1ts_fabiansc suck my dick13:35
klasa-1tsSuCk My Balls13:36
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!13:36
fabianscklasa-1ts_ something is wrong here Oo13:36
Picidlentz: thanks13:36
JermBobthats a good command13:36
fabianscthanks. That was confusing13:36
omefabiansc: if you are using that. then it's loaded for sure. :)  what do you get in the `iwconfig` already ?13:37
Myrttidlentz: in the future, it helps if you append the call with | nickname of the troublemaker13:38
playmanhow can I see if my samba has a domain name?13:38
fabianscits lo and eth0 (both: n wireless extension) and eth1 (IEEE 802.11 Access Point: Not-Associated Link QUality: 5 Signal Level 215 Noise Level: 199 Rx invalid nwid:0 invalid crypt:14 invalid misc: 0)13:38
neo1691My bootloader is grub2 and i am dualbooting windows 7 with ubuntu!! If i make another partition and install windows xp will it be detected by grub?13:38
dlentzMyrtti, noted13:39
JSeymourneo1691: If you install winXP it'll overwrite the boot block with its own loader13:39
omefabiansc: the eth1 is the wireless interface.13:39
fabianscneo1691: I guess windows xp will overwrite grub..?13:39
fabianscome: oh okay. I thought its my network cable-based one. Thank you13:39
dlentzxp will overwrite grub, but you can reinstall it with the livecd13:39
omefabiansc: try `ifconfig` and you should see wlan0/wifi0 or something like that.13:39
neo1691fabiansc, JSeymour  Any solution?? how can i install ubuntu now?13:39
neo1691*sorry windows xp now13:39
JSeymourneo1691: Yeah, backup the boot block :)13:39
neo1691JSeymour,  How can i do that?? any links wil be helpful13:40
mcb_neo1691: Use a virtual machine, it is the simpler way.13:40
omeneo1691: most likely yes. and you need to reinstall grub2. do you have a diff. partation for your bootloader ?13:40
fabianscneo1691: you can use a live cd to  get your bootloader back; or use ubuntu wubi13:40
JSeymourdd if=/dev/sdX of=<some-or-another-file> bs=512 count=113:40
dlentzneo1691, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Copy_LiveCD_Files13:40
neo1691ome,  yes i do have a different partition for bootloader13:40
JSeymourneo1691: Lemme double-chech that syntax, tho13:40
fabianscneo1691: ubuntu wubi is a program fo windows; you "install" ubuntu this way in windows bootloader13:40
neo1691fabiansc,  if i install xp in an altogether different partition then i wont be able to boot into xp right?13:41
fabianscome: ifconfig gives me eth0, eth1 (with an inet adress, so i guess its my wlan0?) and lo13:41
neo1691sorry i wont be able to boot into ubuntu right13:41
omefabiansc: most likely,13:41
omeneo1691: nope. not after you install XP.13:42
JSeymourneo1691: http://paste.ubuntu.com/892187/13:42
omeonce you install XP all you need to do is reinstall/update-grub2 and you should be fine again.13:42
JSeymourome: You don't need to reinstall Grub.  You just need to restore the MBR.13:43
fabianscneo1691: I think you. If you install Windows, it will overwrite your bootloader. Ununtu will insert your windows partition into grub. Another way is ubuntu wubi. It is like a program for windows, which has a virtual disk (like a virtual machine) but will be executed by the bootloader13:43
mcb_fabiansc: You can tell which eth is wich by the MAC ADDRESS, as normaly the MAC is assossiate with the manufactor.13:43
fabianscome: thank you very much.13:43
omeJSeymour: restore MBR is what update-grub2 does. :)13:43
JSeymourneo1691: You'll have to boot into a LiveCD thing, open a terminal, and "sudo ..." to do part 2.13:44
fabianscmcb_: ah ok. I didn't think about that. I need to "update" my wireless card for my it-security lecture (aircrack stuff); therefore I needed to use my wlan0 / eth1 :-) Thanks so much13:44
Defusali don't quite get this, i switched from putty to SecureCRT recently for my windows ssh client, as it got the best ratings. but now with this client, if my connection dies, all processing running in ssh sessions continue in the background, which forces me to kill them manually later to free listening ports and stuff... does anyone have any idea why this would be happening?13:44
JSeymourneo1691: You'll also have to know where you save the MBR to, and mount the partition that's on13:44
JSeymourneo1691: *Don't* save it to /tmp, on the running system, if /tmp is a RAM fs ;)13:45
JSeymour(The foregoing all assumes the reader has reasonable 'nix skillz.)13:46
neo1691JSeymour,  its difficult for me it seems13:46
JSeymourneo1691: You have a thumb drive?  Save it to that.13:47
JSeymourLet's say you plug the thumb drive in an Linux mounts it as "Thumb".  It'll be under /media/Thumb13:48
omeJSeymour: from what I see, he doesn't know how to backup the MBR. that is why I suggested to reinstall Grub2. considering that he has a diff. partation for bootloader.13:48
=== hashashin is now known as Guest7131
neo1691JSeymour,  ok i willl give it a try!!13:48
JSeymourOr try ome's suggestion.13:48
sarthorI am trying to move files with some extentions, but no success. here is the problem. `find -P /home/safa/Desktop/22/ -name "*.jpg" -or .... -exec mv {} /media/HardDisk/22 \;`13:48
sarthorfind: paths must precede expression: ....13:48
sarthorUsage: find [-H] [-L] [-P] [-Olevel] [-D help|tree|search|stat|rates|opt|exec] [path...] [expression]13:48
JSeymourome: The MBR is always in the same place.13:49
sarthorklync: please check this again.13:49
JSeymourneo1691: Let's say your thumb drive is mounted as "Thumb".  It'll be in /media/Thumb.13:50
=== DJ is now known as Guest49702
neo1691Can easyBCD help me in that case??13:50
JSeymourSo if you "dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/Thumb/MBR_backup bs=512 count=1"...13:51
klyncsarthor: you're not literally using "...", are you? I meant to replace that with the other extensions you want to find. see the man page for more details13:51
=== bladernr_afk is now known as bladernr_
JSeymourThen, when you boot off the live CD, plug in the thumb drive, see where it mounts it (may be the same) and do the 2nd part.  Either sudo or su -.13:52
playmanhow can I see if my samba has a domain name?13:52
sarthorklync: I am new to linux. and i also want to mv .jpg extentions.13:52
omeJSeymour: but doesn't it has to be update to read the Grub partation as active rather then that of last installed OS (XP in this case) ?13:53
thetinyjesuscan anyone help with getting an nvidia 310m card working?13:53
omethetinyjesus: Nope. No one would really help you unless you try it yourself and have a specific problem that you can't solve. :)13:54
JSeymourIf the Live CD system doesn't mount the thumb drive automatically, you can "mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt", for example, in which case your thumb drive will now appear under /mnt13:54
geirhasarthor: find /home/safa/Desktop/22/ \( -name "*.jpg" -o -name "*.flv" -o -name "*.mp3" \) -exec mv {} /media/HardDisk/22 \;13:54
thetinyjesusome, i'13:54
thetinyjesusome, ive tried to do several different things which all cause my computer to disable all display adapters13:54
JSeymourome: It's been my experience that 'doze doesn't mess with partition active, etc. status'13:54
JSeymourneo1691: Might not be a bad idea to boot off a LiveCD before you start to see how the thumb drive is handled and what you're going to have to do13:55
riverykalguien me ayuda, utilidad de discos no detecta mi disco externo, que puedo hacer???13:55
omeJSeymour: I don't know much of about BIOS, but if MBR and Active partation is constant how does diff. OS/bootlaoders are loaded ?13:56
omes/of about/about13:57
JSeymourDoesn't the MBR point to the desired bootloader?  Isn't that what a Master Boot Record is?13:57
JSeymourThing is: Doing it my way, I think you have to somehow tell Grub about the new 'doze partition.  I don't recall.13:58
omeJSeymour: so that means, you have to update the MBR to laod the desired bootloader ?13:58
JSeymourneo1691: ^^^13:58
JSeymourome: That's the way *I* understand it works: Yes.13:59
omeJSeymour: 'aight then. I thought you said its always the same.13:59
JSeymourome: That's why, when you install a new 'doze, you lose Linux entirely, because the 'doze install overwrites the MBR with a new one.13:59
JSeymourome: No: I said it's always in the same place.14:00
JSeymour1st 512 bytes of the raw device.14:00
neo1691JSeymour, Ok i will try to do that!! But i am a noob at linux commands. You still helped me a lot14:00
omeand to tell the Grub about the new partation, you can edit the grub.conf yourself or just run `update-grub2` and let it find all OS itself.14:00
omeJSeymour: oh my bad then. :)14:00
JSeymourome: That's what I *meant* to say, anyway :)14:00
playmanhow can I see if my samba has a domain name? any one?14:02
JSeymourLook in smb.conf?14:02
JSeymourrun smbclient?14:02
JSeymourrun nmblookup?14:02
omeI am off. peace out.14:02
* JSeymour waves14:02
Oer playman, normally samba does not give you a domainname, unless you provide one.14:03
chrisfromthebayHey guys. I just created a LiveUSB of Ubuntu 12. Is there a way to change the boot options from within, to enable persistence?14:03
JSeymourplayman: N.B.: Windows "domain" and DNS "domain" are Not The Same Thing14:03
Oerchrisfromthebay, join #Ubuntu+1 for 12.04 beta14:03
oCeanchrisfromthebay: Precise/12.04 is not yet released (now beta). Please /join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion14:04
fabianscHi again. I am on my way to patch my wireless card for using aircrack (IT Security Lecture at university). The manual says I need to decide which kernel version I am useing (3.2 or newer) or (older kerlnels)14:04
fabianscDo they mean my linux kernel (I guess it's 3.0) or a "wireless kernel" if this exists14:04
ikoniafabiansc: there is no such thing as a wireless kernel14:04
theadminfabiansc: Which Ubuntu version are you using? The latest kernel in Ubuntu, if I recall correctly, is 3.114:04
ikoniafabiansc: the fact that you are not comfortable with this inforamtion suggests you should not be trying to patch the kernel14:05
nlkohi guys, i have added "profile" tpo my grub boot conf, do i leave it there, or do i remove it after a few boots?14:05
nlkoone blog i read suggests i remove it once it has profiled?14:05
fabiansctheadmin: Ubuntu 11.10 :-) Is there a way to check the kernel version?14:05
nlkoim trying to get a faster boot time14:05
playmanOer: ok, but I didint install the samba originally, it was allready installed, there for i'm trying to find this out14:05
theadminfabiansc: uname -r14:05
mcb_playman: In /etc/samba/cmb.conf the tag WORKGROUP= <domain name>14:05
ikoniafabiansc: I very very VERY strongly advise you not to try to patch the kernel at your current ability14:05
fabianscikonia: thanks for the advise; but I need to based on my lecture. I guess it can only kick ubuntu down; so I need to reinstall it.14:06
theadminSpeaking of custom kernels, how do you generate initrd/initcpio on Ubuntu?14:06
ikoniafabiansc: I doubt your lecture forces you to do something like this14:06
mcb_playman:: Also see if the setting domain master is set to yes. If so your samba is the domain master.14:06
abhinavmehtaI'm trying to configure 'pptp' eg. VPN-server…while doing that, I'm confused at /etc/pptpd.conf attribute localip & remoteip….14:07
abhinavmehtaMy local network is behind the wireless router…so IP should be 192.xxx something eg. local-ips…or should I provide ISP-provided ups..?14:08
fabianscikonia: We need to simulate an attack on a wireless lan and present the results... there is no further support... but that's my problem :-)14:08
fabianscwe are writing a seminarpaper about it afterwards14:08
ikoniafabiansc: have you considered using a distro that is aimed to do that14:08
fabianscI was thinking about backtrack 3, but it didn't work with my hardware14:09
ikoniafabiansc: with the utmost respect, how can you give a lecture on something like this when you have no understanding of how to use/manage the tool14:09
theadminfabiansc: Try backtrack, I say. Messing with the kernel is, in general, a bad idea. Unless you're running gentoo I guess.14:09
ikoniafabiansc: why not a modern backtrack install14:09
Defusal_in case anyone answered my question while i was timing out, please repaste it14:09
fabianscikonia: my hardware is completely not supporter. I tried it before.14:09
Defusal_because now i have the issue again, and would really like to know why it is happening14:09
playmanmcb_: you mean the "domain logons"? it's uncommented (it has the ; sign in front of it)14:10
theadminDefusal_: Repeat your question please, since a ton of lines was here after you asked, likely14:10
ikoniafabiansc: backtrack is based on ubuntu14:10
ikoniafabiansc: so if ubuntu works, backtrack will work14:10
Defusal_i don't quite get this, i switched from putty to SecureCRT recently for my windows ssh client, as it got the best ratings. but now with this client, if my connection dies, all processing running in ssh sessions continue in the background, which forces me to kill them manually later to free listening ports and stuff... does anyone have any idea why this would be happening?14:10
nibbler_suddenly my center mousebutton does not paste anymore. any hint where to configure this?14:10
fabianscikonia: It doesn't boot at all and stuck while booting; only hard reset helps. Ubuntu boots fine. I don't know what else could be the issue. MD5 is fine.14:11
xerzhey can someone tell me whats the command for unix to download irssi on a VPS?14:11
theadminDefusal_: I think that's a normal behaviour. Nothing kills the processes => they continue running14:11
JSeymourNeed some help w/b0rk3d upgrade: Got this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/892113/ then tried this http://paste.ubuntu.com/892221/14:11
ikoniafabiansc: what version of backtrack have you tried ?14:11
Defusal_theadmin, err, that is not how ssh sessions work...14:11
mcb_playman: Both # and ; characters comments lines in smb.conf14:11
fabianscBT3 RC something (actual)14:11
Defusal_when the ssh session dies, so do all processes that it is running14:11
theadminDefusal_: Eh... Hm.14:11
ikoniafabiansc: ok, that is very old, try a modern version, backtrack 4 - 514:11
nmvictorI hav an old laptop that cant boot USB drive, the CD drive is not working and so the only available solution is network booting via PXE. Is their a guru on this area to take me through, I already have dhcp3-server and tftpboot installed in the machine i  want to set up as server. I dont knwo what next, someone please take me through.14:11
oCeanDefusal_: try contacting the maintainers of that client program, it is not an ubuntu issue14:11
Defusal_oCean, my question is not how to fix the client, its how this is possible in the first place14:12
oCeanDefusal_: it is not an ubuntu issue, so offtopic for this channel14:12
Defusal_it breaks ssh's expected behaviour14:12
MonkeyDustxerz  depends on what package manager Unix uses14:12
fabianscikonia: Ah that's old? Huh - than I'll take a second look for it. Thanks14:12
Defusal_oCean, ok, then i will rephrase my question14:12
garmetnot much response from #xorg :( anyone can take a look at this? http://pastebin.com/KU0qMH0m I'm trying to figure out why changing: "Screen1" RELATIVE "Screen0" 1920 0    ->   1920 200 increases the window alignment gap instead of decreasing it :(14:13
ikoniafabiansc: I promise using a distro that is built to do what you want rather than trying to patch the ubuntu kernel, will be a lot lot easier14:13
xerzMonkeyDust: Linux expres 2.6.18-274.7.1.el5.028stab095.1 #1 SMP Mon Oct 24 20:49:24 MSD 2011 i686 GNU/Linux14:13
ikoniaahhh a redhat kernel14:13
oCeanDefusal_: it will not change your real subject, your new windows client. Please don't ask here14:13
playmanallright thank you fro that mcb_14:13
ikoniaxerz: xen host by any chance14:13
railsraideranyone can help with ssh issue? i am able to connect one eth1 but not on eth014:13
latifanihow can i connect my local lan to ubuntu on my laptop14:13
xerzi need help to install irssi thoguh14:13
nmvictorIs it possiblr to boot a remastered ubuntu ISO via PXE network booting?14:13
Defusal_oCean: if you are unable to help, rather keep quiet please14:13
xerzwhat command would i use?14:13
fabianscikonia: do you know whether i can install it like my ubuntu right now (via wubi)?14:14
ikoniaxerz: please pastebin the output of lsb_release -a14:14
ikoniafabiansc: no, and you're using wubi, bad idea14:14
Defusal_how is it possible to disconnect from a SSHd, without the session dying? i have always assumed this is impossible, but since i now see it is possible, i'd like to know how it can be done, and if it is possible to reconnect to the same session again14:14
MonkeyDustxerz  or simply lsb_release -sd14:14
oCeanDefusal_: no, I am pointing out the guidelines for you. If you can't behave accordingly, I'll have to mute or remove you14:14
xerzikonia: Distributor ID:Debian Description:Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.8 (lenny) Release:5.0.8 Codename:lenny14:14
ikoniafabiansc: if you are going to do a job - do it right, get a distro like back track, install it properly in a dual boot setup14:14
nmvictorAny help with PXE booting, please!14:14
ikoniaxerz: #debian would be the channel you want14:14
fabianschmm that's bad. USB Stick is too slow and stucks. Ubuntu wubi is fine for me. So I need to make a second partition14:15
Defusal_oCean, i am well aware of the guidelines, my question is perfectly valid, please stop harrassing me14:15
xerzlol, cbf going there now14:15
ikonianmvictor: are you using ubuntu or debian14:15
ikoniaxerz: ok, bye then14:15
bazhang!es | usuario14:15
ubottuusuario: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:15
nmvictorikonia: unbuntu14:15
nmvictorikonia: ubuntu14:15
mcb_railsraider: Do your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file ListenAddress If not, SSH will only listen in the IP setted here.14:16
nmvictorikonia: will you please take me throu'14:16
Defusal_but i guess maybe a general linux channel will be able to provide an answer, since sshd isnt exactly specific to ubuntu14:16
JSeymourDefusal_: Gotta go w/oCean on this one: Your question seems OT for this channel.  Neither component are Ubuntu things.  One is either SSH or OpenSSH, the other a Windows application.14:16
ZaitzevWhat command do I run in terminal to give full read+write access to /var/www and all files and subfolders, with a user other than root?14:16
ikoniaDefusal_: there are some windows clients that work like screen14:16
[Si]Defusal_ I would say look at screen ctrl-a d disconnects screen -r rejoins.14:16
MonkeyDustDefusal_  maybe this link is useful http://embraceubuntu.com/2006/02/03/keeping-ssh-sessions-alive/14:16
ikoniaDefusal_: they run a daemon and the client connects to that daemon that does the ssh work14:16
JSeymourDefusal_: SSH isn't specific to anything, really.14:16
Defusal_JSeymour, ok, i will try find someone related to sshd, please make sure everyone in here refuses to help anyone with anything related to ssh in the future. thanks14:17
ikonianmvictor: what part of pxe booting are you not clear with ?14:17
Defusal_[Si], i am not talking about screen.14:17
bazhang!attitude > Defusal_14:17
ubottuDefusal_, please see my private message14:17
Defusal_i should have made that more clear14:17
ikoniaDefusal_: I didn't say you where talking about screen14:17
ikoniaDefusal_: re-read what I said14:17
ikoniaDefusal_: I said there are some clients that act LIKE screen14:17
Defusal_bazhang, my attitude was fine until i got harassed14:17
Defusal_ikonia, i have not yet responding to you14:18
ikoniaDefusal_: in that the front end you see isn't actually doing the work , the application daemon is14:18
bazhangDefusal_, thats enough.14:18
JSeymourDefusal_: You're more likely to get better help elsewhere, is all I'm saying.  You're looking for expertise that might better be found elsehwere.14:18
Defusal_JSeymour, i got that, thanks14:18
MonkeyDustDefusal_  there's also the channel #network or #networking14:18
nmvictorikonia: well, im not clear with the settings to write to /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf14:18
JSeymourDefusal_: You're welcome.  Good luck finding your answer.14:18
ikonianmvictor: ok, are you following a guide ?14:19
nmvictorikonia: I was, some web pages14:19
* JSeymour wonders if he should try *his* question on #debian?14:19
ikonianmvictor: which ones14:19
Defusal_ikonia, i am pretty sure theres no daemon involved14:20
nmvictorikonia: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto14:20
Defusal_MonkeyDust: no sshd or server configuration has changed14:21
ikonianmvictor: ok, so looking at the dhcp server config example in that link, what part isn't clear ?14:21
MonkeyDustDefusal_  it seems you're refusing each and any tip you're getting here, better ask your question in the #network channel14:22
nmvictorikonia: First, the address used after subnet, does it have to be the one used or is their a particular one I have to use?14:22
Defusal_MonkeyDust, my question is quite specific, but as i said, i will try ask in other linux related channels14:22
Defusal_and im not refusing anything14:23
Defusal_i am looking for a very specific answer14:23
ikoniaDefusal_: contact the application vendor for an explination14:23
nibbler_resolved: defective mouse key :(14:23
Defusal_ikonia, my question is unrelated to the client, i want to know how sshd possibly allows this14:23
Defusal_and how i can exploit it to resume sessions14:23
ikoniaDefusal_: you'll need to know how the client works to understand that14:24
Defusal_but most importantly, how it is possible in the first place14:24
ikoniaDefusal_: as I said it maybe running a daemon/service as some windows ssh clients do14:24
ikoniaDefusal_: finding out from the client vendor how it works is the first step14:24
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
Defusal_ikonia, as i said, im pretty sure theres no daemon, i am looking at my process list now14:24
ikoniaDefusal_: sorry, I didn't know you could read instead all the applications binaries14:24
ikoniaDefusal_: ask the vendor how it works, once they explain how it works you can look at working out if this is a risk or not14:25
ikoniait's pointless to speculate14:25
ikoniaget facts, work with facts14:25
Defusal_regardless of the clients works, sshd either has a serious flaw, or a feature14:25
nmvictorikonia: is their a proble using any address?14:25
=== carif_ is now known as carif
Defusal_either way, i want to know about it14:25
ubottuYou can identify automatically by using your NickServ password as the server password in your IRC client. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel's tab, or a typo may give away your password. If that happened, type « /msg NickServ set password <new-password> » in the server tab as soon as possible.14:25
* JSeymour suspects a client-side "SO" setting on the 'doze side...14:25
ikonianmvictor: it's your dhcp pool14:25
ikoniaDefusal_: then ask the client maker how it works and you can work out if it's an ssh security flaw, or just the client doing work for you and it's fine14:25
oCeanJSeymour: no need for /me commands. Also, the MS product is called "Windows", please don't use silly misspellings14:25
JSeymouroCean: If you had to ride herd on a corral-full of *Windows* boxen, you might not regard "silly misspellings" as quite so silly ;)14:28
gandhijee_hey, i seem to have lost the ability to use the mouse and click on my windows.... i can see the cursor and click the titlebars in the bar at the bottom14:30
gandhijee_but i can't actually get to the menus or anything in the windows....any ideas?14:30
jamesbeebopHello all.  I have 11.10 64 bit running as a guest inside virtualbox, hosted on 64bit Windows 7.  Display is listed as "VBX", and I'm using the xfce window manager.  When I drag a window (or sometimes resize, or otherwise 'move' it) some of the text, or window dressing, or both goes fuzzy, with artifacts all over the place, and won't refresh.  If I minimize it, or pop another window on top (or otherwise force the refresh) it 14:30
mneptokJSeymour: 'round these parts we don't take too kindly to folk slingin' stuff ovber fences, son. don't make me get all ornery and take Ol' Reliable out.14:31
jo__hello, i got a question, can anybody tell me where i can download ubuntu ?14:31
auronandace!8.04 | jo__14:31
ubottujo__: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.14:31
theShadow-good evening gentlemen14:32
ikoniajo__: that distro is end of life, are you %100 sure you want that one14:32
mneptokjo__: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/14:32
mneptokikonia: 12 months left for server support.14:32
ikoniamneptok: true14:32
mneptokjo__: what ikonia said is 100% valid unless you are installing the server edition. and if you are, why not wait a couple weeks until the next LTS release drops?14:33
mi3can someone suggest how can I grep specific information from a website?14:33
theShadow-I am soon going to attempt installing ubuntu in a partition on my apple laptop14:33
jo__i am. its for an ums system i am goint to set up14:33
nmvictorikonia: Do you mind if i get back to you later. Thanks.14:33
mneptokjo__: you do not want to be deploying production systems on a release that old and that close to EOL.14:34
theShadow-does anyone here have any experience with installing ubuntu from OSX?14:35
auronandacejo__: 10.04 is also lts and supported til 201514:35
auronandace!mac | theshadow14:35
ubottutheshadow: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:35
jo__it is for school =)14:35
theShadow-oh also14:36
jo__i would prefer a stable version too but i got old scripts =(14:36
theShadow-every guide i have found recommends using rEFIt14:36
mneptokjo__: i would not start building systems on a 4 year old release.14:36
theShadow-but as far as I know, it does not yet work with 10.714:36
theShadow-latest version of OSX14:37
theShadow-as far as I can tell, the reason for installing it is, if I install linux in a partition, my computer will automatically default to linux, instead of OSX14:38
theShadow-or something14:38
mneptoktheShadow-: i have no experience with Macs, but my Thinkpad with UEFI did not require rEFIt.14:39
theShadow-I will just install it14:39
theShadow-whats the worse that could happen, right? :p14:40
theShadow-ok next question14:40
mneptoktheShadow-: you should see a very small FAT32 or FAT partition on the disk. be sure to tell Linux to mount this at /boot/efi/14:40
jo__theShadow: just press alt at boot and you can choose your partition14:40
WLUhow can I tell what video driver is in use?14:40
theShadow-what format should I make the linux partition>14:41
theShadow-ok, can ubuntu reformat the partition to what it needs?14:42
auronandaceWLU: lspci will tell you what graphics card you have and lsmod will list the modules loaded14:42
auronandaceWLU: lspci | grep vga14:42
oCeanWLU: and lscpi -k will show the modules used for that device, for example   lspci -k |grep -i vga -A 314:43
auronandaceoCean: cool, i guess i was going the long way around :)14:43
jo__got it...thx to all who helped me. see you14:44
oCeanauronandace: sometimes there are shortcuts :)14:44
WLUauronandace, oCean thanks foundit seems also modprobe -l will list all14:44
theShadow-ok here goes guys14:45
theShadow-wish me luck14:45
WLUauronandace, oCean I am tryinmg to get gnome-shell working with an  nVidia  GT218 [GeForce 8400 GS] card. I can only get it to work with the nvidia driver under classic. with the nouveau driver displays just shows one monitor and does not even recognize the second. Any ideas?14:46
toobazHello everybody. In evolution, the "From", "To", "Cc:" and "Subject" have disappeared. My evolution composer appears like that: http://pietrobattiston.it/c/evo.png . Anyone has any hints?14:47
toobazI have no idea of what to do...14:47
=== darkapex is now known as DarkApex
mi3how can I grep information from a website using grep? Can someone suggest?14:48
toobazmi3: you cannot, simply using grep. You can couple grep with wget, for instance. But for non-totally-trivial tasks, you'd better go with a simple python script.14:48
jattmi3: lynx -dump www.google.com | grep google14:48
=== butz is now known as blitz
mi3toobaz, means i need to download the website with wget, then use grep, right?14:49
jattnope, you can use lynx as I told you14:50
sacarlsonWLU: was nvidea working before gnome-shell?  I installed gnome-shell with nvidea and didn't require any changes14:50
toobazmi3: jatt's command works great fine if that's what you need14:50
toobaz(just "great")14:50
roastedQuestion - I was tinkering with Unison a little bit... is there a way to set custom flags for it, similar to rsync? -a, -t, etc?14:50
sacarlsonWLU: oh I only run one monitor so me ??14:51
WLUsacarlson: yes it was but not with unity as well. Only classic will do14:51
toobazmi3: no, please don't pm me (not even to ask me if you can pm me).14:51
WLUsacarlson: I think that might be the problem14:51
=== nikolja is now known as nikolja|odsutan
WLUanyone has nVidea driver working with two monitors and gnome-shell or unity?14:52
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dmtВозможно ли запустить tunngle под wine?15:00
auronandace!ru | dmt15:01
ubottudmt: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:01
ubottumandinga: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:04
* dmt Is it possible to run tunngle in wine?15:05
dmtIs it possible to run tunngle in wine?15:05
bazhangdmt, check the appdb15:05
auronandace!appdb | dmt15:05
ubottudmt: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help15:05
bazhangdmt, after that /join #winehq15:06
auronandace!brain | mandinga15:07
ubottumandinga: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots15:07
phong_hi guys, i have realvnc server and a key, does anyone know how to register in ubuntu?15:07
bazhangmandinga, add on for what15:07
ubottumandinga: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:08
bazhangmandinga, no warez here15:09
bazhangmandinga, /msg ubottu please15:09
mandingaok ok beg ypou pardon15:09
theShadow-why does ubuntu require 3 partitions15:10
ikoniait doesn't15:11
theShadow-is that a windows thing then?15:11
ikoniatheShadow-: what ?15:11
theShadow-it says in order to dual boot, it has to have 3 partitions15:11
theShadow-swap, root, and home15:12
ikoniano it doens't15:12
MonkeyDusttheShadow-  on that page, it is advised to have a separate /home partition15:12
ikoniayou only "need" root - you should probably have swap, and you can have /home on a seperate partition if you want to15:12
auronandacetheShadow-: only root is really required, but swap is recommended15:12
tretif you delete the ubuntu partition you won't be able to boot windows so it's prolly for boot15:12
ikoniayou can do it with one partition, however two is more realistic as swap is useful on it's own partition15:12
ikoniatret: that has nothing to do with it15:12
theShadow-can I create the swap partition later?15:13
MonkeyDusttheShadow-  you can disable it, with swapoff -a15:13
mneptoktheShadow-: if you leave unpartitioned space, yes. but then you'll have to activate it all manually.15:13
rebetheshadow make swap file it's more handy15:13
theShadow-at this point, I want to keep everything as simple as possible, just to get it working to make sure I didn't break anything15:13
mneptoktheShadow-: the simple approach is to create swap space during installation.15:14
bingomaniahey all DHCP question... I remember before when i use to run sudo apt-get install dhcp3-server it use to ask me setup questions (i.e. on what network interface should the dhcp server listen?)  How come it no longer asks these questions at install?15:14
MonkeyDusttheShadow-  then use swap, it's default and you don't have to find out how to disable it15:14
theShadow-would you recommend creating all of the partitions from the installer?\15:14
Urchinis there any way of disabling framebuffer in 10.04?15:14
e2xistzif I have 16gb ram, should I have swap?15:14
tretso if you do plan to remove ubuntu windows won15:14
bingomaniai'm trying to set up dhcp server and cant even start it prob cuzit doesnt know where to listen15:14
mneptoktheShadow-: hibernating/suspending that MacBook will require swap space15:14
tretso if you do plan to remove ubuntu windows won't boot unless you make a boot partition for grub15:14
bingomaniahow can i run the dhcp3-server initial configuration again?15:14
mneptoktret: untrue.15:15
auronandacetret: he is running a mac15:15
mneptoktret: remove Ubuntu, delete its partitions, run the MBR restore tool from Windows. done.15:15
theShadow-I had originally created the partition for window from OSX's disc utility15:16
e2xistzWhat's the name of this MBR restore tool?15:16
theShadow-er, for linux15:16
mneptoke2xistz: "fdisk /mbr" used to do it on NT3 and such15:17
* mneptok has not used Windows since the 1990s15:17
e2xistzmneptok: What about Windows 7?15:17
Egbert9s5my disk space went 0 and now i'm getting weird errors. it's something to do with the ecryptfs15:17
Egbert9s5what do i do?15:17
mneptoke2xistz: invent a time machine, bring a copy of Win7 back to 1996, and i might know.15:18
Sidewinder1e2xistz, I believe that it's accessed by booting the Windows Repair disk and selecting fix/repair MBR.15:18
e2xistzmneptok: I do have a time machine, but currently it's forward only. Here, now, you have a Win 7.15:18
mneptokEgbert9s5: boot the system from live media (CD or USB), mount the encrypted filespace and look at what's using what.15:18
theShadow-ok, take 215:18
Egbert9s5mneptok: what do you mean what's using what?15:19
MonkeyDustEgbert9s5  start here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=156041115:19
e2xistzSidewinder1: Yes, bootrec.exe /fixmbr /fixboot, but can you use it without a boot disc?15:19
mneptokEgbert9s5: you say available space dropped to 0. what is using that space and reporting those inodes as in use?15:20
Egbert9s5mneptok: some files are now unreadable15:21
TorbenBetaHow can I write in a shell script (Bash) that the process shall be put on hold? Control plus c.15:21
Sidewinder1e2xistz, I'm not sure; like mneptok, I haven't used Win for a long time, also, never had to repair MBR, sorry.15:21
bunny69folks... i'm desperately trying to master vhosting... i know that there are so many docs and such... but still, vhosting gives me such a headache... perhaps someone could point me to a bullet proof solution? i just want to addd a vhost and forget about it instead of playing funny games with apache all the time15:21
bingomaniacan anyone help me get DHCP-SERVER started?15:22
bunny69e.g. i have 3 different domains on 3 vhosts right now... different IPs also, and now i added 4th vhost and out of the blue apache sends a visitor to same virtual dir for 2 of those 4 vhosts... why on earth is that?15:22
bingomaniait wont start... usually during the install when i have done this in the past it just asks questions like (what interface do you want to listen on_)  and this time it never did15:22
bunny69bingomania did you check logs?15:23
dlentzTorbenBeta, sleep?  Maybe ask in #bash15:23
bunny69is there anyone really good with hosting multiple sites on a single machine (few IPs) willing to help me out and give a bullet proof solution on vhosting?15:24
TorbenBetadlentz, thanks.15:25
bingomaniabunny69 how do i see the syslogs for the dhcp server... i looked in /var/log/ but i see nothing there for dhcp15:25
mneptokbunny69: the bullet-proof solution is understanding how apache2 does this. not someone understanding it for you.15:25
thedonvaughnbunny69: depends on your webserver.  Just use VirtualHost in apache after turning it on and it's pretty simple15:25
bunny69well that's what i'm doing15:25
mneptokbunny69: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/vhosts/  <--- you understanding that yourself is the bullet-proof solution.15:25
bunny69i just added a new vhost... standard files in sites-enabled and sites-available... but out of the blue the same dir is used for TWO domains and i have NO idea why is that15:26
mneptokbunny69: because you copy/pasted15:26
bunny69i edited carefuly15:26
bunny69and so far it worked nicely for 3 domains15:26
bingomaniabunny69: i cant find any logs for dhcpd15:26
thedonvaughnbunny69: so each of hte domains has their own virtualhost directive and a different documentroot?15:27
bunny69yes sir15:27
atpa8aseems like ubuntu is 'Starting OpenSSH server' once for everty NIC or alias...15:27
bunny69and this is why i don't really understand why wouldn't it work... especially because it did work for 3 domains before15:28
atpa8ais that true?15:28
bunny69i triple checked DocumentRoot for that 4th domain and it is well defined15:28
bunny69and for some stupid reason it works but it also made some previous domain point to the same dir15:29
asarchHow do you transfer the ISO to a USB memory stick?15:29
bunny69while 2 other work just fine as usual...15:29
asarchUNetBootIn fails15:29
asarchCan you dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/myusb15:30
bingomaniaanyone know why i cant find the dhcpd log anywhere15:30
bingomaniai'm having issues starting dhcp3-server  it after a fresh install an15:30
auronandaceasarch: if it is 11.10 yes15:30
bingomaniaand i cant find tit anywhere in the syslog15:30
bazhangasarch, as of 11.10 the iso are hybrid15:30
bingomaniai cant believe this is an issue... i've never had this problem with dhcp3-server15:31
bingomania(guess it's now ISC Dhcp server)15:31
droid-0854asarch, might get root check error15:31
atpa8aasarch: don't think so... Universal USB Installer but it's for windows15:32
bunny69ok... thanks for your help... when 1631 are in and no one can help with vhosting then something is damn wrong...15:33
asarchThank you very much guys :-)15:33
asarchThank you15:33
dasunsrule32Does anyone have a Dell Latitude E6510 and the closing the lid won't sleep on 12.04? I'm running gnome-shell, latest from the precise repos15:34
bazhangdasunsrule32, #ubuntu+1 for 12.0415:34
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zer0her0here's a dumb question, why do some packaged get kept back when doing a apt-get upgrade?15:39
auronandacezer0her0: did you apt-get update before the apt-get upgrade?15:40
zer0her0auronandace, yep15:41
zer0her0sudo'd of course ;)15:41
auronandacezer0her0: got any extra repos or ppas installed?15:41
atpa8afreaking resolveconf15:42
atpa8anot updating /etc/resolv.conf15:42
zer0her0yes to repos but not to the PPAs15:42
auronandacezer0her0: that is likely why then, the conflicts are likely in the repos you added15:43
zer0her0things being held back aren't from the extra repo(s)(not sure if it's just one there maybe 2 repos i've added)15:43
quiescenszer0her0: you should most likely do apt-get dist-upgrade15:44
auronandacezer0her0: what is being held back?15:44
zer0her0it's linux-(headers-/image-)generic and 2 flashplugin items15:44
zer0her0quiescens, dist-upgrade?15:44
bazhangzer0her0, yes, it's not a version upgrade15:45
bazhang!dist-upgrade | zer0her015:45
ubottuzer0her0: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.15:45
zer0her0ah ok sweet, hehe thanks :)15:45
zer0her0Do you want to continue [Y/n]? 515:46
zer0her0hahahaha, man i think i need food. :)15:46
phil_physcan you install ubuntu in a asus eee pc 1101ha using a pendrive??15:47
quiescens5 is totally not an answer to a yes/no question15:47
e2xistzphil_phys: yes15:47
phil_physe2xistz: If yes how?15:47
Nach0zphil_phys: and by "yes" he means "5"15:47
zer0her0coworker says "Clearly 5 is the right answer" when i started laughing he asked what was going on.15:47
e2xistzphil_phys: unetbootin15:48
shwaiilQ: I'm buying a new computer, but I dont want win7, neither pay for the license, so I want to install ubuntu. Is this going to be compatible ? http://pastie.org/private/h7ny7z3p3nsvm4phmcqw3g15:48
shwaiiltks for looking15:48
tollandis there is a project for a tool to manage an access point? (in this case the wireless TX/RX is attached to a desktop, so I can apply the QOS shaping rules via netfilter)15:48
phil_physe2xists: I downloaded Xubuntu with UNetbootin15:48
Nach0zshwaiil: no reason it douldn't be. ubuntu supports pretty much everything standard now.15:48
tollandbut it is for a cafe with some people who would need to use the gui15:48
Nach0zthat being said, shwaiil, I WANT YOUR COMPUTER :<15:48
shwaiilNach0z: hum ok15:48
Nach0zshwaiil: keep in mind though, ubuntu doesn't like to run a bunch of Windows games.15:49
shwaiilNach0z: it's not mine, just one idea :I it's a sacrifice I'm thinking about doing15:49
e2xistzphil_phys: use unetbootin to write it to the flash drive, then boot from the flashdrive.15:49
shwaiilNach0z: its to work15:49
shwaiilNach0z: my last game was delta force : black hawk down..that was 8 years ago ?!15:49
Nach0zahhhh. then why the heck do you need a 560Ti?15:49
shwaiilnever played again15:49
phil_physe2xistz: I did it but i see a blac screen15:49
shwaiilNach0z: II work in multimedia, I do programming, 2d, 3d, audio15:49
Nach0zah gotcha.15:49
shwaiilyah :)15:50
Nach0zprogramming -> Linux <315:50
e2xistzphil_phys: Sorry, couldn't help you further.15:50
shwaiilbut maybe I'll need win for audio, but I'm not doing audio production I think, at least for a few more months15:50
zer0her0ok seems to be working, thank you: quiescens, bazhang, & auronandace.15:50
nullucashi, I'd like to manipulate audio with enough precision, for example to synchronize beats with other beats or voices, stretch music or voices to make them match a video or a certain rhythm, etc. I don't think I can do this easily with audacity. What software could I use? Thanks15:50
auronandace!yay | zer0her015:51
ubottuzer0her0: Glad you made it! :-)15:51
phil_physe2xistz: I think there is a problem on incompatibility15:51
* zer0her0 dances ubottu 15:51
e2xistzphil_phys: try turning off quick boot in the bios.15:55
atpa8awhat's the deal with the freaking resolvconf?.. it's not updating /etc/resolv.conf even tho i added the dns- lines to /etc/network/interfaces15:57
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, you have access to a ubuntu setup already, you probably need to use the nomodeset option, and unetbootin may not let you get to that option easily.15:57
dorganok so i've just installed ufw on most of my other servers, all the same version of ubuntu  yet when i try to install it on one box i am getting "cp: cannot create regular file `/var/lib/ucf/cache/:etc:ufw:before.rules': Invalid argument"15:57
dorganany ideas?15:58
bazhangnullucas, something like ardour and/or rosegarden perhaps?15:58
Fyodorovna!nomodeset | phil_phys15:58
ubottuphil_phys: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:58
phil_physI don't know nomodeset option15:58
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, you could could just install with the alternative cd a text install.15:59
Fyodorovnaon a usb15:59
kuryanyone know where the "sem" command is hidden within the ubuntu packages?16:00
bazhangkury to do what16:00
Xabster-lapHow do I change what DNS-server to use in ubuntu 11.10?16:00
phil_physHow can you install alternative cd ubuntu 11.10 i386.iso on a usb?16:00
phil_physOn a windows system i used UNetbootin16:01
nullucasbazhang, yeah, it looks like I need something like Ardour... I haven't tried it though. I'll try it, thanks.16:01
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, same use unetbootin, the black scren is a graphic failure probably the alternative does not need it.16:01
kurybazhang: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/ProcessManagement#I_want_to_process_a_bunch_of_files_in_parallel.2C_and_when_one_finishes.2C_I_want_to_start_the_next._And_I_want_to_make_sure_there_are_exactly_5_jobs_running_at_a_time.16:02
zykotick9phil_phys: if you are on gnu/linux you can just cat the iso to the USB (IF its 11.10, older versions aren't hybrid iso/usb images)16:02
e2xistzphil_phys: ASUS netbooks has a bios feature to fast or quick boot by bypassing the bios initializations. Disable that and see if it works.16:05
kroonrshi.  I'm trying to connect my laptop to my monitor with a DVI cable, but when I boot I get a kernel panic.  VGA cable works ok.16:05
phil_physI'm downloading UNetbootin on ubuntu so I can install the iso on a usb16:05
zykotick9kroonrs: the kernel panic probably isn't related to the DVI cable, just sayin'16:05
kurybazhang: any idea?16:06
kroonrszykotick9: only thing that changed was swapping out the cable16:06
bazhangkury, sorry no idea16:06
zykotick9kroonrs: suppose it's possible... i'd still be surprised16:06
zykotick9kroonrs: unless this is ATI - then all bets are off ;)16:07
kroonrszykotick9: how do I know if it's ATI?16:07
Xabster-lapHow do I change what DNS-server to use in ubuntu 11.10?16:07
zykotick9kroonrs: "lspci | grep -i vga"16:07
zykotick9kroonrs: oh, but you can't boot...16:07
FyodorovnaXabster-lap, I set that in my router personally.16:07
kroonrszykotick9: I'm booted now - with VGA16:08
Xabster-lapFyodorovna, i can't - it's not my network16:08
kroonrsit says Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) and nVidia Corporation GF108 [Quadro NVS 4200M] (rev ff)16:08
kroonrszykotick9: ^16:08
zykotick9kroonrs: ahhh you have hybrid intel/nvidia - you need some other software (that i always forget the name of, something with bee in it)16:09
kroonrszykotick9: bumblebee - installed16:09
mneptokkroonrs: a Dell?16:09
kroonrsmneptok: yes, and a dell monitor16:09
mneptokkroonrs: which video chipset is actually in use? the nVidia or the Intel?16:10
zykotick9kroonrs: sorry i haven't played with bumblebee at all (don't have that hardware), i really can't assist.  good luck.16:10
kroonrsmneptok: enable optimus is checked in the bios.16:10
mneptokkroonrs: try the other chipset?16:10
kroonrsmneptok: ok, will give that a try16:11
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
theShadow-ok quick question16:12
theShadow-where should I install the bootloader?16:12
Fyodorovnatheshadow, you have a mbr set up no gpt?16:12
theShadow-i don't know what those are16:13
zykotick9kroonrs: BTW, if you have intel/nvidia hybrid gpus that could explain the kernel panic your seeing.  with a normal video card/driver using vga or dvi wouldn't generally cause kernel issues, with hybrid i can see it.16:13
Fyodorovnatheshadow, can you in the terminal run sudo fdisk -l and then pastebin the info.16:14
Fyodorovna!pastebin | theshadow16:14
ubottutheshadow: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:14
theShadow-so i was supposed to install it in the same partition as ubuntu16:14
Fyodorovnatheshadow, no16:14
theShadow-but when I rebooted, it booted into OSX16:14
phil_physDo I need a particular format for my usb key for installing alternate i386?16:14
Fyodorovnatheshadow, ah OSX a apple it is specific and I can't help.16:15
theShadow-oh thats assuming I have refit16:15
Fyodorovna!info osx16:16
ubottuPackage osx does not exist in oneiric16:16
Doodiei am having problem when shutting down unbuntu 11.10 . It stops on the shutdown screen with that 4 dots everytime. how do i solve it?16:16
CoreyDoodie: I'd check ACPI.16:16
scisteffanHello, I'm trying to extract dictionary files from the Babylon glossary. I use 7-Zip to view the archive Babylon9_setup_dict.exe... none of the files I downloaded contain a *.bgl file...16:17
scisteffan2011-08-18 08:34:47 .....         9311         9728  .text16:17
scisteffan2011-08-18 08:34:47 .....         1462         1536  .rdata16:17
scisteffan2011-08-18 08:34:47 .....         2828          512  .data16:17
scisteffan                    .....          318          296  .rsrc/ICON/1.ico16:17
FloodBot1scisteffan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:17
scisteffan                    .....         1406         1384  .rsrc/ICON/2.ico16:17
scisteffan                    .....          766          744  .rsrc/ICON/3.ico16:17
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=== danilo is now known as danilos
MonkeyDustscisteffan  exe is windows, better ask in ##windows (that's double #)16:18
Coreyscisteffan: And don't pasteflood there, either.16:18
DoodieCorey, where do i check that from?16:19
scisteffanMonkeyDust: I'm running ubuntu 11, but because the Babylon glossary website only contains .exe files, I have to extract the .exe file which is supposed to contain a .bgl file, which I intend to use in Star Dict. I guess it's an issue related to Babylon rather than ubuntu. Sorry for the pasteflood!16:20
bingomaniaok... i normally am AMAZING with GPARTED but i got an issue this time... i have a system drive in NTFS then I have an extended partition (THAT I CANNOT LOSE) and then I have unallocated space... I need to move the unallocated space in front of the extended (or the extended to the left) but I cant16:22
theShadow-oh ok16:22
MonkeyDustscisteffan  neither babylon or .bgl rings a bell to me, sorry16:22
theShadow-OSX uses a newer boot manager thing16:22
Fyodorovnabingomania, can you give the channel a screenshot of gparted in a imagebin?16:23
theShadow-which breaks compatibility with older technology (EFI)16:23
bingomaniaFyodorovna: i'll try... give me a minute16:23
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:24
Fyodorovna!imagebin | bingomania16:24
scisteffanMonkeyDust: Do you use any dictionary programs at all?16:24
ubottubingomania: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.16:24
MonkeyDustscisteffan  guess not16:24
phil_physWhich unity should I use to put thr iso on usb with UNetbootin16:24
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, unity is a desktop.16:25
phil_physunit like C, D, E on windows16:25
phil_physbut on linux system??16:25
bingomanialol gonna take a sec booting gparted from cd again16:26
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, your question is convoluted, are you trying to install from windows?16:26
=== raketti__ is now known as raketti
phil_physno I'm on a linux system now16:26
mydogsnameisrudythink phil_phys is looking for the drive16:26
MonkeyDustphil_phys  linux does not use C, D, E ...16:27
phil_physyes the  drive in italin is Unità16:27
phil_physin italian drive is called Unità16:27
phil_physI leave it empty ok??16:27
MonkeyDustphil_phys  in a Terminal, type sudo fdisk -l to see how Linux names drives16:27
bingomaniableh gparted keeps crashing now wtf...16:28
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, run that fdisk -l command and pastebin the info as well.16:28
Fyodorovna!pastebin | phil_phys16:28
ubottuphil_phys: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:28
mrfunki need to install this patch, anyone could assist me through the process please? http://source.winehq.org/patches/data/8414616:29
phil_physyes sda and sdb16:29
olegbmrfunk: if you need to ask adding a patch to a source is a bad idea :-)16:30
nmvictorikonia: hi16:30
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, you have the other OS's backed up?16:30
mrfunkolegb: Thank you for your advice, i agree with you, but its been days trying to fix this issue im experiencing and that is my only hope, i wont stop until i make it work, although i do not know how to proceed16:32
nmvictorikonia: About the PXE guide at this section: /nfsroot             192.168.2.xxx(rw,no_root_squash,async) , I would like to use a wildcard, would this suffice: /nfsroot             192.168.2.*(rw,no_root_squash,async)16:32
MonkeyDustmrfunk  such a patch is more something for advanced users, who don't have to ask how to do it16:32
bazhangmrfunk, for wine? app support and such in #winehq16:33
phil_physthe download of the iso of alternate is interrupted why??16:33
Gorkymanhey guys... it keep happening to me that something is messing with the focus or smth... all the apps menus are displayed only for a sec and same thing with dropdowns16:33
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.16:33
Gorkymansame if I do a right click16:34
funnybunny_looking for help with Zydas WLA-54L usb Wifi card, modules are ON and card is turned on on ifconfig etc. but it doesnt see any networks (rarerly it will catch 1 bacon or sth)16:34
MadsRCIs there any othrt way to have a windows share show up in the ubuntu filesystem, than using the "File -> Connect to server"? Because connecting that way won't allow me to view the remote harddisk from inside VLC Like whne I need some subtitles that are on that server)16:34
mrfunkMonkeyDust: i know, although i still need to do it, its my only hope16:34
MonkeyDust!wifi| funnybunny_ start here16:35
ubottufunnybunny_ start here: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:35
Gorkymanis it a bug or smth ?16:35
=== hari_ is now known as harikt
olegbmrfunk: you could read patch(1) for a start and the get the code you want to patch16:36
zykotick9MadsRC: you're hitting a limitation on fuse/gvfs/etc.  you can put your SAMBA mounts in fstab and have them mount as properly as smb can on gnu/linux.  (ps because it's samba i can't help further, samba doesn't use regular gnu/linux mount options)16:36
MonkeyDustmrfunk  better ask in the channel #winehq as the link also has its origin in winehq16:37
bingomaniaok i'm confused....   i just had gparted running no issues just a second ago and now it wont even start16:37
bingomaniait just crashes16:37
nmvictorIs it possible to boot my remastered Ubuntu across the network using PXE.16:38
mrfunkolegb: someone is helping me out, thanks anyways MonkeyDust16:38
Fyodorovnabingomania, just reboot the cd that may get it working.16:39
bingomaniaFyodorovna: did no luck16:40
bingomania4 or 5 times now16:40
bingomaniait literally JUST worked seconds ago16:40
bingomaniai've used this image so many times too16:40
fission6i have a user i ssh as, i want a colleague to be able to ssh as them too - would i just have them generate an ssh and add it to the remote user?16:41
bingomaniashouldnt have listened to my boss...  he told me to try bootit to see if that could do it, but nope i knew it wouldnt16:41
bingomanianow i think that screwed it up somehow16:41
bingomaniacuz before bootit it worked then after bootit it didnt work16:41
Fyodorovnabingomania, when you move partitions around which it sounds like you need to do the partition numbers can get out of order, just a heads up. YOu would move the who;e partition to get the unallcated in another place.16:42
harshvardhanhii.. i just installed some updates in my ubntu bt they made it unstable,, how can i restore my system????16:42
mcb_fission6: Just create a system user for them and they will be able to ssh.16:42
Fyodorovnaharshvardhan, there is no restore.16:43
harshvardhanumm,, is there any way by which i can remove latest installes packeges???16:43
fission6mcb_: sorry what? basially i want my colleague to be able to retrieve log files from the system, so i was thinking scp16:43
zykotick9harshvardhan: apt doesn't support downgrading.  all the config scripts are written in one direction -> to upgrade16:44
Fyodorovnaharshvardhan, you might consider just describing the actual problem.16:44
V_PauAmma_VHi: trying to troubleshoot a NFS/NIS problem, and I think I narrowed it down to NIS being misconfigured somehow, but I see nothing obvious in /etc/yp* or /etc/netgroup. http://paste.ubuntu.com/891212/ has the detailed symptoms. Anyone can point me in the right direction?16:44
mcb_fission6: Just create a reagular user in the system that your colleague need access.16:44
harshvardhanwhen i login via "ubuntu classic" the screen flickers,, therefore i have to login in "cassic safe" mode.. :(16:44
Fyodorovnaharshvardhan, have you looked in additional drivers for anything?16:45
fission6mcb_: how do i make it so they can only scp to a folder with the log files?16:45
fission6ideally symlinks to the new users home folder16:45
harshvardhanmadeinkobaia, yes i did checked, bt its empty..16:46
mcb_fission6: There should be a ton of ways to do that, but you can configure the home directory to the user you will create to the folder that they need access.16:46
mustermark_can anyone help me debug my wubi installation not starting?16:47
mcb_fission6: $ adduser new_user --home <dir_needed>16:47
=== duckydan_ is now known as duckydan
mcb_fission6: Also, make sure that they have at least read permission in the directory.16:48
=== mike is now known as mopar
arlinkhow do i delete a folder in the terminal?16:49
Toddrm -r folder16:50
Toddrm -rf folder (no confirmation.. not recommended)16:50
shwaiilQ: any problem on having Ubuntu / win7 running together, not as VM. Wasn't there boot problems because of windows or something ? I need to have win in a new computer :P16:50
MonkeyDustshwaiil  did you install windows before or after ubuntu?16:51
phil_physIs better UNetbootin or usb creator??16:51
Fyodorovnashwaiil, if you have a standard mbr set up and it is a actual dualboot not a wubi it should be problem free.16:51
MonkeyDustphil_phys  depends on what you prefer16:51
shwaiilMonkeyDust: I didnt got the computer yet, but I'll start by installing ubuntu16:51
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, use usb creator.16:51
mcb_shwaiil: I have it herem, and i have no problems.... I installed windows7 first, because of the duum windows bootloader.16:51
shwaiilmcb its better to install win first then ?16:52
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, using the creator will alow a easy nomodeset if needed.16:52
mcb_shwaiil: It is easier, as the windows bootloader dont recognize Linux.16:52
MonkeyDustshwaiil  install windows first, for it will destroy GRUB if you install it second -- GRUB can be repaired but it's better not to16:52
shwaiilmcb, MonkeyDust so ubuntu installer will do that for me right ?16:53
Fyodorovnashwaiil, depends on your skills reloading the mbr if that is what your using is easy. If you have a choice instal lwindows first16:53
MonkeyDustshwaiil  windows recognizes only three OSs: windows, windows and windows16:53
mcb_shwaiil: Right about that.16:53
shwaiilFyodorovna: yeah, i'll isntall windows first, if ubuntu does that for me...I'm fine16:53
FyodorovnaMonkeyDust, please don't say repairing grub is a big deal kit can be purged reinstalled and do many things easily.16:54
phil_physAfter I have my alternate on the usb I can install the pendrive on my eee pc?16:54
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, install with the pendrive right?16:54
phil_physFyodorovna: Yes this kind of netbook have only  usb16:55
MonkeyDustFyodorovna  the guy is a beginner16:55
Fyodorovnaphil_phys, I believe that eeepc is solid state as well am I right?16:55
pb97can i know which is the best downloader in GUI16:56
MonkeyDust!best| pb9716:56
ubottupb97: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.16:56
phil_physFyodorovns: eee pc 1101ha16:56
FyodorovnaMonkeyDust, then misinforming is not a god thing, it does not help and is counterproductive to learning, or getting help, bad info sucks.16:56
MonkeyDustFyodorovna  then don't, please16:57
profxavierguys, in nano, on the latest Ubuntu, php isn't highlighted correctly, can I adjust the highlighting in nano ?16:57
pb97i am not taking polls please dont think that16:57
pb97ubottu : i just want one good downloader16:58
ubottupb97: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:58
Fyodorovnapb97, downloader for what?16:59
mcb_profxavier: I dont use nano, but you should look in /etc/nanorc16:59
pb97any url Fyodorovna16:59
masenpb97: have you tried cURL?17:00
Fyodorovnapb97, that makes no sense the browers do it.17:00
MonkeyDustpb97  an URL is an address, what exactly do you mean17:00
profxavieroh, its included already (php)17:00
profxavierperhaps it isnt what I expected, I guess17:00
pb97masen: no but i will try17:01
profxavierthanks mcb_17:01
maseni use it for everything http/https/ftp17:01
pb97MonkeyDust: any link like downloading a pdf file17:01
profxaviercan I get someone for 5 mins in PM to discuss file/user permissions please ?17:02
bazhang!permissions > profxavier17:02
ubottuprofxavier, please see my private message17:02
mcb_profxavier: If it is not highloghting the way you want you can custumize it editing /usr/share/nano/php.nanorc17:02
MonkeyDustpb97  'any' link makes no sense, you download torrents in a different way than you download pdf files17:02
profxavieryeah, got it mcb_ thanks again17:02
blendedbychrisafter installing ubuntu-desktop how can i login to the gui remotely?17:02
profxavierbazhang, i had specific questions17:03
masenMonkeyDust: i download a .torrent exactly the same way i download .pdf17:03
profxavierwhich is why I asked for someone's time for 5 mins17:03
bazhangprofxavier, then ask them here17:03
maseni just open them in different applications17:03
profxavierin case that wasn't clear17:03
MonkeyDustmasen  yeah, but i mean, the content of the toorent, like a movie or so17:03
bazhangprofxavier, eminently, not the way the channel works though17:03
pb97MonkeyDust: I dont want downloader for torrent files, I already have a good one17:03
MonkeyDustpb97  that was just an example17:04
masenpb97: also have you checked out wget, i believe it's included with ubuntu17:04
nmvictorhow di i verify dhcp3-server is running?17:05
wired_wget is included, and it's great17:05
profxavierwhat permissions should I apply to my /var/www folder for my website ?17:05
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
Viluinhi there17:06
ViluinI seem to have an issue with my ubuntu installation17:06
pb97masen:I have tried wget but i want a GUI one17:06
masenpb97: ohhh, i see. well disregard my suggestions then17:07
ViluinI installed some upgrades that it notified me about, and it told me to reboot but I decided to postpone the reboot because I was busy. after a while the computer crashed (screen turned black) and I had to do a hard reset. now boot hangs at "checking battery state". :( and I don't even have a laptop17:07
mcb_nmvictor: $ /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server status or you just $ps aux | grep -i dhcp17:07
thatsashokneed a pdf application17:07
Viluinwhere can I get help for this?17:07
=== fublisher is now known as fublisher|away
thatsashokinbuilt gets force quit17:07
=== fublisher|away is now known as fublisher
Fyodorovnathatsashok, there is a reader stock and the aroread app which is adobe.17:08
ViluinI can't open a terminal when it hangs, ctrl+alt+f1 doesn't work, my only option is the root terminal in recovery mode but I have no idea what the problem even is17:08
Fyodorovnaacroread* thatsashok17:08
thatsashokbut 64 bit support17:08
thatsashokfoxit and adobe reader are there17:09
thatsashokbut they support only i38617:09
mcb_thatsashok: You have Okular. Needs some KDE packages, but it is good software for PDFs files.17:09
thatsashokhmm lemme get that and see17:10
nicofsViluin, try "dpkg --configure -a" that might help - but i'm not sure...17:10
mcb_thatsashok: Well, I like to use it.17:10
nicofsViluin, as root17:11
pb97thatsashok: Document Reader is very good and light on RAM but if u want u can go for Adobe Reader also17:11
nimbioticsHello evry1. ever since I installed ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop, my cd/dvd writer behaves weird. It will read cd/dvd ok; but when I try to record an iso file using brasero I have to manually stop the recording process and many of the times the media won't work. Acetone iso doesnt even recognize my laptop having a cd/dvd. Any comments or advice on this issue is most welcome. TIA!17:11
ViluinI'll try it17:12
ViluinI have to reboot into the recovery mode then, lol17:12
Viluinif it doesn't work I'll post on the forum I guess17:12
newbchessplayerI just installed Ubuntu server (most recent edition) and had to apt-get gnome shell. What do I need to do to get it to load automatically each login?17:13
nmvictormcb_: /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server does not exist, but the ps command works great which bothers me coz I need to restart dhcp3-server.17:13
Fyodorovnanimbiotics, you might turn off the image and file check plugins it finishes a lot faster.17:15
mcb_nmvictor: Try: $ /etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server I dont recall if Ubuntu changed the default DHCP server as in Debian.17:15
mcb_nmvictor: I forgot the status in the command Try: $ /etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server status17:15
nimbioticsFyodorovna: It just never stops, i've waited for more than 12 hours on ocassions17:16
=== fublisher is now known as fublisher|away
newbchessplayerI just installed Ubuntu server (most recent edition) and had to apt-get gnome shell. What do I need to do to get it to load automatically each login?17:17
teagehow do i list installed path in terminal. gotta delete python2.7 source files cause i googed the install17:17
nmvictormcb_: why am in getting Warning: Fake start-stop-daemon called, doing nothing.17:17
Fyodorovnanimbiotics, some suggest using K3b from kubuntu17:17
Fyodorovnanimbiotics, could the unit need a cleaning as well.17:18
teagei googied the install17:18
WLUcan you have an X display with twinview (no xinerama) and both monitors rotated differently than each other.17:18
mcb_nmvictor: Do not know, but you should check what is the name of your DHCP server daemon......17:18
teagesince when is g  o  o  g a curse word?17:19
nmvictormcb_: how, is their a command?17:19
teagewith a "F" at the end17:19
ikoniateage: what are you on about ? no one has said anything about language17:19
newbchessplayerargh, could someone please let me know how to get a gui working with ubuntu server?17:19
mcb_nmvictor: $ls /etc/init.d | grep -i dhcp. It will list all the services with dhcp in the name. It should appers.17:20
teageikonia: im here for help to find installed path of python2.7. I know I can get the path with a command in terminal but I cant remember.17:20
ikoniateage: echo $PATH17:21
newbchessplayerikonia, hi17:21
Fyodorovnanewbchessplayer, have you tried #ubuntu-server17:21
teageikonia: I mentioned language only because I cant input G*O*O*F*Y like its some kind of curse word.17:21
newbchessplayerthanks Fyodorovna17:22
ikoniateage: you can use goofy, no-one said you can't17:22
Fyodorovnanewbchessplayer, no problem. :)17:22
nimbioticsFyodorovna: hmm i did try k3bbefore using 11.10 and didnt like it ... will give it another shot though. best app i've used for burning on linux is acetone iso or imgburn for windows. Cleaning the laptop was already scheduled for the  following couple of days; it caertainly needs it. Thanks a lot!17:22
teageok my bad cant input G*O*O*G17:22
teagenever mind17:22
railsraideranyone can help with nagios nrpe?17:23
ikoniateage: ok - stop it17:23
nmvictorI need to restart dhcp3-server and I am having issues with /etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server restart, i get Warning: Fake start-stop-daemon called, doing nothing.17:23
ikonianmvictor: you don't use the init script17:23
mcb_newbchessplayer: I dont know if this is the best way to do it, but $apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment and anwsering yes to all dependencies should install Gnome. I would do it first in a test machine.....17:23
ikonianmvictor: you use "service to invoke the upstart script17:23
ikonianewbchessplayer: install the "ubuntu-desktop" package17:24
railsraiderwhen i /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_nrpe -H 10.x.x.x i get CHECK_NRPE: Error - Could not complete SSL handshake.17:24
ikoniarailsraider: that's not an ubuntu install17:24
ikoniarailsraider: that's something you've made your self17:24
teageikonia: sorry for annoying ya, thanks for the help17:24
railsraideri added the config allowed_hosts=nagiosIP17:24
mcb_nmvictor: Ikonia is right. I forgotr about upstart.17:24
ikoniarailsraider: nagios does not install in /usr/local/ from the ubuntu repos17:24
nmvictorikonia: mcb_ , same output: Warning: Fake start-stop-daemon called, doing nothing.17:25
nmvictor * check syslog for diagnostics.17:25
nmvictor                                                                                                                 [fail]17:25
Robinuxhow do you get the list of daemons running?17:25
railsraiderikonia you right i comiled it myself17:25
ikonianmvictor: what command did you use ?17:25
railsraiderit was working17:25
ikoniarailsraider: ok - so you should be able to support/work out your own software17:25
kyrixtrying to use raven with getsentry. doesnt seem to be sending anything. the docs are a bit conflicting. do you use client = get_client or not? (for example)17:25
nmvictorikonia: sudo service is-dhcp-server restart17:25
mcb_railsraider: You have to configure the NRPE client to accept connection from your Nagios server. See the Allowed_host setting in the NRPE config file.17:26
ikonianmvictor: check if that's the right name of the script,17:26
railsraiderfine i'll uninstall and install from the apt-get17:26
Xabster-lapAm I missing something about the Ubuntu Tweak thingy? What can it do that's so fancy?17:26
nmvictorikonia: its the correct name, its under /etc/init.d/,17:27
FyodorovnaXabster-lap, it has some shortcuts that are helpful and can also mess your setup if your don't know what your doing.17:29
konr`Is there a way to launch a very basic version of Xorg with the simplest driver possible17:29
ikonianmvictor: /etc/init.d is not the upstart name, it's the legacy init script17:29
nmvictorikonia: could their be something wrong with my upstart?17:29
ikonianmvictor: doubtful17:29
konr`(interrogation mark). It's freezing the computer, and I want to know where the problem is. No log is generated :(17:30
nmvictorikonia: inside /etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server , their exists a line : NAME=dhcpd, however running service againsrt dhcpd does not work either17:31
Sexy_GirLwhat  is this ??17:31
=== konr` is now known as konr
Xabster-lapwhat is the command to minimize all windows?17:31
nmvictorikonia: I dont know where to look.17:31
ikonianmvictor: that is hte INIT !!!! script17:31
Xabster-lapin Ubuntu 11.10 classic desktop17:31
ikonianmvictor: I've said 2 times - that is the legacy init script17:31
ikoniaSexy_GirL: this is #ubuntu, and Ubuntu technical support IRC channel17:31
Sexy_GirLIm  a Webmaster in my Website...17:32
Sexy_GirLWwW.FunGames22.CoM  Welcome  here....17:32
nmvictorikonia: so what should I do, am out of optons, why dont you point me to the right direction and i will look.17:32
Sexy_GirLand  sugest  me  u friends  a mach  traffic  this  website17:33
ikoniaSexy_GirL: please don't spam it17:33
Sexy_GirLikonia ok17:33
Sexy_GirLno spam17:33
Sexy_GirLno money17:33
ikoniaSexy_GirL: this is for ubuntu technical chat only - please don't mention your offtopic site again17:33
FloodBot1Sexy_GirL: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:33
Robinuxhow do you get the list of daemons currently running?17:33
mcb_nmvictor: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/upstart_cookbook.pdf17:34
Sexy_GirLikonia  this ircd  is  user linux ?17:34
=== fublisher|away is now known as fublisher
ikoniaSexy_GirL: correct17:34
Sexy_GirLehh ok17:34
Sexy_GirLim  join here  for  help  me   a publish my website17:35
Sexy_GirLbut  no  spaming here :S17:35
ikoniaplease don't17:35
ikoniawe do not want to hear about your website, clear ?17:35
Sexy_GirLno no  spaming17:35
nmvictor_ikonia: About the PXE network booting, my client on the other side has negotiated the server but is stopping with : No PXE-E53 :No boot filename received.17:37
ikonianmvictor_: ok, so it's not offering up a pxe image to boot17:38
nmvictor_ikonia: ok,so what am hav i not done?17:38
ikoniaset a pxe image filename in the dhcp config17:39
nmvictor_ikonia: I have kubuntu 11.10 remsatered ISO, i would like the client ot boot that ISO.17:39
ikoniayou don't do that17:39
nmvictor_ikonia: which is the way?17:40
ikoniayou pxeboot a pxeimage then you write pxe options to boot what you want17:40
ghostconndose anyone know of a better music player then banshee,rhythmbox,audacious or gnome player17:41
ghostconni hate them all lol I want something like winamp/itunes with cover flwo17:41
sgoodallghost: quodlibet17:42
Robinuxhow do you get the list of daemons currently running?17:44
mcb_sgoodall: xmms2. I used xmms a long time ago, and dont know haw it evolved but it exist.17:44
sacarlsonnmvictor_: before you try your remaster might want to try a known iso that is known to work with pxe boot17:44
s1creghostconn: Try Songbird17:45
=== sgoodall is now known as arcaos
atpa8awhat's happening with resolvconf not updating /etc/resolv.conf?.. i added dns- lines to interfaces17:45
atpa8aany hints?17:45
ghostconnsgoodall -      dose quodlibet support mp3 & flac .... also I have over 500+gb of music I had numerous problem wtih rhythmbox and banshee not recognizing over 200Gb17:45
=== Mud is now known as Guest14446
s1creghostconn: Crap imao, but there you'll get your overflow, as addon17:45
ghostconnsongbird is garbage been there lol17:45
atpa8aready to purge resolveconf17:46
ghostconnim going to try songbird again unless someone can come up with a better idea?17:47
funnybunny_looking for help with Zydas WLA-54L usb Wifi card, modules are ON and card is turned on on ifconfig etc. but it doesnt see any networks (rarerly it will catch 1 bacon or sth)17:47
ghostconnthanks for the help everyone17:47
s1creghostconn: i have a massive collection too, i use banshee via daap, no problem here..17:47
sacarlsonnmvictor: not sure why your having problems with dhcp?  I did note that the restart name has changed for dhcpd.  I do have ubuntu 10.04 iso booting with pxe boot with no problem.  but I did fail to get 10.04 to work in pxe, so if your based on that?17:47
ghostconnodd? with banshee and rhythmbox it would not recognize over 200Gb17:47
sacarlsonnmvictor: opps 11.04 works in pxe for me not 10.0417:48
nmvictorikonia: I am shocked about the required client RAM according to https://projects.centos.org/trac/livecd/wiki/PxeBoot, My client with 1GB ram, is it capable of PXE booting?17:48
sacarlsonnmvictor: I'm pxe booting 11.04 with 512meg system17:49
nmvictorsacarlson: I am trying out 11.10 but would really appreciate your help.17:49
=== arcaos_ is now known as arcaos
sacarlsonnmvictor: I've also tested 11.10 and that has worked17:49
nmvictorsacarlson: so my client fails with: No boot filename received. what doe i do from that point?17:49
bluefrognmvictor, is your dhcp also the tftp server?17:50
mcb_nmvictor: About the dhcp server. You can look for the initialization script at /etc/init/ Shoud be something like dhcp-server.conf17:50
funnybunny_looking for help with Zydas WLA-54L usb Wifi card, modules are ON and card is turned on on ifconfig etc. but it doesnt see any networks (rarerly it will catch 1 bacon or sth)17:51
maheanuuI finally managed to get my notebook up and running again after the crash, but I cannot get it to network and could use some help in setting up the Ethernet and WiFi17:52
nmvictorbluefrog: no, i have tftpd installed for that.17:52
maheanuuOh, I am running 10.04 LTS 64 on a Toshiba Laptop17:52
bluefrognmvictor, is the dhcp server and the tftp server on the same machine?17:52
ghostconnit said that the media library directory you have chosen consists of more then 100,000 songs we recommend you visit our site for further recommendations17:52
ghostconnthat's the message i get everytime with banshee and rhythmbox17:53
ghostconnwtf.... is there no songbird for ubuntu 11.10?    i have realized that they have removed a whole wack of software from the Ubuntu Software Centre    even google earth is not supported anymore17:56
ghostconni dont understand lol17:56
quiTlink for good book about Linux ?  know any ?17:57
funnybunny_looking for help with Zydas WLA-54L usb Wifi card, modules are ON and card is turned on on ifconfig etc. but it doesnt see any networks (rarerly it will catch 1 bacon or sth)17:58
klyncquiT: there are a few .... for what purpose?17:58
klyncquiT: http://www.wrox.com/WileyCDA/WroxTitle/productCd-0764544977.html17:58
atnmsSongbird removed support for Linux long ago, there is a revival project called Nightingale for Linux http://getnightingale.com17:59
quiTklync,  something for begining17:59
klyncquiT: beginning what?17:59
quiTklync,  learning linux17:59
klyncquiT: getting started as an end user? for general purpose use?17:59
s1creghostconn: gmusicbrowser would be worth a try, but i doubt it. too large for effective database handling17:59
klyncquiT: http://www.google.ca/search?q=linux+for+beginners18:00
nathan_Can someone help me with drivers? I'm trying to install the latest Catalyst but it keeps telling me it detects a previous version of fglrx. But I removed the old version. :/18:00
quiTklync,  tnx18:01
moinbluefrog: what were you saying, i was disconnected18:01
=== moin is now known as nmvictor
JulinBMhow remove mensage: waiting network...?18:01
nmvictor bluefrog Ooh. tftpd and dhcpd are on the same machine18:02
funnybunny_looking for help with Zydas WLA-54L usb Wifi card, modules are ON and card is turned on on ifconfig etc. but it doesnt see any networks (rarerly it will catch 1 bacon or sth)18:02
nmvictormcb_: Are you able to restart dhcpd from your end?18:02
pwasekwhat is a good program to manage iventory and to monitor server health?18:03
TheSimkinnagios for monitoring server health18:04
TheSimkini think it does inventory too18:04
ghostconnim so upset lol I just switched from mint 12 to ubuntu 11:10 thinking I would be in for a world of a fun new OS... however I have had nothing but problems!!!!!! what did the developers do to ubuntu 11:10 it's like stripped down hardcore , weighted down with bogus software and pointless apps.. really bad compatibility. slow boot up, EXTREMELY slow shutdowns..... it's almost worse then windows now........18:04
ohswhat is the use of the following code "cp -R [DownloadDirectory]/mkspecs/qws/linux-arm-g++/ [DownloadDirectory]/mkspecs/qws/linux-DM3730-g++/"18:04
pwasekTheSimkin does it monitor hard drive life too18:05
pwasekon dell servers18:05
atpa8awhy would i get multiple 'Starting OpenSSH Server' followed by 'Stopping OpenSSH Server' during boot?..18:05
klyncTheSimkin: wouldn't call nagios inventory software, but it's the industry standard for monitoring. pwasek look at omdistro.org18:05
* klync never found a good inventorying solution18:05
mcb_pwasek: You can use ocs-inventory for inventory and Nagios to monitor.18:06
mcb_nmvictor:  I use /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart. It works fine with me, but my system is 10.10 or Debian, and they dont use upstart.18:07
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mneptokpwasek: http://puppetlabs.com/18:07
mcb_nmvictor: But i imagine that you can alway copy an fresh script from a system that is running OK...... Not the best of pratices, but it may be a solution.18:08
guntbertI am unable to find any documentation about the various menu options in ubuntu-minimal-cd18:09
tuxbinguntbert: what do you mean by menu options?18:12
tuxbinguntbert: window options like lxde18:12
tuxbinguntbert: or menu like during the installation phase?18:13
guntberttuxbin: when booting from the minimal CD there is a choice of options - from install ...... to rescue - I wanted to know how they differ without having to try them all by myself18:13
=== mcb_ is now known as mcb_|_away
tuxbinguntbert: got it...one sec18:14
maheanuuI am trying to go on line with a Toshiba Notebook that I just got back up running, I cannot get network to configure from anywhere on the machine18:14
maheanuuI am running 10.04 LTS 64 Bit18:14
tuxbinguntbert: i dont know all optionsbut here are some "install" gives you a wizard like install "install from commandline" gives you no giu and just a text driven wizard18:17
tuxbinguntbert: also because you have "rescue" as an option i assume you are using the "alternative" installation that has nmore options18:18
blendedbychrishow can i enable remote gui login?18:18
tuxbinblendedbychris: try X over ssh18:19
blendedbychristuxbin: so startx in my terminal?18:20
guntberttuxbin: I appreciate your efforts :-)  - but I am preparing a lecture involving the minimal CD - and so I was wondering - for instance the "rescue" takes you through a good part of the regular install (including choosing a mirror) until you get the chance to resue anything18:20
blendedbychrisright now i am just using vnc18:20
tuxbinblendedbychris: no that will start it locally18:20
tuxbinblendedbychris: i suggest some research to do X over ssh18:21
tuxbinblendedbychris: sorry i am not more help18:21
blendedbychristuxbin: i'm not on linux though too ..18:21
tuxbinguntbert: good luck...18:21
blendedbychrisi'm on a mac18:21
blendedbychrisis vnc the only way to go?18:22
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
guntberttuxbin: thx :)18:22
tuxbinblendedbychris: look into vnc?18:22
oCeanguntbert: not exactly what you are looking for, but you could mount the mini.iso (-o loop) to see what actually happens in the various menuoptions18:22
guntbertblendedbychris: normally you don't need the complete desktop environment and for single programs you start ssh -X .... and then you invoke that program on the remote host (try it with xeyes  for a start)18:23
blendedbychrisguntbert: i see… these guys i'm building this system for just want to be able to use the desktop18:24
guntbertoCean: good idea - but it seems somewhat strange that it isn't documented anywhere18:24
guntbertblendedbychris: well, try to educate them :-)18:24
parcs`will i be able to upgrade from 12.04 beta1 to 12.04 once it's released?18:25
oCeanguntbert: agreed18:25
=== mcb_|_away is now known as mcb_
nullucashi, I really don't know where to ask this, who to ask... does anybody know any program that allows you to apply changes to audio files that vary with time? I mean, something like applying a property with graphs or curves, like in blender (but on audio, not video)18:27
klyncnullucas: been a while since i looked, but there are lots of tools. freebirth18:27
atpa8awhat's the right way to list aliases in /etc/network/interfaces? right now i use auto eth0:018:28
=== eliza is now known as Guest21616
Guest21616hi everybody18:28
Guest21616i need some help18:29
klyncnullucas: found this for ya: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Audio/ApplicationIntroductions?action=show&redirect=AudioApplicationIntroductions18:29
Guest21616wireless doesnt work18:29
Guest21616im a newbie18:30
FyodorovnaGuest21616, try a real nic easier to tab complete and tell us your problem.18:30
darkadFyodorovna: true18:30
=== Knorre is now known as Knorre`BNC
darkadFyodorovna: true18:30
Guest21616how can i change that18:30
FyodorovnaGuest21616, run lspci in the terminal and find the wireless device and post it.18:30
darkadFyodorovna: true18:30
diverdudeWhy cant i browse my smartcard i have inserted in my lenovo w520 in ubuntu?18:31
Musaabanyone here know a way to fix not booting with an external monitor attached (to a laptop)18:31
Guest21616ok, thanks18:32
klyncMusaab: do you mean the problem is not booting, and you want to fix by attaching? or is the problem that it won't boot while the monitor's attached? Or, does it boot, but not recognize the attached monitor?18:32
nmvictorI am reaaly stuck on PXE network booting and no-one seems willing to help.18:32
ohs on the command line, how do you go one directory up? in another word, what command refers cd.. on linux?18:32
wodimohs: "cd .."18:32
darkadohs: you sure?18:32
Musaabklync, won't boot while the monitor is attached18:32
ohscd,, on msdos, how about on ubuntu?18:33
nmvictorOr is UBUNTU incapable of network booting/18:33
tuxbinmussab: really? wont boot with a monitor attached?18:33
Musaabklync, if i plug in the monitor after booting, no prob...just won't boot with the monitor attached18:33
darkadnmvictor: what18:33
wodimohs: "cd ..", with the space18:33
ohsthank you18:33
klyncMusaab: possibly something in the bios preventing it? does *anything* come on the screen? does the built-in monitor work at all?18:33
darkadohs: ok18:33
ohswodim thank you18:33
Musaabyeah it works, it just hangs18:33
tuxbinmussab: does your monitorhave a USB connector? for additional ports? that might be messing you up18:34
Musaabtuxbin, just vga18:34
klyncMusaab: we're going to need a much more precise description of the problem before we can help you.18:34
blendedbychrishow do i get vnc server to run at startup so users can login via vnc?18:34
Musaabklync, can't reboot now, but i'll come back with the error message18:34
tuxbinmussab: freaking weird18:34
Musaabklync, tuxbin thanks for the help18:34
tiger_lilii have some problems with wireless18:35
nmvictordarkad: yea, im almost threatened to think that coz no one who has come up is telling me what the problem is? Or maybe the voices on this channel cant help, i have dealt with this since morning, surely by now someone would have help if real help existed18:35
tiger_liliim a newbie18:35
Fyodorovnatiger_lili, this is a huge channel you need support post it.18:36
diverdudeHow do i restart the gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor demon?18:36
Fyodorovna!pm | tiger_lili18:37
ubottutiger_lili: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.18:37
Fyodorovnatiger_lili, you are now in my ignore list do not pm people without asking.18:37
tiger_lilinow, my problems is ubuntu 11.1018:38
atxqI am trying to autocomplete on the terminal from past commands used already. how can i do this?18:38
nmvictorNo boot filename specified. Thats where the client trying to PXE boot to my machine is failing, does that ring a bell to anyone here. What is the problem?18:38
tiger_liliwireless doesnt work , dont know why18:38
nmvictorNo boot filename received.*18:38
darkadtiger_lili: yes?18:38
ecthienderatxq, you have the command in your history, so you don't need to auto-complete it18:39
Oeratxq, arrow up?18:39
tiger_liliwhat i have to write on the terminal, please18:39
Xabster-lapHow do I change my DNS-server?18:39
atxqI know tab completes possible vales that can be used, but I want to autocomplete from the history18:39
mcb_atxq: CTRL+r18:39
atxqyeah, but sometimes I have to click up plenty to get to the command18:39
diverdudeHow do i restart the gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor demon?18:39
ecthienderatxq, thats called reverse search18:39
oCeannmvictor: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer on how to setup the PXE server18:40
tiger_lililpsc and what18:40
atxqCRTL+r for reverse search?18:40
oCeannmvictor: you need to specify filename in your dhcp server18:40
ghostconnanyone know of a way to add a coverflow to gmusicbrowser18:40
darkadatxq: ok18:40
ghostconnplease help18:40
=== beboj_ is now known as beboj
Xabster-lapHow do I change the DNS-server that my wireless uses?18:41
atxqthanks guys, CRTL+r works great18:42
ghostconnanyone have experience with gmusicbrowser18:43
diverdudeHow do i restart the gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor demon?18:43
darkaddiverdude: not sure18:43
diverdudedarkad: i tried sudo /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor to no avail18:44
nmvictoroCean: I had already specified the file name as :  filename "pxelinux.0";18:45
ghostconnanyone know of a way to add a coverflow to gmusicbrowser18:45
nmvictoroCean: somewhere within the subnet block18:45
L3top!info ntp18:45
ubottuntp (source: ntp): Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs. In component main, is optional. Version 1:4.2.6.p2+dfsg-1ubuntu12 (oneiric), package size 480 kB, installed size 1284 kB18:45
darkadL3top: nope18:45
=== Mud is now known as Guest80120
L3topSorry... I was just seeing what that was.18:46
oCeannmvictor: dhcp is timing out? You don't receive an ip address?18:46
L3topdiverdude: see if it is in init.d18:47
darkadoCean: are you sure?18:47
oCeandarkad: what?18:47
diverdudeL3top: tried18:48
diverdudeL3top: its not there18:48
nmvictoroCean: Ok the client isnt saying anything about IP address, the progress dots just stop and then the No boot filename ... message kicks in, so yes, i doubt i am reciving the IP on the client.18:49
L3top!info gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor18:49
ubottuPackage gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor does not exist in oneiric18:49
L3topone second18:49
tiger_lilihello, i have wireless problems18:50
diverdudewauw this seems to be really hard problem. i wonder if its possible to do it. nobody seem to know18:50
tiger_lilii need some help pls18:50
atpa8awhat are the consequences for using allow-hotplug for network aliases?18:50
dtcrshr!ask tiger_lili18:50
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:50
tiger_liliubuntu 11.10 my wireless doesnt work, im a newbie18:50
L3topdiverdude: try this dpkg -L gvfs | grep volume18:50
oCeantiger_lili: just describe your issue (detailed!) in single line here in the channel18:50
darkadL3top: not sure18:50
tiger_lilimy terminal is open so order me to tipe :D18:50
darkadtiger_lili: lol idk18:51
L3topis darkad a bot?18:51
oCeannmvictor: well, when PXE booting, I used to see the client trying to obtain IP before actually booting18:51
diverdude/usr/lib/gvfs/gvfs-gdu-volume-monitor  /usr/lib/gio/modules/libgioremote-volume-monitor.so   /usr/share/gvfs/remote-volume-monitors   /usr/share/gvfs/remote-volume-monitors/gdu.monitor18:51
darkadoCean: not sure18:51
tiger_liliwhat  can i type on my terminal18:51
diverdudeL3top: ^18:51
darkaddiverdude: ok18:51
oCeandarkad: I really have no idea what you are talking about18:52
tiger_lilihey people my problem is not funny, pls help18:52
L3topI would go with that last one18:52
L3top /usr/share/gvfs/remote-volume-monitors/gdu.monitor18:52
diverdudeL3top: try and execute that one?18:52
nmvictoroCean: so, mine seems to be timing ot before obtaining an IP. Do i need to change any setting anywhere?18:52
L3topI would ls -l it... but yeah... looks like what you are looking for18:52
tiger_lilihello, pls my wireless is doesnt work18:52
darkadL3top: no18:53
tiger_liliit recognized nothing18:53
diverdudeL3top: sudo: /usr/share/gvfs/remote-volume-monitors/gdu.monitor: command not found18:53
L3topthe .so is part of the source18:53
diverdudeL3top: ?18:53
sammmyWhy would a `initctl list` show an instance as stop/waiting?18:53
tiger_lilisomebody speak german here?18:54
diverdudeL3top: its not en executable18:54
tiger_lilimy wireless pls18:54
nmvictoroCean: Could it be coz tftpd-hpa is currently expecting an IPV6 addresss?18:54
darkadtiger_lili: nope18:54
tiger_lilidarkad do u kow about wireless problems18:55
oCeannmvictor: probably, I haven't used PXE in a while18:55
tiger_lilion ubuntu18:55
tiger_liliim using the internet just by cable18:55
L3topI am pretty sure darkad is a bot. tiger_lili you were asked to give more detail on your problem18:55
atpa8ais there a difference between listing multiple interfaces on one auto line or having multiple auto lines?18:55
nmvictorAnyone used PXE with 11.10, I am really stuck and i need your help.18:56
tiger_liliwhat is a bot18:56
oCeandarkad: please see my pm18:56
L3topI dunno diverdude. look at the output of dpkg -S gvfs18:56
tuxbintiger_lili: a bot is short for "robot" where the "person" on the other end is not a person but program18:56
tiger_lilii have installed ubuntu 11.1018:56
Fyodorovnanmvictor, if you're registered you might try ##linux18:56
tiger_lilio my god18:56
ugoCiao a tutti18:57
tiger_lilia bot! hell518:57
darkadtiger_lili: i don't know18:57
tuxbintiger_lili: what hardware do you have, have you tried installing the drivers?18:57
ubottuugo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:57
tiger_lilipls is better when u tell me18:57
tiger_liliwhat i have to write18:57
tiger_lilion the terminal18:57
tiger_liliso can do copy past18:57
L3topyou have not described your problem yet... what doesn't work?18:58
diverdudeL3top: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/76210793718:58
tiger_liliubuntu 11.1018:58
_Marcustiger_lili: What is your problem, extacly? We know what Ubuntu you are running, and that you are having problems, but with WHAT?18:58
L3topdoes it not light up, does it try to connect but fail... is there nothing to connect to... does it come on and then die18:58
darkad_Marcus: true18:58
tiger_liliwiht my wireless18:58
tiger_liliwirells doesnt work18:58
L3topWHAT PART18:59
Musaabcrtc_helper_load_config error18:59
_Marcustiger_lili: If you aren't going to tell us more information about your problem, don't ask for help.18:59
m1chaeli'm trying to burn an mpg dvd with growisofs. i put my dvd in my dvd player, and it skips. what should i do? i tried dvd-r and dvd+r dvds as well as trying to burn at a slower speed. same skipping problem. any suggestions?18:59
Musaabwhen trying to boot with monitor attached to laptop18:59
diverdudeL3top: any idea how i restart that process?18:59
tiger_lilinothing, pls tell me the commands i have to write on the terminal to find out what worng18:59
L3toplspci | irele18:59
L3toplspci | grep irele18:59
tiger_lilidont worry19:00
_Marcustiger_lili: Can you not connect to wireless?19:00
tiger_lilimy pc19:00
L3toplspci | grep irele19:00
diverdudeL3top:  ?19:01
L3toptalking to tiger_lili19:01
tiger_lilinothing works19:01
tiger_lilimy  i put all the text here?19:01
tiger_lilimy i?19:01
oCeantiger_lili: no19:01
_Marcustiger_lili: Pastebin it19:01
oCean!paste | tiger_lili19:01
ubottutiger_lili: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:01
darkad_Marcus: not sure19:01
tiger_liliit is a long text19:01
L3topYou are going to have to follow the output of that paste and find something executable19:01
diverdudeL3top: i cannot find it19:02
L3topits just one line tiger_lili19:02
L3topdpkg -S gvfs19:02
tiger_lili00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) SMBus Controller (rev 03)19:02
tiger_lili09:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (rev 13)19:02
tiger_lili0c:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)19:02
tiger_lilithat werent the final part of the long text19:02
auronandace!bcm | tiger_lili19:03
ubottutiger_lili: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:03
diverdudeL3top: i already did that command, it did not help19:03
Picitiger_lili: Please do not paste text here. Use a pastebin next time.19:03
L3topI am telling you that you need to follow the output of that command to their sources till you find an executable monitor19:03
tiger_liliwhat is a pastebin19:03
_Marcustiger_lili: What EXACTLY is the problem? Can you not connect to wireless networks?19:03
mcb_tiger_lili: If your wireless card is a broadcom, you have to install asitional driver. go in System -> Administration -> Adicional Drivers. See if theres anything there for you to install.19:04
moparhello tigerlili :)19:04
L3toptiger_lili: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter19:04
diverdudetiger_lili: nono its not pastebin. its pastrybin!!!19:04
L3topoh... sorry mcb_. She asked for terminal19:04
moparwow they all come crawling out of the woodworks there19:04
moparwhat a shock that was19:04
mcb_ L3top: Sorry. Havent seeing this part.....19:04
_Marcusdriverdude: I don't think that joke will help him at all, seeing how he doesn't know what a pastebin is. He may now think it's pastrybin and say "Should I pastrybin this?"19:05
KanerixDoes this channel also help with KDE stuffs?19:05
moparso much for the car talk19:05
_MarcusKanerix: I've seen people get help with it here before19:05
PiciKanerix: Sometimes, although you might find #kubuntu more helpful.19:05
oCeanKanerix: if possible yes, but there is also specific #kubuntu channel19:05
_Marcus!offtopic | mopar19:05
ubottumopar: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:05
oCeanmopar: what are you talking about, do you have an actual support question?19:05
Kanerixalrighty, I'll check there first19:05
_MarcusOfftopic Tuesday >.>19:06
A-Lusiondoes anyone know richard stallman19:06
_Marcus!offtopic | A-Lusion19:06
ubottuA-Lusion: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:06
oCeanA-Lusion: stop the offtopic please, chit chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic19:06
A-Lusionjeez okay lol it was relative to some extent19:06
_MarcusA-Lusion: No, it's not. It's not related to an Ubuntu support question at all.19:07
=== papa is now known as cyberpunk
oCean_Marcus: let's move on, ok?19:07
mcb_ A-Lusion: It was not a support question. So offtopic.19:07
nujabeshow can i make a custom ubuntu before install. maybe something like suseStudio but for ubuntu?19:07
Guinness2702iptables question:  I want to intercept packets originating locally, going to port 80, and redirecting them to squid.  I have "-A PREROUTING -i lo -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination (squid address)" - this doesn't seem to work, as no packets go to 'lo'  Where have I gone wrong/How do I fix?19:07
_Marcusnujabes: You could use the minimal installation, and then add whatever you want.19:07
auronandace!remaster | nujabes19:07
ubottunujabes: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility19:07
mcb_Guinness2702: Use REDIRECT. See iptables man for specifics.19:08
Fyodorovnanujabes, there is a ubuntu builder available now as well19:08
Guinness2702mcb_, I though that's what --to-destination did :\ - I'll check it out anyway, thanks19:08
blendedbychrisokay i'm going to bug you guys again…. is there not some tutorial on how to setup x11vnc to work like a daemon?19:08
Black-Opsnujabes you can try UCK, its easy19:08
oCeanmcb_: please don't just refer to manual pages19:08
ghostconnany good eye candy for 11.10?19:09
mcb_oCean:  Sorry for that.19:09
nujabesFyodorovna, really?! what it called?19:09
pokoko222can I ask question about gdb for debugging?19:09
MonkeyDust!eyecandy| ghostconn19:10
ubottughostconn: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy19:10
K0HAXpokoko222, you mean two questions?19:10
nujabesBlack-Ops, isn't that for language packages?19:10
pokoko222KOHAX well I get the error No symbol table is loaded.  Use the "file" command.19:11
ghostconnmuch respect19:11
zykotick9blendedbychris: have you seen the "Accessing your PC over the Internet" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC19:11
Black-Opsnujabes, ya you can select that too, but you can customize Ubuntu, with all the software and every thing19:12
Guinness2702mcb_  What interface do I use as the source?  They don't appear to come in via 'lo'  just straight out on eth2 without, it appears, passing that rule19:12
zykotick9blendedbychris: oh sorry, doesn't really help with you daemon request.  sorry.19:12
sammmyWhy wouldn't my upstart script not be running (stop/waiting)?19:13
nujabesBlack-Ops, haha okay i've had installed for awhile but did know i could do anything really with it19:13
blendedbychriszykotick9: yea i find it odd there isn't some sort of easy way to make this owrk19:13
blendedbychrisrdp does it in like 1 click19:14
sacarlsonGuinness2702:  looks like that line might work,  maybe simplify it and see what happens.  if --to-destination is lo or I'm not sure that will work.  my simple example $IPTABLES -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp  -j DNAT --to-destination
Black-Opsnujabes. ha ha, i use it more often, for making customized ubuntu19:14
mcb_Guinness2702: lo is just the loopback interface. You use the interface for your LAN.19:15
xeeHi, I have a problem with Ubuntu 11.10 that whenever I record from the mic I get significantly high noise, my voice can be heard but the noise is high and when I reboot into window the noise is not there.19:15
Guinness2702mcb_ which one?  The packets are generated locally19:16
nujabesBlack-Ops, aww no way. I've been look for something just like this and had no idea i had it. which language pack is english?19:16
SoulRavenanybody knows any resource explorer for dll and exe files that has been compiled in .net platform??19:16
SoulRaveni want to see some dialog windows inside of this files19:16
MonkeyDustSoulRaven  sounds Windows to me, try ##windows19:16
nujabesBlack-Ops, which language pack is english?19:17
xeeSoulRaven: I think resource hacker will work under WINE if you want to do that in linux19:17
MangoBoyHi i have some problem with getting sound out of my soundcard. It started suddenly and works fine in windows. Is there a good troubleshooting guide somewhere known?19:17
nibbler_Guinness2702, why not use -o eth0 instead of -i lo?19:17
Black-Opsnujabes i didint get you19:17
justdaveI'm on 10.10 attempting to upgrade it to 11.04 (and eventually 11.10), and it seems to have misdetected my monitor and is only offering me 480x320 as a resolution choice, which is too small to see the upgrade window and I can't click on the buttons because they're off-screen.  how do I force the resolution higher?19:17
Guinness2702sacarlson, the from destination are local - i.e. I'm running a browser on my desktop, and also squid on the desktop.  I want all packets that any process tries to send to port 80 to go via squid19:17
Guinness2702nibbler_, wouldn't that then mess up squid's outgoing, legitimate requests on port 80?19:18
Black-Opsis it en? :p19:18
Guinness2702nibbler_, also, come to think of it, does -o work with PREROUTING?19:18
nibbler_Guinness2702, -o eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -d ! $SQUID19:19
nibbler_Guinness2702, no clue about prerouting, hardly ever used it19:19
nibbler_Guinness2702, but oyu might be right19:19
Guinness2702nibbler_, I might get away with it, as I use a proxy, so nothing should go out from squid directly to 80 lol :)19:20
ghostconnhow do I change my splash screen to this http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/USplash+Theme+Fingerprint?content=9382619:22
ghostconnim running ubuntu 11:1019:22
ghostconnhow do I change my splash screen to this http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/USplash+Theme+Fingerprint?content=9382619:22
MonkeyDustghostconn  you could use the 3rd party app ubuntu-tweak, but i'm sure there's an "ubuntu-native" way http://ubuntu-tweak.com/19:23
sacarlsonGuinness2702: sometimes I think too much,  I can try 10 posible idea's and maybe find a solution in 5 minits or think about 20 or more posible solutions but try none of them for 2 hours.  some times trial and error beats thinking19:23
nujabessacarlson, logic you can't argue with19:24
mcb_Guinness2702: Can I PM you?19:25
JesseCI did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04, but my network card doesn't seem to be recognized. lspci returns the broadcom interface, but dmesg doesn't show anything related to the card at boot.19:25
ohscan somebody tell me how I can solve the error? http://pastebin.com/t2ag1j3J19:26
=== Wiz-KeeD is now known as Wiz_KeeD
nate_hohs, kind of looks like it needs zlib19:26
MonkeyDustohs  in human language your question is...?19:26
JesseCI have also ran all updates and upgraded to the latest kernel using apt-offline, because I figured the driver would be in the release, but that didn't help either.19:27
ghostconnhow would I manage to install ubuntu tweak it is no where to be found in the software centre19:27
nate_h../../corelib/tools/qbytearray.cpp:54:18: error: zlib.h: No such file or directory19:27
nate_htry installing zlib or zlib-dev19:27
ghostconnterminal command?19:27
_Marcusohs: That seems like something for #qt19:27
MonkeyDustghostconn  download and install, i showed where19:27
mcb_JesseC: Install aditional driver. Go system -> Adminitration -> Aditional drivers. See if you have anything to install.19:27
JesseCmcb_: it's ubuntu server19:27
mcb_JesseC: : $apt-get install b43-fwcutter19:28
JesseCcan't connect to the internet..19:28
JesseCbut I'll download the deb, sec.19:28
ohsI am trying to download QT SDK and tool chain for it but I got stuck in the last step.19:28
ohsnate_h: Do I need to install zlib?19:29
JesseCmcb_: that also isn't the chipset of the driver I need, does that matter?19:29
sacarlsonohs: nate_h: ya I concure error: zlib.h: No such file or directory  missing -dev  package maybe for zlib19:29
mcb_JesseC: In another machine thar connects. $apt-get install -d b43-fwcutter. copy the .deb and $dpkg -i package in the server.19:29
ohssacarlson: thanks19:30
mcb_JesseC: That is the only driver i used with broadcom. I dont know for sure.19:30
JesseCmcb_: This one is, BCM5778119:30
sammmyCan someone help me see if this is erroneous: https://gist.github.com/2139339 ?19:31
JesseCmcb_: doesn't seem to be covered under the BCM43xx list.19:31
sammmyI try to run my upstart conf file and it says it runs, but then it must of crashed, but there's no logs.19:31
mcb_JesseC: You can always $apt-cache search broadcom and try to find something more specific for you.19:32
MonkeyDust!bcm| JesseC19:32
ubottuJesseC: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:32
JesseCIt's not wireless19:33
JesseCThis is just a gigabit onboard wired ethernet.19:33
=== nikolja|odsutan is now known as nikolja
mcb_JesseC: There the package "bcm5700-source".19:35
JesseCmcb_: Yes, reading up on it, but I've attempted to compile the driver by hand without success.19:36
nprezidentyesterday i compilied the compat-wireless-2012-03-18 and now my broadcom bcm4312 driver is not being detected i've followed the isntructions at the broadcom driver site to reinstall the driver but no success can someone please let me know what to do ?19:37
doda1trying to install ubuntu on a pc with an nvidia card, unity is glitchy and unusable19:38
doda1nice user expirience19:38
MonkeyDust!nounity| doda119:40
ubottudoda1: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic19:40
tuxbindoda1: try installing gnome 3.0 it might be nicer19:40
theadmindoda1: Try XFCE, it feels like gnome219:40
MonkeyDusttuxbin  unity is gnome3 with compiz19:40
ghostconnok i installed ubuntu tweak and have downloaded a splashscreen how do i install it ?19:40
ghostconnit's a tar.gz file19:40
MangoBoyI would need some advise in how to enable the wolume on my headfones in alsamixer, they seem disabled but unmuted? the onbord card works well in my old windows copy19:41
MonkeyDustghostconn  you need the .deb file19:41
tuxbindoda1: look at this http://www.gnome.org/getting-gnome/19:41
doda1MonkeyDust: i actually run ubuntu 12.04 on my desktop, i used ubuntu 2d before i installed the drivers etc ...19:41
tuxbinMonkeyDust: understood but sometimes people dont like it...12.04 should allow more customizations19:41
MonkeyDustdoda1  then there the channel #ubuntu+1 for you19:41
doda1MonkeyDust: yeah i know :), but my rant is about ubuntu 11.10 being broken for a bunch of users19:42
moinI cant get dhcp3-server to start, i get the following: Starting ISC DHCP server dhcpd19:43
moinWarning: Fake start-stop-daemon called, doing nothing.19:43
jayrulezHas ubuntu 2d been removed? I recently did an update that removed Ubuntu2D from my installation.19:43
moin * check syslog for diagnostics.19:43
Oerdoda1, what videocard do you use?19:43
tuxbindoda1: it is really not that big a deal.... i like it19:43
doda1i mean, when a random tech savy windows user will wanna try ubuntu on a nvidia card ...19:43
doda1thats a bad moment :)19:43
=== Companion is now known as companion
doda10er onboard nvidia19:43
tuxbindoda1: quick question....did you install the correct drivers and do the updates?19:43
Oerdoda1, lspci | grep VGA19:44
doda1tuxbin: yeah yeah, i fixed everything in ubuntu 12.0419:44
JesseCSo frustrated. Has anybody managed to run ubuntu on a newer ASRock x79 Extreme4-M motherboard?19:44
Oerdoda1, so you don't need support?19:44
=== dillydallyer__ is now known as newbchessplayer
doda1but i booted up 11.10 from usb, and i got glitchy unity, which kinda sucks19:45
leiotdoda1, what glitch are you refering to?19:45
MonkeyDustdoda1  "you don't like it", that's different19:46
doda1No no19:46
=== Mud is now known as Guest77451
ghostconnnot one of the splash screens are in .deb format19:46
TihikeaI'm having some trouble with X11 forwarding on my 11.04 server to my Windows machine... I'm fairly certainly I have X server running (I did startx and now if I try again it says fatal error, running), I have xming installed and running on the windows machine, and PuTTY is setup to do x11 forwarding but when I try to run a program like, say, xclock, I get "Can't open display: "19:46
leiotbtw if you installed the driver, nvidia makes that thing :p19:46
ghostconnevery one is tar.gz19:46
doda1unity is ok, but the default noveau are glitchy, and when i click try ubuntu unity 3d is started which doesn't work, glitches everywhere19:47
TihikeaAnyone have any ideas? :O19:47
Oerghostconn, open the tar.gz and do the readme19:47
leiotwhich gpu do you have, doda1?19:48
doda1i can fix it by booting with nomodeset, that worked in precise daily build, but its just bad user expirience for other folks19:48
Oerghostconn, if it is a gtk3 theme, you could drag & drop it in themes.19:48
Cook13hello guys I got an issue. I want to start a program using ssh on my server. It's a java program. I use the command ssh user1@ip 'bash -s' < /home/user1/workspace/Client_Starter.sh to run a shell script which starts my Java program. But the problem is that it does not disconnect afterwards. It just waits until my java program / the process is ended. So any idea how to disconnect directly afterwards the java program was started?19:48
doda1leiot: one moment, i need to boot up my desktop19:48
Tihikeaanyway I can confirm that my xserver is running properly?19:50
doda1NVIDIA Corporation C61 [GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a]19:50
doda1here is my card19:50
pearcei'm having difficulty getting ubuntu to recognize my second monitor19:50
ghostconnOer    better yet i'll send you a link where i downlaoded it from19:51
nvictorhey all19:51
Cook13hello guys I got an issue. I want to start a program using ssh on my server. It's a java program. I use the command ssh user1@ip 'bash -s' < /home/user1/workspace/Client_Starter.sh to run a shell script which starts my Java program. But the problem is that it does not disconnect afterwards. It just waits until my java program / the process is ended. So any idea how to disconnect directly afterwards the java program was started?19:51
don262Oh!  lol @ ghostconn  for the link19:52
Oerghostconn, ah, { Use the Zorin Splash screen manager for installation and change your default splash screen. }https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Documentation/Plymouth19:53
=== i22 is now known as leiot
don262yeah  Oer got it right19:53
pearcewhen I first plugged it in, it started working immidiately19:53
pearcehowever, I unplugged it, and when i plug it in now, I get nothing19:54
Oerghostconn, but this guy gives a download, zorin is not in the repo .. so i suggest look in de docu to do it manually19:54
doda1pearce: what card do you use ?19:54
pearcenvidia 330m19:55
=== joerg is now known as Guest84691
pearceaaargh what the hell19:55
pearcemy curser turned into the text icon19:55
pearceand it wont change19:55
oops72Heya, am teaching a class right now, we just installed Ubuntu 8.10 (newer versions don't work with our version of vmware). The original 8.10 repositories no longer exist, have they been moved somewhere else, or have they been permanently deleted?19:55
pearcei can't click anything19:55
ghostconnlol is there a way to install it from the terminal I'm frimilar with terminal commands19:55
pearceis there a force quit command?19:56
ghostconnnvm i found it thanks19:56
pearceok nevermind19:56
TihikeaAnyone know much about X11 forwarding? :O19:57
ghostconnok i installed the splash screen manager however when i start it it asks for my admin password but it loads nothing?19:58
shaneohey guys is there a way to get the email notifier in the messages menu to start at login19:58
Tihikeai've got Xming installed on my windows machine and runing, I connect to the server with putty over ssh and x11 forwarding enabled, but when i run an x window program it just says Cant start display19:58
BodsdaHi, what are the implications of removing unity-2d? Apart from obviously not being able to use unity-2d.19:58
lauroi'm italian19:59
shaneopretty much starting thunderbird in background upon login19:59
lauroi'm sorry what SO do you using now?19:59
Guinness2702mcb_ sorry, was away, sure you can pm19:59
Oeroops72, i hope you can update tru deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy >>> http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Edgy/Repositories20:01
ghostconndont give up on me now guys i got so far lol20:02
ghostconnfuck you all20:03
boxI'm looking for PHP IDE's that have support built-in support for FTP (not by kde or gnome). For Windows I used to use PSPad. Recommendations please?20:05
KanerixWay to be patient... sheesh... It's not like we're doing anything else in our lives...20:05
Cook13you are? :D kidding :)20:05
don262oh that was justice20:06
* don262 higgles the pee out of LjL20:06
KanerixCook13, lol20:07
KanerixI'm at work...20:07
=== don262 is now known as DawnDiamond
DawnDiamondbf pc with natty20:08
Cook13Oh rly? Then you are not supposed to hang out on IRC are you Kanerix? :P20:08
DawnDiamondlove it20:08
KanerixActually, it's part of my job20:08
Cook13What? lol so what do you do Kanerix?20:08
Cook13When you are not hanging out on irc .... :D20:09
KanerixI use IRC to support my company's tech support department20:09
Kanerixtechnically I'm in the QA department20:10
KanerixIt wasn't exactly a stretch to include this to ask questions20:10
Cook13Hehe I see :) Good to have those people like you :)20:11
DawnDiamondheh   I gotta remember to tell MY boss that20:12
DawnDiamondhe won't freak out too bad.  I do sorta do IT tech support20:12
DawnDiamondlost passwords and stuff20:12
JesseCIs there a daily release with all of the latest updates for ubuntu server?20:13
JesseCI found the one for the desktop version, just not the server release.20:13
JesseCScratch that, found it.20:14
JSeymourI've actually had my boss looking-on while I've asked a question on IRC.  Everybody here knows I've a window open into several channels all day long :)20:15
KanerixJSeymour, same20:17
pjshey all.. quick question.. where are iptables stored by default in Ubuntu 11.10? (this is a rackspace managed instance, if that matters.)20:19
pjsiptables rules*20:19
JSeymourI didn't know they were stored *anywhere* by default20:20
beandogyah, they have to be loaded from somewhere20:21
beandogcan't remember where, though20:21
Glaceeubuntu precise question20:21
beandogpjs: if you're using ufw, they'll be in /etc/ufw I think20:21
PiciGlacee : Precise/12.04 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.20:22
pjsbeandog, yea looks like there is some default rules that I assume rackspace added as part of their image20:22
beandogpjs: yah I've got a rackspace one too, I already changed mine though.20:22
pjsbeandog ahh, gotcha.. thx. sorry, BSD guy so my iptables stuff is way on the edge of my memory :)20:22
beandogpjs: I just ditched theirs and used my custom ones anyway.20:23
aibohi, how to store 'route add default gw' in my '/etc/network/interfaces' what's format?20:23
pjsbeandog, well all i need to do is allow port 80, so I'll stick with this for now. To lazy to save the rules, load them at startup, etc. :)20:24
llutzaibo: gateway
beandogpjs: if you use ufw, it'll save it for you20:24
beandogpjs: sec20:24
llutzaibo: "man 5 interfaces"20:24
beandogpjs: ufw allow proto tcp to any port 80; ufw enable20:24
beandogand done20:24
=== samuel_ is now known as samuel
beandogpjs: oh, if you want ssh, don't forget port 22: ufw allow proto tcp to any port 2220:25
pjsbeandog oh beautiful.. thanks man20:25
beandogdon't lock yourself out20:25
pjsbeandog, yea.. ssh was already added via rackspace I suppose20:25
beandogpjs: well ufw will drop everything by default, so yah, better add that.20:25
beandogwell, maybe not *everything* ... but it'd drop ssh20:25
pjsbeandog, let me make sure..20:25
beandogYou can always get back in through rackspaces' web admin anyway, but that's a pain.20:25
pjsbeandog, yea it's good.. thanks man.. so ufw will auto save this and upon reboot port 80 will be good to go?20:26
beandogpjs: yah, ufw enable will do all the magic for you20:26
beandogpjs: if you want a copy of rackspace's defaults, just for the record, you can do iptables-save20:27
pjsbeandog, awesome man.. thanks for the ufw help. first I'm seeing this20:27
beandogthat doesn't actually *save* anything, it just prints out the current ruleset that you could run20:27
jahabasic linux question: How do I set a variable from a bash script for that user or current session so that other process can access it?20:27
beandogpjs: yah, like I said, don't forget 2220:27
beandogjaha: export20:28
beandogexport FOO=bar20:28
beandogecho $FOO20:28
jahadoes that work within the context of BOTH processes?20:28
beandogjaha: both processes?20:28
beandogit'll only work in the current session you're in20:28
pjsbeandog: yup. got 22.. thanks my man!20:28
beandogpjs: have fun20:28
beandogyou can use unset to remove the variable, too.  unset FOO; echo $FOO20:29
jahasorry maybe my lingo is wrong, lets say i want to set a variable with 1 bash script, and read that variable with another script20:29
beandogjaha: ah, good question.  I dunno, tbh.20:29
beandogjaha: you're usually better off passing variables as arguments, though20:29
beandogbash foo.sh 1 2 320:30
jahai understand export within the context of a single script, but normally I would write out the results to a file and read it in on the other, trying to get around that if possible20:30
beandoginstead of FOO=foo bash foo.sh20:30
beandogjaha: yah, don't write to a file.  You could pipe it20:30
beandogwell you *could* write to a file.20:30
beandogit's your script :)20:30
jahabeandog:  the scripts are independant of eachother,  one script setting foo=bar, and another script at will checking what the value of foo is...20:33
beandogjaha: okay.  Well, most shell commands / scripts will look for arguments, not variables20:34
beandogfoo --bar=baz20:34
beandogjaha: custom scripts of yours?20:34
beandogjaha: just out of curiosity, are you trying to split separate functions into two shell scripts?20:34
beandoglike, both scripts are just executing one function20:35
beandogI ask because bash scripts can actually run functions20:36
beandogyou can write functions inside them20:36
beandogmakes things easy.20:36
FloodBot1beandog: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:36
shaneohey guys when patching the kernel where is the file i patch20:36
jahabeandog: I think I just thought of a better way to do it, but thanks20:37
beandogjaha: good luck20:37
nujabesGNU C Library (glibc) 2.7 or later come on ubuntu?20:41
erinaceusvlt: Hey, remember me, I asked a couple days ago about a broken hdd?20:43
TheEmpathhi.. everywhere I go says nohup whatever & will keep a process running even after I exit the shell... of course, that's complete bullshit20:43
beandogTheEmpath: use screen or tmux and detach the session20:43
TheEmpathFrom my client, I run ssh -t user@host.com '/home/user/runTheNoHupScript.sh'... on the server, /home/user/runTheNoHupScript.sh is 'nohup whatever &'20:44
TheEmpathof course, if I log in as user and then type /home/user/runTheNoHupScript.sh, it works just fine20:44
TheEmpathbut if i execute the command via ssh connection, the process doesn't remain active20:45
beandogI don't think running nohup inside a script is going to do it20:45
TheEmpathsomething special occurs when executing a command from the ssh CLI20:45
beandogwould probably work if you just did that directly20:45
TheEmpathand, in the field of computers, we should hate special20:45
beandogas an SSH command20:45
=== Mud is now known as Guest74464
=== doomster is now known as raidhtc
zmo1283asdasdhi i want to install a printer/scanner on ubuntu and the add + button in that windows is disabled20:46
prelleleGood evening, after installing ubuntu desktop again I get a 'error: no such device xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx'20:46
zmo1283asdasdhow can i do that now?20:46
prellelei think its grub20:46
ratcheerprellele: Can you run "sudo blkid" or blkid as root?20:47
oops72Oer: thanks it worked quite well!20:47
prelleleratcheer, i've / nothing match's20:48
Escherialso, is it pretty impossible to boot an existing windows partition into a vm?20:48
delusiveI am trying to install AMD Catalyst 12.2 drivers in Ubuntu/oneiric, having some real headaches.  I have a RADEON HD 6870, i have tried all different installation, automatic, manual etc, i have fully removed fglrx drivers, after installing the package, i can't find the aticonfig command, is this required?  ANyone have any experience getting this working on a similar config?20:49
Escherialwhether or not that's possible, what would you all suggest for running a guest operating system like windows under ubuntu?20:49
beandogEscherial: virtualbox is nice and simple20:49
mcb_prellele: Grub can not find your boot device. Do grub-install from a live CD. But be sure in what device you are installing it, if it is a dual-boot machine....20:49
Oeroops72, have fun20:50
Escherialbeandog: sounds good; i'll take a look, thanks :)20:50
sammmyHow do I get my upstart script to restart if there's an error?20:50
beandogsammmy: what do you mean20:50
beandogsammmy: you mean if the daemon failed to exit successfully?20:51
beandogi.e., didn't start20:51
sammmybeandog: when an upstart process crashes, how do I get it to start automatically20:51
cwoodQuestion about service ordering: how can I get my dhcp ip/hostname acquisition to happen before the daemons start?20:51
beandogsammmy: ah, that.20:51
beandogsammmy: you can install something like monit to monitor services if they crash.20:51
beandogsammmy: I'm actually poking at mine right now if you want some help setting it up.  What service are you talking about, first of all?20:51
sammmyI'm guessing the respawn stanza wouldn't be what I'm looking for then?20:53
sammmybeandog: I'm running custom node.js processes20:53
beandogsammmy: ok, probably can't help you then20:54
sammmybeandog: err.20:54
beandogsammmy: how are you starting t hem20:54
sammmyWhat's the latest upstart version?20:54
sammmybeandog: exec node /path/to/my/app.js in my upstart20:54
beandogsammmy: does it create a pidfile, do you know?20:55
beandogor can it20:55
sammmybeandog: what is a pidfile?20:55
beandogsammmy: it's a file that has the process ID of the running application20:55
beandogfex, pidof sshd20:56
sammmybeandog: I wouldn't know20:56
sammmyis there a way if I can tell?20:56
beandogsammmy: probably not then20:56
=== prelele is now known as prellele
cwoodYou can tell by grepping /var/run for the pid of your daemon.20:56
cwood(recursively grepping)20:57
sammmyI can see the processes in ps -AF20:57
TheEmpathapparently... the trick is to sleep 1 after you nohup20:57
TheEmpaththen the process will persist20:57
* TheEmpath sighs.20:57
TheEmpathfeels like a dirty hack20:57
sammmycwood: how do I grep a directory?20:57
cwoodsammy: you can read "man grep" for more, but roughly: grep -r 1234 /var/run20:58
cwoodTheEmpath: start it as a daemon from an init script or upstart job,t hen?20:58
ratcheerprellele: Is the non-existent blkid included in your fstab?20:59
lprelleratcheer: Sorry, i think i didnt get your last answer20:59
ratcheerlprelle: Is the non-existent blkid included in your fstab?21:00
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
lprelleratcheer: no21:02
=== companion is now known as Companion
veggteppeHey there!:) I am trying to convert and dmg file to img file using dmg2img, however i keep getting an error: Inflation failed. Any idea what is going on ?21:02
ratcheerlprelle: I'm not sure what else might be using it to give the error.21:03
lprellemaybe i should mention, that a have 2 harddrives. on one there is a windows installation and on the other one there is ubuntu21:04
erinaceusveggteppe: Maybe check if it has log somewhere or a verbose option?21:04
veggteppeerinaceus, It does indeed have a  verbose option. You want me to pastebin the output?21:05
PRINCESS_FLUFFhow can I open a terminal with the path set to whatever directory im looking at ?21:05
erinaceusveggteppe: Do that, altough I'm not expert im at least willing to take a shot at it21:05
ratcheerlprelle: I tried that a long time ago. It didn't work well, at all. Kept screwing up booting of either system.21:05
veggteppeerinaceus, http://pastebin.com/SmkZ4p4Z - Any help is appreciated:)21:05
cwoodPRINCESS_FLUFF: That depends entirely on your desktop. (That said I do not know, as I use openbox and no graphical shell.)21:05
PRINCESS_FLUFFI dont know, I installed Ubuntu without changing any options21:06
lprelleratcheer: bevor reinstalling ubuntu, everything worked well21:06
PRINCESS_FLUFFThe latest version21:06
cwoodPRINCESS_FLUFF: Mostly I use an xterm for directory navigation and viewing. I use "cd" to change to whatever directory I want to be in.21:06
ratcheerlprelle: I understand, but I do not know what the problem is.21:07
cwoodI'm not really up on this snazzy new-age gui stuff.21:07
veggteppeerinaceus, http://pastebin.com/na9yMB2s there is the debug log21:07
erinaceusveggteppe: What exact command are you using?21:07
veggteppeerinaceus, dmg2img <name of file> <name of output>21:07
veggteppewithout <> ofcourse..21:07
=== kish is now known as oracle
ShojoPRINCESS_FLUFF: type in terminal "cd  and your path"21:07
=== oracle is now known as kish
veggteppeerinaceus, Tried sudoing the son of a b***, incase it was a permissions error. No luck :P21:08
lprelleratcheer: is it possible that grub got problem cause i updated my last ubuntu installation from 10.04 to 12.10 and the current installation is 10.04 again?21:08
mobiusstripperhi, so I want to enable Chinese and Japanese interface for other user of the system. In the "Language Support" setting,,21:09
erinaceusveggteppe: try dmg2img -s -i input.file -o output.file21:09
mobiusstripperafter I installed the language support, I moved them between English (US) and English21:09
mobiusstripperbut when I log out and log back-in, the interface became Chinese.21:09
mobiusstripperShouldn't English (US) still takes highest pririty?21:10
veggteppeerinaceus, Tried that now, still having an inflation error21:10
cwoodmobiusstripper: Sounds like your system is set to one locale.21:10
cwoodAnd your system's default locale is different from your own.21:10
mobiusstrippercwood, when I typed locale in shell, I get LANG=en_US.UTF-821:10
erinaceusveggteppe: Broken dmg is out of question i guess?21:11
mobiusstripperso I am not sure why the interface is in Chinese..21:11
veggteppeerinaceus, Indeed, tried several different ones, hoping everyones not corrupted. lol ^;21:11
cwoodDo you have a bunch of LC_* environment variables? Maybe they're in your shell config scripts but not your xorg session configs (like your .xsession or whatever Ubuntu uses).21:11
veggteppeerinaceus, is there any way to burn a bootable .dmg "out of the box" of a program on linux ?21:11
erinaceusveggteppe: Sorry, thats out of my league. But im guessing you are trying to write the dmg on a disk?21:12
veggteppeerinaceus, Aye, attempting to write the dmg on a disk indeed21:12
veggteppeerinaceus, Gonna try to run it straight out of brasero, and see where that gets me with a hardboot on the mac21:13
beandogsammmy: was afk, any luck?21:13
mobiusstrippercwood, all the LC_ are en_US.UTF-821:13
mobiusstrippercwood, with quotation mark, I belive because their values are inherited from LANG21:13
mobiusstrippercwood, there is also this: LANGUAGE=en_US:en_GB:zh_HK:zh_TW:zh_CN:ja:en21:14
cwoodmobiusstripper: That's in a terminal, though.21:14
mobiusstrippercwood, how would I checked my LC* if not in the terminal?21:14
sammmybeandog: w/e I don't care21:14
cwoodNot really sure how locales work, but it seems that of the available locales your shell chooses en_us and your DE chooses zh.21:14
beandogsammmy: no luck?21:15
cwoodUnfortunately this is about as much help as I can be with locales, sorry.21:15
sammmybeandog: I'm on break now, but no21:15
erinaceusveggteppe: Good luck, i'll see if i can find something usefull21:15
beandogsammmy: does it crash?  is that what's happening?21:16
VILCHESo9la ay alguiennnnnnnnnnn21:16
=== diverdude is now known as ethanjameson
VILCHESde donde eres??21:17
sammmybeandog: it only does when my app crashes, but I'll just manually restart it when it does21:17
guntbert!es | VILCHES21:18
ubottuVILCHES: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.21:18
beandogguntbert: that's a nice command21:18
VILCHESmy name is vilches21:19
guntbert!askthebot > beandog21:19
ubottubeandog, please see my private message21:19
guntbertVILCHES: hi,  Do you have an ubuntu support question?21:19
=== Companion is now known as companion
beandogsammmy: hmm21:19
JebbaIf i have a .tar.gz file how do i install it from terminal?21:20
VILCHESo my good21:20
cwoodJebba: You can read "man tar" and "man gunzip" for more information.21:20
veggteppeerinaceus, Looks like brasero is gonna make the dmg a iso for me befor eburning it ;o21:20
guntbertJebba: what do you want to install?21:21
guntbert!who | Jebba21:21
ubottuJebba: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)21:21
guntbert!info eclipse | Jebba21:21
erinaceusveggteppe: thats nice21:21
ubottuJebba: eclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 16 kB, installed size 128 kB21:21
beandogsammmy: oh, well, if you're just running it *manually* then you can run it in a loop21:22
beandogand just keep it running21:22
beandogthat'd be easy enough21:22
Jebbai downloaded both the sdk and jee version, it was recommended in a comment in software center do download and install from eclipse.org21:22
=== owner_ is now known as Guest38827
guntbertJebba: no need to compile it yourself,                 sudo apt-get install eclipse         will be ok21:22
tom95is there a dbus interface for changing the global volume?21:22
almoxarifewth is a 'dbus interface'?21:23
guntbertJebba: if there are no compelling reasons then keep to the repositories of ubuntu21:23
Jebbaoki thanks for the answers21:23
almoxarifetom95: how about that nice 'volume' icon ?21:24
tom95almoxarife: what do you mean?21:24
keithzz Hi, I bought a usb/serial adapter based on PL2303X and not PL2303. Now before I apply some of the patches that I found on the net to make PL2303X recognised, I wanted to update my kernel. I found this website http://www.unixmen.com/upgrade-your-kernel-the-safe-way-in-ubuntu-linuxmint/ to teach me to do so..Is this a good procedure? and to what version you advise me to upgrade?21:25
almoxarifetom95: I mean the 'icon' associated with 'volume' on the panel21:25
tom95almoxarife: well, it doesn't allow you to set your volume from a program written in vala for example21:26
cwoodHave any of you lot successfully had a daemon start after a dhcp config using upstart or init?21:27
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
guntbertkeithzz: your question seem a little involved for irc - maybe try the forums and/or askubuntu.com too21:27
almoxarifetom95: so you are asking 'how do I control volume within a 'vala' created app/script, yes?21:27
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
=== duff is now known as dt3k
TheEmpathso as it turns out21:37
TheEmpaththe godamned process won't detach with ssh exec21:37
guntbert!enter | TheEmpath21:37
ubottuTheEmpath: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:37
TheEmpathI've been on this dumb problem for over an hour... https://gist.github.com/7dc93e863c1fe920c782  The & won't detach processes for SSH exec21:38
guntbertTheEmpath: try to use nohup too21:39
beandogright.  i wouldn't run it in the shell script21:39
beandogI'd run it as the SSH command21:39
TheEmpathguntbert: started with nohup... didn't detach... removed nohup, still won't detach21:39
beandogssh -t me@server.com 'nohup /home/me/scripts/postDeploy.sh'21:39
TheEmpathlemme try21:40
guntbertTheEmpath: I never tried ssh exec, but usually you need           nohup <command> &21:40
TheEmpathbeandog: wait a minute, that appears to work?21:41
Monotokohey guys... every time I login, I get: -NickServ- 27 failed logins since last login.21:41
Monotokois this common..?21:41
llew21Anyone have any knowledge on dmsetup?21:41
guntbertMonotoko: ask in #freenode please21:42
guntbert!anyone | llew2121:42
ubottullew21: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.21:42
vlterinaceus: pong21:42
erinaceusvlt: ping, so i've managed to create a new partition table with the install routine and started ddrescue, it's been running for about 2 days now. SHould i just give up? He shows me the correct number of paritions in /dev/ but cant access any atm21:43
zmajhi... does anybady know how to install old ATI ( RV50 ) under new Ubuntu (12.04) ?21:46
vlterinaceus: I need a little more detail to remember everything.21:46
vlterinaceus: You messed with grub, right?21:46
erinaceusvlt: I destroyed my partition table tryning to reinstall grub21:46
beandoghow is that even possible21:46
llew21OK  I am trying to recover a broken raid array that used a hardware controller. I have attached the 2 hard disks to my ubuntu box and they appear as /dev/sda and /dev/sdb so I have used sudo dmsetup create Foo --table /home/mark/Documents/mytable.txt21:46
llew21 where the table contains one line:  0 819200 striped 2 32 /dev/hda 0 /dev/hdb 0 .The disks are 400Mb each. when I run this command it returns: Invalid format on line 1 of table21:46
llew21Command failed. I have checked everything and cant see where Ive gone wrong. Thanks21:46
erinaceusvlt: Yep, after that all i could see was /dev/sdc , neither gparted nor ddrescue were able to access the hdd21:46
vlterinaceus: Ok, you booted from live CD?21:47
erinaceusvlt: Right21:47
erinaceusvlt: And there i could access sdc and choose "Create Partition Table"21:47
vlterinaceus: I think I suggested making an image first.21:47
vlterinaceus: You ran ddrescue for two days now?21:48
erinaceusvlt: Yep, but that didnt work, ddrescue wasnt able to access the hdd21:48
erinaceusvlt: Yep21:48
zmajhi... does anybady know how to install old ATI ( RV50 ) under new Ubuntu (12.04) ?21:48
erinaceusvlt: The disk ist about 400GB btw.21:48
vlterinaceus: SATA?21:48
erinaceusvlt: IDE21:48
vlterinaceus: Ok, so no hotplug21:48
wawaweeI have my whitelist set to all and pidgin still wont goto the toolbar... is this some kind of joke?21:49
erinaceusvlt: It is connected via sata, but in IDE mode21:49
Akivaportable harddrive not auto mounting, and I can't find it in media.21:49
vlterinaceus: I think you should stop ddrescue (if still running) and reboot.21:49
beandogTheEmpath: working?21:49
vlterinaceus: Let’s see what your kernel thinks about the disk NOW.21:49
erinaceusvlt: Hopeing it will recognize the hdd?21:49
JesseCSo, to make newer broadcom network cards work that use the tg3, you have to compile the driver manually, install it, and do a modprobe tg3 after every reboot to make the card work. Does anybody know if there are any other work around for this?21:49
beandogJesseC: you can have it loaded by default on boot easy enough21:50
beandogbut yah, you'd have to install it manually, and blacklist the other one from loading21:50
goddardsometimes when i reboot my system my icons on the display bar disappear and they also disappear on my alt-tab interface21:50
TheEmpathbeandog: working...!21:51
sleepybughey guys...when i run "sudo make prerequisites" or "make" in a program im trying to compile (a program released by ubuntu) I get the No rule to make target21:51
zmajhi... does anybody know how to install old ATI ( RV50 ) under new Ubuntu (12.04) ?21:51
goddardsleepybug: are you in the right directory21:52
sleepybugI should say, in a folder that is the source code of a program im trying to compile21:52
TheEmpathbeandog: but I wanna know how... if I nohup on the ssh exec script which then launches the actual node server (and then detaches it), does that mean things will still work as I intend them to?21:52
JesseCsleepybug: make sure there are no spaces in the directory you are in21:52
tbruff13Can someone help me set Multimedia keys in Kubuntu21:52
sleepybuggoddard: the instructions say just cd into the wubi folder21:52
jescois it possible to 'open as admin' in 12.04 nautilus???21:52
JesseCI had that same issue half an hour ago21:52
TheEmpathAww no rep bot :(21:52
sleepybugJesseC there arent21:52
sleepybugJesseC do you have any experience with compiling in linux? If so would you mind if I pm'd you?21:53
JesseCsleepybug: ah well then the other guys probably have better ideas than I do.21:53
beandogTheEmpath: the only time you should need to run nohup is with the SSH command... you can take it out of the shell script you are executing21:53
jescois it possible to 'open as admin' in 12.04 nautilus???21:53
beandogsleepybug: which program21:53
JesseCsleepybug: I don't, I just happened to have a similar error message earlier that I randomly fixed on accident.21:53
sleepybugbeandog: wubi21:53
TheEmpathbeandog: just need to make sure that if node tosses a life crippling exception that would bring down the server, nohup goes "OH NO YOUS DONT!"21:53
almoxarifejesco: yes, using the plugins21:54
beandogsleepybug: wait, whut?  you're trying to build wubi from source?21:54
jescoalmoxarife: which ones... cant find it21:54
sleepybugbeandog: yeah, I edited one of the reference iso files to download a different distro21:54
beandogTheEmpath: uh, I dunno about that.  It won't prevent the process from dying if something bad happens, but it will run in the background21:54
beandogsleepybug: oh, dunno then.21:55
TheEmpathi thought nohup meant nohangup, meaning ignore things like sigterm and the like21:55
beandogTheEmpath: I'm pretty sure you're right, and good to go21:56
TheEmpathwell no matter, i'll be moving onto forever soon anyways21:56
TheEmpaththanks for the help21:56
almoxarifejesco: nautilus-actions-extra21:57
beandogTheEmpath: good luck bro21:57
jescoalmoxarife: awesome, thanks21:57
superdave321Is there a flavour of Ubuntu that doesn't have any automatically installed packages?21:58
erinaceusvlt: Argh, i was wondering why nothing was happening, but the screen was off -.- But it stops at verifying DMI Pool Data anyhow, i guess he has nothing to boot21:59
nasserubuntu 11.10 doesn't detect my iPhone 4S21:59
vlterinaceus: Why not booting from CD again?21:59
beandogsuperdave321: what do you mean21:59
erinaceusvlt: Oh i thought u meant trying to boot the hdd, gimme a sec21:59
=== sergey is now known as XVampireX_
nasserhi, ubuntu 11.10 doesn't dettect my iPhone 4S22:00
vlterinaceus: No chance ;-)22:01
superdave321beandog: Like the base ubuntu without the office applications or other non-necessary software...22:01
Rocky_hello  i just installed windows 8 customer preview and i needed help loading upbuntu ( it not an option now)22:01
kofmanhey guys, I'm struggling getting 'startx' to work on my newly formatted touchsmart tm2 tablet pc, I've managed to install by changing some settings in grub, but sadly the screen goes blank and nothing I've tried has made any difference. Has anyone experienced the same and found a solution on this device? (intel graphics chipset)22:01
beandogsuperdave321: oh.  ubuntu server would be pretty slim.  turnkey has a really small base one too22:01
itaylor57!minimal | superdave32122:02
ubottusuperdave321: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD22:02
superdave321itaylor57: Hey, that's what I'm looking for! Thanks!22:02
xibalbaanyone here work with sip much?22:03
ZaitzevUgh, I installed lubuntu-desktop earlier (and it installed a whole bunch of extra idontknowwhat stuff), and now the login screen is in ugly lubuntu-mode, with typing in the username and password.22:03
ZaitzevIs it enough to do apt-get remove lubuntu-desktop?22:03
beandogRocky_: you wanna look for a howto restore grub howto22:03
beandoger.  yah.22:03
erinaceusvlt: YAY!22:04
Escherialdoes anyone happen to know of a way to make ubuntu run a command before the machine suspends?22:04
logEscherial: Yes.22:04
=== XVampireX_ is now known as XVampireX
Escherialer, or more appropriately, does anyone happen to know why my machine freezes if i have a share mounted over sshfs?22:04
mkultra_what do youwant ran Escherial22:04
erinaceusvlt: I love computers, u do nothing and they suddenly stop working, u do more nothing and they work again, well im off making a backup for now. ;)22:04
Escherialmkultra_: fusermount -u /mnt/sshfs/target22:05
vlterinaceus: Good luck!22:05
logEscherial: Add a script in /etc/pm/sleep.d/.22:05
=== Mike is now known as Guest42849
Escheriallog: nice, thank you :)22:05
auronandaceerinaceus: i think your definition of nothing is a little off :)22:05
Escherialdoes the script run under my user account or under a more privileged one?22:05
erinaceusauronandace: I know ;)22:06
mkultra_Escherial, i suggest switching to FTP22:06
logEscherial: No idea, sorry...22:06
logEscherial: I'd assume that it's under your user account. But it could be sudo.22:06
kofmanis there a command with iwconfig or similiar to see if a essid exists22:10
kofmanthank you22:10
mkultra_iwconfig = wifi ifconfig22:10
=== toytoy_ is now known as toytoy
Zaitzevugh, and now the problem I had yesterday, is back.. doesn't look like there's any fix for it. purple pixelation stuff.. :(22:16
Zaitzevany ops around? I got a spam complaint :p22:18
tbruff13Zaitzev, what do you need man22:20
Zaitzevthere's a dumbass spamming on PM when users join.22:20
Zaitzevwhen they join this channel, I mean.22:21
tbruff13Zaitzev, i cannot help that22:21
tbruff13Zaitzev, i might be able to help you with your other issue22:21
beandogthere's gotta be an ops channel22:21
Zaitzevtbruff13: yeah? :D22:21
beandogyah, #ubuntu-ops22:21
ZaitzevI guess I could shout for the ops, but the command is for "emergencies" :b22:21
tbruff13beandog, can you help me out over in Kubuntu please22:22
beandogtbruff13: I'm not familiar with kubuntu.  I'm running xfce myself22:22
tbruff13Zaitzev, what graphics driver do you have22:22
tbruff13beandog, okay22:22
Zaitzevthat's a good question.22:22
ZaitzevI suppose it's the nvidia one, but I think I removed it yesterday..22:22
tbruff13Zaitzev, here22:22
tbruff13ill help you22:22
tbruff13go into a terminal and run lspci22:23
tbruff13and look for VGA compatible controller22:23
beandoglspci | grep -i vga22:23
Zaitzevi got that22:23
ZaitzevVGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GF110 [GeForce GTX 560 Ti] (rev a1)22:24
Zaitzevif you wanted the info22:24
SilverLionbittin ^^22:28
Zaitzevbeandog: Did you have any solution or what's up? :)22:29
DoxinI'm having some issues with proprietary video drivers. the drivers themselves work perfectly fine, except for minecraft. is there any easy way to toggle drivers without a reboot?22:30
beandogZaitzev: sorry, what?22:30
beandogZaitzev: use nvidia's drivers22:30
Zaitzevoh wait, sorry. it was tbruff13 who offered I think :)22:30
beandogDoxin: no22:30
beandogDoxin: no wait, you could restart X1122:30
beandogDoxin: that'd still be a pain th ough22:31
Zaitzevbeandog: I had them, the problem occured, now I don't have them, the problem is still occurring.22:31
Doxinbeandog: thought so, nvm then.22:31
Zaitzevweird thing is, it just disappeared last night when a guy in here said I could try LXDE to see if it helped. It sort of did, but I went back to Unity. The problem disappeared, right up until half an hour ago.22:32
dysocoAnyone has the link to Ubuntu 12.10 Beta ISO ? I can't find it :S22:32
dysocosorry, I was searching for 12.10 instead of 12.04... god...22:33
MonkeyDustdysoco  that's a bit early :p22:33
=== ethanjameson is now known as diverdude
goddardsometimes when i reboot my system my icons on the display bar disappear and they also disappear on my alt-tab interface22:35
diverdudeIf i use a program called gphoto2 which accepts a parameter --shell that enables a special gphoto-shell environment, can i script for such  a shell enironment using normal bash?22:38
fellayaboywhat program can i use to change my hardwire mac address each and everytime22:40
beandogfellayaboy: ifconfig might do it22:40
kofmanonce I've set up wlan0 with a proper essid and valid key, I'm trying to have an ip issued via dhclient wlan0 but instead I get No DHCPOFFERS received : (22:40
fellayaboybe specific please22:40
beandogfellayaboy: oh.  macchanger. derp.22:40
fellayaboymacchanger huh22:40
kofmanam I missing a step?22:40
fellayaboyand it will change my mac everytime i start up my machineA?22:40
beandogfellayaboy: well usually you only change it once.22:41
dysocofellayaboy, you can write an script and use macchanger22:41
dysocoactually, that's a cool idea22:41
fellayaboyis there a sudo apt-get install way of dooing it22:41
beandogfellayaboy: sudo aptitude -y install macchanger22:41
beandoglike that?22:41
fellayaboyyeah that didnt seem to work though22:42
dysocoapt-cache search macchanger22:42
dysocoit might be part of another package22:42
fellayaboyi have 622:43
fellayaboy64bit os does that matter22:43
fellayaboykeep getting aptitude command not found22:43
dysocouse apt22:43
dysoconot aptitude, as it's not installed as default22:43
_Marcusfellayaboy: Do apt-get22:43
fellayaboygot it22:44
fellayaboythanks dudes22:44
fellayaboysooo i want to change m