ScottLknome, yeah, that fookin' rocks00:24
ScottLmicahg, want to do the security thing, i'll be going upstairs in just a minute00:24
micahgScottL: dinner, then errands, I won't be available really for another 2.5 hours, let me know if you need the links though00:25
ScottLi played with the web browser one during my lunch (windows machine), i'll download the code in a bit00:26
ScottLi hope it works of off packagsets of similar to make searching easier00:26
ScottLi should still be availabe in 2.5 hours though00:27
micahgScottL: it's mostly a data branch00:27
micahgScottL: the 3 dirs that interest you are active (open CVEs), retired (fixed or ignored after time CVEs), scripts (pkg_status might be helpful)00:28
len-nbA fix for Bug 955617 has been released so I will try installing tomorrow.00:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 955617 in casper (Ubuntu) "ubiquity hangs (no activity forever) at configuring target system" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95561700:53
scott-upstairslen-nb, did it hang for you again today?02:12
len-nbscott-upstairs, Yes it hung today, but the fix was released after the iso build.02:46
len-nbBy about two hours if I read things right.02:47
len-nbI guess it was about the time you left work so you missed it.02:51
scott-upstairsmicahg, i'm ready whenever you are02:59
scott-upstairsfalktx, are you still interested in working up the theme like we talked03:09
* scott-upstairs is about a week behind on sending out emails and working on his list now03:09
micahgscott-upstairs: I'm wondering what you still need from me  :)03:10
scott-upstairsmicahg, the security stuff, i'm a little confused about what i'm supposed to do with the 'active', et al directoreis03:11
falktxscott-upstairs: I was waiting for an email or something03:11
falktxscott-upstairs: it's hard to tell without knowing how much work is still required03:11
scott-upstairsfalktx, just making sure, i'll forward two emails with an quick explanation in the first one03:11
scott-upstairsfalktx, are you working with the open octave group?03:11
falktxscott-upstairs: please send those emails first, then I'll see if I can help there or not03:12
falktxscott-upstairs: a bit yes, but not too much lately03:12
scott-upstairsfalktx, that is super cool!03:12
falktxI'm woking on the juce-lv2 wrapper right now03:12
falktxgetting close to a release product03:12
micahgscott-upstairs: what I did for xubuntu was grep in retired for the xubuntu package names03:13
micahgthen you can use ./scripts/pkg_status to check for open issues03:13
micahgthat should give you the history of your packages03:13
scott-upstairsmicahg, but i have to do this manually for each package that i am interested in?03:14
micahgscott-upstairs: no, I'd suggest dumping the packageset list in a file, then using something like  'cat MYFILE | xargs -I{} grep {} retired/* > US_security-history.txt' and something similar to get the pkg_status output03:17
micahgthat's why I said it can be done in a night if the output isn't too bad with a little shell scripting :)03:18
scott-upstairswhere can i get the packageset, i seem to remember someone gave me a link once but i don't remember where it is03:19
micahgscott-upstairs: http://people.canonical.com/~stgraber/package_sets/precise/ubuntustudio03:20
scott-upstairsthanks, added bookmark this time03:20
micahgscott-upstairs: this version might be a little better for shell scripting minus the initial output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/891684/03:21
scott-upstairsi started to say, "i've never heard of the 'zhengpeng-hou' package before...what is this???"  and then i realized it was a *person*  LOL03:22
scott-upstairshmmm, giving me 'argument list too long'03:25
scott-upstairsyay, got it to work (i think)03:26
scott-upstairsoops, didn't...trying again with some changes03:27
micahgscott-upstairs: you could diff against this one as well (xubuntu packageset): http://paste.ubuntu.com/891689/03:28
scott-upstairsmicahg, is there somewhere i can read some background about what i'm doing or a defined scope of what the expectations are?03:28
micahgscott-upstairs: not that I'm aware of, you're trying to ascertain the effort necessary to support the packages in your packageset not supported by anyone else for the duration of your LTS03:29
micahgin this case specifically, security support03:29
scott-upstairsoh, i did something horribly wrong, the US_security file i outputed was already 5.6 gigs and growing03:33
scott-upstairsbut i need to go downstairs and hold my son, he's fussy and it's time for his bed03:33
micahgyeah, doesn't sound right :)03:34
scott-upstairsOH, maybe i didn't do something wrong, all the lines that i read seem to be related to packages in the set03:34
scott-upstairshere is a sample of what i got:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/891699/03:35
scott-upstairsokay going downstairs hopefully for only thirty minutes or so03:36
scott-upstairs(yes, i called my file 'MYFILE' :P  it made it easier)03:36
micahgscott-upstairs: umm, is it really >5GB?03:43
falktx_scott-upstairs: afaik, the icon theme is a no go03:50
falktx_scott-upstairs: it needs proper docs explaining who made them, which ones are not in the original pack (oxygen), and which are custom made.03:51
falktx_last time I checked Dick just picked icons from several places into a big icon theme03:52
falktx_canonical will not approve this03:52
falktx_I don't know enough about the theme or the wallpaper03:55
micahgScottL: sorry, will have to upload stuff in the morning, need some sleep now07:43
astraljavalen_: scott-upstairs: ScottL: The ubiquity hang bug should now be fixed in casper version 1.312, so let's look at that on the next images tonight.09:56
astraljavaScottL: I joined the lightdm-gtk-greeter team on LP, so if our project has devel suggestions, I would be happy to act as a proxy towards getting the implemented. I thought it was the most suitable way of getting into actual Ubuntu development for me.11:33
scott-upstairsmicahg, yeah, i'm sure it's a 6gb file: http://imagebin.org/20436311:47
knomei like that username >:)11:49
scott-upstairswhich username?11:54
knomeyep, on the shot11:54
astraljavaWow, that's insane. scott-upstairs: I could assist you on the CVE tracking in a couple of hours, if you need any help.11:55
astraljavaPretty interested about this topic.11:55
knomei think i'm off for a while11:56
knomesee you :)11:56
astraljavaI'm going out for a few now, though. But if you can make a short summary on what has happened thus far, I'd appreciate it.11:56
scott-upstairsknome, oh, lol, well i screwed up and branched in my home directory, just happened to be a /master folder first in there11:57
knomeastraljava, how far away you want me to start? BCE?11:58
knomescott-upstairs, ;)11:58
scott-upstairsastraljava, i'm not really making much progress so far but i can shoot you an email in a bit, right now i'm just making sure i retain the information micah has given me11:58
* knome is really off now ->11:58
scott-upstairsby knome 12:00
scott-upstairser bye12:00
scott-upstairsastraljava, okay, sent you the same email i was sending myself to help document some of this, it's very loosely (at least chronologically) organized, but may not be very self-explanatory12:01
astraljavaknome: The big bang, obviously. And if you have any info on what preceded it, I'd be grateful.12:01
scott-upstairsokay, got to go and start getting kids up12:01
astraljavascott-upstairs: Ok, thanks! See you later.12:02
astraljavaHi Antoine!14:01
ttoineastraljava, some news about TheMuso and the lowlatency kernel ?14:10
astraljavattoine: Haven't heard/seen any updates, sadly.14:13
astraljavaYeah, the latest commit is still that of March 9th14:14
astraljavattoine: I'm cloning the git branch now, and will give it a stab later tonight to try updating the config and roll my own. If it works, I'll upload my own branch somewhere for people to test.14:23
astraljavaIt's not a lasting solution, though, as I'm afraid there'll be plenty of updates for the ubuntu kernel still. But it'll teach me some kernel hacking, at least. :)14:24
ttoineastraljava, ok.15:07
astraljavaailo: As you know about the lowlatency config, what are the changes to it? I see in Luke's branch there to be a lowlatency config file including turning preempt on, marking hz_1000=y and slab=y. Would those be enough, or are there other settings still?16:04
astraljavaIf those are enough, then it's probably just a packaging issue, which I will look into next.16:05
astraljavaHmmm... that's a bit confusing. In that Luke's branch, debian/debian.env already points to debian.lowlatency.16:19
astraljavaI'm afraid I need more guidance in debugging this.16:19
micahgScottL: wow, that's huge, maybe the guys in #ubuntu-hardened would have an easier way to do this :(16:29
astraljavamicahg: I'll give it a go as well, just to see whether there was a glitch somewhere.16:44
micahgok, will a little more fine tuned scripting, you could output a count of CVEs as opposed to a huge file of all the lines that match16:45
astraljavamicahg: I'm suspecting the multiple times of names in that packageset listing (what's with that anyway?)16:47
micahgooh, right, I didn't check that, a simple | sort | uniq will fix that16:50
astraljavamicahg: Yeah, but when looking into package names, I need to get rid of uploaders anyway, so not a problem.16:51
astraljavamicahg: What I think has happened there, is that uploaders have creeped into the dumped file that is then used in getting the information.16:51
micahgastraljava: I gave a pastebin without that :)16:52
astraljavamicahg: Oh! Okay, sorry about that. :)16:52
astraljavamicahg: Well, I'll double-check, still, as I want to get a hang of the process anyway.16:53
scott-workhow is everyone doing today?  we had some wicked storms come through and it knocked the power out at work for a while18:39
astraljavascott-work: Quite ok, I suppose. I'm trying to find out how you managed to get the 6GB file, when I'm failing to get any output at all.18:50
astraljavaChopping the process to pieces, trying to spot the error(s). There are several.18:50
scott-workastraljava: i moved my 'MYFILE' into the \retired directory, then reran the bash command without the '\retired' part18:51
scott-workmabye i already did that in the email, i'll check18:51
astraljavascott-work: micahg: It should be ok to run the pkg_status script in an oneiric machine, right?18:52
scott-workthat should be 'retired/' and without the 'retired/'18:52
scott-workthat is, explicitly:18:52
scott-workcat MYFILE | xargs -I{} grep {} retired/* > US_security-history.txt18:52
scott-workchanged to18:52
astraljavascott-work: How did you come up with the MYFILE in the first place?18:52
scott-workcat MYFILE | xargs -I{} grep {} * >US_secutiry-history.txt18:52
scott-workbut spell security properly :P18:53
scott-workit was part of the email18:53
scott-workand it was derived from something micahg sent to me, which was also part fo the email18:53
astraljavaOh, so it was, sorry. :)18:53
scott-workMYFILE is basically a text file that contains all the packages in our packageset18:53
scott-workhehe, np :)18:53
astraljavaYeah, so I worked a similar package-list file, but get nothing when I'm trying to use it. Apparently there is some configuration to be done before you can properly run the pkg_status script.18:58
astraljavaBtw. that command won't, obviously, do anything meaningful.18:58
astraljavamicahg: Do you have any idea why this happens? http://paste.ubuntu.com/892616/19:03
astraljavamicahg: the pkgs file is a similar listing of packages that is created in pkg_status script when called with `-f' option.19:04
scott-workastraljava: i never tried  pkg_status19:09
scott-workonly the cat - xargs- grep line19:09
astraljavaailo: Well, I managed to build the kernel packages, but so far I have no idea how to verify what config it uses.19:13
astraljavascott-work: Yes, but there's nothing that processes the output of that file after it has been grepped.19:14
scott-workastraljava: did it create a US_security-history.txt file?19:14
astraljavascott-work: No.19:15
astraljava$ cat ~/Documents/ubuntu/ubuntustudio/MYFILE-U | xargs -I{} grep {} retired/* > ~/Documents/ubuntu/ubuntustudio/US_security-history.txt19:15
astraljavaxargs: argument list too long19:15
scott-workhuh, this is PART of my output:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/891699/19:15
astraljavaI wouldn't imagine it doing so, anyhow.19:15
scott-workastraljava: right!  that is why i moved the MYFILE into the retired/ directory and then reran the command with 'retired/' in the command19:16
astraljavascott-work: Can you double-check the command, please?19:16
scott-workso, i moved MYFILE (which is the actual filename) into the /master/retired directory19:20
scott-workthen i ran...19:20
scott-workwait...then i cd /master/retired19:20
scott-workTHEN i ran...19:20
scott-worki ran so far away....i couldn't get away19:21
scott-workcat MYFILE-U | xargs -i{} grep {} * > US_security-history.txt19:21
scott-work(i had forgotten i renamed the file to MYFILE-U for ubuntu studio packages and MYFILE-X for xubuntu packages)19:21
astraljavaUhh... alright, I was a little confused from the steps in the email. Let me try again, hold on.19:23
* scott-work crosses fingers19:27
scott-workwe have a lot of package names in our package set19:27
* scott-work wonders how large was the Xubuntu_security-history.txt file was micah generated19:28
micahgastraljava: you should use pkg_status, not ubuntu-table I think19:28
micahgand --supported won't help for US19:29
astraljavaOk NOW we're talking. :)19:30
astraljavaCertainly not a 6GB file, mind you. :)19:30
scott-workastraljava: it took about two minutes to get to that point19:31
scott-worki actually stopped the bash command19:31
astraljavamicahg: I was just chopping the problem to pieces, but I didn't actually need to do that. I just misunderstood the instructions.19:31
astraljavaErhm... wait, I still don't get it. Where does the pkg_status come into picture?19:36
micahgastraljava: oh, that'll tell you the current state of the packages (open CVEs)19:36
astraljavaIt wants the packages as arguments.19:36
astraljavamicahg: Yeah.19:36
astraljavaSo... what was it that you actually wanted?!19:36
micahgunless you grepped active and retired19:36
micahgastraljava: historical vulnerability and current security status19:37
micahgastraljava: you basically want to know how much work it'll be to support your packageset over the life of your LTS19:37
micahgkeep in mind security support is one part, there's bug fix support as well19:38
astraljavamicahg: Ok. I have to spend a little time on that file, to get an understanding of how it should be interpreted.19:38
micahgyou also want to know the current shape of your packages19:38
astraljavamicahg: Right. But that's why I chopped the pkg_status script problem into smaller parts, because it's failing to run on my system.19:39
astraljavamicahg: On security support, should someone of us be a member of a team (or something similar) to be informed about the CVEs and other problems, or is it enough to rely on LP bugs?19:41
micahgnope, the Ubuntu security team will be notifying whoever the derivative contacts are of vulnerabilities, we're going to discuss how best to do this at UDS19:42
astraljavamicahg: Gah, you just made me want to apply for sponsoring for the next UDS with that. :D19:45
scott-workastraljava:  you pastebin looks very similar to mine, what was the final file size?19:49
* micahg is guessing that's the whole thing19:50
astraljava$ ll US_security-history.txt 19:50
astraljava-rw-rw-r-- 1 jaska jaska 122548 2012-03-20 21:30 US_security-history.txt19:50
astraljavascott-work: So... 122K19:50
micahgastraljava: you could also exclude the xubuntu packageset if you like19:50
astraljavamicahg: I know, but I tend to want to participate in those as well, so I won't. :)19:51
astraljavascott-work: Are you the security contact for US at the moment?19:51
astraljavascott-work: ...and furthermore, if you are, then are you willing to share responsibilities?19:52
micahgastraljava: well, for this exercise, it's prudent as, those packages already have been accepted as ok for the LTS, the TB wants to know if you're willing to take on the added maintenance for the new packages that no one else is supporting, you can help with whatever you like19:52
astraljavamicahg: Ahh... I understand.19:52
ailoastraljava: There's three places for configs for lowlatency. The ones in use are in debian.lowlatency/config/i386/config.flavour.lowlatency and debian.lowlatency/config/amd64/config.flavour.lowlatency19:53
ailoThose need to be changed, and commited19:53
ailoThe one in debian.lowlatency/config/config.flavour.lowlatency is correct but not used19:54
scott-workastraljava: i'm not sure who the contact for US is at the moment, but if it was me i would defintely be willing to share19:54
ailoastraljava: So, just replace the ones in */i386/* and */amd64/* respectively with the one that is correct19:56
ailoastraljava: Are you building from git, or from apt source?19:56
scott-workmicahg: were you able to update the metas this morning?19:56
astraljavamicahg: I assume I have to go through this page before the pkg_status script will run properly: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UbuntuCVETracker19:57
* scott-work is wondering if the default-settings, et al will be reflected in today's image19:57
astraljavascott-work: Right. Cause that might affect on my decision to file for sponsoring to attend the coming UDS.19:57
astraljavaailo: I'm building Luke's git branch.19:58
ailoastraljava: After you've installed a kernel, you can check the config for it in /boot, for example do: cat /boot/config-3.2.0-18-lowlatency | grep PREEMPT19:58
astraljavaailo: Ok, thanks!19:58
astraljavaailo: Currently I'm concentrating on the CVE issue, but I'll get back to the kernel thingie after this.19:59
ailoastraljava: I'm still waiting for Luke to drop by. I've been playing around with the source. Replacing the config is no problem, but I would also like to understand how it is synced with the main ubuntu kernel. There's a short howto in the main dir under "MAINTENANCE", but there's more to it than that. 20:01
micahgscott-work: sorry, still trying to finish something else, default settings needs to go in first or you won't get the live packages20:02
ailoBeen busy today, so I have not had any time to look more into kernel maintenance20:02
scott-workmicahg: ack'd20:03
scott-workit's not too big of a deal currently as colin still needs to finish the jack configuration bug as we can't install anyways at this point20:04
astraljavamicahg: Apparently I was missing some packages that were listed on that page I just linked to, now the script runs, but the output only has release names. I guess it's possible that no package has an open CVE at the moment, right? Or am I to believe the script still doesn't work?20:05
micahgastraljava: yes, I'm sure many are like taht20:05
astraljavamicahg: Alright, thanks!20:06
micahgastraljava: what would be useful is package name and count actually20:06
micahgalso, per year would help as well20:07
astraljavamicahg: Okay, I'm going to write a python script to help me with this, so I can do it more automatically in the future.20:09
scott-workuh, i wonder what i just got myself into for the slideshow UIFe #95950420:39
scott-workbug #95950420:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 959504 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] ubuntu studio slideshow requires update" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95950420:39
astraljavaErr... what are 'screen shot requirements'?20:42
astraljavamicahg: How's this look? http://paste.ubuntu.com/892802/20:55
micahglooks nice for the current status :)20:56
astraljavamicahg: That's actually the pkg_status script output. I'll get to the history file now.20:56
micahgkeep in mind, libav-extra is usually uploaded with libav by the security team20:56
micahgthat's not bad at all20:56
astraljavahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/892817/ for the history, but I'll get to the grouping now.21:02
astraljavaI still don't really understand that file, so it will take a while. :)21:03
astraljavaAhh... I do now.21:04
astraljavaBut it might take a while to script a better-looking listing of that.21:05
scott-workastraljava: very nice (looking at first paste)21:06
scott-workby the way, what does 'DNE' mean?21:07
micahgREADME file explains all, means Does Not Exist21:09
astraljavaDoes Not Exist?21:09
astraljavamicahg: Actually, your requirement for the listing isn't something that's often needed, right? So there's no point in writing such a script, is there?21:09
micahgno, not really, although I'm going to bring it up at UDS about being able to look at the history of a package21:11
astraljavamicahg: Yeah, but just for this LTS application purpose, that's a one-time deal (at least for the next two years/LTS cycle). :)21:12
astraljavamicahg: Oh, now I realized what you meant. Ok, I can make such a script later. Will that need more info other than pkgname, year and count? Like the needed/released/not-affected information?21:27
micahgastraljava: not at the moment, we'll probably develop something more generic after UDS, so I wouldn't spend much time on it21:28
scott-work(sheepishly) uh, i guess i need to look at the README file21:31
astraljavamicahg: ACK21:32
scott-workoh, scottk approved the UIFe for the updated slideshow21:32
astraljavamicahg: You've got mail.21:50
micahgastraljava: I always have mail :)21:50
astraljava*smirk* Yeah, but it's such a legendary phrase. :)21:51
scott-workoh yeah, colin had updated casper for the jack -rt debconf, which hopefully prevents the install from hanging...and those builds should have been built already21:51
micahgastraljava: audacity 11.10 backport building in ppa:micahg/ppa, should be ready in ~1hr, you could file the backport request if you like with requestbackport in precise (from ubuntu-dev-tools)21:52
astraljavamicahg: Don't I need to test it first?21:52
micahgastraljava: yes, you can file the request before you test it, just note that you'll be testing it, or wait until you test it, either way21:53
astraljavamicahg: Ok.21:53
micahgimagemagick is in main, I wonder why that's in your list21:55
astraljavamicahg: Ehrm... it should be gem.22:00
micahgheh :)22:01
scott-workgoing home22:01
knomehave a nice way home :)22:01
micahgastraljava: yes, but I think those CVEs are for imagemagick :)22:01
scott-workknome: eh, it's rainy and i've got to get the kids on the way, it will probably be 1.3 hours until i'm there22:02
* knome wonders if 1.3 means 90 minutes, or something a bit short of 80 mins22:02
astraljavamicahg: That might be true, I did see an awful lot of imagemagick in the CVE descriptions, which is probably why I mistook the name for the package.22:02
astraljavaknome: It'd be a little less than 80 min., of course. *duh*22:03
knomeastraljava, if you took it literally. though it's easy to mistake half and hour to .322:03
micahgastraljava: overall, not too bad though, certainly seems manageable22:04
astraljavamicahg: Good to hear, thanks!22:04
astraljavamicahg: I'd certainly love to come and talk about that  with you guys at UDS.22:05
knomeastraljava, we should start lobbing for UDS R Helsinki.22:06
micahgastraljava: there's always remote participation22:07
astraljavamicahg: True. knome: True.22:07
astraljavaMeh, the sponsoring is closed already. :-/22:08
knomelong time ago.22:08
knomenot for UDS R Helsinki though.22:09
astraljavaknome: Less than a month. :)22:09
knomefeels like an eternity.22:09
astraljavaOh well. It might have been too early anyway, if I actually do get a new job soon enough.22:11
astraljavaailo: I see, those files are auto-generated, and empty currently.22:25
astraljavaailo: Spoke too soon, amd64 is empty, i386 is not.22:26
ailoastraljava: Yes, but I don't think auto-generation is the best choice for those configs. The autogeneration should be kept for -generic22:28
ailoAs these configs are overriding the -generic on a few items, they don't need be update as long as those configs exist22:29
ailoFor each new kernel version there might be a few new configs available, or some taken out. There's a script for updating the config for -generic, which I would let UTK deal with22:31
ailoTo be even clearer, the config options for -lowlatency should probably be edited manually, and won't need to be edited as long as there's no change in those few particular config options. One would probably need to keep oneself updated on that however.22:34
astraljavaTheMuso: Hi, as I am in the Studio kernel team, I'd love to have some info re: how the lowlatency kernel is updated, and how I can best participate in the maintaining of it. Would you have some pointers to docs on best practices or something similar?22:40
TheMusoastraljava: Afaik there is nothing really documented as to how to maintain it. When I do the next rebase, which should hopefully be today, I'll write something up. I am a hopeless doc writer though.22:41
astraljavaTheMuso: That's fine, if you have something, I could try and expand it by asking questions and trying to write it down, then. :)22:42
astraljavaThanks a bunch!22:42
Len-liveToday's ISO...  ls /etc/security/limits.d/22:53
Len-liveSomething has worked :-)22:53
ailoLet me ask everyone. Who is going to be the main maintainer for the -lowlatency longterm? I have recently offered to do so, and have started putting a lot of effort into that. Some documentation on the subject would indeed be helpful, as well as a clear idea for how it should be done. I remember reading something about putting -lowlatency on github or something like that?22:56
Len-liveUS slide show still too tall for netbook screens, can't follow install progress.23:00
Len-liveThe ardour slide says "add Ardour" does that mean we don't ship it? That comment kinda makes it sound that way.23:02
Len-liveInstall looks like it is going to complete... got to installing grub this time.23:14
astraljavaailo: We have a team for that, now. Talk to Scott about being included in it, he's the owner and it's moderated.23:16
astraljavaailo: I am also interested in creating some docs for helping the maintainers in that team.23:16
astraljavaknome: *poke* There's some comments re: slide-show ^^23:17
astraljavaLen-live: Great news, thanks for reporting!23:17
astraljavamicahg: Thanks for uploading! :)23:18
micahgastraljava: what did I upload?23:18
knomeastraljava, awwh, summary please? :P23:18
Len-liveastraljava, install is still going, downloading extra software now23:18
astraljavamicahg: Hmmm... I thought theose progresses on images were the result of uploads of -meta.23:19
Len-liveThe US slide show seems to need to be less tall by the size of the text bar across the top to fit netbook screens.23:19
ScottLi missed the news, Len-live what happened?23:19
knomeLen-live, right. alt+drag23:19
astraljavamicahg: Oh, now I remember, the hanging was not related to -meta, nor any US packages in the first place. Sorry for the fuss.23:20
micahgastraljava: nope, new one should be in tomorrow if I ever finish what I'm working on :)23:20
astraljavamicahg: Gotcha. :)23:20
* astraljava feels half asleep too23:20
Len-liveknome, not a problem for me, I watch less /var/log/syslog anyway. More for new users.23:20
ScottLyeah, hanging was due to 1st casper needing changes to preseed at the right time, and 2nd hooks for the actual configuration23:20
astraljavaScottL: Yeah, I did actually post about that bug earlier, but already forgot. :)23:21
Len-liveScottL , live DVD now has ls /etc/security/limits.d/23:21
ScottLLen-live, i'm curious about the slideshow and how it is working23:21
ScottLLen-live, that is out-F'ing-standing news!!!23:21
knomeLen-live, the xubuntu installer has a same sized slideshow, and we haven't really had reports it being all too tall :)23:21
ScottLi'll go zsync my image and see how it looks23:21
Len-liveSlide show works but too tall for short screens... I think by the width of the text bar across the top.23:22
knomeLen-live, it probably is... but probably acceptable for most too :)23:22
ScottLwell after i get the kids food23:22
Len-liveThe ubuntu slide show fits.23:22
knomeLen-live, yup.23:23
knomeScottL, how willing are you to just let the images but off from the bottom?23:24
Len-liveThe install takes a while, longer than ubuntu desktop for example. And there are times when the disk is not busy but things are working fine... with no progress bar it looks like the install has hung.23:24
knomeScottL, content would work otherwise with 100px less tall windows23:24
knomeLen-live, even the progress bar might look like the installation is stuck, though...23:25
Len-liveIt at least tells you I am downloading something... I would prefer a console... in fact I make one.23:26
Len-liveAnyway, install complete, going for reboot.23:26
ScottLknome, i think i'd be okay with that, but i would like to look at the install we have before we do anything23:26
ScottLLen-live, good luck :)23:27
ScottLi wonder how the background/text looked?23:27
knomeit looks good.23:27
knomei checked that when i updated the bg23:27
knomeeverything is readable23:27
knomei even checked the less tall window size minutes ago, and that seemed to work pretty well too23:27
len-1204ISO install boots ok. I can't see anything really amiss.23:35
len-1204default-settings still hasn't been updated, but I think I knew that.23:36
ScottLknome, sorry, i mean the uqibuity installer background/text...we had a bug without the -live-settings package23:36
ScottLlen-1204, that is awesome (and quite relieving) news23:36
knomeScottL, right.23:37
len-1204ScottL, do you want me to try another install without going live first?23:37
len-1204like from the boot menu.23:38
ScottLlen-1204, that is where the background/text issue manifested, i believe, but i'm going to test tonight too23:43
len-1204OK, enjoy.23:43
knomelen-1204, you still on your netbook?23:45
knomecould you test something for me? (includes dlding a bzr branch and editing 1 file)23:46
len-1204you would probably have to walk me through it.23:46
knomei can23:46
knomedo you have bzr installed?23:47
len-1204Only if it comes with US, I have it on the other disk.23:47
knomei don't think it does23:47
knomesudo apt-get install bzr :)23:48
len-1204Would it be more helpful if I reboot first? I have 11.10 xubuntu on the otgher disk.23:48
knomexubuntu doesn't ship bzr by default either23:48
knomeit's a developer tool23:48
len-1204I had it on there for playing with our defaulkt setting for menus.23:49
knomebut whatever works :)23:50
len-1204But I am installing here now anyway23:50
knomeokay, after that: bzr branch lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu 23:50
knomethat might take a while, even with faster internet, so poke me when that's done :)23:51
* knome grabs something small to eat+drink along with some painkillers23:52
astraljavaknome: You can just say so, if we're too painful for you to endure... *blink* *blink*23:59

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