damit23hey all ..01:46
damit23i upgraded from hardy heron to 10.10 and now my maudio 1010lt is no longer outputting audio01:47
damit23its detected fine and alsamixer/envy24control work as expected .. in the sound preferences i get only combinations of digital input / digital output / digital surround but no analogue01:48
damit23tnx CFHowlett01:49
CFHowlettno problems01:49
damit23hm stange nothing its like the players and things that make noise are doing there job02:01
damit23but there is just nothing comming out and envy24controls vu meters are not jumping02:01
damit23if i apt-get install linux-rt will that install every thing i need to test it under the RT kernel?02:06
damit23CFHowlett, i tried via audacious which is pretty clear about which card/mixer/mixer element its trying to use so it must be something to do with the module in 2.6.3202:07
CFHowlettdamit23   rt is built for low/no lag uses.  I'm not sure it'll address your interface issues.  When I've run Ubuntu studio on the normal kernel, my options still appeared...02:08
CFHowlettsadly, my help must be limited.  I'm one of those weird LTS only users, so I'm still on 10.04 ...02:08
damit23im sure the dist upgrade thingy said 10.10 is LTS :)02:10
CFHowlett10.10 is NOT LTS.  sorry.  10.04 is current LTS.  12.04 is the next LTS.02:16
holsteinyeah.. 10.04... 12.0402:17
holsteindamit23: the thingy didnt say 10.10 lts02:17
damit23i swear it did lol !!!02:17
damit23maybe its confused in hardy heron02:17
holsteinnah.. 8.04 is LTS.. that would upgrade to 8.10 or 10.0402:18
holsteini dont upgrade though.. sometimes i try it to test the path, then i fresh install right after02:18
damit23ok well i am going to try 2.6.31 RT02:23
damit23this is a dead horsy i think .. normally as soon as you modprobe the ice1712 module you hear a chime play and it never happened either02:24
holsteinfrom what i hear, you just select it in JACK and start it up02:24
holsteinyou might be trying to do too much02:24
damit23i am just trying to use it directly on alsa02:24
holsteinfolks in the #opensourcemusicians channel have that hardware02:24
holsteindamit23: yeah? .. not sure how that works02:24
holsteini would just select it in alsamixer02:25
holsteini would try and disable the other cards in the bios02:25
holsteini would try installing pavucontrol02:25
holsteincould be the implementaion of pulse02:26
holstein8.04 is *quite* different02:26
damit23yeah its free of pulse02:26
holsteinit didnt come that way02:26
damit23i might of removed it02:27
holsteini would look into what you did to make it pulse-free and make sure you didnt break functionality02:27
damit23it was like 8 years ago or something02:27
holsteini have both pulse and non-pulse systems02:27
holsteinboth have issues02:27
holsteindamit23: you should have pulse if you just upgraded to 10.0402:27
holsteinif you upgraded, and didnt do anything to *not* have pulse, you probably have pulse02:27
holsteinyou can try the 12.04 live CD02:27
holsteinyou can try reinstalling02:27
damit23yeah btw sorry i was wrong it did upgrade me to 10.04 not 10.1002:27
holsteindamit23: right.. i never thought it was 10.10 ;)02:28
* damit23 slaps him self with a iron hammer02:28
holsteinanyways.. theres no reason to avoid pulse, unless you have a reason02:28
holsteini would try with pulse, from a live CD, or try JACK just to see some sound come out ot the hardware02:28
damit23ok i have not tried jack but jack is just going to use alsa as the back end02:29
CFHowlettholstein   on 10.04, he'd need the rt kernel to run jack, would he not?02:29
holsteini assure you more that one person in #opensourcemusicians uses that hardware in ubuntu02:29
holsteinCFHowlett: wouldnt *need* it02:29
holsteinto get lower latency sure02:29
* damit23 install qjackctl02:29
holsteindamit23: ?02:29
holsteinyou should have it man02:30
holsteinif you had ubuntustudio02:30
holsteinand you upgraded to ubuntustudio 10.0402:30
holsteinif you dont, you dont have ubuntustudio, or you didnt have it02:30
holsteinwhich is fine, im not saying you need to leave02:30
holsteinim just trying to provide you with support for the hardware you are saying doesnt work02:30
damit23it was ubuntustudio ifirc02:30
holsteinand i feel like it might be due to some customizations, or some misunderstanding as to what software you are actually running02:31
damit23suspending pulseaudio is the key02:37
holsteinso, you have pulseaudio then?02:38
damit23yeah after the upgrade from hardy heron02:38
damit23well this is a relief ;]02:40
holsteinyou might want to check out the 12.04 live CD02:40
holstein12.04 is out and stable next month02:41
holsteinyou might want to be using the current system02:41
holsteinno reason to get used to 10.04 and use it for a year or so past EOL02:41
holsteinthe 12.04 core will be getting updates for 5 years02:42
damit23well thats certainly compelling02:42
CFHowlettabsolutely agree on that point.02:42
holsteini mean, im using 10.04 on my production machine, but im going to 12.04 ASAP02:42
damit23so i am guessing there must be something missing from pulse to not be showing me the analogue options02:43
holsteindamit23: pavucontrol mabye02:43
CFHowlettdamit23   have you ever run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:43
holsteini dont know anyone that doesnt use JACK with that card02:43
damit23thats exactly what i did to go from 8.0.4 to 10.04 CFHowlett02:44
holsteinyeah, you can do that if you like02:44
damit23which by the way went flawlessly .. congrats devs -bow-02:44
holsteinbut, i would personally want a fresh install02:44
CFHowlettdamit23   nope.  dist-release will upgrade a release.  dist-upgrade will only upgrade packages for that distro.02:44
damit23ok i did it through the gui02:44
CFHowlettdamit23   just for fun, try these in your terminal:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:45
damit23it said -distribution upgrade-  and said it was going to upgrade to 10.04 so that is a 'dist-release upgrade' then i take it02:45
damit23mplayer -ao pulse blabla.mp3 does not work either02:56
holsteini dont think pulse works that way02:57
holsteini would just open up vlc and try it02:57
holsteini would try something other than an .mp302:57
holsteinif sound works, then its likely a codec thing02:57
damit23vlc outputs nothing on either pulse or alsa03:03
holsteinOK... with the mp3?03:04
holsteini feel confident we can get you playing an audio file03:04
holsteindamit23: can you try and ogg? or a wav? you have sound otherwise, correct?03:04
damit23surely lol i just did with jack as the sound server03:04
holsteindamit23: jack has to be configured properly03:05
holsteinthen VLC has to be configured to use JACK03:05
holsteinOR, you need a JACK friendly player03:05
holsteinJACK is not something you just fire up and use03:05
damit23yeah thats not a problem03:05
holsteindamit23: yeah?03:05
damit23jack just suspends pulse03:05
damit23and it works as expected03:05
holsteinand thats what you want03:05
damit23welll yeah but apps can and should be able to just use alsa or pulse directly03:06
holsteindamit23: JACK kills that03:07
damit23only if its Running!#03:07
holsteindamit23: JACK is not something you want to just fire up and use03:07
holsteindamit23: or if you didnt kill it03:07
holsteinor if its running and you dont know03:07
holsteinor running on a different card than you expected03:07
holsteinor misconfigured03:07
damit23i would know .. i am kind of jackd developer :)03:07
holsteindamit23: cool03:08
damit23i think this is why i ripped pulse out of hardy heron originally03:08
holsteinenjoy.... you might want to try and catch one of the guys in #opensourcemusicians with that specific hardware03:08
holsteindamit23: i have issues both ways personally03:08
holsteini mean, rip out what you like...03:09
holsteinbut nothing about pulse is improperly functioning03:09
holsteinim not a pulse, alsa or JACK dev03:09
damit23I just want to use the apps i originally had working fine ones with there own back end support03:09
damit23mplayer supports every sound driver on the planet just about03:09
damit23so does liquidsoap03:09
damit23so does vlc03:09
damit23so does mplayer03:10
damit23so does ogg12303:10
holsteinsure.. tell VLC to use JACK and it will03:10
damit23apt-get remove pulseaudio03:20
holsteinsure... remove what you want, but i think it might be more envolved than that.. or maybe you want to find one of those folks i mentioned who are using 10.04 through 11.10 with that exact hardware03:21
holsteinmaybe http://howto.blbosti.com/2010/04/ubuntu-make-alsa-default-instead-of-pulseaudio/ is enough03:21
damit23yep mplayer is still trying to select pulse first03:22
damit23i guess thats just what it knows in .mplayer03:23
* damit23 reads03:24
damit23killall -9 pulseaudio03:27
damit23that would help03:27
damit23i know i should of use pkill to do it politely03:27
damit23thanks for your time holstein03:34
holsteindamit23: sure.. anytime03:34
al4nc4dsubuntu studio 12.04 beta1 very nice!03:45
holsteinal4nc4ds: glad you like it.. you mind if i ask what kernel you are using?03:45
holsteinthe *-lowlatency one?03:45
al4nc4dseeepc@laptop:~$ uname -na03:46
al4nc4dsLinux laptop 3.2.0-19-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 16 16:27:15 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux03:46
al4nc4dsholstein, this is?03:47
holsteinnot sure when we are getting that lowlatency one in there03:47
holsteinanyways.. just asking03:47
al4nc4dsnot understood03:48
al4nc4dswhat are you using?03:49
holsteinal4nc4ds: ill be using 10.04 on my production rig til next month, or i get time to migrate03:50
holsteinal4nc4ds: im testing 12.04 though03:50
al4nc4dsholstein, 100% full on03:51
al4nc4dsholstein, goodbye []`s03:53
damit23see you round holstein tnx again05:03
ailoholstein: envy24 devices don't work with PA until maybe 12.0406:33
ailoThere were some hacks to get it working in the past, but those only worked with some releases06:34
ailoalsa/PA formality issue06:34
HiDeHoHi all nyone here atm12:45
HiDeHoi am wanting to find another drum machinn. hydrogen does not have any drumb beets or songs available12:46
HiDeHoHi does ubuntu studio have a opterissed kernel.13:22

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